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“S” represents Beginnings. The S shows strong feelings, is Attractive, and with an easy attraction toward money and finances. It has a great influence on love. S may be a little sensitive and calm. S brings new beginnings.

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62 Afghan Popular Girl Names Starting With S

Saba Zephyr, a gentle breeze.
Sabera / Sabira Patient. Female of Saber.
Saboora / Sabura Patient, Tolerant, Forbearing. Female of Saboor.
Sabrina Name of A Princess in Irland legend.
Sadaf Mother of pearl, sea shell.
Sadeqa / Sadiqa Truthful, true. Female of Sadeq.
Sadia Happiness, luck, blissful, fortunate. Female of Sadi.
Saeida / Saeeda Happy, lucky, prosperous. Female of Said.
Safia / Safiya Pure, Choice.Female of Safi.
Saghar Wine-cup.
Sahar Dawn.
Sakina / Sakeena Comfort, ease, tranquillity, repose.
Saleha / Saliha Pious, sighteous, upright. Female of Saleh.
Salima / Saleema Sound, affable, healthy, guarded. Female of Salim.
Salma To be safe, peaceful.
Samia Hearing, Listening. Female of Sami
Samin / Semin / Sameen Precious, expensive.
Samira / Sameerah Entertaining female companion.
Sanam Idol, charming, sweetheart.
Sanaz / Sannaz Full of grace, A flower name.
Sapidah Dawn (the first appearance of light in the morning).
Sara / Sarah Princess, lady.
Sarwenaz / Sarvenaz Name of a tall, slender tree, also a beautiful woman.
Sayah / Saiah Shade, shadow.
Sayarah / Saiarah Planet, galaxy.
Sediqa / Sedeeqa Friend, truthful, pious. Female of Sediq.
Setara / Sitarah Star.
Shabana Nightly, nocturnal, by night, overnight.
Shabnam Dew.
Shafia Intercessor, mediator. Female of Shafi.
Shafiqa / Shafeeqa Affectionate, compassionate. Female of Shafiq.
Shahla / ShahLaa Having bluish-black eyes.
Shahnaz The pride of the King.
Shahr-Banoo /Shahrbano Lady of the Town.
Shahr-Naz The pride of town.
Shahr-Zad City-born.
Shahzadah Princess.
Shaida / Shayda Frenzied (with love), lovesick.
Shakera Thankful, grateful, contented. Female of Shaker.
Shamail Portrait,icon, character sketch.
Shamila / Shameela Complete, comprehensive.
Shaqayeq A flower, corn-poppy
Sharara / Shararah Single spark.
Sharifa / Shareefa Noble, honourable. Female of Sharif.
Shifta / Shefta / Sheefta Enamoured, fascinated, charmed, captivated.
Shima / Sheema Girl’s name in Persian literature.
Shirin / Shireen / Sherin Sweet, melodious.
Shirin-Banoo Sweet lady.
Shirin-Gul Melodious flower, Lovely flower.
Shiwa / Shiva Charming, eloquent.
Shohra / Shuhra Famous, celebrated (person or thing).
Shokofa / Shugofa Blossom.
Shokoh Splendour,magnificence.
Shola / Sholah Flame.
Sima / Seema Face, mien, physiognomy.
Simin / Simeen / Seemeen Silvery, (made)of silver, silver-white, fair.
Sita / Seeta Goddess of the Land.
Sodabah A legendary female character in Shahnamah.
Soozan / Sozan / Suzan Burning, smarting, fervent.
Soraya / Soraia / Suraya Pleiades (star cluster).
Suraya / Soraia Pleiades.
Sussan Lily (of the valley).