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“F” represents Love. The F shows Domesticated and Home-Loving. F is Friendly, a Planner, Comforting and Loyal. It is very easy for the F to carry a strong sense of family responsibility.

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Here on this page, we have compiled famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With F, Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most beautiful Algerian Baby Boy Names Start With F. You might be interested in more baby names on our site.



Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With F

Faabis Happy
Faabis Happy
Faadhil Meritorious; Abundant
Faadi Redeemer
Faadi Redeemer; Sacrificing
Faadil Honourable outstanding
Faadil Outstanding, Generous, Honourable
Faadin King
Faahil Prince
Faahim Perceptive, Intelligent
Faaid Gain
Faaiq Superior,Ascendant, Outstanding.
Faaiq Variant of Fa’iq; Surpassing; …
Faaiz Successful Prosperous Victories
Faaiz Victorious, Triumphant
Faaiz Victorious; Gain; Abundance; Affluence; Liberality; Favour; Triumphant
Faakeh Cheerful; Amusing
Faakhir Proud, Excellent
Faakhir Proud, Excellent
Faakhir Proud; Excellent
Faakih Funny, Humorous
Faalan Productive
Faalih Successful; Fortunate; Lucky
Faarees Horseman; Knight
Faareh Glad; Happy
Faari Tall; Towering; Lofty
Faarih Happy; Comely; Pretty
Faarik TBD
Faariq Differentiater
Faaris Horseman; Knight
Faaris Horseman Knight
Faaris Horseman; Knight; Intelligent
Faariz Night
Faarooq Who distinguishes truth from false
Faarooq TBD
Faasil TBD
Faateer Maker; Creator
Faateh Conqueror
Faateh Conqueror; Victorious; Triumph
Faatih Another name for Prophet Muhammad
Faatin Captivating
Faatir Maker, Creator
Faatir Another name for God; originator
Faaz Victorius, successful
Faaz Victorious; Successful; Brilliant
Faaz Victorius, successful
Faaz Victorious; Successful
Faazil An Accomplished Person; A Scholar
Fabek Variant of Fabian, Bean Farmer
Fabi Form of Fabian; Bean Farmer
Fabir The Great Leader
Fabiyan Grower of Beans, Bean Farmer
Fad Saviour
Fadahunsi Royalty has Favoured Me
Fadal Generous
Fadee Saviour
Fadel Excellent
Fadell Generous
Fadhi Saviour
Fadhil Meritorious; Abundant
Fadhil Honorable; Outstanding
Fadhl Gracious
Fadi Redeemer
Fadi Redeemer; Sacrificer; Saviour
Fadi saviour
Fadi redeemer
Fadi The Redeemer
Fadie Saviour
Fadil Generous, honorable, superior
Fadil Generous
Fadil Generous, honorable
Fadil Generous, Giving, Honourable
Fadil generous one
Fadil Honorable; Outstanding
Fadin Freshness
Fadish TBD
Fadl Reward, favour
Fadl Favor, surplus
Fadl Outstanding; Honorable
Fadl Allah Favor of Allah
Fadl Allah Favor of Allah
Fadl Allah Favor of Allah
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Fadl Ullah The excellence of God
Fadl Ullah Excellence of God
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Fadl-Allah Favour of Allah
Fadl-Ullah Excellence of God
FadlAllah Favour of Allah
Fadli My Present
Fadlullah The Excellence of God
Fadri TBD
Fadwa Name Derived from Self Sacrifice
Fady Sacrificer; Saviour
Faeem Famed
Faeem Famed
Faeq Surpassing, excellent
Faeq Surpassing, excellent
Faeq Surpassing; Excellent
Faeq Surpassing; Excellent
Faezal Arbiter; Judge
Faezan An Understanding Man
Faghir Flower
Faghir A flower name
Fahaal TBD
Fahaan Life – Wind
Fahad Lynx wild cat
Fahad Lynx, wild cat
Fahad Panther; Lynx; Lion; Leopard
Fahad leopard; lynx
Fahad Lynx; Panther
Fahaduddin TBD
Fahadur Kind
Faham Wise; Considerate; Intellect
Fahameed TBD
Fahammed Mohammed be Praised
Fahan Life; Wind
Fahar Glory
Fahd Lynx,panther
Fahd Lynx
Fahd Panther; Lynx; Leopard; Lion
Fahd / Fahad Leopard, lynx
Fahd Lynx
Fahdah Leopard
Fahdi Strong
Fahdin King
Fahduddin Leopard of the Faith; A Brave
Fahdullah Cheetah of God
Faheam Learned Man; Scholar
Fahed Tiger
Fahee From the Green Field
Faheed Panther
Faheel Intelligent; Genius
Faheel Intelligent
Faheem Intelligent; Judicious
Faheem Intelligent
Faheem Intelligent
Faheemudin TBD
Faheim Learned Man; Scholar
Faher TBD
Fahhaam Understanding
Fahham Very Intelligent
Fahid Panther
Fahiem Learned Man; Scholar
Fahim Undrestanding, clever, wise
Fahim Wise, Learned, Prudent, Sagacious
Fahim Intelligent; Beautiful
Fahimat Understanding
Fahimudeen TBD
Fahiq TBD
Fahir Respectful; Glory
Fahirudin TBD
Fahis Music
Fahith TBD
Fahiz Brave and Successful; Music
Fahkir Proud
Fahm Intellect, Understanding
Fahman TBD
Fahmat Comprehension
Fahmat Dusk, Darkness, Understanding
Fahmawi Understanding, Comprehending
Fahmee Perceptive, Intelligent
Fahmi understanding
Fahmi Understanding
Fahmi Understanding, Intelligent
Fahmi Intelligent; Discerning
Fahmid Intelligent; Wise
Fahmidah Intelligent; Wise
Fahmin Responsible Man
Fahmin Responsible Man
Fahmudeen Wise; Knowledgeable
Fahmun Intelligent
Fahmun Understanding, Comprehending
Fahoom Intelligent
Fahreen TBD
Fahyaan TBD
Fahyim Very Clever
Fahyim Very Clever
Fahyim Very Clever
Fahyim Very clever
Fahzin TBD
Faiad Charitable; Benevolent; Boon
Faian Trust; Belief
Faiaz Victorious; Successful
Faid Benefit; Advantage; Gain
Faid The benefit; Advantage; Gain
Faida Usefulness
Faidhee Endowed with Super Abundance
Faihaan Fragrant
Faihami Understanding
Faihami Understanding, Comprehending
Faihan Fragant
Faihan Fragrant; Witness
Faijaan King
Faijal Lovable
Faijan King; Lion
Faijuddin TBD
Faijul Victory
Faik Surpassing excellent leader
Faik Superior; Excellent
Faik Surpassing; Excellent; Leader
Fail Doer; Performer
Faimmudin TBD
Faimudeen TBD
Fain Pleased; Joyful
Faiq Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding
Faiq Superior, Ascendant, Outstanding
Faiq Superior, Excellent, Ascendant
Faiq Surpassing; Excellent; Leader
Fairooz A Blue Stone
Fairose Precious Stone; Turquoise
Fairoz Turquoise
Fairoze Turquoise; Precious Stone
Faisal Decisive, The Judge, Resolute
Faisal Strong, handsome
Faisal Decisive
Faisal / Faysal Decisive
Faisal Decisive
Faisan Generosity, Charity
Faisel Bold
Faishad TBD
Faishal Resolute; The Judge; Decisive
Faisil Clever
Faisul Victory
Faitah Guidance
Faiyad TBD
Faiyaj Talented, Peaceful, Artistic
Faiyan Belief; Trust; Independent
Faiyaz Artistic
Faiyaz Artistic
Faiyaz Successful; Artistic
Faiyed TBD
Faiz Winner
Faiz Winner
Faiz Gain, Knight, Grace, Favour
Faiz Victorious; Gain; Abundance; Affluence; Liberality; Favour; Triumphant
Faiz-e-Rabbani Possessing Divine Surplus
Faizaan Grace, Favour
Faizaan Grace, Favour.
Faizaan Favour; Grace; Favourite
Faizaan Favorite; Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; Benefit
Faizabad TBD
Faizad TBD
Faizah Achieving, Attaining
Faizal Victory; Won
Faizalkhan TBD
Faizam TBD
Faizan Great Grace / Beneficence
Faizan Ruler
Faizan Ruler.
Faizan Favorite; Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; Benefit
Faizanullah TBD
Faizath TBD
Faizee Bringer / Source of Abundance
Faizeen Lion, Victorious, Winner, Grace
Faizeen Honest
Faizel Stubborn, Resolute, Decisive
Faizel ajudge
FaizERabbani Possessing Divine Surplus
Faizi Endowed with superabundance
Faizin Champion, Creative
Faizon An Understanding Man
Faizoon Winner
Faizuddin TBD
Faizudeen TBD
Faizul Victory
Faizul Anwar An abundance of Light or Graces
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Faizul-Anwar Abundance of Light or Graces
Faizulah Plenty and bounty from God
FaizulAnwar Abundance of Light or Graces
Faizullah Abundance from Allah
Faizullah Abundance from Allah
Faizun Winner
Faizur Successful; Victorious
Faizurrahman Bounty and Plenty from God
Faizzan Best; God Gift; Blessing of God
Fajahat TBD
Fajaruddin The First
Fajaruddin TheFirst
Fajaruddin The First
Fajaruddin The first
Fajeel TBD
Fajer Morning
Fajer Morning
Fajhan Nobel; Good
Fajr Morning Twilight, Daybreak, Dawn
Fajruddin Dawn of the Faith
Fajrullah Morning of Allah
Fakahat Good Natured
Fakaruddin Pride of Religion
Fakeeh Cheerful
Fakeeh Cheerful
Fakeeh Cheerful
Fakeeh Cheerful; Legal expert; One who recites the Quran
Fakeer A Saintly Person
Fakhar Pride, Fame, Jewellery
Fakharuddawlah Glory of the Kingdom
Fakharuddin Glory of the Religion (Islam)
Fakharulislam Glory of Islam
Fakher Handsome
Fakhir Proud, excellent
Fakhir Proud, excellent
Fakhir Glory; Excellent Quality; Proud
Fakhir Proud
Fakhir proud
Fakhir Proud; Excellent
Fakhirah Precious; Honourable
FakhirAldin Glorious Religion
Fakhiri Honorary
Fakhit TBD
Fakhitah A Dove; A Ringed Turtle Dove
Fakhr Pride, Something to feel proud about
Fakhr Pride Something toFeel proud about
Fakhr al Din Pride of the faith
Fakhr al Din Pride of the faith
Fakhr Al Din Pride of the faith
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Fakhr-al-Din Pride of the Faith
Fakhr-Aldin Glorious Religion
Fakhr-ud-Dawlah Glory of Kingdom or State
Fakhr-Ud-Dawlah The glory of the kingdom; State
Fakhr-Ud-Deen Pride of the Religion
Fakhr-ud-Din Pride of the Religion Islam
Fakhr-Ud-Din Pride of the religion (Islam)
FakhrAlDin Pride of the Faith
Fakhrat Bringing Joy
Fakhree Glorious; Proud
Fakhri Honorary, glorious, proud
Fakhri honourary
Fakhri / Fakhry Honorary
Fakhri, Fakhry Honorary
FakhridAdin Glorious Religion
FakhridDin TBD
Fakhrjahan Pride of the World
Fakhrud-Din Pride of the Religion
Fakhruddaulah Pride of the State
FakhrUdDawlah Glory of Kingdom or State
Fakhruddin Pride of the faith
Fakhruddin Glory of the Faith, Emperor
Fakhrul TBD
Fakhrul Proud
Fakhrul Proud
Fakhry Honorary
Fakhry Glorious; Proud; Honorary
Fakhry Honorary; Glorious; Proud
Fakih Legal expert; one who recites the Quran
Fakih leagal expert
Fakih Cheerful; Legal expert; One who recites the Quran
Fakirudeen Pride of Religion
Fakruddin Pride of Religion
Fakruddin Emperor
Fakrudeen Pride of Religion
Fakrudheen Pride of Religion
Fakrudin Pride of Religion
Falaah Success; Progress; Prosperity
Falah Success
Falah Success
Falah success
Falah Success
Falak Break of dawn; The Sky; Breeze
Falake An Astronomer
Falatun Mighty Powerful
Faleeh Fortunate; Lucky; Successful
Faleeh Successful
Faleeq God of Still
Faleesh Tulip
Falih Successful
Falih successful
Falih Fortunate; Lucky; Successful
Falihi Successful; Winner
Faliq One that divides into two; creator
Faliq One that divides into two; Creator
Fallah Farmer
Fallgu Happy; Humble
Falooh Winner
Falooh Successful; Winner
Fani Snake
Fannan Artist
Fannanah Female Artist
Faouzi Success
Faoz Success, Victory, Advantage, Gain
Faoz Success; Victory; Advantage
Faq Based
Faqahat Intelligent; Learned
Faqeed Rare; Special
Faqeed Rare; Special
Faqeeh Jurist, Scholar of religious laws
Faqeeh Jurist, Scholar of religious laws
Faqeeh Scholar of Religious Laws, Jurist
Faqeeh Jurist; Scholar of religious laws; Wise; Scholar in a fight (Islam)
Faqeer Poor, Sufi Mendicant
Faqih Islamic legal expert
Faqih Jurist; Scholar of religious laws; Wise; Scholar in a fight (Islam)
Faqir Poor
Faqir Poor; Needy
Faqruddin TBD
Faqrudin Pride of Religion
Faqrullah TBD
Fara Head; Chief of a Family; Sunset
Faraad One who has Unique Opinions
Faraan Lonely; Happy
Faraan Happy; Advances
Faraasat Keen Eye; Discernment
Faraaz Sword; Elevation
Farabi Attractive
Faradis Paradise
Farafisa Name of a companion, bin Umayr al-Hanafi
Farafisa Name of a Companion
Farafisa Name of a companion
Farag remedy
Farahaat Variant of Farhaat
Farahan Gladly, Cheerfully
Farahat Joys; Delights
Farahat Joys; Delights
Faraj There have been men with this name.
Faraj There have been men with this name
Faraj relief
Faraj / Farraj Relief, freedom from grief
Faraj Comfort; Relief; Ease; Repose
Farajallah TBD
Farajuddin TBD
Farajullah God’s Relief / Rescue
Farakh Secure; Wide; Spacious
Faran Happy; Advances
Faraqlit Who distinguishes truth from false
Farasat Keen Eye, Discernment, Perception
Farasat Perception, sagacity.
Farasat Perception, sagacity
Farasat Perception; Sagacity
Farash Knight
Farashah Moth; Butterfly
Faraz Ascent, height.
Faraz Ascent, height
Faraz Comfort; Relief; Ease; Repose
Farazak Happy; Joyful
Farazamed Bliss
Farazuddin TBD
Farazul TBD
Farbod Right, Orthodox, Keeper
Farbod Right; Orthodox
Fard Another name for God; unequalled
Fard Single, Unique
Fard Another name of God; Unequalled; Unique
Fardad Awesome; Happy
Fardain Unique, Peerless, Plural of Fard
Fardan Unique; Peerless
Fardden TBD
Fardeen One who has Triple Strength
Fardeen Radiant
Fardeen Radiant
Farden Radiant
Fardil TBD
Fardin Radiant
Fardin One who has Triple Strength
Fardous Garden; Paradise
Fardun Unique; Peerless; Singular
Fare Tall; Lofty; Slim; Towering
Fareeb TBD
Fareed Unique incomparable
Fareed Unique, incomparable
Fareed Unique, Incomparable
Fareed Unique; Matchless; Precious
Fareeq Lieutenant General
Fareeq Another name of God; Separating; Eminent
Fareeq Distribution; Group; Band; Crew
Fareeq lieutenant general
Farees Braverer
Farees Braverer
Farees Perspicacity
Farees Horseman; Knight; Intelligent
Fareeth TBD
Fareez Brave
Farhaan Merry; Happy
Farhaat Happy Event; Joyous Time
Farhaaz Equitable; Above
Farhad Happiness, Digger of Mines
Farhad Happiness
Farhaj TBD
Farhal Prosperous; Bounteous
Farhan Happy
Farhan Happy
Farhan Happiness, Joyful, Glad, Happy
Farhan happy
Farhan Glad; Joyful; Happy
Farhan-Ali Happy; Happiness; Joyful; Glad
Farhana Happiness
Farhang Good-breeding
Farhang Good breeding
Farhanna Glad; Joyful
Farhas Knight
Farhat Happiness
Farhat Happiness, Joy, Mirth, Delight
Farhat Happiness; Delight; Majesty; Decency
Farhath Glad; Joyous; Happy; Glorious
Farhatullah Pleasure / Joy of God
Farhaz Upon; Equitable
Farheen Happy; Joyous; Jubilant
Farhiyyan Happy; Content
Fari Tall; Towering; Lofty
Fari Tall; Towering; Lofty
Farid Another name for God; pearl,unique
Farid One of a kind
Farid unique
Farid / Fareed Unique, rare
Farid Unique; Matchless; Precious
Farida Unique
Faride Unmatched; Unique
Farideh Unmatched; Unique
Faridoon The Third Child; Thrice Strong
Fariduddin Uniqueness of Religion
Fariduddin Unique of the religion (Islam)
Faridullah TBD
Faridun Three Times Strong; Precious Gem
Faridun Three times strong
Faried Unmatched; Unique
Farih Happy; Delight
Farima TBD
Farin Adventurous
Fariq Another name for God; separating
Fariq Another name of God; Separating; Eminent
Farique Separator
Farique Separator
Faris Horseman,knight, cavalier
Faris Horseman
Faris Horseman; Knight; Intelligent
Farish Helpful
Farisi Competent
Fariss Knight
Farista Sent by God; Angel
Farith Guide
Fariya TBD
Fariyaz TBD
Fariz Promising; Determined
Farj Duty
Farj Excellent; Eminent in learning
Farjad Excellent; Eminent in Learning
Farjad Excellent; Eminent in learning
Farjam Perfect
Farjana Beautiful Soul
Farjana Intelligence
Farjat Freedom from Sorrow
Farjin Strange
Farjul TBD
Farmaan Decree; Verdict; Edict
Farman Decree, Edict, Command, Order
Farman Order; Decree; Instruction; Command
Farmanullah Order of Allah
Farmanullah Order of Allah
Farnad Strength
Farnham Meadow with Ferns
Farokh Power of Discrimination, Happy
Farood Unique; Peerless; Singular
Faroogh Splendour; Light; Brightness
Farook know right from wrong
Farook Truthful, Friendly, Good Person
Farook One who distinguishes truth from falsehood; Power of discrimination
Farookh Sprout; Shoot; Young Bird
Farookh One who distinguishes truth from falsehood; Power of discrimination
Farooq person who can tell right from wrong, comely
Farooq Name of Prophet’s Beloved Friend; …
Farooq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Farooque Power of Discrimination
Farooqui TBD
Farooz TBD
Faroqh Truth
Farouk Knowing right from wrong
Farouk Discerning Truth from Falsehood
Farouk Knowing right from wrong
Farq Beloved Man
Farqad Bright Star
Farqadin Two Bright Stars Near the Pole
Farqaleet TBD
Farrad TBD
Farraj Relief, freedom from grief
Farraj Relief, Freedom from Grief, Happy
Farrajuddin TBD
Farran Baker
Farran Baker; The Land; Ardent for Peace
Farraz Above; Equitable; Upon
Farrel Brave; Hero; Man of Courage
Farrin Blacksmith; The Land
Farris Rock; Iron Strong
Farrokh Auspicious; Happy; Fortunate
Farrokhzad Happily / Auspiciously Born
Farrokhzad Happily born
Farrooh Happy; Joyful
Farrukh Blessed, Auspicious, Young Bird
Farrukh Happy Auspicious
Farruq TBD
Fars Son of Farr
Farsad Wise; Learned
Farsad Wise; Learned; Happy
Farseen Intelligent; Love
Farshad Soul of the Sphere of Mercury
Farshad Wise; Learned; Happy
Farshan TBD
Farshid Illuminated; Sparkling; Happy
Faru Strongest Man
Faruck Truth; Bless Full
Farugh Star
Faruk One who distinguishes truth from falsehood; Power of discrimination
Farukh Power of Discrimination, Happy
Farukh One who distinguishes truth from falsehood; Power of discrimination
Farukk Power of Discrimination
Farukuddin TBD
Faruq Who distinguishes truth from false
Faruq One who distinguishes truth from falsehood
Faruqh Discerning Truth from Falsehood
Faruqi TBD
Faruque Fortunate
Farvees TBD
Farveez Victorious
Farvins TBD
Farwaan Wealthy
Farwah Covering, A Crow
Farwan Wealthy; Living in Abundance
Faryal Brave
Farz Religious Duty; Commandment of God
Farzaad Splendid
Farzaan Wise; Intelligent
Farzad Splendid Birth
Farzad Excellent; Eminent in learning
Farzak Powerful Gold
Farzam Worthy; Befitting
Farzam Worthy; Befitting
Farzan Highly Knowledgeable, Wise, See
Farzan Wise
Farzana Intelligent; Wise; Beautiful Soul
Farzand Child; Son
Farzeeb TBD
Farzeen Learned; Intelligent
Farzhan Beautiful Soul
Farzib TBD
Farzim Worthy
Farzin Learned
Fas Wise Counsellor
Fasaahat Fluency; Eloquence
Fasahat Fluency; Eloquence
Fasahat Eloquence
Fasahat Eloquence
Fasaludeen TBD
Fasaludheen TBD
Faseeh Eloquent; Literary; Wide; Ample
Faseeh Eloquent (Suggested nameFASEEUDDIN)
Faseeh Eloquent; Fluent; Well-spoken
Faseehul-Lisaan The Eloquent of Speech
Faseel TBD
Faseem Variant of Waseem
Fashid TBD
Fashil TBD
Fashir TBD
Fasih Eloquent; Fluent; Well-spoken
Fasih Ur Rahman Eloquent by the grace of Rahman
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FasihUrRahman TBD
Fasikh Successful, Bounty, Bliss
Fasikh Successful; Bounty; Bliss
Fasilu TBD
Fasith TBD
Fasiuddin Bounty of Religion Islam
Fasmil TBD
Fasmir TBD
Fasnan Brave
Fastiq Another Name for God
Fastiq One who rips apart
Fastiq Another name of God; One who rips apart
Fata Youth; Nobility
Fatahat Conquest; Victory
Fatan Intelligent; Sagacious
Fateen Clever; Smart
Fateen Clever Smart
Fateen Captivating; Clever; Smart; Fascinating
Fateenah Intelligent.
Fateenah Intelligent
Fateh Victory
Fateh Conqueror; Victorious; Triumph
Fath Winner, Victorious, Guidance
Fath Victory
Fath Victory
Fathan Guide; Conqueror
Fathea Prosperity
Fatheddin Conquer for Religion
Fathi victorious one
Fathi conqueror
Fathih Quran Opener
FathShah Triumphant King
Fathuddin TBD
Fathullah Victory Granted by Allah
Fathullah Victory granted by Allah
Fatih One who eases difficulties
Fatihi Conqueror, Originator
Fatik Crystal
Fatimi TBD
Fatin Captivating
Fatin Clever
Fatiq Bright; Shining; East; Dawn
Fatir Maker; Creator
Fatmir Lucky
Fatooh One who Guides Others
Fattaah Victory; Conqueror
Fattah The One who Opens
Fattah One who attains victory
Fattan Charming; Bright
Fattan Charming; Bright
Fattooh The Little Conqueror
Fattooh The little conqueror
Fatun Intelligent; Sharp
Faudel Honest
Faujan TBD
Fauwaz Successful; Prosperous
Fauz Victory, Triumph, Indeed
Fauzan Successful; Victorious
Fauzy Gift
Favas Successful, Winner, Prince
Fawaaz TBD
Fawad Heart
Fawad Heart
Fawaduddin TBD
Fawas Heart
Fawaz Always Successful, Prosperous
Fawaz Successful
Fawez TBD
Fawiz Successful; Winner; Powerful
Fawwaaz Winner; Most Successful
Fawwad Victor
Fawwaz Successful
Fawwaz Successful
Fawz Accomplishes; Success; Salvation
Fawzan Victory, Successful, Salvation
Fawzan Successful
Fawzie Victory; Success
Fawzy Triumphant; Victorious; Successful
Fawzy Triumphant; Victorious
Fay Devil; Raven
Fayaan Belief; Trust
Fayaaq TBD
Fayaaz Kind; Generous
Fayaaz Kind; Gracious; Extremely generous
Fayab TBD
Fayad Benefit; Advantage; Welfare
Fayadh Generous
Fayaj Peaceful; Artistic; Talented
Fayan Trust; Belief; Shining
Fayaq Superior
Fayas Extremely Generous
Fayaz Extremely Generous
Fayaz Kind; Gracious; Extremely generous
Fayazdeen Extremely Generous
Fayazuddin TBD
Fayd Abundance
Fayd The benefit; Advantage; Gain
Fayed TBD
Fayeem Famed
Fayeez Successful; Victorious
Fayek Surpassing, Excellent, Superior
Fayek Surpassing; Excellent; Superior; Outstanding
Fayeq Superior; Surpassing
Fayez Victorious; Successful
Fayhan Fragrance
Fayid Winner; Benefiter
Fayij TBD
Fayij Victor
Fayis The Winner
Fayis The winner
Fayiz Winner; Victor
Fayiz Victor
Fayjan TBD
Fayraj TBD
Faysal Stubborn, Resolute, Decisive
Faysal Decisive
Fayum Famed; Strong
Fayyaad Generous
Fayyaadh Generous
Fayyad Overflowing; Generous
Fayyad Overflowing; Generous
Fayyadh Generous; Liberal
Fayyaz Charitable, Bountiful, Merciful
Fayyaz Generous; Munificent
Fayyim Strong
Fayz Liberality
Fayzaan Favourite; Favour; Grace
Fayzal Romantic
Fayzan Beneficence
Fayzan Beneficence
Fayzan Favorite; Beneficence; Generosity; Abundance; Benefit
Fayzel Arbiter; Judge
Fayzi Blessed with Abundance
Fayzuddin TBD
Fayzul-Haq Grace of the Truth (Allah)
FayzulHaq Grace of the Truth (Allah)
Faza Victory
Fazaan Ruler; Also Spelt as Fazan
Fazad Moment; Loved
Fazah TBD
Fazaid Happy
Fazail Superior; Scholar
Fazal Grace
Fazal Excellence, Superiority, Reward
Fazal Accomplished; Bountiful grace
Fazalah TBD
Fazalu Superiority; Grace; Excellence
Fazaluudin TBD
Fazamedo Army
Fazan Ruler; Profit; Ruler of Prince
Fazan Ruler
Fazar TBD
Fazeel Virtuous, Knowledgeable, Eminent
Fazeem Graceful; Variant of Waseem
Fazeen Increasing
Fazeer TBD
Fazel Learned; Decisive
Fazela One who was Praised
Fazhan Good; Nobel
Fazi Opener; Winner
Faziad TBD
Fazid Admirer, Enthusiasm, Independent
Fazil Superior, Talented, Scholar
Fazil An accomplished person
Fazim Successful; Powerful; Love
Fazin Beautiful
Fazira Purity
Fazith TBD
Faziuddin Bounty of Religion Islam
Faziuddin The bounty of religion (Islam)
Fazl Grace, Favour, Courtesy
Fazlan Bright; King of the Universe
Fazle Good and Intelligent
Fazle Ilahi Bounty of Allah
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Fazle Mawla The bounty of the Lord (Allah)
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Fazle Rab Bounty of Lord
???? ??  
Fazle Rabbi The bounty of my Lord
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Fazle-Ilahi Bounty of Allah
Fazle-Mawla Bounty of the Lord (Allah)
Fazle-Rab Bounty of Lord
Fazle-Rabb Bounty of My Lord
Fazle-Rabbi Bounty of My Lord
Fazlehaq Bounty of the Truth (Allah)
FazleIlahi Bounty of Allah
FazleMawla Bounty of the Lord; Allah
FazleRab Bounty of Lord
FazleRabbi Bounty of My Lord
Fazlerabi Bounty of My Lord
Fazli Graceful, Virtuous, Kind
Fazli Kind; Bountiful; Graceful
Fazlul A Wise Leader
Fazlullah Grace of God; God’s Excellence; …
Fazlullah Bounty of Allah
Fazlur Victorious; Successful; Brilliant
Fazmeer TBD
Fazmin Praised the Worship of Allah
Fazmir Precious; Energetic
Fazon An Understanding Man
Fazool TBD
Fazrin Gift of God
Fazrul TBD
Fazul Choice; Allah’s Happiness
Fazulul Haq The bounty of the truth, i.e. Allah
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Fazulul-Haq Bounty of the Truth (Allah)
FazululHaq Bounty of the Truth; Allah
Fazz Victorious; A Kind of a Storm
Fazza Powerful; Victory
Fazzah Victory; Powerful
Fazzal Excellent; Well-deserving Man
Fazzin Loveable; Charming; The Machine
Febin Moon Light
Febin Moon light
Feeroz Victorious, Happy, Fortunate
Feezan TBD
Fehaan Guider; Fragrant; Clever
Fehan Guider; Clever
Fehim Slavic; And
Feisal Arbitrator; Judge
Feiz Victorious
Feraaz Sharpness
Feraidoon TBD
Feras Perspicacious
Ferasat Vision; Keenness; Acumen
Feraz Sharpness
Ferdin One who has Triple Strength
Ferdnan Sunshine
Ferdnan The Sunshine
Ferdous Paradise
Ferdous Paradise
Ferdoz Paradise; Heaven
Fereydoun Third
Ferhan One who Rejoices
Ferhas Joy
Ferhat Joy
Ferid Unique
Ferin Glorify; Best
Ferin West wind
Ferose Man of Triumph
Ferouz A Classy Stone, Name of a King
Feroz Name of a King, Winner
Feroz Successful; Turquoise; Victorious; to vanquish
Feroza Victorious; Name of a Stone
Feroze Man of Triumph, Successful
Ferran Baker
Ferran Baker
Ferran baker
Ferran Baker
Feshan TBD
Feyan Independent
Feysal Resolute; Judge; Stubborn
Feza Universe
Fezal Superiority
Fezan A Man of the People
Fezbin TBD
Fezin Love
Fhamed Powerful
Fiam Comedy
Fian TBD
Fiaz Victory in Motion
Fiazuddin TBD
Fida Sacrifice, Unconditional Love
Fida redemption
Fidaa Sacrifice; Ransom; Redemption
Fidaa Redemption or sacrifice
Fidaan Person who Makes Sacrifice
Fidal Faithful
Fidan One who Makes Sacrifice
Fidel Loyal; Faithful and Sincere
Fidhan Silver
Fidiyan Person who Makes Sacrifice
Fidyan Person who Makes Sacrifice
Fidyan A person who makes the sacrifice
Fihaan Fragrant
Fihan Courage; Happiness; Adorable
Fihr Stone Pestle
Fihr Stone pestle
Fijal TBD
Fikhar Honour; Pride; Glory
Fikhar Honor; Pride; Glory
Fikr Thought, Concept, Conception
Fikrat Thought, Idea
Fikri Intelligent; Intellectual
Fikri has thoughts
Fikri Thought; Ideas
Fikry Intellectual
Filza Light; Rose from Heaven
Fiqri TBD
Fira Persistent
Firaas Knight; Perspicacity; Sharpness
Firaas Knight; Perspicacious
Firagh Leisure; Happiness; Opportunity
Firaq Separation
Firas Perspicacious
Firas Perspicacious
Firas Knight; Perspicacious
Firasah Perspicacity; Acumen
Firasah Perspicacity; Acumen
Firasat TBD
Firaun Proud
Firdaus Heaven
Firdaus Garden of Paradise, Paradise
Firdaus Paradise; Heaven; Garden
Firdaush Enclosure; Heaven
Firdausi Of Paradise
Firdhouse Entrance of Heaven
Firdoos Highest Garden in Paradise
Firdos paradise
Firdos Heaven, Paradise, Enclosure
Firdos Paradise; Heaven; Garden
Firdose Heaven
Firdosh TBD
Firdous Paradise
Firdousi Belonging to Paradise
Firdows Paradise
Firdoze Paradise
Firdus Name of Garden in Jannat
Firhaan TBD
Firhad Smile
Firhun TBD
Firnas Powerful; Brave; Thick Necked Lion
Firoj Stone of Sea
Firoj Successful; Turquoise; Gem stone
Firos TBD
Firose Gift; Winner; Precious Stone
Firouz Victorious
Firoz Name of a King, Overpowering
Firoz Successful; Turquoise; Victorious; to vanquish
Firoz-Alam Blessing, Honest, Affection
Firoze Gift, Winner, Victorious
Firtan TBD
Firthous Paradise
Firuz Man of Triumph, Successful
Firuz Successful; Turquoise; Gem stone
Firwad Independent-minded
Firyal Adornment
Fisal TBD
Fishan TBD
Fishu TBD
Fitah Right direction
Fitrat Nature; Creation
Fiyaan Independent
Fiyan Independent
Fiyas King; Artistic
Fiyaz Artistic
Fizaan Breeze
Fizain Lion
Fizan Breeze
Fizan King; Popularity
Fizan Popularity
Fizul TBD
Fizza Silver, Ibn Abu Mawdood
Fizzi Silvery, Made of Silver
Folat TBD
Forhad Happiness
Foroohar Essence
Fouad Heart
Fouad Heart
Fouzaan Victorious; Successful
Fouzan Victorious; Successful
Fozan TBD
Fraaz Elevation; Sword
Fravardin Guardian Spirit
Fravash Guardian Angel
Fredj TBD
Freidoon TBD
Frhaan Happiness
Frhan Happiness
Frogh Luminosity
Fshd Lynx
Fuaad Heart
Fuad Heart
Fuad Conscience; Heart; Soul; King
Fuad Heart
Fudael Of High Moral Character
Fudail Excellent in character
Fudail Excellent in Character
Fudail Learned; Scholar
Fudaili TBD
Fudale Of High Moral Character
Fudayl Of High Moral Character
Fudhail Excellent in Character
Fuhaad TBD
Fuhaid Little leopard
Fuhaim Understanding, Comprehending
Fujai Name of Prophets (S.A.W) companion
Fujai Al-amiri
Fujai Companion of prophet Muhammad
Fulaih Successful
Fulaihan Successful
Fuqqah Flower; Bud
Furaat Cold – Refreshing Water
Furada Unique; Single
Furaij Relief
Furaniq Leader of an Army
Furat Fresh, Sweet Water
Furhan Cheerful
Furkaan TBD
Furkan Intelligent; Beautiful
Furkhan Beautiful; Intelligent
Furoogh Splendour; Light; Brightness
Furoogh Splendor; Light; Brightness
Furookh Sprout; Shoot; Young Bird
Furozh Light
Furozh Light
Furozh Light
Furqaan Evidence; Proof
Furqaan Quran Sharif; Criterion
Furqan Evidence, Proof
Furqan Quran Sharif; Criterion
Furqana Proof; Evidence
Furqau Distinction between truth & falsehood
Furqau TBD
Furqhan Proof; Evidence
Furquan Proof; Evidence; Doer
Fursat Leisure; Freedom; Relief
Furud Singularity
Furud Unique; Single; Alone
Furughuddin Light of Religion
Fusilat Detailed, Elaborate
Fussilat Detailed, Well Explained
Futaih Prince; Guidance; Beginning
FuttehKhan Winner; Beginner
Futuh Victories, Conquests
Futuh Victories; Conquests
Futuhat Victories
Fuwaad Heart
Fuwad Heart
Fuwad Heart; Mind; Soul
Fuwad Heart
Fuwaiz Successful; Winner
Fuyum Strong Men
Fuyuzat Generosity
Fuzaid Talented
Fuzail An accomplished person
Fuzail Excellence; Reward; Grace; Favour
Fuzailan Excellent; Praiseworthy; Generous
Fuzain Bright Lights Stars
Fuzzal Excellent, Praiseworthy
Fyan Runner
Fyaz The Warrior
Fyzullah Abundance from Allah