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“T” represents Growth. The T shows Authority, Responsibility, Creativity, Action, Emotion, and Restlessness. it has determination and is a builder.

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Beautiful Algerian Baby Girl Names Start With T

Taabah Agreeable; Sweet; Pure; Excellent
Taabeer The result of deeds; Way
Taabia TBD
Taadeel Moderation; Neutrality
Taadeel Moderation, equality, neutrality.
Taadeel Moderation; Equality
Taafeera TBD
Taahira Pure; Chaste
Taahira Pure, chaste
Taahira Chaste; Pure; Pious; Clean; Holy
Taahirah Clean
Taaiba Beautiful; Repentant
Taaibah Repentant
Taaj Crown
Taalah Searching Someone
Taalah Young palm tree
Taalea Fortunate
Taalia Rising star
Taaliah Lucky, Fortunate, Destiny
Taaliah Lucky; Fortunate, Fortune
Taaliba Student; Knowledge Seeker
Taaliq To Hang Something on Something
Taaliya Happiness
Taalluf Harmony; Mutual Affection
Taamira One who Knows Dates
Taaqul Wise thought.
Taaqul Wise Thought
Taaqul Wise thought
Taariq Morning Star
Taasees Inception; Foundation
Taasees Inception, foundation.
Taasees Inception; Foundation
Taazaz Might; Honour; Power
Tab Censure
Taba Clean
Taba Clean
Tabahhuj Cheerful; Be Glad
Tabahhur Deep, Like the River
Tabalah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Tabalah She was the daughter of Yazid (Called by some as Bunanah); she was a narrator of Hadith.
Tabalah A narrator of Hadith
Taban Glittering, splendid.
Taban Splendid; Glittering; Genius
Tabana Bright Moonlight
Tabana Bright moonlight
Tabani Light
Tabani Light
Tabarruk To Become Blessed
Tabasim Smiling
Tabasshum Beautiful Smile; A Flower
Tabassum Beautiful Smile, A Flower
Tabassum Smile, happiness.
Tabassum A flower; Sweet smile; Blossoming
Tabasum Fragrance
Tabasumm Sweet Smile; Happiness; Laughter
Tabasumm A flower; Sweet smile; Blossoming
Tabasun Smiling
Tabbasum Smile
Tabbssum Beautiful Smile; A Flower; Smiling
Tabbsum Smile Happiness
Tabeeba Healer
Tabeedah Complex, zigzag, curling.
Tabeedah Complex; Zigzag; Curling
Tabeedah Complex; Zigzag; Curling
Tabeen Followers.
Tabeen Followers
Tabeena Follower of Muhammad
Tabeer Result of Deeds
Tabeer The result of deeds; Way
Tabeeya Good – Powerful
Tabiah Follower; Successor
Tabiba Healer
Tabiha Honest; Truthful
Tabina Enlighting, sparkling.
Tabina Muhammad’s Follower
Tabina Enlighten; Sparkling
Tabinda Bright; Shining
Tabinda Bright, shining.
Tabinda Bright
Tabir Needling
Tabish Splendour; Warmth
Tabish Heaven; Strong; Brave; Vigorous; Ocean; Gold ocean
Tabitha Like a Gazelle, Roe, Beauty
Tabiya Talents
Tabora Plays a Small Drum
Taborah Plays a Small Drum
Tabrin TBD
Tabseer Enlightenment, Education
Tabsira Enlightenment
Tabsirah Enlightenment
Tabssum Beautiful Smile, Laughter
Tadbir TBD
Tadris To Study / Research; To Look into
Taeen Quran
Tafheem To Make a Topic Clear
Tafia Taffy
Tafida Paradise (egyptian name).
Tafida Paradise Egyptian Name
Tafida Paradise egyptian name
Tafisa TBD
Tafiza TBD
Taflah Soft; Delicate; Gentle
Tafli Soft; Delicate; Gentle
Tafriha TBD
Tafrin Wondering; Surprising
Tafrina Surprising; Wondering
Tafseen TBD
Tafseer Interpretation
Tafshin TBD
Tafsina TBD
Tafsir Interpretation
Tafsira TBD
Taghreed Chirping
Taghreed Singing of birds
Taghrid Singing, cooing.
Taghrid Singing (as a bird)
Taghrid Chirping
Tahaani Flowing; Greetings
Tahajeeb Culture
Tahameena TBD
Tahamina Rustam’s Wife in Famous Poem
Tahani Pl. of Tahniat, congratulation, felicitation, well-wishing.
Tahani Congratulations
Tahani Branch; Congratulations; Greetings
Tahani Congratulations
Tahar Innocent
Taharat Purity
Taharima TBD
Taharin TBD
Tahaseen Pure; Beautification
Tahasin TBD
Taheema Pure
Taheera Pure; Virgin
Taheera Chaste; Pure; Pious; Clean; Holy
Tahera Pure, chaste.
Tahera Pure; Chaste
Tahera Chaste; Pure; Pious; Clean; Holy
Taherah Pure; Chaste; Clean
Tahere Virtuous; Pure; Chaste
Tahereh Pure; Chaste; Clean
Taheria Pure
Taherunnissa TBD
Taheseen Beautification; Pure
Tahfeem Beautiful
Tahfeem Beautiful
Tahia Pure
Tahiba Watchful
Tahima Pure
Tahimum TBD
Tahin TBD
Tahira Chaste, pure, pious, clean; fem. of Tahir.
Tahira Pure, chaste
Tahira Pure; Holy; Clean; Dean
Tahiraa Pure; Chaste
Tahirah Pure
Tahirah Chaste, Pure
Tahirah Pure; Chaste
Tahirih God of Happiness; Pure
Tahisha Gladness; Joy
Tahiya Greeting, salutation, cheer, welcome.
Tahiya Cheer, Greeting, Salutation
Tahiya Greeting; Salutation; Cheer
Tahiyah Greeting
Tahiyah Greeting; Cheer
Tahiyah Greeting
Tahiyat Greetings
Tahiyat Greetings
Tahiyya Greeting; Cheer
Tahiyya Greetings
Tahjeeba TBD
Tahjeira TBD
Tahjiba TBD
Tahkeem Power, rule.
Tahkeem Power; Rule
Tahkeem Power; Rule
Tahleela TBD
Tahleem Beauty, decoration, pomp and show.
Tahleem Beauty; Decoration; Pomp and Show
Tahlibah Loyal; Honest
Tahlin TBD
Tahmee Beautiful; Nice Lady
Tahmeed To Praise; Glorify
Tahmeem TBD
Tahmeen TBD
Tahmeena TBD
Tahmida Praising God
Tahmila Girl
Tahmim TBD
Tahmin TBD
Tahmina Wife of the famous Persian hero Rustam and mother of Sohrab.
Tahmina A Character in Shahnama
Tahmina Powerful; Strong
Tahminah Character from the Shahnameh
Tahminha Priceless, Precious
Tahneed TBD
Tahnia Beautiful
Tahniat Congratulations
Tahniyat Congratulate
Tahomina TBD
Tahoor Pure
Tahoora Pious, pure
Tahoora TBD
Tahra Happy Women
Tahreem Respected, One who Gives Respect
Tahreem Respectful; Respected
Tahreema One who Gives Respect; Respected
Tahreen Clean Hearted Beauty; Cleanliness
Tahrima Beautiful
Tahrina TBD
Tahrir Liberation
Tahrunessa TBD
Tahseen Praise Beautification
Tahseen Adornment, ornament, decoration, embellishment, betterment, praise, beautification.
Tahseena Appreciation, Acclaim
Tahseenah Acclaim.
Tahseenah Acclaim
Tahseenah Acclaim; Appreciation
Tahseenah Acclaim
Tahsheen Beautification; Praise
Tahsin Praise; Beautification
Tahsina Improvement, Refinement
Tahsina Humanitarian; Healer; Intelligence
Tahur Pure
Tahura Purity; Love
Tahzeeb Culture; Education
Tahzeeba Respect; Culture; Education
Taiah Pious
Taiah Submissive, pious
Taiat Seen; Risen
Taiba One who refrains from evil-doings; repentant; fem. of Taib.
Taiba Repentant
Taiba Virtuous; Pious; God-fearing and devoted to God
Taibah Repentant
Taibah Repentant.
Taibah Repentant; Good; Pure
Taibah Pure; Repentant
Taieba Pure
Taif Vision, spectre.
Taif Vision; Spectre; Place in Mecca
Taifa Nation; Tribe
Taihaa Beauty
Taima Loud Thunder
Taima Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Taima Oasis in northwest arabia
Taima, Tayma Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Taimeena TBD
Taimia Crash of Thunder
Taimina Pure; Clever; Precious
Taimura TBD
Tainaaz TBD
Tainaz TBD
Taiseen TBD
Taisha Full of Aliveness, Full of Life
Taishin TBD
Taisim TBD
Taisin Beautification; Praise
Taisir Felicitation.
Taisir Felicitation
Taiyaba Innocent Person; Lovable
Taiyeba Lovable; Pure; Innocent Person
Taiyuba Pure; Innocent; Pleasant
Taiyyaba Pleasant; Pure; Innocent
Taj Crown.
Taj Crown; Jewel
Taja Crown, To Mention
Tajah Crown
Tajallah A Pious; Crown of Allah
Tajina Charm
Tajma Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Tajmeel Decoration, beauty, show.
Tajmeel Decoration; Beauty; Show
Tajmeel Decoration; Beauty; Show
Tajmira TBD
Tajnin TBD
Tajrin River of Paradise
Tajun Gift of God
Tajunisa TBD
Tajunnisha TBD
Tajur Merchant
Tajweed Praise of Allah, hymn.
Tajweed Praise of Allah; Hymn
Tajweed Praise of Allah; Hymn
Takaya Pretty Princess
Takbeer To Glorify God
Takbir To Glorify God
Takeia Worshipper
Takeiyah TBD
Takeya Loud
Takeya Worshipper
Takia Silence
Takia Worshipper
Takija Brilliant
Takisha Healthy; Alive; Well
Takiya Silence
Takiya God-fearing; Devout; Pious; Righteous
Takiyah Righteous; Pious
Takiyah Pious, righteous
Takiyah God-fearing; Devout; Pious; Righteous
Takiyya Piety
Takiyyah TBD
Takkia Pillow
Takleem Speech
Takreem Respect, honour, sanctity.
Takreem Respect; Honour; Sanctity
Takreem Respect; Honor; Sanctity
Takseen Satisfaction; Peace
Taksha Eyes Like a Pigeon
Taksin Satisfaction
Tala Bottom, Gold, Stalking Wolf
Tala Gold
Talaah Countenance; Aspect; Face
Talah Lock; Awesome
Talah Young palm tree
Talah Young palm tree; Face
Talah, Taalah Young palm tree
Talat Face, Sight
Talat Face; Sight
Talayah Guard
Talayeh Golden Ray of Sun
Talbashah A narrator of Hadith, daughter of Kab bin Maalik.
Talbashah A Narrator of Hadith
Talbiya TBD
Taleba Seeker of Knowledge
Taleen Taline; Talyn
Talha Easy Life; Beautiful
Talhah Her Kuniyah was Umm Ghurab and she was a narrator of Hadith.
Talhah Narrator of Hadith; Kind of Tree
Tali Rising star, rising.
Tali Rising Star; My Dew; Ascending
Talia Dew from Heaven, Blooming
Taliba Student, seeker, pursuer; fem. of Talib.
Taliba Student, Pursuer, Seeker
Taliba Scholar, seeker
Taliba Seeker of knowledge
Talibah Seeks Knowledge
Talibah Seeker after knowledge
Talibah Seeker of knowledge
Talida Twin; Little
Talihah Scholar
Talika A Bird
Talika Palm; Calm; Nightingale; Key; A list
Talikha Nightingale; Goddess Durga
Talikha Nightingale
Talima Education; Instruction
Talisha Fortunate Woman
Talitha Young girl
Talqin TBD
Talwasa Craving; As in May You Always Live
Talwasa As in May you always live
Tamadhur Proper Name
Tamadhur Brilliant
Tamador Praises; Milk
Tamadur Brilliant
Tamadur Brilliant
Tamam All
Tamanah Wish
Tamanna Desire; Wish; Ambition
Tamanna To wish, to desire, to hope.
Tamanna Wish; A Bird; Desire; Hope
Tamannah Desire; Wish
Tamanni Wish, wishing (for), desire.
Tamanni Wish; Wishing (for); Desire
Tamar Palm Tree, Date Palm
Tamara Spice, Date Tree, Palm Tree
Tamara Date tree
Tamara Date tree.
Tamara Date tree; Palm tree
Tamarah Palm Tree
Tamassuk Adherence, Hanging on
Tamasul Alikeness
Tamaya In the Middle
Tamazur Brilliant, whiteness.
Tamazur Brilliant; Whiteness
Tamazur Brilliant; Whiteness
Tameema Perfect, Complete
Tameema Complete
Tameemah Name of a poetess, Ahban al-Absiyah.
Tameemah Name of a poetess
Tameemah Ahban Al-absiyah
Tameemah Name of a poetess.
Tameemah Name of a poetess
Tameemiya Perfection.
Tameemiya Perfection
Tameemiya Perfection
Tameen Protection, patronage, care.
Tameen Protection; Patronage; Care
Tameen Protection; Patronage; Care
Tameena Valuable; Precious
Tameera Beloved Angel; Date Palm
Tameez Distinction, difference, manner.
Tameez Distinction; Difference; Manner
Tameka Sweet; People; Friendly
Tamera Palm Tree, Spice, Date Palm
Tamheed Preparation, To Ease – Facilitate
Tamika People, Sweet, Palm Tree, Spice
Tamima Sweet; Cute
Tamina TBD
Taminah Precious
Tamira A Spice or Palm Tree, Date Palm
Tamirah Feminine Form of Tamir
Tamiya Twin
Tamiza Language of Peoples; Manner
Tamjeeda TBD
Tamjida TBD
Tamkeen Honour, place, status, show.
Tamkeen Honour; Place; Status; Show
Tamkeen Empowering someone; Dignity; Gravity
Tamkin Empowering someone; Dignity; Gravity
Tammamah Whole; Complete; Without Flaw
Tammana Desire
Tammanna Desire; Friendly
Tammara Palm Tree
Tammeen TBD
Tamnna Wish; Desire; Hope
Tamra Copper; Palm Tree
Tamrin Palm Tree; Date Palm
Tamseel Example, allegory, parable.
Tamseel Example; Allegory; Parable
Tamseel Example; Allegory; Parable
Tamsiha Purity
Tana Body
Tanaaz TBD
Tanaz Delicate Body; Worthy of Praise
Tanaz Delicate body
Taneem To be Given Blessings
Tanees Flower; Beautiful
Tangia The Angel
Tanha Alone; Beautiful; Angel of Jannat
Tanhaz Worthy of Praise; Coquettish
Tania Fairy Princess / Queen
Taniha Beauty; Goddess Lakshmi
Tanima Beautiful; God; Slenderness
Tanisah Desire, Ambition, Light of God
Tanish Flower; Happy
Tanisha Fairy queen; Ambition; Goddess of physique
Tanisha Ambition, Desire, Fairy Queen
Tanisha Happiness
Tanisha Happiness.
Tanishaa Ambition
Tanishk Diamond
Tanishq Gold
Tanishqa Graceful; Goddess of Durga
Tanit Pierce; Goddess of the Moon
Taniya Giant, Fairy Queen
Taniza Happiness
Tanjeela TBD
Tanji TBD
Tanjia Rescue, salvation, deliverance.
Tanjia Rescue; Salvation; Deliverance
Tanjia Rescue; Salvation; Delivering
Tanjiba Life
Tanjila Beautiful; Sweat
Tanjima TBD
Tanjin Gift of God
Tanjina Fair; Beautiful
Tanjuma Unique
Tannaz Coquettish
Tanney Fairy Angel
Tanney Fairy Angel
Tanseem Salute of Paradise
Tanseem Salute of paradise
Tanseera TBD
Tansin Beautification; Praise
Tansin Praise; Beautification
Tanuja Born from Body, Goddess, Daughter
Tanveda TBD
Tanvedah TBD
Tanveer Rays Of Light(Origin Islamic)
Tanveer Rays of Light; Star
Tanveera TBD
Tanvi Delicate, Goddess of Beauty
Tanvida TBD
Tanviya Gold
Tanvy Delicate; Feeling
Tanweer Illumination, lighting.
Tanweer Illuminating; Radiant
Tanweer Radiant, Illuminating
Tanweer Illumination
Tanweer Radiant; Illuminating; Enlightening
Tanya Of the Family, Fairy Princess
Tanza Happiness
Tanzeel To Send Down
Tanzeela Receiving Hospitably; Revelation
Tanzeela Revelation, Receiving hospitably
Tanzeela Revelation, Receiving hospitably.
Tanzeela Revelation; Receiving hospitably; Send by God or to come from the heavens
Tanzeem Group of Many People
Tanzeema Get Knowledge, Salute of Paradise
Tanzi The Tansy Flower
Tanziba TBD
Tanziha Princess of the World
Tanzil Princess of God
Tanzil Revelation; Sending down
Tanzila Revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil, revelation, sending down; fem. of Tanzil.
Tanzila Revelation, Sending Down
Tanzila Revelation; Receiving hospitably; Send by God or to come from the heavens
Tanzim TBD
Tanzima A Gift from Heaven
Tanzina Praise, Beautification
Tanzira Heavens Fruit
Tanziya Genius
Taobra Plays a small drum
Taosiath TBD
Taqadum Progress, Advance
Taqadus Sactity.
Taqadus Sanctity
Taqadus Sanctity
Taqia Lively Person
Taqiya God-fearing, devout, pious; fem. of Taqi.
Taqiya God-fearing; Devout; Pious
Taqiya God-fearing; Devout; Pious; Righteous
Taqiyah Pious; Righteous
Taqiyah Heedful of God
Taqiyah God-fearing; Devout; Pious; Righteous
Taqiyya Pious; God-fearing
Taqiyya Pious; Righteous
Taqiyya God-fearing, pious
Taqiyyah God-fearing, Mindfulness of God
Taquaia TBD
Taquaya TBD
Taquiia Beautiful
Taqwa Piety, Devoutness
Taqwa Piety; Devoutness; Heedfulness of God
Taqwa, Taqwaa Piety, devoutness, heedfulness of God
Taqwaa Piety, Devoutness
Taqwaa Piety; Devoutness; Heedfulness of God
Taqweem Correction, Rectification
Taqwim Correction, Stature, Form, Design
Tara Star; The pupil of the eye; Meteor; Fragrance
Tara Star.
Tara Star, Hill, Tower, Crag
Tara Star
Taraab Joy & sorrow.
Taraab Joy; Sorrow
Taraab Joy & sorrow
Taraannum Melody; A Flower; Beautiful
Tarab Smile; Joy
Tarana A Musical Composition
Taranah Harmony; Symphony; Song
Taraneh Song; Melody
Tarannum Singing.
Tarannum A Flower, Beautiful, Melody
Tarannum Melody
Taranum Melody
Taranumm Melody; Beautiful
Tarasha Created
Tarashud Guidance
Tarbeena TBD
Tarbinah TBD
Tarbula Square; Block
Tareefa Rare; Curious; Strange; Uncommon
Tareefah Exquisite; Rare; Unique; Quaint
Tareem TBD
Tareeqa Road; Path; Way; Manner
Tareeqah Road; Way; Manner; Path
Tarfa Kind of Tree
Tarfia TBD
Tarfiha TBD
Tarheeb To Welcome; Spaciousness; Vastness
Tarib Lively, gleeful, merry.
Tarib Lively; Gleeful; Merry
Tarib Lively; Gleeful; Merry
Tarifa Rare, exquisite thing or object.
Tarifa Rare
Tarik Star
Tariq Resembling the Morning Star
Tariqa The Spiritual Way, Name of a Star
Tariqah This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princess of al-Qays bin Zayd.
Tariqah TBD
Tariqah This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princes of al-Qays bin Zayd (AN)
Tariqah This was the name of the freed slave of Labeet of the family of the princes of al-Qays bin Zayd (AN).
Tarique Resembling the Morning Star
Tarmeen TBD
Tarneem Rhythm, voice.
Tarneem Voice; Rhythm
Tarnnum Beautiful
Tarnpreet Sweetness of Music; Sign of Love
Taroob Lively, gleeful, merry.
Taroob Merry
Taroub Gleeful
Tarrannum A Flower; Melody; Beautiful
Tarranum Beautiful; Melody
Tarsa Worshipper of Fire
Tarub Merry
Taruh Happy
Tarwiz TBD
Taryn Combination of Tara and Erin
Tarz Music; Rhythm
Tasa Resurrection
Tasaad She Becomes Happy
Tasahir Vigils
Tasapna Beautiful
Tasarrun TBD
Tasbia TBD
Tasbiha TBD
Tasbit Reinforcement, Situating
Taseefa Smart, Clever
Taseem Salute of Praise
Taseen A Name of the Prophet (SAW)
Taseena Appreciation
Tasfia Solver, Cleanliness, Intelligent
Tasfiah Solver; Light in Darkness
Tasfin Kind
Tasfiya Filtration; Purifying
Tasfiyah Purifying
Tasha Born on Christmas Day, Young Girl
Tashaffi TBD
Tasheefa TBD
Tasheen Fountain of Paradise
Tasheen Ever Ambitious
Tasheen Ever Ambitious.
Tashena Princess of the Kingdom
Tashfa TBD
Tashfeen Sympathetic; Kind
Tashfia Goodness; Sweet Hearts
Tashfin Generous; Confident
Tashfiyah TBD
Tashifa Smart; Clever
Tashiya TBD
Tashmiya TBD
Tashni TBD
Tashnia Born to Win
Tashnima TBD
Tashrifa TBD
Tashveer Beautiful Portrait
Tasifa Smart, Clever
Tasika Happiness; Glow
Tasima Respect; Honour
Tasiyah Consolation, comfort.
Tasiyah Consolation; Comfort
Taskeen Peace; Tranquillity
Taskeen Pacification, alleviation
Taskia TBD
Taskin Satisfaction; Peace
Tasleem Salute, Congratulations
Tasleema Greeting
Tasleemah Salutation, Greeting, Resignation
Tasleena Sweet; Beautiful
Taslim Total Submission, Salutation
Taslima Greeting, salutation; fem. of Taslim.
Taslima Greeting, Salutation
Taslin Beautiful; Wonderful
Tasliyah TBD
Tasmaira TBD
Tasmania TBD
Tasmeea TBD
Tasmeekh Living in fragrance.
Tasmeekh Living in Fragrance
Tasmeem Strong, durable, long lasting.
Tasmeem Strong; Durable; Long Lasting
Tasmeen One Having Good Qualities
Tasmeena One Having Good Qualities
Tasmia Giving Name; Bismillah
Tasmiah TBD
Tasmiha TBD
Tasmila TBD
Tasmim Long Lasting; Durable; Design
Tasmin She who fulfills.
Tasmin One who Fulfils; Twin
Tasmina One who Fulfils
Tasmira Investment, Blossom, Fruit
Tasmiya Name of Allah
Tasmiyah Elevation; Noble
Tasnavi Piece of Gold
Tasneam From the Fountain of Paradise
Tasneem A River in Heaven
Tasneem Fountain of paridise
Tasneem Fountain of paridise.
Tasneema A spring in Paradise.
Tasneema A Spring in Paradise
Tasneen Spring in Heaven
Tasni A River in Heaven
Tasnia Admirable; Waterfall of Heaven
Tasnim A spring in paradise.
Tasnim A Waterfall of the Heaven
Tasnim Fountain in paradise
Tasnima Fountain of Paradise
Tasnime From the Fountain of Paradise
Tasnuba Fragments of Heaven
Tasnuva Piece of Gold, Genius Fairy
Taspia Gift from God
Tasqeen Tranquillity; Peace
Tasreen TBD
Tasrin Beauty
Tasrina TBD
Tasriqa Seeing to Right Way
Tasteer To Write / Author / Draw
Tasveer A Beautiful Portrait
Tasweeb Justification, truth.
Tasweeb Justification; Truth
Tasweer Picture; To Describe; To Paint
Tatheer Cleansing, Purification
Tatheerah TBD
Tatiana Fairy Princess, Fairy Queen
Taufeeq Instruction, courage, daring.
Taufeeq Instruction; Courage; Daring
Taufeer Obundance, excess.
Taufeer Excess
Taufica Prosperity; Success
Taufika Success; Prosperity
Taufiqa Success; Prosperity
Taufiqaa Prosperity; Success
Tauheed Victorious
Tauhida TBD
Tauqeer Respect, honour.
Tauqeer Respect; Honour
Tauqeera TBD
Tauqeerah Respect
Tauret Mythical Goddess of Pregnant Women
Taurisha TBD
Tausi Peacock
Tausiah TBD
Tausiba TBD
Tausifa One who should be Praised
Tavinda Brightness
Tawa A Religious Person
Tawaddud Endearment, showing love or affection to, gaining the love of another.
Tawaddud Endearment
Tawadud Love; Affection
Tawaqur Calm, Composure, Solemnity, Poise
Tawba Repentance
Tawbaat Repentance; Plural of Tawbah
Tawbah Repentance
Tawbah Repentence
Tawfeeqa Prosperous
Tawfeeqa Reconciliation, Divine Help
Tawfika Success, Prosperity
Tawfiqa Prosperity, good luck, good-fortune, success (granted by Allah); fem. of Tawfiq.
Tawfiqa Prosperity; Good Luck
Tawhida Belief in the Oneness of God
Tawhidah Monotheism, Form of Word Tawhid
Tawilah Tall; Long
Tawlah Elevation; Raised Area of Land
Tawoos Peacock.
Tawoos Peacock
Tawshi Bird; Beautiful; Wise
Tawsia To Give Commandment
Tawsiyah To Give a Commandment
Tawwabah Repenting
Tawwad Affection; Love
Tayaba Pleasant; Agreeable; Satisfying
Tayana A Form of Taya
Tayba Pure; Pleasant; Good
Taybah Pure.
Taybah Pure
Taybah Good and Pure
Tayeba Innocent
Tayebba TBD
Tayeeba Pure
Tayiba Pious; Not Corrupt; Good
Tayibat Related to Virtue
Tayieba Pure
Tayilah Great, High of Rank and Status
Tayma Oasis in Northwest Arabia
Taymah Crash of Thunder
Tayseer One who Help Others
Taysha Goddess Laxmi
Taysirah Ease; Facilitation
Tayyaba Pure; Clean; Pleasant; Well
Tayyba Pleasant; Pure
Tayyebah Good, Sweet, Agreeable, Pure
Tayyebeh Good Deed
Tayyiba Good, Sweet, Agreeable, Generous
Tayyiba Good, good-natured, sweet, agreeable, generous, good-tempered; fem. of Tayyib.
Tayyiba Good, pleasant
Tayyibaat Things Permitted by God
Tayyibah Good, pleasant, agreeable.
Tayyibah Pious
Tayyibatun Nisa Good-nature (one) of the woman.
Tayyibatun-Nisa Good-nature
TayyibatunNisa Good-nature (One) of the Woman
Taza Fresh
Tazana Born into Royalty; A Princess
Tazayyun Beautification; Adorning
Tazeeb One who is Educated and Cultured
Tazeen Ornament; Decoration
Tazeena Beautiful
Tazim Respect
Tazima Glorification, exaltation, honour, fem. of Tazim.
Tazima Glorification, Exaltation, Honour
Tazin Adorable; Beautiful
Tazina Beautiful
Tazkia Special, Unique
Tazkia To purify, to clean, to spiritualize.
Tazkia Special; Unique
Tazkiah Purification, Improvement, Growth
Tazkiya Unique; Special; Growth
Tazkiyah Growth; Purification
Tazmeen One Having Good Qualities, Nature
Tazmeen One having good qualities, nature & habits
Tazmeen One who adds, combines, mixes.
Tazmeen One having good qualities, nature & habits.
Tazmina One who Fulfils
Tazmira Blossom; Fruit; Investment
Tazneem TBD
Taznin TBD
Tazreen TBD
Tazrian TBD
Teeha Vast
Teena Clay, Anointed
Tehama Land of Madina
Teherir Something Written
Tehfeem TBD
Tehlin TBD
Tehmeed Praise of Allah (SWT)
Tehmeena TBD
Tehmim TBD
Tehmina Clever
Tehmiz Virtuosic
Tehneet Beautiful
Tehnia Beautiful
Tehniyat Happiness; Congratulations
Tehniyath TBD
Tehreem Respect; Sanctity
Tehreem Respect, sanctity.
Tehreen Gift of God; Clean Hearted Beauty
Tehrim Respected
Tehrin TBD
Tehseen TBD
Tehseena Acclaim; Appreciation
Tehsheem Proud
Tehsim TBD
Tehsin Beautification; Pure
Tehsina Pure; Beautification
Tehsinah Pure
Tehzeeb Respect
Tehzeeb Elegance
Tehzeeb Civilization, etiquette.
Tehzeeb Respect.
Tehzeeba Manners; Culture; Respect
Tehzib Respect; Culture; Manners
Teisha Sweet Melody
Tekeyia TBD
Tekia Worshipper
Temirah Erect and Tall like a Palm Tree
Tenaja Respectful
Tezmin TBD
Thaabita Firm
Thaamira TBD
Thabasum TBD
Thabeena TBD
Thabia Talented; Good Conduct
Thabitah Firm
Thabitah Firm.
Thabsheera Hearing Good News
Thafseena Princess
Thafseera Recitation of Quran
Thafsila Joy
Thahaliya Darkness
Thahaseen TBD
Thahasina TBD
Thaheera TBD
Thahira Pure
Thahiya Gold
Thahleelah TBD
Thahreen Clean Hearted Beauty
Thahseena TBD
Thahura TBD
Thaiera TBD
Thaiseem To Praise
Thajina Charm
Thajunisa TBD
Thajunisha TBD
Thalat Discover
Thamanna Wish; Desire
Thamar Palm Tree
Thamaraat Fruits; Results
Thamarah Fruit; Result
Thameem TBD
Thameena Precious; Valuable
Thameenah Precious, Expensive, Costly, Dear
Thameeza Manner; Distinction
Thamina Healthy
Thamina Precious, valuable
Thaminah Precious, generous
Thaminah Precious, generous.
Thaminah Generous; Precious
Thamirah Productive, Profitable
Thamra Beautiful Angel
Thamseera TBD
Thamsiah TBD
Thana Thankfulness, praise
Thana Thanks Giving, Thankfulness
Thana gratitude
Thana, Thanaa Thankfulness, commendation, praise
Thanaa Thankfulness; Place
Thanaaz Worthy of Praise
Thanaz Delicate Body
Thangamari Rain of Gold; Golden Rain
Thanha Gift of God; Alone
Thania Divine Fame
Thaniya Fairy Queen; Giant
Thaniza TBD
Thanjya TBD
Thanna Praise
Thanseeha TBD
Thansera Stable
Thansiha Princess of the World
Thanvi Great, Grace, Beauty
Thanzah TBD
Thanzeela Revelation; Receiving Hospitably
Thanzia A Flower
Thara Wealth
Thara Wealth; Star; Wife of Baali
Thara, Tharaa Wealth
Tharaa Health; Wealth
Tharanum TBD
Tharifa Unique; Rare
Tharra Prosperous; One who is Wealthy
Tharwa Wealth; Fortune
Tharwah Wealth
Tharwat Wealth
Tharya Name of a pious woman
Tharya Pious Woman
Thasbiha TBD
Thaseela TBD
Thaseen Praise
Thasfiya Clean Heart Parson
Thashin Acclaim
Thashin Acclaim.
Thashlima TBD
Thashreefa TBD
Thashrifa Respected
Thasleem Congratulations
Thasleema TBD
Thasleena TBD
Thaslilma TBD
Thaslim Little Star
Thaslima Greetings
Thaslina Wonderful; Beautiful
Thasmeen Waterfall of Heaven
Thasmiya Name of Allah
Thasneem Kind
Thasneema A Spring in Paradise
Thasni River; A River in Heaven
Thasnim Sweet
Thasniya A River in Heaven
Thasnoon TBD
Thasreena TBD
Thasriya God’s Gift
Thawaab Goodly Reward
Thawab Reward
Thayaba Paradise
Thayeba One who Returns to God
Thayna Praise
Thazeen TBD
Thazeera TBD
Thazmina Good
Thazzvi TBD
Thehzin TBD
Thesleena TBD
Thesni A River in Heaven
Thezeem Happiness
Thezni TBD
Thheiba TBD
Thiba One Drop of Beauty
Thohfa A Gift
Thoiba Pure; Repentant
Thoraya Star
Thoraya Star.
Thoufeera TBD
Thoufica Success; Reconciliation
Thoufika Prosperity; Success
Thouseena TBD
Thubaitah Name of a Sahabiyyah RA
Thubaytah TBD
Thubaytah She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah
Thubaytah She was among the early Muhajirs to Madina and a distinguished woman comapnion, daughter of Yaar bin Zayd al-Ansariyah.
Thufailah Elegant with good respect for her elders
Thufailah Elegant with good respect for her elders.
Thuhayba TBD
Thuhina Dew Drop; Snow
Thumamah A Writer and a Poetess
Thuml Name of an early distinguished woman
Thuml An Early Woman
Thuml Name of an early distinguished woman.
Thuraia Star
Thuraiya Star
Thuraiya, Thurayya Star, constellation Pleiades
Thuraiya, Thurayya Star, constellation Pleiades
Thuraya Great; Star; The Planets
Thurayya Star
Thurayya Star, constellation Pleiades
Thurayya Star; Pleiades
Thurayyaa Star; Pleiades
Thurayyah TBD
Thurja Kindness Towards Others
Thurrayya Star; The Palisades
Thuwabah TBD
Thuwaibah Deserving of Gods Reward
Thuwaibah Thuwaybah Deserving of Gods reward; name of a companion of the Prophet
Thuwaibah, Thuwaybah Deserving of Gods reward; name of a female companion of the Prophet
Thuwaybah TBD
Thuwaybah Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Thuwaybah Name of one of the wet-nurses of the Prophet (S.A.W).
Thwayya Star
Tia Happiness; Princess; Bird; Crown
Tiah Goddess, Godly
Tiam My Eyes
Tibah Goodness, kindness
Tibah Goodness; Kindness; Religiosity
Tibhaj Beauty
Tibna Long Kite
Tibrah Gold / Silver Ore; Gold Lumps
Tiffney Epiphany
Tiflana TBD
Tiger Powerful
Tiha Silent, Heart of the Lion
Tihani TBD
Tihara Remover of Darkness
Tijana Peace
Tijani TBD
Tikia Worshipper
Tiksha Bright
Tilaawah Recitation
Tilat Happiness
Tilawa Recitation
Tima Goodness; Nice
Tina Little One, River, Clay, Holy
Tinah God is Perfection; Christian Woman
Tinat Figs
Tirana Song; Anthem
Tirana Song, anthem.
Tirhab Vastness, Spaciousness
Tisah Ninth-born
Tisha One who is active, lively
Tisha Thirst, Frighten, Be Nervous
Tisha One who is active, lively.
Titania Graceful; Giant; Of the Titans
Titli Butterfly
Tiyba Beautiful Looking
Tiymah Beautiful
Tofa Gift
Tofsina TBD
Toha Gift from God
Tohera TBD
Tohfa Present; Gift
Tohida Obedient
Tohima TBD
Tohira Clean; Holy; Pure
Tohreen Clean Hearted Beauty
Tohura Purity
Toiba Repentant; Pure
Tolou To Rise / Shine
Toma Twin; Palm Tree; Strong
Tonima Sweetness, Affection
Tony Flourishing
Tooba Good news.
Tooba A Tree in Heaven
Torrpaikey Black or Dark Bangs or Hair
Toshana Satisfying, Pleasing
Tosheen TBD
Toshifa TBD
Tosifa Someone who should be Praised
Toslima Feminine of Taslim; Salutation
Touba Name of a Tree in Paradise
Touca Name of a Bird (Toucan)
Touhida God Gift
Touhreen TBD
Toulin Blue Flower
Tousifa TBD
Tousin TBD
Towfica Good Luck; Prosperity
Towhida Believing in One God
Toyeaba TBD
Trana Melody, song.
Trana Melody; Song; Protection
Trinaa Pure
Tsipora Female Bird
Tuba The name of a tree in heaven
Tuba Lovable, Happiness
Tuba The name of a tree in heaven.
Tuba, Tubaa Blessedness, beautitude
Tubaa Blessedness
Tubaa Blessedness, beautitude
Tufan Flood, Cataclysm, Deluge
Tufaylah This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A)
Tufaylah This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Tufaylah This was the name of the freed slave of al-Waleed bin Abdullah; she transmitted Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah (R.A).
Tufaylah TBD
Tufia TBD
Tuhfa Gift, present.
Tuhfa A Gift
Tuhfa Gift
Tuhfah Gift
Tuhi Bird Sound
Tuhin Cold; Snow
Tuhina Snow; Cold; Dew Drop
Tulaiha Happy
Tulayhah She was a narrator of Hadith
Tulayhah Daughter of Rabiah bin al-Harish she narrated Hadith from Sayyidah Ayshah RA.
Tulayhah She was a narrator of Hadith.
Tulayhah Narrator of Hadith
Tulip Flower
Tuloo To Rise / Shine
Tulou To Rise / Shine
Tumadur Old Arabic name
Tumadur Old Arabic name.
Tumadur Proper Name; Old Arabic Name
Tumazir Historical name
Tuqa Heedfulness of God
Tuqa, Tuqaa Heedfulness of God
Tuqaa Heedfulness of God
Tuqaat God Consciousness
Tuqat God Consciousness
Turaab Dust
Turab Dust
Turaifah Blessing; Good Thing; Luxury
Turas Inheritance
Turfa Rarity, rare object, novelty.
Turfa Rarity; Rare Object; Novelty
Turfah Blessings, Good Things of Life
Turha TBD
Tushaibah TBD
Tushara Frost; Snow; Cold; Dew Drops
Tuti An Unusual Girl’s Name
Twaiba Good
Tweety Canary Bird
Twisha Ray of Sunlight, Bright
Tyagi Sacrifice; One who has Renounced
Tyba Pure, Most Beautiful Looking
Tyeisha Prefix Ty Plus Aisha
Tyesha Bright, Duplicitous
Tykeia Manners
Tykia Bright Star
Tyra Thor Flight, Untamed