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“H” represents Creativity and Power. The H shows Successful, self-Contained, and a natural money maker. It has a strong connection with the earth and is a lover of nature.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With H

Haadiya Guide to Righteousness
Haadiya Guide to righteousness, calm
Haadiya Guide to righteousness; Gift
Haafidhaat Protectors
Haafira TBD
Haafiya Kind
Haafiza Protector
Haajar Hard as a rock
Haajara Prophet Ismail’s Mother
Haajira Terrific
Haajrah TBD
Haakima The Wise
Haala Aureole; Lunar Halo; Glory
Haala Aureole
Haameda One who Praises Allah
Haami Protector
Haamida God Loving
Haana Happiness
Haani Pleasant
Haarithah TBD
Haaritheh A Heavenly Messenger
Haazima Generosity; Prophet’s Grandfather
Haazira Intelligent; Wise
Hababah A Daughter of Ajlan
Hababah A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith.
Hababah A daughter of Ajlan; She was a narrator of Hadith
Hababah A daughter of Ajlan; She was narrator of Hadith.
Habbai One who is Much Loved
Habbay One who is Much Loved
Habbaye One who is Much Loved
Habbiba Beloved One; Gift from God
Habeba Sweetheart; Beloved
Habeeb Friend; To be Loved
Habeeba Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling
Habeeba beloved
Habeeba Variant of Habiba: Beloved. Sweetheart. Darling
Habeesa Good Character; Of the Highlands
Habi Picture
Habiba Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habiba Beloved, darling, sweetheart; fem. of Habib.
Habiba Form of Habib; Beloved One
Habibah Beloved, Sweetheart, Darling
Habibah, Habeeba Beloved, sweetheart, darling; a wife of the Prophet
Habibeh Beloved
Habibi Loved One; Beloved
Habibiyyah Beloved; Loving
Habibu Beloved
Habika Sweetheart
Habikah The Road
Habisha Of the Highlands
Habita Curious
Habiza Companion
Hablah A woman who earns a lot.
Hablah A Woman who Earns a Lot
Haboos Name of a kind and benevolent noble lady who lived in Lebanon
Haboos This was the name of noble lady who was kind and benevolent; she lived in Lebanon.
Haboos TBD
Habsa Daughter of Prophet Umme Hani
Habsha Born to Hanif
Hada Salty Place; She who Radiates Joy
Hadaaiq Garden
Hadah She who Radiates Joy; Ornament
Hadaiq Garden
Hadal Peaceful
Hadara Bedecked in Beauty; Glory
Hadaya Pl. of Hadiya, gift, present.
Hadaya Gift; Present
Hadbaa One with Long Eye Lashes
Hadda Noble, One who Radiates
Haddiqa TBD
Hadeal Cooing of Pigeons; Cooing
Hadeed Iron; Mineral; Sharp; Perceptive
Hadeefa TBD
Hadeel Cooing of a pigeon.
Hadeel Bird
Hadeeqa Gorgeous
Hadeeqa Gorgeus.
Hadeeqa Gorgeous
Hadeeqah Garden.
Hadeeqah Garden
Hadees Speech, Dialogue, New, Modern
Hadeesa TBD
Hadeeth Speech; Storey; Narrations; News
Hadeeya Gift
Hadeil Cooing; Cooing of Pigeons
Hadfah Aim; Target
Hadhdh Fortune; Luck
Hadhirah Sweet smelling, smart, leader
Hadhirah Sweet smelling; Smart; Leader
Hadhiya Gift of God
Hadi No Limit; Guide
Hadia Guide to Righteousness
Hadiah Guide to Righteousness
Hadid Iron, The Mineral, Sharp
Hadida TBD
Hadiel Cooing; Cooing of Pigeons
Hadifa TBD
Hadifah TBD
Hadil Cooing Like a Pigeon
Hadil Is the voice of a dove.
Hadina Guide to Righteousness
Hadinah TBD
Hadiqa Walled Garden; Secure
Hadiqah Garden
Hadisa TBD
Hadisha TBD
Hadiya Gift, Guide to Righteousness
Hadiya guide to righteousness, gift
Hadiya Guide to righteousness; fem. of Hadi leader.
Hadiyah Guide to Righteousness
Hadiyyah Gift
Hadiza One with No Desire
Hadjara Forsaken; Variant of Hajar
Hady One who Guides
Hadya Well-behaved, Gift
Hadya Gift, present; sing. of Hadaya.
Hadya To guide
Hadyah Calm; Guide; Leader; Quiet
Hadyl Cooing; Cooing of Pigeons
Haeda A Woman who Repents a Lot
Haeda A woman who repents a lot.
Haefa Delicate
Haefah Delicate
Haemah Crazy in Love
Haemah Crazy in love.
Haezal Leader; The Colour of Rising Sun
Hafa Gentle Rain
Hafeeda Protect
Hafeei Gracious; Gentle
Hafeela TBD
Hafeena TBD
Hafeera Beautiful
Hafeeza Guardian, Protector
Hafeeza amulet
Hafeeza Guardian, protector; fem. of Hafeez.
Hafeezah Keeper of the sacred book
Haffafa Glittering, Shining, Thin
Haffafa Glittering, shining, thin, peaceful, gentle wind.
Haffifa TBD
Hafia Loveable
Hafida Protect
Hafifa TBD
Hafifah Rustle, Swish
Hafija One who Taking of Care
Hafila Keeper of the Quran; Gift of God
Hafina Lots of Things in Hand
Hafira TBD
Hafisah Honour
Hafisha Honour
Hafiya Kind
Hafiza Protected
Hafiza Honorific title of a woman who has memorised the Quran, guardian, protector; fem. Hafiz.
Hafiza guardian
Hafizah Guardian; Protector; Successful
Hafizat Protector
Hafizha One who Taking Care of
Hafna Lots of Things in Hand
Hafnah Lots of Things in Hand
Hafs To Collect; To Rest
Hafsa Paradise Woman, Sound Judgement
Hafsa Cub; wife of Muhammad (pbuh); daughter of Khalifa Umar.
Hafsa Baby lion, young lioness, Moon, Beautiful
Hafsah To Collect, To Rest
Hafsah A wife of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Hafsahh Young Lioness
Hafsana Beauty
Hafseen Beautiful
Hafsha Young Lioness
Hafshah Young Lioness
Hafsin Beautiful
Hafsina Beautiful
Hafsiya Intelligent
Haftha One who is Protected by God
Hafthah Preserved; Protected
Hafthah Preserved, protected
Hafza Sound Judgement, Cub
Hafzah Good Judgement
Hafzana TBD
Hagar A Stranger, One that Fears
Hagara Forsaken; Flight
Hager Travel
Hagi One who has been Abandoned
Hagir Forsaken
Haia Heart; Happy; Shy
Haiba Charm
Haibaa Giant and Strong
Haibah Charm
Haida Heart
Haideh Repentant
Haidha Heart
Haifa Slender, Of Beautiful Body, Slim
Haifa Slender, slim, of beautiful body.
Haifa slender
Haifaa Beautiful Body; Slender
Haifah Delicate
Haika Beauty
Haima Snow, Winter, Gold, Singer
Haimi Golden, Goddess Parvati, Snow
Haina Beautiful Flower
Hainah TBD
Haiqa Truly, Obedient of God
Haiqa True, truly, obedient of God, prayer of God
Haira Stone like Diamond
Hairah A Narrator of Hadith
Hairia Stone like Diamond
Hairuneesa TBD
Hairunnisa TBD
Haisa Gold
Haisha TBD
Haiya Heart
Haiza Royalty
Haizyn TBD
Hajar Stone, Forsaken
Hajar Name of the wife of the prophet Ibrahim
Hajar The wife of Prophet Ibrahim AS was name Hajar AS.
Hajara Helpful
Hajara historical name
Hajarah Very Hot Afternoon
Hajeera Joy Love Beauty
Hajer Traveller; One who Migrates
Hajera Abraham’s Wife
Haji Purify
Hajira Wife of Prophet Ibrahim
Hajira Wife of Prophet Ibrahim and mother of Prophet Ismail.
Hajirafazal TBD
Hajirah Midday Heat
Hajjah Narrator of Hadith
Hajjah She was a narrator of Hadith
Hajjah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Murrah; another narrator by the same name was the daughter of Murayt (AN).
Hajjah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Hajjra Graceful; Peaceful
Hajna The Daughter of Nusayb
Hajna Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess
Hajna The daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess. (AN)
Hajna Daughter of Nusayb, she was a poetess.
Hajra Wife of Hazrat Ibrahim
Hajraa Needless; Independent
Hajrah The Wife of Prophet Ibrahim
Hajrah The wife of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S)
Hajraha TBD
Hajrifa TBD
Hajun TBD
Hakeema Wise, Sage, Judicious, Prudent
Hakeema Wise, sage, judicious, prudent; fem. of Hakeem. A Sahabia i.e. a Muslim woman who lived in time of the Prophet Muhammad.
Hakima Sensible
Hakima Ruler, queen.
Hakimah Judicious; Wise
Hakimah Wise, judicious
Hakimah Wise, judicious.
Hala Halo Around the Moon, Plough
Hala Sweetness
Hala Halo, ring around the eye, aureole, name of the sister of Khadija, the first wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Halaat Sword Gems
Halah Nimble; Aureole
Halah Aureole
Halah Aureole.
Halah Halo around the moon
Halah, Haala Aureole
Haleefa Friend; Companion
Haleema Gentle, Patient, Sympathetic
Haleema Gentle, patient
Haleema Clement, patient, tolerant, gentle; fem. of Halim. Halima Al-Sadiyah: foster mother of the Prophet Muhammad.
Haleemath Calm; Patient
Haleena Like One
Haleh Halo
Haleima Mild-mannered; Gentle
Hali Unique, The Beautiful Ocean
Halia Knowing, Aware
Halia Aware, knowing.
Halifa TBD
Halila Rightful Wife
Halima Patient, Merciful, Poisonous
Halima Foster mother of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)
Halima Dreamer, visionary.
Halimah Gentle, Soft-spoken, Patient
Halimah Gentle, patient, mild-tempered
Halimah, Haleema Gentle, patient, mild tempered; name of the Prophets nursing mother
Halimat Generous; Gentle; Mild-mannered
Halime Mild; Gentle
Halina Woman of Serenity, Light
Halinah Shining One, Woman of Serenity
Halitha TBD
Haliya Adorned with Jewellery
Haliyah Adorned with Jewellery
Haliz TBD
Haliza TBD
Halla Peace; Princess; Sweet and Kind
Halyah Moon’s Halo
Halyat Jewel; Ornament
Halyma Gentle; Mild-mannered
Halyna Shining One; Bright One
Hama Shore
Hamaama TBD
Hamama Dove; Pigeon
Hamama Dove, pigeon.
Hamama Bearer.
Hamamah This was the name of a female slave who suffered much punishment for the sake of Allah but Sayyidina Abu Bakr (R.A) bought her and emancipated her
Hamas Low and Soft Sound; Heartbeat
Hamas Low and soft sound, heartbeat.
Hamasa Courage
Hamasi Enthusiastic; Zealous; Thrilling
Hamath From the Mighty Fortress, Anger
Hamaya Greatness
Hamda Peaceful; Blessed by God; Praised
Hamda Praised, laudation of Allah; fem. of Hamd.
Hamdah Praising Allah; Praiseworthy
Hamdan Much Praise; A Tribe in Arabia
Hamdan Much praise. A tribe in Arabia.
Hamdat Praise; The Form of Word Hamdah
Hamdha Blessed off Allah
Hamdi Brave; Praise
Hamdiya Praiseworthy; Admirable; Noble
Hamdiyah One who praises a lot
Hameada Commendable; Praised
Hameda Thankful
Hamedha Gracious
Hameeda Praised, commended, praiseworthy, commendable; fem. of Hamid.
Hameeda Praiseworthy; Commendable
Hameem Close / Intimate Friend
Hameema Close Friend; Allah’s Friend
Hameera TBD
Hameeza Wise
Hameida Praised; Commendable
Hami Golden
Hamida thankful
Hamida Gracious
Hamida Praiser (of Allah); fem. of Hamid.
Hamidaa Gracious; Praiseworthy
Hamidah Praising Allah, appreciative
Hamidah Praiseworthy, Praising Allah
Hamidah, Hameeda Praiseworthy
Hamidat Variant of Hamidah
Hamideh Praiseworthy
Hamidha Gracious
Hamim Close / Devoted / Intimate Friend
Hamima Close Friend
Hamima Close friend.
Hamimah Devoted; Loyal
Hamina Golden; Moon’s Rays
Hamira TBD
Hamisa TBD
Hamisha Happiness; Joyful
Hamiya Greatness
Hammada Praising (God).
Hammada Praising (God)
Hammadiyyah Praiseworthy; One who Praises God
Hamna Good Grapes
Hamnaa Blessed Sparrow of Heaven
Hamnah She was a narrator of Hadith
Hamnah Bird of Paradise
Hamnah The daughter of Jahsh al-Asdiyah was so named; she narrated Hadith.
Hamra Fair Woman; Red
Hamra Red.
Hamraa Red Coloured Female
Hamsa Bird; Swan Hamsavahini
Hamsha Jewellery; Love; Cute
Hamsini One who Rides a Swan
Hamsiya TBD
Hamyaa Protector; Defender
Hamyda Praised; Commendable
Hamydah Commendable; Praised
Hamza Name of the Companion
Hamzah Brave; Steadfast; Strong
Hana Happiness, Flower, Blossom
Hana Happiness, bliss
Hana Happiness, bliss, felicity.
Hana Merciful, kind hearted.
Hana, Hana Happiness, bliss
Hana, Hanaa happiness
Hanaa Joy; Peace; Happiness
Hanadhi With Radiant Face
Hanan Compassion, Gracious, Sympathy
Hanan mercy, compassion
Hanan mercy
Hanan Compassion, affection, love, mercy, tenderness, warm-heartedness.
Hanana Gracious
Hanane Love; Friendliness; Affection
Hanani Favoured by God
Hananna Tenderness
Hanaya Every Time New, Florist, Eyes
Hanayah Shine; Bright; Beautiful; Fairy
Haneafa Pure Muslim
Haneef True Believer; Upright; True
Haneefa True Believer
Haneefah True Believer
Haneen Good Girl; Pretty; Bright
Haneena Jewellery; Bright
Haneesa God of Weather
Haneeya Pleasant; Pleased
Haneifa Pure Muslim
Hanfa TBD
Hanfa Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail (A.S)
Hanfa Name of the wife of Sayyidina Ismail AS.
Hanfaa The Wife of Hazrat Ismail (PBUH)
Hani Droplet, Pleasant, Delighted
Hani happy
Hani Pleasant.
Hani-Ah Of Happiness; Bliss
Hania Grace, Favour, Apricot from Nara
Hania Happy, delighted.
Haniah of happiness, bliss
Haniah Bliss, Happiness, Pleasant
Haniefa True Believer; Pure Muslim
Hanifa Pure Muslim
Hanifa True Believer, Pure
Hanifa True, one of true faith, upright; fem. of Hanif.
Hanifah True Believer, Upright
Hanifah, Hanifa, Haneefa True believer
Hanifiyyah Pure Religion
Hanin Emotion; Longing; Yearning
Hanin Longing, yearning
Hanin Desire, longing, yearning.
Hanina Servant Girl; Maid
Hanis God is Gracious
Hanisa Beautiful Night
Hanisah TBD
Hanisha Beautiful Night, Sweetest
Haniska Grace; Beautiful
Haniya Pleased; Happy
Haniya Pleased, Happy, Encampment
Haniya Pleasant, happy.
Haniyah Pleasant; Bliss
Haniyah Pleasant
Haniyyah Pleased, happy
Haniyyah, Haniya Pleased, happy
Hanna Garden, Happiness, Joy, Grace
Hanna Compassion, sympathy, pity.
Hannah Affection.
Hannah Gracious, Grace, Grace of God
Hannah Affection
Hannan Warm Feelings
Hannath Lucky Life
Hanni God is Gracious, Grace
Hannia Resting Place, Pleasant
Hannuf upright, honest
Hannufa TBD
Hanoofa TBD
Hanoon Compassionate, Merciful
Hanoon Compassionate, merciful, affectionate, tender-hearted, soft-hearted.
Hanoona Compassionate; Feminine of Hanun
Hanoona Compassionate; fem. of Hanun.
Hansika Swan, Love, Baby of Swan
Hanuna Affectionate
Hanunah Affectionate; Tender
Hanya Happy
Hanyah Happy
Hanyfa Pure Muslim
Hanyfah Pure Muslim
Hanym Lady; Woman
Hanzal The Beauty of Eyes
Hanzul Artistic
Haola Name of a Sahabiah
Hapsa TBD
Haqika Truthful
Haqikah Honest
Haqqaat Rights; Privileges; Truths
Haquika Truthful
Haqyka Truthful
Harafa TBD
Harana A Great Mountaineer
Harayir Free; Pure; Generous
Hareem Walls of House of Kabba
Hareem House; Walls of House of Kabba
Hareem House, walls of a house.
Hareen Most Beautiful
Hareena Most Beautiful
Hareer Silk
Hareer Silk.
Hareeza TBD
Haresa Daughter of the Sun
Harir Silk
Harisa Cultivator, Lioness
Harisa Cultivator, lioness; fem. of Haris (Harith).
Harisa Guard, protector (f.).
Harisah Farmer; Companion
Harissa Cultivator, Lioness
Haritha Green, Lovely, Beautiful Princess
Harithe A Heavenly Messenger
Harmeen Beauty; Fish of God
Haroona Hope, Protector of Chief
Harrah Seizer; Sound; Voice
Harsheena Beautiful
Harshi Happy; Joyous
Harshin-Begam Happiness; Beautiful; Pretty
Haruni Messenger-ship
Hasan Handsome; Chaste Woman
Hasana First Born of Twins, Good Deed
Hasana Good deed, kind act, favour; sing. of Hasanat.
Hasanaa Beautiful
Hasanah Good Deed
Hasanat Beautiful; Fair; Elegant
Hasanna Beautiful; Beautifier; Good
Hasant good deeds
Hasba Respected
Hasbina TBD
Hasbiya TBD
Haseeba Respected; Noble
Haseeba of noble descent
Haseefa Wise; Judicious
Haseela TBD
Haseema Diligent; Assiduous; Persevering
Haseen Beautiful
Haseena Smile; Beautiful; Pretty
Haseena Pretty, beautiful.
Hasefa Judicious, Wise, Prudent
Hasena Good; Pretty; Beautiful; Smile
Hasha Piousness; Cheerfulness; To Laugh
Hashida TBD
Hashifa TBD
Hashina Most Beautiful
Hashira Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Hashmat Modesty, Bashfulness, Decency
Hashmat Modesty, bashfulness, decency, decorum.
Hashna Happiness; Saviour
Hashrat Wish
Hasiba Highborn, respected, noble; fem. of Hasib.
Hasiba High-born, Respected, Noble
Hasibah Respected, noble
Hasiena Good
Hasifa Judicious, Wise, Prudent
Hasifa Judicious, wise, prudent, sagacious, endowed with sound judgement; fem. of Hasif.
Hasifah Wise
Hasika Smiling
Hasima Beautiful; Prettiest
Hasin Beautiful; Elegant
Hasina Pretty, beautiful.
Hasina Good; Cheerful; Beautiful; Pretty
Hasinaa TBD
Hasinah Pretty, beautiful
Hasinah Beautiful; Pretty; Good-looking
Hasini Happy, Joyful, An Atom, Pretty
Hasinna Attractive; Pretty; Beautiful
Hasirah Clean
Hasisah Swift; Rapid; Inspired; Spurred
Hasiya TBD
Haslina Beautiful Angel
Hasma Elegant; Prettiest
Hasmina Clever; Unique; Strong Mind
Hasmira TBD
Hasmiya TBD
Hasna Pretty
Hasna Beautiful, Laughing, Pretty
Hasna beautiful
Hasna Pious, beautiful woman.
Hasna Powerful
Hasnaa Beauty; From Swahili; Pretty
Hasnaat Beautiful; Plural of Hasnaa
Hasnah Beautiful
Hasnah Pretty; Beautiful
Hasnah, Hasna, Hasna Beautiful
Hasnat Virtues.
Hasnat Beautiful, Fair, Elegant, Wise
Hasnaw Beautiful; Pet Form of Hasnaat
Hasni Always Happy
Hasniya Beautiful
Hasniyah Beautiful
Hasrin Smiling Face
Hassana Twin Girl
Hassana Most beautiful woman, most sweetheart.
Hassanah Most Pious; Beautiful
Hassina Very Beautiful
Hassive TBD
Hassna Beautiful; Good; Beautifier
Hassona Beautifier; Beautiful; Good
Hassunah Beautiful
Hastee Existence
Hasti Laughing; Happy; Existence
Hasuna Good; One who is Well-behaved
Hasunah One who is Well-behaved; Good
Hasurah TBD
Hathifa Sensitive
Hathun Beautiful
Hatifa TBD
Hatifi Pertaining to an Angel
Hatima Generous; Ender of Doubts
Hattabah Wood Gatherer / Seller
Hauba Person; Individual; Soul
Haujamat Red Rose
Hauled Crown
Haura Extremely Fair
Haurvatat Perfection; Health
Haviva Precious
Hawa Air, Longing, Desire, Eve, Women
Hawa Eve
Hawa, Hawwa Eve
Hawaa Eve
Hawada A Pleasant Woman
Hawadah Pleasant
Hawah Desire; Air; Wind
Hawari Friend, Companion, Helper
Hawazin Name of an Arabic tribe
Hawiya Dominant
Hawla Active; Intelligent
Hawla Intelligent.
Hawra Having eyes with a marked contrast of black and white
Hawra White, Fair-skinned
Hawraa White, Fair, Perfectly Healthy
Hawwa Eve
Hawwa A beautiful girl with a ruddy complexion, Eve; wife of Adam, mother of mankind.
Hawwaa One who Follows the Truth
Hawwah A Lively Woman, Air
Haya Modesty, Decency, Shyness, Shame
Haya Shyness, bashfulness, coyness, modesty.
Hayaa Modesty; Chastity; Virtue
Hayaam Deliriously in Love
Hayaat Life; Existence
Hayah Life
Hayah Life; Gift of God
Hayah, Hayat Life
Hayam Deliriously in Love
Hayam, Hayaam Deliriously in love
Hayan Alive; Life; Shine; Lord Shiva
Hayana Eyes
Hayat Life
Hayat Life.
Hayati Presence
Hayba Charm; Variant of Haiba
Hayda Heart
Haydara Lioness
Hayed Movement, motion
Hayed Movement; Motion
Hayet Life
Hayfa Slender, of beautiful body
Hayfa Slender, Well-shaped
Hayfah Delicate
Hayi Alive, Living, Existence, Wish
Hayiyyah Modest; Bashful
Haylin TBD
Hayood From the Mountain
Hayooda From the Mountain
Hayrah She was a narrator of Hadith
Hayrah TBD
Hayrah She was a well-=known narrator of Hadith from the generation after the companions (AN)
Hayrin Most Beautiful; God Gifted
Haysha TBD
Haytham TBD
Hayud a mountain
Hayud Beautiful; Soft
Hayuda From the Mountain
Hayudah From the Mountain
Hayyin Easy, Facilitated
Haz Fortune; Luck
Hazafa The Too Much Affection
Hazal Dream; Tree Name
Hazan Fall
Hazana Born During Autumn
Hazar Nightingale
Hazar Hard Working
Hazar Kind of nightingale.
Hazara From the Town of Fountains
Hazarah Civilization, Culture
Hazare Resembling a Nightingale
Hazarr Resembling a Nightingale
Hazarra Resembling a Nightingale
Hazarre Resembling a Nightingale
Hazeela TBD
Hazeem Thunder, The Sound of Hooves
Hazeema TBD
Hazeena Autumn; Treasure; Forever
Hazeena Autumn, treasure, forever.
Hazeera Intelligent; Wise
Hazeerah Wise
Hazeerah Wise.
Hazel Hazelnut, A Nut-bearing Tree
Hazera Beautiful; Wise; Clean
Hazifa Beautiful
Hazima Firm, Energetic, Judicious
Hazima Firm, energetic, judicious, discreet, prudent; fem. of Hazim.
Hazimah TBD
Hazimah A female companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Hazina Exchequer; Treasury
Haziqa Clever; Shrewd; Intelligent
Haziqa Clever, shrewd.
Haziqah Clever; Intelligent; Beautiful
Haziqah Clever, intelligent, beautiful
Hazira Wise; Intelligent; Beautiful
Hazirah Clean
Hazlina TBD
Hazmina TBD
Hazmiya TBD
Hazoora Ultimate; Wise
Hazra Presence
Hazrah Presence
Hazriya TBD
Hazwani TBD
Hazza Beautiful
Hazzafa TBD
Hazzafa The name of Hazrat Haleema Saadia’s daughter.
Healing Merciful; Patience
Heba The Gift / Blessing of God
Heba Gift
Hebah Young; Generous Gift
Hedaya Give
Hedeyah Gift
Hediyeh Gift
Heeba Gift of God
Heela Hope
Heelai Beautiful
Heena Henna; Myrtle; Fragrance
Heer Diamond
Heeza Lucky
Hefza Protective Angel; Brave
Heira Stone like Diamond
Heisal The Colour of Rising Sun
Heiza Royalty
Hejira Lady
Hela Moonlight
Helai Swan Bird
Helan Torch, Sun Ray, Shining Light
Helay TBD
Heleama Gentle; Mild-mannered
Heleamah Gentle; Mild-mannered
Heleema Gentle; Mild-mannered
Heleemah Mild-mannered; Gentle
Helen Torch, Sun Ray, Shining Light
Helena Light, Torch, Sun Ray, Corposant
Helima Very Soft; Gentle
Helimah Mild-mannered; Gentle
Helma Protective, Will-helmet
Helna Shining Light; Lights
Helyma Gentle; Mild-mannered
Hemma Golden
Hemu Gold
Hena On who is Polite, A Flower
Hena Someone who is polite
Hena Greenery
Hengameh Wonder; Marvel Causing Admiration
Henna Blessed
Henna Golden Creeper, Home Ruler
Hennah Favour; Blessed
Henza Gift of God
Hera Queen of Gods; Protector; Heroine
Heria Diamond
Hesa Piece of Pearl
Hesham Pounding; Generous
Hessa Piece of Pearl; Destiny
Hessa Destiny
Hessami TBD
Hevin Delightful; Heaven; Otherworldly
Heyam Cute; Infinite Love
Heyam One of the many levels or degrees of love
Heza Beautiful; Precious; Charming
Hezreen A Flower
Hezzah Precious; Beautiful; Love
Hiba Gift, Present, Gift from God
Hiba Gift
Hiba Gift, present.
Hibah Gift, present
Hibat Allah Gift of God
Hibat-Allah Gift of God
HibatAllah Gift of God
Hibatullah Gift of Allah
Hibatullah Gift of God; Gift of Allah
Hibatullah Gift of God.
Hibba Gift from Allah
Hibbah Gift of God
Hibbah Gift of God; Beloved
Hida Present; Gift; Warrior; Friendly
Hidaya Precious Gift
Hidayah Guidance
Hidayath Guidance; Instruction
Hidayati Light
Hiddah Strength, Activity, Swiftness
Hidiyah As One
Hifa Gold; Extreme Rich; Fortunate
Hifaza Protective Angel; Queen
Hifsha TBD
Hifza Protective angel
Hija Daughter
Hijab Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad
Hijab Daughter of a Scholar from Baghdad.
Hijrah Migration (of the Prophet, from Makkah to Madinah)
Hijrah TBD
Hijriyyah Related to the Hijrah
Hikmah Wisdom
Hikmah, Hikmat Wisdom
Hikmat Wisdom; Knowledge; Justice
Hikmat Wisdom.
Hila Praise or Appreciation
Hilal Crescent, new moon.
Hilani Carried in the Arms of Heaven
Hilf Treaty; Alliance; Confederacy
Hillda Comrade in Arms
Hilmiyya Snow; Winter
Hilyah Adornment, Jewellery
Himaira Purity Like Snow
Himaja Ice, Born from Gold / Snow
Himansha Cool; Mountain Covered with Snow
Himaya Protection; Snow
Himayah Care, Safekeeping, Guardianship
Himayat Guarding, Defence
Himsha TBD
Hina Henna, A Shrub, Fragrance
Hina The Indian privet; a shrub, the leaves of which are used for dyeing the hands, feet and hair.
Hinadi Leader
Hinaya Shine, Bright, Beautiful, Fairy
Hind Old Arabic name
Hindah She was the wife of Abu Sufyan (some versions call her Hind).
Hindah Wife of Abu Sufyan
Hinnah Sword of the Finest Steel
Hiqa Truth Speaker
Hira A peak near Makkah where Prophet Muhammad (SAW) used to worship Allah.
Hira Diamond, Sacred Cave
Hira Darkness
Hirah Mount Hirah, named after the mountain where the Holy Qur’an was delivered to Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)
Hirkil Noble; Beautiful
Hisa Long Lasting
Hisaan Beautiful One; Good Looking
Hisana Beauty; Good; Beautiful
Hishana Beautiful and Attractive Lady
Hishma Generous
Hissana Beautiful; Good; Beauty
Hitaishi Well Wisher
Hitbah TBD
Hiwaaya TBD
Hiyam Love
Hiza Lucky; Fortunate
Hizamezrin TBD
Hizana The Most Beautiful
Hizzah Fortunate
Hoda Thankful
Hokhmah TBD
Homa A Mythical Bird
Homaira TBD
Homayra Beautiful; Reddish
Homeira Reddish
Homera Woman who cannot See
Hooda Right guidance
Hoor A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers.
Hoor A Celestical, Virgin of Paradise
Hoor A virgin maiden of Paradise for its dwellers
Hoorain Lovely-eyed
Hoorein Angel of Heaven
Hooria Angel of Heaven.
Hooria Angel of Heaven
Hooriah TBD
Hooriya Virgin of Paradise, houri, nymph.
Hooriya Angel
Hooriya Angel of Heaven
Hooriyah Name comes from hoor of heaven
Hooriyah Splendid Companion of Paradise
Hoorulain The most beautiful HUR with beautiful eyes.
Hoorulain TBD
Hora Keeper of the Hours
Horeezah Princess
Horia Angel
Horiya Woman of the Gardens
Horiyah Woman of the Gardens
Hormat Honour
Hosban Calculation; Computation
Hosn Beauty; Goodness
Hosneara Beautiful; Beauty of World
Hossina Beautiful
Houdah Correct Counsel
Houria Fairy; Angel
Houriya Maiden of Paradise
Hoyam Passionate love.
Huba Love; Friendship; Favour
Hubab Aim, goal
Hubabah Beloved
Hubaibah Love; Loving; Beloved
Hubairah TBD
Hubayshah She was the daughter of Hubaysh al-Aamiriyah; she was a poetess.
Hubayshah She was a poetess.
Hubayshah Poetess
Hubayshah She was a poetess
Hubba She was a beautiful woman, daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah (AN)
Hubba Daughter of Maalik bin Amr al-Adwaniyah.
Hubbah Love; Affectionate
Huboor Happiness.
Huboor Happiness
Huda Right guidance, right path.
Huda Hooda Right guidance
Huda Right Guidance
Huda, Hooda Right guidance
Hudaafrin TBD
Hudaiba Devoted
Hudi One who Chooses the Right Path
Hudun To become quiet
Hufaiz TBD
Hufaizah Protector
Hujaimah Name of a Sahabiah RA
Hujaina TBD
Hujaira TBD
Hujaymah Attack.
Hujaymah Attack
Hujaymah Attack; This was the name of Huyama al-Awsabiyah al-Danishqiyah; she was a jurist of great rank and a very pious woman; however, another greater woman
Hujayrah She was a narrator of Hadith, daughter of Husayn.
Hujayrah She was a narrator of hadith.
Hujayrah She was a Narrator of Hadith
Hujjat Reasoning; Proof; Argument
Hukaymah Daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah (R.A) a companion
Hukaymah TBD
Hukaymah She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah (R.A) a companion; another woman by this name, daughter of Mahmood bin Muhammad was a reciter of
Hukayman She was the daughter of Umaymah daughter of Ruqayqah RA a companion.
Hukayman TBD
Hullah Costume; Dress; Garment
Hulwah Beautiful; Sweet
Hulyah Jewelry, ornament, finery
Hulyah Jewellery; Ornament; Finery
Huma An imaginary bird.
Huma Bird who brings joy
Humaera A Generous Woman
Humahirah TBD
Humaida Praised; fem. of Humaid.
Humaida Praised; Feminine of Humaid
Humaila Golden Necklace
Humaima TBD
Humaina Able to Determine
Humaira Of red colour. Name of Ayesha, wife of the Prophet Muhammad.
Humaira Reddish, of red colour, one who strives to achieve her utmost best!
Humaira Reddish
Humaira From the arabic name meaning reddish! Title name of Aisha (R.A) one who strives to achieve her utmost best!
Humairaa Red Coloured Girl
Humairah Nickname the Prophet gave to his wife Aishah
Humairah Of Reddish Complexion
Humairah, Humayrah Of reddish complexion; nickname the Prophet gave to his wife Aishah
Humairra Reddish
Humaisa TBD
Humaisha TBD
Humaiza Minted; Gods Gift
Humama Honoured; Courageous; Pigeon
Humamuddin TBD
Humaria Auspicious
Humasa Victory
Humasha Gift of God
Humaya TBD
Humaydah She was a narrator of hadith.
Humaydah Narrator of Hadith
Humaydah She was a narrator of hadith
Humayra Red (white)
Humayra Beautiful
Humayraa A Generous Woman
Humayrah Red
Humayrah Red; Beautiful
Humaysha TBD
Humayya Passion, zeal
Humeaira TBD
Humeira A Beautiful Raaga
Humera The imaginary bird who soars the highest
Humera TBD
Humerah TBD
Humira Reddish
Humiyza TBD
Hummaira TBD
Humra Beautiful, Rose.
Humra Beautiful, Rose
Humumera TBD
Humzia TBD
Huna Golden Necklace
Hunafa One who Devoted to God
Hunafaa One who Devoted to God
Hunaidah Diminutive of Hind
Hunaidah, Hunaydah Diminutive of Hind
Hunaifah Devoted Believer, Virtuous
Hunaifiya TBD
Hunain The Literal
Hunaira Happiness
Hunaisa Gift of God
Hunaiza Gift of God
Hunaizah Gift of God
Hunaydah The wife of Ibrahim al-Nakhee was so named, as also the daughter of Shurayk. (AN). Whe was a narrator of Hadith.
Hunaydah Diminutive of Hind
Hunaydah She was a Narrator of Hadith
Huneina TBD
Hunera Happiness
Huneza Gift of God
Hunoon Another Name for Jamaad Al-ula
Hur Virgins of paradise
Hur Fair, Black-haired Women, Sun
Hura Free woman
Huraima Queen of Angel
Hurain Angel of Heaven
Hurairah A Red-haired Woman
Huraiva Kitten
Hurayra A Red-haired Woman
Hureaira Red Start; Reddish
Hureen Most Beautiful; Heavenly Women
Hureyn Lovely-eyed, Splendid
Huriaa Variant of the Huriyyah
Huriya Fairy; Nymph
Huriya Angel; Houri; Nymph
Huriyah a Houri, virgin of paradise
Huriyah Angel
Huriyah Hoor of heaven; A Houri; Virgin of paradise
Huriyah, Huriyyah, Hooriya Angel; a Houri, virgin of paradise
Huriyyah Angel
Hurlin Eyes Beauty
Hurmat Respect, dignity or something declared, sacred by religion.
Hurmat Respect
Hurriya Freedom, liberty.
Hurriya Freedom; Liberty
Huru Free
Hurya Angel
Hurya Angel
Husaifah Name of Sahabi
Husaimah Diligent; Assiduous; Persevering
Husaina Diminutive of Husn, beauty.
Husaina Diminutive of Husn; Beauty
Husainah Beautiful
Husay Gazelle; Deer
Husena One who Arrived First
Hushaima Diminutive of Hishma, modesty.
Hushaima Modesty
Hushaima Diminutive of Hishma; Modesty
Husn Beauty
Husn Beauty, gracefulness, prettiness.
Husn Beauty; Goodness
Husn Beauty; Beautiful
Husn Ara Adorned with beauty.
Husn Ara Adorned with beauty
Husn-Ara Adorned with Beauty
Husna Most beautiful
Husna Most pious, good outcome; fem. of Ahsan.
Husna Beauty; Beautiful
Husnaa Most Beautiful; Precious; Pious
Husnabanu Possessive; Beauty
Husnabanu Possessive; Beauty
Husnbano Beauty; Possessive
Husneara TBD
Husni Possessing beauty.
Husnia Beauty
Husniya goodness
Husniya Beautiful, pretty.
Husniya Beautiful
Husniyah Beautiful
Husniyah Beautiful
Husniyya Beautiful
Husniyya Test
Husniyyah Beautiful
Hussaina Twin Girl
Hussaini TBD
Hussana Historical name
Hutun Clouds with rain
Hutun Clouds with rain
Huwaidah Gentle
Huwaidah Gentle
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Huwaidah, Huwaydah Gentle
Huwaidah, Huwaydah Gentle
Huwainaa Serenity; Composure; Leniency
Huwaydah Gentle
Huwaydah Gentle
Huzaifah TBD
Huzairah Narrator of Hadith
Huzefa Pure Heart
Huzifa Name of Sahabi
Huzrah Presence
Huzuz Pl. of Hazz, fortune, good luck.
Huzuz Pl of Hazz; Fortune; Good l
Hyat From the High Gate
Hyda Heart
Hyfa Slender
Hyna Beauty
Hyra Beauty of Perfection
Hyrine Most Beautiful
Hyrunnisa TBD
Hyrunnissa TBD
Hyza Beautiful Angel
Hzim Care; Strength