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“G” represents Mysticism and Religion. The G shows Purposeful, Orderly, inventive, and instinctive.

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Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With G

Gabba The Capital of Queensland
Gabbar Strong
Gabber A Proud and Strong Man
Gabir Comforter
Gabir Comforter; Consoler
Gabir Comforter
Gabr Consolation
Gabr Compulsion Name of a Companion
Gabriel Christian, God is My Strength
Gaby God is My Strength; Hero of God
Gaddy My Fortune
Gadee My Fortune
Gadi God is my fortune
Gadi God is My Fortune; My Wealth
Gadie My Fortune
Gadiel God is My Fortune
Gadil God is my wealth
Gadil God is my wealth
Gadil Forest; God is My Wealth
Gadil God is my wealth
Gafar Ctream
Gafar Little Stream, Rivulet, A River
Gafar Stream
Gaffar Most Forgiving
Gaffoor Forgiver; Merciful
Gafoor Merciful; Forgiver
Gafur Invincible
Gahez Morning
Gahez Morning
Gaith Rain
Galaad TBD
Galal Greatness
Galal A Roll or Wheel, Round, Wave
Galeeb TBD
Galel Wave of God
Galib Name of a Great Poet
Gamaal Camel
Gamal camel
Gamal Camel; Handsome
Gamali Camel
Gamali Camel
Gamali camel
Gamali Camel
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Gamall Mountain; Beautiful
Gambo Child Born before Twins
Gamil Beautiful
Gamil Tiger Man; Handsome; Beautiful
Gamil Beautiful
Gani Gold
Ganief TBD
Gardez TBD
Garrath Gentle
Gasheen Good
Gassan TBD
Gasser A Courageous Man
Gauhar Cow Like, White, The Pearl
Gawdat Goodness, Excellence
Gayas TBD
Gayazuddin TBD
Gazali Famous; Mystic
Gazi Leader
Gazish TBD
Gaziyan Conqueror; Fighter
Gazza Spear; Brave with the Spear
Gehad Married Man
Gemail White Sparrow
George Earth Worker, Farmer
Gervasius Spear
Ghaafir Forgiver
Ghaafirin Forgiver
Ghaaib Hidden; Absent; Away
Ghaali Precious, Valuable, Dear, Beloved
Ghaalib Victor; Conqueror; Dominant
Ghaalib Victor
Ghaalib Victor; First; Predominant; Another name for God
Ghaaliboon Winner; Overcomers; Dominant One
Ghaamid Strong
Ghaazee War Champion; Hero; Conqueror
Ghaazi Conqueror
Ghaazi Conqueror, War Champion, Hero
Ghaazi Conqueror
Ghabashir Twilight of the Morning
Ghadeer Small Stream
Ghadef One who Drives a Boat
Ghadef One who drives a boat
Ghadhanfar Lion; King of Jungle
Ghadi Early Riser
Ghadir A Sword; Pond; Pool
Ghadra Dark
Ghafar Forgiving
Ghaffaar Forgiving
Ghaffar Most Forgiving; Merciful; Forgiver
Ghaffar Forgiver; Merciful
Ghaffari Forgiver; Forgiving
Ghafir Another name for God; generous
Ghafir Forgiving, Merciful
Ghafiri Forgiving; One who Pardons
Ghafirin Forgiver
Ghafoor Forgiver; Merciful
Ghafr Mercy; Forgiveness
Ghafur Forgiving; Merciful
Ghafur Forgiver; Merciful
Ghafuri Forgiving; Pardoning
Ghaib Hidden; Absent; Away
Ghaida Young
Ghaidan Delicate; Slender
Ghailam Good-looking
Ghailan Demon
Ghailum Good-looking; Handsome
Ghairat Zeal, Self Respect, Vigilant Care
Ghais Street Light
Ghais Rain
Ghaisan One who Brings / does Much Good
Ghaisullah God’s Bounty / Blessings
Ghaith Rain
Ghaith Rain
Ghaiyyas Helper; Reliever; Winner
Ghaiyyas Helper; Reliever; Winner
Ghaiz Desert; Forest; Jungle
Ghakhtalay Strong
Ghakhtalay Strong
Ghalb Victory; Superior Power
Ghalbah Superiority; Conquest
Ghaleb Be Loved
Ghali Valuable, dear, beloved, expensive
Ghali Expensive; Scare; Costly
Ghali Valuable; Dear; Beloved; Expensive
Ghalib Victor
Ghalib victor
Ghalib Excellent, Winner, Conqueror
Ghalib Victor; First; Predominant; Another name for God
Ghalib-Billah TBD
Ghalibi Winner, Victor
Ghalibun Winner; Dominant One
Ghalinus Physician
Ghallab Ever Victorious, Triumphant
Ghallab Ever victorious; Triumphant
Ghamay Precious Stone
Ghamay Precious stone
Ghamir Giving a Lot of Charity
Ghamzah Signal; Hint
Ghana Dark, War Chief, Wealth, Profit
Ghandoor Dandy
Ghandur Dandy
Ghaneei Rich; Needless
Ghaneem Winner
Ghanem Successful
Ghanem Successful
Ghanem Successful
Ghani Title of 3rd khalifah of Islam Hazrat Usman
Ghani Independent, Prosperous
Ghani Rich; Wealthy; Prosperous
Ghanim Good Man; Successful
Ghanim Successful
Ghanim Successful
Ghanimat Reward
Ghanimi Winner; One who Always Wins
Ghaniyah Independent; Prosperous
Ghannam Shepherd
Ghannam Shepherd
Ghannam Shepherd
Ghannan Two Friends of Prophet Muhammad
Ghanum Winner; Acquirer of Riches
Ghanyan Wealthy; Needless
Gharab Gold; Silver
Gharam Infatuation; Love; Devotion
Ghareeb Humble; Poor; Needy; Stranger
Ghareer Young, Good Manners
Gharib Stranger, Visitor, Traveller
Gharib Poor; Need; Humble; Stranger
Gharisullah A Young Tree Planted by God
Gharizah Nature; Character
Gharra Brilliant; Shining
Ghasaan Old Arabic name
Ghasaan Old Arabic name
Ghasan Old Arabic Name
Ghashiah 88th Surah of the Quran; covering
Ghashiah Servant, Attendant
Ghasiq Moon, Pearls
Ghassaan Ardour; Vigour (of Youth)
Ghassan Father of a Tribe
Ghassan Ardor, vigor (of youth)
Ghassan ardor; vigor
Ghassan Ardor; Vigor of youth
Ghassen Youthful
Ghathe Rain
Ghatool Tulip
Ghatool Tulip
Ghatrif Leader; Brave; Noble
Ghatrif Leader; Brave; Noble
Ghaur Consideration; Depth; Attention
Ghaus Cry for Help, Defender, Succour
Ghaus Help; Aid; Rescue; Succor
GhausIAzam Great Helper
Ghauth Succour; Helper; Defender
Ghauth Helper Defender
Ghauth Helper; Defender; Successor
Ghawalib Victorious; Triumphant
Ghawani Modest; Singer; Chaste
Ghawsaddin Rescuer of the Faith
Ghawth Help; Succour
Ghawth Help, succour
Ghawth succor; to help
Ghawth Helper; Defender; Successor
Ghayab Disappear
Ghayab Disappear
Ghayat Aim; Goal; Destination
Ghayaz TBD
Ghayb Hidden; Absent; Away
Ghayid Gentle; Soft; Delicate
Ghaylan Great
Ghaylan Great; Fat
Ghayoor Self-respecting
Ghayoor Selfrespecting
Ghayoor Self respecting
Ghays Shower of Mercy
Ghayth Rain
Ghayth Rain
Ghayth Rain
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Ghayur Zealous, Eager, High Minded
Ghayur Another name for God; haughty
Ghayyas Winner; Helper; Reliever
Ghayyath The One Rushing to Help
Ghayyoor Self- Respecting
Ghazaal Gazelle; Young Deer; Fawn
Ghazaali Deer-like
Ghazal Resembling a Deer
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazalan Spinner
Ghazan Holy War Fighter
Ghazan Holy war fighter
Ghazanfar Lion
Ghazanfar Lion
Ghazanfar Lion; Title of Caliph Ali
Ghazanfar Lion
Ghazarat Abundance; Plenty
Ghazari Pigeon
Ghazawan Warrior, companion of Prophet (S.A.W)
Ghazawan Warrior companion of Prophet (S.A.W)
Ghazawan Warrior
Ghazawan Warrior; A companion; One on the expedition; To conquer
Ghazee War Champion; Conqueror
Ghazi Conqueror
Ghazi Conqueror warrior
Ghazi conqueror
Ghazi War Champion, Hero, Conqueror
Ghazi Conqueror
Ghazia Child of God
Ghazir Comfortable; Abundant; Ample
Ghaziuddin Warrior of Religion
Ghazwaan One on Expedition; To Conquer
Ghazwan To Conquer; One on Expedition
Ghazwan One on expedition, to conquer
Ghazwan to conquer
Ghazwan Warrior; A companion; One on the expedition; To conquer
Ghazwi Militant; Warlike; Heroic
Ghazy Conqueror
Ghazzal Vendor of Cotton Thread
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran
Ghazzal Name of a reciter of Quran
Ghiath Sun
Ghifari Of the Ghifar Tribe
Ghilibba Victory
Ghiman Clouds
Ghirnauq Fair; Handsome
Ghitamm Ocean; Huge; Vast
Ghitref Noble; Great; Famous Man
Ghiyaas Full of Succour
Ghiyaath Succorer
Ghiyaath Succourer; Help
Ghiyaath Succor; Help; Aid; Successor
Ghiyam Mist; Fog
Ghiyas Another Name for God
Ghiyas Another name for God
Ghiyas Deliverance from hardships
Ghiyas-ud-Din Helper of the Religion (Islam)
Ghiyas-Ud-Din Helper of the religion
Ghiyasud-Din Helper of the Religion
GhiyasUdDin Helper of the Religion Islam
Ghiyath Aid; Succoured
Ghiyath Succorer
Ghiyath Aid, Succourer
Ghiyath one who offers succor
Ghiyath Succor; Help; Aid; Successor
Ghofran Pardon; Forgiveness
Ghofran Pardon; Forgiveness
Gholaam Lad; Youth
Gholam Lad; Youth
Gholamhossein Variant of Gulam
Ghoroob Sunset
Ghorzang Long Strides; Panther Strides
Ghorzang Long strides; Panther strides
Ghouseuddin Leadership, Individuality
Ghudaf Black Raven
Ghufair Forgiving; Merciful
Ghufraan Forgiveness
Ghufran Leave, Mercy, Forgiveness
Ghufran Forgiving, to conceal
Ghulaam Slave; Servant; Youth
Ghulam Slave; Servant
Ghulam Slave, Servant
Ghulam Slave, Servant
Ghulam Servant; Boy; Youth
Ghulam-Ahmad Variant of Gulam
Ghulam-Hassan Variant of Gulam
GhulamAhmad Variant of Gulam
GhulamHassan Variant of Gulam
GhulamKhan Keeps Smile
Ghulamrasool Red Flower
Ghulubba Victory
Ghulumat Youthfulness
Ghumair Saffron
Ghumr Saffron
Ghunaim A Person who Takes Booty
Ghunaim A person who takes booty
Ghunayn One who Collects Booty
Ghunayn One who collects booty
Ghunayn One who collects booty
Ghunayn One who collects booty
Ghuncha Gul Bunch of flowers
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Ghuncha-Gul Bunch of Flowers
Ghur Honoured Chief; Fair-skinned
Ghurabat Beginning; Edge of a Sword
Ghuraib Gold; Silver
Ghurnuq Tender; Comely; Delicate
Ghurrah Chief, Leader
Ghurran Grace; Bright; Brilliant
Ghurub Sunset
Ghusayn Branch of a Tree
Ghusharib Brave
Ghusharib Brave
Ghusun Branches of Tree
Ghusun Branches of tree
Ghusun Branches of tree
Ghutaif A Well of a Person; Well to do
Ghutaif Affluent
Ghutayf Affluent
Ghutayf Affluent
Ghutayf Affluent
Ghutayf Affluent
Ghuthayfah Companion of the Prophet
Gian God is Merciful
Gias Helping
Gibran Tree Shadow
Gibril Angel Gabriel
Gibril / Jibril angel Gabriel
Gidaan TBD
Gilad Hump of a Camel, Name of Mountain
Giladi Moon
Gilam Joy of a Country
Gildun Star
Gilead Hill of Witness, Hump of a Camel
Gileem Blanket; Warmth; Protection
Ginton A Garden
Ginton A garden
Ginton a garden
Ginton a garden
Giraami Precious; Respectable; Dear
Girnauq Delicate; Slender Youth
Gishnu Synonymous of Lord; Singer
Givon Hill; High Place; Heights
Givon Hill; Heights
Givon hill; heights
Gogal Vocal Cords
Gogal Vocal cords
Gohar Diamond; Precious Stone
Gohar Diamond, precious stone
Gohar Diamond, precious stone
Gohar Tab Shining like a bead; Stone
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Gohar-Tab Shining Like Bead / Stone
Goharnaz Beautiful
Goharshad Happy jewel
Golan A Place of Refuge
Goolam Servant
Gorbat Eagle
Gorbat Eagle
Gousepak Friend of God
Gow A Smith
Gran Dear; Beloved
Gran Dear, Beloved
Guadaloupe Wolf River
Guadalupe Plenty; River of the Wolf
Guda goodnessor excellence
Guda Supreme, He who is Praised
Gufran Forgiver; Forgiveness
Guftar TBD
Gul Flower
Gul The Rose Flower; Flower
Gul Baz Playing with flowers
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Gul Hasham Flower name
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Gul Mast Gul – flowers
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Gul Yar Loving flowers
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Gul Zaman Zaman – times
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Gul Zar Rose garden; Inhabited town; Flourishing
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Gul-Baz Playing with Flowers
Gul-e-Rana A Beautiful Flower
Gul-E-Ranaa A Beautiful Flower
Gul-Hasham Flower Name
Gul-Jan Gul – Flowers; Jan – Life
Gul-Mast Gul – Flowers; Mast – Excitement
Gul-Rang Colour of Flowers
Gul-Zaman Zaman means Times
Gul-Zar Flower; Garden
Gulab Rose; Flower
Gulab Rose
Gulab Rose
Gulafshan TBD
Gulam Slave; Servant
Gulamali Strong
Gulamnabi Poet; Servant
Gulamrasool TBD
Gulbadeen TBD
Gulbar Shredder of Flowers; Generous
Gulbar Shedder of flowers; Generous
Gule-Ranaa A Beautiful Flower
GulERana A Beautiful Flower
Gulfam Flower’s Colour; Rose Faced
Gulfam Rose faced
Gulfam Rose faced
Gulfam Rose faced; Color
Gulfana TBD
Gulhamid TBD
Guljar TBD
Gull Glutton
Gulmir TBD
Gulraiz Rose-sprinkle; Always Happy
Gulrej Red Rose
Gulsan A Flower Garden
Gulshad Garden of Flowers
Gulshan Garden of Flowers; Rose Garden
Gulshan A flower Garden
Gulshan A flowerGarden
Gulshan Garden of flowers
Gulsher King of Flowers
Gulussa Helper
Gulvez TBD
Gulvish TBD
Gulwan Early Youth
Gulyani TBD
Gulzaar Bed of Roses; A Garden
Gulzaar Rose garden; Inhabited town; Flourishing
Gulzar Gardener
Gulzar A Garden, an inhabited town
Gulzar A Garden, an inhabited town, flourishing
Gulzar Rosegarden; Inhabited town; Flourishing
Gunjbuksh TBD
Gunjbuksh Forgiving holy treasures
Gunjoor TBD
Gunjoor The treasures
GurdanaKhan Mangoes
Gutaif A Well of a Person; Well to do
Gutaif A well of a person; Well to do
Guzar TBD
Guzeen Selecting; Adopting
Guzeer Help; Remedy