algerian girl names

“A” represents the Head. If your name starts with “A” then it is considered that you show a strong interest in life in general and possess an independent nature. It shows Determination, Enterprise, and Courage. When three or more A’s appear in the name, this can tip the scales toward selfishness.

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Here on this page, we have compiled famous Algerian Baby Girl Names Starting With A, Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With A.



Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With A

A’idah Guest, the one who’s returning
A’ishah Woman
A’ishah Wife of the Prophet (SAW)
A’shadieeyah Princess, cute, perfect
Aa’idah Name of a narrator of hadith
Aabha Shine, Glow, Sun Rays, Strength
Aabia God is My Father
Aabid Worshipper of God
Aabida Worshipper; Devotee
Aabidaat Worshipers of God
Aabidah Worshipper
Aabidah Worshipper.
Aabidah Worshipper; Devotee
Aabir Fragrance; Scent; Aroma
Aabira Colour
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral
Aabirah Fleeting, transitory, ephemeral.
Aabirah Fleeting; Transitory; Ephemeral
Aabis Austere; Stern
Aabish Daughter of Sa’d who was a queen of Iran (AN)
Aabish Daughter of Sa’ad; she was a queen of Irqan (AN).
Aabish Daughter of Sa’ad; She was a Queen …
Aabish Lucky (Daughter of a king, Queen of iran)
Aabroo Fame; Honour; Dignity
Aadab Hope and Need
Aadab Hope, need
Aadhila Honesty; Just; Upright; Justice
Aadiba Polite; Cultured; Respect Giving
Aadifa One which we can Proud
Aadila Just, Honest, Equal, Upright
Aadila Honest, upright, just, righteous; fem. of Adil.
Aadila Honest, Upright, Justice
Aadila Honesty; Just; Upright; Justice
Aadina Friday
Aadiqa TBD
Aadiya Beginning, First Power
Aaedah TBD
Aaeedah Visiting, Returning, Reward.
Aaeedah Visiting; Returning; Reward
Aaeefa Gift; Gift of God
Aaeesha Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Aaeesha Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Aaeesha Life; Vivaciousness; Living prosperous; Women life (Youngest wife of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH))
Aaeeshah Living Prosperous, Life
Aaeeza Beautiful; Obedient
Aaema Leader; Ruler
Aaen Precious
Aaera Honourable, Noble, Respectful
Aaerin Enlightened
Aaesha Obedient
Aaeza Beautiful; Pretty; Obedient
Aaezah Obedient
Aafa Forgiver; Pardoner
Aafaaq Horizons
Aafana Virtuous; Chaste; The Forgiver
Aafeen Forgiveness
Aafia Healthy, Wise – Beautiful, Vigor
Aafia Good health
Aafia Vigor; Good health; Well being
Aafida Hearts; Consciences
Aafifa TBD
Aafika Knowledge
Aafila Intelligent
Aafina Young Doe
Aafiqa Generosity, Knowledge
Aafira TBD
Aafiya Freedom from Illness, Good Health
Aafiya Vigor; Good health; Well being
Aafiyah Healthy
Aafiyana Healthy
Aafiza TBD
Aafra White; Colour of Earth; Happiness
Aafrah Happiness
Aafree Beautiful; Happiness
Aafreeda Created; Produced
Aafreeda Created, Produced.
Aafreeda Created; Produced
Aafreen Brave, Acclaim
Aafreen Stimulation, encouragement
Aafreen Brave, Acclaim.
Aafreena Enlightenment
Aafrin Lucky; Happiness; Praise
Aafsha Pretty, Shining
Aafsheen Shine like a Star
Aafya Health; Freedom from Illness
Aahana First Rays of the Sun
Aahana Inner light, Immortal, Born during the day, the First rise of the Sun
Aahida Strong; Beautiful
Aahila Pleasant
Aahin Pure
Aahira Brilliant; Dazzling
Aahna Exist, Beautiful, Traditional
Aahona First Ray of Sun; Morning
Aaiat Verses; Clue; Signs
Aaida Visiting, Returning
Aaida Visiting, returning.
Aaidah Narrator of Hadith
Aaidah Name of a narrator of hadith
Aaidha A Flame; Splendour
Aaiefa Beautiful; Forgiver
Aaiela Beautiful; Moonlight
Aaiema Leader
Aaiera Honourable; Noble; Respectful
Aaifa Forgiver; Fearless
Aaifah Forgiver
Aaila Beautiful, Like Moon, Leader
Aaila Beautiful, like moon.
Aailayah TBD
Aaima Leader; Ruler
Aaima Leader, ruler.
Aaima Leader
Aaiman Righteous; Door of the Paradise
Aaina Mirror; Reflection
Aainaa Pure; Mirror; The Only One
Aainah Reflection; Mirror
Aaini Flower; Spring; The Eye
Aaira Noble; Respectful; Honourable
Aaira Noble, respectful, respected, honourable.
Aairaa Honourable; Respectful
Aairah Noble, respectful
Aairah Noble; Respectful
Aairah Noble; Respectful
Aairha Respectable
Aairin Unique
Aaisa Obedient; Lively Person
Aaisah Woman; Life; Also Spelt as Aisha
Aaisha Beautiful; Obedient
Aaisha Life; Vivaciousness; Living prosperous; Women life
Aaishu Obedient, God Blessings
Aaisya TBD
Aaiza Pretty; Wonderful; God’s Gift
Aaizaa Respected
Aajira A Winner
Aajisa Strong – Proud
Aajmee Moon
Aakeerah Graceful Strength
Aakiba Cute
Aakifa Worship Allah in Solitude
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated.
Aakifah Devoted, Dedicated
Aakifah The intent; Busy; Devoted; Dedicated
Aakila Intelligent
Aala Bounties
Aala Bounties, She who Hunts and Heals
Aala Benefit, favour, blessing.
Aala Bounties
Aalaa Highest
Aalam World
Aalan Normal
Aalasa Protected by God; Nobility
Aaleah Ornament, Noble, Ascent
Aaleen TBD
Aalema Loveable
Aaleya Superior; High Born
Aaleyah Exalted, Highest social standing
Aaleyah Exalted; Highest social standing
Aali Beautiful
Aalia Exhalted, Noble.
Aalia Exalted; Highest Social Standing
Aalia Exhalted, Noble
Aalia Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering (Celebrity Name: Pooja Bedi)
Aaliah High; To Ascend; Exalted One
Aalifa Compassionate; Friendly
Aalifsha One in Thousand
Aaliha TBD
Aalima Authority; Woman Scholar
Aalimah Scholar, Authority.
Aalimah Scholar, Authority
Aalina Beautiful; Nice
Aaline TBD
Aalisa Great Happiness; God is Salvation
Aalisha Protected by God; Silk of heaven
Aaliya Beauty, High, Tall, Towering
Aaliya Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering
Aaliyah Tall, Towering
Aaliyah Exalted; Noble; Tall; Towering
Aaliyah Highest social standing, exalted.
Aaliyana Beautiful; Beauty
Aaliza Joyous; Happiness; Pious
Aalma Caring, Nourishing Soul
Aalmin Knowledgeable One
Aalya Smooth; Soft; Sublime
Aalyah Honourable, Ascent, Noble
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes.
Aamaal Hopes; Aspirations; Wishes
Aamaal Hopes, Aspirations, Wishes
Aamaal Bright; Hope; Pure; Hardworking; Optimistic; Expectation; Brilliant; Another name for Narayana; Clean
Aamad Plural of Amad, Periods of Time
Aamal Work; Hope; Aspiration
Aamal Pl. of Amal, hope, expectation, aspiration.
Aamana TBD
Aamanee Good wish.
Aamanee Good wish
Aamanee Good wish; Spring season (Vasanth Ritu)
Aamara Grass; Immortal one; Unfading flower
Aamara One who is Beautiful Forever
Aamariah Given by God; Pledged by God
Aamariya Pledged / Given by God
Aamayraa Princess
Aambar Sky
Aamber Sky
Aameen Oh Allah, Accept Our Prayer
Aameena Trustworthy; Faithful; Peaceful; Honest; Secured; Safe
Aamela Beloved, Flatterer
Aamena Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful
Aamera Leader; Princess
Aamilah Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous.
Aamilah Doer of (good) deeds, Righteous
Aamilah Doer of good deeds; Righteous; Hopeful
Aamin Grace of God, Divine Grace
Aamina Secure, protected
Aamina Mother of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.)
Aamina Trustworthy; Faithful; Peaceful; Honest; Secured; Safe
Aaminah Secured, Safe.
Aaminah Secured, Safe
Aaminah Trustworthy; Faithful; Peaceful; Honest; Secured; Safe
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited.
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Prosperous
Aamira Imperial, Abundant, Inhabited
Aamira Prosperous, full of life, large, substantial; fem. of Aamir.
Aamira Imperial; Abundant; Inhabited
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aamiya Night
Aamnah Peace
Aamra Princess; Leader
Aan Bring; Pride; Respect
Aana Young; Food Grain; Most Precious
Aanam God Blessing
Aanaya Blessed with God; God Gifted
Aani TBD
Aani She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah.
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastaniniyah
Aani Fatimah Khatoon She was a literary woman and a poetess in Qastantiniyah (AN)
Aani-Fatimah Literary Poetess
Aania Mirror
Aania Towards, direction, concern.
Aanifa Dignified; Bright
AaniFatimahKhatoon TBD
Aanisa Young Lady; Maiden
Aanisa Close; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous; Without darkness; Light; Unceasing; Generous; Loyal; Close
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden.
Aanisah Young lady, Maiden
Aanisah Close; Intimate; Good friend; Continuous; Without darkness; Light; Unceasing; Generous; Loyal; Close
Aanjum Symbol; Star; Angel
Aansa Portion
Aanshi God’s Gift
Aaqiba Consequence; Result
Aaqifa TBD
Aaqil Wise, Discerning, Sensible
Aaqila Intelligent
Aaqilah Intelligent
Aaqilah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman
Aaqsa Intelligent; A Mosque
Aara Adoring; Brilliant; Knowledgeable
Aara Adoring
Aara Ornament; Decoration; Light bringer
Aaraa Embellishing; Adorning
Aaraf Heights
Aareen Full of Joy; Rejoice
Aarefa Women who Recognises (Islam)
Aarefina TBD
Aarfa Great; High
Aarfaa Very High
Aarfah The Mighty; High; Greatness
Aaria Gentle Music, Brings Rain
Aaridh Clouds
Aarif Forgiven; Acquainted
Aarif Acquainted; Knowledgeable
Aarifa Women who Recognises Islam, Wise
Aarifa Women who recognize Islam
Aarifah Knowing, Women who recognises Islam
Aarifah Women who recognize Islam
Aariz Sacred; Diving
Aariza Request
Aarjoo Wish
Aarju Wish
Aarman Wish; Desire
Aarshi First Ray of Sun
Aarshiya Above of Everything
Aarva TBD
Aarzoo Wish; Desire; Hope
Aasaal Evenings
Aasama Sky
Aaseamah Good
Aaseayah TBD
Aaseemah TBD
Aaseeyah TBD
Aasefa Guardian; Protector
Aaseiyah TBD
Aaseya TBD
Aasfa Protector; Guardian
Aasfa Protector, guardian.
Aashfiya Supporter
Aashi Love, Full Smile, Queen of Family
Aashia Place to Live
Aashifah TBD
Aashlina TBD
Aashmi From the Sky
Aashna Hope; Devoted to Love; Beloved
Aashra Shelter
Aashreen TBD
Aashya Long Live
Aasia Hope.
Aasia One who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful
Aasia Hopeful
Aasia Hope
Aasiba TBD
Aasieyah TBD
Aasifa Pure; Organiser; Spotless
Aasika Goddess Laxmi
Aasima Protector; Central; Defendant
Aasima Limitless; Protector; Defendant; Central
Aasimah Protector, defendant, central.
Aasimah Protector, defendant, central
Aasimah Protector; Defendant; Central
Aasira Bond.
Aasiya Goodness
Aasiyana Beautiful Home
Aasma Precious; Excellent; Sky
Aasma Sky; Excellent; Precious
Aasmaa Excellent; Precious
Aasmaa Sky; Excellent; Precious
Aasmani Celestial; Divine; Heavenly; Azure
Aasmi I am Soul
Aasmin Jasmine
Aasna Purity
Aasya Related to Mouth / Face
Aatifa Affection, Sympathy
Aatifa Affection; Sympathy
Aatifa Affection; Sympathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic
Aatika Kind Affectionate
Aatika Flower; Good smell
Aatikah Generous
Aatiq Young Woman; Free; Baby Pigeon
Aatiqa Free
Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old
Aatiqah Shoulder (support) old.
Aatirah Fragrant
Aatirah Fragrant
Aatiya Giver; Bestowed
Aatoon Educator; Teacheress
Aatun Educator; Teacheress
Aayaat Quran Verse
Aayah Proof; Sign; Verse
Aayana The mirror
Aayat Verses, Signs, Plural of Ayah
Aayat Many signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal
Aayeesha Living, Life
Aayesha Alive or living; Prophet Mohammads wife; Beautiful; Life; Lively
Aayet Phases of Quran
Aayla Top of the Mountain
Aayna Mirror
Aaysa Precious; Obedient
Aaysha Obedient
Aayun Eyes; Plural of Ain
Aayza Gift of God; Respected
Aazam Fearless
Aazeen Beauty
Aazia Rising Sun; Holy
Aazmin A star
Abaabeel Flocks
Abaal Wild Rose
Abal Wild Rose
Abal Wild rose
Aban Water, Clear, Eloquent
Abaranji TBD
Abarr Most of Very Pious; Upright
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi.
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi, a woman who was distinguished among her contemporaries.
Abasah Daughter of al-Mahdi
Abasah Daughter of al Mahdi (Daughter of al-mahdi)
Abay Always Listening; World
Abbaasah Lioness; Sister of Haroon Rashid
Abbas Stern
Abbasa Historical name
Abbia Great, Joy of My Father
Abbir Fragrance; Aroma
Abda Extraordinary; Original; Beautiful
Abda Worshipper.
Abda Worshipper
Abda Worshipper
Abdah Worshiper (of Allah).
Abdah Worshipper of Allah
Abdel Servant
Abdi Slave to Allah; Ocean
Abdia Slave of Allah
Abdia Slave of Allah
Abdiqani TBD
Abdul-rasheed Servant of the Rightly Guided
Abdullah The Servant of Allah
Abeba Flower
Abeda A Gift of God
Abeedah Worshipper
Abeedah Worshipper. The daughter of Nabil had this name; she was a narrator of Hadith.
Abeedah Worshipper; Devotee
Abeela To be beautiful
Abeela To be beautiful
Abeer Fragrance, perfume
Abeer Fragrance
Abeer Fragrance; Strong; Auspicious red powder traditionally applied during the festival of Holi
Abeera The mixture of the smell of the petals of Rose and Sundal.
Abeera Rose, Sandal Safron mixed together in fragrance.
Abeera The mixture of the smell of the petals of rose and sundal; Strong; Brave
Abeerah Rose, Sandal Saffron mixed together in fragrance
Abeerah Rose; Sandal saffron mixed in a fragrance
Abena Born on Tuesday; From Akan
Abera Powerful; Noble
Abha Brightness, Lustre, Shine
Abhar Narcissus; Arabian Jasmine
Abhir Fragrance; Aroma
Abia Great, My Father is the Lord
Abia Great
Abia Great
Abiah My Father Rejoices
Abiba Beloved
Abid Worshipper of God
Abida Worshipper
Abida Worshiper, devotee, adorer, devout; fem of Abid.
Abida Worshippers, Adorers
Abida Worshipper
Abidah Worshipper
Abidah Worshipper; Devotee
Abiha The Water Falls of Heaven
Abiha Father of might
Abilasha Wish; Desire; Goddess Lakshmi
Abir Fragrant; Strong
Abir Strong
Abira The mixture of the smell of the petals of rose and sundal; Strong; Brave
Abira Strong
Abire Aroma; Fragrance
Abiya Brilliant, Splendid
Abiya Brilliant; Splendid
Abla Perfectly Formed; A Wild Rose
Abla Perfectly formed
Abla perfectly formed, a woman possessing a beautiful figure.
Abla Full figured; Perfectly formed
Ablaa Perfectly formed
Ablaa Perfectly Formed; A Flower
Ablaa Full figured; Perfectly formed
Ablah Perfectly formed.
Ablah Perfectly Formed; Perfectly
Ablah Perfectly formed
Ablaj Shining, Beautiful, Fair
Abnaz TBD
Abqurah Genius
Abqurah Genius
Abra Mother of Multitude, Lesson
Abra Mother of many
Abra Example, lesson
Abra Example; Lesson
Abraj With Beautiful Eyes
Abrar Devoted to God
Abree Female Version of Abraham
Abreshmina Made of silk.
Abri Female Version of Abraham
Abrin TBD
Abroo Fame; Dignity; Honour
Absar Swift, Eye-sight, Vision
Absha TBD
Abya Joy of My Father
Abyar Accept
Ada Graceful and Noble, Pure, Noble
Ada Grace, Expression.
Ada Beauty
Adaan One who Happily Resides in a Place
Adab Good Breeding; Decorum; Culture
Adab Hope, Need.
Adah From the Beautiful Scenery
Adain Resembling the Mother; Winged
Adaj Dark; Black; With Large Black Eyes
Adala Justice.
Adala Justice; Noble
Adan Fire; Noble; Nobility
Adan Paradise, heaven.
Adana Feminine of Adam; Earth
Adaniyaa TBD
Adara Beauty
Adara Virgin
Adara Beauty, Fire, Noble, Virgin
Adara Virgin
Adawiyah Summer Plant; A Type of Plant
Adawiyah Summer plant
Adawiyah Summer plant
Adeeba A literary person; Cultured; Civilized
Adeel Equal; Derived from Adeline
Adeela Equal
Adeela Equal; Just; Honest
Adeelah Just
Adeelah Just.
Adeelah Just
Adeen Little Fire
Adeena Pious, good luck
Adeena Pious, good luck.
Adeena Pious; Good luck; Slender
Adeeva Pleasant, Gentle
Adeeva Pleasant; Gentle
Adelmira Exalted
Aden Fire; Fiery One
Adena Decoration; Tender
Adhaviya TBD
Adhra Apology; Virgin
Adiat Rebellious
Adiba Polite
Adiba Well, mannered, cultured, polite; writer
Adiba Polite, well-mannered, well-bred, courteous, polished,
Adiba Etiquette, Cultured, Polite
Adiba A literary person; Cultured; Civilized
Adifa Generous; Smart
Adifaah Smart, talented.
Adiha God
Adika Power
Adila Equal, Just, Upright
Adila Just
Adila Justice
Adila Equal.
Adila Honest, fair
Adila Equal; Just; Honest
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Adilah, Adila, Adeela Equal, just, honest
Adina Decoration, Friday, Beautiful
Adina Pious; Good luck; Slender
Adini TBD
Adira Strong; Noble; Beautiful; Powerful
Adira Strong and powerful
Adiva Pleasant, Gentle, Agreeable
Adiva pleasant, gentle
Adiya Gods Treasure
Adla Justice; Honest
Adla Just, fair woman
Adla Just; Fair woman
Adlaa Just, Fair
Adlaa Just; Fair woman
Adlai Just
Adlea Of Justice – Fairness
Admaa Soul
Adn Bliss, Paradise, Heaven
Adn Paradise
Adna Paradise, Pleasure, Delight
Adnaa Closest
Adnan Proper Name
Adniyyah Resident; Inhabitant
Adra Virgin, Beauty, Veda, Untainted
Adra More knowledge
Adyan Plural of Deen (Religion)
Aeena Mirror
Aeera Bearer of Victory
Aeeza Dear One, Honored Ruler
Aeina Pure, The Only One, Always
Aeira Respectful; Noble; Honourable
Aeiza Dear One; Mighty One; Respected
Aelin Swift – Strong; Clever – Proud
Aema Plural of Imam; Leaders
Aena Innocent One
Aeni Original; Pure; True
Aesar TBD
Aesha Love; Woman; Life; Alive; Awake
Aesha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life
Aeysha TBD
Aeza Obedient, Beautiful, Noble
Aezal Gift of God; The Beginning
Aezza Respected; Noble Ones; Mighty Ones
Afaaf Chaste, Virtuous, Decent, Pure
Afaal TBD
Afaf Virtuous, Decent, Pure, Chastity
Afaf Chaste, virtuous, decent, pure
Afaf Chastity, purity, honesty, righteousness, decency.
Afaf Chastity
Afak Please
Afam Friendly
Afana The Forgiver, Pardoner, Chaste
Afana The forgiver, pardner.
Afaq World, Horizon
Afasar Crown
Afashana Fiction
Afdha Beautiful
Afee Scented River in Heaven
Afeefa Maiden, Chaste, Honest, Upright
Afeefa Chaste
Afeefa Honest; Upright
Afeeha TBD
Afeela TBD
Afeen One who Forgive
Afeena Honesty
Afeera A Type of Gazelle
Afeerah Covered with soil or dust
Afeerah Covered with soil or dust.
Afeerah Covered with soil; Dust
Afeesa TBD
Afeeya Pure; Strength; Shadows
Afeeza One who Know the Recital of Quaran
Afefa Pious, Chaste, Maiden
Afeni Health
Affaf Pure
Affana Virtuous; The Forgiver; Chaste
Affera Colour of the Earth, Young Deer
Affery Colour of the Earth, Young Deer
Affi Independent; Positive
Affifa Health; Chaste; Modest
Affina Admirer
Affiza TBD
Affnaa TBD
Affra Colour of Earth, Young Deer
Affrah Happiness
Afga Beautiful
Afia Born on Friday, From Ewe
Afia Away from all Problems
Afia good health, vigour, vitality
Afia Away from all Problems.
Afia Vigor; Good health; Well being
Afiah Born on Friday (F)
Afida Consciences; Hearts
Afidha Hearts; Consciences
Afif Pure; Chaste; Honest
Afifa Honest, Upright, Virtuous, Pure
Afifa Neat lady
Afifa pure, chaste, modest, virtuous, honest, righteous, decent; fem.
Afifa Neat lady.
Afifa Honest; Upright
Afifa-Masarrat God’s Angle
Afifah Chaste, modest
Afifah Chaste, Pure
Afifah Chaste; Modest
Afiha TBD
Afija TBD
Afika Pinnacle of Grace, Generosity
Afila Intelligent
Afina Young
Afinah Young Doe; Cute Little Deer
Afiqah Glorious; Honest
Afirah A Famous, A Type of Gazelle
Afirat Heaven
Afisa Shining; Good Luck; Transparent
Afisha Pretty
Afiya Vigor; Good health; Well being
Afiya Health; Faithful
Afiyah ‘Health’, free from illness and grief
Afiyah Health
Afiyah Health, free from illness and grief.
Afiyah Health; Free from illness and grief
Afiyat Health, Freedom from Illness
Afiza Fresh Air
Afizah A person who knows the recital of the qur’an
Afizah TBD
Afizah A person who knows the recital of the Quran
Afizeh A Pendant
Afja Lucky
Afkar Intellect Thought; Plural of Fikr
Afkar Pl. of Fikr, intellect thought.
Afla Descending; Intelligent
Aflaa Most Successful
Aflah Victory
Aflak Heavenly Bodies
Aflaq Light of the Morning
Afna Tree Branches of Heaven
Afnaan Tree of Jannah
Afnaaz Novel; Pride; Beautiful
Afnan Tree branches or twigs
Afnan Name of the Flower in Heaven
Afnan Pl. of Fanan, branch, twig.
Afnaz Fabulous; Novel; Quickness
Afni Sweet; Forever
Afni Immortal
Afra Young deer
Afra White, Colour of Earth
Afra Dust-coloured
Afra Dust coloured, earth-coloured, a variety buck.
Afra Dust colored; White
Afraa White
Afraa White; Fair Complexioned
Afraa Dust colored; White
Afraah White; Bright; Happiness
Afrah Celebrations, festivals
Afrah Happiness, Cheerfulness, Teaching
Afrah Pl. of Farah, joy, happiness.
Afrah Happiness
Afrana TBD
Afree TBD
Afreed Precious
Afreen Friendly.
Afreen Friendly
Afreen Encouragement, Beautiful
Afreen Encouragement; Praise; Blessing
Afreha TBD
Afren Sweet, Name of Goddess Durga
Afrena Goddess; Ruler
Afrida Youth; Created; Produced
Afrida Created. produced
Afriha TBD
Afrin Happiness, Praise, Lucky, Brave
Afrin Praise, lucky.
Afrina Creator
Afrita TBD
Afriya White, Born During Good Times
Afriza Pure Gold; Quintessence of Fire
Afroja Bright
Afrose Enlightening
Afroz Illuminated
Afroz Illuminated.
Afroza Light from fire
Afroza Quintessence of Fire; Brightened
Afroza Burning, polishing.
Afroza Quintessence of fire
Afroze Enlightening.
Afroze Illuminating; Enlightening
Afroze Enlightening
Afruja Clever
Afruza TBD
Afsa Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) Wife; …
Afsa Prophet Mohammed’s (PBUH) wife
Afsa Prophet Mohammed’s (Pbuh) wife; Pretty
Afsah Most Eloquent / Expressive
Afsahn Revealed; Resolved; Gift of God
Afsan Gift of God, Beautiful, Best
Afsana Story
Afsana Fiction; Romance; Storey
Afsana Fable, fiction, romance.
Afsana Story
Afsar Crown
Afsar Crown.
Afsar Crown
Afsar Ara Adorning the crown.
Afsara Angel
Afsari Most Beautiful; Angel
Afseen Shine Like a Star
Afsha Pretty
Afsha Prophet Mohammed’s (Pbuh) wife; Pretty
Afsha-Firdus Happiness of Heaven
Afshaa Shining
Afshah Shining; Pretty
Afshan To Sprinkle, Glitter
Afshan Adornment aids.
Afshan Adornment aids
Afshan Shinning
Afshanah Fiction; Storey; One who Scatters
Afshanaz Fiction; Storey
Afsheen Shine like a star.
Afsheen Shine like a star
Afsheen Shining star
Afsheena TBD
Afshin Decorated with Sparkles; Golden
Afshin Decorated with sparkles, golden.
Afsia Gift of God; Peace; Gift
Afsin Shine like a Star
Afsina Shine like a Star
Afsini TBD
Afsiya Gift; Peace; Gift of God
Afsna Imagination
Afsoon Spell or Bewitchment; Charm; Spell
Aftaab The Sun
Aftab The Sun
Aftab The Sun; Sunlight; Brilliance
Aftan More Attractive; Charming
Afusat Amenable, Unique, Absolute
Afuza TBD
Afya Shadows
Afya Pure; Health; Strength; Shadows
Afya Vigor; Good health; Shadows
Afza Augmenting; Increasing
Afza Most excellent
Afzaa Augmenting; Increasing
Afzana Storey; Fiction
Afzia TBD
Afzida TBD
Afziya TBD
Agafia Good; Pure; Virginal
Agha Master; Owner (Arabic); Fight
Aghala Pleasing
Agharid Pl. of Ughrudah, twittering, song.
Aghid Delicate; Young; Mistress
Aghigh Name of a Stone
Aghla Dearer; Most Valuable; Priceless
Aghnia Needless / Rich Ones
Aghniyaa Needless Ones; Rich Ones
Aghsan Branch; Twig; Plural of Ghusn
Aghsan Pl. of Ghusn, branch, twig.
Ahaana Ray of Light, Dawn
Ahad Pledge; Commitment; Delegation
Ahadia The Unique; The One
Ahan TBD
Ahana Inner light; Immortal; Born during the day; The first rise of the Sun
Ahana First Ray of Sunrise, Chaht
Ahanna First Rays of the Sun
Ahaya To Live
Ahbab Darling, Dear, Beloved Ones
Ahd Knowledge; Smart; Science; Metal
Ahd Pledge, commitment, delegation
Ahd Pledge, knowledge.
Ahda Better Guided
Ahdaa Better Guided
Ahdaf Aim; Goal; Plural of Hadaf; Target
Ahdaf Pl. of hadaf, aim, goal, target.
Ahdia Unique, The One.
Ahdia Unique, The One
Ahdia Unique; The one
Aheera TBD
Ahera Dazzling; Brilliant
Aheya To Live
Ahia Goat
Ahida Promiser
Ahilya Maiden, Without Any Deformation
Ahina Poor, Ascetic, Firm, Unshakeable
Ahira Respectful; Gift
Ahista Slowly
Ahiya TBD
Ahlaam Dreams; Utopia
Ahlam Witty
Ahlam Witty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams
Ahlam Pl. of Hulm, dream.
Ahlam Witty; One who has pleasant dreams; Imaginative
Ahlem Dream
Ahlima Merciful; Kind; Gentle; Mannered
Ahmad Commendable
Ahmaraan Saffron; Gold
Ahmed Blessed; Gift of Allah; Fortunate
Ahmida TBD
Ahna Exist; Days; First Rays of Sun
Ahoo Deer; Smart
Ahou Smart; Deer
Ahou Deer
Ahrin Enlightened
Ahsan An Act of Kindness
Ahsana Mercy; An Act of Kindness
Ahyana Beautiful Flower
Ahzana An Act of Kindness, Mercy
Aiasha Prosperous, Alive, Woman, Lively
Aiba Flower; Beautiful
Aicha Enthusiasm
Aida Visiting, Noble, Nobility, Reward
Aida Visiting, returning
Aida returning
Aida Visiting; Returning
Aidah Noble; Kind; Returning; Visitor
Aidah Visiting, Returning, Reward, Present
Aidah Visiting; Returning; Reward
Aidah, Aida Visiting, returning; reward
Aidan Tall Palm Tree, Noble – Serene
Aidana Tall Palm Tree, Perpetuity
Aidha Power; Splendour; A Flame; Desire
Aieeda Daily Returnees
Aiefa Beautiful
Aiema Leader
Aieman Righteous; Door of the Paradise
Aiemen Righteous; Door of the Paradise
Aiera Bearer of Victory, Gift, Lion
Aiesha Woman, Alive, She who Lives, Life
Aiesha Woman
Aiessa TBD
Aiez Princess
Aieza Dear One; Noble
Aiezah Noble / Respectful
Aifia TBD
Aighar She was a religious, righteous woman
Aighar Religious; Righteous Woman
Aighar She was a religious, righteous woman.
Aighar She was a religious, righteous woman (AN)
Aighar She was a religious; Righteous woman
Aiisha Beautiful
Aijah Goat(Sanskrit)
Aijaz Favour
Aika Love Song
Aikko Little Loved One
Aiko Little Loved One
Aila Noble
Aila Name of a River, Earthly, Noble
Aila Noble
Ailah Earthly; Almighty; Name of a River
Aileen Light from Sun, Torch of Light
Ailin Rock; Transparent; Very Clear
Ailiya One who is Extremely Truthful
Aily Hazelnut; Bird; The Juniper Tree
Ailya TBD
Ailyn Beauty and Shine of Moon
Ailyne Beauty and Shine of Moon
Aima Leader
Aimaa Leader
Aimal Hope
Aimal Hope.
Aimal Hope
Aiman Door of the Paradise; Righteous
Aimana Righteous; Door of the Paradise
Aimeen TBD
Aimen Most Congratulated
Aimen Brave, fearless, lucky, right hand.
Aimen Sacred; Brave; Old name of Arabia
Aimmah Plural of Imam; Leaders
Aimuni My Blessing
Ain Precious, Eye, God was Gracious
Ain Eye, thus ‘precious’
Ain precious, eye
Ain Eye; Thus precious
Ain Alsaba Treasure of the eye
Ain alsaba Treasure of the eye.
Ain Alsaba Treasure of the eye
??? ?????  
Aina Beautiful Eyed Woman
Aina Mirror, Lightning
Ainaan Two Eyes / Springs, Plural of Ain
Ainaaz Beautiful like the Moon, Gorgeous
Ainah Pure; Virginal
Ainain Two Eyes / Springs, Plural of Ain
Ainam Two springs
Ainan Two Eyes / Springs, Plural of Ain
Ainayn Two Eyes / Springs, Plural of Ain
Ainaz Beautiful like the Moon, Gorgeous
Aineah Resembling a Spring Flower
Ainee Spring Flower
Aineem TBD
Ainey Resembling a Spring Flower
Aini Spring, flower, source, choice
Aini Spring; Flower; Source; The Eye
Aini Spring; Flower; Source; Choice
Ainin TBD
Ainnur Lights of Eyes
Ainoor TBD
Ainul Eye
Ainy Resembling a Spring Flower
Aiqah Sea Shore; Beach
Aira Beloved Jasmine; Of the Wind
Aira The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life
Airaf TBD
Airah Noble; Respectful; Arabic Letters
Airam TBD
Aireen Fiery; Princess of a Palace
Airin Unique
Airina Peaceful
Aisa Alive
Aisah Life; Woman; Lively
Aisaih TBD
Aisara TBD
Aisha Life, Vivaciousness, Living Prosperous, Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
Aisha Living, Prosperous, Lively, Woman
Aisha Lively
Aisha Youngest wife of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Aisha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life (Wife of prophet mohammed)
Aishaa Lively, Prosperous
Aishah Lucky, Flourishing, Lively, Woman
Aishah Lively
Aishah Lucky; Flourishing
Aishah, Aisha, Ayishah Living, prosperous; youngest wife of the Prophet
Aishat Happiness; Superior
Aishatou One who Lives; Alive
Aishi Being Fond of Poetry; God’s Gift; …
Aishka Blessings; God’s Gift
Aishna Desire, Unique, Wish
Aishya Spring
Aisia Woman, Life, Lively
Aisiah Woman, Life, Lively
Aislin Vision; Dream
Aissa Wonderful; Grateful
Aisyah Happy Life
Aiva Variant of the Feminine Name Ava
Aiwa Date from Heaven
Aixa Happiness
Aiya Bird; Beautiful Silk
Aiya Miracle; Verses in the Quran
Aiyad Small Gulf
Aiyana Eternal Blossom, Endless Beauty
Aiyara Bearer of Victory; Respectable
Aiyat Miracles; Proof
Aiyera Bearer of Victory; Respectable
Aiyla Moonlight
Aiyla Moonlight
Aiyna Endless Beauty
Aiyra Respectable; Bearer of Victory
Aiysa Precious
Aiysha Obedient
Aiyza Noble; Princess
Aiza Noble
Aiza Noble.
Aiza Noble, Dear One, Clever
Aiza Noble
Aizaa Dear One; Noble
Aizah Daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.s.)
Aizah The daughter of Hazrat Ali (A.S)
Aizah Replacement (The daughter of Hazrat Ali)
Aizha Graceful; Powerful; Strong
Aizlin TBD
Aizza Noble; Life
Aizzah Mighty One
Ajaar Rewards
Ajab Amazement; Wonder
Ajah God Protects
Ajam Date Seed; Foreign; Persian
Ajas Mastery; Fame; Pride
Ajba Shine
Ajee TBD
Ajeeb Amazing; Wondrous
Ajeeba Unique
Ajeebah A narrator of hadith
Ajeebah A narrator of hadith.
Ajeebah She was the daughter of Muhammad al-Baqadari.
Ajeebah Sweet; A narrator of Hadith
Ajeema Great
Ajeena TBD
Ajia Quick; Fast
Ajib Unique; Rare
Ajiba Rare; Unique
Ajida TBD
Ajima Daughter of Sun
Ajina Merciful; Unique
Ajinsa Loving
Ajisha Graceful
Ajiza Strong and Proud
Ajju Mother
Ajla Brighter; Beautiful; Smoother
Ajlal Beautiful, stubborn, young princess
Ajlal The beautiful; Stubborn; Young princess
Ajma Happiness
Ajmal Pious
Ajmala How Beautiful
Ajmeri Name of a City
Ajmery Name of a City
Ajmi Moon
Ajmi Extremly wise
Ajmia Moon
Ajmila Beautiful
Ajmina Dream Come True
Ajmira Gift of God
Ajmiya TBD
Ajna Beautiful
Ajniha Wings
Ajra It Never Happens
Ajrada Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper .
Ajrada TBD
Ajradah Al-Ameeh, was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawn (A.N)
Ajradah great worshipper
Ajradah Al-ameeh, Was a great worshipper who worshipped long in the night sometimes right up to dawn (An)
Ajrat TBD
Ajrin TBD
Ajuma Priceless
Ajusha Graceful
Ajvana TBD
Ajwa Name of a Date in Saudia Arabia
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH)
Ajwa Name of a date in Saudia Arabia. Tree planted by Holy Prohpet (PBUH).
Ajwan Small Gulf
Ajwana TBD
Akbari Big
Akeeba Replaces
Akeela Bright, Clever
Akeena Without Doubt
Akeera Graceful Strength
Akei Born in Autumn
Akeylah Sage; Intelligence
Akhifa TBD
Akhira White Lily
Akhtaf With a Slender Waist
Akhtar Star, good luck.
Akhtar Star; Good Luck; Flower; Good Man
Aki Autumn; Bright; Pure Milk
Akia Sister; First Born
Akia Sister
Akia Sister
Akida Certain; Firm
Akiela Wise; Logical; Intelligent
Akifa Dedicated to, Intent, Busy
Akifa Worshiper in solitude
Akifa Devoted to, dedicated to, intent, busy; fem. of Akif.
Akifah Intent, busy
Akifah Intent; Busy
Akifah Intent, busy.
Akifah The intent; Busy; Devoted; Dedicated
Akil Wise
Akila Intelligent; Complete; Total
Akilah Intelligent, logical, one who reasons
Akilah Wise
Akilah Clever, Bright, Intelligent
Akilah intelligent, logical
Akilah A wise; Sensible; Intelligent woman
Akili Wisdom, Intelligence, Cleverness
Akina Spring Flower, Relations
Akira Gentle Flower, A Natural
Akisha Complete; Powerful
Akiya First Born
Akkila Logical; Intelligent; Wise
Akkira Dawn; Bright; Gentle Flower
Akleema Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S)
Akleema Beautiful. One of the daughters of Adam (A.S).
Akleema Beautiful; one of the daughters of Adam as
Aklima The First Step; Beautiful
Akmar Brilliant of Whiteness
Akna Goddess of Fertility – Childbirth
Aknaan Shelter
Aknan Shelter
Akram Honourable; Great; Generous
Aksa Soul, Eye, Indestructible
Aksara Letter; Handwriting; Unalterable
Aksary TBD
Akshithi Victorious Peace
Akshiti Victorious peace
Aktari Wife of Prophet
Akyan TBD
Akyla Intelligent; Wise; Logical
Al-Adur al-Karimah A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt.
Al-Adur al-Karimah A pious, righteous and intelligent woman of Egypt. She respected the Ulama and built religious schools (Madrasah) and mosques, She died in 762
Al-Ain Bright Eyes
Al-Anood Eye’s of Beautiful Deer
Al-Yasa Elisha
Al-Zahra The Illuminated
Ala Noble, Nobility, Flag, Truthful
Alaa Servant of Allah; Exaltation
Alaana Beautiful; Princess
AlAdurAlKarimah A Pious
Alafia Peace
Alah Noble, Honourable, Ornament
Alahna Unique Beauty
Alaia Virtuous
Alaia Virtuous.
Alaia Sublime; Virtuous
Alaia Virtuous
Alaika Peace; Gift of God
Alaina Valuable, Precious, Dear Child
Alaini Orange Tree; Orange
Alaira Powerful – Complete
Alaisa Of a Noble Kind; Honourable; Noble
Alaiya The Beautiful One; Virtuous
Alaiza Love; Sweet
Alala War Goddess
Alaleh A Flower; Buttercup
Alaleh Flower
Alam World; sing. of Alameen.
Alam World; Sing; Of Alameen
Alam Ara Adorning the world.
Alam-Ara Adorning the World
Alamea Ripe; Precious; Whole
Alamirah TBD
Alamiy Wise; Vivacious
Alan Little rock; Handsome
Alana Valuable, Precious
Alani Continues Flow, Highest
Alanna Fair, Beautiful, Dear Child
Alaqat Devotion
Alasha God Gifted, Nobility
Alaska The Great Land
Alavi Symbol of Peace
Alaya Lofty; Sublime
Alayah TBD
Alayka Gift of God; Peace
Alayna Beautiful; Princess
Alayna Princess (Iranian)
Alayne Bright, Shining, Rock or Comely
Alayra TBD
Alazet TBD
Alba White, Blond, Fair Complexion
Albash Ruler
Albia Fair One; White; Blond
Albina White, Bright, Famous One
Albira True to All; Truly Foreign; Truly
Alda Old but Graceful, Rich, Old, Wise
Alda Rich
Aldah Old; Noble; Honourable
Aldet Gift of God
Aldina Old; Prosperous; Small Winged One
Alea Exalted; High
Aleah High, Sublime
Aleah Exalted; High
Aleaha High; Exalted
Aleaseya Saviour
Alee High; Sublime; Little Rock
Aleefa Friendly; Kind; Compassionate
Aleefa Friendly
Aleeha Exalted; High
Aleema Exalted, highest social standing.
Aleema Wise, Knowledgeable, Intellectual
Aleema Knowing or knowledgeable; Wise
Aleemah Knowing, Knowledgeable
Aleemah Knowing; Knowledgeable; Skilled in music or dance
Aleen Light, Fair, Good Looking
Aleena Beautiful.
Aleena Soft, Silk of Heaven, Beautiful
Aleena Silk of heaven
Aleena Silk of heaven.
Aleena Beautiful; Silk of Heaven
Aleera TBD
Aleesa Peace; Beautiful; Truthful; Noble
Aleesa Joy
Aleesa Joy
Aleeya High Born
Aleeza Happiness; Joy
Aleeza Joy
Aleeza Joy.
Aleeza Joy; Joyous
Aleftina Most Beautiful
Aleha Exalted; Ascender
Alei Lofty, Leaf, Nobly, Sublime, High
Alein TBD
Alema TBD
Alena Torch of Light, Dear Child, Torch
Aleqa Helper – Defender of Mankind
Alesa TBD
Alesha Of a Noble Kind; Of the Noble Sort
Alesha Protected by god
Alesia Of a Noble Kind; Help; Aid
Alesit TBD
Alessa Protector of Humanity
Alesta Defender of Men
Aley Of a Noble; High; Sublime
Aleya Noble; Ascender
Aleyah Exalted; Highest Social Standing
Aleyna Bright; Shining; Rock or Comely
Aleza Joy; Happiness
Alfa First Born; Guide
Alfah Guide
Alfana The Art; Unique; Attraction
Alfathunissa TBD
Alfera TBD
Alfi Elf Power
Alfia Garden of Heaven
Alfida God’s Trust
Alfiesya TBD
Alfiha One in Thousand
Alfija TBD
Alfina Elf; Magical Counsel
Alfisa Honest; Truthful
Alfiya Sweet; One in Million
Alfiya One in a million; Sweet; Kind
Alfiyana God Gift; Shining
Alfiza Truthful; Honest
Alfna Respected; One of the World
Alfya One in Millions
Alhan Melody.
Alhan Good Voice; Melody
Alhana Beautiful Dear Child
Alhena A Ring
Alhena A ring; (A star in the constellation Gemini)
Alhena A ring; A star in the constellation gemini
Alhina A ring
Alhuda TBD
Ali Noble and Shining
Alia Beautiful
Alia Exalted, Highest Social Standing
Alia Beautiful.
Alia Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering
Alia, Aliya, Alya exalted
Aliaa Most Exalted; Uppermost; Highest
Aliah Exalted, noble, highest social standing
Aliah Noble, Highest Social Standing
Aliah Exalted; Noble; Highest social standing
Aliana Noble and Gracious
Alida Beautiful Dressed
Aliena Bright; Of Magdala; Bird; Hazelnut
Alieza Happiness; Joyous; Delightful
Alif One Thousand
Alifa Friendly, sociable, amicable; fem. of Alif.
Alifa Friendly; Sociable
Alifah Sociable; Friendly
Alifia TBD
Alifiya One in millions
Alifna TBD
Alifsa Precious Diamond, One in Thousand
Alifta TBD
Alifya One in Millions
Aliha Respectable
Alihat Goddess; Idol
Alihat Idol; Goddess
Aliisa Noble; Graceful
Alija Derived from Ali
Alijah Loving; Smart
Alika Love
Alika Noble; Kind; Truthful
Alika Love
Aliki Defender of Mankind, Noble, Kind
Alila One who Weeps
Alima Woman of learning, scholar.
Alima Wise
Alima wise, learned
Alima Intelligent, Wise, Cultured
Alima Knowing or knowledgeable; Wise
Alimah Skilled in Music or Dance
Alimah Knowing; Knowledgeable; Skilled in music or dance; Scholar; Authority
Alina Beautiful
Alina Beautiful.
Alina Fair, Noble, Light, Beautiful
Alina Beautiful; Silk of Heaven
Alinaa Light, Fair, Noble, Beautiful
Alinaz TBD
Alinna Beautiful
Alira quartz stone
Alira Unique; Honest
Alirah TBD
Alisa Kind Type, God is Salvation, Sun
Alisaa Of the Nobility; God is Salvation
Alisah Noble; Kind; Great Happiness
Alisba Alizba; Treasure of the Eye
Alish Impressive; Cute
Alisha A Star, God Gifted
Alisha Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah
Alisha Honest, truthful, Protected by Allah.
Alisha Protected by God; Silk of heaven
Alishaba Beautiful sunshine
Alishaba Beautiful sunshine.
Alishaba Beautiful sunshine
Alishba Lovely, Innocent, Pretty.
Alishba Pretty
Alishba Pretty.
Alishba God in my oath
Alishbah God in My Oath
Alishbha Innocent
Alishfa Affectionate; Simplicity
Alishka Intelligent; Precious Jewel
Alishma Innocent – Beautiful
Alisiya Noble Kind
Alisma TBD
Alissa Noble Kind, Nobility, Rational
Alissar TBD
Alissya Of a Noble Kind; Protected by God
Alista Feminine of Alexander
Alisya Noble; Honourable; Of a Noble Kind
Alith Short Form of Alitha
Alitta Truthful; Small Winged One
Aliva Beautiful; Pretty; Sweet
Alivia Olive Branch; Symbol of Peace
Aliviya Life
Aliya High, tall, towering, lofty, exalted, superior, excellent.
Aliya Sublime, exalted
Aliya Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering
Aliya Highness, Exalted, Sublime
Aliyaah Sublime
Aliyaana Beautiful; Beauty
Aliyah Rising, Ascending, High-born
Aliyah Exalted, noble
Aliyah Exalted, noble.
Aliyah Exalted; Noble; Tall; Towering
Aliyah, Aliyyah, Alia, Alia Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing
Aliyana Beauty; Beautiful
Aliyath TBD
Aliye High-born; Exalted; Noble
Aliyeh Ornament; Noble; Honourable
Aliyna Beautiful; Beauty
Aliysa Noble; Honourable; Ornament; Joy
Aliyya Highest social standing, lofty, sublime; fem. of Ali.
Aliyya Highest Social Standing, Lofty
Aliyyah Exaulted, elevated, highest social standing
Aliz Noble, Graceful, Kind, Happy
Aliza The Daughter of Ali (RA)
Aliza Joyous, Happiness, Faithful
Aliza Joy; Joyous (The daughter of Ali ra)
Alizaa Pious; Joyous
Alizah God’s Word; God’s Promise; Joy; …
Alizay Beauty of Light
Alizba Treasure of the Eye
Alize Trade Wind, Joyful
Alizeh Trade Wind
Alizeha Happiness
Alizha Beauty; Beautiful
Alizia Pious; Faithful; Delightful
Alizra TBD
Alkama TBD
Alkasha TBD
AlKhayzuran TBD
Alla An Angel, Name of Truth, Defender
Allaana TBD
Allabi God Gifted
Allafiya Peace; One in Millions
Allaina TBD
Allaiza Sweet; Love
Allamah Extremely Knowledgeable
Allami Very Wise
Allana Dear Child; Little Rock; Beautiful
Allanna Peace; Harmony; Little Rock
Allannah Dear Child
Allayna Light
Allea Lofty, Sublime, Nobly, High
Alleah Leader
Alleah Ascender; Exalted
Allee Lofty; Nobly Famous; Sublime; High
Allen Beautiful Woman
Allena Bright, Shining, Rock, Comely
Alleyah Leader
Alleyah Leader.
Alleyah Leader
Allfiya One in Millions; Peace
Alli Long-tailed Duck, Noble, Nobility
Alliah To Ascend
Allie Little Rock, Noble and Shining
Allina Bright; Shining; Rock or Comely
Allisha Protected by God, Honourable
Alliya TBD
Alliyah Noble, High-born, Ascending
Alliza Happiness
Allmeera Aristocratic Lady
Allmera Aristocratic Lady
Allmeria Aristocratic Lady
Allmira TBD
Alloula TBD
Alltasha TBD
Allula TBD
Allvera Speaker of Truth; Dearly Loved
Ally Noble, Graceful, Shining
Allyah Ornament; Honourable; Noble; Joy
Allyiah Sublime; Exalted
Allysa Great Happiness
Allysia Noble; Kind
Allyzza Joy; Happiness
Alma Caring, Fostering, Soul
Alma Apple
Alma Apple
Almaas Diamond; Adamant
Almaas A diamond
Almaas A diamond
Almaasa Diamond
Almahira TBD
Almaia TBD
Almaida TBD
Almaisha Grace; Desirable as the Moon
Almana Alone
Almas Diamond.
Almas A diamond
Almasa Diamond.
Almasa Diamond
Almasha Desirable as the Moon; Grace
Almaye Angel
Almaz Diamond
Almaza TBD
Almeda Ambitious
Almedina Precious Stone
Almeen TBD
Almeena Will; Helmet
Almeera Aristocratic Lady; Wealthy Women
Almeerah Aristocratic Lady; Clothes Basket
Almeeria Aristocratic Lady
Almeira Aristocratic Lady; Clothes Basket
Almena Will; Helmet
Almera Aristocratic Lady
Almerah Aristocratic Lady
Almeria Aristocratic Lady; Work Ruler
Almina Will; Helmet
Almira Princess
Almira Woman of Nobility, Princess
Almira Exalted
Almira Princess: truthful
Almiraa Princess, Truthful
Almirah Princess; Aristocratic Lady
Almire Aristocratic Lady, Princess
Almiya Cultured
Almyra Aristocratic Lady
Almyrah Clothes Basket
Alna Conqueror of the World
Alnaaz Most Precious / Beautiful
Alnaba Wars Passed Each Other
Aloha Affection, Loving, Kind-hearted
Aloodra Virgin
Aloula TBD
Alphia Most Important, First-born
Alphiya TBD
Alqa A with a Lovely Hair, Beauty
Alraaz Mystery
Alraaz Mystery.
Alraaz Mystery
Alreeza TBD
Alsaba Treasure of the Eye
Alsana Princess
Alsarah TBD
Alseefa Lovable, Trustable, Good, Homely
Alshada TBD
Alshafa The Healing
Alshafa Good; Homely; Sweet; Lovable; Trustable
Alshana TBD
Alshara TBD
Alsheefa TBD
Alshefaa TBD
Alshifa Good, Homely, Sweet, Lovable
Alshifaa Lovable, Trustable, Good, Homely
Alshifah Good, Homely, Sweet, Lovable
Alshima As Glorious as Moon
Alshina God Gift, Sensitive, Creative
Alsifa Lovable, Homely, Sweet, Trustable
Alta Abbreviation of Altagracia
Altaf Pl. of Lutf, kindness.
Altaf Kindness; Politeness
Altair Bird; Star; Flying Eagle
Altair Bird
Altaira Bird
Altaira Bird, High-flying
Altasha TBD
Althea One who Heals; Sincere; Healing
Altisha TBD
Altthea Sincere
Altthea Sincere
Aludra Virgin; The Maiden
Aludra Virgin
Aludra Virgin
Alula First born
Alula Singer; First Born; Winged One
Alvaka TBD
Alvee Treasure; Innocent
Alveen Elf / Noble Friend
Alveena Loved one, cared one, liked.
Alveena Loved One, Cared One
Alveera Truthful; Sweet
Alveera Speaker of truth
Alveerah Truthful
Alvena Noble / Elf Friend
Alvera Speaker of Truth
Alvesha TBD
Alvia Bright; Famous
Alvin Joy of Love
Alvina Noble and Wise Friend
Alvina Highest, Height
Alvinaz TBD
Alvira Dearly Loved; Foreign; True
Alvisa Feminine of Elvis
Alvisha TBD
Alviyah TBD
Alwa Beauty; Sweet
Alwaan Colours; Shades; Plural of Laun
Alweena TBD
Alweera Truthful
Alwera Beautiful Princess
Alwia TBD
Alwina Elf / Noble Friend
Alwira Dearly Loved
Alya From Heaven, Sky, Loftiness
Alya Loftiness
Alya Excellent; Highest social standing; Tall; Towering
Alyaa Heaven(s), sky, sublimity, lofty.
Alyaa Heaven; Sky; Sublimity; Lofty
Alyaan Headstrong; Bible; Ladder
Alyaan Handsome; Tall; Gentleman
Alyaanah Great; High in Rank and Status
Alyamama Dove
Alyan Tall and healthy.
Alyana TBD
Alyanna Vibrant; Cheerful; Prayer to God
Alyas Brave one
Alyka Truthful; Kind; Noble
Alyma Sea; Skilled in Music – Dancing
Alyna Light, Of the Nobility
Alynna Brightness, Ornament, Beautiful
Alyoza Happiness; Joy; Daughter of Adam
Alysa Rational, Princess
Alysha Nobility; Similar to Alice
Alysia Entrancing; Possesive; Captivating
Alyssa Noble, Graceful, Sweet Angel
Alyza Happiness; Joy
Alzaba Unique
Alzafa Genius
AlZahra The Illuminated
Alzaina The Woman
Alzan Woman
Alzeena Woman
Alzena the woman
Alzia God’s Light
Alzina Woman
Alzubra (A star in the constellation Leo)
Alzubra A Star in the Constellation Leo
Alzubra A star in the constellation Leo
Ama Female slave, servant.
Ama Lovable, Born on a Saturday
Ama Aspiration
Amaal Hopes, Expectations
Amaanaat TBD
Amaanah TBD
Amaayah TBD
Amac Plural Form for Evening
Amad Period of Time; Time; Age
Amah Slave, A Woman Companion
Amah Slave (Female);
Amah Slave female
Amahira Only One Expertise in Every Field
Amairah Leader / Princess
Amaisha Sunshine; Most Beautiful
Amaiyra Princess
Amal Hope, expectation; sing. of Amaal.
Amal To have Hope, Bright, Clean, Pure
Amal Hope
Amala The Pure One, Bird, Hope
Amala Hope
Amale Caring; Beautiful
Amali Specialty, Profession, Truthful
Amalia Aspirations; Work of the Lord; Germanic; Work; Effort
Amalina Strain
Amaliya Beloved, Rivalling, Work
Amama Head Cover
Aman Trust, safety, protection, tranquillity, calmness.
Aman Peace, The One who is Peaceful
Amana All, Faithful, Devotion
Amana Faithful; To believe
???? ?  
Amanaat Guardianship, Loyalty
Amanat Pl. of Amanah, trust, deposit.
Amanatullah God’s Charge / Consignment; …
Amani Road, One who Shows the Path
Amani Wishes, aspirations, hopes; pl. of Umniyah.
Amani Spring season (Vasanth Ritu); Leader; Insightful
Amany Wishes; Aspirations
Amapola Poppy
Amar One who Lives Forever
Amara Elegance, Grass, Immortal One
Amardad Immortality
Amari A Miracle from God, Special Gift
Amariah Pledged by God; Given by God
Amarina Rain
Amarissa Given by God
Amariya Given by God, Pledged by God
Amat Servant
Amatul Islam (female) servant of Islam.
Amatul Karim (female) servant of the most generous i.e. Allah.
Amatul-Aakhir Servant of the Last One
Amatul-Aala Servant of the Highest One
Amatul-Akram Servant of Allah
Amatul-Aleem Servant of Allah
Amatul-Awwal Servant of the First One
Amatul-Azim Al-azim is One of Name of God
Amatul-Aziz Servant of Allah
Amatul-Baatin Servant of Allah
Amatul-Birr Servant of the Faithful One
Amatul-Fattah Servant of Allah
Amatul-Ghafoor Servant of Allah
Amatul-Hadi Al-hadi is One of Name of God
Amatul-Hafeez Servant of the Best Protector
Amatul-Hakam Servant of the Arbitrator
Amatul-Haleem Servant of Allah
Amatul-Hameed Servant of the Praiseworthy One
Amatul-Haseeb Al-haseeb is One of Name of God
Amatul-Islam Servant of Islam
Amatul-Jabar Servant of the Mighty One
Amatul-Jaleel Servant of the Almighty One
Amatul-Jameel Servant of Beautiful One
Amatul-Kareem TBD
Amatul-Karim TBD
Amatul-Khabir Servant of the All-aware
Amatul-Khaliq Servant of the Creator
Amatul-Maalik Servant of Allah
Amatul-Majeed Al-majeed is One of Name of God
Amatul-Maleek Servant of Allah
Amatul-Manaan Servant of the Bestower
Amatul-Mateen Servant of the Firm One
Amatul-Mawla Servant of the Protector
Amatul-Mubeen Servant of Allah
Amatul-Muhaimin Al-muhaimin is One of Name of God
Amatul-Muheet TBD
Amatul-Mujeeb Servant of the Responder
Amatul-Muqit Al-muqit is One of Name of God
Amatul-Mutaal Servant of the Exalted
Amatul-Mutaali Servant of Allah
Amatul-Naseer Servant of the Supporter
Amatul-Qadeer Servant of the All-capable
Amatul-Qahir Al-qahir is One of Name of God
Amatul-Qareeb Servant of the Near One
Amatul-Qawee Servant of the Strong One
Amatul-Quddus Servant of the Holy One
Amatul-Shaheed Servant of the Witness
Amatul-Wadud Servant of the Loving One
Amatul-Wahaab Servant of the Bestower
Amatul-Waleei Servant of the Protector
Amatul-Waris Servant of the Inheritor
AmatulIslam Servant of Islam
AmatulKarim TBD
Amatullah (female) servant of Allah.
Amatur-Raheem Servant of Allah
Amatur-Raqeeb Servant of the Overseer
Amatur-Razzaq Servant of the Provider
Amatus-Salam Servant of Peace
Amatus-Samee Servant of Allah
Amatuz-Zaahir Az-zaahir is One of Name of God
Amaya Goddess of Nature; Night’s Rain
Amayera Princess or Leader
Amayira Princess or Leader
Amayraa Princess
Amayrah Leader / Princess
Amaysja Pretty
Ambar Sky
Ambar Perfume, ambergris.
Ambara Perfume, ambergris; fem. of Ambar.
Ambarin Perfumed.
Amber Gemstone, Sky, From the Stone
Ambereen Fragrance; Amber; Sky
Amberlee A Precious Jewel
Amberlyn A Jewel, Amber and Lynn
Ambia Prophet Muhammad’s Relative
Ambie Amber
Ambir Good; Beautiful
Ambra Gemstone; Jewel; Amber
Ambreen Sky
Ambria Amber
Ambrim Ambergris
Ambrin Scent
Ambyr Amber
Ambyre Amber
Ameara Ruler; Commander; Emir; Prince
Amedha Beautiful; Charming; Attractive
Ameeda Prefect; Chief
Ameeka Nectar; Sweetness
Ameela TBD
Ameen Mist, Fog, Dew Drop, Good Luck
Ameena Trustworthy, faithful. hones; fem. of Amin.
Ameena Trustworthy
Ameena Trustworthy; Faithful
Ameenah Trustworthy
Ameeqa TBD
Ameer Prince; Kind
Ameera Princess; fem. of Ameer.
Ameera Leader, Princess, Rich Woman
Ameerah Princess
Ameerunnisa Always Growing
Ameira Commander; Emir; Prince; Ruler
Amel Aspiration; Hope
Amelia Hard-working, Courage
Amena Beautiful; Honest Woman
Amenah God’s Swear of Life
Amera High-born Girl
Amerah High-born Girl
Ameretat Goddess of Immortality
Ameria Innocent, Gift from Jannah
Ames Loves
Amesa Free from Guile
Ameya Boundless, Devotion, Princess
Amhara Beautiful, Pleasant, Happy
Amia Beloved
Amiah Beloved
Amial Lighthouses
Amiara High-born; Princess; Prosperous
Amida Chief; Prefect
Amidah Chief; Prefect
Amie Beloved
Amiee Nectar
Amiel God of My People
Amiena Faithful, Trustworthy
Amiera Princess; Leader
Amiha Bright
Amil One in a Million
Amila Hopeful, Worker, Striver
Amila Hopeful.
Amilah Hopeful
Amima Full; Complete
Amima Full, complete,
Amimah TBD
Amina Safe, secure, protected, a lady of peace and harmony.
Amina Trustful, Honest, Trustworthy
Amina Trustworthy
Aminah Trustworthy
Aminah Honest, Trustworthy, Faithful
Aminan Calm; At Peace; Not Afraid
Aminatta Truthful; Trustworthy; Faithful
Aminda Lovable
Amine Trustfully; Honesty
Amineh Faithful, Trustworthy, Secure
Amineh Faithful
Amini Reliable; Trustworthy; Unalterable
Aminu Safe; Secure; Peace
Amiqa TBD
Amir From the Top of the Tree or Prince
Amira An occupant of an abode, one who makes umrah or ziyaarah, abundant treasure.
Amira Princess, High-born, Speech
Amira Princess
Amiraa Leader; Chief; Commander
Amirah Princess, Wealthy, Ruler
Amirah Princess
Amissa Friend
Amiya Nectar; Delightful
Amiyah Delight
Amiza Truth; Friend
Amjad Magnificence; Splendour
Amlah Kindness; Favour
Amma TBD
Ammaarah Lady of Dignity
Ammam Beautiful, Pretty, Better
Ammara A Lady with Strong Imaan
Ammara A lady with strong Imaan; tolerant.
Ammena Trustworthy, Faithful
Ammuna Trustworthy; Faithful; Loyal
Ammuni Safe, Away from Harm
Ammura Beautiful; Beloved; Captivating
Ammuri Beautiful; Lovable; Captivating
Amna Safety.
Amna Peace, Soft, Desire, Safety
Amnah Faithful to Believe
Amnan Safe, Secure
Amnati My Hope / Wish
Amnaz Trustworthy
Amney Fantastic, High Power
Amnian Safe; Secure
Amona Precious
Amra Any covering for the head, as a crown.
Amra Beautiful; Princess
Amrah Headgear; This was the name of the female companion Amrah RAi.
Amrah Headgear
Amreen Pray, Powerful and Complete
Amreen Sky.
Amreen Sky
Amrin Blue Sky; Princess
Amrina Princess
Amrinn Princess, Blue Sky
Amrozia Woman of today
Amsa Fairness; Fair; Dear
Amsah Friendly
Amsha To Awaken Someone
Amtullah Female servant of Allah
Amya High Place
Amynah Trustworthy, Faithful
Amyra High-born; Princess
Amyraa Princess; High-born
Amyrah Princess; High-born
Amyza Free from Guile
Ana Form of Anna, Gracious
Ana Prestige, self respect
Anaaba Returned to God – became Virtuous
Anaam All Living Things on Earth
Anaan Clouds
Anaaya Exclusive, Care, Powerful
Anaba Returning to God; Returns from War
Anabia Paradise Door, Returning to God
Anadia Delicate; Moist; Tender
Anadil Nightingale; Plural of Andalib
Anadil Pl. of Andalib, nightingale.
Anaeza TBD
Anafa Resembling the Heron
Anafah Resembling the Heron
Anah Patience, perseverence
Anahya Brightness
Anaiah Gift of God; God Listens to Prayer
Anaida TBD
Anais Grace; Favour; Pure
Anaiza Respectful; Mercy; Beauty
Analee Grace; Favour; Similar to Anna
Anam Blessings of God.
Anam Blessing, Noble Man with Power
Anam Present
Anamta Blessed
Anan Clouds.
Anan Clouds
Anan, Anaan Clouds
Ananda Happy, Joyful, Bliss, Full of Joy
Anaqat Beauty; Elegance
Anar Pomegranate, Priceless, Radiant
Anasa Serenity, Tranquillity
Anasha Unique
Anasi Friendly, Kind
Anat Perseverance, patience.
Anat Response, Answer, Forbearance
Anaum The blessing of Allah.
Anaum Blessing of Allah
Anaum The blessing of Allah
Anavia Trust
Anaya Blessing of God, Origin
Anayaa Complete Freedom
Anayah Gift of God
Anayat Favour; Grace
Anayra Happiness
Anayt Grace; Favour
Anayza Respected
Anbar Perfume, Ambergris
Anbara Ambergris; Perfume
Anbarin of ambergris
Anciba TBD
Ancina God has Blessed
Ancy Beautiful of All
Ancyra From Ankara
Andalah Song of the nightingale.
Andalib Nightingale; sing. of Anadil.
Andalib Nightingale
Aneeba Angel
Aneeda Endless
Aneefa Likes of God
Aneeha Unwillingness; Indifferent
Aneena Kind, Noble
Aneeqa Beautiful; Unique
Aneeqa Beautiful
Aneeqa Beautiful.
Aneer Girl; Young Woman
Aneera Young Woman; Girl
Anees Friendly; Of Good Company; Inmate
Aneesa Friendly, Of Good Company
Aneesa Companion, affectionate, friendly, sociable, intimate friend; fem. of Anis.
Aneesa Close, intimate, friendly.
Aneesa Close, intimate, friendly
Aneesah Generous, loyal
Aneeza Happiness and Green Valleys
Aneezah She-Goat.
Aneezah She-Goat
Aneira Man of Honour, Gold
Anekah Several, God was Gracious
Anesa Pure; Chaste
Anetra God has Shown, God was Gracious
Anfa Self-respect; Dignity
Anfani Dignified
Anfas Spirits; Souls; Breaths
Anfia Loyal; Honest
Angbin Honey.
Angbin Honey
Angur A Sweet Grape
Anha Representation of Love; Beautiful
Anhar Heaven Waves, Rivers
Ani Ornament, Beautiful
Aniba One who Whorship to God
Anida Obstinate.
Anida Obstinate
Anida Obstinate; Faithful
Anifa Bright, Dignified
Anika Very unique.
Anika Very unique
Anika Grace, Favour, God is Gracious
Anila Inexperienced, raw.
Anila Beautiful
Anila Grace, Breeze, Air, Wind
Aniq Beautiful; Pretty
Aniqa Neat, elegant, smart.
Aniqa Clever; Elegant; Beautiful
Anira Intelligent, Fearless
Anisa A pious-hearted lady, good-natured, compatible.
Anisa friendly
Anisa Joy and Pleasure, Friendly
Anisah Close, intimate, good friend
Anisah Close, intimate, friendly
Anisah, Aneesa Close, intimate, good friend
Aniza Mercy; Beauty
Anja Beauty
Anjam Stars; Variant of Najm ( Star)
Anjud Plateaus, The Plural of Word Najd
Anjum Pl. Najm, star.
Anjum Stars
Anjum Star, A Token, Angel, Meeting
Anjuman Assembly.
Anjuman Ara Adorning the assembly.
Anjuman-Ara Adorning the Assembly
Anmar Leopard
Anmol Precious
Anmol Priceless, Valuable, Precious
Ann Gracious, Form of Anna
Anna Present, Graceful
Annam God’s Blessing
Annam Swan; God’s Blessing
Anniyah Concern, loving
Annum Year
Anoosh Delighted.
Anoosha Delighted, happy
Anoud Strong-willed, Smart, Popular
Anoum God’s Blessings
Anousha Sweet, joy, fortunate
Anqa Long Necked
Anqa A woman with a long neck, an imaginary bird.
Ansa Beauty Queen, Goddess of Dreams
Ansab Worthier; More Appropriate; Better
Ansam Pl. of Nasam, breath, breath of life.
Ansha Portion; Hope
Anshi Gift of God; Whole
Ansra Helper
Ansri Famous, Glorious, Beautiful
Anum Blessing of God, Gods gift.
Anum Gift of Allah; God’s Gift; Fifth …
Anum Blessing of god, gods gift
Anwa Strong will Gathered; Temptation
Anwar Rays of light; pl. of Noor.
Anwar Rays of Light; Blossoms
Anwar, Anwaar Rays of light, blossoms
Anwara Ray of Light
Anwarah Greatly lighted
Anya A woman with large eyes.
Anya Gracious
Anya Inexhaustible, Gracious, Graceful
Anyra Golden Eyes
Anysa Lamb; Friendly; Hunger
Anyta God was Gracious; God has Shown
Anza Small
Anzal Descendant
Anzar Vision, Eyesight, Insight
Anzer Helping
Anzla Bright; Enlightening
Anzum TBD
Aoj Peak; Height; Apex; Climax
Aoj Peak, height, apex, climax.
Apana Almond
Aphra Colour of Earth, Young Deer, Dust
Apsha Beautiful
Apshu Beautiful
Apsra Most Beautiful
Aqdas Pure, sacred.
Aqdas Pure; Sacred
Aqeedah TBD
Aqeefah Dedicated; Devoted
Aqeela The best, the very best.
Aqeelah Wise, Sensible
Aqeelah Wise; Sensible; Reasonable
Aqela Intellectual, Wise
Aqiba Result, consequence.
Aqiba Result; Consequence
Aqifa Dedicated; Devoted
Aqila Wise, sensible, intelligent, sensible, discerning.
Aqila Intelligent, wise
Aqila Clever; Bright; Intellectual; Wise
Aqilah Wife, spouse; the best, the pick
Aqleema Beautiful World
Aqlimah Wise, Intelligent
Aqmar Light
Aqra To Read; Educate
Aqsa Name of a mosque.
Aqsa Height, limit, far, shore.
Aqsa Name of a mosque
Aqsaa Farthest
Aqsha Blessing of God
Aqtar Regions
Aqteeba TBD
Aqueeba TBD
Aquil Eagle
Aqusa Name of Mosque
Ara Ornament, Brings Rain
Ara Adorning.
Ara Opinionated
Ara Opinions
Araa The Plural of Raie (Opinion)
Araam Comfort; Relief
Arabi Arabian
Arae Intelligent; Andaji
Araf TBD
Arafa Knowledgeable
Arah TBD
Araibah Wise
Araisha TBD
Araj Fragrant
Araju Wish
Araka Respected
Aram Signs, flags
Aram Righteous Woman, High, Exalted
Arayana Utterly Pure
Arbab People in Charge; Master; Chief
Arbeena Queen of Arab
Ardia Burning with Enthusiasm
Areba Wise; Sharp
Areeba Wise
Areeba Sharp, brilliant
Areebah Witty – Smart; Wise, Intelligent
Areebah Witty, smart
Areej Fragrance, aroma, sweet smell, scent, perfume.
Areej Good smell, fragrance
Areej The fragrance of a flower from an orange tree
Areej Pleasant Smell; Flower of Heaven
Areen Sun God; Full of Joy
Areesha Orchard of Grapes
Arein Bringer of Light
Aren Eagle; Ruler; Peace
Arena Holy One Creative
Aresha Under an umbrella
Areta Virtuous
Areta Virtuous, Excellent
Aretha Virtuous
Arezu Desire; Wish
Arf Scent; Good Scent
Arfa Exalted, sublime, great, high.
Arfa Greatness
Arfa Greatness, High, Best
Arfaa Very High; Uche Martaba Wali
Arfaana Wisdom; Variation of Name Irfana
Arfah TBD
Arffa Very High
Arfha Beautiful, Best, Greatness
Arfia Servant of God
Arfitha Place of Pilgrimage
Arfiyaz Forgiveness, Intelligent
Arhaa To Become Calm / Tranquil / Serene
Arhaana Giving Happiness; Worship
Arham TBD
Ari Brings Rain, Exalted, On High
Aria Gentle Music, Brings Rain, Pledge
Ariana Full of life
Arianah Holy One; Pure; Variant of Arianna
Ariba Intelligent, Skilful
Aribah Wise.
Arica Prediction of the Winds
Arie Nobel
Arifa Learned, expert, authority; fem. of Arif.
Arifa Knowledgeable, Learned
Ariha Fragrance; Garden
Arij Fragrance; Sweet Smell; Pleasant
Arij Sweet Smell
Arij, Areej Fragrance, sweet smell
Arika Water Lilly; God of Beauty
Arin From Ireland; Enlightened; Peace
Arina Peace
Ariqaat Noble
Arisa Bright
Arisha Highness
Arisha-Fatima TBD
Arishfa Glory of Sky; Princess
Arishma With Beautiful Hair
Arissa Bright.
Arita Lightness
Ariya Noble
Ariyana Silver
Ariz Clouds
Ariza Sun Rises; Request
Arjeena TBD
Arjia Acquiring; Earned
Arjisha Acquired; Gained
Arjoo Wish
Arju Wish, Mountain of Strength
Arjumand Excellent, beloved, noble.
Arjumand Noble, Honourable.
Arjumand Noble, Honourable
Arjumnd Bano Excellent woman, noble woman.
Arjumnd-Bano Excellent Woman; Noble Woman
ArjumndBano Excellent Woman; Noble Woman
Arleena Pledge
Arlin Promise, Variant of Arlen, Pledge
Arman Wish; Longing; Desire
Armin Dweller of the Garden of Eden
Armineh Desire; Goal
Arna Ornaments, Mountain of Strength
Arnaz Graceful
Arona Colourful
Aroob Lover wife, who loves her husband
Aroob Loving to her husband
Aroosa Bride.
Aroosa Bride
Aroush Angel of paradise
Arqa Refined Tastes
Arsala Lioness
Arsalah The One who was Sent
Arsalna TBD
Arseena Powerful; Actress
Arsh Sky, Throne, Power, Dominion
Arshana Gift of God
Arsheen Soft; Cultured
Arshia She who lives in skies.
Arshia One who lives is the sky.
Arshiah Heavenly; Divine; Holy
Arshida Beautiful
Arshifa Glory of Sky
Arshila One who Comes from the Sky
Arshima Gift of God
Arshina Blessing
Arshiqa TBD
Arshiya Belonging to Throne, Sky
Arsleen TBD
Arub Loves her husband
Arub Wife Loved by her Husband
Arub Loving (to husband)
Arub Aroob Loving to her husband
Arub, Aroob Loving to her husband
Aruba Loves her husband
Arus Brides.
Arus Bride; Spouse
Arva Fertile, bountiful
Arveena TBD
Arveera Power
Arwa She was the daughter of Abdul Muttalib, and so an aunt of the Prophet PBUH his father’s sister.
Arwa Pleasant, Bright Fullness, Fresh
Arwa Mountain gazelle
Arwa Mountain gazelle.
Arya Noble
Arya Goddess Parvati
Aryaana Holy; Pure
Aryisha Under Tree or Umbrella
Aryisha Under tree/umberalla
Aryisha Under the tree; Umbrella
Arz Mountain; Breadth; Width
Arza Cedar Panels
Arzeena Which can be seen
Arzo Hope
Arzo Wish; Dream; Desire
Arzo Hope
Arzoo Hope
Arzoo Desire; Wish
Arzu Wish, hope, love.
Arzu Hope; Wish; Desire
Arzu Wish, hope, love
Arzu Desire; Wish
Asa Healer, Like, Similar to, Doctor
Asa Like; Similar to; Hope
Asaalat A Variant Asala, Nobleness
Asah Plant Known for Its Greenness
Asah The plant is known for its greenness
Asaisha TBD
Asal Honey; Sweet
Asal Evening time; Real; Pure
Asalah Purity
Asalah Purity
Asalina Little Noble One; Beautiful
Asar Pl. of Asar, sign, mark, trace.
Asar Sign; Mark; Trace
Asarat Remainder
Asareer Attractive
Asbah Pure (as water)
Asbah Pure as water; Pearl
Asbeera TBD
Aseela Highborn, of noble origin.
Aseela Of noble origin, highborn, pure; fem. of Asil.
Aseelah TBD
Aseelah One belonging to a great heritage and family
Aseerah TBD
Aseerah Helper
Aseey One who tends to the weak and heals
Asfaq Favors; Kindness; Compassion; Noble Prince
Asfeeya Clear; Holy; Just One; Pure
Asfi Supporter; Helper
Asfia Great
Asfia Great
Asfiya Pure
Asfiya Pure
Asfiyah Holy; Pure; Just One
Asghari Little
Asghia Pious people, modest people.
Asghia Modest People
Asha Lively
Asha Hope, Aspiration, Wish, Desire
Ashadieeyah Princess; Perfect
Ashadieeyah Princess; Cute; Perfect
Ashadieeyah Princess, cute, perfec.
Ashalina Sweet, always living, shy, loving.
Ashalina Sweet, always living, shy, loving
Ashana Daughter of Bali; Friend
Asharfi Cultured, Without Grief
Ashbah Pearl
Ashbah Resemblance; Image; Picture
Ashbah Pure as water; Pearl
Ashbala TBD
Ashe Make You Happy
Asheeba TBD
Asheeda Blessings
Asheeka Love
Asheena Beautiful
Asheeqa Lovable, Sweet Heart, Love
Asheera Rich; Favourable
Asheeyana House, nest
Asheeyana House, nest.
Asheeyana Nest; Beautiful home; The dwelling place
Ashefa Princess; Courageous
Ashera TBD
Asherah Queen of Heaven, Grove
Ashfah Princess
Ashfana Success
Ashfia Booster, Supporter, Storm
Ashfina Success
Ashfina Success
Ashfiqa Pride; Love
Ashfiya Pure, Ruling the Sky, Helping
Ashi Evening, Night, Reward, Smile
Ashia Life
Ashia Lively
Ashiah Hope; Woman; Life
Ashiana Shelter, Home, House
Ashiba Lucky
Ashida Blessings
Ashidha Sky; Love; Blessings
Ashifa Courageous; Princess
Ashika One without Sorrow, Mercury
Ashika One without sorrow; Mercury; Sweet heart; Beloved
Ashika Love
Ashika Love.
Ashima Limitless
Ashina She Wolf; Successful
Ashiqa Sweet Heart, Beloved, Romantic
Ashiqa Very friendly, which stays very close.
Ashiqah Lover; Adorer
Ashique Lover; Beloved
Ashira Wealthy
Ashirah Female; Tenth
Ashiya Spirit of Ash Tree; Spiritual
Ashiyaa Spiritual; Spirit of Ash Tree
Ashkeen TBD
Ashliah Essence, Ancestor
Ashlina Dream; Petal; Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashmaan Heaven
Ashmeen Positive Thinker
Ashmera Flower of Heaven
Ashmida TBD
Ashmila Derived from Ashma
Ashmin TBD
Ashmira Heaven’s Flower
Ashmiya Jasmine
Ashmiza Joyful
Ashnoor Like a Diamond; Beautiful
Ashpiya TBD
Ashraf Honourable, Nobler or Noblest
Ashraf Nobler, more honourable; comp. adj. of Sharif.
Ashraf Jahan Noblest of the world.
Ashraf-Jahan Noblest of the World
Ashrafa Without Grief; Cultured
Ashrafi Noble
AshrafJahan Noblest of the World
Ashrah Happiness; Queen of Heaven
Ashreen Powerful; One who is Graceful
Ashrifa Most Honourable
Ashrina Beautiful; One who is Graceful
Ashriya Modernist; One who Gives Shelter
Ashrofi Noble, Without Grief, Honourable
Ashwaq Pl. of Shawq, longing, desire, wish.
Ashwaq Love, affections
Ashwida TBD
Asia Resurrection
Asia East, Woman, Resurrection
Asianne The Rising Sun
Asiefa Spotless; Pure; Virtuous
Asif Tempest; Storm; Honest
Asifa Virtuous, pure, spotless, upright.
Asifa Organiser
Asifa Just; Equitable
Asifah Storm; Tempest; Hurricane
Asil Pure; True; Honest; Noble; Smooth
Asil Smooth
Asila Honeyful (honeycomb)
Asilah Pure; Noble Origin
Asilah Noble origin, pure
Asili Original
Asili Original
Asima Safe, chaste, protector, guardian; fem. of Asim.
Asima Defender
Asima Protector
Asima Limitless; Protector; Infinite; Boundless
Asimah One who Protects; Chaste Woman
Asimah Protector
Asimah, Asima Protector
Asin Pure
Asin Beauty
Asira Honoured, chosen, preferred; fem. of Asir.
Asiya Comforting, consoling. Wife of Firawn. One who heals
Asiya Nurse, medical attendant
Asiya The Muslim wife of Pharaoh
Asiya One who tends to the weak and heals; Hopeful
Asiya, Asiyah One who tends to the weak, one who heals, comforts, consoles
Asiyah World of Making
Asiyah One who heals, comforts, consoles
Asiyah World Of Making (She was the wife of the farao in moesa’s time she turned Muslim and died a shahieda because she refused to obey her husband and Say that he farao was her God)
Asiyana Beautiful Home
Asja Eastern Sunrise
Asjad Gold, jewel
Asjeah Prayer of God
Aska Pious
Askina TBD
Aslaha Purity; Nobility of Descent
Asleen Symbol of Fire; Dream
Asleena Dream; Symbol of Fire
Asleena Star
Asli Pure, original.
Asli Pure, original
Asli Sincere, Original, Pure, Genuine
Asli Pure; Original
Asliah Essence; Ancestor; Honest
Aslima TBD
Asma A narrator of Hadith
Asma Sky, Excellent, Precious, Higher
Asma Loftier, more eminent
Asma Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige (Daughter of abu Bakr)
Asma, Asma, Asmaa Excellent, lofty, eminent, precious; daughter of Abu Bakr
Asmaa Sky; Excellent; Precious; Prestige
Asmaa Higher, more exalted, more sublime, more eminent.
Asmaa Pl. of Ism. name.
Asmaa Chaste, virtuous, precious, valuable, excellent.
Asmaan Value; Price
Asmabi TBD
Asmahan Exalted, high
Asmaira Beautiful Butterfly
Asmara Beautiful Butterfly
Asmara Beautiful butterfly
Asmat Pure, Clean.
Asmat Pure, Clean
Asmat Pure; Clean
Asmaya TBD
Asmayra Beautiful Butterfly
Asmeen Good Heart; Sweet-smelling
Asmeena TBD
Asmeera Heaven’s Flower
Asmi I am Present, Nature
Asmihna TBD
Asmila Powerful
Asmina Jasmine
Asmira Heaven’s Flower
Asmiya Jasmine
Asmiya Diamond
Asna The one to be acknowledged or praised
Asna Voracious, Lamb, Light
Asna Beloved; Devoted to love; Friend; The one to be acknowledged or praised
Asnaat Holy
Asneena TBD
Asneeya Brightness
Asnika Fulfilling Desire
Asniya Brightness; Beautiful
Asniyah Brightness; Beautiful
Asnu Precious
Asqara Small Daughter
Asra To travel by night, to make someone travel by night.
Asra Travel by night
Asra Generous, Nobler
Asra River of paradise
Asrafi Without Grief, Shine, Diamond
Asrar Secrets
Asreen Good
Asreena Beautiful Angel
Asriyah Modernist
Assa Fair, Beautiful Goddess
Assieh TBD
Assyria Calming
Asta Ambassador, Of the Stars
Asub Queen Bee
Asucena Lily
Aswa Light; Gracious
Aswaada TBD
Aswana TBD
Aswiya TBD
Ata Gift from God; Discontinue
Ataa Gift from God; Gift
Atafah Affectionate; Compassionate
Atalaya Guard / Watch Tower
Atanaz Father’s Sweetheart; Daddy’s Girl
Atasee Common Flax; Linseed
Atayat Gifts; Things Given Freely
Ateeba TBD
Ateefa Affection; Sympathy
Ateefa Affectionate, compassionate.
Ateefa Affection, Sympathy
Ateefa Affection; Sympathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic
Ateefah Affectionate; Compassionate
Ateeqa Ancient; Noble; Feminine of Atiq
Ateeqa Ancient, noble; fem. of Atiq.
Ateeqa Old precious gift (beautiful)
Ateeqah Ancient
Ateeqah Old Ancient
Ateeqah Old; Beautiful; Charitable; Loving
Ateequa Ancient; Independent
Ateesha Supreme; Derived from Ateesh
Ateeyah Gift, Present, Gift of God
Ateeyah A gift
Ateeyah A gift
Atefeh Kind-hearted, Affection, Emotion
Athari TBD
Atharna The Things we Left Behind
Atharunnisa Most Pious Among Women
Atheeka Liberated; Ancient
Atheel Noble; Deep-rooted; High in Status
Atheena God’s Friend
Atheeqa Noble; Ancient
Atheer TBD
Atheera Fragrance
Athifa Love; Sympathetic; Affectionate
Athiha Kind; Pure Hearted
Athila Truth, Deep-rooted
Athilah Firmly Established; Deep-rooted
Athilah Deep-rooted, firmly established
Athilah Deep-rooted, firmly established.
Athilah Deep rooted; Firmly established
Athina Atina Greek Goddess
Athir Favored, preferred
Athirah Flower; Glorious
Athmah Narrator of Hadith
Athmah A narrator of Hadith
Athmah A narrator of Hadith.
Athraa Un Pierced Pearl
Athya Kind
Atia Ancient
Atia Gift
Atia Gift
Atif Generous; One with Kind Heart
Atifa Compassion, affection, sympathetic, kindness; fem. of Atif.
Atifa Compassionate
Atifa affection
Atifa Affection; Sympathy; Affectionate; Sympathetic
Atifah Affectionate, Compassionate
Atifah Affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic
Atifah, Atifa Affectionate, compassionate, sympathetic
Atifat Kindness; Sympathy
Atifat Kindness, sympathy.
Atifeh Affection
Atika Clear, pure, limpid (of wine).
Atika Flower; Good smell
Atikah Generous, Noble, Clear, Virgin
Atikah Virgin, pure, clear
Atikah, Atika Virgin, pure, clear
Atiq Most Ancient / Noble
Atiqa Emancipated, a beautiful lady.
Atiqah Beautiful
Atiqah Old; Beautiful; Charitable; Loving
Atiqua Independent
Atira Fragrant, connoisseur of good fragrance, perfumed.
Atirah Fragrant
Atiya Gift, present, bounty, grant.
Atiya Gift
Atiyaa Gift; Something Given Freely
Atiyah Gift; Present
Atiyah Gift, present
Atiyah, Atiya Gift, present
Atiyyatullah Gift from God
Atocha Esparto grass
Atoofa TBD
Atoosa Daughter of the First King of Iran
Atqa Pious; Honest; Near to God
Atqiya Religious
Attawah Generous
Atthifa TBD
Attiqa A Beautiful Lady; Emancipated
Atuf Affectionate, kind hearted, compassionate, loving.
Atuf Affectionate, Kind Hearted
Atufaah Kind Woman
Atufah Kind Woman
Atun Educator; Teacheress
Atushi A Flower Name
Atwaar Forms, Shapes, Stages, States
Atyaaf Thoughts, Images in the Mind
Atyaf Fantasies
Auka Most Guarding
Aula Superior One
Aura Air, Cloud, Rain, Wind
Aurelia Golden; Wind; Dawn; Breeze
Aushah Wife of Prophet Muhammad
Aushah Wife of prophet Muhammad (Wife of prophet Muhammad)
Ava A Fulfilling Sound / Voice
Avan Variant of Awan, Time, Moment
Avea My God, My Father, Strength
Avizeh Pendant
Avizeh Pendant
Awa Beautiful angel, night
Awaatif Feelings; Sympathy; Compassion
Awaidia Visitor of the Sick
Awaisha One who are Living Well
Awamila Active, Industrious
Awamira Long-lived
Awatif Pl. of Aatifa, affection, compassion, kindness, kind feeling.
Awatif Emotions
Awatif Emotions
Awayeda Guide
Awb Repentance
Awbi One who Repents
Awda Designation
Awfa Most Faithful
Awka TBD
Awla More Deserving; Worthier
Awliyaa Allies; Friends
Awni The earth
Awqa Most Guarding
Awwalan Those who are Ahead / First
Awwazah Giver of Restitution / Recompense
Aya Phrase from the holy Quran
Aya Phrase from the holy Quran.
Aya A phrase from the holy Quran
Ayaana Pretty flower
Ayaana Lucky, good day, day of judgement
Ayaat Many signs & proofs, verses in the Quran.
Ayaat Many signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal
Ayah A verse from Quran or a sign from God
Ayah Sign of God, Clear Evidence, Clue
Ayah A verse from Quran; A sign from God
Ayah, Ayeh Quranic verse, clear evidence, sign of God
Ayam Days
Ayan Luck
Ayan Gift of God, Bright, The Sun
Ayana The mirror
Ayana Lucky, good day, day of judgement
Ayana Lucky, good day, day of judgement.
Ayasha muhammads wife
Ayat Quranic verses, clear evidences, signs of God
Ayat Verses (pl. of Aya), signs, lessons, proofs
Ayat Mark, Sign, Proof
Ayat Many signs & proofs; Verses in the Quran; Royal
Ayaz Cool Breeze
Ayd Strength; Power
Ayda In the Moon, Benefit, Returning
Aydania Tall – Slender
Aydi Hands; Strength; Power
Ayeasha Successes; Woman
Ayeesah Woman; Life; Alive
Ayeesha Woman; Life; Alive; Living
Ayeh Quranic verse, clear evidence, sign of God
Ayeh Sign; Distinct; Prophet’s Daughter
Ayeh Sign; Distinct
Ayeisah Woman; Life
Ayeisha Woman, Life, Lively (Women)
Ayeisha Woman
Ayesha Living, well-to-do, prosperous. Aisha (d.678): wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Ayesha Woman
Ayesha Well of
Ayesha Alive or living; Prophet Mohammad’s wife
Ayeshah Alive; One who Lives
Ayessha Small One; Successes; Woman; Life
Ayiesha Alive; Woman; Beautiful
Ayisha Lively
Ayisha living / Muhammad’s favorite wife
Ayisha-Nasrin Flower of Heaven
Ayishaa TBD
Ayishah Woman, Life, Prosperous
Ayishah Youngest wife of the Prophet (pbuh)
Ayka Flower Petal
Ayleena Messenger of God
Ayma Princess
Aymen Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia
Aymen Sacred, Brave, Old name of Arabia.
Aymen Sacred; Brave; Old name of Arabia
Aymi Beloved
Ayn Source of the Spring
Ayn Source, spring.
Ayna Mirror; Beautiful Eyes
Aynul Hayat Fountain of life.
Aynul-Hayat Fountain of Life
AynulHayat Fountain of Life
Aynun Nahr Source of the spring.
Aynun-Nahr Source of the Spring
Aynunnahar Lioness; Source of the Spring
Ayra Respectable, Noble, Vision Filler
Ayra Respectable
Ayra The beginning; The principle; The breathe of life
Ayra Respectable.
AyraAnaumAfsheen Glory of Love Towards Gods
Aysa Obedient
Ayse Peace
Aysha Woman
Aysha The name of wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
Aysha Love; Living; Prosperous; Life (The Name of wife of prophet Muhammad (PBUH))
Ayshabi TBD
Ayshah Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W)
Ayshah Wife of the Holy Prophet (S.A.W).
Ayska Lively
Ayun Eyes
Ayyubia Form of Ayyub
Ayza Daughter of Hazrat Ali
Az-zahra Excellent and smart
Az-zahra Excellent and smart.
Az-Zahra Excellent and smart
Aza Powerful, From Kikuyu, Comfort
Aza Shadows at high Noon
Aza Comfort
Azaa A Must have, Right, Courage
Azaa A must have, right, courage, power, legal, allowable.
Azadeh Princess
Azadeh Princess.
Azadeh Free; Princess
Azah Loved One; Good; Successful
Azah Loved one, good, successful.
Azahara TBD
Azalea Democracy
Azalia Flower
Azaliya Pre-existence, Eternal
Azan Call to Prayer; Announcement
Azaniya One who is Heard by God
Azar Flame, Shine, Fire
Azar Fire; 9th month of the Iranian calendar
Azariah Helped by God
Azarunnisa TBD
Azba Sweet; Bright; Beautiful
Azba Sweet; Bright; Beautiful
Azeba Gift of God; Bright; Beautiful
Azeebah Fresh; Sweet
Azeema Determination, firm will.
Azeema Brave, Strong and Courageous; Great; Determination; Firm will
Azeemah Great
Azeemah Great
Azeemunisa Beautiful
Azeen Beauty, Patience
Azeen Beauty; Patience
Azeeza Esteemed, precious, cherished
Azeeza Dear, precious
Azeeza Esteemed; Precious; Cherished; Good friend; Comrade
Azeezah Esteemed; Precious; Cherished
Azeezat TBD
Azfreen TBD
Azha Star
Azhaar Flowers
Azhaar Pl. of Zahrah, flower, blossom.
Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms; The most shining; Luminous
Azhar Flower
Azhar Flower; Blossoms
Azhar, Azhaar Flowers, blossoms
Azhara Flower
Azharia Powerful; Complete
Azhia TBD
Azhma TBD
Azhra Bright; Flower; Shining
Azi Dry; Sky Blue; Azure
Azia Comfort
Aziah Hope
Aziam TBD
Azibu Friend of Allah
Azida TBD
Azifa Heaven; Spotless; Pure
Azila Protector, Guardian
Azima Great, powerful, dignified, magnificent, glorious; fem.
Azima Determined action
Azima Defender
Azima Defender, Resolution, Purpose
Aziman Sky, heaven
Aziman Sky; Heaven
Azin Jewellery; Accessories
Azin Brave
Azina TBD
Azira A Rising Star
Azisa TBD
Azita Name of an Iranian Princess
Azita Princess
Aziya Loveable; Peace
Aziz Friendship
Aziza precious
Aziza Noble, precious, cherished, honourable, illustrious, dearly loved.
Aziza Cherished
Aziza A Friend, Precious, Gorgeous
Aziza Esteemed; Precious; Cherished; Good friend; Comrade
Azizah Esteemed, precious, cherished
Azizah Cherished
Azizah, Aziza, Azeeza Precious, cherished, beloved, dear
Azizi Precious One
Azizunnisa TBD
Azka Pious.
Azka Pious
Azka Pious, Pure, Very Ingenious
Azka Big hearted, generous.
Azleefa TBD
Azleena TBD
Azlia Reserved by God; Dry Earth
Azlin Sun; Shine
Azma Blessing of Allah
Azma The greatness; Blessing of Allah
Azmah Blessing of Allah
Azmaira TBD
Azmat Fixed
Azmee Purposeful, Determined
Azmeena Beautiful; Shining
Azmi One who Keeps his Word
Azmi Extremly wise
Azmia Gold; Brave; Strong; Courageous
Azmik Princess
Azmin A Star
Azmin A star
Azmina Beautiful, shining
Azminah Beautiful; Fortunate
Azna Popularity; Ultimate
Azni Fire
Azny A Famed Beauty
Azowa TBD
Azqa Pure; Pious; Generous
Azra Maiden, Pious, Woman.
Azra Virgin, Young, Maiden, Pious
Azra Virgin, maiden, a young unmarried lady.
Azra Maiden, Pious, Woman
Azra Virgin; Maiden
Azraa Unpierced pearl
Azraa Virgin (Used for Maryam / Mary)
Azraa Virgin; Maiden
Azrah Beautiful Pearl in Heaven
Azreena Lovable; Happy
Azrin Happy
Azuba Unique
Azucena Lily
Azucena Lily; Madonna Lily
Azulyfa TBD
Azuma Good in All Thing
Azumi Safe Residence
Azura Clear Blue Sky; Sky Blue
Azusa Lily
Azusena Lily
Azwa Splendour, Limelight
Azwa Pl. of Zau, light, splendour, limelight.
Azwah Limelight; Splendour
Azweena Beauty
Azyaded TBD
Azyan Adornments, Decorations
Azza Young Female Gazelle
Azza Young; Female gazelle
Azzaa Female Gazelle; A Variant of Azzah
Azzah Young, female gazelle.
Azzah Young; Female gazelle
AzZahra Excellent and Smart
Azzat Gazelle; Variant of Azzah
Azzie TBD