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“R” represents Possibilities. The R shows Enthusiastic, patience, and even-tempered. R is stable, hard-working, warm-hearted, and compassionate.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With R

Ra’id Leader
Raabih Winner; Gainer
Raabit One who Connects Two Things
Raad Adviser; Scout; Explorer; Pioneer
Raadhee Agreed; Contended
Raadhi Satisfied; Pleased
Raadi Satisfied
Raaee Guardian; Custodian
Raafat Compassion; Kindness
Raafe A Companion; Friend
Raafi Elevate; Raises
Raafid Affluent; Tributary Stream
Raafik Friend, Lord, Singer
Raafil Swaggering
Raafiq Gentle; Companion; Kind; Friend
Raafiur-Rutab He who Elevates Ranks
Raaghib Desirous; Willing
Raaghiboon Desirous One; Seekers
Raahat Rest; Repose
Raaheel Traveller
Raahil Path Guider
Raahil Path guider
Raahim Compassionate; Pitying; Merciful
Raahimeen A Person who is Merciful
Raai Splendid; Magnificent
Raaib Aware; Realising
Raaid Leader; Explorer
Raaie Splendid; Magnificent
Raaif Merciful; Gentle
Raaiq Pure; Clear
Raaji Leader; Hopeful
Raajih Respondent
Raakaan Respectful
Raakib Horse Rider
Raakin Respectful
Raamiz Symbol
Raanish TBD
Raaqeem Writer; Recorder
Raaqib Guard; Observer
Raashad Righteous
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent
Raashid Major, Adult, Orthodox, Guided, Intelligent
Raashidoon Well-guided
Raashiq Graceful; Elegant
Raasikh Deeply Rooted; Stable
Raasikhoon TBD
Raasiq TBD
Raateeb Arranger
Raatib Arranger; Regular
Raatib Arranger
Raaza King
Raazi Satisfied; Contended; Well-pleased
Raazik TBD
Raazim TBD
Raazin Noble; Calm
Raaziq God; Provider
Rabaah Gainer; Winner; Profit
Rabah Gainer; Storey Teller
Rabah Gainer, winner
Rabah Gainer
Rabar A Loving and Caring Person to All
Rabar A loving and caring person to all
Rabar A loving and caring person to all
Rabb Lord; God; Master
Rabbaani Divine; Godly
Rabbanee Of the Divine
Rabbani Divine; From Allah
Rabbani Divine
Rabbani Divine
Rabbany Of the Divine
Rabbi Gentle Wind; My Master
Rabbil TBD
Rabbul TBD
Rabby Breeze; Spring
Rabea Breeze; Spring
Rabee Champion; Spring; Breeze
Rabee Spring
Rabeeah A Bounding in Green Foliage
Rabeeh Winner; One who Profits
Rabees Powerful; Fearless; Dauntless
Rabeesh Flower Garden
Rabey Breeze; Spring
Rabi Spring; Breeze
Rabi Sweet breeze
Rabi Spring, breeze
Rabi Spring, breeze
Rabia Spring
Rabiah Greenery
Rabiah Greenery
Rabiah Greenery
Rabib One who Near to God
Rabid Extreme; Furious; Best
Rabih Spring, Acquirer
Rabii Beloved; Strong
Rabik TBD
Rabit Binding; Fastening
Rabit Binding, Fastening
Rabit Binding, Fastening
Rabiul Sun Light
Rabiullah Sun Light
Rabooh Winner; One who Makes a Profit
Rabool A Wealthy Man
Raboul A Wealthy Man
Rabshan Divine Pride
Rabul A Wealthy Man
Raby Bright Famous One; Spring; Breeze
Rachad Righteous
Rachard Righteous
Rachaud Lion
Rachid Guided Well
Rachin Compassionate
Rad A Counsellor; Adviser; Thunder
Radbert Brilliant Adviser
Radd Adviser; Counsellor
Raddhis Love
Radeen TBD
Radell A Star
Radey To Ready for Something
Radhe Beloved of Lord Krishna
Radhee Satisfied, Pleasure, Contentment
Radhi Satisfied; Content
Radhin TBD
Radhish Well-satisfied
Radhwaan Acceptance; Consent
Radhwan Acceptance; Consent
Radi In Concordance; Satisfied
Radi Satisfied, content
Radi Satisfied
Radib TBD
Radin Young Man
Radman Joyful
Radwan Delicious; Delight
Radwin Contentment
Rady Name of an Angel
Raeda Satisfaction
Raeed Leader
Raeef Compasionate; Kind
Raeem Another Name for God
Raees Wealthy; Rich; Chief; Lover
Raees Rich, Wealthy, Chief
Raees Rich, Wealthy, Chief
Raeesh Leader; Wealthy
Raehan Favoured by God
Raeish Leader
Raem One who has a Desire and Searches
Raeshad Righteous
Raeshuan King Warrior
Raf Seen
Rafa God Heals, Well-being, Prosperity
Rafaan Beautiful; Graceful; Good Looking
Rafaaq Gentle; Tender
Rafaat Height; Greatness; Glory
Rafael God has Healed; Healer
Rafan Good Looking; Graceful; Beautiful
Rafan Beautiful, graceful
Rafan Beautiful, graceful
Rafaqat Friendship; Closeness
Rafat Elevating; Elevation
Rafath Elevation; Elevating
Rafay The Exaulter; To Elevate Rank
Rafay The Exaulter, To Elevate Rank
Rafay The Exaulter To ElevateRank
Rafayet Highness, Sublimity, High Rank
Rafaz Ways; Pieces; Parts
Rafea Exalting
Rafeal God has Healed
Rafee Council, High-ranking, Cultured
Rafee High, High-ranking, cultured, refined
Rafee High, High-ranking, cultured, refined
Rafeed Support; Helper
Rafeef Glittering; Shining
Rafeek A friend
Rafeek Friend
Rafeekh Friend; Companion
Rafeel God has Healed
Rafeeq Kind, Ally, Friend, Soft Hearted
Rafeeque TBD
Rafees TBD
Rafeeya A Dignified Man
Rafeez Pieces; Ways
Rafeq Kind, Friend, Helper
Rafey Pioneer
Rafez Parts; Ways
Raffa God has Healed
Raffan Good Looking; Graceful
Raffay To Elevate Rank; The Exaulter
Raffee Happy
Raffez Pieces
Raffi Holding High, Exalted
Raffic Trust-able; Compassionate Friend
Raffie Exalting
Raffik Singer; Friend; Lord
Raffiq Compassionate Friend, Trust-able
Raffy Holding High
Rafhan Graceful; Good Looking
Rafi High ranking, noble, eminent, exalted, sublime
Rafi Comforter, Form of Raphael
Rafi Exalting
Rafi-ud-Din Noble Person of the Religion
Rafi-Ud-Din Noble person of the religion
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Rafic Friend
Rafick True Friend; Friend of God
Rafid support
Rafid Helping; Supporting
Rafid Support
Rafideen TBD
Rafie Kind Friend
Rafif Glittering; Shining
Rafijul TBD
Rafik Kind, friend
Rafik Lord; Friend; Singer
Rafikul Too Cool
Rafil God has Healed
Rafin Highly Praised
Rafinur TBD
Rafiq Kind, friend
Rafiq Compassionate Friend, True Friend
Rafiq Kind, friend
Rafiqu Intimate Friend; Companion
Rafique Friend
Rafiqul Friend
Rafiqul-Islam Friend of Islam
RafiqulIslam Friend
RafiUdDin TBD
Rafiudeen TBD
Rafiul TBD
Rafiulla Helpful
Rafiullah Helpful
Rafiur TBD
Rafiya Dignified
Rafiz TBD
Rafnaz Creative, Cheerful, Curiosity
Rafq Patience; Tolerance; Endurance
Rafque TBD
Rafqui TBD
Rafsal Happy
Rafsala Spice; Bright
Rafsan Light; Bright; Intelligent
Rafshan TBD
Rafsun Genius
Raftaar Speed
Raftar Fast; Speed
Rafwan Graceful
Rafy Holding High; Delicate; Comforter
Ragab Seventh Islamic Month
Raghad Affluence; Prosperity; Ease
Ragheb Desirous
Ragheb Desirous; Wishing
Ragheeb Desirous
Ragheez TBD
Raghib Desirous
Raghib Desirous; Willing; Desiring
Raghibun Aspiring, Wishing, Seeking
Raghid Pleasant; Plentiful; Happy
Rah Path; Wait
Rahaad TBD
Rahaan Favoured by God
Rahad River in Ethiopia
Rahadil TBD
Rahal Attachment
Raham Merciful
Raham-Dil Merciful Heart
Rahaman Merciful
Rahamat Gift; Grace
Rahamath TBD
Rahamathulla The Mercy of God
Rahamatullah The Mercy of God
Rahan Kind
Rahat Rest, Response
Rahat Rest; Response; Comfort
Rahath Rest; Response
Rahayim Merciful; Compassionate
Rahbah Vast; Vast Expanse of Land
Rahbar Leader; Guide; Coach
Rahbat Wide Area of Land; Form of Rahbah
Raheeb Merciful; Kind
Raheeda Discerning
Raheef TBD
Raheel One who shows the way, Fearless or Brave
Raheel One who Shows the Way
Raheem compassionate
Raheem Merciful, God is Compassionate
Raheema Merciful
Raheemul TBD
Raheen Souls; Iron
Raheeq TBD
Rahees Victory
Raheesh Leader ChiefRich
Raheesh Leader; Chief; Rich
Raheeth TBD
Raheez Victory
Raheim Merciful; Kind
Rahel Carry-on; Joyful; Lamb
Raheman Merciful
Rahemat Grace
Rahen God Gift
Rahet TBD
Rahhala Wish
Rahi Traveller
Rahib Merciful; Kind
Rahid Showing Right Way; Beautiful
Rahiem Merciful; Kind
Rahif TBD
Rahik TBD
Rahil Path guider
Rahil Guide
Rahill Guide
Rahim Another Name for God, Merciful
Rahiman TBD
Rahimat Grace
Rahimat Grace
Rahimdeen TBD
Rahime Merciful; Kind
Rahimin A Person who is Merciful
Rahimoddin TBD
Rahimuddin TBD
Rahimul Courageous; Logical; Compassion
Rahin Rising; Knowledge
Rahish Victory
Rahisuddin TBD
Rahit Fearless; Lord Krishna
Rahma Peaceful; Mercy; Compassion
Rahmaan Peaceful; Most Gracious
Rahmad Blessed
Rahmah Full of Mercy
Rahman 55th Surah of the Quran; affectionate
Rahmann Merciful; Compassionate
Rahmat Mercy
Rahmat God Gift; Mercy; Clemency; Blessed
Rahmath Mercy; Kindness
Rahmathullah Kind, Name of Allah
Rahmatulla God’s Mercy; Mercy of Allah
Rahmatullah Mercy of Allah; God’s Mercy
Rahmaullah Full of Mercy
Rahmen Merciful; Compassionate
Rahmet Merciful; Compassionate
Rahmin Merciful; Compassionate
Rahmon Merciful; Compassionate
Rahnuma Guide
Rahoof TBD
Rahsaan Versatile
Rahshan Bright; Peaceful
Rahuman TBD
Rahumathulla TBD
Rahzan Creative
Raian Variant of Ryan; Kingly
Raid Leader
Raid Leader
Raidin Thunder God
Raies Chief; Leader
Raiesh Knowledgeable; Leader
Raif Gentle, Merciful, Kind
Raifan TBD
Raihaan Sweet Basil, Leader
Raihan Sweet Basil; Heavens’ Flower
Raihana Sweet Basil; Aromatic
Raihanul TBD
Raimudeen TBD
Rain Night
Raiq Pure; Clear; Tranquil; Serene
Rais Chief
Rais Leader; Chief; Head; Rich; Captain
Raisa Prepared; Easy-going
Raisan Strength, Reliability
Raishad Righteous; Good Judgement
Raishan TBD
Raishar A Good Judgement
Raisuddin Leader of the Religion Islam
Raisul First
Raiya Flag; Banner
Raiyaan Satisfaction
Raiyan Satisfaction contented
Raiyan Contented, Satisfaction
Raiyyan TBD
Raiz Prince
Raizaan Peaceful; Blessed
Raizan Blessed; Peaceful
Raizul First
Raja hope
Raja King, Sand, Silvery, Emotion
Raja-al-Karim Hope of the Kind
Rajaa Hope
Rajaa Hope; King; Hope of the Kind
RajaAlkarim Hope of the Kind
Rajab 7th Month of the Islamic Calendar
Rajab TBD
Rajah Anticipation; The Radiant; King
Rajak Illumination
Rajal Brilliant; Masculine
Rajan King, Lord Ganesha, Powerful
Rajaq Illumination; Universal Awareness
Rajarull TBD
Rajas Mastery; Fame; Pride
Rajdan Peace
Rajeeb Proud; Lord Vishnu
Rajeek TBD
Rajeel One who Walks Too Much; Steadfast
Rajhab TBD
Raji Compromise, One who Shines
Rajibul Unique
Rajidul Leader; Captain; Commander
Rajih Respondent
Rajih having the upper hand
Rajiuddin TBD
Rajiyuddeen TBD
Rajjak Illumination; Radiant
Rajon Gift of God
Raju The King of World, Prosperity
Rajuddin TBD
Rajudin TBD
Rajwan Best of the King
Raka Moon at Full Glory
Rakaan Solemn
Rakat Parts of Prayer
Rakeeb King; Equestrian; Excelsior
Rakeem Writer
Rakeem Writing
Rakeen Confident; Dignified; Composed
Rakha Ashes
Rakhs Soft; Delicate
Rakhshaan Dazzling; Resplendent
Rakhshan Dazzling, Bright, Shining
Rakhwan Ease of Living, Luxury
Rakib Excelsior; King; Equestrian
Rakibul Moon; Star
Rakien Respectful; Respectable
Rakim To Show Mercy; To be Kind
Rakin Respectful
Rakin respectful
Rakin Respectable; Respectful
Rakin Respectful
Rakshaan Dazzling; Resplendent
Ralah Success; Attainment
Ramaad Dust
Ramad Dust
Ramadan Ninth Month of Muslim Calendar
Ramadan 9th Month of the Islamic Calendar
Ramadan the month of Fasting
Ramadhan Ninth Month of Muslim Calendar
Ramadhani Born During the Month of Ramadan
Ramalaan Month of Muslims
Ramasubbu TBD
Ramazan Ninth Month of Muslim Calendar
Rambod Peace Guard; Pacifist
Ramee Supreme; Exalted; Shooter
Rameej TBD
Rameel Bestowed of Pleasure
Rameem TBD
Ramees Winter
Rameesh Peace
Rameez Symbol
Rameez Prince
Ramel Son
Ramelle Son
Ramen TBD
Ramey Loving
Ramey Loving
Ramez TBD
Rami marksman
Rami Loving; Protector Advice
Ramia God is Exalted
Ramie Exalted; Shooter; Supreme
Ramih Arcturus – Brightest Star
Ramij Symbol; Wise; Noble
Ramil Bestowed of Pleasure
Ramim Reality; Bold; Truth
Ramin Who rescues the people from hungry and pain, Brings Joy into peoples life
Ramin Brings Joy into Peoples Life
Ramis Leader
Ramisa TBD
Ramish Song; Peace; Rest
Ramiz Symbol
Ramiz Symbol; Honoured; Respected
Ramiz-ud-Din TBD
Ramiz-Ud-Din One who indicates by signs
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RamizUdDin TBD
Ramjan TBD
Ramjan-Ali TBD
Ramsee The Raven Island; Ram’s Island
Ramshad King
Ramsheed Gift of God
Ramshid TBD
Ramsi The Raven Island; Ram’s Island
Ramsie The Raven Island; Ram’s Island
Ramul Bestowed of Pleasure
Ramy Loving; Attractive
Ramy Loving
Ramz Mark; Symbol; Gesture
Ramzan TBD
Ramzee The Raven Island; Ram’s Island
Ramzi symbolic
Ramzi Symbol; Ram’s Island
Ramzy Symbolic; Symbol
Rana Joy; Jewel; To gaze; Look
Rana Joy, Jewel, To Gaze, Look, King
Ranaa King / Prince
Rani to gaze
Rani Song; Queen; My Joy; My Song
Rania TBD
Ranzil Traveller to Ultimate Happiness
Rao Victorious; Winner
Raonar Lustre
Raonar Lustre
Raonar Lustre
Raoof Sympathetic, Compassionate
Raouf Generous, Most Merciful
Raphy God has Healed; Comforter
Raqeeb Observer; Guard; Watchful
Raqeem Letter, Message, Scholars
Raqeen Dignified; Confident
Raqian High in Rank and Status; Elevated
Raqib One of the names of God; watchman
Raqib TBD
Raqif Genius
Raqim Writer; Recorder
Raqqah Flat Land that has Soft Dust
Raqueb King; Excelsior
Raqueeb Guardian
Raquf Rich Person
Raquib Most watchful
Raquib Most watchful
Raquib Most Watchful
Raquim TBD
Rasaan TBD
Rasab Noble Heart; Forbearing
Rasal Angle
Rasaludeen TBD
Rasan King; King of Earth
Rasaq TBD
Raschid Mature, Of True Faith
Raseed TBD
Raseef Lotus
Raseek Connoisseur; A Ray of Light
Raseel Messenger
Raseem One who Designs
Raseem One who designs
Raseem One who designs
Raseeth Gilded
Rasel Most Powerful
Rash Righteous
Rasha Young Gazelle
Rashaad Righteous, Wise, Rightly Guided
Rashaad Good judgment
Rashaan Thinker; Counsellor; Unclear
Rashad Integrity of Conduct, Righteous
Rashad Integrity of conduct, maturity, wisdom
Rashad Integrity of conduct, maturity
Rashad integrity of conduct
Rashad Good judgment
Rashadh Righteous; Integrity of Conduct
Rashadul TBD
Rashal TBD
Rashan Time; Peaceful; Respectful
Rashaud Wise Counsellor
Rashaude Righteous
Rashdan Guidance, rectitude
Rashdan GuidanceRectitude
Rashdul Having the True Faith
Rashed Having the True Faith
Rashedul Having the True Faith
Rasheed Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent, Rightly-guided
Rasheed Victory of Earth, Brave, Thinker
Rasheed Rationale, Prutend, Intelligent
Rasheed Good judgment
Rasheed-ud-Din Wise Person of the Faith
Rasheed-Ud-Din A wise person of the faith
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RasheedUdDin Wise (Person) of the Faith Islam
Rasheel Interesting
Rasheem Light
Rasheeq Eloquent; Elegant
Rasheeth Guided by God
Rasheid Righteous; Rightly Advised
Rashel TBD
Rashen Peaceful; Good Human Being
Rasheyd Righteous; Rightly Advised
Rashid Having the True Faith
Rashid One of good council; rightly guided, wise, having true faith
Rashid Righteous, mature
Rashid Integrity
Rashida One who Guides to the Right Path
Rashidah Mature, Rightly Guided
Rashidi Wise, Of Good Council
Rashiduddin TBD
Rashiduddin Rightly-guided person
Rashidul Having the True Faith
Rashidun Well-guided
Rashied Rightly Guided, Of True Faith
Rashieda Of True Faith, Rightly Guided
Rashiq Elegant; Graceful
Rashiq Graceful; Elegant; Connoisseur; Passionate; Entertaining; Discerning; Handsome
Rashne Judge
Rashne Judge
Rashod Good Judgement
Rashoda Righteous
Rashodd Righteous
Rasib Noble Heart
Rasibul TBD
Rasid Rightly Guided
Rasikh Deep-rooted; Stable
Rasikh Well-established; Well-found
Rasikhun TBD
Rasil Messenger
Rasil messenger
Rasil Messenger
Rasil Good; Messenger
Rasim Designer; Planner; Architect
Rasim Planner; Designer; One who designs
Rasin Composed
Rasin composed
Rasin Composed; Calm
Rasin Calm; Composed
Rasiq God of Allah Name
Rasith Gilded
Rasiyah Tall
Raslan TBD
Rasleen One Absorbed in the Elixir of Naam
Rasmi Formal, official
Rasmi formal; official
Rasmi Formal, Official, Ray of Light
Rasni Servant of Allah
Rasool Messenger of God, Prophet
Rasool Messenger; Messenger of God
Rasool Lord Shiva; Messenger of God; Prophet; Angel
Rasool-ur-Raha Messenger of Comfort
Rasoul Messenger
Rassal Most Powerful
Rastagaar Virtuous
Rasu King; Sweet
Rasul Lord Shiva; Messenger of God; Prophet; Angel
Rasul Messenger
Rasul messenger
Rasul Angel, Messenger
Rasul Aidil Angel; Messenger; Messenger origin Islamic, Another name for prophet Muhammad
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Rasuldeen TBD
Raswin TBD
Ratana Gem, Jewel, Precious Stone
Rateeb Arranger
Rateeq Mender; Improver
Rateib Arranger
Ratib Regular, arranger
Ratib Arranger
Ratib regular intervals
Ratib Arranger
Ratib Arranger
Ratiq Another name for God
Ratiq Another Name for God
Ratiyah Scholar
Ratul Truthful; Sweet Gold; Loveable
Rauf Compassionate
Rauf Merciful, kind
Rauf To have Compassion, Kind
Rauf Who is every one’s friend; Merciful; Kind
Rauff Compassionate
Rauffe Compassionate
Rauh Name of a Sahabi
Raumaan Name of a Sahabi
Rauman Gods Gift
Raunak Fame
Raunak Beauty of Nature, Prestigious
Raunak Light or happiness
Raunaq One who Lives in Splendour
Raunaq Beauty; Grace; Glamour
Rauoof Merciful, Kind
Raushaid Rightly Guided, Of True Faith
Raushan Illumination; Bright; Brilliant; Celebrated
Raushan Light, Skylight, Bright
Raveed Friend of the People; Eagle Tree
Raveen The Mening of Love
Ravid Wander; Wanderer
Ravoof Slavery of Love
Ravoof Slavery of Love
Ravoof Slavery of Love
Rawaah Rest; Departure; Leaving; Evening
Rawaahah Pleased; Fragrance
Rawah Evening; Rest; Departure; Leaving
Rawaha Pleased; Fragrance
Rawahah Fragrance; Ease; Departure
Rawahah Departure, Fragrance, ease
Rawahah Departure, Fragrance, ease
Rawasee Mountain
Rawasi Mountain
Rawaz TBD
Rawdah Garden Meadow, Paradise
Rawdah Garden Meadow, Paradise
Rawdah Paradise; Garden Meadow
Rawh Refreshment, Rest
Rawh Refreshment, Rest
Rawh Rest; Refreshment
Rawh Refreshment; Rest
Rawman Good Humours
Rawman Good Senses of humor
Rawoof Kind; Merciful
Rawsan Bright; Shine
Rawza Garden; Meadow; Paradise
Raxan Protector; Guarded
Ray Regal, Counsellor
Raya Flowing of a River; Zeal
Rayaan Gates of Paradise / Heaven
Rayaaz TBD
Rayan Flow or sated with drink; Door to paradise
Rayan The gate of heaven which allows fasting people in Ramadan to enter
Rayan Doorman of Heaven, Soft Touch
Rayann Gates of Paradise / Heaven
Rayaz Intelligent; Wise
Rayean Paradise Gate; Doorman of Heaven
Rayeda Honourable; Nice
Rayeed Leader
Rayeen TBD
Rayees Rich
Rayees Leader; President; Wealthy; Rich
Rayen Blossom
Rayfaan Variant of Rayhan
Rayhaan Fragrance, Scented Plants
Rayhaan Sweet basil
Rayhaan Sweet Basil; Favored by God; Heavens flower
Rayhan Sweet basil; favored by God
Rayhan Basil Sweet basil Fragrance
Rayhan sweet basil
Rayhan Sweet Basil, Fragrance
Rayhan Sweet Basil; Favored by God
Rayhana Aromatic Sweet Basil
Rayhari TBD
Rayim Possessions, Goods, Wealth
Rayis Wealth, Property, Treasures
Rayiz TBD
Raymel Son
Raymell Son
Raymon Protecting Hands
Rayn It is the name of a gate of the heaven
Rayn TBD
Rayn Land of the people of lothar
Rayna Mighty
Rayon Heaven’s Door Name
Rayqal Strength
Rayshad Righteous
Rayshan Combination of Ray and Sean
Rayshard Righteous
Rayshaud Righteous
Rayshod Wise Counsellor
Rayyan Luxuriant; one of the gates of paradise
Rayyan Full, pretty
Rayyan luxuriant
Rayyan Full, Pretty, Gate of Heaven
Rayyan Satisfaction; Contented
Rayyih Good-scented
Rayyis Chief; Leader; Commander
Rayyn Night; Gate of Heaven
Raz Secret
Raza Wish, Agreement ,Handsome
Raza Hope; Land; Handsome
Raza Handsome
Razaak Protector; Devotee
Razaan Sensibility and respect; Calm
Razaan Dignified, Brilliant, Wise
Razaaq Protector; Maintainer; Devotee
Razabull TBD
Razack Protector, Devotee
Razah Filled With Hope
Razain Calm; Composed
Razak Devotee; Protector
Razak Protector
Razak Devotee; Provider
Razal Royal
Razam Lion
Razam Lion
Razan Sensibility, Respect, Balanced
Razaq TBD
Razaque TBD
Razaul Pleased; Joy
Razaullah Joy; Pleased
Razbin Wise
Razdan TBD
Razdin Virtuous
Razee Pleasure; Contentment
Razeed TBD
Razeef TBD
Razeek TBD
Razeem One who Designs
Razeen Sedate, Slemn, Sober-Minded
Razeen Sedate, Slemn, Grave, SoberMinded
Razeen Sedate; Grave; Sober-minded
Razeen Sedate; Grave; Sober minded; Composed; Subtle
Razeeq Prince
Razel TBD
Razen Gentle
Razi Happy, To Agree, Satisfied
Razi Thankful for anybody; Satisfied; Contended; Pleased
Razib Lotus (Sanskrit)
Razibul TBD
Razien Calm
Razik Helper; Giver; Provider of Food
Razil Beauty
Razim Lion
Razin Composed, subtle
Razin composed; subtle
Razin Calm; Gentle; Noble; Composed
Razin Sedate; Grave; Sober minded; Composed; Subtle
Raziq Another name for God; cherisher
Raziq God, Provider
Raziq Another name of God; Cherisher
Razith Gilded; Luminous; Silver
Raziuddin TBD
RaziUrRahman Pleasure of the Beneficent
Raziyuddin TBD
Razlan Lion
Razmil Wise
Razvin Calm
Razwan Preferred, Chosen, Selected
Razy My Secret
Razza King; Filled with Hope
Razzaaq Provider
Razzah Filled with Hope
Razzak Protector
Razzan Respect, Sensibility, Modesty
Razzaq One who provides the necessities of life
Razzaq TBD
Razzaq Devotee; Provider
Razzaque TBD
Reaz Practise
Reazul TBD
Reda Contentment; Satisfaction; Favour
Reda, Rida, Ridha (In Gods) favor; contentment, satisfaction
Redaan Lighting
Redan Gift of God; Having Loved Heart
Redha Favoured by God, Brave, Happiness
Rediah TBD
Redouane Satisfaction
Reebal Brave
Reedan Fighter
Reehan Sweet Basil, Scented
Reem Resembling a Horned Animal
Reeshan TBD
Reet Jasmine; Soothing; Purifying; Hymn; Prosperous; Universal plentiful
Reezan Sensior; Respectable
Refad TBD
Refaitheen TBD
Refan Noble King
Refhan Graceful; Good Looking
Refi God has Healed
Regil Silvery
Rehaan Fragrant One; Star; King
Rehaan Fragrant one; Sweet scented; King; Star
Rehab Thankful; Spacious; Generous
Rehadin TBD
Reham Mercy
Reham Little; Light rain; Drizzle; Mercy
Rehaman Merciful
Rehamath TBD
Rehan King
Rehan Scented, Blessing from God, Star
Rehan Fragrant one; Sweet scented; King; Star
Rehana Part of Sun, Sweet Basil
Rehann Blessing from God, Scented
Rehanuma Full of Mercy; Guide
Rehbar Guide
Rehema Forgiveness, Compassionate
Reheman TBD
Rehenuma Full of Mercy
Rehma The loving
Rehma Compassion; Mercy; Grace
Rehma The loving
Rehmaan Merciful
Rehman Merciful; It is in Pray
Rehman Kind hearted
Rehman Merciful
Rehmat Mercy
Rehmat Kind
Rehmat Mercy
Rehmat-ullah Blessings of Allah Almighty
Rehmat-Ullah Blessings of Allah almighty
????? ????  
Rehmath Mercy
Rehnuma Merciful; Guide; Kindness
Rehyaaz Practise
Rehyaaz Practice
Rehza Popular Amongst Persians
Rehza English; Hindi
Rehzan TBD
Rehzin Born for Loving
Reihan Sweet Basil
Reith One who is Shy
Rejaul TBD
Rejidul TBD
Rejith Luminous; Bright
Rejju Peace; King; Prince
Rejwan Acceptance, Good will
Rekibul Star; Moon
Remzi TBD
Renees TBD
Reneesh Perfectionist; Bright
Renil King of Kingdom Child
Renish Rainy
Renjan Lovable Person
Renuka Born of Dust
Reshab King
Reshad Form of Rashad; Wise Counsellor
Reshade Righteous
Reshan TBD
ReShard Righteous
Reshawd Righteous
Reshbin Great; King of Star
Reshma Soft; Silky
Reshteen Truthful
Reshteen Truthful
Resul Messenger
Reuben A Son, Behold, Sea of Bitterness
Reva Narmada River; Red Flag
Revan Love; Wonderful; Horse Rider
Rewan Award
Reya Graceful
Reyaan Fame; Lord Vishnu
Reyad TBD
Reyah Winds, Scent, Strength, Power
Reyal TBD
Reyan Fame, Gift of God, Lord Vishnu
Reyans Part of Sun
Reyansh A Part of Sun, Lord Vishnu
Reyash Heaven
Reyaz Practise
Reyazul TBD
Reyham Merciful
Reyhan Sweet basil
Reyhan Charming; Alternative of God
Reyman TBD
Reyyan TBD
Reza Wish
Reza Agreement, Will, Resignation
Reza Fairy; Pleasure; Wish
Rezaan Respect; Sensibility
Rezah One who is Content
Rezaif TBD
Rezan Winner
Rezaul Joy; Pleased; Agreement
Rezaul Karim Satisfaction of the Most Generous (Allah)
?????? ????  
Rezaul-Karim TBD
RezaulKarim TBD
Rezaun TBD
Rezeen Peace
Rezin Good-will, Messenger, Pleasant
Rezuan TBD
Rezwan Satisfaction; Acceptance; Pleasure
Rezza One Who Is Content
Rezzak TBD
Rezzan Sensibility; Respect
Rhashad King
Rhashod Righteous
Rhenish Perennial river
Rhihaan Entrance of Heaven
Rhys Enthusiasm, Rash, Ardent, Fiery
Riaadh Garden
Riaan Little King, Kingdom
Riaasat Leadership; State
Riad Meadows; Gardens; Endless
Riadh Garden
Riaj Rival
Riam TBD
Rian Little Ruler / King, Kingly
Rias Heaven
Riasat Leadership; State
Riaz Garden, devotion
Riaz Singing Practise; Devotion; Garden
Riaz Garden; Devotion
Riazuddin Leader of the Religion Islam
Ribaideen TBD
Ribat TBD
Ribhan Gift of God
Ribi TBD
Ribin TBD
Richard Brave One, Strong Ruler
Rida Contentment, Satisfaction
Ridaan Noble; Lightening
Ridah Favour
Ridan Fighter, Cute
RidaSiraj TBD
Ridfan The Day and Night Cycle
Ridha Contentment, Acceptance
Ridha Contentment
Ridha Respect; Cover; Contentment
Ridhan Great Heart
Ridhin To Make Gain, Prosperity
Ridhoy Heart
Ridhuan Great Heart
Ridhuvan Superior
Ridhwaan Happiness, Pleasure
Ridhwan Acceptance, Good will
Ridhwan Acceptance; Goodwill
Ridhwin Satisfaction
Ridul TBD
Ridvan TBD
Ridwaan Pleasure, Contentment, Leave
Ridwan Acceptance, Satisfaction
Ridwan Acceptance, satisfaction; name of the keeper of the gates of Heaven
Ridwan Keeper of the gates of heaven
Riezwan TBD
Rif Intelligent, Wise, Knowledgeable
Rifaa Bearer of High Ranking
Rifaah Name of twenty three companions; Greatness
Rifaaiz Beautiful Person
Rifaan Graceful; Good Looking
Rifaaqat Companionship; Society
Rifaat Greatness
Rifaath Eminence; Dignity
Rifad TBD
Rifah TBD
Rifah Name of twenty three companions; Greatness
Rifai Faithful
Rifan Noble King
Rifaq Friends, Companions, Gentle
Rifaqat Companionship; Society
Rifaqath TBD
Rifaqut Good Friend
Rifas Bearer of High Ranking
Rifat High Standing, Dignity
Rifat High rank
Rifat Altitude; Height; High; Development
Rifay Brilliance
Rifayath TBD
Rifaz Bearer of High Ranking; Brave
Riffaat High Rank; Superiority
Riffan TBD
Riffat Superiority; High Rank
Rifhan Graceful, Good Looking
Rifki Lenient; Gentle
Riflan TBD
Rifqat Gentleness, Kindness, Leniency
Rifqi Gentle; Lenient; Kind
Rifsan Bright; Light
Rifshan TBD
Rifzan Bright; Light
Rigan King
Rigel Foot
Rigel Foot
Rihaan Prince, Destroyer of Enemies
Rihab Vastness; Wideness
Rihab vastness
Rihad Attractive
Rihal Champion
Riham Fine Rain; Lasting
Rihan Morning, Entrance of Heaven
Rihan Gods have chosen one, Lord Vishnu, Destroyer of enemies
Rihana Sweet Basil
Rihanul TBD
Rihaz Rival
Rijal Most Successful
Rijan Noble; Popularity; Sunshine
Rijas Kind; Elegant
Rijin Kindness; Happy
Rijon TBD
Rijuan TBD
Rijvan Bringer of Good News
Rijwaan TBD
Rijwan Good will, Acceptance
Rijwana Acceptance, Good will
Rika Eternal Ruler
Rikhav A King
Rikkaz TBD
Riky Rich, Powerful Ruler
Rilan Rye Land
Rillah Attainment; Success; Gift
Rilshad TBD
Riman Rye Seller
Rimon Pomegranate
Rimon Pomegranate
Rimon pomegranate
Rimshad Generosity; Honest
Rin-Han King; Leader; Fire
Rinad Happiness
Rinaf Calm; Good
Rinaf Calm
Rinas Cute
Rinaz Great
Rineesh Bright; Perfectionist
Rinesh Success; Love
Rinish Reborn
Rinos TBD
Rinoz TBD
Rinshad TBD
Rinsheena Beautiful; Star
Rinshid TBD
Rinve Fortunate
Ripon Helping
Riqqah Gentleness; Kindness; Leniency
Risa Czechoslovakian Form of Richard
Risaan Good Human Being
Risad Wealthy; Honestly
Risam TBD
Risan Lord Shiva
Risay The Risk, Black Rose, Loved One
Risay The Risk, Black Rose, Lovest One, The One
Risay The risk; Black rose; Lowest one; The one
Risha Line; Feather
Rishaan Good Human Being, Lord Shiva
Rishab King, Morality, Superior
Rishad Sweet; Tiger; Brave
Rishaf Rose; Superior
Rishan Good Human Being
Rishaq TBD
Rishat The Best
Rishaz TBD
Rishi Saint, Sage, Ray of Light
Rishwan Bringer of Rain
Risl Gentleness; Leniency; Mercy
Rismin TBD
Risvan Light; Lord Shiva
Risvi TBD
Riswa Lawful; Loyal
Riswan Guardian of Heaven; Angel’s Name; …
Rithvan TBD
Ritiq Beyond; Kindness
Riton Friendship
Ritul Purity; Truth; Talented
Rivaan Ambitious; God Gifted
Rivnat TBD
Riwan Award
Riyaad Garden; Meadow
Riyaadh Gardens
Riyaal Wealth; Royalty
Riyaan Little King; Door of Paradise
Riyaast Domination, Government, Rule
Riyaaz Music Practise; Increase
Riyaaz Practice or garden
Riyad Garden
Riyad Gardens
Riyad Garden
Riyad Gardens
Riyad, Riyadh Gardens
Riyadh Gardens
Riyadh Gardens
Riyaf TBD
Riyah Comfort
Riyaj Cheerful; Happy
Riyan Door of Heaven; King; Lord Vishnu
Riyas Heaven
Riyas Heaven
Riyasat Rule, Dominion
Riyasat Rule; Dominion
Riyasat Rule; Dominion
Riyasdeen Leader of the Religion Islam
Riyasudeen Leader of the Religion Islam
Riyauddin TBD
Riyaz Practise; Garden of Heaven
Riyaz Practice or garden
Riyazdeen Leader of the Religion Islam
Riyazuddin TBD
Riyazudeen Garden
Riyazudin Garden Name in Janat
Riyazul Islam Gardens of Islam
??????? ?????  
Riyazul-Islam Gardens of Islam
RiyazulIslam Gardens of Islam
Riyon Beauty of Heaven; God of Gift
Riyyan Scent of Herb
Riyyan Little king
Riz Acceptance; Good will
Riza Pleasure
Rizaan Nobel; King
Rizad TBD
Rizah TBD
Rizal TBD
Rizam Lucky
Rizan Noble; Great King
Rizawan TBD
Rizayath TBD
Rizhan Noble; Origin; Popularity
Rizil Righteous
Rizin TBD
Rizman TBD
Rizq Subsistence, blessing of God
Rizq Mercifully, Subsistence
Rizq Allah Livelihood from Allah
???? ????  
Rizq-Allah Livelihood from Allah
RizqAllah Livelihood from Allah
Rizqi TBD
Rizqin Good Fortune
Rizu Brave; Powerful
Rizvaan Bringer of Good News
Rizvan Guard of Paradise
Rizvan Acceptance; Goodwill
Rizvi Descendant of Imam Ali Raza
Rizvi Angel; Guard of paradise; Bringer of good news
Rizvin Guard of Paradise
Rizwa Religious
Rizwaan Satisfaction Contentment
Rizwan Peon of Paradise
Rizwan Apostle of Heaven, Acceptance
Rizwan Acceptance; Goodwill
Rizwana Pleasure, Satisfaction
Rizwanul TBD
Rizwin Born to be the Best, Good will
Robeel Flight
Robeel Flight
Robeel Flight
Robiul Sun Light
Roby Gold
Rochdi Uprightness
Rocky Dweller by the Rock
Rodin TBD
Rofik Friend; Lord
Rofiq True Friend; Compassionate Friend
Rofique TBD
Rofiul Helpful
Rohaan Happiness, Fragrance, Ascending
Rohab One who Keeps Promise
Rohab Who keeps one’s promise
Rohail Noble
Rohail Noble
Rohana Ascending; Healing; Medicine
Rohel Joyful; Carry-on
Rohid TBD
Rohil Risen, Ascended, King
Rohim TBD
Rohinton Rain Season
Rohitha Good
Rohman Merciful; Compassionate
Rohullah Spirit of God
Roja Rose Flower; Red
Rojan TBD
Rokib King; Excelsior
Rokibul Star; Moon
Roma Laxmi
Romaan Name of a Sahabiyyah, Pomegranate
Romail Founder King of Rome
Roman Citizen of Roman; Man from Rome
Romil Heartfelt
Romman Pomegranate
Ronak Delight, Bright, Embellishment
Ronaq Lustre
Ronaq Beauty; Grace; Glamour
Roni Shout for Joy; Song of Joy
Ronis TBD
Roofah Tender hearted
Rooh Spirit; Soul
Rooh Spirit; Soul; Good behaviour; Purity
Rooh-ul-Haqq The Truthful Spirit
Rooh-ul-Qist The Equitable Spirit
Roohi Spiritual
Roohul Amin Spirit of the faithful
?????? ????  
Roohul-Amin Spirit of the Faithful / Reliable
Roohul-Qudus The Holy Spirit
RoohulAmin Spirit of the Reliable
Roohullah Spirit of Allah
Roohullah Spirit of Allah; An epithet
Roozbeh Fortunate
Rosh The Head; Top; Beginning
Roshad Throne; Wise Counsellor
Roshan Bright, Shining
Roshan Light, Sun Rays, Shining
Roshank Brilliance; Light
Roshd Faith; Morning
Roshid Guide to the Right Path
Roshidul Having the True Faith, Desirable
Roslan Lion
Rostam A Hero in Shahnameh
Rosyiq Beautiful Body Shape
Rouf Name of Allah
Roufath TBD
Rouhan TBD
Rouhi Soul
Rounak Light or Happiness
Rounaq Light or Happiness
Roushdy TBD
Rovan TBD
Rowab Flowing Water
Rowel Flower
Rowel Flower
Rownakul TBD
Roza Paradise; Garden; Meadow
Rozain Gift of God
Rozan Sunshine
Rozen Prince; Variant of Rosen
Rozin A Ruler
Ruaan Gods Perfect Creation, Rising
Ruaib TBD
Ruamir TBD
Ruba Ruby
Rubaid God Gift
Rubaih Winner, One who Wins Often
Rubais TBD
Rubaish TBD
Ruban Bright
Rubel Flight; Currency of Belarus
Rubick Creator
Rubin Behold; A Son; Bright
Rubina Red; Colour
Rudaev Heart
Rudwaan TBD
Rueem Name of Sahabi
Rufaidh TBD
Rufaith TBD
Rufaiz TBD
Rufat Heavenly
Rufcon TBD
Ruffat Heavenly
Ruh Spirit; Soul; Good behaviour; Purity
Ruh Spirit; Soul
Ruhaan Kind hearted; Spiritual
Ruhaan Kind Hearted; Spiritual
Ruhab Our who Keeps One’s Promise; …
Ruhaib One who Brings Happiness
Ruhail To Leave, To Go on a Journey
Ruhal Mounting, Rise, Grown, Ascended
Ruham TBD
Ruhan Spiritual
Ruheil TBD
Ruhhaan Related to the Spirit / Soul
Ruhi Spiritual
Ruhi spiritual
Ruhi Spiritual, A Star
Ruhin TBD
Ruhmaan Most Gracious
Ruhul Trusted
Ruhul Haq Spirit of the truth
????? ??  
Ruhul Qudus Spirit of the holy epithet
????? ?????  
Ruhul-Haq Spirit of the Truth
Ruhul-Qudus Spirit of the Holy
RuhulHaq Spirit of the Truth
RuhulQudus Spirit of the Holy
Rukaanah Firm; Solid
Rukain Pillar; Support
Rukanah Firm, Solid
Rukanah Firm, Solid
Rukanah Firm; Solid
Rukha Soft Breeze; Gentle Wind
Rukhaa Gentle Wind; Soft Breeze
Rukhailah Female Sheep
Rukhailah Female sheep name of a Saha
Rukham White Stone; Marble
Rukham White stone; Marble
Rukhsar Cheek; Face; Red Rose Cheek
Rukman TBD
Rukmoddin TBD
Rukmuddin TBD
Rukn Pillar; Prop; Support; Corner
Rukn Pillar; Prop; Support
Ruknud Din Pillar of the religion (Islam)
?????? ???  
Ruknud-Din Pillar of the Religion (Islam)
RuknudDin Pillar of the Religion Islam
Rukomdin TBD
Rukon TBD
Ruksana Protect; Sun
Rukshan TBD
Rukumdin TBD
Rumaan Fruit in Jannat, Anaar (Pomegranate)
Rumais TBD
Rumaiz Symbol; Sign; Gesture
Ruman Pomegranate
Ruman Fruit in Jannat, Anaar (Pomegranate)
Rumaythah TBD
Rumh Peaceful; Responsible
Rummaan Pomegranate Tree; Pomegranates
Rumman A Fruit; Pomegranate of Jannat
Runa Sixth Month of Muslim Calendar
Ruqaim Mark; Seal
Ruqee Elevated, Raised
Rusaf TBD
Rusan Lighting; Bright
Rusdhan TBD
Rushaan Light; Star
Rushad One whose Soul is Joyous
Rushaid Rightly Guided; On the Right Path
Rusham Peaceful
Rushan Illuminated
Rushd On the Right Path, Awareness
Rushd Maturity, wisdom, sensible conduct
Rushd maturity; wisdom
Rushd On the right path
Rushdan Right Guidance, Right Path
Rushdha Beauty
Rushdi Mature; Wise
Rushdi Mature, wise
Rushdi mature; wise
Rushdi Good news
Rushdien Rightly Guided; Right Path
Rushdin Right Path; Rightly Guided
Rushil Flamboyant, Charming, Attractive
Rushlaan TBD
Rushmuddin TBD
Rushnan Star
Rusho TBD
Ruslaan Lion
Rustagi TBD
Rustam Large, Very Tall, Decoration
Rustam Large; Very tall; Originating from steel; Strong; Well-built large (, Son of sohrab)
Rusthan Strong; Intelligent
Rusul Messenger; Prophets
Ruvaid TBD
Ruwaid Walking Gently; Soft Breeze
Ruwaid Walking gently
Ruwaid, Ruwayd Walking gently
Ruwaife Exalted
Ruwaifi Name of Distinguished Sahabi
Ruwaihim Compassionate; Forgiving
Ruwais Small Master; Chief; Leader
Ruwaishid Rightly Guided; On the Right Path
Ruwayd Walking Gently
Ruwayd Walking gently
Ruwayd walking gently
Ruwayfe High; Exalted; Superior
Ruwayfe High superior exalted
Ruwayfi Exalted
Ruwayfi Exalted
Ruwesuddin TBD
Ruwwaad Pioneers; Explorers
Ruwwad Pioneers, Explorers, Guides
Ruwwad Pioneers; Explorers; Guides
Ruzaan Respect; Sensibility
Ruzaif TBD
Ruzaik Wisdom
Ruzain Respect; Calm; Composed; Lovely
Ruzaini TBD
Ruzan Confidence
Ruzbihan TBD
Ruzmy Beautiful; Lucky
Ruzzik Wisdom
Ryan Little King / Ruler, Kingly
Rybal Lion
Ryda Favour
Ryhan The Gate of Heaven
Rylan From the Lands of Rye
Ryman Rye Merchant
Ryshon First
Ryyan Descendant Of Rian