Synonyms and antonyms are one of the first lessons children learn in language classes. It not only helps them to know the meanings of different words, but also expands their vocabulary and stimulates a more fluid writing, free of unnecessary repetitions. In addition, it is an excellent exercise to train memory and promote cognitive development, while facilitating the learning of other languages.

The ideal is to start working on synonyms and antonyms from an early age, so that children begin to discover the links of equivalence or differentiation that unite words. To do this, the first step is to explain to them what synonyms and antonyms are, giving them some examples that allow them to understand these concepts more easily.

What are synonyms? 30 examples to understand the concept

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, synonyms are those words or expressions that have the same or very similar meaning. Basically, they are different terms that are used to indicate the same or very similar meaning, as is the case of begin and begin. Likewise, it is considered that there are two basic types of synonyms: full and partial.

  • full synonym. It is an unusual type of synonymy that refers to completely interchangeable terms in the same context, such as the case of alphabet and alphabet. The sentence “You must learn the alphabet” has the same meaning as “You must learn the alphabet.”
  • partial synonym. It is the most frequent type of synonymy. It refers to terms that are interchangeable in a certain context, but not in others, for example: union and outside. The sentence “Let’s unite the ingredients” means the same as “Let’s mix the ingredients”, but the phrase “The union was strength” does not mean the same as “The mixture was strength”.

Some examples of synonyms are:

  1. Nice: Beautiful, precious, beautiful, handsome, cute, cute, graceful, wonderful, spectacular or attractive
  2. Acceptance: approval, approval, assent
  3. Create: Invent, beget, procreate, imagine, conceive, establish, found, establish, institute, legitimize
  4. Make sure: make sure, certify, corroborate, ratify
  5. Happiness: pleasure, joy, fortune, fortune, luck, contentment, prosperity, comfort, boom or well-being
  6. Enrage: Provoke, irritate, challenge, annoy, annoy, rage, enrage, enrage, enrage, annoy, exasperate, enervate, irritate, piss off, twitch or rage
  7. Easy: Simple, elementary, thrown away, clear, current, feasible, evident, obvious, simple, affordable, understandable, comfortable, comfortable or calm
  8. Truth: evidence, sincerity, accuracy, veracity, confirmation, certainty, effectiveness, frankness, truism, claim, reality, justification, authenticity, assertion
  9. Peace: tranquility, peace, harmony, calm, rest, concord, conciliation, agreement, friendship, stillness, union
  10. Intention: desire, claim, look, purpose, design, commitment, will, determination, idea, thought, purpose, objective, goal, motive
  11. Horizon: line, border, limit, distance, distance, space, situation, extension, perspectives, possibilities, future, exits
  12. Health: health, health, freshness, robustness, strength, vigor, vitality, energy.
  13. Discipline: docility, obedience, order, rigor, submission, method
  14. Generous: Giving, splendid, altruistic, selfless, unselfish, merciful, kind, charitable or magnanimous
  15. Friend: partner, comrade, acquaintance, addict, affection, ally, unconditional, inseparable, loyal, supporter
  16. Find: discover, locate, find, stumble, run into, collide, hit, hit, appear, converge
  17. Govern: command, direct, govern, manage, lead, guide, manage, preside over, run, steer
  18. Language: Language, language, speech, jargon, slang or expression
  19. Intelligence: Intellect, mind, thought, imagination, comprehension, knowledge, insight, reasoning, judgment, reason, acumen, ability, brain, wit, or wisdom
  20. Work: occupation, function, mission, assignment, task, labor, task, task, operation, pit, labor
  21. Study: learning, training, instruction, preparation, teaching, application, memorization
  22. Whole: complete, intact, uncorrupted, virgin, unalterable, full, perfect, finished, robust, healthy, fulfilled, exact, firm, strong
  23. Ability: ability, competence, aptitude, dexterity, expertise, experience, grace, ingenuity, ease, practice, quality, hand, skill
  24. Family: kindred, relatives, descendants, ascendants, clan, offspring, lineage, lineage, caste, strain, group, trunk, set
  25. Nature: essence, substance, property, being, condition, quality, matter
  26. Book: copy, volume, volume, work, text, manual, compendium
  27. Same: identical, equivalent, same, synonym, ditto, literal, exact, similar, similar, twinned, twin, related, congener
  28. Game: fun, entertainment, recreation, amusement, recreation, pleasure, solace, distraction, sport, pastime
  29. Rest: rest, respite, truce, pause, stop, stillness, leisure, cessation, stillness
  30. Love: love, affection, attachment, tenderness, passion, adoration, fondness, predilection, love

What is meant by antonyms? 30 examples of antonyms

According to the Royal Spanish Academy, antonyms are those words or expressions that express a meaning or an opposite idea. Basically, these are different terms that are used to define different or conflicting concepts, such as abbreviate and expand. Likewise, it is considered that there are three types of antonyms: gradual, complementary and reciprocal.

  • Gradual antonyms: It refers to two opposite words between which there are intermediate degrees, as in the case of black and white, where gray is in the middle.
  • Complementary antonyms: In this case, the meaning of a word is incompatible with that of its antonym, as in the case of alive or dead, since if it is alive it cannot be dead and vice versa.
  • Reciprocal antonyms: In this case, the meaning of one word is closely related to that of another, without which it would not make sense, such as buying and selling. If no one sells anything, no one can buy anything.

Some examples of antonyms are:

  1. Lie: truth, veracity
  2. Thank: disgrace, forget
  3. Form: disfigure, deform, destroy, disorganize, brutalize, dumb
  4. minor: major, superior
  5. Healthy: sickly, puny, unhealthy, unhygienic
  6. Honest: unscrupulous, corrupt, undesirable, despised, scorned
  7. happy: sad, wretched, unhappy
  8. Ugly: elegant, pretty, beautiful
  9. Weak: strong, resistant, hard
  10. Obese: skinny, thin, emaciated
  11. High: low, lower
  12. Clean: dirty, dirty, contaminated, infected
  13. Joy: sadness, pessimism
  14. Patience: restlessness, restlessness
  15. Brave: cowardly, scaredy, chicken
  16. Learn: unlearn, ignore, forget, slack off, slack off
  17. Intelligent: foolish, ignorant
  18. Energy: weakness, weakness
  19. Respect: disregard, disobedience
  20. Fear: courage, bravery, tranquility
  21. Shy: daring, resolute, daring
  22. to be born: to die, to pass away
  23. Speak; silence, shut up, omit
  24. Yell: whisper, murmur
  25. Running: late, stop, delay
  26. Nice: ugly, repellent, horrible, unpleasant, misshapen, disgusting, repellent
  27. Dilute: thicken, concentrate, consolidate, solidify, settle
  28. turn off: turn on, turn on, turn on
  29. Insult: praise, praise
  30. Search: give up, desist, abandon

100 More Examples of Synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms are words that have the same or similar meaning to each other. For example:

Antonyms are words that have opposite meanings to each other. For example:

You may alosi like the below:

Synonym words

antonyms words

Examples of synonyms and antonyms

abundant much scarce
boring tedious fun
finish end up Start
to accept admit, tolerate reject, deny
shorten abbreviate lengthen, enlarge
current contemporary outdated
warn notice ignore
altered nervous calm
height elevation depression
amplify enlarge reduce
anguish discomfort joy, happiness
suitable skilful, suitable inept
harmony calm, musicality chaos
cheap economic expensive
battle combat peace
beautiful handsome ugly
warm warm, friendly cold
to calm attenuate inflame
center medium edge
to close block up to open
Clear bright Dark
comfortable comfortable uncomfortable
full whole incomplete
purchase acquire sell
continue follow, continue stop
to create invent destroy
desert deserted busy
tell to pronounce to silence
crazy mad sane
drunk drunk sober
economize save money waste
effect consequence cause
entry access exit
strange weird common
easy simple hard
die To die born
famous famous unknown
skinny slim Fat
fragment piece whole
big enormous small
modesty modesty pride
identical same different
ignorant foolish smart
to illuminate light darken
insolence nerve courtesy
insult grievance flattery
intelligence wisdom stupidity
Justice equity injustice
flat smooth uneven, rough
arrival arrival departure
struggle Fight concord
Magnate rich poor
magnificent splendid wretched
marriage wedding divorce
lie lie truth
afraid panic courage
synonymous similar antonym
never Never forever
obedient disciplined disobedient
stop stop follow, continue
leave divide link
peace harmony war
gloom shade clarity
possible feasible impossible
previous previous later
want yearn despise
repose stillness restlessness
to know know ignore
heal cure get sick
Add add subtract
have take release
triumph victory defeat
variable changeable invariable
fast Quick slow
return to get back leave

types of synonyms

  • Total Synonyms . The words are interchangeable, meaning that one can replace the other in the sentence , regardless of the concept. Since each word usually has several meanings, full synonymy is rare. For example: car / car.
  • Partial or contextual synonyms . Words are synonyms in only one of their senses, so they will be interchangeable in only one specific context. For example: warm / hot.
  • Referential Synonyms . The words refer to the same referent, but they do not mean the same thing. This occurs for example with hyponyms and hypernyms. For example: lemonade / drink.
  • Synonym of connotation . Although literally the words do not mean the same thing, they connote the same in some of their meanings. For example: You are the Maradona of business. In this case, “Maradona” functions as a synonym for “genius.”

types of antonyms

  • Gradual Antonyms . They are words that refer to the same thing, but to a different degree. For example: large / medium.
  • complementary antonyms . They are two words that completely contradict each other. For example: alive / dead.  Many complementary antonyms are made up ofnegative prefixes . For example: formal / informal, natural / unnatural.
  • reciprocal antonyms . They are two words that are related to each other by a concept in which both participate. For example: teach / learn.
  • It can help you: Sentences with antonyms

Examples of synonyms and antonyms

Below is a list of words with their synonyms and antonyms. In many cases, the classification of the type of synonymy or antonymy is very clear. For example: husband/husband are full synonyms and appear/disappear are complementary antonyms.

However, cases of total synonymy or absolute antonym are rare, and the classification depends in most cases on the context in which the terms appear.

  1. Generous

Synonyms : selfless, generous, disinterested, charitable.

Antonyms : stingy, greedy, caught.

  1. Disobedient

Synonyms : undisciplined, rebellious, insubordinate.

Antonyms : obedient, submissive.

  1. Destroy

Synonyms : demolish, tear down, break, devastate, crumble, ruin.

Antonyms : build, make.

  1. bliss

Synonyms : joy, happiness, fortune, luck.

Antonyms : misfortune, unhappiness, disgust.

  1. Educate

Synonyms : train, instruct, alphabetize, teach.

Antonyms : spoil, vitiate, corrupt.

  1. To choose

Synonyms : select, choose, prefer, choose.

Antonyms : reject, repudiate.

  1. Raise

Synonyms : raise, increase, exalt, build, ascend.

Antonyms : go down, decrease, descend, reduce, lessen, knock down.

  1. Bewitch

Synonyms : bewitch, enchant, conjure, beautify, fascinate, captivate.

Antonyms : disenchant, disenchant.

  1. Lie

Synonyms : lie, farce, story, deception, entanglement.

Antonym : true.

  1. Infuriate

Synonyms : annoy, provoke, annoy, irritate.

Antonyms : soothe, calm, reassure, serene.

  1. Whole

Synonyms : complete, finished, intact, perfect.

Antonyms : incomplete, inaccurate.

  1. Eventual

Synonyms : sporadic, occasional, fortuitous, provisional, accidental.

Antonyms : permanent, fixed.

  1. Express

Synonyms : expose, manifest, declare, say, opine.

Antonyms : shut up, silence.

  1. Faithful

Synonyms : honest, sincere, loyal, noble, honest, believer, devout, parishioner.

Antonyms : unfaithful, disloyal, false.

  1. Training

Synonyms : creation, constitution, establishment, instruction, studies.

Antonyms : ignorance, ignorance.

  1. Fragment

Synonyms : piece, portion, fraction, piece, part.

Antonyms : whole, whole, whole.

  1. Incredible

Synonyms : implausible, impressive, inconceivable, unheard of.

Antonym : believable, believable.

  1. Invariable

Synonyms : immutable, unalterable, invariant, equal, immovable.

Antonym : variable, changeable.

  1. Work

Synonym : work, task, task, occupation, task, necessity.

Antonyms : leisure, passivity.

  1. Throw

Synonyms : throw, throw, project, push, emit, shoot.

Antonyms : retain, hold, collect.

  1. Mercy

Synonyms : pity, compassion, clemency, indulgence, charity.

Antonyms : hardness, inflexibility.

  1. To name

Synonyms : designate, invest, mention, allude, quote, mention, name.

Antonyms : dismiss, cease.

  1. Concern

Synonyms : restlessness, restlessness, restlessness, malaise, nervousness, anguish.

Antonym : carefree

  1. Deep

Synonyms : deep, unfathomable, reflective, transcendent, acute.

Antonyms : superficial, trivial, light.

  1. Complaint

Synonyms : lament, moan, moan, claim, protest, discontent, disgust.

Antonyms : satisfaction, happy, praise, praise, laughter.

  1. Steal

Synonyms : subtract, steal, rob, rob, usurp, snatch, remove.

Antonyms : return, restore.

  1. Wise

Synonyms : erudite, expert, cultured, learned, enlightened, literate, intelligent, versed.

Antonyms : uneducated, ignorant, foolish, foolish.

  1. Tasty

Synonyms : rich, appetizing, tasty, succulent, delicious, appetizing.

Antonym : tasteless, bland.

  1. Heal

Synonyms : cure, alleviate, restore, recover, recover, improve.

Antonyms : get sick, harm, worsen, aggravate.

  1. Healthy

Synonyms : healthy, vital, beneficial, lush, cured, intact, unharmed, vigorous.

Antonyms : sick, insane, harmful, damaged, unhealthy, damaged.

  1. Satisfied

Synonyms : satiated, full, satisfied, pleased, happy, cheerful, proud, happy.

Antonyms : dissatisfied, unhappy, hungry.

  1. Pride

Synonyms : haughtiness, pride, arrogance, arrogance, conceit, pedantry, airs, vanity, petulance.

Antonyms : humility, modesty, sobriety.

  1. Courage

Synonyms : value, bravery, audacity, intrepidity, boldness, daring.

Antonyms : fear, cowardice, shyness.

  1. Valuable

Synonyms : precious, estimable, costly, meritorious, expensive, precious.

Antonyms : ordinary, insignificant, cheap, simple.

  1. Fast

Synonyms : fast, swift, soon, light, vertiginous, rushed, sudden.

Antonyms : slow, leisurely.

  1. Live

Synonyms : inhabit, reside, settle, survive, be, exist, dwell, feel, experience, last.

Antonyms : die, perish, disappear.

  1. Calm

Synonyms : tranquility, stillness, peace, quiet, bonanza, rest, slowness.

Antonyms : restlessness, restlessness, speed.

  1. Pitiful

Synonyms : sad, painful, tragic, dramatic, pitiful, heartbreaking, unfortunate, pitiful.

Antonyms : happy, fortunate, pleasant.

  1. Complex

Synonyms : complicated, difficult, confusing, convoluted, cumbersome.

Antonyms : simple, simple, clear.

  1. Little boy

Synonyms : baby, child, creature, small, boy, child, kid.

Antonyms : adult, elderly.

  1. Pain

Synonyms : suffering, regret, grief, affliction, anguish, anguish, sorrow, torment, sadness.

Antonyms : well-being, pleasure, joy, joy.

  1. Land

Synonyms : terrestrial, terrestrial, earthly, geological.

Antonyms : extraterrestrial, marine, aerial.

  1. Shout

Synonyms : bellow, yell, scream, boo, bellow, howl.

Antonyms : whisper, murmur, cheer.

  1. Hungry

Synonyms : appetite, avidity, gluttony, gluttony, craving, desire, longing.

Antonyms : abundance, plenty, satiety, reluctance, scarcity.

  1. Friendship

Synonyms : appreciation, affection, attachment, companionship, brotherhood, camaraderie, affinity, sympathy, affection, appreciation.

Antonyms : enmity, antagonism, rivalry, aversion.

  1. Guilt

Synonyms : culpability, responsibility, fault, error.

Antonyms : innocence.

  1. Postpone

Synonyms : postpone, delay, delay, delay, defer, postpone, dilate.
Antonym : advance

  1. Legal

Synonyms : legitimate, lawful, permitted, regulatory, judicial, legal.
Antonym : illegal.

  1. Portable

Synonyms : manageable, mobile, transferable, manual, movable.
Antonyms : fixed, subject, immobile.

  1. Noise

Synonyms : sound, din, stridency, boom, bustle, uproar, commotion, din.
Antonyms : silence, muteness, tranquility, calm.

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