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“W” represents Self-Expression. The W shows persistence and is full of purpose, charming and sociable. naturally attractive, affable, and with imagination.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With W

Waabil Strong Rain
Waad Covenant; Promise
Waadi Quiet
Waafid Comer
Waafiq Companion; Friend
Waafir Plentiful
Waafy Sincere
Waahib Liberal; Donor
Waahid Single; Exclusively; Unequaled
Waahid Single, Exclusively, Unequalled
Waail Coming Back (for Shelter)
Waaiz Variant of Wa’iz; Preacher; …
Waaizh A Preacher; An Adviser
Waajid Wealthy, Lover, Beloved
Waali The Governor, He who Directs
Waamiq Loving; Friendly
Waaqif Sensible, Acquainted, Experienced
Waarid Arriving, Approaching, Descending
Waarith A Master, A Lord, An Owner
Waasey Wide, Capacious, Ample
Waasif Describing; Man of Qualities
Waasil Joined, Arrived, Connected
Waasim Handsome
Waathiq Confident; Strong
Waatiq Stoner
Waayel Coming Back for a Shelter
Waazi Distributor; Protector
Wabil Strong Rain
Wabisah Bin Ma’bad RA had this Name
Wabl Rain
Wad Love; Affection
Wadda Promise
Waddaah Promising Person
Waddah Bright, brilliant
Waddah Bright, brilliant
Waddeen Loving, Desiring
Waddood Friend, Beloved
Wadee Calm; Peaceful
Wadei Peaceful; Calm
Wadi Calm, peaceful
Wadi calm and peaceful
Wadi Calm, peaceful
Wadia Gentle; Friendly; Peaceful
Wadid Favourable, Devoted, Fond
Wadid Favorable, devoted, fond
Wadid Favorable, devoted, fond
Wadih Alone
Wadud TBD
Wadud One of the ninetynine names of God
Waeed Coming; Arriving
Wael Seeking Shelter; Protect; Rescue
Wael, Wail Seeking shelter
Waels TBD
Waf Faithful, Loyal, Whole, Complete
Wafa Faithfulness; Fidelity
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity
Wafa Faithfulness, fidelity
Wafadar Faithful
Wafai Associated with Faithfulness
Wafaqat Friendship; Closeness
Wafee Faithful; Loyal; True; Trustworthy
Wafeeq Successful
Wafi Another Name for God, Faithful
Wafi Faithful, loyal
Wafi Faithful, loyal
Wafic Arbitrator
Wafid Sky
Wafie One who is Trustworthy
Wafik TBD
Wafiq Successful; Triumphant
Wafiq Successful
Wafiq Successful
Wafiq, Wafeeq Successful
Wagih Cute; Innocent
Wahab Giving
Wahab Gift, Large Hearted, Kind Hearted
Wahab Kind hearted
Wahajuddin TBD
Wahb Giving
Wahb Gift, Inherent, Giving Donation
Wahb Giving
Wahbaan Name of a Sahabi
Wahban (related to Wahb)
Wahban related to Wahb
Wahbi Gift
Wahbi Gift; Bestowal
Wahbullah God’s Bestowal / Gift
Wahed Unique; Singular
Wahedul TBD
Waheebullah Gift from God
Waheed Unique, One of its kind
Waheed Unique, One of its kind
Wahhaaj Glowing; Sparkling
Wahhab One of the ninetynine names of God
Wahhab To give, to donate
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent
Wahhaj Glowing, incandescent
Wahi Another name for the Quran; messengers
Wahi Another Name for the Quran
Wahib Liberal donor
Wahib Donor, Another Name for the God
Wahib Liberal donor
Wahid exclusive, unequalled
Wahid Singular, Unique, Alone
Wahid Singular, exclusive, unequalled
Wahidaan Unique; Singular
Wahidan Peerless; Unique; Singular
Wahidfaruk TBD
Wahiduddin TBD
Wahidul TBD
Wahidun Unique; Peerless
Wahidur TBD
Wahiduzzaman Unique Person of the Age
Wail Coming back (for Shelter)
Wail Returner
Wail Coming back (for Shelter); one of the companions of the Prophet
Wais King
Wais Night Wanderer
Waish A Companion of Prophet Mohammed
Waiz Preacher, Sermoniser
Waiz The Deliverer, Admonisher
Waiz Preacher, Sermoniser
Waizh A Preacher; An Adviser
Wajaahat Esteem; Dignity; Credit
Wajahat Esteem, Credit, Commanding
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity
Wajahat Commanding, Personality, Dignity
Wajd State of Being Single; Ecstasy
Wajdaan Thought, imagination
Wajdi Of strong emotion, passion and love
Wajdi Of Strong Emotion
Wajdi Of strong emotion, passion and love
Wajdi passion and love
Wajed Affectionate; Loving
Wajeeh Commanding Personality
Wajeehan Prestigious; Prominent; Honoured
Wajeh TBD
Wajib Duty
Wajid OneWho finds
Wajid Inventor, One who Perceives
Wajid Smooth land
Wajid smooth land
Wajih Noble
Wajih Notable; Eminent; Noble
Wajih Noble, notable, distinguished
Wajih notable and distinguished
Wajihuddin Beauty of the Religion (Islam)
Wajir Minister; Assistant
Wakaalat Leadership; Advocacy
Wakalat Agency; Advocacy
Wakalat Advocacy, Agency
Wakalat Advocacy, Agency
Wakar Dignity; Respect; Variant of Waqar
Wakee Bin Al-jarrah had this Name
Wakeel Agent, Representative
Wakib TBD
Wakil Lawyer
Wakil Warrior; Lawyer; Trustee
Wakil Lawyer
Wakil lawyer
Wal In Charge, Master, Supporter
Walaa Loyalty
Wale One who Returns to God
Waled Nice
Walee Guardian, Patron, Friend
Waleed Newborn Child
Waleed Newborn child
Wali Protector, Governor, Lord
Wali Guardian
Wali Guardian
Wali-ud-din Guardian of religion
Wali-Uddin Supporter of the Faith
Walia A Most Beautiful Cast
Walid Newborn child
Walid the newborn boy
Walid Newborn child
Walid, Waleed Newborn child
Walid, Waleed Newborn child
Walif Friend
Walif Befriending
Walif Befriending
Waliullah Friend of Allah
Waliy Protecting Friend; Guardian
Waliy al Din Supporter of the faith
Waliy al Din Supporter of the faith
Waliy Allah Supporter of God
Waliy Allah Supporter of God
Waliy-al-Din Supporter of the Faith
Waliy-Allah Supporter of God
WaliyAlDin Supporter of the Faith
WaliyAllah Supporter of God
Waliyuddeen Supporter of the Faith
Waliyuddin Supporter of the Faith
Waliyudeen Supporter of the Faith
Waliyudeen Supporter of the Faith
Waliyullah Supporter of God
Waliyullah Supporter of God
Walleed Name of Sahabi
Walliyullah Supporter of God
Walliyullah Supporter of God
Walyd Newborn Child; Newborn
Wamaq Lover; Paramour
Wamiq Loving; Friendly
Wanis Friendly
Waqaar Self-respect
Waqaar Self-respect.
Waqar Respect, Dignity, Sobriety
Waqar Dignity, sobriety
Waqar Respect, dignity
Waqas Combatant; Warrior; Soldier
Waqas Warrior
Waqas Warrior
Waqi Wise; Forceful; Respectable; Lofty
Waqib TBD
Waqid TBD
Waqif Acquainted; Aware
Waqqas Old Arabic name
Waqqas Old Arabic name
Waqur Composed; Calm; Dignified
Waraqah Leaf
Ward Bard; Surname; Guardian; Watchman
Ward Blossoms, flowers
Ward Blossoms, flowers
Wardi Rose-like; Rose-coloured; Rosy
Warid Arriving; Descending; Incoming
Waris Successor; Inheritor; Heir
Warisha TBD
Warqa To do with Paper; Leaf
Was Distinguished Looking
Wasab TBD
Wasaf Full of Qualities; Perfect
Wasam Medal; Prize; Honour
Wasat Moderate; In the Middle; Medium
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless
Wasay Unlimited, All Encompassing, Boundless.
Wasee Wide; Spacious
Waseem Handsome
Waseemah Good Looking; Attractive
Wasem Distinguished Looking
Waseq Strong
Wasey Broad-minded, Liberal, Learned
Wasfi Praise Highly; Eulogise
Wasi An Executor, Preceptor
Wasi broadminded
Wasid Engrossed; Great
Wasidali Engrossed
Wasidali Engrossed
Wasif Describer
Wasif Man of Qualities
Wasik Confident; Certain
Wasikur TBD
Wasil Considerate; Inseparable Friend
Wasil Considerate, inseperable friend
Wasil Considerate, inseperable friend
Wasilah Bin Al-asqa RA had this Name
Wasim Handsome
Wasim Handsome; Honest; Attractive
Wasim Good looking
Wasim Graceful, good looking
Wasim, Waseem Graceful, good looking
Wasimuddin TBD
Wasiq Confident; Sure; Certain
Wasique TBD
Wasir Assistant; Minister
Wasit TBD
Wasiullah Gift of God
Wasl Attachment, Connexion, Juncture
Wassim handsome
Wasy Being Friendly
Wasym Distinguished Looking
Watheq Firm,reliable, confident.
Watheq Firm, reliable, confident
Wathilah TBD
Wayaasi TBD
Wayel Name of Jahannam
Wazid TBD
Wazin Comparer; Collator; Weigher
Wazir Minister, Vizier, Helper
Wazir Minister
Wazir Minister
Waziran Secretary, Minister, Vizier
Waziuddin TBD
Weis Wise
Wesam Creative, Handsome, Award Winning
Wiam Man Born to Win
Wid Wide; Affection; Love; Harmony
Widad Unity, Harmony, Sincere Affection
Wifaaq Agreement
Wifaq Harmony, Amiability, Unity
Wijdan Affection, Fondness, Tenderness
Wilaayat Power; State
Wilan Affection; Friendship
Wilayat Power, State, Custody
Wildaan Youths; Boy in Heaven / Paradise
Wildan Boy in heaven
Wildan Boy in heaven.
Wildan Boy in Heaven / Paradise
Wildan Boy in heaven
Wiraathat Inheritance; Legacy
Wirad Flowers; Roses
Wirathat Inheritance; Legacy
Wisaam Communion in Love; Blessed
Wisal Reunion, Communion
Wisam Badge of Honour
Wisam Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms
Wisam Badge, Logo, like coat of Arms.
Wissam Order
Witha Handsome
Witny White Island
Witr Another Name for God, Unequalled
Wohayb Bestowed
Wohayb Something bestowed
Womiq TBD
Worshipper Worshippers; Adorers
Wuhaib Bestowal; A Gift
Wuhayb Something Bestowed
Wuraid Little Flower
Wyssam TBD