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“N” represents imagination. The N shows imagination and loves pleasure, writer, and spokesman.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With N

Na Meaningful, God Name
Na’man Old Arabic name
Naabighah Intelligent; Genius
Naabih Noble, Famous, Eminent
Naabih Noble; Famous; Eminent; Outstanding
Naadhir Fresh
Naadhir Fresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle
Naadim Repentant; Regretful
Naadir Dear, Rare, Precious
Naadir Dear; Rare; Precious
Naadir Dear; Rare
Naadir Fresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle
Naafi Useful; One who Benefits Others
Naahil Eldest Son of Azraa
Naaib Variant of Na’ib; Delegate; …
Naaif Height; Lofty; Sublime
Naail Variant of Na’il; Acquirer; Earner
Naail Acquirer; Earner; Blue; Winner; Gainer
Naaim Soft, Smooth
Naaji Variant of Naji, Useful
Naajih Successful
Naajy Safe
Naajy Safe
Naajy Safe; Cute
Naaman Pleasant; Delightful
Naaqid A Critic; A Reviewer
Naaqid A critic; A reviewer; Fault finder
Naasah Counsellor; Advisor
Naase Clear; Pure; White
Naase Clear; Pure; White
Naashaad Unhappy; Morose
Naashwan TBD
Naasi Variant of Nasi’; Obvious; Evident
Naasief Equitable
Naasif Just; Fair
Naasih Counsellor; Adviser
Naasih Advisor
Naasih Advisor; A well wisher
Naasiheen Givers of Advice
Naasik Pious; Devotee
Naasik Pious; Devotee
Naasir Defender, Supporter, Protector
Naasir-Al-Din Helper of the Faith
Naasireen Supporter
Naasiruddeen TBD
Naasiruddin Defender of the Religion
Naasiruddolah Defender of the State
Naasirulislam Defender of Islam
Naasruddin TBD
Naaswan TBD
Naathim Arranger; Adjuster
Naathim Arranger; Adjuster
Naathim Arranger; Adjuster
Naatiq Speaker; Rational Being
Naayaab Rare; Precious
Naayab Rare; Unattainable; Precious
Naaz Pride; Delicacy
Naazeer Observant; Spectator
Naazil Merciful
Naazim Arranger; Organiser; Governor
Naazim Arranger; Adjuster
Naazin TBD
Naazir Observant, Spectator, Bright
Naazish Prize
Na’man old Arabic name
Naba New; Announcement; News; Tidings
Nabab The Powerful Influencer
Nabaz Variant of Navaz; One who Caress
Nabeal Noble
Nabed TBD
Nabeed Bearer of Good News or Good Wishes
Nabeeh Noble; Outstanding; Famous
Nabeeh Noble; Outstanding
Nabeeh Noble; Famous; Eminent; Outstanding
Nabeel Noble Man
Nabeel noble
Nabeel Noble, Magnanimous, High-born
Nabeel Noble; Generous
Nabeer Noble
Nabees TBD
Nabeh Noble; Outstanding
Nabeil Noble
Nabhaan Witty; Noble; Prophets Path
Nabhan Alert
Nabhan outstanding
Nabhan Noble, Outstanding, Alert
Nabhan Alert.
Nabhan Noble; Outstanding
Nabhan, Nabih Noble, outstanding
Nabhi Focus, The Best, Centre of Body
Nabi Prophet
Nabi Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Nabi Bakhsh Gift of the prophet
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Nabi-Bakhsh Gift of the Prophet
NabiBakhsh Gift of the Prophet
Nabibukhsh King
NabiBux TBD
Nabid Bearer of Good News or Good Wishes
Nabiel High Born; Wise; Studious
Nabigh Genius
Nabigh Genius.
Nabigh Brilliant, Genius, Distinguished
Nabigh Genius
Nabighah Intelligent
Nabighah Intelligent
Nabighah Intelligent; Genius
Nabighah Intelligent
Nabih Smart
Nabih smart
Nabih Noble; Outstanding; Alert; Famous
Nabih Noble, outstanding
Nabih Noble; Famous; Eminent; Outstanding
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Nabiha Intelligent
Nabil noble
Nabil Noble, Generous
Nabil Noble
Nabil Noble; Generous; Peacock
Nabil, Nabeel Noble
Nabill Noble
Nabin New
Nabir TBD
Nabiruddin TBD
Nabirul TBD
Nabisab TBD
Nabit Sprout; Small New Plant
Nabiullah An Epithet of the Prophet Nuh
Nabiullah An epithet of the prophet Nuh
NabiUlmalhamsh Prophet of War
Nabiy-ut-Tawbah The Prophet of Repentance
Nabiyur-Rahmah Prophet of Mercy
Nabon TBD
Nabu The God of Writing and Wisdom
Nabyl Noble
Nacer Triumphant Victor
Nacim Leader
Nada Fresh; Dew Drop
Nadaan Very Simple
Nadal Fortunate; First in Fight of Islam
Nadar Rare; Dear
Nadeam Friend; Drinking Companion
Nadeem Companion, Friend
Nadeem Friend, Companion, Confidant
Nadeem Friendly, entertaining
Nadeem Friendly; Entertaining; Friend or companion
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Nadeen Ocean; Lord of Rivers
Nadeen Lord of rivers; Ocean
Nadeer Valuable; Precious; Dearly Loved
Nader Rare
Nader Rare
Nadheed Organised; Arranged
Nadheem Companion, Friend, Repentant
Nadheer Rare
Nadhif Noble
Nadhir Warner
Nadhir Warner
Nadhir Fresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle
Nadhr Gold; Precious; Sahabi
Nadi TBD
Nadidah Equal to Anyone else
Nadiem Friend; Drinking Companion
Nadier Rare; Dear
Nadiha TBD
Nadil Fortunate
Nadim Friend, companion
Nadim friendly
Nadim Friend companion
Nadim Friend; Companion
Nadim Friend
Nadim Friendly; Entertaining; Friend or companion
Nadim, Nadeem Friendly, entertaining
Nadin Lord of Rivers
Nadir Dear, rare, precious
Nadir precious; rare
Nadir Fresh; Dear; Rare; Pinnacle
Nadir Beloved, Uncommon, Pinnacle
Nadir Dearly loved
Nadira Rare; Precious
Nadira Rare,Inaccessible
Nadjib Studious
Nadmaan Handsome
Nadman TBD
Nadqid A Critic, A Reviewer
Nadr Flourishing
Nadr Flourishing
Nadr Flourishing.
Nadr Flourishing
Nadun TBD
Nadwin Origin of Saudi Arabia
Nadyr Rare; Dear
Nae Grace
Naeam TBD
Naeb A Vice; A Deputy
Naeem Blessing, Ease
Naeem Blessing, Ease
Naeem Comfort, Ease, Tranquil
Naeem Comfort; Tranquility; Ease
Naeemuddin TBD
Naeemullah Bliss of Allah
Naeemullah The grace of Allah; Bliss of all
Naef Excess; Surplus
Naef Excess; Surplus
Naeim TBD
Naem God Gift
Nafaasat Precious
Nafal Gift; Present; Voluntary Good Deed
Nafasat Refinement
Nafasat Refinement; Happiness Bringer
Nafasat Refinement
Nafeedh TBD
Nafeel Generous; Kind Heart
Nafeer TBD
Nafees Precious, Exquisite, Valuable
Nafees Pureness; Pure; Precious
Nafeez Brilliant; Rare; Gentle
Nafi Useful
Nafi Useful; Beneficent; Propitious
Nafi Propitious
Nafian TBD
Nafid Honest – Faithful
Nafida TBD
Nafidh TBD
Nafih Protector, Charitable
Nafijul TBD
Nafil Generous
Nafim TBD
Nafir TBD
Nafis Precious
Nafis Valuable; Precious; Exquisite
Nafis Pureness; Pure; Precious
Nafish Precious
Nafiz Clean, Beautiful, Influential
Naflan TBD
Nafraj TBD
Nafras Vision
Nafraz Happy; Vision
Nafseer TBD
Nageeb Distinguished
Nageena Gem; Great
Nagi Saved
Nagib Excellent, Noble, Intelligent
Nagib Noble; Intelligent
Nagieb Distinguished
Naguib Noble
Nagur State; Pure
Nagyb Distinguished
Nahaar Daytime
Nahal Complete, Satisfied
Nahan Love; Beautiful
Nahar Daytime; Day
Nahas Fresh
Nahash Snake; Serpent
Nahdan Peaceful
Nahdi Tree
Nahed A Star; Venus
Naheed TBD
Naheel Happiness; Simplicity; Kindliness
Naheem Benevolent
Naheen TBD
Nahel TBD
Nahi Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Nahi Another name of prophet Muhammad
Nahia Desire
Nahian Greatest
Nahian Stopper
Nahid generosity
Nahid Generosity
Nahid Stainless; Generosity
Nahid Honorable; Generosity
Nahidur TBD
Nahil ancient hen
Nahil Origin
Nahim To Comfort, Ease, Tranquillity
Nahin Greatest; Successful
Nahir A Clear Headed and Bright Man
Nahiyan TBD
Nahiyan Wise
Nahiz TBD
Nahman Full of Comfort; Comforter
Nahr River
Nahran Rivers; Plural of Nahr
Nahser Defender; Aid
Nahur TBD
Nahvin TBD
Nahwan Wise; Intelligent
Nahyaan TBD
Nahyan Stopper
Nahyan Stopper
Nahzan Proud
Nai Grace; God
Naib Deputy; Second in Command
Naib Deputy, Second in Command
Naib Deputy
Naieem TBD
Naief Grace
Naiem Ease; Comfort
Naif Mohammed
Naif Exalted; Lofty; Eminent
Naifnail Earner; Aquirer
Naiju TBD
Naik A Chief; Leader; Head of Group
Nail Gainer
Nail Aquirer, earner
Naila Successful
Nailah Winner; Achiever
Naim Comfort, ease, tranquility
Naim To Comfort, Ease, Tranquillity
Naim Comfort; Tranquility; Ease
Naimuddin Best
Naimudin Best
Naimullah TBD
Naimur Man with Blessings of Allah
Naimurrahman God’s Bliss; A Bliss Provided by …
Naina Eyes
Nainar TBD
Nairab Bazrugi Wala
Nairab Bazrugi wala
Naiym Soft
Naiyyir Bright Star; Luminary
Naizak Shooting Star
Naizam TBD
Naizan TBD
Naizer A Founder of the Clans
Naj Distinguished
Naja Strong; Successful
Najaad TBD
Najaam TBD
Najad Very Beautiful
Najaf Strong
Najah Won; Success
Najair Little Star
Najair Little Star
Najair Little star
Najam Star
Najam Star
Najam Star
Najamul TBD
Najat Safety, Salvation, Success
Najathulla TBD
Najd Highland; Plateau
Najdat Bravery in Battle; Rescue
Najdi TBD
Naje Safe
Najeb Intelligent
Najee Safe; Intimate Companion
Najeeb Of noble birth
Najeeb Of noble descent
Najeeb of noble descent
Najeeb Of noble descent; Intelligent
Najeed Highland
Najeed Highland; Lion; Brave
Najeed Highland
Najeed Highland
Najeeh Sound; Good Opinion
Najeeh Sound; Good opinion; Successful
Najeem Happy
Najeemuddin Brilliance / Radiance of the Faith
Najeer TBD
Najeev TBD
Najeh Prosperous
Najeruddin TBD
Naji Safe, survivor
Naji Safe
Naji Saved, Rescued, Close Friend
Naji survivor
Naji, Nagi saved
Najib Intelligent
Najib Excellent, Noble, Intelligent
Najib Intelligent.
Najib Born to nobility
Najib Of noble descent; Intelligent
Najib, Naguib noble
Najib, Najeeb Of noble descent
Najib-ud-Din Distinguished Person of Religion
Najib-Ud-Din Distinguished person
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NajibUdDin Distinguished (Person) of Religion
Najibullah Distinguished (Servant)
Najibullah Distinguished servant of Allah
Najid Lion, brave
Najid Lion; Brave; Supports
Najid One who helps, supports
Najie Safe
Najih Successful
Najih Successful
Najih Successful; Prosperous
Najih Sound; Good opinion; Successful
Najil Eyes that Glisten
Najillah Saved by Allah
Najillah Saved by Allah
Najim Star
Najimik Star; Organiser
Najimuddin TBD
Najimudeen TBD
Najimul TBD
Najir Observer; Moon
Najirul King of the Land
Najish Light of God
Najiullah Intimate Friend of Allah
Najiullah An intimate friend of Allah
Najiyyullah One who is Close to God
Najjad Rescuer; Saviour
Najjar Carpenter
Najjar Carpenter
Najjar Carpenter
Najjar Carpenter
Najjash TBD
Najjash A Serpent From Rio Negro
Najji Bosom Friend; Intimate Friend
Najji An intimate friend; Bosom friend
Najlan TBD
Najm Star, celestial body
Najm Star, celestial body
Najm Celestial Body, Star, Luminary
Najm al Din Star of the faith
Najm al Din Star of the faith
Najm Al Din Star of the faith
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Najm Udeen The star of the Faith
Najm Udeen The star of the faith
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Najm-al-Din Star of the Faith
Najm-Udeen Star of the Faith
Najmal Star; Moon
NajmAlDin Star of the Faith
Najmeddin TBD
Najmuddawlah Star of the State
Najmuddawlah Star of the state
Najmuddeen The Star of the Faith
Najmuddin The Star of the Faith
Najmuddin Star of the religion (Islam)
NajmUdeen The Star of the Faith
Najmudheen TBD
Najmudin The Star of the Faith
Najmul Moon
Najmussaqib Shining Star
Najnouddin TBD
Najrul King of the Land
Najud Wise, Intelligent, Sensible
Najum TBD
Najumudeen TBD
Najuruddin TBD
Najurun TBD
Najvan TBD
Najwan Liberated
Najy Safe
Nakai Pure
Nakas Wise
Nakash Calm
Nakee Pure
Nakeeb The Chief of a Clan
Nakeef TBD
Nakheel Something Purified
Nakhlan TBD
Nakia One who is Faithful; Chaste
Nakiah Pure
Nakib President; Leader; Head
Nakier Refuse
Nakir Hateful
Nakir Black-eyed, Angel of Justice
Nakir Hateful
Nallaperumal King of Dancer; Lord Vishnu
Nam Name
Naman Old Arabic name
Naman Salutation; Respect; Namaste
Namazuddin One who Prays to God
Namdar Famous
Namdar Renowned; Famous
Nameed Star Dancer
Nameem TBD
Nameer Pure; Good; Clear
Nameer Pure
Nameer Pure; Leopard; Tiger; Panther
Nameir Leopard
Namik Writter/Author
Namik Writer; Author
Namir Pure; Sweet Water
Namir Good, pure, dear
Namir pure; dear
Namir Good, pure, dear
Namir Pure; Leopard; Tiger; Panther
Namira TBD
Namis Good
Namood Sample; Model; Paragon
Namood Sample; Model; Paragon
Namr Tiger
Namrah Pure; A Famous Mosque in Makkah
Namrat Love
Namseed God Gift
Namsheed Remembering the Lord’s Name
Namsheer TBD
Namvar Famous
Namvar Famous
Nangial Honourable
Nangial Honorable
Nanjea Safe
Nanjee Safe
Naoshad New Joy
Naoufel Handsome
Naoum Blessed; One Given Many Blessings
Naqash Painter
Naqeeb Leader
Naqeeb The Chief of a Clan, Superior
Naqeeb Leader; President; Head; Chief
Naqeel Stranger; Flood Caused by Rain
Naqheeb-Ur-Raham Leader; Support; Merciful
Naqi Pure
Naqi Pure.
Naqi Clean; Pure
Naqi Pure
Naqib Leader, Chief, President, Head
Naqib Leader; President; Head; Chief
Naqid Fault-finder
Naqid Fault-finder; Critic; Reviewer
Naqid Fault-finder
Naqid A critic; A reviewer; Fault finder
Naqil Transporter; Copyist; Narrator
Naqit Salih Bin Aasim had this Name
Naqit Salih bin Aasim had this name
Naqqaad Critic; Reviewer
Naqqaash Painter; Artist
Naqqaash Painter artist
Naqqad Critic; Reviewer
Naqqash Painter; Artist
Naqqash Painter; Artist
Naqqee Pure; Clean
Naqqi Pure; Clean
Naquan Caring; Loving
Naquee TBD
Naquib Noble; Intelligent; Excellent
Naqvi Name of Imam
Nara Man; Leader; Self
Narang The Royal Clan; Orange
Naratain White flowers
Narin Superior
Narmin Sensitive; Soft; Clean
Nasaar Prose Writer
Nasah Counsellor; Advisor
Nasar Help; Support
Nasar Help; Support
Nasarat TBD
Nasaru TBD
Nasarudheen TBD
Nasarulla Victory of Allah
Nasawi TBD
Nasayir Supporter; Helper of the Oppressed
Naseeb Fortune, Share, Participation
Naseef The just one
Naseef The Just One
Naseef The just one
Naseef Just
Naseeh Preacher; Advisor
Naseeha TBD
Naseem Breeze
Naseem Fresh Air; Breeze
Naseem Breeze
Naseem Breath of fresh air, Morning air; Breeze
Naseem-Siddique Breeze; Fresh Air
Naseen The Fresh Morning Wind
Naseer One who helps
Naseer One who helps
Naseer Helper of God; One who helps; Assister; Friend; One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer; Protector; Supporter
Naseeruddin Defender of the Religion Islam
Naseeruddin Defender of the religion; Defender of the faith (Islam)
Naseeruddolah Defender of the State
Naseerulislam Defender of Islam
Naser Assister; Friend
Naser Helper of God; One who helps; Assister; Friend; One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer; Protector; Supporter
Nasfin TBD
Nash Dweller by the Ash Tree
Nasha Friend of All
Nashaaf TBD
Nashaat Joy; Pleasure
Nashad Unhappy; Morose
Nashah Growing Up; Youth
Nashah Growing up, youth
Nashah, Nashat Growing up, youth
Nashan Intelligent Adviser
Nashat Joy, Cheer
Nashat Joy; Cheer
Nashat Joy Cheer
Nashat Growing up; Youth
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Nashe Counsellor
Nashean TBD
Nasheed Islamic Song
Nasheet Energetic, Dynamic, Lively, Fresh
Nasheet Energetic; Dynamic; Lively; Active
Nashi Advisor
Nashir One who Scatters, Exposer
Nashir Helper of God; One who helps; Assister; Friend; One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer; Protector; Supporter
Nashit Energetic, active
Nashit Energetic; Active
Nashit Energetic active
Nashit Energetic; Dynamic; Lively; Active
Nashith Active; Energetic
Nashrul Servant of Allah
Nashrullah Servant of Allah
Nashwaan Exultant; Elated; Exalted
Nashwan Exultant, elated
Nashwan Exultant, elated
Nashwan Exalted; Elated; Exultant
Nashwan Exultant; Elated
Nasi Obvious; Evident
Nasib Noble, relative
Nasib noble
Nasib Noble, relative
Nasib Luck; Noble; Relative; Highborn
Nasib Fait; Noble; Relative
Nasier Protector; Helper; Supporter
Nasif Most just, equitable
Nasif Most just, equitable.
Nasif Equitable
Nasif Just
Nasih Advisor, counselor
Nasih Advisor; Well-wisher; Counsellor
Nasih Advisor; A well wisher
Nasihin Givers of Advice
Nasihuddin Counsellor of the Religion Islam
Nasihullah TBD
Nasihun Well Intention Ed – Sincere
Nasik Pious, Devotee, Worshipper
Nasikh Changer; Editor; Copyist; Clerk
Nasil Merciful
Nasim Fresh air
Nasim Breath of Fresh air, breeze
Nasim Breeze; Breath of Fresh Air
Nasim Fresh air
Nasim-ul-Haq All; Breeze of the Truth (Allah)
Nasimuddin Breeze of the Religion Islam
Nasimuddin The breeze of the religion (Islam)
NasimUlHaq Breeze of the Truth; Allah
Nasin One who Advices
Nasir Protector, helper, supporter
Nasir protector; helper
Nasir Protector of the faith
Nasir Defender, Supporter, Success
Nasir Helper of God; One who helps; Assister; Friend; One who scatters; Exposer; Announcer; Protector; Supporter
Nasir al Din Protector of the faith
Nasir Al Din Protector of the faith
????? ?? ???  
Nasir-al-Din Protector of the Faith
Nasirah A companion of Prophet Muhammed
Nasirah A Companion of Prophet Muhammed
NasirAlDin Protector of the Faith
Nasirin Supporters
Nasiroudin TBD
Nasiruddin Defender of the Faith Islam
Nasiruddin Defender of the religion; Defender of the faith (Islam)
Nasiruddolah Defender of the State
Nasirudeen Protector of the Faith
Nasirulislam Defender of Islam
Nasiur TBD
Nasleem TBD
Nasmi Breeze
Nasmi Breeze.
Nasmi Breeze
Nasmi Breeze
Nasooh Faithful; Loyal; Sincere
Nasr Help, victory
Nasr Supporter; Help; Victory
Nasr Help, victory
Nasr Help; Victory
Nasr, Nasser Victory
Nasrallah Help from Allah
Nasrallah Help from Allah
Nasrat Intelligent; Arts; Help; Support
Nasrath Arts; Support; Intelligent
Nasreddine Victory of the Religion
Nasreem TBD
Nasreen Wild Rose
Nasreen Wild rose; Blue scented flower
Nasri Of victory
Nasri Of victory
Nasri Support or Victory
Nasri Winner of victory after victory
Nasrodin Victory of the Religion Islam
Nasru Support or Victory
Nasruddin Victory of the Religion Islam
Nasruddin The victory of the religion (Islam)
Nasrudeen TBD
Nasrudin Victory of the Religion Islam
Nasrul God’s Help / Support
Nasrulla TBD
Nasrullah Help of Allah
Nassaar Protector
Nassah Giver of Good Advice; Guide
Nassar Protector, Victory, Helper
Nasser Victorious, Victory
Nasser Protector
Nasser Victorious
Nasser Victory
Nasser Udeen Protector of the Faith
Nasser Udeen Protector of the faith
????? ?????  
Nasser-Udeen Protector of Faith
NasserUdeen Protector of the Faith
Nassim Breeze
Nassir protector
Nassiruddeen Protector of the Faith
Nassiruddin Protector of the Faith
Nassor Victorious; Supporter
Nasuh Sincere, faithful
Nasuh Sincere, faithful
Nasuh Sincere; Faithful
Nasuh Advised; Suggested; Sincere; Faithful
Nasuruddin Victory of the Religion Islam
Nasurulla TBD
Nasurullah TBD
Nasurutheen TBD
Naswan Bright; Talented
Nasyr Helper; Protector; Supporter
Naszere Strong
Nathaar Scattered; Tiny Pieces
Nathar Scattered; Tiny Pieces
Natheer Warner
Natheer Warner
Nathim Arranger; Adjuster
Nathir Warner
Natiq Categorical (decision), talker, speaker, rational
Natiq Talker, speaker, rational
Natiq Endowed with Speech, Eloquent
Natiq Talker; Speaker; Rational
Natish TBD
Naufal Generous Leader
Naufil TBD
Nauman Flower Beds, Blood
Nauman Men with all blessings of Allah
Nauroz Persian New Year’s Day
Nauroze Persian New Year’s Day
Nausad Bestest; One who Knows
Naushaad Beautiful
Naushad Happy
Naushad Happy; New Happiness
Naushad Happy
Naushad Happy
Naushar TBD
Navab King; Ruler; Emperor
Navad Powerful
Navaf Helpful
Navaid Good News
Naval Wonder
Navan Champion; Nine
Navas King; Beauty of Life
Navaz Beautiful, Blessings
Naved Happy person
Naved Reward, Justice
Naveed Glad tidings
Naveed Good News; Glad Tidings
Naveed Glad tidings
Naveed Good news; Glad tidings
Naveel TBD
Naveid Good News
Naveid Good news; Glad tidings
Navid Bringing Good News
Navid Good news; Glad tidings
Navied Best Wishes
Navil Noble; Generous; Peacock
Navil Wise One; Peacock; Winner
Navish Poison Less; Sweet; Lord Shiva
Navit Close to Allah
Navroz A Parsi Festival
Navshad New Happiness
Navyan Sky
Nawaab Governor; Ruler
Nawaaz Cherishing
Nawaazish Caress; Kindness
Nawab The Powerful Influencer
Nawab Barron; Ruler
Nawaf nawaafpopular Arab name
Nawaf High; Lofty
Nawaf High; Lofty
?????? ??????  
Nawaf, Nawwaf High, lofty
Nawafil Good Deeds; Gift; Present
Nawaid New Light
Nawaj Attractive
Nawaj Attractive; Beloved; Mistress
Nawas Beauty of Life; Blessings
Nawaskhan TBD
Nawaskhan Lord of all
Nawaz Prince, kind, loving and generous
Nawaz Prince, kind, loving and generous
Nawaz Loving and Generous, Handsome
Nawaz Attractive; Beloved; Mistress
Nawazish Caress, Kindness
Nawazuddin Respect; Loving and Generous
Nawead TBD
Naweaz Cherishing
Nawed Justice; Reward
Naweed Good News; Glad Tiding
Nawf Emperor; One who Rules
Nawfah High
Nawfal Generous; old Arabic name for the sea
Nawfal Generous, old Arabic name for the Sea
Nawfal Generous; Old Arabic name of the sea
Nawfleen Active
Nawhan TBD
Nawhan Exalted
Nawid Good News; Glad Tiding
Nawl Generosity; Nobleness
Nawl Nobleness
Nawras Young
Nawroz Persian New Year’s Day
Nawsad TBD
Nawshad New Happiness
Nawwaab Ruler; Governor
Nawwab Ruler; Governor; Representative
Nawwaf High; Lofty
Nawwaf High, lofty
Nawwar Radiant, Glowing, Brilliant
Nawyan Intending; Aiming for; Determined
Nawyan Intending
Nay Highness; Grace
Nayaab Unique; Old; Rare
Nayaab Rare; Unattainable; Precious
Nayaaf TBD
Nayab Rare, Precious
Nayab Rare, Precious.
Nayab Unique; Rare; Precious
Nayab Rare; Precious
Nayal Leader; River
Nayar Successor
Nayas Feels from Heart
Nayat Leading; Guiding
Nayaz Feels from Heart
Nayazuddin TBD
Naye Grace
Nayeal TBD
Nayeef Elevated; High; Noble
Nayeem King, Blessing
Nayef High; Elevated; Noble
Nayel Brave, Winner, Accomplisher
Nayem Calm; Tranquil; Reassured; Delight
Nayif Highness; Grace
Nayif High, excellent; surplus, abundance
Nayif High; Excellent; Surplus; Abundance
Nayif, Naif High, excellent; surplus, abundance
Nayihan Avoider; Stopper
Nayihan Avoider; Stopper
Nayil Winner; Gainer
Nayir Radiant; Brilliant
Nayla Successful
Naym TBD
Nayyal TBD
Nayyar Bright Star
Nayyir Luminous; Brilliant
Nayyum Blessed
Nayzan TBD
Nayzin TBD
Naz Pride; Delicacy
Nazaat Freedom from Bad Deeds
Nazaf Clean
Nazah Happiness
Nazain TBD
Nazakat Delicacy
Nazakat Delicacy
Nazakat Delicacy
Nazal Prince; Blessing; Fell Down
Nazal Fell Down
Nazam Order; Discipline; Star
Nazan Proud; Blessing
Nazar Eyesight, Vision, From Nazareth
Nazar The one who gives
Nazar The one who gives
Nazar The one who gives
Nazari TBD
Nazarudeen TBD
Nazarulla TBD
Nazarullah TBD
Nazeeb Lucky
Nazeef Clean, neat
Nazeef Pure, Clean, Innocent
Nazeef Clean, neat
Nazeef Clean; Neat
Nazeeh Pure; Chaste; Virtuous
Nazeeh Pure; Chaste
Nazeeh Pure; Chaste
Nazeel Merciful
Nazeem Breeze, Arranger, Adjuster
Nazeem Arranger, adjuster
Nazeem Arranger; Adjuster
?????, ?????  
Nazeer One who warns
Nazeer Similar, Comparable
Nazeer One who warns
Nazeer One who warns; Bright; Radiant; Blooming; Observer; Supervisor
Nazeh Improving; Chaste
Nazel Merciful
Nazer Bright; Radiant; Blooming
Nazer One who warns; Bright; Radiant; Blooming; Observer; Supervisor
Nazhaf TBD
Nazhan Name of a Tree
Nazheef Clean; Neat
Nazhif Clean
Nazib Noble; Excellent
Nazibul TBD
Nazid Stratiform
Naziem One who Organises
Nazier Similar, One who Warns
Nazif Clean; Pure; Innocent
Nazif Clean; Neat
Nazih Pure; Chaste; Honest; Virtuous
Nazih Pure, chaste
Nazih Pure, chaste.
Nazih Pure; Chaste
Nazih, Nazeeh Pure, chaste
Nazik Kindness
Nazil Merciful
Nazim Emperor, Poet, Arranger
Nazim Arranger, adjuster
Nazim Arranger; Adjuster
Nazim, Nazeem Arranger, adjuster
Nazimuddin Organiser of the Religion Islam
Nazimuddin Organiser of the religion (Islam)
Nazimul Star
Nazin Lucky Star
Nazir Observer, Supervisor, Little
Nazir Observer, supervisor
Nazir Observer supervisor
Nazir One who warns; Bright; Radiant; Blooming; Observer; Supervisor
Naziruddin Warner of the Religion
Nazirudeen TBD
Nazirul TBD
Nazirulislam Religious Teacher; Warner of Islam
Nazish Fragrance; Proud
Naziulla TBD
Nazlan TBD
Nazmi Star; Arranger; Organiser
Nazmi Arranger, organizer
Nazmi Arranger; Organizer
Nazmil Star; Good
Nazmin Light
Nazmuddin TBD
Nazmudin Organiser of the Religion Islam
Nazmul Star
Nazmus Star
Nazneen Beautiful; Glorious
Nazr Vow; Solemn Pledge
Nazrul TBD
Nazu Pride; Delicacy
Nazwan Talented
Nazwin Talented
Nazym One who Organises
Nazz Feeling Proud
Nazzar Observer; Spectator; Thinker
Nazzeer Precedent; Alike; Equal to
Neam The Name of a Tree
Nedal TBD
Nedim Companion; Friend
Neean One Who Knows
Neehal New; Traditional
Neem Luxury, Ease
Neer Water; Clear; Pure
Neeraf River
Neeraf River
Neeraj Lotus, Flower, Pearl
Neeshaan Symbol
Neeshan Symbol
Neevan Holy; Soul
Negin TBD
Negm Resembling a Star
Nehaad Brave; Face a challenge
Nehaan Joy; Happy; Merciful; Marvellous
Nehad Brave, Face challenge
Nehad Brave; Face Challenge
Nehad Brave; Face a challenge
Nehal The One who is Gratified
Nehan Beautiful
Nehan Beautiful; Strong; Handsome
Nehan Beautiful
Nehan Beautiful
Nehemiah Yahweh Comforts
Nehrin River
Nehshal Flower of Jannat
Nehwan TBD
Nehwin Intelligent; Wise
Nehzan TBD
Neihan Bright; Joy
Neimat Blessing
Nejad TBD
Nejeeb Distinguished
Nejib Noble
Nemat Favour, Blessing, Bounty, Boon
Nemat Blessing; Boon; Favor
Nematollah TBD
Nen Ancient Waters; Deep Hope
Nesar Sun or Moon
Neshar TBD
Nesphy Beautiful; Happy; Silent
Nesvin One who is Very Good and Brave
Nev Little saint; Little holy one; From the new town; Hero; Courageous
Nevan Little Saint, Little Holy One
Newaf TBD
Newafudin TBD
Newan TBD
Newaz New Kingdom / Order; New Born
Neyas Beginning
Neyaz Most Desirable to Help
Neyman A Bookworm
Nezar One who is Crowned
Nezih Virtuous; Pure; Chaste
Nezil TBD
Nezin TBD
Nezwin Talented
Nguna Good
Niaaf Success
Niam Law; Rule; Diamond
Niamat Gift
Niamath Gift
Niamtullha God’s Blessings
Niamul TBD
Niamullah God’s Blessings; God Bestows Upon …
Niaz Desire, Urge to Express Love
Niazi Petitioner; Afghan Tribe
Niazi Petitioner; An Afghan tribe
Nibal Arrow
Nibel Arrows
Nibin Hero
Nibir Fearless; Silent
Nibras Lamp, light
Nibras Light; Lamp
Nibras Lamp, light
Nida Elf; Prayer; To Call; Voice of God
Nidal Fight, defence
Nidal Striving; Fight; Defence
Nidal Fight; Defense
Nidhal Striving; Contest
Nieem Protection
Niezaam Honorific Title; Lord; King
Nifran TBD
Nifras Vision; Happy
Nifraz Happy; Vision
Nighat Sight; Vision
Nighat Sight; Vision
Nihaad Delighted; Gratified
Nihaal Happiness; Complete; Young; Planet
Nihaan Mark; Hidden; Wisdom; Secret
Nihad Gratified, Delighted, Happy
Nihadh Gratified
Nihaf Gift of God
Nihal Happy, Prosperous
Nihal Gratified, Delighted, Happy
Niham The Kings; A God Gift Family Tree
Nihar Dew Drop; Mist; Fog
Nihara Sweet Word
Nihas Fresh; Full of Laughter
Nihath Gratified
Nihaz Fresh
Nijad Tall, dominant
Nijad Tall; Dominant
Nijad Tall, dominant
Nijad Tall; Dominant
Nijam The Power
Nijamoddin The Power
Nijamuddin The Power
Nijamudeen The Power
Nijan TBD
Nijas Everytime Fresh Mind; Fresh
Nijat Salvation, Success, To be Saved
Nijaz TBD
Nijhum Silent / Small Island
Nijvan TBD
Nikhat Fragrance
Nikon Man with Loads of Love
Nilabh Moon; Name of Lord Shiva; No Gain
Nilan Moon, Handsome, Dark Blue
Nilshad TBD
Nima Renowned, Small, Blessing, Fair
Nimal Pure; Blameless
Nimar Delicate
Nimat Blessing; Grace
Nimatullah God’s Blessings; Blessing of Allah
Nimatullah Blessing of Allah
Nimr Tiger
Nimr Tiger
Nimr Tiger
Nimr Tiger
Nimrah Leopard; Rebellion
Nimrod Rebellion; Bowman
Nimroz TBD
Ninos Assyrian King; God is Gracious
Nirman The Egoless, Humble, Design
Nirvaan Ultimate Bliss
Nisad TBD
Nisadh TBD
Nisal No End
Nisam TBD
Nisam Fresh air; Cool
Nisamdeen Discipline of the Religion Islam
Nisamudeen Discipline of the Religion Islam
Nisamudheen Respect of God
Nisar To Strew; To Sacrifice
Nisar Nature; Warm cloth; Victorious
Nisaruddin Supporter of the Faith
Nisarudeen Protector of the Faith
Nisaz Explorer
Nisbat Relationship, Connection, Harmony
Nisbi Relative, Comparative
Nishaad TBD
Nishaaj Explorer
Nishaaj Explorer
Nishaaj Explorer
Nishaal No End; Earth King
Nishaan Symbol
Nishaat Liveliness; Energy
Nishab TBD
Nishad TBD
Nishaj Explorer
Nishal God Shiva, Lord Shiva, No End
Nisham Cool; Fresh Air
Nishan Miracles, Symbol, Signature, Mark
Nishara Most Beautiful; To Sacrifice
Nishat A tree; Sincere
Nishat A Tree; Liveliness; Energy
Nishtar Scalpel; Surgeon’s Knife
Nisim Wonders; Unbounded
Nissar Victorious; Win
Nissar Nature; Warm cloth; Victorious
Nithar Sacrifice
Nithar Sacrifice
Nithar Sacrifice
Nithar Sacrifice
Nivad Bright
Nivan Holy, Pure Soul, Little Saint
Niveen Role Model of World
Niyaan Obedient; Eye
Niyaaz Desire; Offering
Niyad TBD
Niyaj Dedication; Desire; Offering
Niyamat Always; Everyday
Niyamath Everyday; Always
Niyamathulla Blessing of Allah
Niyamatulla God’s Blessings
Niyan Eye
Niyas Ambition
Niyash Peace Lover
Niyasudeen TBD
Niyaz Dedication, Offering
Niyaz Dedication, Offering.
Niyaz Dedication; Offer
Niyazuddin TBD
Nizaam Lord; Honorific Title
Nizaar Keen Eyed
Nizab TBD
Nizal Striving, Contest, Competition
Nizal Striving; Contest
Nizam King, Discipliner, Arranger
Nizam Administration
Nizam Administration.
Nizam Administration
Nizam-ul-Mulk The Organisation of the Kingdom
Nizamaddin TBD
Nizamat Organisation; Arrangement
Nizamat Organisation; Arrangement
Nizami TBD
Nizami Of; Relating to Nizam
Nizamuddin Discipline of the Religion Islam
Nizamuddin The discipline of the religion (Islam)
Nizamudeen TBD
Nizamudheen Discipline of the religion (Islam)
Nizamul-Haq System of the Truth
NizamUlMulk The Organisation of the Kingdom
Nizan TBD
Nizar Keen Eyed; Little; Small
Nizar Old Arabic name
Nizar tobe little.
Nizar Little; Small
Nizarudeen Protector of the Faith
Nizhaam System
Nizham System
Nizvaan TBD
Nizvan TBD
Nizwan Talented
Nizzar Attention to Details; Keen-eyed
Nizzar Keen-eyed
Nizzar Keen-eyed
Noah Rest, Comfort, Wanderer, Peaceful
Noaman A Men with All Blessing of Allah
Noashaad Happy
Noashad Happy
Nobita God of Universe
Noeed TBD
Nofil TBD
Nohid TBD
Nohin Intelligent; Kind; Bubbly
Nohman Men with All Blessing of Allah
Nojrul TBD
Nokhez Newly Bloomed; Arising
Nokhez Newly bloomed; Arising
Noldin One who is Noble
Nomaan Variant of Nu’man; Blood; Old …
Noman Granted, Blessed, Normal Man
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah.
Noman Men with all blessings of Allah
Nooh A Prophet’s Name; The Biblical …
Nooh Name of Prophet
Nooh A prophets name
Noon Sword blade
Noor Attribute of Allah
Noor Divine Light, Attribute of God
Noor Attribute of Allah.
Noor Muhammad Light of the prophet Muhammad
??? ???????  
Noor Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Noor Udeen The brightness of the faith
??? ?????  
Noor-e-Alam Light of the World
Noor-Muhammad Light of the Prophet Muhammad
Noor-Udeen Brightness of the Faith
Noorahmed TBD
Nooraiz First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Noorali Light of Ali
Noorali Light of Ali
Noorali Light of Ali.
Noorali Light of Ali
Noordheen TBD
Noordin Light of the Religion
Noorhasan TBD
Noori Shining; Light; Fire; Brightness
Noori Shining, brightness
Noori Shining; Brightness
Noormal Handsome
NoorMuhammad Light of the Prophet Muhammad
Nooruddeen Brightness of the Faith
Nooruddin Light of the Religion
Nooruddin Light of the religion (Islam)
Noorudean Light of Islam
NoorUdeen Brightness of the Faith
Noorudheen Brightness of the Faith
Noorul Brightness, Attribute of Allah
Noorul Absar Light of vision
????? ?????  
Noorul Ayn Light of the eye
????? ???  
Noorul Haq Light of the truth, i.e. Allah
????? ??  
Noorul Huda Light of the right guidance
????? ????  
Noorul-Ayn Light of the Eye
Noorul-Haq Light of the Truth (Allah)
Noorul-Huda TBD
NoorulAbsar Light of Vision
Noorulalam Light of the World
NoorulAyn Light of the Eye
NoorulHaq Light of the Truth; Allah
NoorulHuda TBD
Noorulislam Light of the Religion
Noorullah Light of Allah
Noorullah Light of Allah
Nooruz Zaman Light of the Era
????? ???  
Nooruz-Zaman Light of the Era
NooruzZaman Light of the Era
Noorzad TBD
Nor Illumination; Light
Noraiz The first ray of sunlight which came to earth
Noraiz First Sunlight Reaching Earth
Noraiz The first Ray of sunlight which came to earth
Nordin A Handsome Man
Nori Belief; Lawful
Noris Variant of Norris
Norr Light of World
Norul Illumination; Light
Noshad TBD
Nosherwan TBD
Noshin Joy Giving
Nouaib TBD
Noufal Beautiful
Nouhad A Brave Young Man
Noujis Sweet
Noum Easy and Luxurious Life
Noumaan Brave
Nouman Blood
Nour Light
Nour Light
Nouraiz TBD
Nourdine TBD
Noureddin Light of Islam
Noureddine The Light of Religion
Noureddine Light of faith
Nouri Light
Nouri Light
Nourin TBD
Noushad Happy; Flower
Noushadh TBD
Nousheed King; Noble
Nousheer Gift of God
Noushid TBD
Noushil TBD
Noushzad Happily Born
Nouzam TBD
Now Light
Nowab TBD
Nowfal Old Arabic Word for the Sea
Nowsath King
Nowshad New Happiness
Nowshan Popular Person
Nowshath TBD
Noyal Brave; Strength; Intelligent
Nozaif TBD
Nozrul TBD
Nuaim Name of several of the Prophets companions
Nuaim TBD
Nuaim A narrator of Hadith, Name of several of the companions of the prophet
?????? ?????  
Nuaim, Nuaym Name of several of the Prophets companions
Nuaimaan TBD
Nuaym One of narrators of Hadith
Nuaym TBD
Nuaym One of narrators of Hadith
Nuaym A narrator of Hadith, Name of several of the companions of the prophet
Nubaid Bringing Happiness
Nubaid Gift of God; Bringing Happiness
Nubaid Bringing Happiness
Nubaid Bringing happiness
Nubayer TBD
Nudrat Rarity; Uniqueness
Nufail Gracious
Nuh form of NOAH – rest, comfort
Nuh A Prophets name (Noah)
Nuh A prophets name
Nuh, Nooh A Prophets name (Noah)
Nuha Prophet’s Name
Nuhaam TBD
Nuhaan Intelligent
Nuhad Brave
Nuhaid Big
Nuhaid Big
Nuhaid, Big
Nuhaid, Nuhayd Big
Nuhan Name of Hazrat Swa
Nuhayd Big
Nuhayd Big
Nuhin TBD
Nuhzaid A Name of Prophet
Nujaid Highland, Plateau
Nujaim Little Star
Nujaym Star
Nujoom Stars
Nujum Stars
Nukhail Little Palm Tree
Numaan Well Being; Blood; Red
Numaer Panther
Numair Baby Tiger
Numair Panther
Numair Panther; Baby Tiger
Numair Panther
Numan numaanblood
Numan Blood; Red; Hard
Numan Blood, red
Numan Blood; Old Arabic name
Numayr Panther
Nunna Tiny
Nur Light
Nur Light.
Nur Light
Nur Light
Nur Light; Angel
Nur al Din Brightness of the faith
Nur al Din Brightness of the faith
Nur Al Din The brightness of the faith
??? ?? ???  
Nur Firdaus Light of the Highest Paradise
Nur Firdaus Light of the Highest Paradise
Nur Firdaus Light of the highest paradise
??? ??????  
Nur-al-Din Brightness of the Faith
Nur-Firdaus Light of the Highest Paradise
Nur-ul-Qiblatayn Light of the two Qibla
Nur-ul-Qiblatayn Light of the two Qibla
Nur-Ul-Qiblatayn Light of the Two Qibla
Nuraaz The Treasure of Noor
Nuraddeen Light of the Religion
Nuraddin Light of the Religion
Nurahan Gift (in Persian), Good Tiding
Nurahan Radiant king
Nuraiz TBD
Nuraj Treasure of Noor
Nuralam Light of the World
NurAlDin Brightness of the Faith
Nuralom TBD
Nurani Luminous
Nurani Luminous
Nurani Luminous
Nurat Light
Nurayn Luminous; Radiance
Nuraz The Treasure of Noor
Nuraz The Treasure Of Noor
Nuraz The Treasure Of Noor
Nuraz The treasure of Noor
Nurdeen Light of the religion
Nurdeen Light of the religion.
Nurdeen Light of the Religion
Nurdeen Light of the religion
Nurdin Light of the Religion
Nuren Lightening; Luminous
NurFirdaus Light of the Highest Paradise
Nurhan Brilliant Rose
Nuri Shining, brightness
Nuri Light, My Fire, Shining
Nuri fire
Nuri Shining; Brightness
Nuri, Noori Shining, brightness
Nuria Bright Light
Nuriah TBD
Nuriel Light; Fire of the Lord
Nuril Light of God
Nuris Light
Nurism TBD
Nuriya Fire
Nuriyah Fire
Nuriz TBD
Nurshah King’s Light
Nurtaj Crown of light
Nurudeen Nuru (Born at Nigh) Deen (Honour)
Nurul Gentle
Nurulislam Light of Islam
Nurullah Light of God; God’s Guidance
NurUlQiblatayn Light of the Two Qibla
Nuruzzaman Light of the Era
Nurzamal TBD
Nusaib Appropriate, Fitting, Proper
Nusair Bird of Prey; Victory; Triumph
Nusayar TBD
Nusayb Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam
Nusayb TBD
Nusayb Name of a black slave who fought in the early wars of Islam
Nusayb Who fought in the early wars of Islam
Nusayeb TBD
Nusayer Narrator of Hadith had this Name
Nusayr Narrator of Hadith had this name
Nusayr Narrator of Hadith had this Name
Nusayr Narrator of Hadith had this name
Nushab Water of Life; Elixir
Nushad TBD
Nushan TBD
Nushur Resurrection
Nusrah Help; Support
Nusrah Help, support
Nusrah, Nusrat Help, support
Nusran Supporters; Helpful
Nusrat Victory; Help; Support
Nusrat Help, support
Nusrat Help; Support; Victory
??????? ?????  
Nusrath God of Love
Nusratuddin Help of the Religion Islam
Nusratuddin The help of the religion (Islam)
Nusur Vultures; Plural of Nisr
Nuti Knot
Nuwaib Chief, Leader
Nuwaib Leader
Nuwaidir Rare
Nuwair Little Flower / Fire, Light
Nuwair Light
Nuwairan Radiance
Nuwairan Light, Radiance
Nuwaisir Supporter, Helper
Nuwan Eye; Sweet
Nuzaan TBD
Nuzaib Appropriate
Nuzaif Fire; Equitable
Nuzair Warner, Cautioner
Nuzayh Pure; Chaste
Nuzayh Pure; Chaste
Nuzhat Recreation; Amusement
Nyaz Gift
Nyazuddin TBD
Nyjil Champion; Crow; Passionate; Cloud
Nyshan Sign
Nyzan Happiness