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“M” represents Spirituality. The M shows patience, is industrious, courageous, and domesticated. intelligent, creative, and intuitive powers, fun-loving and sensitive.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With M

Ma’mun Trustworthy
Ma’ruf Well-known
Maaarib Goal; Aim; Purpose
Maab Place of Recourse, Retreat
Maabad Worship; Temple; Place of Worship
Maad An Old Arabian Tribe’s Name; Man; …
Maad An old Arabian tribes name
Maadil Road; Way; Method; Creed
Maadin Metal; Mineral
Maadini Metallic; Made of Metal
Maadun Inhabited
Maah The Obliterator of Infidelity
Maaheed Another Name of God
Maahi Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Maahi TBD
Maahik Earth; Great
Maahil Kindness, Lord Vishnu, The World
Maahin Greatest; The Earth
Maahir Skilled
Maahir Expert; Brave
Maahtaab Moon; Moonlight
Maaifu Good
Maaiz Strong
Maajid Glorious
Maajid Glorious, Honourable, Generous
Maajidah Generous, Splendid, Glorious
Maakuf TBD
Maalam Milestone; Road Sign
Maali Noble, Sublime, Excellency
Maalih Handsome
Maalik God, Experience, Master, Lord
Maalik Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling; Gardener; Owner; Husband
Maaliq Lord; Leader; Chief
Maamar TBD
Maamoon Safe; Away from Harm
Maamoun Dictator
Maamour Built up; Inhabited
Maamun Trustworthy
Maamuri Inhabited, Built up
Maani One who Prevents; Strong; Secure
Maanoos Friendly; Sociable
Maarif Knowledge, Wisdom
Maarij The 70th Surah of the Quran
Maarij The 70th Surah of the Quran
Maarouf TBD
Maaruf Popular; Famous
Maarufi Doer of Good Deeds
Maash Livelihood; Sustenance
Maashar Group of People; Folk; Kinsfolk
Maashir Communities, Societies, Folks
Maasib Masters, Chiefs
Maati Good at Everything
Maatuq Freed; Freed from Slavery
Maawiya A Young Dog or Fox
Maayan Spring of Water
Maayish Livelihood; Sustenance
Maayush Alive; Living; Living Well
Maaz Brave Man
Maaz Wooden
Maaz A friend of prophet Muhammad
Maazim Dignified, Patient, Enduring
Maazin Proper name
Maazin Proper Name; The One who Praises
Maazin Proper name; Cloud that carries rain
Maazir Excuses
Maazur Excused; Blameless
Maazuz Strong, Powerful
Ma’mun trustworthy
Ma’ruf well-known
Mabad A Place of Worship
Mabad A place of worship
Mabad A place of worship
Mabad A place of worship
Mabah Neither Bless nor Curse
Mabarak Well Wisher
Mabood Variant of Ma’bud; Worshipped; …
Mabrook Loved by God, Beautiful, Blessed
Mabruk Wishes
Mabruk Blessed; Prosperous
Mabrur Pure
Mabud Worshipped; Adored
Mad Old Arabic name
Mad Old Arabic name
Madad Aid; Assistance
Madan Cupid, God of Love, Lord Krishna
Madani Urban, civilized, modern
Madani urban; civilized
Madani Urban, civilized, modern
Madani Civilised
Madani Civilised
Madar God
Madarik Intelligence
Maddukuri Surname
Madeeh Praised; Commendable
Madhana TBD
Madhar Full of Intoxication
Madhat Praise; Lauding
Madi Sharp; Moon
Madih Praised
Madih Praised; Commendable
Madiha Praise Worthy
Madihuddin TBD
Madin Delightful; Fearless
Madina From the High Tower
Madinah The City of the Prophet
Madiyan Name of place in Saudi Arabia
Madiyan Name of a place in saudi arabia
Madjid TBD
Madkhal Entrance, Entry, Admittance
Madni Resident of City Madeena
Madoow One who is Called
Madyan Holy place in Saudi where the Prophet used to visit
Madyan Name of a holy place in saudi arabia where the prophet (Pbuh) used to visit
Maed From the Meadow
Maeen Fountain; Spring
Maeesh Life; Lifetime; Livelihood
Mafaaz Victory; To Win
Mafakhir Glorious Deed / Trait
Mafas Protection; Successful
Mafaz Victory; To Win
Mafaza TBD
Mafeed None
Mafeed None
Mafi Forgive
Mafijuddin TBD
Mafiz To Giver
Mafizuddin TBD
Mafizul TBD
Mafshid TBD
Maftooh Opened; Freed
Magdi Glory
Magdi glory
Maghayis Rainfalls; The Plural of Maghyas
Maghazi Essence, Intent, Content
Maghbul TBD
Magid Glorious
Magomed Praiseworthy, To Praise
Mahaad Bringer of Ease
Mahaasin Beauty; Attraction; Virtue
Mahaboob Likeable; Beloved; Lover
Mahabub TBD
Mahad Nice; Great
Mahad Great, nice
Mahad Great, nice.
Mahad Great; Nice
Mahadeer TBD
Mahadin TBD
Mahadir TBD
Mahafijur TBD
Mahafuj Guarded; Protected; Safe
Mahafuz Protected
Mahafuzur Heart of Love in the Sea
Mahafuzur Heart of Love in the sea
Mahal Lenient; Forbearing
Mahamad The Prophet of Islam
Mahamadou TBD
Mahamed Form of Muhammad
Mahammad The Prophet of Islam
Mahammed Form of Muhammad
Mahamood TBD
Mahamud Praiseworthy
Mahamudul The Prophet
Maharoof Famous
Mahasin Beauty, Attraction, Virtue, Merit
Mahat Lord Shiva; Great
Mahatab King of the World; Moonlight
Mahathir Pure
Mahati Lute
Mahaz The Place of War
Mahaz The place of war
Mahaz The place of war
Mahaz The place of war; A noble descent; From a noble family
Mahbeer Brave
Mahbeer Brave
Mahbeer Brave
Mahbir Ihsan  
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Mahbob Lovely
Mahbod Beloved; Lover
Mahboob Dear Darling Sweetheart
Mahboob Famous; Liked; Beloved; Dear
Mahboob Beloved; Lover
Mahboub The Liked Good
Mahbub beloved or darling
Mahbub Beloved, dear
Mahbub Beloved, dear
Mahbub Beloved, Dear, Lover, Adorable
Mahbub Beloved; Lover
Mahbubul Beloved of Allah
Mahbubullah Beloved of Allah
Mahbubullah Beloved of Allah
Mahbubur Living in Luxury; Blessed
Mahbur Blessed; Living in Luxury
Mahd The guided one
Mahd The guided one
Mahd The Guided One, Cradle
Mahd The guided one
Mahdi Rightfully Guided
Mahdi guided to the right path
Mahdi Another name for Prophet Muhammad, Guide one
Mahdi Guided to the right path
Mahdi Guided to the right path; Rightly guided
Mahdin Successful
Mahdy Guided to the Right Path
Mahdy Guided to the right path
Mahdy Guided to the right path; Rightly guided
Mahe Expert; Lord Vishnu
Maheboob TBD
Mahebub Beloved
Mahedi Intelligent
Maheed TBD
Maheem Blessing; Name of Peer; Lord Shiva
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon.
Maheen Fine or thin texture, feeble voice, Like the moon
Maheer Brave
Maheer Expert; Brave
Maheerah TBD
Mahefuz Guarded
Maheir Expert; Industrious
Mahemood Praiseworthy
Mahemud TBD
Mahen Greatest
Mahenoor Moon
Maher Adept; Generous; Skilled; Able
Maher Skilled.
Maher Skilled
Maheran Intelligent; Intellectual
Mahetaab King of the World
Mahfar TBD
Mahfoodh Protected One
Mahfooz Preserved; Safe
Mahfoozh Secured; Protected; Safe
Mahfoud Protected
Mahfouz Keep it Safe
Mahfuj The Protected One The Protector
Mahfuj Preserved; Safe; The protected one
Mahfuz Safe, protected by God
Mahfuz Safe, protected by God
Mahfuz Preserved; Safe; The protected one
Mahfuzur Rahman Protected of the beneficent
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Mahi The World, God of Victory
Mahib Brave, Lion, Terrible
Mahib Another name for God; lion; terrible
Mahib Another name of God; Lion; Brave
Mahid Another Name for God
Mahid Another name for God
Mahid Another name of God; One who preaches
Mahidul Handsome
Mahidul Handsome
Mahil Kindness, One who Progresses
Mahin The Earth
Mahin The Earth; Fine or thin texture
Mahir Expert, Industrious, Skilful
Mahir skilled
Mahir Skilled
Mahir Expert; Brave
Mahir Skilled
Mahir Skilled
Mahirul TBD
Mahitap King of the World
Mahiuddin TBD
Mahiyan Big Heart
Mahiz TBD
Mahja Quarters, Lodgings
Mahja Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings.
Mahja Place to sleep, quarters, lodgings
Mahja A place to sleep; Quarters; Lodgings
Mahjah Blood
Mahjan Blooming
Mahjub concealed
Mahjub Concealed, veiled
Mahjub Concealed, veiled
Mahjub Concealed; Veiled
Mahmmad Prophet Mohammed
Mahmodul TBD
Mahmood Praised
Mahmood Praised One, Praiseworthy
Mahmood Praised; The praised one
Mahmoud The praised one; variation of the name “Muhammad”
Mahmoud Variant Used for Mohammad
Mahmoud Praised
Mahmoud Praised
Mahmud the praised one
Mahmud The praised one commendable
Mahmud Praised
Mahmud The praised one, commendable
Mahmud Praised; The praised one
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Mahmud, praised
Mahmud, Mahmoud The praised one; variation of the name Muhammad
Mahmuda TBD
Mahmudul Praiseworthy
Mahmudunnabi Praised by the Prophet
Mahmudur The Prophet of Islam
Mahomet the praised one
Mahomet Highly Praised
Mahomet praiseworthy
Mahomet The praised one
Mahon Bear; Calf; Cub
Mahreen TBD
Mahroof Famous
Mahroof Famous
Mahroos Guarded; Protected (by God)
Mahruddin TBD
Mahrus Protected (by God)
Mahrus Protected (by God)
Mahrus Protected
Mahsa Like the Moon
Mahshooq Sweetheart; Beloved
Mahtab Moonlight; Adored; The Moon
Mahud Another Name for God
Mahud Another name for God
Mahud Another name of God; One who is worshipped
Mahul Forbearance, Fire, Heat
Mahul Forbearance
Mahulah Gorgeous
Mahuroos TBD
Mahwish Karma
Mahzoom Cute
Mahzooz Fortunate
Mahzuuz Success
Mahzuz Fortunate
Maideen TBD
Maier Larger
Maier Religious
Maik The King
Maiman Liberal; Generous; Another name for God
Maimoon Auspicious; Prosperous; Fortunate
Maimun Fortunate; Blessed; Auspicious; Prosperous
Maimun, Maymun Lucky
Maimuna TBD
Main Benefit
Mainuddin TBD
Mairanay Brave
Mairanay Brave
Maisaan Lovable
Maisara Ease; Comfort
Maishan Gift of God
Maisoon Architect; Mason
Maisoor Easy; Successful; Fortunate
Maisur Easy; Successful; Fortunate
Maitham TBD
Maiz TBD
Maiza God Gift; Discerning
Majar Esteemed; Manifestation
Majaz Legal; Lawful
Majd Glory
Majd Glory
Majd Glory
Majd al Din Glory of the Faith
Majd al Din Glory of the Faith
Majd Al Din The glory of the faith
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Majd Udeen The glory of the Faith
Majd Udeen The glory of the faith
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Majd-al-Din Glory of the Faith
Majd-Udeen The Glory of the Faith
MajdAlDin Glory of the Faith
Majdeddin TBD
Majdi Glorious, praiseworthy
Majdi Glorious, Praiseworthy
Majdi Glorious praiseworthy
Majdi Glorious; Praiseworthy
Majduddeen The Glory of the Faith
Majduddin The Glory of the Faith
Majduddin The glory of the religion (Islam)
MajdUdeen The Glory of the Faith
Majdy Glorious; Beautiful; Praiseworthy
Majdy Glorious
Majdy Glorious; Praiseworthy
Majed Respectable; Praise
Majeed Glorious
Majeedan Praiseworthy; Glorious
Majeedi Praiseworthy, Glorious
Majha TBD
Majharul TBD
Majheed Glorious
Majibul A Nice Person
Majid Glorious
Majid Glorified, Innovator, Glorious
Majid illustrious one
Majid Another name for the Quran
Majid Increase; Excess; More
Majid al Din Glory of the Faith
Majid, Magid glorious
MajidAlDin Glory of the Faith
Majidul Honourable; Glorified
Majir Greater
Majit Great Winner
Majjadin Praiseworthy, Commendable
Majnoon Historical of Legendary Figure
Major Greater, Senior
Majumder Record Keeper, Archivist
MakaKhan TBD
Makan House; Place; Wind; Home
MakarramKhan Honest
Makbool Accepted
Makeen Strong; Firm
Makeen Strong
Makeen Strong; Firm
Makhdoom One who is served
Makhdoom One who is served
Makhdoom Master, Employer
Makhdoom One who is served
Makhdum Master; Employer
Makil TBD
Makin Strong; Firm; Well-founded
Makin Strong, firm, well founded
Makin Strong
Makin Strong; Firm
Makka A City in Arabia
Makki Pertaining to Makkah
Makki Pertaining to Makkah
Makki Pertaining to Makkah.
Makki About Mecca
Maknoon Covered; Hidden; Protected
Maknoonah Concealed; Hidden
Makram generousor noble
Makram Generous; Noble
Makramullah One who Honours / Respects God
Makrimi Honour, Generosity, Good-doing
Makshud TBD
Maksood Proposed; Intended
Maksudul TBD
Maksudur TBD
Malak Angel
Malak angel
Malang Mystic
Maleek Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling
Maleekah Name of a Sahabiyyah
Maleekan Kings, Masters
Malek Owner
Malhaan God’s Gift
Malic King
Malih A reciter of Quran was so called
Malih A Reciter of Quran was so Called
Malih . A reciter of Quran was so called
Malih Handsome
Malik master, king
Malik King, Master or Sovereign, Master
Malik master; king
Malik master
Malik Master or sovereign
Malik Master; Lord; Chief; Leader; Reigning; Ruling; Gardener; Owner; Husband
Malikah Queen
Malikzay TBD
Malinga Brave
Maliq Master
Malja Shelter; Refuge
Malkior King; City
Malkiya God is My King
Mallick Gift of the God
Mallik Mallik means great
Maloofud-Din Lover of the Religion (Islam)
Maloofuddin Lover of the Religion
Malu Loveable; Sweet
Maluf Familiar; Popular
Maluf Familiar; Popular
Malyar Gardener
Mamadou To Praise / Thank
Mamar One who Lives Long
Mamdood Extended; Extensive; Large
Mamdooh Praised; Commended; Glorified
Mamdouh praised; glorified
Mamdouh One who is commended, praised, glorified
Mamdouh One who is Commended, Praised
Mamdouh One who is commended; Praised; Glorified
Mamdouh, Mamduh One who is commended, praised, glorified
Mamdu Praised
Mamduh Person commended, praised
Mamduh Person
Mamduh Praised; Celebrated; Famous; Person commended
Mamgain TBD
Mamnoon Trust worthy
Mamnoon Trustworthy
Mamnoon Trustworthy
Mamon Song
Mamoon Secure, fearless
Mamoon Secure, fearless.
Mamoon Secure; Fearless; Trustworthy; Trusted
Mamoor Inhabited; Civilized
Mamoun Safe; Away from Harm
Mamshooq Slim
Mamshuq Slim
Mamum Trusting
Mamun Trustworthy, trusted
Mamun Trustworthy; Trusted; Reliable
Mamun Trustworthy, trusted
Mamun Secure; Fearless; Trustworthy; Trusted
Mamunur TBD
Man Main Benefit
Man Mind, Human, God is with us
Man, Main Benefit
Manaaf TBD
Manaazil Phases of the Moon
Manaf TBD
Manaf Abd manaaf
Manafi Benefits
Manaj Born of the Mind
Manal Attainment, Acquisition, Bird
Manan Mind, Thought, Repetition
Manar Guiding Light
Manaser TBD
Manasseh Cause for Forgetfulness
Manat Manah
Manawar Illuminated; Brilliant
Manazil Phases of the Moon
Manazir Radiant Place; Flourishing Place
Mandhur Vowed, consecrated to God
Mandhur Vowed, consecrated to God
Mandhur consecrated to God
Mandhur Vowed; Consecrated to God
Mandhur Vowed; Consecrated to God
Mandur TBD
Manfaat Profit; Useful Service
Mangal Good Time, Auspicious, Well Being
Manha Gift of God
Manhal Spring of Salubrious Water
Manhal Fountains
Mani A Jewel
Mani A Jewel; One who prevents
Manik Ruby, Gem
Maniruddin TBD
Manirul TBD
Manjar Cluster of Blossoms
Manjur TBD
Manjurul TBD
Mann Lecturer; Respect; Supernatural power; Lord of mind; Opinion; Devotion; Home; Pride; Respect home
Mannaan Benefactor; Bountiful
Mannaf TBD
Mannan Thinking, Meditate, Benefactor
Mannat Wish
Mannat Prayer
Mannath A Vow to a Deity
Mannaz TBD
Mannoon TBD
Manoshan TBD
Manouchehr A Character in Shahnameh
Mansab Office; Dignity
Mansar Support; Advocacy; Backing
Manshid One who Recites Poetry
Manshoor Prism; Manifesto; Law; Principal
Manshoor Prism; Manifesto; Law; Defended or protected by God or liked or victorious
Manshur Principal; Law
Mansoor Victorious
Mansoor Victorious
Mansoor Defended, Protected by God
Mansoor Prism; Manifesto; Law; Defended or protected by God or liked or victorious
Mansoorah Protected, Victorious, Triumphant
Mansooruddin Victorious in Religion Islam
Mansooruddin Victorious in religion (Islam)
Mansour Aided by God; Victorious
Mansour Has Divine Help, Aided by God
Mansour Aided by God; Victorious
Mansur Victorious, Aided by God
Mansur Divinely aided, victorious
Mansur divinely aided
Mansur divinely aided
Mansur Prism; Manifesto; Law; Defended or protected by God or liked or victorious
Mansuri Victor; Triumphant
MansurKhan One who Sacrifices for Others
Mansuruddin Victorious in Religion (Islam)
Manteshar Pleasure of Mind
Manus Greatness; Great; Surname
Manus Great.
Manzar Sight; View
Manzar View, Sight
Manzar View Sight
Manzar View; Sight
Manzhar Asight; Landscape; Scene
Manzhoor Agreed; Accepted; Approved
Manzir Warner; Cautioner
Manzoor Acceptable; Admired; Approved
Manzoor Approve(d), Accept(ed)
Manzoor Approve(d) Accept(ed)
Manzoor Approved; Accepted
Manzoorali Acceptable to Gold
Manzur Acceptable; Admired
Maooni Maouni Helper; Supporter
Maqaam Status; Place
Maqadar Fate; Destiny
Maqadar Fate; Destiny
Maqam Status; Place
Maqasid Goals, Aims, Intentions
Maqbool Accepted, Popular, Agreed
Maqbool Popular
Maqbool Accepted; Popular
Maqbul Accepted, Handsome, Popular
Maqbul Accepted, popular
Maqbul Accepted; Popular
Maqbuli Approved, Variant of Maqbul
Maqdoom One who is Served; Master
Maqdum Begun, Initiated, Started
Maqdur Doable, Achievable, Feasible
Maqeem Residing; Staying
Maqeem Resident; Residing; Staying
Maqil Intelligent
Maqil Intelligent.
Maqil Intelligent
Maqmoor TBD
Maqshood TBD
Maqsood Intended; Proposed
Maqsood Intended; Aimed at; Object; Proposed
Maqsud Intended, Proposed, Desired
Maqsud Proposed, intended
Maqsud Intended; Aimed at; Object; Proposed
Maqsudur TBD
Maqtaza Kind Hearted
Maqtiyar TBD
Maqusood Proposed
Mar From the Hill by a Lake
Maraatib Degrees; Dignities
Maraheeb Generosity; Welcome; Hospitality
Marahi Joyous; Lively; Exuberant
Maraj The Place of Ascent; The Above
Maram Wish; Desire; Aspiration
Maraqab Ranks; Praises
Marashid Right Guidance; Plural of Marshad
Maratib Degrees; Dignities
Marbuh Earned; Something that was Won
Mardhaat Contentment, Approval
Mardheei Cause for Contentment
Mardin Boundary Hill
Marduf Followed
Mareen Gentle; Lenient
Mareer Strong, Powerful, Rope, Resolved
Marghab Desire; Wish
Marghoob Desirable, coveted, agreeable
Marghoob Desirable, coveted, agreeable
Marghoob Agreeable; Desirable; Coveted
Marghoob Desirable; Coveted; Pleasant
Marghub Desirable, coveted
Marghub Desired; Agreeable
Marghub Desirable, coveted
Marghub Desirable; Coveted; Pleasant
Marhabaa Greeting; Welcome
Marhub People are Scared of; Respected
Mariah Star of the Sea; God is My Teacher
Marib Purpose; Goal; Aim
Marid Rebellious
Marid Rebellious
Marid rebellious
Marid Rebellious; Ray of Light
Marid Rebellious
Marid Rebellious
Marjaan Small Pearls; Corals
Marjan Small Pearls; Corals
Markooz Centred
Markooz Centered
Maroof Variant of Ma’ruf; Known; …
Maroof Known; Accepted
Marooh Lively; Joyful; Gleeful; Energetic
Maroun Saint’s Name
Marout Wind
Marqoom Labelled; Marked
Marr Forbidden
Marsad TBD
Marsad Ibn Abu Marsad al-Ghanavi was the companion of the Prophet PBUH who took part in the Badr Battle and had this name.
Marshin Enduring
Marshud Guided to the Right Path
Marshudi Guided to the Right Path
Marsook TBD
Maru deen. Srtong believer of the religion
Maruf Well known, good
Maruf Well Known; Accepted
Maruf Known accepted
Maruf Known; Accepted
Marufa Famous
Marufirah Another name for the Quran
Marufirah Another Name for the Quran, Lofty
Marum From The Peak
Marvaan TBD
Marvan Braver Person in Tamil Literature
Marwa Salvation, Fragrant Plant
Marwaan Solid; Fragrance-giving Tree
Marwan Old Name; Galvanised Stone; Solid
Marwan Old Arabic name
Marwan Solid
Marwan Solid
Marzaan Pearl; Warrior
Marzal TBD
Marzan Warrior; Sickness; Pearl
Marzat God’s Contentment Toward Humans; …
Marzeem TBD
Marzi Approved, Liked, Chosen, Beloved
Marzooq Blessed (by God), Fortunate
Marzooq Blessed by (God); Fortunate
Marzouq Fortunate; Blessed by God
Marzouq Blessed by (God); Fortunate
Marzug Blessed by Allah
Marzuq Blessed by God; Fortunate; Blessed
Marzuq Blessed by God, fortunate
Marzuq Blessed fortunate
Marzuqi Blessed by God
Marzuqullah Blessed by God
Masa True Sand
Masaabeeh Lamp
Masaabih Lamp
Masad Hunting Ground
Masadiq Loyal; Faithful; Trustworthy
Masadul TBD
Masahil TBD
Masajid Mosques, Places of Worship
Masakin Residence; Habitation
Masari Belonging to the Road
Masarrat Happiness, delight, joy
Masarrat Happiness, delight, joy.
Masarrat Happiness; Delight; Joy
Masbat Place of Rest / Sleep
Masduq Trusted, Credible, Believed
Maseeh TBD
Maseeh One who is blessed with loyalty from the cradle to the grave; The Messiah Jesus; A prophet
Maseehuzzaman Messiah of the age
Maseer Destiny; Goal
Maseeri An Attribution to Masir
Maseerullah TBD
Masfikul TBD
Masgaba TBD
Mashaal Light; Torch
Mashaariq Sunrises
Mashahid Scenes, Landscapes, Panoramas
Mashak TBD
Mashal Torch, Lamp, Night Lamp, Light
Mashal Torch
Mashal Torch
Mashar Honeycomb Cell
Masharddin TBD
Mashari Related to a Honeycomb Cell
Mashariq East, Eastern Parts, Orient
Mashawir Honeycomb Cells; Plural of Mashar
Mashe Drawn out of the Water
Masheer Advisor
Masheer Advisor
Mashhad Scene, View, Spectacle, Gathering
Mashhood Witness
Mashhood Witnessed; Present; Manifest
Mashhood Clear; Manifest; Witnessed
Mashhoodah Evidence, Clear, Manifest
Mashhoor Famous
Mashhud Clear, Manifest, Witnessed
Mashhud Clear; Manifest; Witnessed
Mashhud ClearManifest Witnessed
Mashhud Clear; Manifest; Witnessed
Mashhur Famous
Mashhur Famous; Well-known
Mashhur famous
Mashhur Famous
Mashhur Famous
Mashidul TBD
Mashir Communities; Societies
Mashkoor One who is worthy of thanks, deserving, commendable
Mashkoor One who is worthy of thanks
Mashkoor Praiseworthy, Thankful
Mashkoor One who is worthy of thanks
Mashkur Praiseworthy, Thankful
Mashkur Thankful, praiseworthy
Mashkuri An Attribution to Mashkur
Mashood Witness; Present
Mashook TBD
Mashooq Variant of Ma’shuq; Beloved; …
Mashoor Famous
Mashrafe Honoured
Mashreq East
Mashriq The Direction of the East
Mashriqi One who Belongs to the East
Mashroof One who Exalts
Mashruf One who Exalts
Mashruh Relaxed; Opened; Explained
Mashruk Bight
Mashrur TBD
Mashta Wintertime, Winter Resort
Mashud TBD
Mashuk TBD
Mashuq Beloved; Sweetheart
Mashur Renowned
Masid Distance
Masiha One who Serve for Humanity
Masihuddin TBD
Masik Holder, Grasper
Masin Stone Worker; Mason
Masir Destiny, Goal, Fate
Masir Destiny; Goal
Masiullah TBD
Masjid Mosque; Place of Worship
Maskun Inhabited; Occupied; Lived in
Maslahuddin Unique Mind; Highest Quality
Maslama TBD
Maslan Little Twin
Masmud TBD
Masood Lucky, Happy, Blissful, Fortunate
Masood Blissful, fortunate, auspicious
Masood Blissful, fortunate, auspicious.
Masood Fortunate; Happy; Lucky
Masoodan TBD
Masoode Lucky; Fortunate
Masoodul TBD
Masoom Variant of Ma’sum; Infallible; …
Masoom Innocent; Sinless
Masoon Well-protected; Sheltered
Masoud Happy; Lucky; Fortunate
Masoud Lucky
Masoud Lucky
Masoud Happy; Lucky
Masri An Attribution to Masar
Masrif TBD
Masrook TBD
Masroor Happy person, joyfull
Masroor Pleased; Happy; Joyful
Masroor Happy person; Joyful
Masruf One who Exalts
Masruq Praiseworthy; Thankful
Masrur Pleased; Happy; Glad; Joyous
Masrur Happy, joyful
Masrur Happy, glad
Massiah The Anointed One
Massin Stone Worker; Mason
Massoud Fortunate; Prosperous; Happy
Massud Lucky; Fortunate
Mastan TBD
Mastan Intoxicated with the elixir of God; The guy who always have fun
Masthan Joyful; Lovely
Mastoor Hidden, Covered
Mastoori Hidden; Covered
Mastur TBD
Masud Fortunate, happy, lucky
Masud the fortunate one
Masud The Fortunate One, Lucky, Happy
Masud Fortunate; Happy; Lucky
Masudi Joyful; Happy
Masudur TBD
Masuk TBD
Masum Innocent, infallible
Masum Innocent; Infallible
Masum Innocent infallible
Masun Well protected, sheltered
Masun Sheltered; Well Protected
Masun Safeguarded; Well-protected
Masura A Good Destiny
Masvood TBD
Maswood TBD
Mataf TBD
Matahir Cleansers, Purifiers
Matalib Demands, Desires
Matar Rain
Matari Rainy Season, Like Rain
Mateen Strong, Patient, Solid, Constant
Mateen Solid, constant, tough, substantive
Mateer Rainy
Mateeri Like Rain, Like a Rainy Place
Matei Gift from God
Maten Powerful
Matheen Solid; Firm; Patient
Mathnawi In Pairs; Couplet; Binary
Mathwa Home; Abode
Matibur Accomplished; Introspective
Matija Gift of Yahweh
Matin Strong
Matin Another name for Prophet Muhammad;
Matin Strong
Matin Strong; Powerful; Solid; Of
Matir Rainy Day; Fast-running Horse
Matiullah Follower of Allah
Matlab Desire; Demand; Goal
Matloob Objective, goal
Matloob Wanted; Unknown; Objective; Goal
Matloob Objective, goal
Matloob Objective; Goal
Matlub Wanted, Unknown, Desired
Matteen Well Disciplined
Matun Powerful
Matyn Powerful; Well-mannered
Maudad Allah’s Banda
Mauddin Muaddin Miner
Maudood Attached; Friendly
Maudud Attached; Friendly
Mauhoob Gifted; Talented; Endowed
Maula Master; Lord
Maulaa Master; Lord
Maulana Our Master
Maulasab TBD
Maumoon TBD
Mausim TBD
Mausoof Worthy of Description
Mausoof Worthy of description
Maustaque TBD
Mavin Expert in Passing Knowledge
Mavish Blessing of Life
Mawaazeen Balance; Scale
Mawada Love Mercy
Mawahib Gift; Talent; Plural of Mauhiba
Mawardi TBD
Mawazin Balance; Scale
Mawdood Beloved; Attached
Mawdood Loving, attached
Mawdood Beloved; Attached
Mawdud Loving, attached
Mawdud Beloved
Mawfoud Deputy; Delegate; Agent
Mawhab Given, Gifted, Bestowed
Mawhad One; Singular
Mawhoob Gifted, Talented, Endowed
Mawhoob Gifted; Talented; Endowed
Mawhoub TBD
Mawhub Gift from God, Given Freely
Mawiya Strength of Arms
Mawjud Existent, Actual, Accessible
Mawla Helper; Protector
Mawla Helper; Protector
Mawloud TBD
Mawlud TBD
Mawoud Appointed, Determined, Promised
Mawra TBD
Mawsil Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq
Mawsil Name of Hanafi Jurist of Iraq
Mawsil Name of Hanafi jurist of Iraq
Mawsool Having Link with Allah
Mawthuq Trusted; Trustworthy
Mawun Helpful
Mayaan Pure One
Mayan Pure One
Mayar Farmer; Overseer or Farmer
Mayed TBD
Mayeen TBD
Mayiz Distinguished
Maymum Blessed
Maymun Lucky
Maymun Fortunate, Blessed, Thriving
Maymun Fortunate; Blessed; Auspicious; Prosperous
Maynuddin Assister of the Faith
Maysara Of Comfort; Ease
Maysarah Ease, comfort
Maysarah Ease; Comfort
Maysarah Ease; Comfort; Wealth; Richness
Maysoor Easy; Without Obstacles – Hardship
Mayuddin TBD
Mayuk Brilliance; Sun; Ray of Light
Mazaahir Exteriors; Appearances
Mazafar Victorious
Mazahar Phenomenon
Mazahir Exteriors; Appearances
Mazal Tranquil; One who is Calm
Mazall Tranquil; One who is Calm
Mazar Flower
Mazari TBD
Mazaruddin TBD
Mazeed Plenty, More, Increase, Abundance
Mazen Blessed Rain Drops
Mazer One Who Is Bandaged
Mazhar appearance
Mazhar Image
Mazhar Esteemed, Appearance, Phenomenon
Mazhar Image
Mazhar-Ud-Din Manifestation; Of the religion
???? ?? ???  
MazharUdDin Manifestation
Mazharul Opening
Mazharul Opening
Mazharul Haq The manifestation of the truth
?????? ??  
Mazharul-Haq Manifestation of the Truth (Allah)
MazharulHaq Manifestation of the Truth (Allah)
Mazher Esteemed; Honoured
Mazhur Clear; Apparent
Maziar Image
Maziba TBD
Mazibur TBD
Mazid Increase; Excess; More
Mazid Increase; Excess; More
Mazidur TBD
Mazin Cloud that Carries Rain
Mazin Cloud that carries rain
Mazinn TBD
Mazir One who is Bandaged
Mazkoor Related; Said of
Mazkoor Related; Said of
Mazkur Remembered, Mentioned
Mazlum TBD
Mazur Weak
Mazyn Storm Clouds
Mazzin Beauty
MÂlik-Ul-Mulk Owner of the kingdom
Mebin Brilliant
Meddar Respectfully
Meeaad Appointment
Meehan Pure
Meekaaeel Name of an Angel
Meekaal Name of an Angel
Meekha TBD
Meelaad Birth
Meer Chief; Mayor; Leader; King
Meeraath Inheritance; Heritage
Meerab Paradise Flower
Meerab Paradise flower
Meeran God Blessings
Meeravalli TBD
Meesam Happy
Meesam Smiling; Happy
Meesum TBD
Meesum Current Water or Young Lion
Meethaq Covenant
Meezaan Balance; Scales
Meezan Balance
Mehabin Love
Mehaboob Beloved
Mehabub Beloved
Mehad The Guided One
Mehammed TBD
Mehamood Praiseworthy
Mehan Sudh; Pure
Mehaq Sweet Smell; Fragrance
Mehar Kindness; Blessings; Grace
Meharbab TBD
Meharoof Famous
Mehatab Sun
Mehaza TBD
Mehbin TBD
Mehbish TBD
Mehboob Loveable
Mehboob Beloved
Mehboob Beloved
Mehbub Likeable; Lover; Beloved
Mehd Instructor; Haadi
Mehdee TBD
Mehdi Plant, Guided, Thunder, A Flower
Mehdi A flower
Mehdin TBD
Mehdy Guided to the Right Path
Mehebub Beloved
Mehed The Guided on; Prophet
Mehedi TBD
Mehemet Praised
Meher Benevolence, Blessing, Friendship
Meherab Name of a King of Kabul
Meherban Kind; Friendly; Merciful
Meherdad Given by the Sun; Created
Meherdad Given by the Sun
Meherzad Born of the Sun
Mehfin TBD
Mehfiz TBD
Mehfooz Safe
Mehjab Bride of the Water God
Mehkhafil TBD
Mehmaaz Unique
Mehmad Praiseworthy
Mehmed Praiseworthy
Mehmet Praised One; Praiseworthy
Mehmood The Prophet of Islam; Beloved
Mehmood The prophet of Islam
Mehmud Worthy of Reverence, Praiseworthy
Mehnas Like the moon with pride
Mehnub TBD
Mehr God of Covenant and Oath
Mehraaj TBD
Mehraan Sun
Mehrab Water; Sun; Blessing
Mehrab A character in shahnameh
Mehraban Loving
Mehrah TBD
Mehraj Meh means Moon Raj means Kingdom
Mehran Kindness; A Character in Shahnameh
Mehran An old name of a river Sindh
Mehrang Souvenirs; Colour of the Sun
Mehraz Protector; Freedom
Mehrbaan Merciful; Gentle; Kind
Mehrdad Gift from the Sun
Mehrdel TBD
Mehreen Moon; Beautiful; Beloved One
Mehrin TBD
Mehrish TBD
Mehroz Piece of Moon
Mehruddin TBD
Mehrzad Offspring of the Sun
Mehsar TBD
Mehsoof TBD
Mehtaar TBD
Mehtab The Moon
Mehtab TheMoon
Mehtab The Moon
Mehtar Sweeper
Mehthab The Moon
Mehul Rain; Cloud; A Derivative of Mukul
Mehvish Prettiest Face on the Moon
Mehvish The prettiest face on the Moon; Bright star
Mehwa Pearl
Mehwish TBD
Mehzan Gift of God
Mehzar Declaration
Mehzin Mohammad
Mehzuz TBD
Mejad Very Generous
Mejdan TBD
Mejdi Prince
Mekael Blessed; Operating in Excellence
Mekala An Ornament Worn by Ancient Women
Mekka Name of Holy City
Mekka Name of Holy city
Mekka Name of a holy city
Melhim TBD
Mellan Small Pleasant One
Melwin Sword Friend, Polished Chief
Memar A Builder
Memon TBD
Mensur Winner
Mensur Aided by God; Victorious
Mensur Winner
Menzies From Mesniers
Merab He that Fights; Disputes
Meraj Heights; Bulandi
Merajuddin TBD
Meran Kindness; King of Kings
Meraz Gift from God
Merazda TBD
Merdasan TBD
Merin Moon; Peaceful; Pleasant
Merle Shiny Sea, Blackbird
Mert Courageous; Beautiful
Meryam TBD
Merzan King
Mesba Light
Meshaab TBD
Meshal Lamp; Word
Mesud Happy
Mesut Happy
Metab Light of Moon
Metan A Friend
Metin Tough, Solid, Firm, Strong
Mevish TBD
Mewar TBD
Meysam TBD
Mezaan Balance of Everything
Mezan Rich
Mezbah Light
Mezin TBD
Mezwar TBD
Mhamad Prophet Mohamed
Mhasood TBD
Mia Mine; Always Smiling
Miad Date; Set Time; Appointment
Miadad TBD
Miah Complete – Legend
Miajan TBD
Mibsaam Smiling a Lot
Mibsam Smiling
Mibshar Happy; Joyous
Mica The Name of a Mineral
Micah One who is Like God, Poor, Humble
Micronesia Glorious; Praiseworthy
Midaad Ink; Fountain Pen
Midad Ink; Fountain Pen
Midadi Example, Method
Midhat Praise
Midlaj Ibn Amr As-sulami RA had this Name
Midlaj Ibn Amr as-Sulami (RA) had this name
Midraar Abundant, Copious, Exuberant
Midrar Abundant, Copious, Exuberant
Mieshar One Tenth
Mietaf Compassionate, Sympathetic
Mietawi Generous
Mifrah Happy; Joyous
Mifraz TBD
Mifshan TBD
Mifshar TBD
Miftaah Opener; A Key
Miftah Key
Miftah Key, Opener
Miftah Key
Miftahuddin Guide of the Faith
Miftahul TBD
Miftaur TBD
Mifyaz One who is Extremely Generous
Mifzal Great and Blessed Person
Mifzal The great and blessed person
Mihaad Flat Land; Plain
Mihaan Great; Cloud
Mihad Cradle, Place of Comfort
Mihammad praiseworthy
Mihammad Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised
Mihan Cloud, Great, Best Qualities
Mihar Name of Lord Krishna
Mihas One Who Is Like God
Mihir The Sun; Sunny; Sun Rays
Mihlal Happy
Mihrab TBD
Mihran Sunny, Sun Gift
Mihran Name of a companion of the prophet
Mihwar Axis; Pivot
Mihyar Name of a Famous Poet
Mihyar Name of a famous poet
Mijan Balance of God
Mijanur Thoughtfulness
Mijbar TBD
Mijdad Great, Strong
Mijwaad Very Generous
Mijwad Very Generous
Mika Intelligent, Beautiful, Increase
Mika Cool; Sweet; Intelligent
Mikaail TBD
Mikaal TBD
Mikaeel Name of Allah’s Angel
Mikaeel Name of Allah’s Angel; Name of an Angel Michael
Mikail Name of an Angel
Mikail Name of Allah’s Angel; Name of an Angel Michael
Mikal Like the Lord; One who is Like God
Mikayeel TBD
Mikayeel One of the chief angels of Allah (swt)
Mikhail Wish, One who is Like God
Mikhail One of the chief angels of Allah
Mikhdad TBD
Milaan To Meet
Milad Birth; Christmas
Milad Birth; Birthday
Milana Union; Meeting; Contract; Beloved
Mildan TBD
Milhan Generous; Honourable
Milhaz TBD
Milon Army Man; Favoured
Mimar Mason, architect
Mimar Architect; Mason
Mimar Mason; Architect
Mimraah Cheerful; Lively
Mimrah Cheerful; Lively; Gay-tempered
Mimrah Cheerful; Lively
Mimshad Peaceful
Mimum Far
Minaar Symbol
Minaj Path; Way
Minan TBD
Minar A Mariner
Minaz Wish
Minazuddin TBD
Minh Bright; Brightness
Minhaaj Path, Way of Life, Way, Programme
Minhaj Road, Path
Minhaj Way; Programme; Road; Path
Minhaj Road; Path
Minhajuddin Religion of Path, Way, Style
Minhajuddin Way of religion
Minhajul TBD
Minhal Pure Water
Minhal Beautiful Flowers
Minhan Gift of God
Minhas Path
Minhaz Path
Minhaz Road; Path
Minhazul TBD
Minnah Kindness; Blessing; Grace
Minnat Request; Grace; Kindness; Favour
Minnatullah Gratitude Owed to Allah
Minnatullah Gratitude owed to Allah
Minoo Divine; Spiritual; Heavenly
Minsar Winner; Victor
Miqdaad Obedient; Name of Sahabi
Miqdaam Bold; Courageous
Miqdaar Amount; Measure
Miqdad One who Obeys
Miqdad Name of a sahabi
Miqdam In the Forefront of Battle
Miqdam In the forefront of the battle
Miqdar Measure; Amount
Miqsam Handsome
Mir Mayor; Leader King; Prince
Mir Jahaan King of the world
??? ????  
Mir Wais Home Lord
??? ????  
Mir-Jahaan King of the World
Mir-Wais Home Lord
Miraan Princely
Miraf Perceptive; Keen; Intelligent
Miraj Ascension (to heaven)
Miraj Place of Ascent
Mirajkar TBD
Mirajul Patient
Mirajul Patient
Miran Princes, Plural of Mir, King
Miran Princely; Princes
Miras Heritage; Inheritance
Mirash Desert
Miraz Journey to Seven Heavens
Mirdad TBD
Mirfiq Beneficial; Helpful
Mirghad One who does / Brings Much Good
Mirhan Noble; Princely
MirJahaan King of the World
Mirnes TBD
Miron Holy Place, Myrrh, Fragrant Oil
Mirsaab Prudent
Mirsaad Observation; Ambush
Mirsab The sword of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Mirsab Prudent, Wise
Mirsad Lookout, Observation Post
Mirshad Prince
Mirshadi Well-guided, On the Right Path
Mirshan Prince
Mirvaj TBD
Mirwaf Compassionate
Mirwais Noble Ruler
Mirz A Humorous Man
Mirza Prince
Mirza A Prince, Title for Mogul
Mirza A Prince; Loved
Mirzaad TBD
Mirzaan TBD
Mirzad TBD
Mirzah A Prince
Mirzai Satisfied, Content
Mirzan Prince; King
Mirzaq TBD
Misa Ab Example
??? ??  
Misad TBD
Misal Example
Misam Smiling, Happy, Beautiful
Misaq Agreement, Covenant, Contract
Misaq Agreement; Covenant
Misbaah Lamp; Light
Misbaah Lamp
Misbaah Lamp; Light
Misbah Lamp; Light
Misbah Light lamp
Misbah Lamp; Light
Misbahi Radiant, Brilliant
Misbahuddin Lamp of the Religion Islam
Misbahuddin The lamp of the religion (Islam)
Misbahul Lighting
Misbahur TBD
Misban TBD
Misbaq Ahead; Advanced
Misbaul Light; Lamp
Misdad Sensible, Faultless, Reasonable
Mishaab TBD
Mishaal Light; Torch
Mishaal Example; Copy; Torch; Light; Lightened; Sparkling; Shining
?????? ?????  
Mishaari TBD
Mishab Intelligent; Good
Mishabh TBD
Mishal Torch; Light
Mishall One who Holds the Torch
Misham Saviour; Taking Away
Mishan Bringer of Joy
Mishar One Tenth
Mishari TBD
Mishary Rich
Mishdad Strong; Tough
Mishel Light
Mishhal Light, Torch
Mishkat TBD
Mishraq Radiant; Brilliant
Mishry Brilliant
Mishu Faithful; Honest
Misid Unfettered Camel; Variant of Musad
Misk Musk; Refer to Any Type of Perfume
Miskeen Humble; Poor
Miskeen Poor
Miski TBD
Misrar One who Makes Others Happy
Misri Mixed Sweet; Egyptian
Misshab TBD
Mistah An Instrument to Level Something
Mistah Instrument to level something
Miteb Kindness
Mithaaq Agreement; Covenant
Mithaf TBD
Mithal Sweet; Example; Model; Ideal
Mithar One who is Generous – Not Selfish
Mithra Friend, Covenant, Treaty
Miwaan A Great Helper of the People
Miwan A Great Helper of the People
Miyad Period of Agreement
Miyaz Distinguished; Preferred
Miyusham TBD
Mizaan Balance; Scale
Mizan Balance; Scales; Measure
Mizan Balance; Scales
Mizanoor Balance of the Most Merciful
Mizanur Rahman The balance of the most merciful
??????? ?????  
Mizbah Lamp; Light
Mizbahul TBD
Mizhab Undefeatable in Any Challenges
Mizhar Appearance; Esteemed
Mizhir TBD
Mizn White Cloud, Rain-bearing Cloud
Mizwan TBD
Mizyal Intelligent
Mizyal Intelligent
Mizyan Good Looking, Beautiful
Moalim Teacher
Moalim Teacher
Moazzam Respectable
Moazzam Respective; Exalted; Glorified; Honored
Moazzem The One Respected
Moazzem The one respected
Mobasshir Pleaser
Mobeen Sensitive
Mobeen Sensitive
Mobin Uniqueness
Modin Name of God; Delightful
Moeen Helper, Supporter, Fountain
Moeen Ud Din Helper in the religion
???? ?? ???  
Moees TBD
Moeez Respectful
Moeez Respectful; One who gives protection
Moein Helper, Supporter, Caretaker
Moeiz TBD
Moemen Believer and Faithful to Allah
Moemen Believer and faithful to Allah
Moez Loving; One who Grants Honour
Mofijul TBD
Mofiz Giver; Help
Mogisur Sun
Mohab Of his Father
Mohabbat Affection; Love
Mohaideen Reviver of the Faith
Mohaimin Protector, Forgiving
Mohamad The Prophet
Mohamad Praiseworthy
Mohamad The prophet
Mohamad Basith Prophet; Humble; Merciful
????? ??????  
Mohamed Person with No Fault
Mohamed Praiseworthy
Mohamedhas TBD
Mohameed TBD
Mohamet Variant Used for Mohammad
Mohamet Praiseworthy
Mohamid TBD
Mohammad Highly Praised
Mohammad Praiseworthy
Mohammadi TBD
Mohammd Person with No Fault
Mohammed Praiseworthy
Mohammed the Praised One
Mohammed The praised one
Mohammed Praiseworthy
Mohammeed Name of Prophet
Mohammid TBD
Mohammud To Commend, To Praise
Mohamoud To Praise / Commend; Praiseworthy
Mohamud To Praise, To Commend
Mohanad Sword
Mohannad TBD
Moharram 1st Month of Islamic Year
Mohasin Virtue
Mohd One of the Names of Prophet
Mohdirshad TBD
Moheb Person who Love
Moheeb TBD
Moheed Gift of God
Moheem Wealth
Moheen Glamour; Attractive
Mohhamad Prophet Mohamed
Mohhammad TBD
Mohhmad Prophet Mohamed
Mohi Reviver, Lord Krishna
Mohib Friend
Mohibur TBD
Mohid Another Name for Gad
Mohid The one who believes in oneness of Allah almighty
Mohiddin TBD
Mohideen Reviver of the Faith
Mohidin Reviver of the Faith
Mohidul TBD
Mohidur Unique; Talented
Mohim Wealth
Mohin Attractive; Glamour; Lord Krishna
Mohine Greatest; Attractive
Mohinur Light of the World
Mohisin Attraction; Virtue
Mohiuddin Reviver of the Faith
Mohiuddin Reviver of the Faith
Mohiudin Reviver of the Faith
Mohiyuddin TBD
Mohmaad Praiseworthy; to praise
Mohmad Prophet Mohamed
Mohmed The Prophet of Islam
Mohmmad TBD
Mohmmed The Prophet of Islam
Mohmood Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam
Mohomad The Prophet of Islam
Mohomed Founder of Islamic Religion
Mohomet TBD
Mohommad The Prophet of Islam
Mohommed Praised One; Form of Muhammad
Mohseen Security of Parent
Mohsen One who does Good
Mohshin Gentle; Helpful; Humanitarian
Mohsim Humble, Patron, Benefactor
Mohsin Gentle, Humanitarian, Helpful
Mohsin Helpful; Beneficent; Charitable
Mohtadi TBD
Mohtasham TBD
Mohtashim Multi-talented, Intelligent
Mohtasim TBD
Mohteshem TBD
Moideen TBD
Moidheen TBD
Moidu Clever
Moidul Main; New
Moiez Protected
Moin Helpful; Supporter; Helper
Moin Fountain; Spring
MoinKhan TBD
Moinuddeen Assister of the Faith
Moinuddin Assister of the Faith
Moinudeen Assister of the Faith
Moinudheen Assister of the Faith
Moinudin Assister of the Faith
Moinul TBD
Moinulislam Supporter of the Islam
Moiz One who Gives Protection
Moiz Respectful; One who gives protection
Moizuddin TBD
Moizullah TBD
Moizz One who Honours, Comforter
Mojaffar Successful; Victorious
Mojahid TBD
Mojahidul TBD
Mojammel TBD
Mojeeb TBD
Mojib Impressive; Pleasing
Mojibor Responsive
Mojida TBD
Mojtaba Chosen
Mokammel Complete
Mokammel Hindi
Mokbul Accepted
Mokbul Accept
Mokhtar Selected
Mokibul Accepted
Moktar The Selected One
Momen Faithful
Momin One who Believes in God
Momin One who believes in God
Momin One who believes in God
Mominul TBD
Moncef Justice Giver; Equitable
Mondher TBD
Moneer Shining
Moneera TBD
Monim Believer
Monir Shining; Light
Monir Shining
Moniruddin TBD
Monirul TBD
Monish Lord of Mind; Lord Shiva
Monji Unhappy
Monjur TBD
Monjurul TBD
Monowar Illuminated; Glorious Life
Monsef TBD
Monsur Justice Giver; Judge; Winner
Montasif TBD
Montasim TBD
Montasir Victorious; Triumphant
Monuddin TBD
Mooaz Lucky; Intelligence
Mookandi TBD
Moonis Companion; Consoler
Mooqineen TBD
Moosa Prophet’s Name; Desire; The Moses …
Moosa A Prophets name (Moses)
Moosaa Name of a Prophet
Moosha Prophets Name
Moossa Desire; Prophet’s Name; From the …
Moqeem TBD
Moqtar TBD
Moqueem TBD
Moquim TBD
Morad Desire; Wish
Morad Desire; Wish
Morshed TBD
Mortaza TBD
Morteza Chosen
Mortoza Chosen
Mosa Graceful; Prophet
Mosab TBD
Mosaddak TBD
Mosaddeq Trustworthy
Mosah Graceful; Prophet
Mosahid TBD
Mosarof Brave
Mosen Charitable
Moshahid TBD
Moshaid Helpful
Mosharraf To be Honoured; Elevated
Mosharrof One who Exalts
Moshik Attractive
Moshin TBD
Moshiur Well-known
Moshref TBD
Mosien TBD
Mosim Believer
Mosin Softness / Sweet
Moslem Follower of Islam
Moslim Follower of Islam
Mostaeen TBD
Mostafa Chosen one
Mostafa Variant Used for Mohammad
Mostafa Chosen one
Mostafiz Helpful
Mostafizur TBD
Mostakim Right Way
Mostapha TBD
Mostofa Founder of Islamic Religion
Motabir Trusted; Accomplished
Motabir Trusted; Accomplished
Motasim Handsome
Motasim Handsome
Motaz Proud; Powerful
Motaz Proud
Motaz Proud
Motiul TBD
Mouad One of Allahs Name
Mouafak TBD
Mouawiyah TBD
Moubarak Greetings
Moufid Useful
Mouhamad To Commend, To Praise
Mouhamed Peace
Mouhammed To Praise, Praiseworthy
Mouhamoin Hope
Mouhaned TBD
Mouhib Giving; Generous
Mouhyeddin TBD
Mouid Recreator; One of Allahs Name
Mouid Recreate; One of Allah’s Name
Moujab Amazed; Impressed; Pleased
Moujib Amazing; Impressive; Pleasing
Moujid Creator
Moujid Creator
Moukhtar Chosen; Preferred Selected
Moukib Last of the Prophets
Moukib Last of the prophets
Moukid One who has Affirmed an Oath
Moulali Variant Used for Mohammad
Moulali Variant Used for Mohammad; Founder of Islamic Religion; Praiseworthy; Glorified
Moulana Our Master
Moulasab TBD
Moulay TBD
Moumin Believer; One who Believes in God
Mouminin Believer
Mouminun One who Believe in God; Believer
Moumir Long-lived
Mouneer Shining; Bright
Mounib TBD
Mounier Shining; Bright
Mounif Excellent
Mounir Light; Sunlight
Mounir Light sunlight
Mounir Light; Sunlight
Mouqib TBD
Mourad Desire
Mourad Desire
Mourad Desire
Mourib Fluent; Eloquent
Moursal TBD
Mousa Desire; A Prophet’s Name
Moushgan TBD
Moushin TBD
Mousin TBD
Mousir Rich; Wealthy; Needless
Moustafa Glorified; Praiseworthy
Moutaaz A Variant of Moutaz
Moutabir Tester, Introspective
Moutadil Straight; Balanced
Moutamad Reliable; Relied Upon; Aim; Goal
Moutamid Reliant
Moutaq Freed; Freed Slave
Moutaqad Belief; Conviction; Faith; Tenet
Moutaqid Believer; Belief in God; Faithful
Moutasam Refuge, Recourse
Moutasem TBD
Moutasim One who Takes Recourse / Refuge
Moutaz Powerful, Majestic
Moutazim Determined; Resolved; Persevering
Mouti Generous
Moutir TBD
Moutir One who prays the witr prayer
Mouza Prophet Name
Mouzam TBD
Mouzim TBD
Moweid Appointment
Mowlana Calm; Silent
Mowluda TBD
Moydul New; Main
Moyeed The Restorer
Moyeen Fountain; Spring
Mozaffar Victorious; Winner; Triumphant
Mozahidul TBD
Mozam TBD
Mozammil TBD
Mozim One who Reads Azzan
Moziz Saviour or Taken from Water
Mozn Rain Bearing Cloud
Mozzam TBD
Muaath Protected
Muaath Protected
Muaath Protected
Muaawin Helper, Assistant, Supporter
Muaaz Friend of Prophet Muhammad Se
Muad TBD
Muad Protected; Name of a companion
Muaddal Tuned, Corrected, Reformed
Muaddil Equaliser; Rectifier; Tuner
Muaddini Like a Miner
Muadh Protected; Name of a Companion
Muadh Protected
Muadh Protected; Name of a companion
Muafa TBD
Muafa Name of a Man who travelled extensively to find Hadith
Muain Muein Helper; Supporter
Mualla A Judge and Follower, Raised
Mualla A judge and follower
Muallam Educator; Preceptor
Muallim Teacher; Educator; Perceptor
Muallim Teacher
Muamber Fragrance
Muameer Long-lived
Muammal Hopeful; Wished for; Desired
Muammar Built, Constructed, Senior
Muammar Senior
Muammar Senior
Muammer Senior
Muarrif Guide
Muarrifi Guide
Muashir Close Friend; Fellow; Companion
Muath Protected
Muattib A Companion
Muawia One who Generates a Battling Voice
Muawin Helper; Assistant
Muawin Assistant; Helper; Supporter
Muawini Helper, Supporter
Muawiyah Young Fox; First Ummayad Caliph
Muawiyah Young fox (first Umayyad Kalifah)
Muawiyah Young Fox; Sehabie Rasool Sawas
Muawwad Compensated
Muawwadh Compensated
Muawwaz TBD
Muawwaz Name of a Sahabi who Participated in the Battle of Badr
Muawwiz TBD
Muayid Supported
Muayid Supported
Muayid Supported
Muayish TBD
Muayyad Supported by God
Muayyad Supported by God
Muaz protected
Muaz Friend of Prophet Muhammad Se
Muaz Protected
Muazid Supporter; Helper
Muazzam Magnified; Respected
Muazzam Respective; Exalted; Glorified; Honored
Muazzid Strengthener; Supporter; Helper
Muazzin TBD
Muazzir Supporter; Helper
Mubaarak Blessed; Auspicious
Mubahil A Challenger
Mubajjal Glorified, Exalted, Honourable
Mubajjal Glorified; Exalted; Honorable
Muballigh Preacher, He who Conveys
Muballigh Preacher one who preaches and propagates Islam
Muballigh Preacher
Mubarack Greetings; Blessed
Mubarak Blessed, fortunate, auspicious
Mubarak Congratulations; Blessed
Mubaraq Blessing
Mubarez Army Man; Fighter; Policeman
Mubarish TBD
Mubarr Righteous
Mubarrik Clouds of Heavy Rain
Mubashar Spreader of God News
Mubasheer Spreader of Good News
Mubashir Bringer / Spreader of Good News
Mubashir Spreader of good news
Mubashir Spreader of good news
Mubashira TBD
Mubashirin Bringer of Good News
Mubashshir Bringer of Good News
Mubashshir Spreader of good news
Mubasshar Good News Bringer
Mubasshir TBD
Mubassir Observer
Mubassir Observer
Mubassir Observer
Mubayyin Another Name for God
Mubayyin Another name for God
Mubbasher TBD
Mubbashir One who Brings Good News
Mubdee Originator
Mubdir TBD
Mubeen Clear; Plain; Apparent; Radiant
Mubeen Clear; Evident
Mubeer Face
Mubhashir One who Brings Good News
Mubid Intellectual
Mubid Intellectual
Mubid Intellectual
Mubin Another Name for the Quran
Mubin Evident
Mubsir Well-informed, Skilled
Mubsiroon Well-informed; Skilled; Keen
Mubsirun Well-informed; Skilled; Keen
Mubtasim Smiling
Mubtasim Smiling
Mucad TBD
Mudabbir Prudent, Manager, One who Plans
Mudabbir One who plans
Mudabbir Planner; Designer; Disposer
Mudar Arabic Tribe
Mudar An Arabian tribe
Mudashir TBD
Mudasir Handsome
Mudasir Handsome
Mudassar Covered
Mudasser A Word of Quran
Mudasser A word in the Quran
Mudassir Wrapped in, Enveloped
Mudathir Enveloped in Garments, Dressed
Mudawar Round
Muddakir One who Remembers God
Muddasir TBD
Muddassar Title of Prophet Mohammad
Muddasser TBD
Muddassir Wrapped in, Enveloped
Muddassir Wrapped in; Enveloped
Muddathir Covered
Muddathir Covered
Muddaththir Covered; A Title of the Prophet
Muddaththir Covered; A title of the prophet
Mudhakkir Reminder
Mudhakkir Reminder
Mudrik Intelligent, Reasonable
Mudrik Perceptive; Intelligent
Mueed A Person who Gives Shelter
Mueen One who Helps; Helper; Assistant
Mueen One who helps
Mueen Supporter; Helper; One who helps
Mueez One who gives protection
Mueez TBD
Mueez One who gives protection; The giver of might and glory
Mueid Skilled; Experienced; Sagacious
Mueidi Skilled, Experienced, Sagacious
Mueinuddin Supporter / Helper of the Faith
Mufaad Profit; Interest
Mufaad Profit; Interest
Mufaddal One who is Preferred
Mufaddal One who is preferred
Mufaddal One who is preferred
Mufaiz To Profit Someone
Mufakhar Glorious; Exalted
Mufakkir Thinker, One who Meditates, Keen
Mufakkir Thinker one whoMeditates
Mufakkir Thinker
Mufal One who is Preferred
Mufallah One who Prospers
Mufallah One who prospers
Mufallah One who prospers
Mufarrij TBD
Mufarrij Who helps in removing difficulties
Mufassir Explainer of Quran
Mufaz TBD
Mufazzal Preferred; Chosen; Favoured
Mufazzal Preferred; Chosen; Favored
Mufazzil Extremely Honourable
Mufed TBD
Mufeed (from the verb fada to overflow)
Mufeed Useful
Mufeed Useful; Helpful
Mufeez Giver; Help
Muffadal TBD
Mufid useful; helpful
Mufid Useful
Mufid Beneficial; Useful; Overflow
Mufid Useful; Helpful
????? ?????  
Mufiduddin One who Benefits the Faith
Mufiz Help; Giver
Mufiz Giver
Mufizuddin TBD
Muflah Successful
Muflih One who Prospers
Muflih One who prospers
Muflih Successful
Mufliheen The One who is Successful
Muflihin Successful One
Muflihoon Successful
Muflihun Successful
Mufrid TBD
Muftee Expounder of Islamic Law
Mufti Jurist
Mufti Jurist
Mufti Expounder of Islamic Law; Jurist
Mufti Jurist
Muftir TBD
Mufzil Doer of Good Deeds; Honourable
Mughamir Adventurous; Daring
Mugheeth Helper; Succour
Mughir Attacker; Raider
Mughirah Attacker; Raider
Mughis Helper; Assistant
Mughis Helper; Assistant
Mughith Helper succourer
Mughith Helper, succourer
Mughith Helper; Successor
Mughithi Saviour, Rescuer
Mughni TBD
Mughni Enriched
Muhab Dignified
Muhab Dignified
Muhab Dignified
Muhabbab Loved’ by Others
Muhabbib TBD
Muhaddas Compiler of Hadith
Muhaddas Compiler of Hadith
Muhaddith Transmitter; Interpreter of Hadith
Muhaffiz TBD
Muhafiz One who protects
Muhafiz One who protects
Muhafiz One who protects
Muhafiz-Ud-Din Preserver of the religion
??????? ?? ???  
Muhaib Another Name of God
Muhaimin Supervising guardian protector
Muhaimin Protector
Muhaimin One of the 99 names of God; Forgiving
Muhair Skilled
Muhair Skilled
Muhair, Muhayr Skilled
Muhaisan Improved; Beautified
Muhajir Immigrant
Muhajir Immigrant
Muhajir Immigrant
Muhajjad Put to Sleep
Muhallil One who pronounces the testimony of faith
Muhamad The prophet
Muhamadi Praised; Commendable
Muhammad the praised one
Muhammad praised one
Muhammad Praiseworthy, Greatly Praised
Muhammad Praiseworthy – name of the LAST Prophet (A.S)
Muhammad Praiseworthy
Muhammad Praised; Praiseworthy; The name of the prophet
??????? ??????  
Muhammad, Mohammed Praised, praiseworthy; the name of the Prophet
Muhammadali The Princess
Muhammed Praised and Commendable
Muhammed Praiseworthy
Muhanna Happy, delighted
Muhannad Sword
Muhannad Leader; Sword
Muhannad Sword
Muhannad Sword
Muhannad Sword
Muhannad, Muhanned Sword
Muhanned Sword
Muharram First Islamic Month
Muharram first Islamic month
Muharrem 1stMonth of Islamic year
Muharrem 1st Month of Islamic Year
Muharrem 1st month of Islamic year
Muharrem 1st month of the Islamic year
Muharrim Another Name For Prophet Muhamm
Muharrim Another Name for Prophet Muhammad
Muhassan Beautified; Improved
Muhassin Beautifier; Improver
Muhawwin Facilitator
Muhaymin Preponderant; Protector
Muhazimm Defeater
Muhazzab Polite; Courteous; Well-mannered
Muhazzab Polite; Courteous
Muhazzim Defeater
Muhdah Plain
Muhdee One who Presents
Muhdee One who presents
Muhdee One who presents
Muhdee One who presents
Muheeb Respectful
Muheed TBD
Muheem TBD
Muheen TBD
Muheet That which Embraces All Round
Muheet That which embraces all round
Muheet That which embraces all round
Muheet Embraces all round; Encompassing; Ocean
Muhib One who loves friend
Muhib noble; respected
Muhib One who Loves; Friend
Muhib Noble; Respected
Muhibb Lover; Fancier; Loving
Muhibb Loving
Muhibb Loving
Muhibbudin One who Loves the Faith
Muhibuddin Friend of the Religion Islam
Muhibuddin A friend of the religion (Islam)
Muhibullah Friend of Allah
Muhibullah Friend of Allah
Muhid TBD
Muhin TBD
Muhit Encompassing; Ocean; Unique
Muhit Embraces all round; Encompassing; Ocean
Muhitt Encompassing
Muhiuddin Reviver of the Faith
Muhiyuddin Reviver of the Religion Islam
Muhiyuddin Reviver of the religion (Islam)
Muhiyyuddin TBD
Muhjid One who puts someone to sleep
Muhkam TBD
Muhlah Leniency
Muhriz Obtainer; Winner; Earner
Muhriz Obtainer winner earner
Muhriz Obtainer, winner, earner
Muhriz Obtainer; Winner; Earner
Muhsad Sensible; Wise
Muhsen TBD
Muhsin Beneficent, Charitable
Muhsin Beneficent charitable
Muhsin beneficient
Muhsin beneficent
Muhsin Helpful; Beneficent; Charitable
Muhsineen Doers of Good Deeds
Muhsinin Plural of Muhsin
Muhsinoon Doers of Good Deeds
Muhsinun Of Good Deeds
Muhtad Rightly Guided, Well-guided
Muhtadee Rightly Guided
Muhtadeen Well-guided
Muhtadi Right guided
Muhtadi rightly guided
Muhtadi Rightly guided
Muhtadi Rightly guided
Muhtadin Well-guided
Muhtadoon Guided
Muhtadun Guided One
Muhtady Rightly guided
Muhtady Rightly guided
Muhtaram Respectable; Honoured
Muhtarim One who Respects / Honours Others
Muhtasab Sufficient
Muhtasham Magnificent
Muhtashim Shy; Decent; Modest
Muhtashim One has many followers
Muhtashim One has many followers
Muhtashim One has many followers
Muhtasib One who Seeks God’s Rewards
Muhunnad Sword
Muhyddeen Reviver of the Faith
Muhyee One who Gives Life and Sustains it
Muhyi One who Gives Life; Reviver
Muhyi al Din Reviver of the faith
Muhyi Al Din Reviver of the faith
????? ?? ???  
MuhyiAlDin Reviver of the Faith
Muhyiduddin Reviver of the Faith
Muhzin Charitable, Beneficent
Muid Reviser; Restore
Muidd Pre Parer
Muin Supporter, helper
Muin Assistant; Helper; Supporter
Muin Supporter; Helper; One who helps
Muinuddin Assister of the Faith
Muinudeen One who Helps – Supports Islam
MuinulIslam Supporter of Islam
Muiz The giver ofMight and glory
Muiz One who gives protection; The giver of might and glory
Muizz Comforter
Muizz Comforter
Muizzawi Patient, Enduring, Persevering
Muizzi TBD
Muizzuddin TBD
Muizzullah TBD
Mujaab Whose Prayer is Answered
Mujaahid Fighter; Crusader; Warrior
Mujaahid Fighter in the way of Allah
Mujaahid Fighter in the way of Allah; A warrior
Mujab One whose Prayers were Answered
Mujab One whose prayers were answered
Mujaddid TBD
Mujaddid One who renews or renovates or refreshes
Mujafar Victorious. Triumphant.
Mujaffar TBD
Mujaheed Warrior
Mujahid Fighter (in the way of Allah)
Mujahid Fighter in the way of Allah; A warrior
Mujahidh A Warrior
Mujahidheen TBD
Mujahidoon TBD
Mujahidun TBD
Mujahied Warrior
Mujammal Beautified; Improved; Adorned
Mujammil Adorner; Beautifier
Mujazzir A Person who Cuts off, Uproots
Mujazziz One who Cuts off, A Companion
Mujazziz Name of a companion
Mujazziz Name of a companion
Mujeeb Name of God; Responder; Responsive
Mujeeb Responder
Mujeeb Responsive
Mujeed Doer of Good Deeds
Mujeedan Doer of Good Deeds
Mujeer Defender
Mujgan TBD
Mujhahid TBD
Mujibi Responded; Answerer
Mujibur Responsive
Mujibur Responsive
Mujid TBD
Mujir Protector, Defender, Helper
Mujjamil New King of Century
Mujo Chosen
Mujtaba The chosen one
Mujtaba Chosen
Mujtahid Diligent, Industrious
Mukabbir One who Glorifies God
Mukaddar TBD
Mukaibir Exalter, Glorifier
Mukairim The Diminutive Form of Mukrim
Mukairiman A Plural of of Mukrim
Mukallaf Entrusted; Responsible; Obligated
Mukammil Perfecting; Completing
Mukandar TBD
Mukarram Respected; Honoured
Mukarram Honored
Mukeeb Last of the Prophets
Mukeem Great; Permanent; Resident
Mukhallad Immortal
Mukhallis Purifier, Selector, Picker
Mukhbiteen Humble One
Mukhbitin Humble One
Mukhlaseen Chosen One
Mukhlasin Chosen
Mukhlis Faithful, sincere
Mukhlis Faithful; Sincere
Mukhliseen Devoted; Sincere
Mukhlisi Loyal, Faithful, Sincere
Mukhlisin Devoted; Sincere One
Mukhlisoon Sincere
Mukhlisun Sincere
Mukhtaar Chosen; Authorised
Mukhtaar Chosen
Mukhtaar Chosen
Mukhtadir TBD
Mukhtar Chosen
Mukhtari Chosen, Fine, Superior, Excellent
Mukhthar Chosen
Mukhtiar TBD
Mukhtiyar TBD
Mukib Last of the Prophets
Mukim Resident; Permanent
Mukin TBD
Mukit Characteristic Name of Allah
Mukkarram Respected
Mukram Generous; Noble
Mukrameen Respected; Honoured
Mukramin Respected; Honoured
Muksidul TBD
Muktadir Friend of Prophet
Muktaf He who is Content
Muktamil Whole, Complete
Muktar Chosen
Mukthadir Strong health
Mukthiyar Chosen
Muktiyar Chosen
Mula Child
Mulail TBD
Mulaisen Fluent; Eloquent
Mulayl A Companion
Mulayl A companion was so named
Mulayl Companion of prophet Muhammad
Mulham Inspired
Mulham Inspired
Mulham Inspired
Mulham Inspired
Mulhim Inspiring
Mulhim Inspiring
Mulhim Inspiring
Mulk Country; Kingdom; Supreme Power
Mulla TBD
Multamas Desired; Sought After; Wanted
Multamis Desirer; Seeker; Wanter
Muluk Kings; Praised; Exalted
Mulvi Religious Leader
Mumajjad Extolled; Glorified; Honoured
Mumajjid Extoller; Glorifier
Mumarram TBD
Mumin Believer, Guardian of Faith
Mumin One who believes
Mumin Believer
Mumineen The Plural of Moumin; Believer
Muminoon Believer
Mummar Given or Granted Long Life
Mummar Given or granted long life
Mummar Given; Granted long life
Mumtaz Conspicuous, Exquisite
Mumtaz Excellent; Distinguished; Precious; Special
Munaaf Exalted
Munaam Graced with God of Bounty
Munaaz TBD
Munaf Exalted
Munaf Exalted, inconsistent with contradictory to.
Munaf Inconsistent with contradictory
Munahi TBD
Munahid Strong
Munahid Strong
Munaif Great; Vast; Superior
Munaim Benevolent Kind, Al-munaim
Munaj TBD
Munaji TBD
Munal One who Gives Something
Munam Allah ka Fazal
Munar Well-lit, Bright, Enlightened
Munawwar Bright; Illuminated; Enlightened
Munawwar Enlightened, lighted
Munawwir Enlightening, Light-emitting
Mundhir Warner, cautioner
Mundhir Warner; Cautioner
Mundhireen Warner
Mundhiroon Warner
Mundi Generous, Giving
Muneeb One who Turns in Repentance
Muneeb One who turns in repentance
Muneeb One who turns in repentance; Repentant
Muneebeen Repenting
Muneef Exalted
Muneem Generous
Muneer Brilliant; Shining; Illuminates
Muneer Shining
Muneer Brilliant; Shining; Moon’s light; Lamp
Muneez Sacred
Muneim Giver of Bounty; Generous
Munem Generous
Muni Sage; Saint; Ascetic
Munib Attractive, Repentant
Munib Repentent
Munib One who turns in repentance; Repentant
Munibin Repenting
Munier Shining; Bright
Munif Exalted, excellent
Munif Exalted; Excellent
Munim Benefactor, To be Contented
Munim Generous
Munir Shining, Sparkling, Luminous
Munir Moonlight, Lamp
Munir Sparkling
Munir Brilliant; Shining; Moon’s light; Lamp
Munir, Muneer Brilliant, shining
Muniruddin TBD
Munis Companion, Consoler
Munis Pleasant companion
Munis Name of a previous chief army guard
Munis With God; Lord Buddha; Chief of an army; Chief of the sages
Munivel TBD
Muniyan Lord of Eswaran
Muniym One who Gives Charity to Others
Munji One who Salvages; Rescuer; Saviour
Munjid Helper
Munjid Helper
Munjid Helper
Munkadir Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith
Munkadir TBD
Munkadir Name of an authority and ascetic of Hadith
Munkadir Name of An authority and ascetic of Hadith
Munkir Angel of Justice, Helper
Munna Sweet; Star; Honey
Munnaf TBD
Munnavar TBD
Munnawar TBD
Munnu Cute
Munqad One who is led conducted obedient
Munqad One who is led, conducted, obedient
Munqad One who is Led, Obedient
Munqad One who is led; Conducted; Obedient
Munqidh TBD
Munqiz Saviour; Rescuer; Deliverer
Munseer TBD
Munshid One who Recites Poetry
Munshir TBD
Munsif just, fair
Munsif Just, right
Munsif Justice; Righteous; Fair
Munsif Just; Fair
Muntaha Goal, Aspiration, Target
Muntahaa Name of a Tree in Heaven
Muntahakhan TBD
Muntahi The Examiner; One who has Arrived
Muntahin Sincerity – Activity
Muntakhab Specially Chosen
Muntakim A Gift from God
Muntaqa Pious and Pure
Muntaqim The Avenger
Muntasaf Middle; In-between
Muntashim TBD
Muntashir TBD
Muntasir Victorious
Muntasir Victorious, Triumphant
Muntasir Victorious
Muntasireen Victorious
Muntasirin Victorious
Muntazar Expected, Prospective
Muntazir The awaitting
Muntazir The awaitting
Muntazir One who is Waiting, Expecting
Muntazir The awaiting
Munther TBD
Munthir Warner; CautiOner
Munthir Warner; Cautioner
Munthir Warner; Cautioner
Munzir Warner.
Munzir Warner
Munzir Warner, Bringer of Good News
Munzir Warner; Cautioner
Munzirin Warner
Munzirun Warner
Muqaam Station
Muqaddam One who Percedes, Antecedent
Muqaddas Sacred
Muqaddas Sacred
Muqaddas Sanctified; Holy; Sacred
Muqaddas Sacred
Muqaddim One who Brings Something Near
Muqaffa TBD
Muqallad TBD
Muqam Station
Muqamil Completing; Perfecting
Muqarab One who is Close to God
Muqarrab Intimate Companion, Friend
Muqarrib TBD
Muqas Sacred
Muqassam Symmetric, Balanced, Well-formed
Muqassim Divider, Distributor
Muqatadir Name of an Abbasid Khalifah
Muqatadir Name of an Abbasid Khalifah
Muqatadir Name of An Abbasid Khalifah
Muqazi Judge; Arbitrator; Peace-maker
Muqbeel Coming; Next
Muqbil Following next
Muqbil Following, next
Muqbil Coming; Next; Following
Muqbil Following; Next
Muqeed TBD
Muqeel TBD
Muqeem Resident; Permanent; Establisher
Muqeet Provider, The Nourisher
Muqeeth TBD
Muqid Kindler, Lighter
Muqim Permanent; Resident
Muqinin TBD
Muqit Servant of Allah
Muqla Eye, Eyeball
Muqrin Brave, Strong, Overpowerer
Muqsit Just, Impartial
Muqtaar TBD
Muqtadi Follower
Muqtadir Able, Powerful, Mighty
Muqtaf Successor
Muqtafeen Trustworthy
Muqtafi One who Follows (Another)
Muqtar One who Believe in Himself
Muqtasid One who is economical thrifty
Muqtasid One who is economical, thrifty
Muqtasid Frugal, Thrifty, Economical
Muqtasid One who is economical; Thrifty
Muqthar Independent
Muqtiyar Chosen
Muraad Desire; Object
Muraat Name of God
Murabbi Patron Superior guardian
Murabbi Patron, Superior, guardian
Murabbi Superior, Guardian, Patron
Murabbi Patron; Superior; Guardian
Murad Wanted, desired
Murad Wanted, desired
Murad Prowess, Will, Purpose, Wish
Murad Desire; Will
Muradden Desirous; Seeker; Plural of Murid
Muraf TBD
Murahiban One who Welcomes / Greets
Muraih Lively; Energetic; Joyful
Muraishid TBD
Murarah Bitterness, Innermost, Heart
Murashih Mentor; Teacher; Preparer
Murat Name of Allah; Crazy
Murawwah One who is Wearing Musk / Perfume
Murazi TBD
Murdif Follower
Mureed Follower; Desirous; Student
Murfan TBD
Murfiq Gentle; Lenient; Kind
Murghib Wealthy; Rich
Murid Follower; Desirous; Student
Muridan Seeker, Desirous
Murih Gentle, Lenient
Murihan Gentle, Lenient
Murkhi One who Lives in Ease
Mursa To Anchor a Ship; To Dock
Mursaa To Anchor a Ship; To Dock
Mursal Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador
Mursal Messenger, Prophet, Ambassador
Mursal Messenger; Ambassador; Prophet
Mursal Messenger; Prophet; Ambassador
Mursaleen Messenger; Ambassador; Prophet
Mursali Attribution to Mursal
Mursalim One who is in Right Path
Mursalin Messengers; Message-bearers
Mursed TBD
Murshad Guided to the Right Path
Murshadi Guided to the Right Path
Murshed TBD
Murshid Spiritual guide instructorMentor
Murshid Guide
Murshid Spiritual Guide, Advisor
Murshid Guide
Murshidi TBD
Murshidul TBD
Mursid TBD
Mursil Envoy; Missionary
Mursili An Attribution to Mursil
Murtaad Ascetical
Murtaad Ascetical
Murtaad Ascetical
Murtaad Ascetical
Murtaaz Disciplined
Murtada Murtadi, Murtadhy Satisfied, contented, pleased
Murtada Disciplined, Satisfied, Contented
Murtada Satisfied; Contented; Pleased; Chosen
??????? ???????  
Murtada, Murtadi, Murtadhy Satisfied, contented, pleased
Murtadaa Chosen one
Murtadaa Chosen one
Murtadaa Satisfied; Contented; Pleased; Chosen
Murtadee Satisfied
Murtadha TBD
Murtadhy Satisfied; Content
Murtadhy Satisfied; Content
Murtadhy Satisfied; Content
Murtadi Contented
Murtah One who has Peace of Mind; Relaxed
Murtaja Another Name of Ali
Murtaja Another name of Ali; The generous; The giving
Murtaqa Bringer of Honour and Greatness
Murtaqi High in Status and Rank; Great
Murtawi Watered; Quenched
Murtaza The generous The giving
Murtaza The generous, The giving
Murtaza The Generous, The Giving
Murtaza Another name of Ali; The generous; The giving
Murtazi Satisfied; Content
Murthaz TBD
Murtuza Loyal; Wise; Protective
Murtzha Chosen
Muruj Green Fields; Green Pastures
Murur To Pass / Go; Passage; Crossing
Murzaq Blessed; Fortunate
Murzi The One who Satisfies
Murziq One who Takes Care
Musa A Prophets name
Musa A Prophets name
Musa Arabic form of Moses
Musa Moses, Drawn out of the Water
Musa A prophets name
Musa, Moosa A Prophets name (Moses)
Musaad To be Lucky
Musaaid Lucky
Musaaid lucky
Musaaleh Peacemaker; Mediator
Musab Old Arabic name
Musab Old Arabic name
Musab Old Arabic name
Musabbih One who Remembers God Often
Musabir Patient; Enduring
Musad Unfettered camel; favored by fortune, lucky
Musad Unfettered camel; favored by fortune, lucky
Musad Unfettered Camel, Happy, Joyful
Musad Untied camel
Musad Unfettered camel
Musadan Happy; Joyful; Plural of Musad
Musaddad Achieved; Reached; Accomplished
Musaddaq Believed in; Trusted
Musaddhiq Acknowledger of Truth
Musaddid Achiever, One who Hits the Mark
Musaddik TBD
Musaddiq One who confirms or verifies another
Musaddiq One who confirms or verifies another
Musaddiq The Verifier, One who Confirms
Musaddiq One who confirms; Verifies another
Musadiq Acknowledge of Truth
Musaed TBD
Musaf Arranged in Lines
Musaffaa Purified
Musah Moses
Musaib Those have Right
Musaid Helper, supporter
Musaid Helper, supporter
Musaid Helper; Assistant; Supporter
Musaid Helper
Musaif Peaceful
MusaKaim Early Imam (Leader) of Islam
Musallat Powerful; Supreme; Dominant
Musallim Obedient; Submissive; Compliant
Musan Protected; Guarded
Musarrat Happiness; Pleasure
Musarrath Delight; Happiness
Musaveer TBD
Musawi Equal; Equivalent
Musawwir The FashionerA Name for Allah
Musawwir Fashioner, Designer
Musaykah Hadith Reported by Aisha (RA)
Musbih One who Lights a Lamp
Musedi Helper, An Attribution to Mused
Museeb Apple in persian. Also means great warrior.
Museeb Apple in persian. Also means great warrior
Museeb Apple in Persian; Great Warrior
Museeb Apple in Persian also means great warrior
Musef TBD
Musfiq Tender
Musfique TBD
Musfiqur TBD
Musfiqure TBD
Musfir Bright; Glowing
Mushab TBD
Mushaffa He who is Recommended
Mushahid Observer, Onlooker, Beholder
Mushahir Famous
Mushakhis Differentiator; Discerner
Musharaf TBD
Musharmet TBD
Musharraf One who is honoured exalted
Musharraf One who is honoured, exalted
Musharraf To be Honoured; Elevated; Honoured
Musharraf One who is honored; Exalted
Musharrif One who Exalts
Mushawir Seeker of Council / Advice
Mushaywir Honeycomb Cell
Musheer Advisor
Musheer Advisor
Musheer Advisor
Mushfiq Friend, considerate.
Mushfiq Friend, considerate
Mushfiq Friend; Considerate
Mushfique TBD
Mushfiqur TBD
Mushib Companion; Friend
Mushin Charitable
Mushir describe many things in arabic.
Mushir Counsellor, Advisor
Mushir Advisor
MushirUlHaq Counsellor of the Truth (Allah)
Mushrafeen Honoured
Mushraff TBD
Mushrafh TBD
Mushriqi Well-lit, Bright
Mushrraf Elevated; To be Honoured
Mushtaaq Longing, yearning
Mushtaaq Longing; Desirous; Ardent
Mushtaba Gain
Mushtafa TBD
Mushtak Ardent; Longing; Forehead
Mushtaq Longing, yearning
Mushtaq Longing, yearning
Mushtaq Ardent; Longing; Chosen
Mushtaqeem Straight Path
Mushtaque Ardent; Longing; God Gift
Mushu Very Pleasing
Musim Believer
Musiq TBD
Musir Prosperous, Affluent, Rich
Musjil One who Records; Registrar
Muskin One who Smiles Often
Musleh Reformer; Advisor
Muslem Follower of Islam
Muslih Reformer
Muslih Conciliator, reformer
Muslih Reformer; Good-doer; Improve
Muslih Reformer
Musliheen Doers of Good
Muslihoon Reformers; Doers of Good
Muslihuddin Reformer of the Religion Islam
Muslihun Reformers; Doer of Good
Muslim One who submits to Allah
Muslim Submitting oneself to God
Muslim Submitting himself to God
Musnad Dependable; Reliable
Musraf Brave
Musrif Brave
Mussa Prophet of Allah
Mussadiq TBD
Mussadique TBD
Mussammil TBD
Mussaraf Brave
Mussarrat Joyful always happy
Mussarrat Joyful; Always Happy
Mussawer Painter, Creator of Forms
Mussawir TBD
Mustabeen Clear
Mustabin Clear
Mustabshir Seeker of Good News
Mustabsirin Endowed with Perception
Mustaeen The chosen one.
Mustaeen The chosen one
Mustaeen The Chosen One
Mustaeen Chosen one
Mustaf Summer Vacationer
Mustafa Prophet Muhammad name
Mustafa Chosen; one of the Prophets names
Mustafa Prophet Muhammad; Chosen; Elected
Mustafaa Pure
Mustafah The Chosen One
Mustafavi TBD
Mustafeed Profiting gainful
Mustafeed Profiting, gainful
Mustafeed Gainful; Profiting
Mustafeed Profiting; Gainful
Mustafeen Chosen One
Mustafeez TBD
Mustaffa The Chosen One
Mustafin Chosen
Mustafiz Profiting
Mustafizul Protector; Guardian
Mustafizur Cold Ice
Mustafo Chosen
Mustaghfir One who Asks God for Forgiveness
Mustahfiz Guardian; Protector; Custodian
Mustahiq Deserving, Worthy, Deserved
Mustahsan Commendable
Mustahsan Commendable
Mustahsan Commendable, Good, Likeable
Mustahsan Commendable
Mustahsin Lenient; Gentle
Mustaieen The Chosen One
Mustajaab Acceptable; Approved; Heard
Mustajab One who is Heard, Answered
Mustajab One who is heard.
Mustajab One who is heard
Mustajab One who is heard
Mustajir One who Asks for Help
Mustak Chosen; Forehead; Honourable
Mustakarim TBD
Mustakeem Straight
Mustakfi TBD
Mustakim Straight Road
Mustakim Straight road
Mustakim Straight road
Mustakin Straight Way
Mustala Raised; Exalted
Mustali High, Elevated, Superior
Mustaltaf Adorable; Charming; Nice
Mustamsik Composed, Calm of Mind
Mustan TBD
Mustan Brilliant
Mustaneer Brilliant.
Mustaneer Brilliant, Enlightened
Mustaneer Brilliant
Mustaneer Brilliant
Mustanjid One who Implores for Help
Mustansar One who has been Asked for Help
Mustansir One who Asks for Help
Mustapha Honest, Intelligent, Chosen One
Mustaq Chosen
Mustaq Ardent; Longing; Chosen
Mustaqarr Place of Residence; Home; Abode
Mustaqeem Straight
Mustaqeem Straight
Mustaqeem Straight
Mustaqeem Straight
Mustaqil Independent; Sovereign
Mustaqim Straight; Correct
Mustaqir Firmly Established; Stable; Strong
Mustaqirr Stable; Strong; Firmly Established
Mustaqium TBD
Mustaque TBD
Mustaqueem TBD
Mustaquim TBD
Mustarshid One who Seeks Direction
Mustashar Councillor; Adviser
Mustashir One who Asks for Counsel / Advise
Mustasim He who Holds Fast
Mustaslimun TBD
Mustatab Delectable; Good
Mustatab Good, Delectable
Mustatab Good; Delectable
Mustatar Written Down; Recorded
Mustawi Even; Level; Flat
Mustazhir Memorizer; One who Knows by Heart
Mustazi TBD
Musteqeem Leader to the Right Way
Musthafa Prophet’s Name
Musthak Forehead; Chosen
Musthaq Chosen
Musthfa Elected, The Chosen One
Mustkim Straight Path
Mustofa TBD
Mustqeem TBD
Mustufa TBD
Muta Obeyed
Muta Obeyed
Muta Obeyed
Muta Obeyed; Pure or like a Pearl
Muta Ali The Most Exalted A Name for Allah
Muta-Ali Most Exalted; Name of Allah
Mutaa Obeyed
Mutaa Obeyed; Pure or like a Pearl
Mutaal High; Raised; Exalted; Sublime
Mutabassim Laughing; Smiling
Mutabi TBD
Mutad Prepared; Ready
Mutahar Cleansed
Mutahhar Clean; Purified; Very Beautiful
Mutahhir What Purifies
Mutahhir What Purifies.
Mutahhir What Purifies
Mutahhir Purifies; Pure
Mutahhiran Purifier, Cleanser
Mutahir Purifier
Mutaib Fragrant
Mutailib Desired, Sought, Demanded
Mutair Rain
Mutakabbir The Majestic; A Name for Allah
Mutakabbir The Majestic A Name for Allah
Mutakaffil Guardian; Guarantor
Mutali Exalted; Supreme
Mutalib Seeker; Demander
Mutamad Trustworthy; Reliable; Dependable
Mutamakan Accomplished; Perfect; Complete
Mutamid One who Relies Upon Allah
Mutamin TBD
Mutammam TBD
Mutammim Perfecting; Completing
Mutaqaddim Preceding; Advanced
Mutaqid Confident, Believer
Mutaqun Righteous One; One who Fear God
Mutasadiqin Givers of Charity
Mutaseem Adhering to Faith; To God
Mutashim Decent; Honest and modest; Faithful to God; Name of a Khalifah
Mutasim faithful to God, name of Khalifah
Mutasim To Faith, To God
Mutasim Decent; Honest and modest; Faithful to God; Name of a Khalifah
Mutassim Intelligent; Tallented
Mutasum TBD
Mutawakkil Having Faith in Allah (God)
Mutawalli Entrusted
Mutawalli Entrusted
Mutawalli Entrusted
Mutawalli Entrusted
Mutawasit The One who Walks in Centre
Mutawassit Moderate; Average
Mutawassit Moderate, average.
Mutawassit Moderate, average
Mutawassit Moderate; Average
Mutaygab Son of Prophet Muhammad, Aromatic
Mutaygab Son of Prophet Muhammad
Mutayyib Fragrant
Mutayyib Fragrant
Mutayyib Fragrant
Mutayyib Fragrant
Mutazid TBD
Mutazz Proud; Mighty
Mutazz Proud; Mighty; Honourable
Mutazz Proud, honorable
Mutazz Proud; Mighty
Mutee Obedient
Mutee Obedient; Compliant
Mutee Obedient; Giver
Muteeb TBD
Muthab Rewarded
Muthahir TBD
Muthalif TBD
Muthanna Old Arabic name
Muthanna Old Arabic name
Mutharrif TBD
Muthasif TBD
Muthib One who Rewards Others
Muti Obedient
Muti Obedient
Muti Obedient; Giver
MutiulIslam Obedient (Follower) of Islam
Mutlaq Absolute; Unlimited
Mutmaen One whose Heart is at Peace
Mutmaenin One Whos Heart at Peace
Mutmain One whose Heart is at Peace
Mutmainneen One Whos Heart at Peace
Muttalib Seeker, Abdul Muttalib
Muttaqee God Fearing; Pious
Muttaqeen One who are Mindful of God
Muttaqi Righteous, one who fears Allah.
Muttaqi God Fearing, Pious, Righteous
Muttaqi Righteous, one who fears Allah
Muttaqi Righteous; One who fears Allah
Muttaqin Pious, Virtuous
Muttaqoon Righteous One; One who Fear God
Muttashid TBD
Muttasif TBD
Muttee Obedient
Muttee Obedient
Muttee Obedient
Muttee Obedient
Muwafa Cured; Having No Illness
Muwafaq Successful
Muwafaq Successful
Muwafaq Successful
Muwaffaq Successful
Muwaffaq Successful; Fortunate; Prosperous
Muwaffaq fortunate
Muwaffaq Successful
Muwaffiq Successful, Prosperous, Lucky
Muwahid Monotheist
Muwaqqa Brave
Muwas Love
Muwassil TBD
Muwwaz One Given Restitution
Muyassar Fortunate, facilitated
Muyassar Fortunate, Blessed, Facilitated
Muyassir Facilitator
Muzafar Success
Muzaffar Victorious
Muzaffar Victorious
Muzaffar Victorious; Triumphant
Muzaffar Victorious
Muzaffer Victory
Muzaffir Victory
Muzahhi One who Slaughters / Sacrifices
Muzahid TBD
Muzahir Protector; Defender; Supporter
Muzaid Warrior
Muzaif Peaceful
Muzaif Peaceful
Muzain Rain-bearing Cloud
Muzaini Rain-bearing Cloud
Muzakir One who Reminds People of Allah
Muzakkir Reminder
Muzakkir Reminder.
Muzakkir Reminder
Muzamil Sun; Covered
Muzammil The wrapped one
Muzammil One who is En-wrapped in Garments
Muzammil The wrapped one
Muzammill Sun
Muzanni Narrator of Hadith
Muzarib Fierce Attacker
Muzayyan Beautified; Adorned
Muzayyin Beautifier; Adorner
Muzdahir Blooming, Thriving, Prospering
Muzeem TBD
Muzfar TBD
Muzhi TBD
Muzhir Witnessed, name of companion
Muzhir Witnessed name of companion
Muzhir Witnessed; Name of Companion
Muzhir Witnessed; Name of a companion
Muzi Home; Zulu of South Africa
Muzn White Cloud, Rain-bearing Cloud
Muzni Rain-bearing Cloud; White Cloud
Muzraff TBD
Muzyin TBD
Muzzafar TBD
Muzzaffer TBD
Muzzamil TBD
Muzzammi Wrapped
Muzzammil One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet
Muzzammil One who is wrapped up; a title of the Prophet
Muzzammil Covered; Wrapped
Mydeen TBD
Myeshia Life’s Blessing; Life; Variant of …
Mynuddiin Assister of the Faith
Myra Honey; Beloved
Myrna Shining Star
Myrna Myrrh
Myron Myrrh, An Embalming Spice
Myron Fragrant ointment