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“B” represents Emotions. B has a love of nature and life. It shows Amicable, Homeliness, and Over-Sensitive (when short of self-confidence). It is not a particularly strong letter on the physical plane and can be influenced easily by others.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With B

Baabar Lion; King of Jungle
Baadar Derived from Jujube Tree
Baadi Distinct, Evident, Plain, Clear
Baadi Distinct; Evident; Plain; Wonderful; Marvelous; Unique
Baadir Shining
Baadiyah Name of a Sahabiyyah; Desert
Baahi Glorious; Magnificent
Baahi Glorious; Magnificent; Splendid; Brilliant; Shining
Baahir Dazzling; Brilliant
Baahir Dazzling, Brilliant
Baahir Dazzling; Brilliant
Baakir Early; Eldest
Baal Young; Infant; Strong; Strength; Vigour; Bridge; Victory
Baaligh Major
Baaligh Major; Eloquent; Learned; Vivid
Baani Founder; Originator
Baaqee Remaining; Lasting
Baaqi Ever Lasting; Permanent; Eternal
Baaqir Ever Lasting
Baar Just; Pious
Baare Brilliant; Superior; Outstanding
Baare Brilliant; Superior
Baari One of the names of God
Baari One of the Names of God
Baari One of the names of God; Evolver a name of Allah; Free from the hell
Baariq Shining, Lightning, Bright
Baariq shining, lighting, illuminating
Baariq Shining; Lighting; Illuminating; Glitter; Flash; Luster; Bright
Baariz Visible, Prominent, Manifest
Baarr Just; Pious
Baasha He that Seeks or Lays Waste
Baasha Don
Baashir Bringer of Good News / Tidings
Baashir Seeing; Wise; Bringer of good news
Baasid Great Emperor
Baasil Brave; Courageous
Baasim Smiling
Baasim Smiling
Baasim Smiling; Happy
Baasir Seeing; Wise; Bringer of good news
Baasit TBD
Baasit One who spreads or grants prosperity
Baaz Falcon
Baazigh Shining; Radiant; Rising
Bab Door, Gate Entrance, Gateway
Babajan TBD
Babak Name of the Father of Ardeshir
Babar King of Jungle, Lion heartedBrave
Babar Lion, King of Jungle, Bold
Babbar Tiger
Babber Brave; Strong
Babeesh TBD
Baber Courageous Lion
Baber Courageous; Lion; Powerful
Baber Courageous; Lion
Babgha Parrot
Babi Followers of the Sufi Saint Baba
Babik Law
Babil Babylon
Babr Tiger
Babra Tiger
Babrak Little Basilica Flower
Babrak Little basilica flower
Babul A Tree, Gate of God, Father
Babur Joy
Baburao TBD
Bachar One who is Full of Joy
Bachir Oldest Son
Bachra Joy
Badar Full Moon; Fresh; Green
Badarul TBD
Badawi Nomad
Badda Big Heart
Baddar Early and on Time, Speedy
Baddarudin Full Moon of the Faith
Badee Wonderful, Marvellous, Unique
Badeeh Wondrous
Badeel Replacement
Badeen Religious, Faithful
Badela TBD
Bader Full Moon
Badhil TBD
Badi Creator; inventor
Badi Inventor; Creator; Marvellous
Badi marvelous
Badi Distinct; Evident; Plain; Wonderful; Marvelous; Unique
Badi al Zaman The marvel of time
Badi al Zaman The marvel of time
Badi-al-Zaman The Marvel of Time
BadiAlZaman The Marvel of Time
Badil Brave; Generous
Badir Shining; Full Moon
Badiul Alam Unique in the world
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Badiul-Alam Unique in the World
BadiulAlam Unique in the World
Badiullah TBD
Badiuz Genius of the Time
Badiuz-Zaman Genius of the Time
Badiuzzamaan Wonder of the Age
BadiuzZaman Genius of the Time
Badiy Novel, primal
Badiy First, New, Another Name for God
Badr Full moon
Badr Full Moon
Badr full moon
Badr al Din Full moon of the faith
Badr al Din full moon of the faith
Badr Uddeen Full moon of the Faith
Badr-al-Din Full Moon of the Faith
Badr-Aldin Led by Allah
Badr-e-Alam Full Moon of the World
Badr-Udeen Full Moon of Faith
Badraan TBD
BadrAlDin Full Moon of the Faith
Badran The Most Beautiful
Badran The most beautiful
BadrEAlam Full Moon of the World
Badri One who took part in the battle of Badr
Badri the Battle of Badr
Badri Old, Lord Shiva
Badri {h} Lord Vishnu; {m} Bright night
Badru Born at the Full Moon; Full Moon
Badrud-Duja Full Moon of the Dark
Badruddeen TBD
Badruddin The Moon of the Faith
Badruddin Full Moon of religion (Islam)
BadrudDuja Full Moon of the Dark
BadrUdeen Full Moon of the Faith
Badrul TBD
Badshah King; Ruler; Emperor
Badurudeen TBD
Badusha King; Emperor
Bady A Wonderful Man
Baghawi Resident of Bagh
Baghawi A resident of bagh, Baghshur
Baghel Ox; Royal Sovereign
Baghl Ox
Baha Beautiful, magnificent
Baha Beautiful, Magnificent
Baha Beautiful; Magnificent; Shining
Baha al Din Magnificence of the faith
Baha-al-Din Magnificence of the Faith
Baha-Udeen The Magnificent of Faith
BahaAlDin Magnificence of the Faith
Bahador Honourable; Brave
Bahadur Fighter, Bold
Bahaeddin TBD
Bahajat Handsome; Lovely
Bahar Spring
Bahat Pure; Spotless; Flawless
Bahat Beauty
Bahauallah TBD
Bahauddaulah Ornament of the Kingdom
Bahauddawlah Magnificence of the State
Bahauddin The glow of the religion (Islam)
BahaUdeen The Magnificent of the Faith
Bahaullah God’s Glory
Baheej Beautiful; Convivial
Baheen Exalted; Great; Noble
Baheen Exalted; Great; Noble
Baheer Dazzling
Baher Dazzling; Brilliant
Bahera Superb
Bahgat Happiness
Bahhas Scholar; Researcher
Bahhas Examiner
Bahi Splendid; Brilliant; Shining
Bahi Glorious; Magnificent; Splendid; Brilliant; Shining
Bahier Dazzling
Bahij Happy
Bahij cheerful
Bahij Splendid, Handsome, Happy
Bahili Name of Famous People, Including
Bahim Pure; Unmixed
Bahir Sparkling
Bahir Dazzling, brilliant
Bahir dazzling and brilliant
Bahir Luminous, Sparkling, Dazzling
Bahir Dazzling; Brilliant
Bahiran Publicly
Bahirun The Plural of Bahir, Brilliant
Bahirun Brilliant
Bahis Investigator, Researcher
Bahiy Udeen The magnificent of the Faith
Bahiy Good; Magnificent of the Faith
Bahiy-Udeen The Magnificent of Faith
Bahiyat Precious
Bahiyud-Din Radiant
BahiyudDin Radiant
BahiyUdeen The Magnificent of the Faith
Bahiyudin The Magnificent of the Faith
Bahiyy Magnificence of the Faith
Bahiyy al Din Magnificence of the faith
Bahiyy-al-Din Magnificence of the Faith
BahiyyAlDin Magnificence of the Faith
Bahja Joyfulness; Radiance
Bahjah Joyfulness; Radiance
Bahjat Happiness; Beautiful
Bahjat Splendors
Bahlawan Acrobat
Bahlol Leader of a Tribe; Virtuous King
Bahlul One who does Good Deeds
Bahman Well-spirited
Bahman Right mind; Avalanche; The 11th month of the Iranian calendar
Bahmat Kid; Child
Bahoos Researcher; Searcher; Seeker
Bahr Sea; Ocean
Bahram Name of a Persian King
Bahram Victory; Mars
Bahrawar Lion’s heart
Bahri Little; Part; Vast like the Ocean
Bahrul TBD
Bahu A Lot, Arm
Bahu Rod; A saint’s name
Bahualdin TBD
Bahuj Handsome; Happy – Lively
Bahur Intense Heat
Bahurudeen TBD
Bahy Brother
Bahz Name of Bin Hakeem
Bahz Name of bin Hakeem
Bahzar Active; Noble
Baid Another name for God, away, distant
Baid Another Name for God, Away
Baidar Enlightened; Attentive
Baihas Strong; Brave
Baijid TBD
Bailul Freshness
Bais One of the ninetynine names of God
Bais TBD
Baith One who Raises Death
Baizid Devotion of Mother
Bajala Venerated; Honoured
Bajala A generous woman; Honored; Venerated
Bajdan Residnt
Bajih Rejoice
Bajul Respected; Honour
Baka Crane; Stork
Bakar Morning
Bakaullah TBD
Bakeet Lover; Paramour
Bakeet Lover; Paramour
Bakhit Lucky; Fortunate
Bakhit Lucky; Fortunate
Bakhram Victorious
Bakhsh Give; Forgive; Gift; Fortunate
Bakhsh Gift; Fortunate; Give
Bakhshi Gift; Present
Bakht Fortune; Luck
Bakht-Rawan Running Luck
Bakhtari Ibn al-mukhtar
Bakhtawar One who brings good luck
Bakhtawar One who Brings Good Luck
Bakhtiaar Lucky; Fortunate
Bakhtiyar Lucky; Fortunate
Bakhur Scent; Perfume
Bakhyt A Lucky Man
Baki Balance; Gallant; Region
Bakir Early in the Morning
Bakir Early
Bakir Early
Bakirin One who are Early and Ready
Bakkah Old Name of Makkah
Bakkar A Reciter of the Quran and Author
Bakkar one who leaves early in the morning
Bakkur Early; On Time; New
Bakor Camel
Bakr Young camel
Bakr Camel, First Born, New
Bakr Old Arabic name
Bakraj Coffee-pot
Bakri One who Starts Work Early
Bakri One who starts work early
Bakri early riser
Bakri One who starts work early
Bakrun New, Fresh, Untouched
Baksh Gift of Guru; Fortune; Donor
Bakshu Blessed
Baktash The Elder, Grandee of a Tribe
Bakur Thunderbolt, Horn, Glorifies
Bakur Precocious; Early coming
Bakurah Beginning; Dawn
Bal Heart, Mind, Soul, Arm, Wing
Balaagh Proclamation, Declaration
Balagh Delivery of a Massage
Balagh Another name for the Quran
Balagh Another name of holy Quran
Balaj Glitter, Shine
Balan Newly Risen, Youthful, Simple
Balaq Variety of Colours
Balay Cornice or Eaves
Balay Cornice; Eaves
Balaz TBD
Balban Which is Holy
Baleegh Eloquent, Vivid, Complete
Baleegh Major; Eloquent; Learned; Vivid
Baleel Moisture; One of the Prophet
Baleel Moisture; One of the prophet
Balhara King of Kings
Baligh Eloquent; Vivid; Learned
Baligh Eloquent
Baligh eloquent
Baligh Major; Eloquent; Learned; Vivid
Balj Delighted
Balj Delighted
Baljat Brightness; Dawn
Balma Beloved
Bamdad Name of Mazdak’s Father; Early …
Bamshad Pleasant Dawn
Banaah Tall and attractive
Banayot TBD
Bandagi Pray
Bandar Seaport; District Capital
Bandar Seaport, district capital
Bandar seaport
Bandar Seaport; The district capital
Bandenawaz TBD
Bani Children, Speech, An Orator
Banna Builder; Architect
Banseel Brave
Bany Kind; Cute
Baqa Survival; Immortality; Eternity
Baqa Survival; Immortality
Baqai Immortal
Baqais TBD
Baqar Lion; Star
Baqar Inevitable, lion, powerful
Baqee Enduring; Everlasting
Baqer Man of Knowledge
Baqi Remaining, Everlasting, Eternal
Baqian Perpetual, Everlasting, Firm
Baqir Deeply Learned, Genius, Scholar
Baqir Beloved one, Close to heart
Baqiyya Remaining
Bara Free
Baraa One who Cure, Innocent, Healed
Baraat Security
Barack Thunder, In Vain, Soldier
Barahim Father of the People
Baraj Handsome; Good-looking
Barak Fire Bolt, Thunder, In Vain
Baraka A Blessing; Gift; Fortune
Barakah Blessed
Barakah Blessing
Barakah Blessed; Blessings
Barakat Blessings, Abundance, Prosperity
Barakatullah Blessing of Allah
Baraq Electricity
Bararat Pious; Truthful
Barayek Blessed
Baraz High; Exalted
Barbat Lute
Bardia Name of a Prince
Bareck One who is Noble
Baree Free from the Hell; Free
Bareed Messenger; Partner
Bareek Blessed
Bareeq Glitter, Flash, Lustre
Barek One who is Noble
Bargow God
Barhi Thanks
Bari Of Allah
Bari The Evolver. A Name For Allah
Bari Creator, Deity, Sharp, Pointed
Barii Innocent
Barij Good Sailor
Barik A Well Watered Place
Bariq Bright
Barir Faithful
Barir faithful
Barizi Prominent; Visible
Barkat Growth; Enlargement
Barkat Growth
Barkat Growth
Barkatullah Blessing of Allah
Barmak TBD
Barna Son of Comforting, Young, Youth
Barni Young; Grown Up
Baroka TBD
Barq Lightening; Telegraph
Barqi Electric Light
Barr Another name for God, generous
Barr Gateway, Form of Barretta, A Cap
Barr Just, Pious
Barraq Bright, Brilliant, Glittering
Barraq Shining.
Barraq Shining
Barraz Prominent; Clear
Baryal Successful
Barz Intelligent
Barzan Prominent, Visible
Basa Beauty
Basaam Smiling
Basaam Smiling
Basah Beauty
Basair Enlightenment
Basair Another name for the Quran
Basam Smiling; One who Smiles Often
Basan One who Uproots Fully
Basan One who uproots fully
Basar Sight; Vision; Eyesight
Basaud Exalted; Blessed
Basaud Exalted; Blessed
Baseem Smiling
Baseem Smiling
Baseer Vision, Sagacious, All Seeing
Baseer Vision; Propitious; Auspicious; Prudent; Bringer of glad tidings
Baseerat Insight; Wisdom
Baseet Vast; Spacious
Baseet Vast; Spacious; One who stretches; Enlarges
Basel Brave; Courageous; Lion
Basel Brave
Basel Brave
Basel Brave
Basem Smiling, One who Smiles, Cheerful
Basem Smiling
Basem Smiling
Basem Smiling
Basha Stranger, King, Emperor, Noble
Basha King
Bashaar Bringer of glad tidings
Bashaar Bringer of glad tidings
Bashaarat Good News
Bashar Bringer of Glad Tidings
Bashar Bringer of glad tidings.
Bashar Bringer of glad tidings
Basharaat Good Omen; Prophecy
Basharat Good news
Basharat Good news
Basheer One who carries Good news
Basheera TBD
Basher TBD
Bashid TBD
Bashiq TBD
Bashir One who Gives Good News
Bashir Bringer of glad tidings
Bashir Bringer of glad tidings
Bashir a good omen
Bashirat Prudent; Intelligence
Bashiruddin Wise; One who Gives Good News
Bashirun Bringers of Good News / Tidings
Bashshar Brings good news
Bashshar Brings Good News
Bashshar Bringer of glad tidings
Bashshar Bringer of many glad tidings
Bashshar bringer of glad tidings
Bashu Optimistic, Joyful, Cheerful
Bashur Bringer of Good News
Basi That is Enough
Basid TBD
Basil Imperial, Monarchic, Kingly
Basil Brave
Basil Brave
Basili Courageous; Brave
Basim One who Smiles; Smiling; Happy
Basim Smiling
Basim the smiling one
Basim smiling
Basim / Bassam Smiling
Basimi Joyful, Happy
Basir TBD
Basir Bringer of glad tidings
Basir Bringer of glad tidings.
Basira Pious
Basiruddin TBD
Basit Expander, Spreader
Basith Servant of the Extender; Creator.
Basman Smiling
Basmat Smile
Basmin Joyful, Happy, Cheerful
Basoom Happy, Cheerful
Basr Eye-sight; Wisdom; Sight
Basrah Dry Land
Bassam Smiling
Bassam He who Smiles a Lot; Smiling
Bassam Smiling
Bassel Courageous; Brave
Bassem Smiling
Bassil Brave
Bassim Smiling
Bastaq Servant; Attendant
Batal Champion.
Batal Brave; Hero; Champion
Batal Champion
Batek Sharp Sword
Batik Sharp Sword
Batin Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Batin Hidden
Batish Mighty; Powerful
Batoor Brave
Battah Dance
Bauna Cool
Bayaan Elucidation
Bayan Another name for the Quran
Bayan Another Name for the Holy Quran
Bayd Worshipper
Baydhoon White
Baydun White
Bayhas Name of the lion
Bayhas name of the lion
Bayhas Name of the lion
Baz Falcon
Baz Royal, Kingly, Eagle, King
Bazaan The old emperor of Yaman
Bazam It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih
Bazam It was the Name of the Tabiee
Bazam It was the name of the Tabiee, Abu Salih
Bazan A Companion of Prophet (PBUH)
Bazee One who is Generous
Bazel Royal Kingly
Bazgar Peasant
Bazi One who is Generous
Bazie One who is Generous
Bazif Exult; To Board
Bazigh Radiating Light, Radiant, Rising
Bazil Royal; Kingly
Bazir Educated; A Great Person
Bazish Aggressive; Hard-liner
Bazlur-Rahman Generosity of the All-merciful
BazlurRahman Generosity of the All-merciful
Bazugh Sunrise
Bebarg Beautiful Tree
Bechir Innocence; Pure
Bedar Wakeful; Attentive; Enlightened
Bedaruddin Attentive to the Religion
Beddis TBD
Beeran Lord of Warriors
Behan Bee
Behardin TBD
Behdad Excellent Gift; Of Good Birth
Behlol Leader; A Famous Saint
Behnam Man of Honour, Reputable
Behr Sea; Wave
Behram Mars; Planet; Victory
Behroz Sacred; Noble
Behruz Lucky; Fortunate; Good Day
Behzad Of Good Birth, Of Noble Family
Behzad Honest and caring
Bekir First Born
Belaal TBD
Belal White; Bright
Belall TBD
Bellal One of the Solder Name
Belqis TBD
Benesa TBD
Benincasa Child of Qasim
Benjamin Right Hand’s Son; Born of the …
Benyamin Jacob’s Youngest Son; Son of the …
Beram Fun; Eid; Enjoyment
Berkan TBD
Berngards Brave as a Bear
Besmil TBD
Betelgeuse Arm of the Central One
Bhaktiyar Fortunate; Lucky
Bhasheer Intelligent and Discerning
Bibhakar Source of Light
Bidar On Time; Awake; Being Early
Biddi Handsome; Bidder
Bihaar Sea
Bihar Ocean; Seas
Bihjan TBD
Bihzad Well Born
Bijan A Character in Shahnameh
Bijann TBD
Bijul Peaceful
Bikr First Born; Eldest
Bilaal Call to Prayer, Freshness, River
Bilal first convert of muhammad
Bilal The Chosen One, Black Man
Bilal the first convert
Bilal refreshment; Muhammad’s caller to prayer
Bilall The Chosen One
Bilel Refreshing
Billah TBD
Billal Satisfies Thirst
Bilyaminu Peace
Bin Son; Form of Bingham; Crib
Bina Wise, Seeing, Clear-sighted
Binad Hope
Binat Humble; Modest; Variant of Vinata
Binyaameen TBD
Binyamin Ploughman, Son of the Right Hand
Birjis Planet; Planet Jupiter
Birrah Good Deed
Bisam TBD
Bisharah Good News; Good Tidings
Bisharat Good News
Bishr Joy
Bishr Joy, Solved, Based, Cheerfulness
Bishr joy
Bishr Joy
Bishry Optimistic; Cheerful; Glad
Bismillah Beginning; Commencement
Bisu Bright Star
Bob Bright, Form of Robert
Bokhtiar Fortunate; Lucky
Bokil TBD
Bony Pleasant; Charming; Bones of Body
Borak Lightning
Borak The Lightning
Borna Young; Youthful
Borzoo Tall; Sohrab’s Son in Shahnameh
Boshry Gladness; Happiness
Bost Pride; Blessed; Courageous
Bostan Garden
Botros Arabic Form of Peter
Bouid TBD
Boulos Arabic form of Paul
Boulos Small; Humble
Boulos small rock
Boulos Arabic form of “Paul”
Boulus Small
Boulus Arabic Form of Paul
Boutros Arabicform of PETER
Bouzid Thrive
Brada TBD
Brahim Father of Multitude
Brahin Proofs; Arguments
Brakat Prosperity
Bruhier Name of a Sultan
Bubun Love
Budaid Example; Sample; Specimen
Budail Name of a companion of the Prophet
Budail Name of a Companion of the Prophet
Budail companion of the Prophet
Budail / Budayl Name of a companion of the Prophet
Budair Little Full Moon
Budat Prince
Budayl Name of a Companion of the Prophet
Budool Respected, Generous, Virtuous
Budur Full Moon; Plural of Badr
Buhaan Proof; Evidence
Buhairah Lake
Buham Soldier; Brave
Buhmah Invincible
Buhsum Firm; Hard
Buhur Oceans; Seas; River; Eye; Sight
Bujair TBD
Bukair New, Untouched
Bukran Early Morning; Dawn
Bukrat Morning; Dawn
Buland Height; Upward
Bulbul Nightingale
Bulhut A narrator of hadith had this name
Bulhut Narrator of Hadith
Bulhut A narrator of hadith had this name
Buluj Glitter; Shine
Bulus Small; Humble
Bunyan Home of Pigeons, Structures
Buqat Temple; Monastery
Buqrat An Ancient Physician
Buraid Chilly; Cold
Buraik Blessed
Burak Horse like animal carried the Prophet during mehraj
Buraq Bright One
Buras TBD
Burayd Cold, Mind.
Burayd Mild, Cold
Burayd Cold, Mind
Buraydah TBD
Burhaan Proof
Burhan proof
Burhan Proof; Evidence
Burhan Proof
Burhan-ud-Din Proof of the Religion (Islam)
BurhanUdDin Proof of the Religion Islam
Burj Zodiac Sign; Star; Constellation
Burraq TBD
Bursuq Badger
Buruj Signs of the Zodiac
Busa All; Universal
Busharat Good News
Bushr Joy; Happiness
Bushr Joy, happiness
Bushr Joy, happiness
Bushra Good News
Bushur Good News
Busr Unripe Dates
Busraq TBD
Busrat Rising Sun
Bustan Orchard; Place of Perfumes
Busuttil TBD
Butras TBD
Butros Rock
Butros Rock; Form of Peter
Butrus Arabic form of “Peter”
Butrus Form of Peter; Rock; Stone
Butrus Arabic form of Peter
Buurab Father of Earth
Buwayh TBD
Buzat Ice-creams