Antonyms are those words whose meanings are opposite to each other. For example: light – dark.

Antonyms can be nouns ( start-end ), adjectives ( clean-dirty ), verbs ( buy-sell ), or adverbs ( good-bad ).

These words are distinguished from synonyms, which are those words that have equivalent meaning.

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types of antonyms

As far as meaning is concerned, there are:

  • reciprocal antonyms . They are words that could not exist one without the other. For example: buy – sell; give – receive
  • Gradual Antonyms . They are words with opposite meanings, although between the two there are gradual or intermediate terms. For example: black – white (intermediate term: gray) or cold – hot (intermediate term: warm).
  • complementary antonyms . They are words that exclude each other, that is, the existence of one of the two terms prevents the other from existing. For example: married – single or dead – alive.
  • absolute antonyms . They are words whose meanings come to express completely contrary ideas. For example: easy – difficult; sunrise – sunset.
  • relative antonyms . They are words that are partially opposed or that, although they have a very different meaning, are not strictly the opposite. For example: selfish – supportive; shiny – opaque

Regarding the form, there are also what are called morphological antonyms , which are those terms that are formed by adding a prefix to the root of a word that indicates deprivation, negation or opposition, such as des-, in-, a- , anti-, against- . Usually these are absolute antonyms. For example: corruption – anti-corruption; interest – disinterest.

examples of antonyms

Word Antonym
near far
light darkness
easy hard
small great
decent indecent
evaporate solidify
port starboard
eventual permanent
implicit explicit
legal illegal
underestimate overestimate
to close to open
accentuate attenuate
inadmissible admissible
defeat triumph
to accept to refuse
same different
love hate
summar subtract
solidarity selfishness
die to live
just unfair
lie truth
equal unpaid
responsible irresponsible
trusted suspicious
animated inanimate
attach break apart
flexible hard
failed right
public private
blaze up go out
hang up hook off
vulgar refined
provisional definitive
humor seriousness
war paz
pack unpack
until thick
deny let
fall down stand up
ascertainable untestable
restlessness tranquillity
pious impiadoso
moisten dry
get bored have fun
break free to hold back
introvert outgoing
future last
general particular
select current
press break free
to hit err
equality inequality
handsome horrible
interior exterior
superiority inferiority
pretty ugly
tired rested
attack defending
dirty cleansed
wise ignorant
to accuse cover up
cesar continue
mess tidy
imperfection perfection
leave to stay
kind unfriendly
sad joyful
take pride to embarrass
sudden expected
global partial
show to hide
fill in empty
near distant
immigrate emigrate
access exit
comb undress
ruin prosperity
memory I forget
despise to appreciate
frequent unusual
material immaterial
Clear Dark
feasible unrealizable
meter take out
heat cold
fake authentic
tolerance intolerance
hygienic unhealthy
to worship annoy
effect cause
sensitivity insensitivity
distorted raised
delude to disappoint
center outskirts
suffer enjoy
hydrate dehydrate
function fail
height depression
perceptive clumsy
left over miss
claim to deny
improbable probable
poverty wealth
to mention skip
shorten to enlarge
unskilled skilled
order chaos
educated impolite
advance to delay
Liberty slavery
but to receive
together separated
day night
nice unpleasant
infinity smallness

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more antonyms

  1. Cold – hot.
  2. High Low.
  3. Give – receive.
  4. Buy Sell.
  5. cute – ugly
  6. Day Night.
  7. Big boy.
  8. Single married.
  9. Full empty.
  10. Learn – teach.
  11. Impar – by.
  12. Poor rich.
  13. Hate love.
  14. Dark – light.
  15. Weak strong.
  16. Peace war.
  17. Far near.
  18. Closed open.
  19. Defeat – triumph.
  20. Dirty clean.
  21. Long short.
  22. Expensive cheap.
  23. Sad – happy.
  24. New old.
  25. Late early.
  26. Good bad.
  27. Fun – boring.
  28. Seer – blind.
  29. Fine – thick.

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