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“O” represents Patience. The O shows Responsibility, Knowledge, and intellect. The O is a frank, methodical person who has respect for law and order in everything.

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Here on this page, we have compiled famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With O, Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most beautiful Algerian Baby Boy Names Start With O. You might be interested in more baby names on our site.



Famous Algerian Baby Boy Names Starting With O

Obaid Small Slave
Obaid Small Slave
Obaid Small Slave
Obaid Small slave
Obama Slightly Bent
Obeid TBD
Obez One
Oday TBD
Oemar The Arabian Traveller
Ohad Praising; Confessing; United
Okba TBD
Ola Wealth, Defender of Mankind
Olfa Familiarity; Intimacy
Olia Highest; Loftiest; Utmost
Oliur TBD
Olka Homeland
Oma Life Giver; Commander
Omaid Beautiful
Omair Intelligent; Problem Solver
Omair Intelligent
Omais Love; Affection
Omam Plural of Ummah; Nation
Oman Giver of Life, Friend, Protector
Omar Long Living
Omar Long-Lived
Omar first born son
Omar Long-Lived
Omar An Era, The Highest
Omar Elevated; An Era; Long-lived
Omar, Umar life
Omari TBD
Omarr Highest; Follower of the Prophet
Omary TBD
Omed Hope; Aspiration
Omeed Hope
Omeed Hope
Omeir Long Living
Omeir Long living; Problem solver
Omen To be Faithful
Omer Eloquent or Bundle of Grain
Omero Security; Pledge
Omid Hope; Desire; Wish
Omid Hope
Ommar First Son
Ommar Long Living
Omor Awesomeness
Omran Solid Structure; Lifetime
Omran Solid structure
Omran Solid structure
Omri Sheaf of Corn / Grain
Onik Various; Soldier
Onon Prosperous
Ons Gladness
Ons Gladness; Removal of Fear
Onshuda Chant
Onsi One who brings calm and gladness to the heart
Onsi One who Removes Fears
Oraib Keen, One who has Vision
Orang A Throne, Wisdom, Understanding
Orin White, Pale Green, Pale-skinned
Orko Pansy; Violet
Ormazd Divinity of wisdom
Orz Side, Proximity
Osaf A Well Dancer; Wasf (Qualities)
Osaf A good dancer
Osama Lion
Osama Lion
Osama Description of a Lion; Brave
Osman A servant of God
Osman a servant of God
Ossa Divine Law
Ossi Leaping Warrior
Osul Trunks, Essential
Oula First
Oves TBD
Owais A companion of the Prophet (SAW)
Owais A companion of the Prophet (S.A.W)
Owaisi Brave; Gifted talented
Owaisy Brave; Gifted talented
Owan Yahweh is Gracious; Youth; Lamb
Owen Help from Allah, Well Born
Owes Young / Little Wolf
Owez Fearless
Ozan Poet; Bard
Ozhan Thrower
Ozil Genuine; Real