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“J” represents Aspiration. The J shows Clever, Truthful, Creative, and Helpful. J is warm-hearted, well-meaning, and reliable.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With J

Jaabir Comforter
Jaabir Consoler, Comforter
Jaabir Consoler; Comforter; The person who have religious
Jaad God’s Prosperity
Jaadallah TBD
Jaafar Rivulet
Jaafar small stream
Jaafar Rivulet; Small River
Jaafar Rivulet; River; Stream; Little creek
Jaafer Small Stream
Jaah Respect; Rank
Jaah Respect; Rank
Jaahid Hardworking; Striving
Jaal Resolution; Firm will
Jaalib Motive; Cause
Jaami Perfect, Gatherer, Collector
Jaamil Handsome; Good-looking
Jaamil Beautiful
Jaan Life, Soul.
Jaan Life; Soul; God is Gracious
Jaaquim God will Judge
Jaar Neighbour
Jaarallah TBD
Jaareh Wounding; Cutter
Jaari Neighbourly; Like a Neighbour
Jaasim Strong, Healthy, Great, Big, Huge
Jaasir Brave; Bold; Courageous
Jaaved Alive; King; Living
Jaazi Sufficient
Jabaar King; Mighty
Jabal Which Glides Away
Jabal Mountain; Ibn Yazid
Jabalah Mountain,Hill
Jabalah Mountain; Hill
Jabalah Mountain, hill
Jaban Tenderness of Heart; Soft Hearted
Jaban Soft hearted; Tenderness of
Jabar Bone-setter; Repairer
Jabari Brave, Strong Hearted, Courageous
Jabarulla TBD
Jabarullah TBD
Jabb Servant of God / Lord
Jabbaar Mighty
Jabbar mighty and brave
Jabbar Comforter ,Mighty, brave
Jabbar Mighty
Jabbar Peasant, All Powerful, Mighty
Jabbar Compeller; Comforter; Compelled
Jabbar, Jabr Mighty, brave
Jabber Leader
Jabed Adorer; Worshipper
Jabeel TBD
Jabeen River; Forehead
Jabeer Comforter
Jaber Wonderful; Warrior
Jabeullah TBD
Jabez Grief
Jabilo Medicine Man
Jabin He that Understands, Building
Jabir comforter
Jabir comforter
Jabir Comforter
Jabir comforter
Jabir Restorer; Comforter; Consolation
Jabiri Comforter
Jabiulla TBD
Jaboor Strong; Mender
Jabori Curly Wizard
Jabr Compulsion name of a companion.
Jabr Compulsion Name of a Companion
Jabr Compulsion name of a companion
Jabraan Penalty; Reward
Jabrail Archangel of Allah
Jabran Penalty; Reward; Brave; Courageous
Jabreel Archangel of Allah
Jabri Helper
Jabril Archangel of Allah
Jabrion TBD
Jabyn God has Created
Jad Curly; Frizzled; Gift of Allah
Jad Curly, Frizzled
Jad Curly, Frizzled
Jad Allah Gift of God
Jad Allah Gift of God
Jad-Allah Gift of Allah
JadAllah Gift of God; God’s Prosperity
Jadd One who is Serious
Jadeed New
Jadid Young; New
Jadir Spring Bloom / Sprout
Jadud Great; Fortunate; Lucky
Jadur First Sprout of Spring
Jadwal Brook; Rivulet; Spring
Jaed One who Speaks Good Words
Jaem Holder of Heel; Yahweh May Protect
Jafaar A Little Stream
Jafan Strong
Jafar rivulet; little creek
Jafar Rivulet, stream
Jafar Rivulet, stream
Jafar Little Stream, Rivulet, A River
Jafar, Jafar Rivulet, little creek
Jafari Dignified, Creek, From Kikuyu
JafarSaadiq Early Imam (Leader) of Islam
Jafarullah TBD
Jafe Lord
Jafer Stream
Jaffar Help of the Family and Anythih
Jaffarr TBD
Jaffarulla TBD
Jaffer Flowing water
Jaffer Stream
Jaffruddin TBD
Jafi Soul
Jafian Emperor; Great King / Leader
Jafir Innocent; Peace
Jafor Kindness; Honest
Jaforali TBD
Jaforuddin TBD
Jafran Brilliant
Jafreen TBD
Jafri Yellow Flower
Jafrin Blessing of God
Jafrulla TBD
Jagabar TBD
Jahaafil Powerful; Great Army
Jahaan The World
Jahafil TBD
Jahan The World; Universe
Jahanafirin Another Name for God, Creator
Jahanafirin Another name for God; creator
Jahandar Possessor of the World
Jahangeer Name of a Mogul King
Jahanggir A Moghul Emperor had this Name
Jahangir A moghul emperor name
Jahangir Ruler of the World
JahangirKhan TBD
Jahanshah Emperor / King of the World
Jahanzeb Beautiful
Jahanzeb Beautiful
Jahanzeb Beautiful; Charming
Jahar Jewel
Jahara Jewel
Jahd Struggle; Strife
Jahdami An authority for hadith had this name
Jahdami TBD
Jahdami An authority for hadith had this name
Jahdari An authority of Quran had this name.
Jahdari TBD
Jahdari An authority of Quran had this name
Jahed Diligent
Jahedul TBD
Jaheed Stronger; Hard Worker
Jaheen Brilliant
Jaheer Handsome Man; High Sound
Jaheim Raised up
Jahenn TBD
Jaherul TBD
Jahfar Rivulet, little creek
Jahfar Little Creek; Rivulet
Jahfi TBD
Jahhad TBD
Jahi Dignified
Jahid Hard Worker; Captain; Stronger
Jahidul TBD
Jahie Dignity
Jahiem Raised up; One with Dignity
Jahin Of Good Breeding
Jahir A Person who Always Help, Helper
Jahiruddin TBD
Jahirul TBD
Jahish Blessing of God
Jahith TBD
Jahiz Ogle Eyed
Jahiz Ogleeyed
Jahiz Ogle-eyed
Jahlee Handsome
Jahleel Waiting for, Beseeching
Jahlil Majestic; God-like
Jahm Sullen
Jahm Sullen
Jahm Sullen
Jahmal Handsome
Jahmal Handsome; Grace
Jahmall TBD
Jahmalle TBD
Jahmeel Beauty
Jahmeil Beauty
Jahmel Beauty
Jahmil Beauty
Jahmile Beauty
Jahsh Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Jahsh Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Jahul TBD
Jahur TBD
Jahurul TBD
Jahwed Generous
Jaide Loyal; Generous; Goodness
Jaide Goodness
Jaiden God has Heard
Jaidul Loving
Jailabdeen TBD
Jailan TBD
Jaim Holder of Heel; Yahweh May Protect
Jaimil Beloved One
Jaina God is Gracious
Jainoddin TBD
Jainodin TBD
Jainuddin Deen Ki Tarf Ragib Karne Wala
Jainudeen TBD
Jainul TBD
Jairul TBD
Jaisan God Vishnu
Jaish Light, Excellent, Of High Quality
Jaishan Victory of Pride
Jakar TBD
Jakaria TBD
Jakeem Raised Up
Jakeem Raised up
Jakeer TBD
Jakie One who Supplants
Jakif Curly Wizard
Jakin The God will Establish
Jakir Grateful; Remembering
Jakirul TBD
Jakkir TBD
Jakub Following After, The Supplanter
Jal Water, Resolution, Firm will
Jal Resolution, firm will
Jal Resolution, firm will
Jalaal Glory of the Faith
Jalaal-Al-Din Glory of the Faith
Jalahuddin Splendour of the Religion
Jalal glory
Jalal Glory, Loftiness, Sublimity
Jalal Glory grandeur
Jalal Glory
Jalal al Din Glory of the faith
Jalal al Din Glory of the faith
Jalal-al-Din Glory of the Faith
Jalal-ud-Din The Majesty of Religion (Islam)
Jalalabad TBD
JalalAlDin Glory of the Faith
Jalaleddin TBD
Jalall Greatness
JalalUdDin The Majesty of Religion Islam
Jalaludeen Glory of the Faith
Jalaludin Handsome
Jaleb Attainer; Motive; Cause
Jaleed Powerful; Patient
Jaleel Glorious, Revered
Jaleel great; fine
Jaleel great, fine
Jaleelah Glorious, Great, Dignified
Jalees Table Companion, Associate
Jalees Companion, friend, person with whom one sits.
Jalees Companion, friend, person with whom one sits
Jalen Flute, Calm or Serene
Jalib Motive, Cause, Attractive
Jalil majestic
Jalil Revered, Capable, Mighty, Exalted
Jalil Great revered
Jalil Great, revered
Jalil, Jaleel Great, revered
Jalin TBD
Jalinoos Intelligent
Jalis Table Companion; Associate
Jallal Greatness
Jalood Persistent
Jalpit Different for All; Devoted
Jalwan Discoverer of the Truth
Jam God Name
Jama Cheerful, Beautiful, Amazing
Jamaal Beauty; Handsome; Elegance
Jamaal Handsome
Jamaal Beauty
Jamaal Udeen Beauty of the Faith
Jamaal-Al-Din Beauty of the Faith
Jamaal-Udeen Beauty of the Faith
Jamaaldin Beauty of the Faith
Jamaaluddin Beauty of the Faith
JamaalUdeen Beauty of the Faith
Jamaan Kind
Jamad Freezing
Jamael Handsome
Jamael Handsome
Jamahl Handsome
Jamahl Handsome
Jamail Beautiful Star
Jamair Handsome; Healthy
Jamal beautiful or handsome
Jamal Handsome, Being Fair, Beauty
Jamal Handsome
Jamal beauty
Jamal beauty
Jamal al Din Beauty of the faith
Jamal al Din Beauty of the faith
Jamal-al-Din Beauty of the Faith
Jamal-ud-Din Beauty of the Religion (Islam)
Jamala Handsome
JamalAlDin Beauty of the Faith
Jamale Handsome
Jamaleddn TBD
Jamall Handsome
Jamall Handsome
Jamaluddein Grace of the Religion
Jamaludeen TBD
Jamaludin Beauty of the Faith
Jaman Connoisseur
Jamar Handsome; Happy; Healthy
Jamari Warrior; Handsome / Beautiful
Jamarl Beauty
Jamaul Beauty
Jamed Courageous
Jamedin TBD
Jamee-Um Together
Jameel Beautiful; Handsome
Jameel beautiful
Jameel Handsome
Jameel Beautiful
Jameelu Handsome; Variant of Jameel
Jameelur TBD
Jameen Form of Jasmine
Jameer Gift from God
Jamel Handsome; Grace
Jamele Beautiful
Jamell Handsome
Jamelle TBD
Jamen Beautiful
Jamereal TBD
Jamesha Beautiful leader
Jami Supplanter, Wife of Yama
Jamiel Handsome; Right Hand of Favour
Jamiel Handsome
Jamiell TBD
Jamielle TBD
Jamien Beautiful
Jamil Handsome, Beautiful, Grace
Jamil Handsome
Jamil beautiful
Jamil Beautiful, lovely
Jamil, Jameel Beautiful
Jamila Beautiful Mother
Jamile Handsome
Jamill Handsome
Jamille Beautiful; Variant of Jameelah
Jamiloun Variant of Jamil, Handsome
Jaminur TBD
Jamion Beautiful
Jamir Handsome, Gift from God
Jamiruddin TBD
Jamirudeen Leader of the Faith
Jamirul Brave; Proud; Strong
Jamiu Gatherer
Jamiul TBD
Jammal Camel; Handsome
Jamman TBD
Jammaz TBD
Jammel TBD
Jamon Handsome, Beautiful
Jamont TBD
Jamooh Defiant
Jamsed TBD
Jamseer TBD
Jamsha Beautiful Leader
Jamshad Shining River
Jamshaid Sun’s Rays; Lights
Jamshed Shining River
Jamshed Shiningriver
Jamsheed Sun’s Rays; Lights; Shining River
Jamsheer Good Heart
Jamsher Bravery; Lion Hearted
Jamshid Handsome; Sun’s Rays; Lights; A …
Jamshir TBD
Jamuh Defiant
Jamun Beautiful
Jamyang TBD
Jamyl Awesomeness
Jan Supplanter
Jan Life heart
Jan-e-Alam Life of the World
Jan-Muhammad Life of Muhammad
Janab Your Excellency
Janan Heart; Soul
Janasheen Successor; Vicegerent
Janat-Gul Paradise Flower
Janath Paradise; Heaven
Jandarah Name of a Sahabi RA
JanEAlam Life of the World
Janib Mon; Mohisher
Janid One who Wields a Sharp Spear
Janif Dignified
Janis God is Gracious
Janish God of Shanti
JanMuhammad Life of Muhammad
Jannat Heaven; Swarg
Jannatul TBD
JansherKhan Power of Lion
Janu Soul; Life Force
Jara Old Age
Jaraad Locust; Liberal
Jaraah Surgeon
Jaraah Surgeon; name of tabaree
Jarad Locust; Liberal; He Descends
Jaram Date (the Fruit); Seed; Kernel
Jaran Lake; Small River; To Sing
Jared Descends
Jareed Hawk; Messenger; Herald
Jareeh Wounding Cutter
Jareem Praising
Jareer Corpulent
Jareer Corpulent
Jareer Corpulent
Jareh Wounding; Cutter
Jari God will Raise Up
Jari Powerful, brave
Jari Powerful brave
Jarib Contending, Fighting, Chiding
Jarif Intelligent; Wise
Jarih Wounding Cutter
Jarin To Sing
Jarir One who can Pull
Jarir One who can pull; name of a famous Arab poet
Jarir One who can pull; name of a famous Arab poet
Jarith Brave with the Spear
Jariya This was the Name of Ibn Jamil
Jariyah Name of a Ashb-as-suffa
Jariyah Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa
Jariyah Name of a Ashb-as-Suffa
Jarmal Form of Jamal
Jarmel TBD
Jarmil Strong; Fierce; Dear; Gracious
Jarmin Beautiful
Jarmon Beautiful
Jarn Lake
Jarood Name of a Companion of the Prophet
Jarood Name of a companion of the Prophet
Jarood Name of a companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Jarraah Surgeon
Jarraar Very Brave
Jarrah Vessel
Jarrar Attractive, Huge, Tremendous Army
Jarrar Brave
Jarshad TBD
Jarullah Neighbour of Allah
Jarum Pure in Colour, Big-bodied
Jaseel TBD
Jaseem Real Life Hero; Good Health
Jaseer Bold; Courageous
Jasen A Healing; The Lord is Salvation
Jaser Fearless
Jash Victory; Fame
Jasham Eagle
Jashan Celebrate; Celebration
Jashef TBD
Jashid TBD
Jashif TBD
Jashik Protector
Jashil Gods Work
Jashir Good; Happiness
Jashman Surprised
Jasib Handsome
Jasiel The Strength of God
Jasif TBD
Jasil Gods Work
Jasim great; big
Jasim Good Health, Strong, Powerful
Jasim Powerful, strong
Jasim Great & famous
Jasim-ud-Din TBD
JasimUdDin Great (Man) of the Religion Islam
Jasin The Lord is Salvation
Jasir Brave, Bold, Courageous, Valiant
Jasith Protector
Jasiyah The 45th Surah of the Qiirayi
Jasiyah The 45th Surah of the Qiirayi
Jasmal TBD
Jasmeen Name of a Flower
Jasmin Jasmine Flower
Jasmir Strong
Jasmir Strong
Jasmon Jasmine
Jason Healer, The Lord is Salvation
Jasoor Brave
Jaspar One, One who Guards the Treasure
Jaspar Treasurer
Jasper TBD
Jasper Treasurer
Jassar Brave
Jassem He of High Stature
Jassim One who is of Good Health, Great
Jassir Courage
Jasur Brave; Bold; Courageous; Valiant
Jaswik Gift of God, Lord Venkateswara
Jauhar Jewel; Gem; Pearl
Jaul choice
Jaul Choice
Jaul Choice
Jaumell TBD
Jaun kind of plant
Jaun Kind of plant
Jaun Kind of Plant
Jaun Kind of plant
Javad Liberal; Garden
Javaid Eternal
Javed Bright
Javed Forever, Immortal Jawahar Jewel
Javeed Living Forever; Immortal
Javeed Forever
Javeer TBD
Javid Alive; Living
Javidkhan Living; Alive
Javier Month ofJanuary
Javier Owner of a New House
Javir TBD
Javith Alive; Living
Jawaad Liberal; Generous; From Swahili
Jawad open-handed; generous
Jawad Generous, Open-handed
Jawad Open handed, generous
Jawahar Gold; Jewel; Pure; Diamond
Jawahir Jewel; Plural of Jawhar
Jawaid Eternal; Everlasting
Jawan A Young Man
Jawd Torrential Rain
Jawdah Heavy Rain; Benevolent Deed
Jawdah Heavy rain, benevolent deed
Jawdan Goodness
Jawdan Goodness
Jawdat Goodness, Excellence
Jawdi One who is like Torrential Rain
Jawed Living Forever
Jaweed Living Forever
Jawhar jewel; essence
Jawhar Jewel, Gem, Essence
Jawhar Jewel
Jawid Always; Alive; Sahabi Name
Jawn Black
Jawsa Bright
Jawwaad Most Generous; Most Bountiful
Jawwad The Generous; Beautiful
Jayad Causing Victory
Jayan The Victorious
Jayauddin TBD
Jayaudin TBD
Jaydan God will Judge, Variant of Jaedyn
Jayed Generous; Giving
Jayhan Skillful
Jaymin Right Hand of Favour
Jaynal TBD
Jaynul TBD
Jayyid Good
Jaza Jazlaan; Reward
Jazaa Recompense; Reward for Good Deeds
Jazaib TBD
Jazal Happiness; Great
Jazam Encourager; Instigator
Jazam Encourager; Instigator
Jazee TBD
Jazeel Strength of God
Jazeel Right attitude; Good manners; Tremendous
Jazel Good Manner / Attitude
Jazel Right attitude; Good manners; Tremendous
Jazey Impatient
Jazey Impatient
Jazi Sufficient; To Take Revenge
Jazi To take revenge
Jazib Absorber, Attractive, Beautiful
Jazib Beautiful, Handsome
Jazib Absorber; Attractive
Jazil Courage
Jazim Kind; Helpful
Jazin TBD
Jazlaan Happiness
Jazlan Happiness
Jazly Fluent
Jazool Happy
Jazoon The Plural of Jazee
Jazwin Origin
Jazzmyn Fragrant flower
Jazzmyn TBD
Jebil TBD
Jebin Prayer
Jebraeil Angel
Jebran Greatness
Jed the hand
Jed The Hand, Friend of God
Jedi Beloved by God; Hand
Jedidiah Friend of God or beloved of God
Jedidiah Beloved of the Lord; Friend of God
Jeehan Creator / Founder of Quran
Jeelan It is a City in Iran
Jeelan It is a city in Iran
Jeelani Mighty or Powerful
Jeevanathan Life of Lord
Jeezan TBD
Jefran TBD
Jefri Peace
Jefry Peace
Jehaan Creative Mind
Jehan The Lord is Gracious
Jehandar Worldly
Jehangir Akbar’s Son
Jehanzaib TBD
Jehfil Strong; Powerful Man
Jelal Loftiness; Sublimity; Glory
Jelaluddeen Glory of the Faith
Jelaluddin Glory of the Faith
Jelaludeen Glory of the Faith
Jelani Mighty One, Great / Powerful
Jellal Greatness
Jemaal Camel
Jemael TBD
Jemal Handsome
Jemal Handsome, Camel
Jemale TBD
Jemall Beauty
Jemehyl TBD
Jemeil Beauty
Jemel Generous
JeMell TBD
Jemelle Beauty
Jemeyle TBD
Jemile Beauty
Jemim Flying Bird
Jemsheer Good Heart
Jenil Victorious God; Born for Humanity
Jenit God Gift
Jennelle Diminutive Form of Jeanne
Jenul Kind; Peaceful
Jeremiah God will Uplift
Jergees Brave
Jericho Fragrant City, Place of Fragrance
Jerick Strong, Gifted Ruler
Jerish God’s Gift
Jermael TBD
Jermail TBD
Jermal Handsome
Jermaul TBD
Jermel Beauty
Jermell Beauty
Jermiah Appointed by; Exalted by Yahweh
Jeroen Holy Name
Jerrico Moon City
Jerwan TBD
Jesan Good
Jeseer TBD
Jeshan Clear
Jeshid Protector
Jesim One who is of Good Health
Jessien Joyfully; Hope; Love; Care
Jewel Precious Stone, Jayanta
Jeyretan Charming; Intelligent; Serene
Jezan TBD
Jezil TBD
Jezwin Origin
Jhamal TBD
Jhanda Flag; An Ensign
Jhangeer Ruler of the World
Jhardin TBD
Jhazala Gazelle
Jhumki Ear Ring
Jian Man of Strength; Life
Jiauddin TBD
Jibaal Mountain
Jibal Mountains; The Plural of Jabal
Jibbran TBD
Jibillah Nation; Group of People
Jibin Pure; Open / Free Minded
Jibon Life
Jibraan TBD
Jibraeel TBD
Jibrail Arch Angel
Jibran Reward
Jibran Reward, Result, Value, Famous
Jibran Old Arabic name
Jibreel TBD
Jibri Archangel of Allah
Jibriel Archangel of Allah
Jibril archangel of Allah
Jibril Archangel
Jibril archangel Gabriel
Jibril Archangel, Angel of Revelation
Jibril Archangel of Allah (Gabriel)
Jibriyal TBD
Jidaan Goodness
Jidan Abundance
Jifan TBD
Jihaad Holy War
Jihaan Flying ( like an Arrow )
Jihad Holy War, Effort, Struggle
Jihad Struggle, holy war
Jihan Link of God; The World
Jikar TBD
Jilani TBD
Jillu Loving One; Love
Jimal Beauty
Jimel TBD
Jimell Handsome
Jimelle Beautiful
Jimin Winner of Heart
Jimmil TBD
Jina Lord Vishnu
Jinah God of King
Jinan garden or paradise
Jinan Garden; Paradise
Jinnah TBD
Jinniah TBD
Jinshad Sacrifice
Jisan Prince
Jisar Group Leader; Captain; Forward
Jishaan Proud Prince, Enjoyment
Jishad TBD
Jishan Noble Person; Prince
Jishar TBD
Jiyaad TBD
Jiyad Very good
Jiyad Very Good
Jiyad Very good
Jiyan Name of Moon; Reborn
Jiyauddin TBD
Jiyaudin TBD
Jiyaul A Person who Spreads Love
Jiyaulhaq TBD
Jiyaur TBD
Jiyavudeen TBD
Jizan Protector
Jnab An Honorific Title
Jnhih Sun
Jobair Like an Angel
Jobaira Like an Angel
Jockie God is Merciful
Jodan Jo Plus Dan
Jodd Side; Coast; Beach; Fortunate
Jodhan TBD
Joffran TBD
Jofin TBD
Johaan TBD
Johaer Master
Johaib TBD
Johair Intelligent
Johan Gift of God; The Lord is Gracious
Johar Master; Skill; Brave; Salute
Johari TBD
Johd Struggle; Strife
JoHem Knowledge
Johen Nothing Like Anything
Johir TBD
Johirul TBD
Johny God is Merciful, Gift of God
Joinda Searcher
Jomal Beauty
Jomari TBD
Jony God has Given, Gift of God
Joon Talented
Joozhar Competent
Joozher Competent
Jordan To Flow Down, Down-flowing
Joscha Yahweh will Add Another Son
Josh Excited, Happiness
Josha Satisfied
Josheph Yahweh will Add Another Son
Josilyn TBD
Joud Generosity
Jouhar TBD
Joven Youth; Wealth; Life; Happiness
Jowhar TBD
Joyab Loyal
Joygun Good Mannered
Joynal TBD
Jozaef TBD
Juail One Black and Ill-shaped
Juan God’s Grace; John; God is Gracious …
Juaniz TBD
Juayl Quarrdsome
Juayl Contentious, Inclined to Quarrel
Juayl Quarrdsome
Jubaer Counsels or Brings Together
Jubaid Servant of Allah
Jubaier TBD
Jubail TBD
Jubair Counsels or brings together
Jubair Counsels or brings together
Jubair Counsels or Brings Together
Jubair, Jubayr Old Arabic name
Jubayr Old Arabic name
Jubed TBD
Juber Schemer
Jubin Honourable; Righteous
Jubran To Create Good Change
Jubril TBD
Juda goodness,excellence
Juda Praised; Goodness; Excellence
Juday TBD
Jude Name of Saint; Praised; Thanks
Juel Rich
Jugnu A Firefly; Ornament
Juhaifa TBD
Juhair TBD
Juhana God is Gracious
Juhani God is Gracious / Merciful
Juhaym Sullen
Juhaym Sullen
Juheb God Gifted
Juhi A Flower
Jul Resolution, firm will
Julail TBD
Julaybib Brave Martyr
Julfikar Knife of Prophet Muhammad S.A.W
Julfiker TBD
Julfiqar TBD
Juma Friday
Juma Friday
Jumaanah Little Pearl, Crystal, Diamond
Jumah Born on Friday
Jumah, Jumuah (Born on) Friday
Jumail Angle, Beautiful, Nightingale
Jumal Handsome; Good-looking
Juman Always Dream to Break the World
Jumanah Pearl; name of a companion
Jumanah Pearl; Name of a Companion
Jumlish Brave
Jummah Born on Friday
Jummal Unit of army
Jumshaid Lights; Sun’s Rays
Jumuah Born on Friday
Junaan TBD
Junada Helper; Warrior; Soldier
Junade A Warrior
Junaed Warrior; Watchman
Junaid Soldier, Warrior, Watchman
Junaid Fighter, worrier whose strength is equal to a small army
Junaid, Junayd Young fighter
Junaide A Warrior
Junaidi TBD
Junaif Brave
Junain TBD
Junais TBD
Junait TBD
Junaiz TBD
Junayd Soldier, Fighter, Warrior
Junayd Fighter, warrior
Junayde A Warrior
Jund Group; Army
Jundub Grasshopper
Jundub Grasshopper (name of a companion)
Juned Little Soldiers, Warrior
Juneesh TBD
Juneid God is Gracious, Fighter
Junied Little Soldiers; Warrior
Junu Give Refuge
Jurail TBD
Juraiw Cub; Lion / Fox Cub
Jurayj TBD
Jurdik TBD
Jurej Name of Sahaba
Jurhad He was Ibn Khuwaylid Al-aslami
Juri Farmer
Jurji TBD
Jusam TBD
Jusamah Nightmare; Name of a Companion
Juthamah Nightmare (name of companion)
Juthamah Nightmare; Name of Companion
Juvair TBD
Juvaishi TBD
Juwaid Generous; Selfless
Juwain Sibling
Juwain, Juwayn Sibling
Juwan Perfume
Juwayn Sibling
Juyal Quarrelsome
Juzar Competent
Juzar, Joozhar Competent
Juzer Deserving; Competent; Capable