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“S” represents Beginnings. The S shows strong feelings, is Attractive, and with an easy attraction toward money and finances. It has a great influence on love. S may be a little sensitive and calm. S brings new beginnings.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With S

Sa’adah Happiness
Sa’d al Din Good of the faith
Sa’ib Appropriate; Correct
Saaadah Happiness
Saaadat Variant of Sa’adat; Happiness; …
Saabih Clear, Beautiful, Coming
Saabiq Antecedent, Preceding, First
Saabiqah One who Comes First in a Race
Saabiqeen TBD
Saabiqoon TBD
Saabir Patient; Enduring
Saabir Patient; Tolerant
Saabiroon Patient One
Saabit Name of a Sahabi RA
Saad Good fortune
Saad Light, Good Luck, Lucky
Saad good luck
Saad Good luck; Happy
Saad-Al-Din Good of the Faith
Saada Happiness
Saadad Sense; Rationality; Prudence
Saadah Happiness
Saadah Happiness
Saadah Happiness
Saadalla TBD
Saadan Happy; Joyful
Saadat Happiness, Prosperity
Saadat Blessing, Honour
Saadi Happy; Lucky; Blissful
Saadi Marriage
Saadia Happiness
Saadiah Happiness
Saadih Singing Aloud
Saadik TBD
Saadin Cure
Saadiq True, Sincere, Faithful
Saadiqaat Teller of Truth
Saadiqeen One who Tell the Truth
Saadiqoon Trustworthy; Teller of Truth
Saadman Happy; Cheerful
Saadoon Happy; Joyful
Saaduddin Success of the Religion Islam
Saaduddin The success of the religion (Islam)
Saadullah Joy of Allah
Saadullah Joy of Allah
Saadyah Happiness
Saaeb Sensible; Rational; Intelligent
Saaed Great, Majestic, Magnificent
Saaf Pure; Accurate
Saafi Pure; Clear; Crystal
Saafi Pure; Clear; Crystal
Saafik Intelligent
Saafin Those who are without Blemished
Saafir Ambassador; Handsome
Saafir Ambassador, handsome
Saafir Ambassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
Saagh Listener; In Order
Saaghir Submissive; Yielding
Saaheer Enchanting, Wakeful
Saahib Companion, Follower, Friend
Saahib Master; Gentleman; Companion
Saahib-ul-Izaar Owner of the Garment
Saahib-ul-Qadam He who Possesses Leadership
Saahib-ur-Ridaa Possessor of the Mantle
Saahib-us-Sayf Owner of the Sword
Saahibul-Bayan He who Owns the Words
Saahibul-Burhan He who has the Evidence
Saahibul-Burraq He who Rode the Burraq
Saahibul-Faraj Owner of Comfort
Saahibul-Liwaa Owner of the Banner of Praise
Saahibul-Miraaj He who Ascended to the Heavens
Saahibul-Qadeeb Owner of the Staff
Saahibur TBD
Saahibut-Taaj Owner of the Crown
Saahil Sea Shore, Beach, River Bank
Saahir Wakeful; Charming; Enchanting
Saahir Wakeful; Magician; Alert; Nocturnal
Saaib TBD
Saaid Name of a Sahabi
Saaie Effort; Labour; Striving; Pursuit
Saaim Fasting
Saaimeen Fasting One
Saaiq He who Drives (on the Right Path)
Saaiq He who drives on the right path
Saair Visiting Person
Saajid One who Worships God, Prostrator
Saajid Protractor; One who worships God
Saajideen One who Worship God Often
Saajidha Worshipper
Saajidoon Prostrating One
Saakin Tranquil; Stationary; Serene
Saal The year consisting of twelve months
Saaleh Good; Righteous; Virtuous
Saalif Name of a Sahabi
Saalih Good; Righteous; Virtuous
Saalih Good; Righteous; Safe; Whole; Flawless
Saalihayn Good – Virtuous One
Saaliheen Pious One
Saalihoon Pious – Good One
Saalik Follower of a Spiritual Path
Saalim Powerful, Safe, Secure, Mild
Saalimoon Safe; Unharmed
Saaloot TBD
Saam A Character in Shahnameh
Saamar Accompanied by the eternal Gods; Fruit; Outcome; Possession; Conflict; Son
Saami Exalted; From Swahili
Saami Eminent; Exalted; High; Sublime; Similar
Saamih Forgiver
Saamir Fruit-bearing, Fruitful
Saamir Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind
Saamit Name of a Sahabi; Quiet
Saamy Praised; High; Exalted; Sublime
Saan Pride; Respected; Famous
Saanih Coming from the Right Side
Saaqib Star
Saaqib Star
Saarim Sharp Minded; Brave
Saariyah Clouds at Night
Saariyah Clouds at night; Name of a companion of the prophet
Saary Glow
Saayed Leader; Lord; Master
Saayed Dominant; Chief; Leader; Hunter
Saayir Voyager
Saaz Breath; Melody
Sa’adah happiness
Sa’d al Din good of the faith
Sa’ib appropriate; correct
Sab Lion
Sab Beautiful; Lion
Sab Lion
Saba Born During the Morning Hours
Sabaah Bright; Dawn; Early Morning
Sabaahat Beauty; Gracefulness; Comeliness
Sabah Good; Dawn; Morning
Sabahat Beauty, Grace, Handsomeness
Sabahath TBD
Sabahuddin TBD
Sabal With Strength
Saban Soap Merchant; Soap Maker
Saban-Ali TBD
Sabanna Attack Like a Tiger
Sabaque One who Surpasses or Excels
Sabaque One who surpasses; Excels
Sabar Nectar
Sabari Swamy Sri Iyyappan
Sabas Conversion
Sabat Firmness, Stability, Certainty
Sabath Worship Day
Sabawoon Dawn; Morning
Sabawoon Dawn, Morning
Sabba Born During the Morning Hours
Sabbaah Fair Complexioned
Sabbagh Dyer
Sabbagh Dyer
Sabbaq TBD
Sabbar Extremely patient
Sabbar Extremely Patient / Enduring
Sabbir Intelligent
Sabbir Pious; Beautiful; Patient
Sabeed TBD
Sabeeh Beautiful, Pretty, Handsome
Sabeeh A narrator of Hadith
Sabeeh Beautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
Sabeek TBD
Sabeel Way; Path; Road; Route
Sabeer Patient, Tolerant, Enduring
Sabeer Patient; Tolerant
Sabeeri Patient, Enduring
Sabeh Pretty; Handsome; Beautiful
Sabeir Patient
Saber Sword
Sabhaa Pretty; Beautiful; Graceful; Bright like morning
Sabhya Refined
Sabian TBD
Sabibah Water that is poured
Sabid TBD
Sabieh Handsome
Sabier Patient
Sabigh Dyer
Sabih Handsome, Beautiful, Pleasant
Sabih Handsome
Sabih Beautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
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Sabih, Sabeeh Beautiful, pleasant, fond
Sabihi Bright like the Morning
Sabik King; Beautiful Lion
Sabil Path Way; Patience; God’s Way
Sabil Path; Way
Sabin Brave; From the Sabines
Sabiq First Former
Sabiq Antecedent, Preceding
Sabiq Another name of God; Primary; First
Sabiqin TBD
Sabique Preceding, Antecedent, Truthful
Sabiqun TBD
Sabir Patient
Sabir Patient
Sabir Smart; Kind; Patient
Sabir persevering
Sabir Patient
Sabir Patient; Tolerant
Sabir, Sabeer Patient, persevering
Sabira Of Great Patience; God Gift
Sabiruddin TBD
Sabirun Patient One
Sabit Strong, Certain, Well-established
Sabit Strong; Well-established
Sabith Proven
Sabitul TBD
Sabooh Bright; Radiant
Saboor Patient; Tolerant; Forbearing
Saboor Patient; Tolerant; Forbearing; Preserving
Sabour Patient
Sabr Patience; Endurance
Sabran Patience
Sabre Sword
Sabree Patient
Sabri Of patience, perseverence
Sabri Patient; Perseverant
Sabri Of patience, perseverence
Sabrie Patient
Sabry Patient
Sabudeen TBD
Sabudin TBD
Sabuh Bright; Radiant
Sabuj Green Colour
Sabur Patient
Sabur Patient, perservent
Sabur Patient perservent
Saburah A narrator of Hadith
Saburah A narrator of Hadith
Saburah Narrator of Hadith
Sad Felicity; Fortunate; Good Luck
Sad Good luck
Sad Good luck
Sad al Din Good of the Faith
Sad al Din Good of the Faith
Sad-al-Din Good of the Faith
Sadaad Sense, Rationality
Sadaan Luckier; Happier
Sadaaqat Sincerity; Truth
Sadaat Princes, Lords
Sadab Happy; Greenery; Daily; Morning
Sadad Lord; Power; Best
Sadad Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadad Right thing to do, lucky hand
Sadaf Shell; Oyster; Pearl
Sadain TBD
Sadakat True Friendship
Sadakt Truth
SadAlDin Good of the Faith
Sadan Fortunate, Happy, Virtuous Person
Sadan Happy Fortunate
Sadaq Honesties; Love
Sadaqat Truth
Sadaqat Truth
Sadaqat Sincerity; Truth
Sadar Respectful
Sadat Master; Gentleman
Sadath Lucky
Sadathulla TBD
Sadd Happiness
Saddam One who Confronts; Brave .fearless
Saddam Powerful ruler
Saddik Kingly; Sincere; Truthful
Saddiq Kingly; Sincere; Truthful
Sadeed Relevant, Pertinent
Sadeed Pertinent; Relevant
Sadeed Relevant, Pertinent
Sadeek Sincere
Sadeem Mist; Haze
Sadeem Haze Mist
Sadeeq Trustworthy
Sadeeq Trustworthy, Friend
Sadeesh TBD
Sadegh Sincere
Sadeh Singing Loud
Sadek Truthful
Sadeq Close Companion; Trustworthy
Sadham Proud
Sadhil Perfect
Sadhiq Simple; Sincere; Kingly
Sadi Fortunate, Lucky
Sadib Greenery
Sadid correct; right
Sadid Relevant, correct, right
Sadid Good; Relevant; Correct; Right
Sadid Relevant, correct, right
Sadih Singing Aloud
Sadik Faithful; Truthful
Sadik Truthful,veracious
Sadiki Faithful; Trust; Believe
Sadikul TBD
Sadil Incomparable
Sadim Giver of Happiness
Sadin Desert Greenery
Sadiq sincere; truthful
Sadiq Sincere, truthful
Sadiq Truthful, Kingly, Friend, Sincere
Sadiq Friend
Sadiq Truthful
Sadiqali TBD
Sadiqat Teller of Truth
Sadiqin Truthful; Plural of Sadiq
Sadique Truthfulness
Sadiqun Trustworthy; Teller of Truth
Sadir Ordered; Appointed
Sadit Hard working and strong
Sadit Hard Working and Strong
Sadman A Smiling Moon
Sadnan TBD
Sadoof TBD
Sadooh Singing
Sadoon TBD
Sadooq Honest, Truthful, Sincere
Sadqan Truthful; Sincere
Sadr Start, Forefront, Dawn, Bosom
Sadr Heart
Sadra Chief; Judge; Leader; Chief Seat
Sadri Chief Seat; Judge; Leader
Sadruddin TBD
Sadrul TBD
Saduh Singer; Singing
Sadul-Khalq Blessing for the Creation
Sadulla Lion
Sadullah TBD
Sadun Happy
Sadun Happy; Joly
Sadyk Sincere
Saed Leader
Saedy One who Helps Others
Saee One who Makes Effort
Saeeb Right; Appropriate
Saeed Blissful, auspicious
Saeed Priestly, Happy, Fortunate
Saeed Blissful auspicious
Saeed, Said Happy
Saeedan Happy; Joyful
Saeeduz Zaman Luckiest of the age
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Saeeduz-Zaman Luckiest of the Age
SaeeduzZaman Luckiest of the Age
Saeel Attacker
Saeem TBD
Safa Eternal
Safaan Pure; Bright; Brave
Safal Succeed; Fruitful
Safan Intelligent; Knowledgeable
Safar Travel
Safarulla TBD
Safarullah TBD
Safat Wish
Safayet TBD
Safdar Piercing Lines, Fighter
Safee Pure; Untainted; Chosen
Safeed TBD
Safeek Intelligent
Safeel TBD
Safeem TBD
Safeen Beautiful, Ships
Safeena h Name of an Ahl As-Suffah
Safeena A Boat
Safeenah Ship
Safeenah Name of an Ahl As-Suffah
Safeenah Name of an Ahl As-Suffah.
Safeeq TBD
Safeer Emissary
Safeer Mediator; Ambassador; Emissary
SafeerSha TBD
Safeeth White
SafeeUllah Sword of Allah
Saffah Killer; Blood Shredder
Saffan Pearl
Saffar An authority of Hadith
Saffar An authority of Hadith.
Saffar Coppersmith
Saffer Kind
Saffi Clean
Saffiullah God’s Sward
Saffron Orange; Flower Name
Safi Skin; Clear; Pure; Chosen
Safi Pure, clear
Safi Pure, clear
Safia Nice, Gentle, Loving, Caring
Safian Diamond; Pure Gold
Safiful TBD
Safih Pardoning; Forgiving
Safik Intelligent
Safikul King of World
Safikur TBD
Safil Helpful
Safin Small Name of Prophet
Safiq Intelligent
Safique TBD
Safiqul TBD
Safiqur TBD
Safir Mediator; Ambassador
Safira Victorious
Safiru Kind
Safiruddin Kind; Clever
Safirul Kind
Safirullah Clever
Safiuddin The Pure (One) of the Faith Islam
Safiudeen TBD
Safiul TBD
Safiulla TBD
Safiullah-Sultan Allah’s Messenger; Pure
Safiun TBD
Safiur TBD
Safiy Best friend
Safiy Best Friend
Safiy al Din Best friend of the faith
Safiy al Din best friend of the faith
Safiy al Din Best friend of the faith
Safiy Best friend
Safiy-al-Din Best Friend of the Faith
Safiy-Allah Shahzeb; Allah’s Chosen One
SafiyAlDin Best Friend of the Faith
Safiyan Pure Gold; Diamond
Safiyullah TBD
Safiyy Chosen One
Safiyy Chosen One
Safiyy Chosen One
Safiyyaddin The Finest of the Believers
Safiyyullah The Choice of Allah (SWT)
Safna Collect, Bringer of Prosperity
Safouane TBD
Safran Gold
Safras TBD
Safraz Divine Ruler
Safroz Divine Ruler
Saft Good Habit; Plus Point; Speciality
Safuh Forgiving
Safuh forgiving
Safuh Forgiving; Pardoning
Safuh Forgiving
Saful Islam Sword of Islam
Saful Islam Sword of Islam.
Saful-Islam Sword of Islam
SafulIslam Sword of Islam
Safuvan Smooth Stone; Pure
Safvan Pure, Clear, Cloudless Day, Rock
Safwaan Rock, Name of a Sahabi (RA)
Safwah The Best; The Chosen
Safwah, Safwat The best, the chosen
Safwan Rock, solid, pure
Safwan Rock; Solid; Pure; Old Arabic Name
Safwan Rocks
Safwann Rock
Safwat Supreme; good friend; purity
Safwat Supreme, Good Friend, Purity
Safyaan TBD
Safyan Diamond; Pure Gold
Safyy Chosen; Name of a Sahabi (RA)
Sagan Lord Shiva
Sagar Sea, Ocean
Sageer Small
Sager Small Stature
Sagh Listener
Sagheer Small, short.
Sagheer Small, short
Sagheer Small, Minor, Submissive
Saghir Short
Saghir-Ali Little
SaghirAli Little Ali
Sagir Short; Smallest
Sagma Powerful, Mighty, Strong, Rich
Sagubar Genius
Sagubar Genius
Saha Enduring; Mighty
Sahaab Mist; Cloud
Sahaam TBD
Sahaan Enduring; Falcon; Helpful
Sahab Cloud
Sahab Cloud
Sahab Cloud
Sahabah Companions
Sahabah Companions of the Prophet
Sahabaj TBD
Sahabaz One who can Fly in the Sky
Sahabdeen TBD
Sahabir TBD
Sahabuddin King of Stars, Dynamic
Sahabudeen TBD
Sahabullah TBD
Sahad Prince
Sahadat TBD
Sahadath TBD
Sahadh TBD
Sahadul TBD
Sahadullah TBD
Sahael Above
Sahail Above
Sahaj Natural; Original; Easy
Sahajada Prince
Sahajahan TBD
Sahajamal TBD
Sahajan TBD
Sahal Easy
Sahal Easy; Simple; Prophets Name
Sahalam World of King
Sahan Falcon; Helpful; Enduring
Sahana Patience
Sahanawaz TBD
Sahanwaz Brave
Sahaq One who is Truthful
Sahar Time before day break bewitch
Sahar Sun, Dawn, Morning
Sahar Dawn, Early morning; Moonlight
Sahara Shelter, Lord Shiva, Wilderness
Saharu Flower
Saharul TBD
Saharun-Faras Anna Muhammed
Sahas Courage; Bravery
Sahat Strong; Stung
Sahbaan TBD
Sahbaaz TBD
Sahbah Friendship; Companionship
Sahbal Rainy Cloud
Sahban Powerful; Strong; Important
Sahbaz One who can Fly in the Sky
Sahbi Friend; Companion
Sahbuddin TBD
Saheb Master, Teacher
Sahebaaj Mighty; Brave
Sahebaaz One who can Fly in the Sky
Sahebaz One who can Fly in the Sky
Sahed Sacrifice
Sahedur Precious; Lamp of Strength
Saheeb Master
Saheed Lucky; Blissful
Saheed Lucky; Blissful; Witness
Saheedali Sacrifice
Saheedur TBD
Saheeh-ul-Islam On the Correct Islam
Saheel Sea Shore; River Bank
Saheen Falcon
Saheer Wakeful, Enchanting
Saheim Warrior
Saheim Warrior
Sahein TBD
Sahejuddin TBD
Sahel One who Shows the Way, Beach
Sahel One who shows the way
Sahen Falcon
Sahenawaz TBD
Saher Magician
Sahezad TBD
Sahezad Prince
Sahfith TBD
Sahhah Whole; Flawless, ‘Faultless
Sahi Straight
Sahib Companion
Sahib companion
Sahib Sir, Teacher, The Master
Sahib Master; Gentleman; Companion
Sahiban TBD
Sahibul TBD
Sahid Lucky; Blissful; Witness
Sahidul Beautiful
Sahidur Precious, Lamp of Strength
Sahiel Guide
Sahier Wakeful
Sahij Patience; Natural; Education
Sahik One who is Truthful
Sahil Guide
Sahil Ocean, Guide, Sea Shore
Sahil Seashore; Guide; Shore; Bank
Sahim Partner
Sahim Partner
Sahin Unique
Sahinoor Royal Glow
Sahinshnu Patient; Enduring; Lord Vishnu
Sahinur TBD
Sahiq One who is Truthful
Sahir Wakeful
Sahir wakeful
Sahir Wakeful
Sahir Magician, Lord Shiva, Wakeful
Sahir Wakeful; Magician; Alert; Nocturnal
Sahish Mighty; Confidence; Lord Shiva
Sahiuddin TBD
Sahjahan TBD
Sahjeeah Courageous; Brave; Bold
Sahl Easy to deal with
Sahl Companion of Prophet Muhammad
Sahl Easy to deal with
Sahlal TBD
Sahm Dart; Arrow
Sahm Arrow, dart
Sahm Arrow; Dart
Sahmir Entertaining companion
Sahmir Entertaining Companion
Sahmir Entertaining companion
Sahnan Wise – Peaceful
Sahnawaz TBD
Sahnwaz Brave; God’s Gift
Sahraan TBD
Sahrah Desert
Sahran Leader; Protection
Sahul Forward; Requested
Sahun TBD
Sahyaan TBD
Sahyan Pure
Sahyl Guide
Sahzad Prince
Sahzada Prince
Saian TBD
Saib Appropriate, correct
Saib Forsaken, Abandoned, Appropriate
Saib Right; Appropriate; Correct
Saibal Algea, Lord, Raper
Saibullah TBD
Said Happy, Rivulet, Lucky, Happiness
Said Blissful; Auspicious; Happy
Saidah Lion
Saidul TBD
Saidulla TBD
Saidullah TBD
Saidulu God
Saidy One who Helps Others
Saied Happy; Lucky
Saief Sword, Caring, Fortunate, Sabre
Saiem Herdsman
Saif Caring, Sword, Sabre, Happy
Saif Sword
Saif Sword
Saif al Din Sword of the faith
Saif Al Din Sword of the faith
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Saif, Sayf, Seif Sword (of religion)
Saif-al-Din Sword of the Faith
Saif-Ali High Sword
Saifaan Sword of God
Saifaddin Sword of the Faith
Saifan God’s Sword
Saifan Sword of Allah
Saifee Concerning Sword; Sword of God
Saifee Concerning sword
Saifeen TBD
Saifen Sword of Allah
Saifi Clear
Saifil Sword
Saifiyy TBD
Saifu Fortunate; Caring
Saifuddeen Sword of the Religion
Saifuddin Sword of the Religion
Saifuddin Sword of the religion (Islam)
Saifudeen Sword of the Faith
Saifudeen Sword of the Faith
Saifudheen TBD
Saiful Sword
Saiful Azman Sword of dream
Saiful Azman Sword of dream
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Saiful Islam Sword of Islam
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Saiful-Azman Sword of Dream
Saiful-Baari Sword of the Creator
Saiful-Haq Sword of Truth
Saiful-Islam Sword of Islam
SaifulAzman Sword of Dream
SaifulBaari Sword of the Creator
SaifulIslam Sword of Islam
Saifulla Sword of Allah
Saifullah Sword of Allah
Saifullah Sword of Allah (Saif meaning “sword”)
Saifulmulk Sword of the Kingdom
Saifulmulk Sword of the kingdom
Saifur Sword
Saihaan Flowing; Name of a Sahabi (RA)
Saihan TBD
Saiju Beauty
Saijuddin Beautiful
Saijuddin Beautiful
Sail Blessed
Sailender Ruling the Mountain
Saim Fasting
Saim Fasting
Saima Fasting; Good Natured
Saiman Brave; Warrior; Prudent
Saimin Fasting One
Saimul TBD
Sainaa Name of Mount Sinai
Sainudheen TBD
Sainul TBD
Saiq Guide; The One who Leads
Sair Walking; Going on Foot
Sair Walking; Going on foot
Sairah Walking
Sairah Poetess; Beautiful
Sairaj Kingdom of Saibaba
Sairul Wisdom; Faith
Saiyab Famous
Saiyan Full of Fire; Lord
Saiyid Lucky; Lord; Happy; Master
Saiyyan Lord; Full of Fire; Shine
Saizaan Child of Fire
Saizaan TBD
Saizan Child of Fire
Saizuddin TBD
Saja Eloquent; A Pleasant Face
Saja A pleasant face; Eloquent
Sajaan Beloved
Sajad Prostrating in Prayers
Sajahan TBD
Sajal Moist, Hydrous, Clean Mind
Sajal Clouds; Moist; Tearful; Containing water
Sajan Beloved; Friend
Sajath Proud
Sajed Bowing to God
Sajedul Awesome
Sajeed Prostrator
Sajeel Decorated
Sajeem TBD
Sajeer Friendly
Sajeer Friendly
Sajhan TBD
Saji A Scholar had this Name
Saji A scholar had this name
Sajib Fresh
Sajibuddin TBD
Sajid Protractor, Adotar
Sajid one who worships God
Sajid One who worships God
Sajid Protractor; One who worships God
Sajidin One who Worship God Often
Sajidun Prostrating One
Sajidur TBD
Sajidur Rahman One who prostrates to the merciful (Allah)
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Sajidur-Rahman One who Prostrates to the Merciful
SajidurRahman TBD
Sajil Determined
Sajim Friend
Sajin Conqueror of Time, Sainoore
Sajir Sincere Friend
Sajit Superior; Lord Ganesha
Sajith Head, Superior, Lord Ganesha
Sajjaad Worshipper of Allah
Sajjad Worshipper of Allah
Sajjad One who worships a lot
Sajjad One who does much prostrations
Sajjadur TBD
Sajjak Watchful; Alert; Aware
Sajjal Moist
Sajjan Beloved, Noble Respectable
Sajjid One who Worships God
Sajju Adorned
Sajna Beloved; Loved One
Saju Beauty; Travelling
Sajvan Beautiful; Decorated
Sakan Home
Sakeb Name of God
Sakeeb TBD
Sakeef TBD
Sakeel King; Supper Power
Sakeen Knife
Sakeer TBD
Sakha Friend; Generosity; Liberality
Sakhaa Generosity
Sakhaawat Suppleness; Generosity
Sakhan Obedient
Sakhan Obedient
Sakhawat Suppleness; Generosity; Liberality
Sakhawat Generosity, liberality, open-handness
Sakhee Generous; Liberal
Sakher Conqueror
Sakher Conqueror
Sakhi Generous; Liberal
Sakhib Glowing Star; Name of God
Sakhir He who Wins Heart
Sakhir He who wins a heart
Sakhr Rock; Solid Rock
Sakhr rock
Sakhr Rock
Sakhr Rock
Sakhrah Rock(s)
Sakhrah Rock
Sakhrah Rock
Saki Cape
Sakib Shining Star, Name of God
Sakibul TBD
Sakief TBD
Sakif Skillful; Proficient
Sakil Beautiful
Sakin Serene, Stationary, Tranquil
Sakir Love; Thankful
Sakirul TBD
Sakkariya TBD
Sakkeer TBD
Saklaain TBD
Saklain TBD
Saklin Questioner
Sakoot Silence; Peace; Calm; Satisfaction
Sakoot Silence; Peace; Calm
Sakran TBD
Saku Remembrance of the Lord
Sala Righteousness
Salaah Variant of Salah, Righteousness
Salaahddinn The righteousness of the faith
Salaahddinn The Righteousness of the Faith
Salaahddinn The righteousness of the faith
Salaam Peace
Salaam Peace; From Swahili; Tranquillity
Salaam Peace
Salaamah Salvation, Peace
Salaamat Soundness; Integrity
Salabah Abdullah was a Narrator of Hadith
Salabah Abdullah was a Narrator of Hadith
Salabat Strong; Majesty; Dignity; Awe
Salabudeen TBD
Saladin Religious Righteousness
Salah Mission, Sending
Salah Righteousness
Salah good; righteous
Salah Righteousness
Salah al Din Righteousness of the Faith; name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders
Salah Al Din The righteousness of the faith; Name of the Muslim leader who liberated Jerusalem from the Crusaders
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Salah Udeen The righteousness of the faith
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Salah-Al-Din Righteousness of the Faith
Salah-ud-Din Rectitude of the Faith Islam
Salah-Ud-Din Integrity of the faith
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Salah-Udeen Righteousness of the Faith
Salahaddin Uprightness of the Faith
SalahAlDin Righteousness of the Faith
Salahan Good; Upright; Devoted; Pious
Salaheddin Prayer on Duty
Salahodin The Righteousness of the Faith
Salahuddeen The Righteousness of the Faith
Salahuddin The Righteousness of the Faith
Salahudean TBD
SalahUdeen The Righteousness of the Faith
Salahudin The Righteousness of the Faith
Salal Waterfalls
Salam Peace; Peaceful; Peach
Salam Peace
Salama Peace, Feminine of Salam
Salamah safety
Salamah Soundness; Integrity
Salamah Safety
Salaman High
Salamat Safety
Salamat Soundness; Integrity; Safety
Salamat Safety
Salamath Safety; Integrity
Salamatullah Security of Allah
Salamatullah Security of Allah
Salamuddin TBD
Salan Something to Eat
Salaodin TBD
Salar Leader
Salar Leader
Salar Leader
Salarjung Beautiful; Army Leader in War
Salauddin Success; King
Salaudeen TBD
Salaudin TBD
Salavuddin TBD
Saleef Preceding, One who is Ahead
Saleeh TBD
Saleek TBD
Saleel Descendant; Sound; Healthy; Son
Saleel Handsome; Water
Saleem Sound, Unimpaired, Sane, Sincere
Saleem Peaceful
Saleem Healthy, Tranquillity
Saleem Sound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Safe; Happy; Peaceful
Saleemullah Servant of Allah
Saleemullah Soundest servant of Allah
Saleemuz Zaman Soundest servant
?????? ????  
Saleemuz-Zaman Soundest / Servant of the Time
SaleemuzZaman Soundest (Servant) of the Time
Saleeq TBD
Saleet Sharp-tongued; Eloquent
Saleet Strong; Solid; Firm; Sharp
Saleeth Eloquent
Saleh Good, Suitable, Righteousness
Saleh Good, right; a Prophets name
Saleh righteous
Saleh Righteous
Saleh, Salih Good, right; a Prophets name
Salehe Good
Salehin TBD
Salek TBD
Salem Protected, Safe, Peace
Salem Safe
Salem Sound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Safe; Happy; Peaceful
Salhuddin TBD
Salif Previous, Former
Salif Previous, Former, Predecessor
Salif Previous, Former
Salif Previous; Former
Salih Virtuous
Salih Right, Good, Safe, Whole
Salih Safe, whole,flawless
Salih Good; Righteous; Safe; Whole; Flawless
Salihain Good – Virtuous One
Salihan Virtuous; Pious
Salihin Pious, Virtuous
Salihun Pious – Good One
Salik Passable, unobstructed
Salik Follower of a Spiritual Path
Salik Passable, unobstructed
Salik Passable; Unobstructed; Traveler
Salil Water, Descendant, Son, Sword
Salil Handsome; Water
Salim Secure, free
Salim Happy, Peaceful, Safe, Sound
Salim Safe, whole, flawless
Salim Secure
Salim Sound; Unimpaired; Sane; Sincere; Safe; Happy; Peaceful
Salim, Saleem Safe, healthy, whole, flawless
Salimuddin TBD
Salimun Safe; Unharmed
Salin Good
Saliq Passable
Salit Strong; Solid; Firm; Sharp
Salit Strong; Solid; Firm; Sharp
Salith TBD
Saliym Loved by All; Wise; Honest
Salla King of Mask
Sallaam Sound; Well; Very Safe
Sallah Righteousness
Sallauddin TBD
Sallhudeen TBD
Salm Peace
Salmaan Healthy, safe, wholesome; name fo the first Persian to embrace Islam
Salmaan Name of a Distinguished Sahabi
Salman protector, conqueror
Salman Peaceful
Salman protector; conqueror
Salman Safe, Name of a Friend of Ali
Salman High; Safe
Salmon Peaceable, Perfect
Salom Prosperity, Welfare, Peace
Saloof One who Gets Ahead of Others
Saloom Safe and Sound
Salsaal Pure Water.
Salsaal Pure Water
Salsaal Pure Water
Salsaal Pure water
Salsabeel Cool – Refreshing Pure Water
Salsabil TBD
Salsal Pure Water.
Salsal Pure Water
Salsal Pure water
Salt A narrator of Hadith
Salt A narrator of Hadith
Salt Narrator of Hadith
Salt A narrator of Hadith
Saluddin TBD
Salum TBD
Salut TBD
Salwa A Bird from Heaven
Salwan TBD
Sam Lord has Heard, Told by God
Sama Equal; Time; Even; Honest
Samaad One of Ninety
Samaan One who Hears / Listens
Samad One of ninetynine names of God
Samad One of Ninety-nine Names of God
Samad Eternal; Immortal; One of ninety nine names of God
Samadi One of the 99 Attributes of Allah,
Samah Generosity, Bounty, Saying
Samal Row of swans
Samama TBD
Saman Equal, Calming Song of Praise
Saman Jasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful
Samandar Ocean; Sea Water
Samandar Ocean
Samar Fruit of Paradise; War
Samar Accompanied by the eternal Gods; Fruit; Outcome; Possession; Conflict; Son
Samara Accompanied by Gods
Samarul Fruit
Samaul Asked of God; God has Heard
Samaun TBD
Samawah Greatness, Elevation
Samawi From the Sky, Heavenly, Elevated
Samaya Time
Samd Composure, Determination
Samdani TBD
Samea High; Exalted; Sublime; Praised
Samed Generous; Full of Strength
Samee The All-hearing
Sameeah She who Hears
Sameed Generous
Sameed BraveSimple
Sameed Brave; Simple
Sameeh Exalted; High; Sublime; Praised
Sameei All Hearing
Sameek High; Exalted; Raised
Sameem Real; Genuine
Sameen Valuable
Sameen Precious; Invaluable; Happy; Self-disciplined
Sameer Wind, Breeze
Sameer Entertaining companion
Sameer Entertainer
Sameer entertaining companion
Sameer Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind; Breeze; Air; Creator; Another name for Shiva; Era
Sameera Entertaining Companion
Sameeullah TBD
Sameeyuddin TBD
Sameh Forgiver
Sameh The One who is Forgiving
Sameh Forgiver
Sameim TBD
Samein God has Heard; One who Hears
Sameir Storey Teller
Samen Excited; Happy
Samer Lord of Wind; Good Friend
Samey Sublime; Exalted; High; Praised
Samhi Forgiver
Sami High lofty exalted
Sami Exalted
Sami lofty; elevated
Sami Exalted One, High, Sublime
Sami Exalted
Sami Eminent; Exalted; High; Sublime; Similar
Samid Firm, Steadfast, Unfaltering
Samie Sublime; Exalted; High; Praised
Samien To be Heard
Samien to be heard
Samien to be heard
Samien To be heard
Samier Early Morning Fragrance
Samih Forgiver
Samih Forgiver
Samih Forgiver
Samih forgiver
Samih Forgiver
Samiha Respect
Samik Peaceful
Samil Peaceful
Samil All comprehensive; Complete; Peacemaker
Samim Genuine, Sincere, Pure, True
Samim Fragrance; Fragrant; Sincere; Genuine; Pure; True
Samin Self- Disciplined
Samiq Another name for God; exalted; tall
Samiq Another Name for God, Exalted
Samiq Another name of God; Exalted; Tall
Samir Entertaining companion
Samir Evening companion
Samir Wind, Pleasant Companion
Samir Early morning fragrance; Entertaining companion; Wind; Breeze; Air; Creator; Another name for Shiva; Era
Samir, Sameer Entertaining companion
Samiri TBD
Samirn Real; Genuine
Samiruddin TBD
Samirul TBD
Samit Quiet
Samit Quiet
Samit Always Making Friends, Collected
Samit Collected
Samiuddin Listener
Samiudeen TBD
Samiul The Listener of God
Samiulla TBD
Samiullah Listen to Allah
Samiun TBD
Sammad King, Joy, Firm of will
Sammak TBD
Samman Grocer
Samman Grocer
Samman Grocer
Samman Grocer
Samman Grocer
Sammar TBD
Sammi His Name is God
Sammon Grocer
Sammon grocer
Sammu Name of God
Sammun Grocer
Sammy Asked of God, Told by God
Samnad TBD
Samon Grocer
Samoon Two Candle / Spectrum
Samoor TBD
Samran Good Friend
Samraz Empire; Universal Ruler
Samrin Combodian Political Leader
Samsaam Sword; Name; Samsaamuddin
Samsaam Sword
Samsad Kind Full for People
Samseer Sword
Samshad Long; Beautiful Tree
Samsheer Sword
Samsher Brave Lion
Samshuddin TBD
Samsor Flourishing
Samsor Flourishing
Samsuddin Name of God
Samsudeen Gold; Name of God
Samsudin Name of God; Gold
Samun Grocer
Samurah Name of a Distinguished Sahabi RA
Samurah Name of a distinguished Sahabi (RA)
Samy God; Lama Rose; Cave; Intelligent
Samyr TBD
Sana Brilliant, Praise, Resplendence
Sanaauddin TBD
Sanad Another Name for God, Evidence
Sanaf Gift of God
Sanah Skilful; Radiance; Elegance; Conciseness
Sanal Vigorous
Sanam Beloved; Loved Ones
Sanam Beloved; Benevolence; Favour; Mistress; Image beloved
Sanan Tradition; Way of Life; Brave
Sanaubar A Cone-bearing Tree; Fir; Pne
Sanaul Soft
Sanaulla TBD
Sanaullah Worshipper of Allah
Sanaullah Worshiper of Allah
Sanav The Sun
Sanawaj TBD
Sanawbar A Cone-bearing Tree; Fir; Pine
Sanawbar A cone-bearing tree, fir, Pine
Sanawbar Cone bearing tree, Fir
Sandani The Moon
Sandhani TBD
Sandhani The Moon
Saneef TBD
Saneem TBD
Sanfeer TBD
Sangar Fighting Point; Battleground
Sangar Battleground; Fighting point
Sangrez Stone Breaker
Sangrez Stone breaker
Sani The Old One (navajo), Gift
Sanie Brilliant, Majestic, Exalted
Sanie Brilliant; Majestic; Exalted
Sanil Water; Gifted; Bestowed; Evening
Sanim TBD
Sanin TBD
Sanit Intimate
Sanjaan Creator
Sanjaan Creator
Sanjar Prince; Emperor; King
Sanjar Prince; Emperor; King; Hawk; Ruler
Sanjayan Good Heart
Sanjeed With Good Charector
Sanjid Calm; Brightness
Sannan Scared
Sannee Exalted; High in Rank and Status
Sanobar Palm tree
Sanobar Palm Tree
Sanofer Beautiful
Sanoj Rays of Sun, Rising Sun
Sanoob The Legend
Sanoof Hero
Sanoubar A Cone Bearing Tree
Sanovar A Tree of Heaven
Sanwan A Small Mountain Stream
Sanwar Dusky
Sanwer TBD
Sanzal TBD
Sanzid TBD
Saoban Name of Sahabi
Saood Variant of Sa’ud; Felicities; Good …
Saoud Good; Fortunate
Saphal Succeed
Saqaf To Surpass in Skill
Saqaf To surpass in skill
Saqalain TBD
Saqeeb A Star
Saqeef Proficient; Skilful
Saqeel Strong; Tough; Robust; Forceful
Saqeel Strong; Tough; Robust
Saqer Falcon
Saqer Falcon
Saqib Sagacious, Penetrating
Saqib Shining Star
Saqib Shining star
Saqid TBD
Saqif Proficient; Skilful
Saqif Proficient; Skilful
Saqlain Questioner; As Allah Questions
Saqlain Two worlds; World and hereafter
Saqlein TBD
Saqlin Future
Saqline TBD
Saqqaf Great
Saqr falcon
Saqr Falcon
Saqr Falcon; Hawk
Saqr Falcon
Saqr Falcon
Saqub TBD
Saquelain Questioner
Saquib Bright
Saquib-Raza TBD
Saquif TBD
Sara The Whole World; Lake
Sarab Mirage
Sarab Mirage
Sarab Mirage; Illusion
Sarae Swift
Sarae Swift
Saraf Money Changer
Sarafat Humour; Wisdom
Sarafath Humour; Wisdom
Sarah Royal Child; The Arrow
Saraj King of Swan; Ray of Sunlight
Saram Respect
Saramat Chief; Ruler; Traveller
Saramat Chief; Ruler; Traveler
Saransh In Brief; Summary
Sarar Mercury; Quicksilver; Patient
Sarban Caravan leader
Sarbaz Caravan Leader
Sarbaz Caravan leader
Sarbudeen TBD
Sardaar Commander; Head; Chief; Nobleman
Sardar Commander; Head; Chief; Nobleman
Sardar Chief; Noble Man
Saree Noble, Stream, Small River
Saree, Sari Noble
Sareef TBD
Sareem Firm Decision, Resolution
Sarem Brave; Lion; Sword; Big Hearted
Sarfaraaz Respected; Blessed; King
Sarfaraj King; Crown
Sarfaras Blessed; King; Respected
Sarfaraz King
Sarfaraz Respected; Blessed; King; Pride
Sarfaraz King
Sarfaz TBD
Sarforaz TBD
Sarfraaz Blessed; Respected; King
Sarfraj Crown
Sarfraz Person sitting at a high place
Sarfraz Respectable, Of High Rank
Sarfraz A person sitting at a high place
Sarfuddin TBD
Sarfudeen TBD
Sarfudheen Charming; Handsome
Sarful TBD
Sargen Sun Prince
Sarhan Tiger
Sarhan Tiger
Sari Noble
Sarib Fortunate
Sarid Remaining; Hand of a Prince
Sarif Innocent
Sarifuddin TBD
Sariful Good
Sarih Shepherd’; It also means …
Sarik Brave
Sarim Brave, Lion, Sword, Big Hearted
Sarim Lion, brave, big hearted
Sarim Brave; Lion; Sword
Sarin Helpful Kind; Mercy
Sarina Calm
Sariq Radiant
Sarique Radiant
Sarish Equal; Morning
Sariul TBD
Sariya Clouds at Night
Sariyah clouds at night
Sariyah Clouds at Night; Travels by Night
Sarjan Creation
Sarjeel TBD
Sarjil River Water
Sarjoon Brilliant
Sarjun Famous
Sarkar Chief; Overseer
Sarkhail Commander
Sarmad Which has a Beginning or End
Sarmad One who confers happiness; Everlasting
Sarman Pure Heart
Sarmin Modesty
Sarni The elevated one
Sarni The Elevated One
Sarni the elevated one
Sarook Star; Shy
Sarosh Prayer; Angel
Sarraan Happy; Joyful; Pleased
Sarraw Honourable; Noble; Generous
Sarry Bounteous
Sarsour Bug
Sartaaz Crown of Head
Sartaj Crown, Supreme Master
Sartaz Supreme
Sarthaj TBD
Sartor Bear Headed
Saruk Shy; Star
Sarun Ruler of Lord Sun
Sarvar Sovereign Prince Lord
Sarveen Tall; Pine Tree; Elegant
Sarvin Best Archer, God of Love, Victory
Sarwan God
Sarwar Promotion, Chief, Leader, Joy
Sarwar Chief; Leader; Joy; Delight
Sarwat Fortune; Wealth; Variant of Sarwah
Sarzeel Victory; Friend
Sasan Founder of the Sasani Dynasty
Sasan Founder of the sasani dynasty
Sashvad Polite; Valuable; Experience
Sasindran TBD
Sasvad Polite; Valuable; Experience
Satan Contrary, Adversary, Enemy
Satham TBD
Sathar TBD
Sathik Truthful
Satih Another Name for God; Preacher
Satih Another name of God; Preacher
Sattar Concealer; One who Hides
Sattar Concealed
Satwat Authority; Power; Majesty
Sauban Two Garments
Sauban Two garments
Saud fortunate
Saud Felicities; Good Fortune
Saud Fortunate
Saukat Prosperity
Saulat Pomp, Dignity, Majesty, Power
Saulat Pomp; Dignity; Majesty
Sauman Flower Blossom
Savad Sweet Heart; Courageous; Fearless
Savarkar Equal
Savez TBD
Sawa Same; Equal
Sawa Equal, Same
Sawab Reward
Sawad Blackness; Skill
Sawad Blackness; Skill
Sawaf Wool Stapler; Wool Dealer
Sawahil Coasts, Shores, River Banks
Sawan Monsoon; Rain; A Hindu Month
Sawdan Great; Glorious; Magnificent
Sawera Early Morning; Dawn
Sawin The Gaelic Harvest Festival
Sawkat TBD
Sawlat Commanding Personality; Influence
Sawlat Influence; Commanding; Personality
Sawsan Lily of the Valley
Sawwaaf Wool Merchant
Sawwaaf Wool merchant; Wool stapler; Wool dealer
Sawwaf Wool Stapler; Wool Dealer
Sawwaf Wool merchant; Wool stapler; Wool dealer
Sayaam Man with a Good Heart
Sayaan Kind Hearted; Precious Friend
Sayad An Accomplished Hunter
Sayadat TBD
Sayaf Sword of the Father
Sayalan Flow; Effusion; Flooding
Sayan Kind Heart, Precious Friend
Sayath TBD
Saydad Sense; Rationality
Saydul TBD
Sayed Leader
Sayed Leader; Lord; Master
Sayedali Leader; Chief
Sayedan Joyful; Happy
Sayedul TBD
Sayeed Master; Happy; Leader; Auspicious
Sayeedul TBD
Sayeem One who Fast; Sky
Sayef Mighty, Strong
Sayel Equality
Sayel Equality
Sayem Moon; Sky
Sayer Carpenter
Sayeshan Helping Human
Sayf Sword
Sayf Sword
Sayf Udeen Sword of the faith
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Sayf-Udeen Sword of the Faith
Sayfan Sword
Sayfiyy Concerning Sword
Sayfiyy Concerning sword
Sayfuddeen Sword of the Faith
Sayfuddin Sword of the Faith
SayfUdeen Sword of the Faith
Sayful Sword of God
Sayfuldin TBD
Sayfullah Sword of Allah
Sayhan Flowing
Sayhan Flowing
Sayid Master; Happy; Lord; Chief; Leader
Sayim Fasting; Lightening
Saymar TBD
Saymour Figuratively Friend
Sayon Most Beautiful
Saytar To Hide
Sayuj Gift of God
Sayyab Famous
Sayyad Leader; Hunter
Sayyaf Sword of the Father
Sayyan Lion
Sayyan Lion
Sayyar Mobile; Constantly on the Move
Sayyar Mobile; Constantly on the move
Sayyed Leader
Sayyid Happy, Master, Chieftain, Lord
Sayyid Master
Sayyid Chief; Leader; Master; Lord; Munificent
Sayyidah Lady, High Status Woman
Saz Melody; Breath
Sazeel Clean Mind; Lovely; Decorated
Sazeen Beauty
Sazeyan TBD
Sazid Protractor
Sazidul TBD
Sazidur TBD
Sazil Decorated; A Ray of Light
Sazim TBD
Sazin Great
Sazvan Convened
Sazwan TBD
Sazzad TBD
Sazzadur TBD
Sbaih Wealthy
Scott Speaking, From Scotland
Seba A Drunkard; That Turns; Reward
Sebaan King
Sebin Short Form of Sebastin – a Saint
Sebu Beautiful
Sedik Sincere
Sedique Truth Teller
Seema Expression; Countenance; Border
Seemaab Mercury; Quicksilver
Seemab Mercury; Quicksilver
Seeneen Another Name of Mount Sinai
Seeralan Divine, Simple, Honesty, Virtuous
Seeyar Morals
Sefan Sword
Seghada TBD
Sehaam Shares; Arrows
Sehaan River of Heaven
Seham Shares; Arrows
Sehan Flowing
Sehbaaz Brave Falcon
Sehbaz One who can Fly in the Sky
Sehenawaj TBD
Sehgal Gold
Sehjad Prince
Sehnawaj TBD
Sehnawaz TBD
Sehran TBD
Sehzad Prince
Sehzada Prince
Seif sword of religion
Seif sword of religion
Seif Sword; Brave; Sword of Religion
Seif Sword
Seif al Din Sword of the faith
Seif-Al-Din Sword of the Faith
SeifAlDin Sword of the Faith
Seifudheen TBD
Seikh TBD
Seiras TBD
Sekendar Protector of Man
Sekkizhar TBD
Sekla TBD
Selab Flood
Selani Free Flying Shah Sawar
Selani Free flying; Shah sawar
Seleman Polite; Man of Peace; Peaceful
Selim Safe and secure
Selim Safe; Sound; Peace; Secure
Selim safe and secure
Seman Ocean
Semir Pleasant Companion
Seneen Years
Senuan TBD
Sepehr Sky; Universe
Sera Goddess in Lugisu Tradition
Seraj Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Serhan The Top Leader
Serir One who Brings Joy to Others
Seruddin TBD
Seshaiah TBD
Setia Loyal; Faithful
Seyed Lord and master
Seyed lord and master
Seyf Sword of Religion
Seyon Lord Murugan
Seyyed The Master; Grateful
Shaaban Eighth Islamic Month
Shaabb Young Man
Shaabuddin TBD
Shaad Happy; Cheerful
Shaady Singer
Shaady Singer
Shaady Singer
Shaaf One who Gives Health
Shaaf One who gives health.
Shaaf One who gives health
Shaafi Intercessor; Mediator; Pure
Shaafi Pure; Clear; Crystal
Shaafin One who Cures
Shaah Shah; King; Monarch
Shaaheen Hawk; Falcon
Shaahideen Witness
Shaahidoon Witness
Shaahil Ocean; Shore
Shaahin Light; Near to God
Shaahiq High; Towering
Shaahir Well-known; Distinguished; Eminent
Shaahu Name of King
Shaahul Forward
Shaaj Good Hearted
Shaajib Evergreen
Shaakir Thankful; Grateful
Shaalah Kindler; One who Kindles Fires
Shaamikh TBD
Shaamil To be Involved
Shaan Pride; Peaceful
Shaan Famous, Pride, Respected
Shaanif TBD
Shaar Habit; Custom; An Under Garment
Shaariq Intelligent; Brilliance
Shaariq Intelligent; Brilliance
Shaauille Handsome; Pretty
Shaawiyyah Brave
Shaayan Rising; Intelligent
Shaayar Poet; Knowledgeable
Shaaz Fragrance; Unique; One in Many
Shaaz Unique; One in many
Shaazril TBD
Shabaan Islamic Month
Shabaan Islamic Month.
Shabaan Islamic month, the Eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar
Shabaaz Servant of a Creator
Shabab Youth
Shabab Youth; Young
Shabah Resembling.
Shabah Resembling
Shabah Resembling; Morning; Dawn
Shaban TBD
Shaban Eighth month of the Muslim lunar calendar
Shabana Raat; Night
Shabani TBD
Shabar Nectar; Honey
Shabas TBD
Shabaz Respectful, Protected by God
Shabaz Beautiful, handsome, intelligent, protected by Allah, Self-confident, respectful
Shabaz Beautiful; Handsome; Intelligent; Protected by Allah; Self confidence; Respectful
Shabazz Protected by God, Respectful
Shabb Young; True
Shabb Young.
Shabb Young
Shabbah Soldier
Shabbar Son of the Prophet Harun
Shabbat The Last Child
Shabbeer Appellation of Imam Husayn (R.A).
Shabbeer Appellation of Imam Husayn
Shabbir Honest; Tiger; Beautiful
Shabbir Pious beautiful
Shabbir Pious; Beautiful; Patient
Shabdid Clean Hearth
Shabeeh Resembling
Shabeeh Resembling
Shabeeh Beautiful; A narrator of Hadith; Pleasant; Fond
Shabeel Son of Lion
Shabeeq TBD
Shabeer The Son of Hazrat Haroon
Shabeer Pious; Beautiful
Shabeer Ali Shabeer means Pious; Beautiful
???? ???  
Shabi Similar
Shabi A leading scholar of his time, Especially for the Hadith; Sweet; Sabine
Shabib AScholar who wrote about Quran
Shabib TBD
Shabib A scholar who wrote about Quran
Shabid Quick
Shabidh TBD
Shabik TBD
Shabil TBD
Shabin From the name Sabine; An Italian culture
Shabin Music of Night
Shabir Emotions; Stubborn
Shabir Pious; Beautiful
Shabith Lustre of the Sun
Shabnam Covered with the Morning’s Dew
Shabon Dew Drop
Shabrez TBD
Shabu Dewdrop; Calm; Peace
Shabuddin TBD
Shabudin TBD
Shad Happy, Battle
Shad Happy.
Shad Happy
Shada Star of God
Shadaab Fresh; Lush
Shadaan TBD
Shadab Fresh; Nectar
Shadab Fresh evergreen
Shadab Fresh, evergreen
Shadab Green; Fresh; Wet; Evergreen
Shadaf Pearl
Shadah Pleasant; Happy; Jovial; Jubilant
Shadah Pleasant; Happy; Jovial
Shadam Brave; Also Spelt as Sadam
Shadan Happy
Shadan Happy
Shadat Evidence, Witness, Testimony
Shaddad Strong; Firm; Severe
Shaddam Brave; Also Spelt as Sadam
Shaddan A Type of Animal Deer – Gazelle
Shaddi Singer
Shaddin Singer
Shaddy Singer
Shade Good
Shadee Singer
Shadeed Severe; Intense; Lover
Shadeed Lover
Shadeed Lover
Shadeed Relevant; Pertinent; Correct; Right
Shadhan Kind; Ally; Friend
Shadhaqulla TBD
Shadheen Independent
Shadhil TBD
Shadhin Independant
Shadhin Independent; Fawn; Young deer
Shadi Singer, enchanter
Shadi Singer; Marriage; Happiness
Shadi enchanter
Shadi Singer, enchanter
Shadid Severe, Intense, Strong
Shadie Blessed Person
Shadik TBD
Shadil The King of Hearts
Shadin Fawn, young deer
Shadin fawn; young deer
Shadin Young; Fawn; Young Deer
Shadin Fawn, young deer
Shadiq Honest; True; Hectic
Shadique TBD
Shadkaam Triumphant
Shadman Happy, Pleasure, High Spirits
ShadmanKhan Joyful; Cheerful; Glad
Shadnan TBD
Shado Happy; Birds Singing
Shadrak Command of Aku
Shadulla TBD
Shadullah TBD
Shady Opposite Day; Open Minded
Shaebaas TBD
Shaed Shade
Shaeeb TBD
Shaeed TBD
Shael A Mountain Rock, River Bank
Shaen Yahweh Is Merciful / Gracious
Shaezaan TBD
Shaf The Healing
Shafaaat Variant of Shafa’at; Mediation; …
Shafaan Shining Stone
Shafaat Intercession, Recommendation
Shafaat Recommendation.
Shafad Curing – Healing People
Shafaf Clear; Pure
Shafahed King
Shafan Happy; Pleasant; Fresh; Tiger
Shafaq Sympathy, Affection, Pity
Shafaqat Compassion; Kindness
Shafaqatullah God’s Mercy / Sympathy; Pity for …
Shafat Curing People
Shafath Intercession
Shafay Intercessor; Mediator
Shafay Intercessor; Mediator
Shafaz Peace
Shafazil TBD
Shafee Intercessor
Shafee Intercessor.
Shafee Intercessor
Shafee Giving shaft; Honest; Truthful; Healer
Shafeed Pure; White
Shafeei Healed; Cured
Shafeek Nectar
Shafeekh TBD
Shafeel TBD
Shafeen One who Cures
Shafeeq Compassionate; Tender; Kind
Shafeeq Kind, compassionate, tender
Shafeeq Affectionate; Compassionate; Soft; Pardoning; Tender; Kind
?????? ?????  
Shafeeque TBD
Shafeer Messenger
Shafeer Ambassador; Handsome; Emissary; Mediator
Shafeez TBD
Shafen One who Cures
Shaffan Wisdom; Clever
Shaffat TBD
Shaffeeq Affectionate, Compassionate
Shaffer Good; Travel
Shaffin Mediator; One who Cures
Shaffir TBD
Shaffiulla TBD
Shafi Mediator
Shafi Mediator
Shafi Honest; Truthful; Perfect; Correct
Shafi Giving shaft; Honest; Truthful; Healer
Shafic TBD
Shafid Tidy; Well Organised
Shafiek TBD
Shafig Soft, Kind, Soft Hearted
Shafik Lovable
Shafil TBD
Shafin He who cures
Shafin He who Cures; Doctor; Mediator
Shafin He who cures
Shafin He who cures
Shafiq Compassionate, tender.
Shafiq Soft Hearted, Kind, Compassionate
Shafiq Compassionate, tender
Shafiq, Shafeeq Kind, compassionate, tender
Shafique TBD
Shafiqul TBD
Shafiqur TBD
Shafirdin TBD
Shafiuddin TBD
Shafiulla Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah.
Shafiulla Compassionate of Allah or Purity of Allah
Shafiulla TBD
Shafiulla Compassionate of Allah, Purity of Allah
Shafiullah Compassionate of Allah
Shafiyan Morning Breeze
Shafiyulla TBD
Shafkat TBD
Shafqat Affection
Shafqat Affection
Shafqat Affection, Compassion, Kindness
Shafquat TBD
Shafran TBD
Shafraz The Intelligent Learner
Shafrin Calm
Shafwan TBD
Shafyan TBD
Shafzan TBD
Shagar Ocean; Sea; Also Spelt as Sagar
Shageer TBD
Shaghaaf Strongly in Love
Shaghf Strong, Passionate Love
Shagil King
Shagir Little One; Smallest
Shagufta Blooming, Happy
Shagufta Blooming; Happy
Shagufta Blooming, Happy.
Shaguftah Blooming; Happy
Shagul Price of Lord
Shaguna Pretty
Shah King
Shah King.
Shah The King; Emperor
Shah-Alam King of the World
Shah-Jahan King of the World
Shah-Nawaz Friend of King; Brave
Shahaab Shooting Star; Luminous
Shahaadah To be Witness; Martyrdom
Shahaadat Testimony; Martyrdom
Shahab Shooting Star, Meteor, Luminous
Shahab Meteor
Shahab Shooting star; Cloud; Mercury
Shahabaaz Brave; Mighty
Shahabaj Mighty; Brave
Shahabas Appreciate
Shahabaz Mighty
Shahabdeen TBD
Shahabuddin King of Stars
Shahabul Moon
Shahad Pure Honey
Shahadat Testimony, Evidence
Shahadat Witness Evidence
Shahadat Witness; Evidence
Shahadh TBD
Shahaf TBD
Shahaj Easy; Natural; Wonderful
Shahajamal TBD
Shahal Easy; Kind; Simplicity
Shahalad Joy; Happiness
Shahalad Joy
ShahAlam King of the World
Shaham Prince; Granite
Shahan Belonging to a King, Profit Maker
Shahan King
Shahan-Shah King of Kings
Shahana One with Patience
Shahanawaj A King
Shahanawaz TBD
ShahanShah King of Kings
Shahanwaj TBD
Shahar King; The Dawn
Shaharaan TBD
Shaharan Moonlight
Shaharia The Moon
Shaharuzaman Great / Present Time
Shaharyar King
Shaharyar King
Shaharyar King
Shaharyar King
Shahaz Unique
Shahazad Prince
Shahazad Prince
Shahazil TBD
Shahazlan King of Lion
Shahbaaz White Falcon; King of Falcons
Shahbaj Brave; Mighty; King of Birds
Shahban Wonderful
Shahbas King of Falcons, Prince
Shahbaz Prince, White Falcon
Shahbaz Falcon
Shahbaz The white falcon; King
Shahbuddin TBD
Shahd Witness
Shahdad TBD
Shahdan Royal Gift
Shahead Witness
Shahebaz TBD
Shahed Witness
Shahedul TBD
Shaheeb Grey-coloured
Shaheed Present; Witness
Shaheed Witness
Shaheed Honey; Witness; Patriot
Shaheel Ocean, River Bank, Sea Shore
Shaheem Intelligent
Shaheem Intelligent
Shaheem Intelligent
Shaheem Intelligent
Shaheen Tender, Falcon, Royal Bird
Shaheen Falcon
Shaheen Falcon.
Shaheen Falcon; Hawk (Garuda)
Shaheer Famous; Well-known
Shaheer Well-Known
Shaheer Well-Known.
Shaheer Well known; The group of people use to play traditional music at Shivaji’s period, Shayar or Shahir
Shaheerali Famous; Well-known
Shahejad Prince; King
Shahejuddin TBD
Shahen Royal
Shahenshah King of Kings
Shaher TBD
Shahezad Prince
Shahi Royal; Witnesses
Shahib Master
Shahid Patriot; Witness; Proof of God
Shahid Witness
Shahid Witness
Shahid Honey; Witness; Patriot
Shahidin Witness
Shahidul TBD
Shahidun Witness
Shahidur TBD
Shahik TBD
Shahil Ocean; Shore; Ruler; Leader; King
Shahim Intelligent
Shahin Hawk; Falcon; Falcon Bird
Shahin Hawk
Shahin Hawk
Shahina A Rare Bird which Flies Very High
Shahina Gentle; Tender; Falcon
Shahinshah King of Kings
Shahinur Light; God Gift
Shahiq High; Towering; Lofty; Tall
Shahir Famous; Well Known
Shahir Well known; The group of people use to play traditional music at Shivaji’s period, Shayar or Shahir
Shahir Well known, famous
Shahir Well known, famous
Shahiyan TBD
Shahjad Son of the King
Shahjada Son of King
Shahjan Brave; Strong
Shahjeem TBD
Shahkam King’s Wish
Shahlan TBD
Shahman Holy Man; Tranquillity
Shahmeer Beauty; King of the King
Shahmir King of the Kings
Shahnaaz Pride of a King
Shahnawaaz Brave; God’s Gift
Shahnawaz Brave
Shahnawaz Brave
Shahnawaz Brave
Shahnaz The Ruler’s Pride
Shahniz The Ruler’s Pride
Shahnoor Royal Glow
Shahood TBD
Shahpur Son of the King
Shahqawiyyah Beauty
Shahr Month
Shahraan Royal, King, Warrior, Moon-like
Shahram King Ram
Shahran Light of King
Shahraz TBD
Shahrdad Gift of the City
Shahriar King of Kind; King; Lord
Shahriar Lord; King
Shahriz TBD
Shahrokh Royal Face; Face of the King
Shahrooz Great River
Shahrose King of Roses
Shahroz Bright Face
Shahruk Concerning Monarchy; Concerning
Shahrukh Concerning, monarchy
Shahrukh Concerning, monarchy.
Shahrukh Concerning Monarchy, Concerning
Shahrul Moon
Shahrul Moon
Shahrul The Moon
Shahrum TBD
Shahruz Great River
Shahruz Great river
Shahryar Sovereign; Ruler; Lord; King
Shahsin TBD
Shahul Forward
Shahur Intelligence
Shahvaiz King
Shahvan TBD
Shahveer Royal Hero
Shahvez Leader, King
Shahwaar King Maker
Shahwaiz Speak Melodious
Shahwaj TBD
Shahwar Very Precious; Title of a King
Shahwez Speak Melodious
Shahyan TBD
Shahyar Friend of the King
Shahzaad Prince
Shahzaan Son of King
Shahzad Of Royal Birth, Prince
Shahzad Prince
Shahzad Kings son
Shahzada Prince; King’s Son
Shahzaib Crown of a king, like a king
Shahzaib Crown of a king like a king
Shahzaib Crown of a King; Like a King
Shahzaib Crown of a king, Like a king
Shahzain King of Beauty
Shahzal Adorable; Gift; Air of Heaven
Shahzan Son of King; King of Heaven
Shahzar King of Gold
Shahzeb Crown of King
Shahzeem TBD
Shahzeen Beautiful
Shahzen Good King
Shahzor Extreme Power
Shahzor Extreme Power
Shahzor Extreme Power
Shahzor Extreme power
Shahzore Powerful; Kingly; Forceful; Strong
Shaian TBD
Shaibaan Greyness, Senility, Old Age
Shaibaaz TBD
Shaibah Greyness; Old Age
Shaiban Greyness; Senility
Shaibaz TBD
Shaid Shade; Greatly Attached
Shaida Lover; Madly in Love
Shaidaa Lover; Madly in Love
Shaidan High in Status and Rank
Shaidul TBD
Shaiel Glittering Like Stars
Shaiel Glittering Like Stars
Shaif One who Gives Health
Shaifan Sword of God
Shaifta Lover; Intoxicated
Shaifuddin TBD
Shaiful TBD
Shaifur TBD
Shaihaan TBD
Shaihan Peace Maker; Brightness
Shaik King
Shaikh Head; Chieftain; Teacher
Shaikhul-Islam Leader of Islam
ShaikhulIslam Leader of Islam
Shaiksha King
Shail Mountain; Sea Shore
Shaim Mark
Shaimal Requested of God; Comprehensive
Shaiman Holy Man
Shaimul TBD
Shain Variant of Shaun
Shainul TBD
Shaira Morning
Shairaz TBD
Shairyaar Friendship
Shairyaar Friendship.
Shairyaar Friendship
Shaista Gentle; Obedient
Shaistakhan Polite
Shaiyan Precious; Worthy; Companion
Shaiz Happiness; Writing
Shaizaan TBD
Shaizad Prince; Son of a King
Shaizan Enlightened, Handsome
Shaizar TBD
Shaizen Prince; Enlightened
Shaj Beautiful; Loving
Shajad Son of the King
Shajaha TBD
Shajahan Ruler of Empire
Shajan Strong; Brave; Long; Lengthy
Shajar Trees
Shajee Courageous; Bold; Brave; Fearless
Shajee Bold, Courageous
Shajee Bold, Courageous.
Shajee Bold; Courageous; King of noble men
Shajeeb Evergreen
Shajeed One who Worships; Protector
Shajeel Decorated
Shajeem TBD
Shajeen Well Loved; One with Patience
Shajeer Beautiful; Clever; Honey
Shaji King of Noble Men
Shajib Evergreen
Shajid Protector; One who Worships
Shajidul TBD
Shajil Royal Beauty
Shajimon Ailing from Heaven; Earthling
Shajin God Ganesha
Shajir TBD
Shajith Friendly
Shajith Victorious superior; Lord Ganesh
Shajiuddin TBD
Shajjad TBD
Shajna Beloved
Shaju Warrior; King of Noble Men
Shajudheen TBD
Shajuideen Brave Person of the Religion Islam
Shajul Moist; Clean Mind
Shajwan One with Patience
Shakaib Well Knowledge
Shakar Sugar
Shakar grateful
Shakawat Dignity; Prestige; Richness; Brave
Shakear Thankful
Shakeb Patience
Shakeb Patience
Shakeeb Patience, Beauty, Present, Gift
Shakeel Handsome, Comely
Shakeel Handsome, Comely.
Shakeel Handsome
Shakeem TBD
Shakeer Thankful; Grateful
Shakeil TBD
Shaken TBD
Shaker Thankful Person; Grateful
Shakhil Handsome; Good-looking
Shaki TBD
Shakib Gift of God, Cool, Shining Star
Shakib Present, gift, reward
Shakib Present, gift, reward
Shakib Patience
Shakibul TBD
Shakiel TBD
Shakier Thankful
Shakif Gift of God, Patience
Shakil Handsome; Good Looking
Shakill Handsome; Good-looking
Shakir Grateful, Thankful
Shakir Appreciative; Thankful; Grateful
Shakir Thankful
Shakir Thankful
Shakir Thankful
Shakirah Thankful; Appreciative; Grateful
Shakirin Thankful; Appreciative
Shakirullah One who Thanks God
Shakirun Thankful
Shakit Intelligent
Shakkar Thankful; One who Thanks God Often
Shakkeeb Gift; Patience; Reward; Beauty
Shakkeel Handsome; Good Looking
Shakkeer Grateful; Thankful
Shakkir Grateful; Appreciative
Shakoor Appreciative; Thankful; Grateful
Shakqib TBD
Shaku Grateful
Shaku Grateful
Shalaan Lively; Energetic
Shalabh Ruler; Lord Shiva; Versatile
Shalabh Parwana
Shalan Lit, Emanating Light
Shalauddin The Righteousness Of The Faith
Shaleem Peaceful, Healthy
Shalen King of Mountains
Shalfan Precious
Shalik A Sage
Shalin Modest; Innocent; Shining
Shalina Courteous
Shaline Praiseworthy
Shaliq A Sage
Shallal Waterfalls
Shallal Waterfalls
Shallal Waterfalls.
Shallal Waterfalls
Shallu Name of a Tribal King, Calm
Shalman Peaceable; Perfect; Safe
Shama Sun; Lord Krishna
Shamaar TBD
Shamaaz Deacon
Shamakh High in Status / Rank; Great
Shamal Hot – Dry
Shamal Wind that comes from the north
Shamal Wind that comes from the north
Shaman Tranquillity, One who Knows
Shamar Ready for Battle; Precious Stone
Shamas Sun
Shamas Sun
Shamas Sun
Shamas The Sun; Sunny
Shamee TBD
Shameed Impervious; Firm; Steadfast
Shameej TBD
Shameel Joined; Complete; Always Present
Shameel Complete
Shameel All comprehensive; Complete
Shameem Fragrance
Shameem Scent; Fragrance; Odour
Shameem Fragrance.
Shameem Fragrance; Fragrant
Shameen Intelligent
Shameen Intelligent; Happy; Auspicious; Security; Wealthy
Shameer Beautiful; Sword; Lovely
Shamees Sunny, Bright
Shameez TBD
Shamel Complete; Comprehensive
Shamel Comprehensive, complete
Shamel Comprehensive, complete.
Shamel All comprehensive; Complete
Shamell TBD
Shamere TBD
Shamfur TBD
Shamha Candle
Shami Fire, Husband, Cold
Shamikh Highest, Above All
Shamil All comprehensive
Shamil All comprehensive
Shamil All comprehensive; Complete; Peacemaker
Shamim Good Smell, Scent, Lord Shiva
Shamim Fragrant
Shamim Fragrant
Shamim Fragrance; Fragrant; Sincere; Genuine; Pure; True
Shamin Tranquil
Shamiq An Ancient Sage
Shamir Rock that can Penetrate Metal
Shamis Bright; Sunlit
Shamis The Sun; Lord Shiva
Shamit Intelligent; Gentle; Calmed
Shamiul TBD
Shamiullah TBD
Shamjad TBD
Shamjid TBD
Shamlan Illumination; Complete Man
Shammaas Beadle; Deacon
Shammas A Companion of the Prophet PBUH
Shammas A Companion of the prophet PBUH, Bin Usman Al-Makhzumi RA, Who was martyred at Badr
Shammi Tree; Good
Shammyn Sun light
Shammyn Sunlight
Shamnad Beautiful Person
Shamnas Bright
Shamniya TBD
Shamoil He Name of a Prophet
Shamol Hot – Dry; Name of a Prophet
Shamon Buddhist Monk
Shamoon Prophet of Bani Israeel
Shamraiz A Warm; Charm
Shamran Lion Cub
Shamraz Charm; Quiet; A Warm
Shams Fragrance, With Faith, A Planet
Shams Sun
Shams Fragrance; The Sun
Shams al Din Sun of the faith
Shams Al Din The Sun of the faith
??? ?? ???  
Shams-al-Din Sun of the Faith
Shams-ud-Din Son of the Religion
Shams-ul-Haq The Sun of Truth
Shams-Ul-Haq Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars
Shams-Ul-Haq Appellation given to Indian and Pakistani Scholars.
Shamsad TBD
Shamsaddin Sun of the Faith
ShamsAlDin Sun of the Faith
Shamsan Bright; Brilliant; Sunlit
Shamseer Brave like a Lion; Sword
Shamser Brave like a Lion
Shamsh Sun
Shamsh Fragrance; The Sun
Shamshad Beautiful, Tree Like Pine
Shamshad Box-tree
Shamshad Box-tree
Shamshad Beautiful
Shamsheer The sword of honors.
Shamsheer The sword of honors; The leader Lion of the herd
Shamsher Brave Like a Lion
Shamshir Brave like a Lion
Shamshudin Sun; Brilliant
Shamshul Beautiful and Brave
Shamsideen Sun of religion
Shamsideen Sun of religion.
Shamsideen Sun of Religion
Shamsideen Sun of religion
Shamsir Brave like a Lion
Shamsu Sword
Shamsuddawlah Sun of the Kingdom
Shamsuddeen Sun of the Faith
ShamsUdDin Son of the Religion Islam
ShamsuddinKhan TBD
Shamsudduha Son of Forenoon
Shamsudeen TBD
Shamsudheen Sun of Religion
Shamsul Sun Light
Shamsularifin Sun of the Saints
ShamsUlHaq TBD
Shamsuzzaman Sun of the Age
Shamuel Banu Israil Prophet
Shamvil TBD
Shamyr Flint-like; The Shamir Stone
Shan Dignity, Splendour
Shan DignitySplendour
Shan Pride, Prestige, Famous
Shan Pride; Peaceful
Shana Wise One
Shanab TBD
Shanaf Gift of God
Shanavas Scorpion
Shanavaz Brightness
Shanawar Informed; Knowing; Aware of
Shanawas TBD
Shanawaz King of the King’s
Shanaya Beautiful
Shandar Proud
Shaneeb TBD
Shaneef TBD
Shaneer TBD
Shani Red, Planet Saturn, Crimson
Shanib Perfectionist
Shanid Purity, Nobility of Descent
Shanif King; Beautiful; Light
Shanik TBD
Shanil Bestowed; Gifted
Shanir TBD
Shanish Generous; Amazing
Shanjid Brightness
Shannan Old; Ancient
Shanoj TBD
Shanoob Charming; Lion; Lovable
Shanoor Sun Light
Shanto Calm
Shanum Dignity; God’s Blessing
Shanvaz Brightness
Shanwaz King of the King
Shanza Women of Dignity
Shanza Women of dignity
Shanzad Son of a King
Shaon Soft Beauty
Shaoor Wisdom; Decorum
Shaorem TBD
Shaq Handsome
Shaqeeb TBD
Shaqeef TBD
Shaqeel TBD
Shaqeeq Part, Half, Piece, Real Brother
Shaqeeq Real brother
Shaqeeq Real brother.
Shaqeeq Real brother
Shaqib Patience; Cool
Shaqir Grateful, Appreciative, Thankful
Shaqueel Handsome; Good-looking
Shaquell Handsome
Shaquib TBD
Shaquil Handsome; Strong; Superhero
Shaquile Pretty; Handsome
Shaquill Handsome
Shaquita Blessed
Shaquita Blessed
Sharaan Shelter; Famous; Moon-like
Sharad Autumn; Name of a Season
Sharaf Honour
Sharaf Honor
Sharaf Honour
Sharaf Honor; Dignity; Nobility; Faithful; God is my judge
Sharafat Nobility; Good Manners
Sharafat Nobility
Sharafat Nobility
Sharafat Nobility
Sharafuddin Honour of the Religion Islam
Sharafudheen Honour of the Religion Islam
Sharaheel A narrator of Hadith
Sharaheel A narrator of Hadith.
Sharaheel A narrator of Hadith
Sharang Deer
Sharar Navel; Thought; Singing
Sharayn Rayn – Gate of the Heaven
Sharaz Loving – Caring
Sharbel Storey of God
Shardul Lord Ganesha, Lion, Leader
Shareef Distinguished, Noble, Illustrious
Shareef The good
Shareef Honest, honorable, noble, distinguished
Shareef Honorable
Shareef Honest; Honorable; Noble; Distinguished; Gentleman; Virtuous; Pure; Holy virtuous
????, ????  
Shareefuddeen Noble of Religion
Shareefuddin Noble of Religion
Shareeh A Companion
Shareek Associate
Shareek Associate
Shareek Associate.
Shareek Intelligent; Brilliance; Associate
Shareeq Intelligent; Direction of the East
Shareeq Intelligent; Brilliance
Sharef Kind Hearted
Shareff TBD
Shareif Honest
Shareq An Intelligent Man
Sharfaraz King
Sharfaz Most Noble
Sharfraz King; Crown
Sharfuddin Honour of the Religion
Sharfudeen Good in Education
Sharfudheen Truth
Sharhaan Tiger
Sharhan Tiger
Shariah Divine Law; Noble Law
Shariat Divine Law; Islamic Law
Shariatullah Divine Law of Allah
Sharid Autumn
Sharieef TBD
Sharief Rich
Sharief Rich
Sharif Truthful, Honest, Noble
Sharif Noble
Sharif Honorable
Sharif Honest; Honorable; Noble; Distinguished; Gentleman; Virtuous; Pure; Holy virtuous
Sharif, Shareef Honest, honorable, noble, distinguished
Sharifa Respected; Virtuous
Sharifah Honoured; Distinguished
Shariff Rich
Sharifuddin TBD
Sharifudin The noble religion
Sharifudin The noble religion
Shariful Good
Sharik Shining Star; Wonderful
Sharikh Honourable
Sharin Meadow
Shariq Intelligent, Radiant, Bright
Shariq Radiant, Bright
Shariq Radiant Bright
Shariq Intelligent; Brilliance; Associate
Sharique Sunrise; Participant
Sharique Sunrise
Sharique Sunrise
Sharique Participant
Sharish TBD
Shariwor TBD
Shariyf TBD
Shariz TBD
Sharjah TBD
Sharjas Son of King
Sharjeel Caring – Graceful; Simple
Sharjeel Fine
Sharjeel Fine
Sharjil TBD
Sharmin Lucky; Happy
Sharod Autumn
Sharon A Fertile Plain, Princess
Sharook TBD
Sharoon King; Warrior
Sharooq TBD
Sharrah Explainer; Interpreter
Sharuk Star; Shy
Sharukh Self Dependent; Royal Face
Sharul Shark
Sharun Protection; Shelter
Sharuz TBD
Sharwaaz TBD
Sharwan Generous; Devoted
Sharyif Pure Silver
Sharzeel TBD
Sharzil King
Shati Coast; Beach; Shore; Side
Shatik TBD
Shatiq Tender
Shaukat Brave, Power, Dignity, Grandeur
Shaukat Grandeur
Shaukat Grandeur
Shaukat Grand
Shaukath Grand; Dignity
Shaukeen Desired
Shaul Asked, Lent, A Grave, Demanded
Shauq Interest; Zeal
Shavej TBD
Shavez Leader; Honourable; Respectful
Shavir Comet
Shawaiz Speak Melodious
Shawaiz Speak melodious
Shawaiz Speak melodious.
Shawaiz Speak melodiously
Shawal Islamic Month
Shawamikh High in Status; Great
Shawan Rain During Monsoon Season
Shawar TBD
Shaweer Good-looking
Shawn The Lord is Gracious
Shawon Monsoon
Shawqi Affectionate
Shawqi Affectionate
Shawqi Affectionate
Shawqi Affectionate
Shawr Honey; Good-looking
Shaya Worthy
Shaya Worthy; Deserving; Meriting
Shayaan Wise; Intelligent
Shayaan Intelligent
Shayaan Intelligent
Shayaan Intelligent; Courteous
Shayaf God’s Gift
Shayak TBD
Shayal Hard Working; Diligent; Determined
Shayan Intelligent, Worthy, Deserving
Shayan Praised
Shayan Intelligent; Courteous
Shayaz Harmony, Attractive, Ambition
Shaybah Aged; Grey Haired; Old
Shaybah Grey-haired, aged
Shaybah Grey-haired aged
Shaybah Grey-haired; Aged
Shayban Aged; Grey-haired
Shayde Variant of Masculine Shade
Shaye Courteous; Variant of Shea
Shayed TBD
Shayer Poet
Shayer Poet
Shayhan TBD
Shayiq Wisher; Hopeful
Shaykh Head; Chieftain; Teacher
Shayman Holy Man
Shayna Traveller; Passenger
Shayon Good Luck; Lord Ganesha / Murugan
Shayyir Good-looking
Shaz Beautiful
Shazaan Unique
Shazad Prince; Protector
Shazad Prince
Shazad Prince
Shazad Prince
Shazahad King
Shazaib Crown of a King
Shazain Brave; Skilful
Shazal Gift; Adorable
Shazam Happiness
Shazan Beloved; Friend
Shazar Intelligent; King; Kingdom
Shazarul Leader
Shaze Prophet Name
Shazeb Governance; Decorated King
Shazeb Decorated king
Shazeb Decorated king
Shazeb Decorated king
Shazeem Happiness
Shazeen TBD
Shazel TBD
Shazia Queen; Princess
Shazib Beautiful
Shazib Beautiful
Shazid Protractor
Shazil Flag, Banner, Royalty, Beauty
Shazil King
Shazim Happiness
Shazin Powerful
Shazin Powerful; Great; Kind
Shazir Beautiful
Shaziya Aromatic
Shaziya Aromatic
Shazlan King of Lion
Shazmin TBD
Shazril TBD
Shazwan Beloved; Unique
Shazzad Prince; Son of King
Shean Peaceful One; Little
Sheba Promise
Shebaj TBD
Shebaz TBD
Shebeer Appellation of Imam Husayn
Shebil TBD
Shebin Brilliant
Shebu Thanks
Sheeba Promise
Sheeban White; Covered with Snow
Sheehan Peaceful Child
Sheenu Form of Sugar
Sheeran TBD
Sheeraz Management, Method, Order
Shees The Name of a Prophet; Gift of God
Sheeth TBD
Sheez Gift of Allah
Shef Sheep Pasture
Shefa Relief
Shefeek TBD
Shefeek Compassionate merciful
Shefeeq Compassionate; Kind
Shefeeque TBD
Sheffin One who Cures; Mediator
Shefi Wisdom
Shefi Wisdom
Shefil TBD
Shefin Real King
Shefin Shore
Shefran TBD
Shehaan Beautiful
Shehab Star; Flames of Fire
Shehabaz Mighty; Brave
Shehan King
Shehazad TBD
Shehbaaz Royal Falcon
Shehbar TBD
Shehbaz Royal Falcon; Close to Gobind
Shehin King
Shehin King
Shehjad TBD
Shehmat Agree; Consented
Shehmil TBD
Shehraan Moonlight
Shehraj King of Kingdom
Shehran The ancient king of Persia
Shehran Ancient King of Persia
Shehran The ancient king of persia
Shehriyar King; Prince
Shehroz Bright Face; King of Roses
Shehroze King of Roses.
Shehroze King of Roses
Shehroze King of Roses
Shehroze King of roses
Shehryaar Sovereign.
Shehryaar Sovereign
Shehryaar Friend of the City; Sovereign
Shehryar Prince, Saint, King
Shehwaz Honest
Shehyar Lucky one
Shehyar Lucky one
Shehzaad Prince
Shehzaad Prince
Shehzaad Prince
Shehzaad Prince
Shehzaan Son of King
Shehzad Prince
Shehzada Prince; King’s Son
Shehzal Air of Heaven
Shehzan Almighty, Son of King, Handsome
Shehzel Air of Heaven
Shehzil Air of Heaven
Sheif Healing; One who Gives Health
Sheik Chief of Islam
Sheik Mohamed Mohamed means Variant used for Mohammad – founder of Islamic religion; Praiseworthy; Glorified
??? ??????  
Sheikh Leader, Elder, Head, Chieftain
Shejad TBD
Shejan Born for the People
Shejeel TBD
Shejin TBD
Shekaib Patient
Shekhara TBD
Shekhuddin TBD
Shekib Star
Shelomon TBD
Shema Hearing; Obeying
Shemeem Scent; Odour; Fragrance
Shemeer TBD
Shems The Sun; A Planet
Shemsuddin Sun of the Faith
Shen A Deep Thinker
Shequile Fifth
Shequilla TBD
Shequille The Royal Princes
Sher Lion
Sher Ali The beloved one; Lion
??? ???  
Sher-Dil Lion Heart
Sherafath TBD
Sherafgan Powerful; One who Defeats a Lion
Sheran A Fertile Plain
Sheraz Loving, Caring, Daring.
Sheraz Loving – Caring; Daring
Sheraz Loving, Caring, Daring
Sheraz Loving; Caring; Daring
Sherbaz Keeper of Lions
Shereef Honorable
Shereef Illustrious, Honourable
Sherfan TBD
Sherief Honest; Innocent
Sherif Illustrious, Honourable
Sherif Honorable
Sheriff King
Sherin Very Sweet
Sherkhan TBD
Sheroze Love
Shershah King of Lions
Shervan TBD
Sherveen Sweet
Sheryar King
Sheryar King
Sheryaz TBD
Shetty Lord Ganesha; Vaishya
Sheweize TBD
Sheyan Deserving
Sheyhan Peaceful One; Little
Sheza Kindness
Shezaan Beautiful
Shezad TBD
Shezan Beautiful
Shezil Beautiful Decoration
Shezin Prince
Shezin Prince
Shezmil TBD
Shezvin TBD
Shfan Knowledgeable; Intelligent
Shiam TBD
Shib Lord Shib
Shiba Satisfied; Lord Shiva
Shibaan Sparkling Star
Shibil Young One
Shibil Young one in Arabic
Shibili TBD
Shibin Brilliant
Shibl Lion Cub
Shiblan TBD
Shibli Was a greatScholar and writer
Shibli TBD
Shibli Was a great Scholar and writer
Shibli Was a great scholar and writer
Shibu Born to Win
Shidaad Strong; Severe One
Shidad Strong – Severe One
Shidhin TBD
Shiekh King of Arabs
Shieraz Regulation; Order
Shifa Cure
Shifa Cure; Healing; Remedy
Shifaan The One who Cures; Patience
Shifad Curing – Healing People
Shifan The One who Cures
Shifas TBD
Shifat TBD
Shifaullah God’s Healing; Healing that Comes …
Shifayat Curer; Healer
Shifayath TBD
Shifaz Truthful
Shiffin TBD
Shifil TBD
Shifin Memory Power
Shifran Gift of God
Shifwat Good Friend
Shifwath Good Friend
Shihaab A Star; Flame; Blaze
Shihaab-Al-Deen Star of the Faith
Shihaan TBD
Shihab Flame, blaze
Shihab Flame; Blaze; Shooting Star
Shihab Flame, blaze
Shihab Flame; Blaze
Shihab al Din Star of the Faith
Shihab al Din Star of the Faith
Shihab Al Din Star of the faith
????? ?? ???  
Shihab-al-Din Star of the Faith
ShihabAlDin Star of the Faith
Shihabuddeen Star of the Religion
Shihabuddin Meteor of the Religion Islam
Shihabudeen TBD
Shihabudhin Light which Destroy Evil
Shihad Honey
Shihad Honey
Shihad Honey
Shihadh TBD
Shiham Brave; Strong
Shihan Peace Maker, Brightness, Class
Shihaz TBD
Shijad TBD
Shijan TBD
Shijil TBD
Shikandar Lord of Perfection, Winner
Shikander Victorious, Defender of Mankind
Shikar Summit; Peak of a Mountain
Shikin Shi means Golden Kin means Poetry
Shimah Cream; Character
Shimah Cream; Character
Shimal TBD
Shimar TBD
Shimaz Beloved
Shimil All Comprehensive
Shimul Name of a Flower
Shin-Gul Green / Blue Flower
Shinan Sign of God; Identifier
Shinas Identifier; Distinguisher
Shindi-Gul One who Spreads Flowers
Shine Spread Light
Shion Kingdom of God, Prayer Hall
Shiqdar TBD
Shiraan TBD
Shiraaz Sweet
Shiraj TBD
Shiran TBD
Shiraz Sweet
Shiraz Sweet
Shiraz Sweet
Shiraz Sweet
Shireen Sweet
Shirin Charming; Sweet
Shiruyah TBD
Shirzad Born of a Lion
Shith TBD
Shivji Name of Lord Shiva
Shiya Friend
Shiyab TBD
Shiyad To Protect
Shiyadh TBD
Shiyaf Lover of God
Shiyas Reincarnation of Jesus
Shiyaz Love; Trust
Shiza This Gift
Shizaan Beautiful
Shizal TBD
Shizan Beautiful; King
Shkeb Caring; Name of God
Shoa Kings; Tyrants
Shoaib Prophet of Islam
Shoaib A Prophet name
Shoaib Who shows the right path; Shoaib was a prophet of Islam
Shoayeb Prophet of Islam
Shoban Handsome
Shoeb Famous, Always Victorious
Shoeb Famous; Always victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; Humble
Shoef TBD
Shoeib Prosperous, Always Victorious
Shoel Star
Shofik Compassionate
Shofin Josephin
Shofiq Compassionate; Soft Hearted
Shofiqul TBD
Shohaib Shooting Star; Name of a Prophet
Shohail Moonlight; Name of Star; Moon-glow
Shohan Know Yourself
Shoheb TBD
Shoheed God Gift
Shoheel Moonlight; Name of Star
Shohel Name of Star; Moonlight
Shohib TBD
Shohrab A Light of Success; Gentle Smell
Shoiab Love
Shoib Always Victorious, Prosperous
Shoib Famous; Always victorious; Prosperous; Most liked; Humble
Shoieb TBD
Shojib TBD
Shokat Respect
Shomir Guardian
Shon God is Gracious
Shoor Valiant, Brave, Warrior, Champion
Shoor Valiant; Bold; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger
Shorem TBD
Shorif Honest; Noble
Shoriful Good
Shoukat Dignity; Brave
Showkat Desirous
Showket TBD
Shoyab TBD
Shoyeb TBD
Shpoon Herder
Shriranjan Lord Vishnu
Shua Ray of the Sun, Sunshine, Light
Shuaa Beams, Rays.
Shuaa Beams, Rays, Ray of the Sun
Shuaaa Ray of the Sun; Sunshine
Shuaib A Prophets name
Shuaib The One who Leads; A Prophets Name
Shuaib, Shuayb A Prophets name
Shuayb A Prophets name
Shuayb TBD
Shuayb A Prophets name
Shuayb A prophets name
Shubhan Praising Allah; Holy; One who is auspicious
Shubool Lion Cub
Shueb TBD
Shufaiq Mercy; Pity; Sympathy
Shufwat Best; Immaculate
Shuhaadh TBD
Shuhab Meteor
Shuhad Amazing
Shuhaib Name of a Prophet
Shuhaid Witness
Shuhail TBD
Shuhair Month, Famous
Shuhan Beautiful; Pleasant
Shuhayb Of Reddish Hair or Complexion
Shuhel Moon Bright
Shuhood Witness
Shuhrat Fame; Renown
Shuhub Shooting Star
Shuhud Witnesses; Plural of Shahid
Shuja Brave bold Valour
Shuja Brave, bold, Valour
Shuja Brave; Bold; Valour
Shujaaat Variant of Shuja’at; Bravery; …
Shujaat Courage; Bravery; Valour
Shujah Brave
Shujath Belonging to a good clan; Good birth
Shujauddin TBD
Shujon TBD
Shukoor Gratitude; Thanks
Shukr Thanks; Gratitude; Gratefulness
Shukraan Grateful; Thanks; Gratitude
Shukrallah The Thanks of Allah
Shukran Gratitude; Thanks; Grateful
Shukri Thankfulness
Shukri Thankfulness; Thanking
Shukri Thankfulness
Shukri Thankfulness
Shukrullah Thankfulness Toward God
Shukur Thanks; Gratitude
Shumail Characterisation
Shumayl Complete
Shumayl Complete
Shumayl Complete
Shumayl Complete
Shun Good-natured; Talented
Shuneal Traveller
Shuneal Traveller
Shuneal Traveller
Shuneal Traveler
Shunnar Pleasant; Bird
Shunnar Pheasant
Shunnar pleasant
Shuqran Blondness; Fair
Shur Valiant; Bold; Mighty; Brave; Lion; Tiger
Shur Brave
Shuraa A Phonetic Variant of Shurah
Shurabuddin TBD
Shurahbeel A narrator of Hadith
Shurahbeel Narrator of Hadith
Shurahbeel A narrator of Hadith
Shurahbeel A narrator of Hadith
Shuraih Happy; Name of a Sahabi
Shuraim Little Gulf / Bay Inlet
Shuraiq East; Place of Sunrise
Shurayh Narrator of Hadith
Shurayh A narrator of Hadith
Shurayh A narrator of Hadith
Shuraym Split Cleavage
Shuraym Split
Shuraym Split, Cleavage
Shuraym Split; Cleavage
Shuruq Sunrise
Shurym Lord of Sun
Shuwair Good-looking
Shuyeb Prophet of Islam
Shwon Present; Monsoon
Shyaan Intelligent; Wise
Shyan To be Praised
Shydee TBD
Shydi Greater
Shyhan Peaceful One; Little
Shyhiem TBD
Shyjal Royal; Prince; Perfect
Si raj al Din Light of the faith
Siaan God Gift
Siam Lord Krishna
Siamak Silver Flame, Black Haired Man
Sian The Best; The Great
Siavash A Character in Shahnameh
Siavush Possessing Black Stallions
Siawash Character from the Shahnameh
Siba Emotion; Enthusiasm; Youthfulness
Sibagh Dye; Paint
Sibany TBD
Sibghatullah Colour of Allah
Sibin Idealistic Nature
Sibjath Good Looking; Handsome
Sibkathullah TBD
Sibt Grandson; Tribe
Sibtain TBD
Sibten TBD
Sidan Guardian
Siddeek Righteous, Friend, Truthful
Siddeeq Friend, Righteous, Truthful
Siddeeq Just; True; Sincere; Truthful; Upright
Siddeeqeen Supporter of Truth
Siddeeqoon Supporters of Truth
Siddeeque TBD
Siddeq Righteous; Truthful; Friend
Siddhiq Brightening; Righteous
Siddi Achievement
Siddik Truthful; Upright; Honest
Siddiki Believable, Cheerful, Brightening
Siddiq Truthful, upright
Siddiq Truthful, upright
Siddiq Cheerful, Brightening
Siddiq Just; True; Sincere; Truthful; Upright
Siddiqa Righteous; Pious – Virtuous
Siddiqin Supporters of Truth
Siddique Friend; Companion
Siddique Just; True; Sincere; Truthful; Upright
Siddiquee Trusty
Siddiqullah The Truthful (One) to Allah
Siddiqun Supporters of Truth
Siddiqur TBD
Sideek Honest; Truthful
Sideeq Truthful
Sideeque Honest; Truthful; Friend
Sidheek Truthful; Honest
Sidheeq Honest, Truthful, Righteous
Sidheeque Truthful; Friend; Honest
Sidhik Super Natural Power
Sidhiq Truthful; Righteous; Brightening
Sidhique Companion; Friend
Sidik Truthful; Powerful
Sidiq Honest; Sincere
Sidique Companion; Friend
Sidq Truth, Sincerity
Sidqi True; Truthful; Doer of Good Deeds
Sidran TBD
Sifa Fame, Reputation, Character
Sifaat Praise
Sifaks TBD
Sifal TBD
Sifan Sword
Sifanur The Wise Man
SifarishKhan TBD
Sifat God’s Praise; Virtues of Allah
Sifet Quality
Sifet Quality
Sifet Quality.
Sifet Quality
Siffat Praise
Sifraan Good Charactor
Sifran Beautiful
Sihaan River of Heaven
Sihab Blaze; Flame; Fire
Sihabudeen Silent; Smart; Happiness; Love
Sihad TBD
Sihah Flawless, Faultless
Siham Arrows
Sihan King; Bright
Sihlal Gentle; Lenient; Not Harsh
Sikandar Name of a famous Sovereign.
Sikandar Name of a famous Sovereign
Sikandar Lord of Perfection
Sikandar Victorious; Sikander is also the Persian and Hindustani version of the name Alexander; After Alexander the Great
Sikander Winner; Man’s Defender; Protector …
Sikander Victorious; Sikander is also the Persian and Hindustani version of the name Alexander; After Alexander the Great
Sikandhar Lord of Perfection; Victorious
Sikender Protector of Man; Man’s Defender
Sikkandar Lord of Perfection; Victorious
Sikkander Man’s Defender
Sikkandhar Victorious, Lord of Perfection
Silaah Arms; Weapon
Silaam To Make Peace
Silah Arms.
Silah Arms
Silah Arms; Armour; Weapons
Silahuddin Armour of the Religion Islam
Silan A Diamond
Silhad TBD
Siliman TBD
Silm Peace
Sima Treasure
Simaab Mercury; Silver
Simaak Well Known Star
Simab Mercury; Quicksilver
Simak Arcturus (Star)
Simak Arcturus (Star)
Simak Arcturus Star
Simak Arcturus star
Simal Heaven’s Bird
Siman Heard
Simar Light Covering, A Scarf
Simba Lion; Leonine
Simin Made of Silver
Simon Listening Intently
Simra Shafin; Heaven
Simra Heaven
Simran Meditation, Remembrance
Simsarul TBD
Sina Sinai; Explorer of Knowledge
Sina God’s gift; Ankle bells; Brightness
Sinaan Spearhead; Brave; Blade of a Spear
Sinan Spearhead
Sinan Spearhead
Sinan Spear Head
Sinan Spear head
Sinanuddin Spear of the Religion Islam
Sinbad Lord of Sages, Dweller from Sind
Sindbad Lord of Sages; Dweller from Sind
Sineen TBD
Sinin Synonym of Saina
Sinsaar-Ul-Haq Knowledge
Sinshad TBD
Sinwaan Palm Trees Grow from Same Root
Sinwan TBD
Siraat Path
Siraatullah The Path of Allah
Siraaz Lighting
Siraj Lamp light
Siraj Lighted torch
Siraj Lamp, Light, Beam
Siraj Lamp; Light
Siraj al Din Light of the faith
Siraj Al Din Light of the faith
????? ?? ???  
Siraj-al-Din Light of the Faith
Sirajaddin TBD
SirajAlDin Light of the Faith
Sirajdeen Lamp of the Religion
Sirajeddin Lamp of the Religion
Sirajud-Dawlah Lamp of the State
SirajudDawlah Lamp of the State
Sirajuddeen Lamp of the Religion
Sirajudden Lamp of the Religion
Sirajuddin Light / Lamp of the Religion
Sirajulhaq Lamp / Light of Truth
Sirat Path
Siraz Lighting
Sirazuddin TBD
Sirazul TBD
Sirfan TBD
Sirhaan Nice; Wolf
Sirhan Wolf
Sirkheel King
Sirtaaj Crown of Head
Sirwan TBD
Sivagami TBD
Siwar Bracelet Arm-ring
Siwar Bracelet, Arm-ring
Siwar Bracelet; Arm Ring
Siwar Bracelet; Arm-ring
Siyaam Fast; To Refrain from Food – Drink
Siyad To Support
Siyadah Greatness, Glory, Honour
Siyam Fasting, Happy, Nature
Siyaq Context, Style of Speaking
Siyas TBD
Siyaudheen TBD
Siyaulhaq TBD
Siyaz Protector
Sizaan Thunder
Sizan Beautiful
Skaziz TBD
Skye The Isle of Skye; Water Giver; Sky
Slaeet Sharp-tongued
Slim Thin
Sllahudeen TBD
Smad Eternal
Smad Eternal
Smail TBD
Smeer Air; Wind
Snawar Lion; City
Snober A Cone-bearing Tree; Pine
Soaib Humble, Famous, Always Victorious
Soayeb Always Victorious
Sobaan To Return to Allah, Reward
Sobah Morning; Bright
Soban TBD
Sobh Morning
Sobol Plural of Sabeel; Path
Sobuj Green; Colour
Sodoor Chests; Hearts
Soeb Intelligent
Sofian Devoted
Sofian Devoted
Sofian Devoted
Sofian Sand; Sand Storm; Devoted
Sofian Devoted
Sofiane Pure
Sofik Intelligent
Sofikul Intelligent
Sofin Lucky
Sofiq TBD
Sofiqul TBD
Sofiyan Sand Storm; Pure; Devoted
Sofiyan Sand
Sohaam Lord Brahmha, Breath
Sohaan Smart
Sohaib Reddish or Sandy (Hair)
Sohaib Reddish orSandy (Hair)
Sohaib Reddish / Sandy Hair
Sohaib Reddish; Sandy hair
Sohaif Ledger
Sohail Moon glow; Moonlight; Handsome
Sohail Gentle, ease; name of star
Sohail Gentle, ease; name of star.
Sohail Moon-glow, Star, Moonlight
Sohaim TBD
Sohair Light
Soham Lord Brahmha
Sohan Good Looking, Nice, Lord Shiva
Sohanur Shine; King’s Light
Soheal Moon Light
Soheb Beautiful; Smart
Soheib The Master
Soheil Star
Soheil Moon glow; Moonlight; Handsome
Sohel Moon glow; Moonlight; Handsome
Sohel Moon Light; Bright
Sohib The Master
Sohid True Copy; The Soft Hearted
Sohidul Beautiful
Sohil Beautiful, Moon Glow, Star
Sohim Beautiful; Handsome
Sohini-Parvin TBD
Sohrab Illustrious
Soidul TBD
Sojib Alive; Lively; Fresh
Sokat TBD
Sola Sun; Wealth has Come
Solaiman Peace
Solan Peace
Soleiman Man of Peace; Prophets Name
Soleman TBD
Solwi Consolation; Comfort
Somah The Moon
Somi Having a Clean Heart; Son of Lord
Somil A Friend; Soft Natured
Sommar Good Friend, The Plural of Saamer
Somood Steadfastness; Firmness; Endurance
SonaUllah TBD
Sonu Pure Gold; Morning; God Gift
Soofi Islamic Mystic
Soomar TBD
Sophian Pure
Sora Sky
Soran Strict or Stern
Sorhab TBD
Soron Remembering
Sorosh Angel
Sorush Messenger; Angel
Sorush Messenger; Angel
Souban A Companion; Returning
Soufeel TBD
Souffian Sand
Souffian Sand
Soufian Devoted
Soufiane Pure; Devoted
Soufyan TBD
Souhail Star
Souhan Good Looking
Souheil Name of a Star
Soukat TBD
Soukath Prestige; Dignity
Souleiman Peaceful, Name of Prophets
Souleymane Man of Peace; Peaceful
Soumen Good Mind
Soumendra Moon
Soureen Sun Ray
Sowaillah TBD
Soyab Always Victorious; Famous
Soyaf Confidence; Kind Hearted
Soyeb One who Shows Right Path
Soyef Kind Hearted; Confidence
Soyel TBD
Soyful Sword
Sparlay Spring Season
Spinzar White Gold
Star Truthful; Inspiring
Storay Star
Suaib Always Victorious, Famous
Suaidan Happy; Joyful
Sual Maratha
Subaah Beautiful; Graceful
Subah Flame of a lamp
Subah Beautiful, Graceful
Subahah Good looking; Bright like morning
Subahan Bright like the Morning
Subahuddin TBD
Subaibah Lover
Subaih Beautiful
Subail Pouring Rain, Ear, Spike
Subair Patient; Enduring
Suban Glorifying; Holy
Subayah Handsome; Comely
Subayyaah Morning
Subban Lord Shiva Son
Subbooh Extremely Pure; Allah’s Attribute
Subh Good; Lord Ganesha
Subhaan Holy; Glorifying
Subhadeep Gentle in Nature; High Ability
Subhah Beautiful
Subhan Praising Allah; Holy
Subhan Aware; Holy; Glorifying
Subhan Holy
Subhan Holy.
Subhani Holy; Splendour
Subhee Early Morning
Subhi Early Bright, Dawn
Subhi Early morning
Subhy Early Morning
Subil TBD
Suboor Patience
Subraya TBD
Subul Plural of Sabeel; Path
Sudaez TBD
Sudaif TBD
Sudaim TBD
Sudaiq Truthful, Sincere
Sudair Diminutive Form of Sidr
Sudairi Type of Tree; Form of Sudair
Sudais Sixth; One out of Six
Sudaish My Beautiful Country
Sudan Highly Liberal; Great Gift
Sudi Good Fortune; From; Lucky; Blessed
Sudur Heart; Chest
Sued Big Love
Suf One who Walks Fast
Sufail Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA)
Sufain TBD
Sufan TBD
Sufayan TBD
Sufeeyan TBD
Suffian Pride
Suffiyan A Walking Thunderstorm
Sufi Islamic Mystic
Sufiaan Pride
Sufian Name of Sahabi; Pride
Sufien Pride; Name of Sahabi
Sufin TBD
Sufiyaan Companion; Follower
Sufiyaan TBD
Sufiyan A Walking Thunderstorm; Sand Storm
Sufiysn TBD
Sufjan One who Walks Fast
Sufwan Rock
Sufyan The Best; Pride
Sufyan Old Arabic name
Sufyan Old Arabic name
Sufyan Old Arabic name
Suggut TBD
Suha Name of a Star
Suhaan Pride and Unique; Pleasure
Suhaan Very good
Suhaan Very good; Pleasant; Beautiful
Suhad TBD
Suhaib Of Reddish Hair or Complexion
Suhaib Of reddish hair or complexion; name of the first Roman to embrace Islam
Suhaib Of reddish hair; Complexion
Suhaib, Suhayb Of reddish hair or complexion; name of the first Roman to embrace Islam
Suhaibullah Lion of Allah
Suhaid Good-looking
Suhaif Innovation; Independence
Suhail Moon Glow, Star, Moon Light
Suhail Gentle, easy; the name of a star
Suhail, Suhayl Gentle, easy; the name of a star
Suhaili A Companion
Suhaim Little Arrow
Suhaim Arrow
Suhaim Arrow
Suhaim, Suhaym Arrow
Suhair Wakeful at Night
Suhal Moon Light; Star
Suhan Good Looking; Prince; Beautiful
Suhana Pure, Bright Ray of the Sun
Suhara TBD
Suharabuddin TBD
Suhayb Of Reddish Hair or Complexion
Suhayb A companions name
Suhayb A companions name.
Suhayb Of reddish hair; Complexion
Suhayl Star
Suhayl The star Canopus
Suhayl Gentle, easy; the name of a star
Suhayl Gentle; Easy; Name of a star
Suhaym Arrow
Suhbah Friendship; Companionship
Suhban Friend; Companion
Suhbani Friend; Companion
Suheal Moonlight
Suheb Love
Suheb Love
Suheb Love
Suheel A Companion; Lord Shiva
Suhel Moonlight
Suhit Beautiful; Everyone’s Beneficial
Suhraab TBD
Suhrab Illustrious
Suhrab TBD
Suhyl Star
Sujaan Honest; Wise; Exalted Knowledge
Sujad Prostration
Sujail Curious
Sujain Good
Sujana A Good Woman
Sujauddin TBD
Sujon Well Wisher
Sujood TBD
Sukesan TBD
Sukkar Sugar
Sulaaf Predecessors
Sulaif Preceding; Advanced; Ahead
Sulaiha TBD
Sulaikan One who is Devoted Worshipper
Sulaim Safe – Sound, Unharmed
Sulaima TBD
Sulaimaan TBD
Sulaiman A Prophets name (Solomon)
Sulaiman Peaceful; Name of a Prophet
Sulaiman Peaceful
Sulaiman A prophets name
Sulaimon Peace
Sulaish TBD
Sulaudin TBD
Sulayk Walker; Traveller
Sulayk Traveller Walker
Sulayk Traveler; Walker
Sulaym TBD
Sulayman Strongest; A Prophet’s Name; The …
Sulayman A prophets name
Sulayt Dominant; Strong
Sulaytan King, Ruler, Power, Authority
Suleimaan Peaceful
Suleiman Peaceful, Man of Peace
Sulema Peace
Suleman The Prophet of God
Suleman The Prophet of God
Suleyman Peaceful; Man of Peace
Sulfath TBD
Sulfeeker TBD
Sulfikar A Double-edged Sword
Sulfikker TBD
Sulieman The Prophet of God
Suliman The Prophet of God
Sullayman A Prophet Name
Sulleyman TBD
Sully Amazing, Handsome, Caring
Sulman Also Spelt as Salman
Suloof Advancement
Sultaan Ruler, Sovereign, Monarch, King
Sultaan Authority.
Sultaan Authority; King
Sultan Authority; King
Sultan King, Power, Governor, Ruler
Sultan Sultan, king
Sultana Braver
Sulthan King of King
Sumaid Handsome
Sumair Good Friend
Sumamah Millet (Plant)
Sumanta Friendly; Wise
Sumayya Matyr of Islam.
Sumer Gold Mountain
Sumeyye TBD
Sumid Brave Man
Sumon With Good Heart; Calm
Sumood Composure, Determination
Sumou Greatness, Elevation, Exaltedness
Sumrah Brownness
Sumrah Brownness
Sunain Spearhead, Leopard
Sunan Traditions, Ways of Life
Sunayyan Exalted; High in Status; Radiant
Suneer Holly Water
Suneer Holly Water
Sunqur Smooth
Sunud To Depend Upon
Suoud Good luck
Suoud Good Luck
Suoud Good luck
Suraaqah Name of a Companion of the Prophet
Surabuddin TBD
Surahbil TBD
Suraqah Name of a Companion of the Prophet
Suraqah Name of a companion of the Prophet
Suraqah Name of a companion of the prophet
Suraya Sun
Surayj Name of an Authority of Hadith
Surayj Name of an authority of Hadith
Surayj Name of An authority of Hadith
Suraz The Sun
Surraq Thieves
Surur Joy, happiness.
Surur Happiness; Joy
Surur Joy; Happiness
Suud Good Luck
Suud Good luck
Suvadip Auspicious Lamp; Light
Suwaib Reward, Recompense
Suwaibih Bright; Fresh
Suwaidan Great, Respected, Honourable
Suwaif Patient; Enduring
Suwaih One who Fasts
Suwaihir One who Stays up During the Night
Suwailih Good; Pious; Virtuous; Faithful
Suwailim Safe and Sound; Whole; Unharmed
Suwaim Gold; Bamboo; Reed
Suwaybit Roof over path alley between houses
Suwaybit Alley Between Houses
Suwaybit The roof over the path; Alley between houses
Suwayd Black
Suwayd Black
Suwayd Black
Suwayhil Gentle; Lenient
Suwed One who has Knowledge of Vedas
Suyahib TBD
Suzad TBD
Suzail King of the World
Suzel TBD
Swafwaan TBD
Swaif Most Happy
Swaleh TBD
Swalih Purity; Virtuous; Pious
Swalik Self Written
Syafiq Compassionate
Syahir TBD
Syan Precious Friend, Companion
Syazwan TBD
Sydeek King
Sydeek King
Sydul From the Wide Valley
Syed Fortunate, Blissful, Lucky, Happy
Syed Always in control
Syed Prince; Always in control
Syen Beautiful; Lovable
Syfat TBD
Syid TBD
Syraj Lamp