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“D” represents Balance. The D shows Will-Power, a natural talent for Business, Perseverance, Authority, and Organization.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With D

Daa The Inviter
Daabir Secretary
Daadar Brother; Dear friend; Another name for God
Daaem Perpetual; Constant; Continual
Daafi One who Expels Prevents
Daai Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Daaim Continual; Listing
Daaiyyah Inviter to Truth
Daamin Guarantor, Surety
Daamin Surety; Guarantor
Daamin Guarantor; Surety; Conquering; Self-controlled
Daamir Heart
Daan The Lord is My Judge; Charity
Daanaa Wise; Intelligent; Learned
Daanee Close; Near; Hanging Low
Daaneesh Knowledge; Wisdom
Daani Near; Close
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science
Daanish Clever, Knowledge, Wisdom
Daaood TBD
Daarim Reader of Hadith
Daawood Prophets Name
Dab Nature; Habit; Manifestation
Dabaran Those who are Behind
Dabbah Latch, door lock
Dabbah Door Lock; Latch
Dabbah Latch; Door lock
Dabeer Teacher, Secretary
Daber Roots; Lineage; Ancestry
Dabir Secretary
Dabir Teacher
Dabir Writer; Teacher
Dabir secretary
Dabir Judge
Daboor Morning Breeze
Daboor Morning breeze
Dadapeer Grand; Father of Spiritual Teacher
Dadbeh TBD
Dadmehr Lover of justice
Daeb Diligent
Daeb Diligent; Conscientious
Daee Caller, Evangelist
Daeej One who has large beautiful eyes
Dafalla TBD
Dafi One who Keeps Away
Dafiq Jubilant; Buoyant; Active
Dafiq Jubilant; Buoyant; Active
Dafqah Brust
Dagar Battle Field; Open Space
Dagar Open space; Battle field
Daghfal Name of first Islamic geologist
Daghfal Name of First Islamic Geologist
Daghfal Name of ibn-hanzalah
Daghishat Darkness
Dagwood From the Bright One’s Forest; …
Daha Blazing; Very bright
Dahbal TBD
Dahbal Name of Wahb Ibn
Dahban Gold-plated
Dahdaah Short
Dahdah Short
Dahhaak Fire Mark
Dahhak One who Laughs Much
Dahhak One who laughs much
Dahi Intelligent, Quick-footed, Swift
Dahi Lion; Rapid
Dahiah Intelligent
Dahir Trustworthy
Dahiyyah Intelligent
Dahlan King; Lion
Dahus Lion
Daib Happy Fellow
Daib Happy fellow
Daidan Custom; Habit
Daif Weak
Daifallah TBD
Daig Fire; Flame
Daimumat Duration; Endurance
Daiyaan Protector; Good Ruler
Daiyan A Mighty Ruler, Judge, Guard
Daiyan A mighty ruler; Judge; Guard
Daiyat One who Invites
Daja Black-eyed
Dajjal Imposter; Big Liar
Dakan Obedient; Gentle
Dakheel Foreigner
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger
Dakhil Foreigner, stranger.
Dakhil Stranger; Foreigner
Dakhil Foreigner; Stranger
Dakhnas Strong; Muscular
Dalair Brave; Valiant
Dalaj A Mufti of Baghdad
Dalaj A Mufti of baghdad, Ibn ahma
Dalal Agent
Daleel Conductor; Guide
Daler Brave; Valiant; Bold
Daler Brave; Valiant; Daring; Fearless; Bold
Dalham Mad with Love
Dali Grape Vines; Cannot be Satisfied
Dalil Evidence, Proof, Guide
Dalil Another name for God; evidence; a guide
Dalil Another name of God; Evidence; Guide
Dalim Pomegranate; One Type of Fruit
Dalir Brave
Dalma Dark; Very Black
Dalmar Versatile
Daluh Another Name for the Sun
Dalw Bucket; Watering-pot
Damdam Water
Dameer Heart, Conscience
Dameer Conscience; Heart
Dameer Heart, Conscience.
Dameer Heart; Conscience
Damian To Tame; Subdue; Tamer
Damian Tamer
Damin Guarantor; Surety; Conquering; Self-controlled
Damir Give Peace; Heart; Love
Damis A Dark-skinned Man
Damsaz Companion; Friend
Damurah Sparkle of light, fire
Damurah Fire; Sparkle of Light
Damurah Sparkle of light fire
Damurah A sparkle of light; Fire
Dana God is My Judge, Judge, Arbiter
Dana Learned; Intelligent; Grain; Wise; Another name for God
Danah Intelligent; Knowledgeable
Danal God is My Judge
Daneer Radiant
Daneer Radiant; Full of Light
Danen Talented
Dani Close; Near; God is My Judge
Dani Near, close
Dani near; close
Dani Near, close
Daniel Intelligent
Danin Liberal; Benevolent
Danish Intelligent
Danish Knowledge, Careful, To be Clever
Danish Intelligent.
Daniyal Intelligent
Daniyal Intelligent; A Prophet Name
Daniyal Intelligent
Daniyal Intelligent
Danny Form of Daniel; God is My Judge
Danyal Prophet
Daood A Prophet’s Name
Daoud Beloved; Form of David
Daqiq Fine; Thin; Delicate
Daqqaq Seller of Flour
Daqr A beautiful and thriving garden
Dara Lord, Wealthy
Dara Possessor, sovereign
Darab Admiral; Big Gate
Darakhshan Bright; Shining; Pearl-like
Darawesh Wealthy; Possesses a Lot
Darayavahush Wealthy
Dareeb Trained
Dareeq Mender
Daria Preserver; Sea
Darian Wealthy, Upholder of the Good
Darien Wealthy Protector
Darim Name of a narrator of hadith
Darim Name of a narrator of hadith.
Darim One who Takes Short Steps
Darim A narrator of Hadith
Darin Precious Present; Great
Daris Studying, Scholar
Darius Wealthy Protector, Prophet
Dariush A Good / Wealthy Protector
Darkan Perceptive
Darkan Perceptive; Understanding
Darmal Medicine
Darman Treatment; Cure
Darman Cure; Treatment
Darrabah Clever
Darrak Intelligent; The Wise; Perceptive
Darrak Prudent; Wise
Daruj Fast
Daruj Fast; Swift
Darvesh Humble; Religious; Gentleman
Darvesh Lord of truth; Holy man
Darvish Humble being; Religious beggar
Darwesh Mystic
Darwesh Lord of truth; Holy man
Darwish mystic
Darwish Mystic; Dervish
Darwish dervish
Darwish Dervish
Darwish Humble being; Religious beggar
Daryab River
Daryab River
Daryush Good Natured
Dastagir Brave
Dastagir Brave; Protector; Saint
Dastan Story
Dastgeer Helper; Supporter
Dastgir Helper, Supporter, Patron
Dastgir Brave; Protector; Saint
Daud David, Beloved, Darling
Daud Beloved; a Prophets name (David)
Daud / Dawud Beloved; a Prophets name (David)
Daud, Daoud form of DAVID – beloved
Daudi Flower; Beloved One
Daudi A flower
Daudy Beloved
Daulah Country; Kingdom; Empire
Daulat Wealth
Daulat Wealth; Riches; Happiness
Davod TBD
Davood Beloved One
Davoud Beloved One
Davut Beloved Friend, Variant of Dawood
Dawa Born on a Monday, Moon
Dawah Invitation; Evangelism
Dawar Wonderer, Another Name for God
Dawar Another name for God
Dawar Ruler; Judge
Dawid Adored; Beloved; Darling; Prince
Dawid Prince
Dawid Prince.
Dawlah Riches, happiness
Dawlah Riches; Happiness
Dawlah Riches happiness
Dawmah Type of palm tree
Dawmat Type of palm tree
Dawood TBD
Dawood Beloved; A prophet name David
Dawoud A Prophet name
Dawoud A Prophet’s Name; The Biblical …
Dawoud A prophets name
Dawud Beloved
Dawud Adored, From the David, Beloved
Dawud beloved or darling
Dawud Beloved; A prophet name David
Dawwar Revolving
Dawwas Strong, Brave
Dayaan A Mighty Ruler
Dayanatdar Honest; Pious
Dayim Everlasting; Perpetual; For Ever
Dayim Everlasting; Perpetual
Daylam TBD
Daylam Name of a companion of the prophet
Daylan Hollow, Valley
Dayyaan Good Ruler; Judge; Protector
Dayyan One who Takes Revenge
Dayyan A mighty Ruler
Dayyan A mighty Ruler.
Dayyan A mighty ruler; Judge; Guard
Dayyar Resident; Inhabitant
Dayyin Religious; Devout
Dayyin Devout
Daza Joy
Dean Dweller in a Valley, Hollow
Dean Religion
Dean Religion
Dean Religion
Deeb Wolf; A Phonetic Variant of Zib
Deeb Wolf
Deen God will Judge, Place Name
Deen Religion
Deen Religion
Deen Religion; Faith; Belief
Deenaar Gold Coin
Deenar Currency; Gold Coin
Deenar Gold coin
Deepakraj Son of King Rajendra
Dehan Good
Dekel Dusty One; Servant; Palm Tree
Delawar A Person who Devote Heart
Delshad Happy
Delwar The Loved Ones
Demir Iron
Deniz From the Sea; Ocean; Sea
Denny Follower of Zeus, God of Wine
Deore Dear Friend; Wine; Flower
Devesh Kind, Name of Jesus, God of Gods
Dhaafir Winner
Dhaahir TBD
Dhaakir TBD
Dhaakireen One who Remember God
Dhaakiy Intelligent, Bright
Dhaamin Responsible; Guarantor
Dhaheer Supporter
Dhahir Manifest
Dhaigham Lion; King of Jungle
Dhakaa Deep Insight; Sharpness of Mind
Dhakawaan TBD
Dhaki One who has a Sharp Mind
Dhakir One who Praises Allah (Dikr)
Dhakir One who remembers God frequently
Dhakir remembers God
Dhakir One who remembers God frequently
Dhakir One who remembers God
Dhakiy Intelligent, Bright
Dhakiy Intelligent, bright
Dhakiy Intelligent, bright
Dhakiy Intelligent; Bright
Dhakwan Intelligent
Dhakwan Intelligent; Variant of Zakwan
Dhakwan intelligent
Dhakwan Intelligent
Dhakwan Intelligent
Dhameer Heart; Conscience
Dhamin Responsible; Guarantor
Dhamir Heart; Conscience
Dhan Wealth; Richness
Dhareef TBD
Dharwesh Mystic
Dhayf Guest
Dheeshaan Graceful; Distinguished; Elegant
Dhiaa Light; Splendour
Dhikr Remembrance of God
Dhiya Splendour; Light
Dhiya Light, splendour
Dhiya Light splendour
Dhu-L-Jalali Lord of majesty and generosity
Dhukaa Dawn; Morning; The Sun
Dhul Soil
Dhul Fiqaar Name of prophet’s sword
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Dhul Fiqar Name of the Prophets sword
Dhul Fiqar Name of prophets sword
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Dhul-Fiqaar Name of the Prophet’s Sword
Dhul-Fiqar Name of the Prophet’s Sword
Dhulfaqaar Name of a Celebrated Sword
DhulFiqaar Name of Prophet Muhammad’s Sword
DhulFiqar Name of the Prophets Sword
Dhuljalaal Majestic
Dhulkifl Name of a Prophet
Dhunnoon The Man of the Whale
DhuNun TBD
Dhushshimalain Name of a Sahabi (RA)
Diar An Expensive Wood
Diar An expensive wood
Diaudin Faith Source of Light
Dibaaj Type of silk clothing
Didar Appearance, Sight, View, Vision
Didar Melancholy; A variant of the older name deirdre in celtic legend deirdre died of a broken heart; Vision
Dielmith TBD
Dihan Divine
Dihishwar Beautiful
Dihya Commander of the Troops
Dihyah Commander of Troops
Dihyah Commander of troops
Dihyat Head, General, Leader
Dihyat A companion of Prophet Muhammad
Diimuddiin TBD
Dijesh TBD
Dikhlat Heart; Soul
Dil Heart; Mind
Dil Nawaz Attractive; Beloved; Mistress; Soothing heart; Mind
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Dil-Nawaz Mind; Soothing Heart
Dil-Shouq Heart Love
Dilaawar Hearty; Daring; Courageous; Brave
Dilafroz Attractive; Captivating
Dilafroz Captivating; Attractive
Dilan Loving, Son of Waves, Faithful
Dilara Adorer of Heart
Dilavar Brave
Dilawar Brave, Hearty, Daring, Bold
Dilawar Brave, Courageous
Dilawar Brave Courageous
Dilawar Brave
Dilawer Bold; Brave; Courageous
Dilbahar Heart of the Spring Season
Dilbar Lover
Dilbar Lover
Dildaar Charming; Delighting the Heart
Dildar Lover, Beloved, Friend, Charming
Dildar Charming, beloved
Dildar Charming, beloved
Diler Brave; Bold
Dilfan Brave
Dilhan Loyal; Faithful
Diljaan Life / Heart / Mind
Dilkash Heart Happy Person
Dilkash Fascinating; Attractive
Dilkashan Attractive; Captivating
Dilkhas TBD
Dillzan Pride of Heart
Dilna One with Good Heart
Dilnawaaz Cherishing
DilNawaz Soothing Heart, Mind
Dilnawaz Attractive; Beloved; Mistress; Soothing heart; Mind
Dilqush Happy Heart
Dilsaan Pride of Heart
Dilsad Joyous; Happy Heart; Cheerful
Dilshaad TBD
Dilshaan Glory of Heart
Dilshad Joyful, Joyous, Happy Heart
Dilshad Happy
Dilshan Ruler of Hearts; Prestigious
Dilshard TBD
Dilyan TBD
Dimashq TBD
Din Great Congo, Belief, Custom
Din Religion; Faith; Belief
Dina Day, Lord of the Poor, Protector
Dinar Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit.
Dinar Name of the grandfather of Abu Bin Thabit
Dinar Gold Coin, Gold Unit of Coinage
Dinar Gold coin (Name of grandfather of abu bin Thabit)
Dinarah Gold coin
Dipu Flame, Light, Shining
Dirar Old Arabic name
Dirar Cash
Dirar old Arabic name
Dirar Old Arabic name
Diras Scholar; One who Studies; Keen
Diras Scholar
Dirbas Lion
Dirgham Lion
Dirgham lion
Dirgham Lion
Diryas Lion
Dishad Perfect
Diwan Royal court, tribunal of justice
Diwan TBD
Diwan The royal court; Tribunal of justice
Diwan Muhammad Court of the prophet Muhammad
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Diwan-Muhammad Court of the Prophet Muhammad
DiwanMuhammad Court of the Prophet Muhammad
Diya Brightness, light
Diya Shining, Light, Glow, Splendour
Diya al Din Brightness of the faith
Diya al din Faithful
Diya al Din Brightness of the faith
Diya Al Din The brightness of the faith
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Diya Udeen The brightness of the faith
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Diya-al-Din Brightness of the Faith; Faithful
Diya-Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Diyaa Light, Brilliance, Spender
Diyaa Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Diyaa-Al-Din Brightness of the Faith
Diyaa-Udeen Brightness of the Faith
DiyaAldin Shining Religion
Diyaar Homeland
DiyaaUdeen Brightness of the Faith
Diyaaudin Brightness of the Faith
Diyaeddin TBD
Diyaelhaqq TBD
Diyan Bright light
Diyana Giver of gifts
Diyanat Religion
Diyar Homeland
Diyari A gift, or a present
Diyari A gift, or a present.
Diyari A Gift; A Present
Diyari A gift; A present
Diyauddin TBD
DiyaUdeen Brightness of the Faith
Diyaulhaqq TBD
Dizhwar Strong
Dizhwar Mean, strong
Dizhwar Mean strong
Dizhwar Mean; Strong
Djamal Beauty
Djamel Beauty
Djamil Beautiful
Djillali Considered
Dmaurah TBD
Don Ruler of the World
Doon There
Dorgham TBD
Dost Friend; Sweetheart
Dost Friend
Dost-Muhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhammad
DostMuhammad Friend of the Prophet Muhammad
Douha Forenoon
Dowana TBD
Droon Respectable
Droon Respectable
Dua Blessing; Prayer
Dualam TBD
Dubb State; Condition
Duha Fore noon
Duha Fore noon
Duha Forenoon
Duhat Intelligent
Duhmus Liberal
Duhr Noon
Duhr Noon
Dula Brave and Courageous
Dulaamah Tall; Black
Dulaf TBD
Dulama Tall; Black
Dulamah Tall and Black
Duldul Iman Husain’s Horse
Dullah Servant of Allah
Dulqar Expressive
Dulqer Diplomatic; Expressive
Dulquar Diplomatic; Expressive
Dulquer Expressive, Diplomatic
Dunham Dark Skinned Fighter, Brown Man
Dunia The World; Dark-featured
Duniah The World; Dark-featured
Duoaud TBD
Duqaq Loved
Durabah Courage; Boldness
Duraid TBD
Durr Pearl; Magician
Durrah Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Durrah Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Duryab Finder of good things
Duryab Finder / Bringer of Good Things
Duwar Idol
Dwivedi Knower of Two Vedas
Dyab The One who Perseveres
Dylan From a Large Sea, Winner of Mind