Category: American Girl Names

Are you looking for an American baby girl names for your newborn? The United States may be young, but its history is deep. From the early days of the Wild West to revolutionaries and civil rights activists, celebrities and unknowns, you’re sure to find a name on this list of over 300 ideas.

Names classified as American were created as part of the American culture. American baby girl names can also be combined terms or derivatives of more classic characters.
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One of the significant doubts we always have when having a baby is what to name it. The variety has become so broad these times that we have a million options to choose from.

If you find yourself in this situation and want to give your baby a name that is far from traditional, today, we will provide you with some ideas made in the USA to help you clear up your doubts.



There are American baby names for girls that we have already adapted to our culture: Mark, John, Mila, Samantha… but there are many more that can inspire you if you are in full search.

They will be original and different from what we are used to hearing, and above all, they will give your baby a more extraordinary personality.