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“H” represents Creativity and Power. The H shows Successful, self-Contained, and a natural money maker. It has a strong connection with the earth and is a nature lover. Introducing American Baby Girl Names Starting With H! From Harper to Halle, these sweet names will make your newborn girl a star in the family.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 229 American Baby Girl Names Starting With H. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 229 American Baby Girl Names Starting With H.


Hiana is a popular baby girl name that originates from African American culture. It is typically given to girls born in the early 20th century. Hiana means “happy”.


Names starting with H are popular in the United States. Harper is one of the most popular baby girl names with a 0.7 percent frequency according to the Social Security Administration. The name Harper has been in use since 1880 and derives from the Old English harp meaning “stringed instrument.” Some other popular American baby girl names that start with H include Haven, Harlow, Hilton, and Harper Lee.


Hayley is a popular name for baby girls in the United States. It ranks as the 18th most popular girl name in 2017, according to the Social Security Administration.

The name Hayley comes from Old English and means “a meadow by a stream.” It was first given to a baby girl in 1876. In 2017, Hayley was most commonly given to girls in the states of Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee.


1. Haven
2. Harper
3. Harmony
4. Havenia
5. Halleigh


The name Haleigh has been growing in popularity recently, and for good reason. It’s a unique and beautiful name that is sure to make a lasting impression on your child.

Some of the most popular variants of Haleigh include Hailey, Haleighn, Haley and Haleighe. Each of these names has its own special qualities that will make them perfect for your little one.

Hailey is perfect for girls who want a soft and sweet name. It’s also versatile enough to be used with any middle or last name, making it a great choice for parents who are looking for something unique.

Haleighn is another great option if you’re looking for something more masculine. It’s straightforward but charming, and will suit boys or girls equally well.

Haley is another popular variant of Haleigh, and for good reason. It’s soft, feminine and memorable – perfect for any little girl. Plus, it has plenty of variants (Halee, Haleigha and Haleighs) to choose from if you need some help making a decision.

Finally, there is Haleighe which is becoming increasingly popular thanks to its unique sound. It’s the perfect choice if you want a


Harlow is a popular baby girl name that originates from the United States. It is pronounced h-a-r-l-o-w. There are many variants of this name, such as Harley, Harleigh, and Harlie.

The popularity of Harlow may be due to its simple and classic sound. Additionally, the name has a few nicknames that make it more memorable, such as Haleigh and Harlotte. Another reason for its popularity may be the fact that it can be used in both English and French languages, making it appealing to international families.

There are also many other great names starting with H that you may want to consider for your next baby girl. Here are some of our favorites:

Haley: A popular American name, Haley is often given to girls who have strong personalities.

Hallie: Hallie is a sweet and gentle name that would make a wonderful choice for a newborn or firstborn child.

Haley Jo: Named after singer and actress Haley Jo Davison, Haley Jo is perfect for a girl who loves her music.


Hera is a Greek name meaning “Queen.” It was popularized by the goddess Hera in the classical pantheon. Some other variations of this name include Hera and Hira.

Hera is also a given name, typically used for girls. It ranked within the top 1000 names in the U.S. in 2015 and 2017, according to


Hailey is a popular baby girl name that starts with the letter H. Some other similar names starting with H include Harper, Haleigh, and Hayley. Hailey is a versatile name that can be used for both girls and boys. It’s also considered trendy, which makes it a great choice for parents who are looking for something current and popular. Some of the other benefits of choosing Hailey include being unique and versatile.


When it comes to American Baby Girl Names starting with H, Harper is definitely a top contender. This name has a stylish and sophisticated feel to it that will make your little one stand out from the crowd. Plus, Harper is also versatile enough to be used for both boys and girls, so it’s sure to fit into any family’s name choice.

If you’re looking for a unique, unique name for your little one, Harper is definitely worth considering.


Here are 10 American Baby Girl Names starting with H that sound amazing together!

Haley is a feminine name that originated in England. It is pronounced ha-lee. Haley typically refers to a girl, but can also be used for a boy. The meaning of the name is unknown, but it may be derived from Old French halei, meaning ‘happy’.

Haley is an excellent choice for a baby girl name because it has many variations and spellings including Haleigh, Haleigh Ann, Hayley and Haleigh Rae. It is also relatively easy to pronounce for those who don’t know how to say the letter H.
The popularity of Haley as a baby name ranked it #642 on the 2018 US Social Security List of Most Popular Baby Names.

Hermosa means ‘ beautiful ‘ in Spanish . It is pronounced her-muh-zuh . Hermosa is an excellent choice for a baby girl name because its meaning is unique and beautiful.
Hermosa also has several variations including Hermina, Emmylou and Mercedes. It’s relatively easy to pronounce for those who don’t know how to say the letter H and its popularity ranked it



Haven is a beautiful name for a baby girl. It has a classic, sophisticated sound that will be perfect for your little princess. The meaning of the name is ‘peaceful place’. Perfect for a girl who wants to find peace and tranquility in her life.


Alexa is another amazing choice for a baby girl. The meaning of the name is ‘defender of man’. This perfect name will reflect the strength and courage of your little one. She will be an inspiration to others, always standing up for what she believes in.


Haley is one of the most popular baby names in America right now. It means ‘the sun’, which is perfect for a girl who wants to bring sunshine into everyone’s lives she meets. With its soft, gentle sound, Haley will be loved by parents and their daughters alike.


1. Hope
2. Hope
3. Hope
4. Hope
5. Hope
6. Hope
7. Hope
8. Hope
9. Hope
10. Hope


The top 10 American baby girl names that start with H are:

1. Hope
2. Harper
3. Hayley
4. Haley
5. Haleigh
6. Harlow
7. Haven
8. Harmony
9. Havenia
10. Harper Grace



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With H

Hadassah Myrtle Tree, Like a Star
Hadda Noble, One who Radiates
Hadlee Field of Heather
Hadley From the Heather Covered Meadow
Haeran TBD
Haesel Nut
Haesel God sees
Hailee Hay Clearing, Hay Meadow / Field
Hailey From the Hay Meadow, Hay Clearing
Hailey From the hay meadow
Haili Hay Clearing / Meadow
Hailie Hay Clearing
Haiwi Bird of Peace, Resembling the Dove
Haiwy Resembling the Dove, Bird of Peace
Haize Hazel
Hakidonmuya Time of Waiting Moon
Halee Hay Meadow / Clearing
Haleigh Field of Hay, Heroine
Haleigh Heroine
Haley Heroine
Hali Unique, The Beautiful Ocean
Halie Hay Meadow, Hay Clearing
Halig Holy
Halin A Unique Young Woman
Haliya Adorned with Jewellery
Hall One who is Distinguished
Halla Peace, Princess, Sweet and Kind
Halle The Sea, Heroine, Unexpected Gift
Halle Heroine
Halley From the Hall, Army Power
Halley Heroine
Hallie Heroine, Hay Meadow
Hallie Heroine
Haloke Salmon
Halona Of Happy Fortune, Fortunate
Halsey Hall’s Island
Halstyn A Stylish Woman
Halyna Shining One, Bright One
Halzi A Great Leader
Halzy A Great Leader
Hamilton A Dreamer, One who is Wishful
Hamony Peace, Concord, Unity, Harmony
Hana Happiness, Flower, Blossom
Hanah Full of Grace
Hanani Favoured by God
Haneefah Pure Muslim
Hanie God is Merciful, Grace
Hanna Garden, Happiness, Joy, Grace
Hannah Gracious, Grace, Grace of God
Hannah Gracious
Hannalee Gracious, Favour, Grace
Hannalee Gracious
Hannia Resting Place, Pleasant
Hanny Grace, God has Favoured Me
Hanselena From Hansel and Lena
Happy Cheerful, Joyful
Harel A Great Leader
Harleen From the Hare’s Meadow; Meadow of …
Harlene Hare Clearing, Hare Meadow
Harley From the Hare’s Meadow; The Long …
Harli Hare Clearing / Meadow
Harlie From the Hare’s Meadow; Meadow of …
Harlow Army Hill, Place Name
Harmon Harmony, Peace, Unity, Concord
Harmonee A State of Order or Agreement
Harmoni Peace, Unity, Harmony, Concord
Harmonie A State of Order or Agreement
Harmony A State of Order or Agreement
Harper Pretty, Harp Player, Maker
Harri Lord of the Manor, House Owner
Harriet Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ruler
Harriet Ruler of an enclosure
Harriette Ruler of the Home, Estate
Hartlyn Full of Love, Joyous
Hasmik Jasmine, Smiling
Hattie Ruler of an enclosure
Hattie Ruler of an Enclosure, Home Ruler
Hatty Home Ruler
Haul One who is Distinguished
Hausu TBD
Havanna From Havana, Cuba
Haven A refuge or shelter
Haven place of eternal happiness
Haven A Refuge / Shelter, Sanctuary
Havilah From the Stretch of Sand
Hawke Resembling the Bird
Hawki Resembling the Bird
Hawky Resembling the Bird
Haya Modesty, Decency, Shyness, Shame
Haydee Noble Sort, Well-behaved
Hayden From the Hedged Valley
Haylee From the Hay Clearing / Meadow
Hayleigh Variant of Haleigh, Haley
Hayley From the hay meadow
Hayley From the Hay Meadow, Hay Field
Haylie From the hay meadow
Haylie From the Hay Meadow, Field of Hay
Hazel Hazelnut
Hazel Hazelnut, A Nut-bearing Tree
Hazell Hazelnut
Hazell Hazelnut, The Hazel Tree
Hazle Hazel Tree, Variant of Hazel
Hazuki Leaf – Moon
Heart Love, Passion
Heather Flower
Heather Flower Name, Flowering Shrub
Heaven Paradise
Heaven From the Heavens, Paradise
Hedy Fighting a Battle
Hehewuti Warrior Mother Spirit
Heidi Noble and serene
Heidy Noble One, Kind, Honourable
Heizel Colour of Rising Sun, Charming
Helaine Bright One, Light, Sun-ray
Helan Torch, Sun Ray, Shining Light
Helen Light
Helen Torch, Sun Ray, Shining Light
Helena Light
Helena Light, Torch, Sun Ray, Corposant
Helene Light, Torch
Helki To Touch, Touched
Helky To Touch
Hellen Bright One, Sun Ray, Shining
Heller The Sun
Heltu Like a Bear Reaching out
Hend TBD
Henika Beautiful
Henley A Social Butterfly
Henli A Social Butterfly
Henly A Social Butterfly
Henri Lord of the Manor, House Owner
Henriett Home Ruler, Keeper of the Hearth
Henrietta Ruler of the House
Herleen A Quiet – Peaceful Woman
Herlinda Friendly, Linden, Lime Tree, Army
Herminia Messenger
Hershey TBD
Hertha Child of the earth
Hertha Powerful Woman, Earth
Hester Evening star
Hester A Star, Variant of Esther
Hettie Star-like, Home Ruler, Star
Hiali Lovely Meadow
Hicks A Saucy Woman
Hiks A Saucy Woman
Hilah Moon’s Halo; Halo
Hilary Cheerful or merry
Hilary Merry, Happy, Cheerful, Joyful
Hilby Juggler
Hild Battle Maid, War, Noble
Hilda Battle maid
Hilda Battle Maid, War
Hilde Battle maid
Hilde Noble, Welfare, Battle Woman
Hildie Battle maid
Hildie Battle Woman, Ready for Battle
Hildred War / Battle Counsellor / Advisor
Hilke TBD
Hillarie Cheerful
Hillary Cheerful or merry
Hillary Humorous, Cheerful, Merry, Happy
Hillory Cheerful
Hilly Greatly Praised
Hiltrud Battle, Power, Strength, Fight
Hinto Blue
Hira Diamond, Sacred Cave
Hisami TBD
Hiwa Alert
Hodge One who is Confident
Hoge One who is Confident
Hoku A Star
Holah Seed-filled Club
Holea Holy
Holey Holy
Holie Holly
Holla Seed-filled Club
Holland Netherlands, From
Hollee To prick
Hollee The Holly Tree
Holleigh Holly
Holli From the Name Holly
Hollie To prick
Hollis Near the holly bushes
Hollis Lives Near the Holly Trees
Holly To prick
Holly Tree, To Prick, Holly Grove
Hollyn Holly + Ann
Holsi An Easygoing Woman
Holsy An Easygoing Woman
Homa A Mythical Bird
Homar A Tomboyish Woman
Homer A Tomboyish Woman
Honee Honey
Honest Truthful
Honesty Truthfulness
Honey Sweet
Honey Sweet as Honey, Sweetheart, Honey
Honna Grace, Mercy
Honney Honey
Honovi Strong Deer, Strong
Hope Expectation
Hope Trust, Faith, Belief
Hortencia Gardener, Garden
Hortense Gardener
Hortense Gardener, Variant of Hortensia
Huacaltzintli Unclear
Humita Shelled Corn
Hunter A huntsman
Hunter Hunter, One who Hunts
Hyacinth The Hyacinth Flower, Flower Name
Hydie Of a Noble Kind, Noble, Honourable
Hyla TBD
Hyzal Reddish Brown, Energetic