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“A” represents the Head. If your name starts with “A” then it is considered that you show a strong interest in life in general and possess an independent nature. It shows Determination, Enterprise, and Courage. When three or more A’s appear in the name, this can tip the scales toward selfishness.

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30 Beautiful Afghan Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Aadela / Aadila Fair,reasonable, just, upright. Female of Adel.
Aaela / Aaila Family members, also used as a name.
Aaina / Aina Mirror.
Abeda / Abida Worshipper, pious, devout. Female of Abed.
Adiba / Adeeba Man of letters, literary man. Female of Adib
Afarin Praise, applause, well done!.
Afia Good health, welfare.
Afifa Chaste.
Afrooz Illuminate.
Afsana Fable, myth, by – word.
Afshan Scatter, sprinkle, shake off, brandish.
Afsoon Incantation, charm.
Ahoo / Ahu Deer, gazelle.
Aliah High, excellent. Female of Ali.
Alima / Aleema Exalted, omniscient. Female of Alim.
Amena Safe.
Amina / Ameena Trustee, honest. Female of Amin.
Anahita Goddess of rivers and water.
Anar / Anaar Pomegranate, used as female name.
Andisha Thought, reflection, fear, apprehensiveness.
Anosha / Anoosha Delighted.
Atefa Feeling, kind feeling, sentiment. Female of Atef.
Atiqa / Ateeqa Antique, relic, old or antique. Female of Atiq.
Atoosa Name of an ancient persian princess .
Awa / Ava Voice, call.
Awiza (Earring with a) pendant, vermiform appendix.
Azadah Free (born), noble, free from care.
Azin Decoration.
Azita Name of an ancient persian princess.
Aziza Dear, honoured, powerful, darling. Female of Aziz.