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“D” represents Balance. The D shows Will-Power’s natural talent for Business, Perseverance, Authority, and Organization.

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Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With D

Daavita Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Dae day
Daeshan TBD
Daeshandra Dae + Shondra
Daeshaun TBD
Daeshauna TBD
Daeshavon TBD
Daeshawn TBD
Daeshawna Dae + Shawna
Daeshawntia TBD
Daeshon TBD
Daeshona TBD
Daeshonda TBD
Dafne Laurel Tree
Dafnie Laurel Tree, Laurel
Dagian Dawn
Dagne New Day
Dagney New, Day
Dahiana Dahlia
Dahlia Flower Name, Valley Flower
Dahlya Dahlia
Daiane TBD
Daija Already, Before
Daijah Already
Daila Dale, Valley
Daina From Denmark, Similar to Daniel
Daina From Denmark
Dainna Dane
Daira The Knowledge
Daiseana TBD
Daiseanah TBD
Daisey Eye of the day
Daisey Eye of the Day, Flower Name
Daisha Pretty and Friendly Woman
Daishaughna TBD
Daishaun TBD
Daishauna TBD
Daishaunah TBD
Daishawna TBD
Daishawnah TBD
Daisi Eye of the Day; Day’s Eye; Daisy
Daisi Eye of the day
Daisia Daisy
Daisie Eye of the day
Daisie Eye of the Day; Day’s Eye
Daisy Eye of the Day, Flower Name
Daisy Eye of the day
Daizee Variant of Daisy
Daizie Daisy
Daizy Flower, Girl, Eye of the Day
Daizy Eye of the day
Daja Already, Before
Dajah Already, Variant of Deja (Spanish)
Dakala TBD
Dakara TBD
Dakaria TBD
Dakayla Prefix Da + Kayla
Dakira Prefix Da + Kira
Dakkota Friend, Ally
Dakoda Friend, Ally
Dakota Allies or friends
Dakota Friendly Companion, Allies
Dale Hollow or valley
Dale Living in a Valley, Hollow
Dalea To Tease / Flirt, Tree Branch
Daleena Kind, Noble
Dalena Small valley
Dalene Small valley
Dalenna Small valley
Dalia A Branch, To Draw Water
Dalienne Valley
Dalisha Prefix Da Plus Lisha
Dallas Living on a Clearing
Daly Small Valley
Dalya Great
Dalyce Meadow Dwelling, Resting Place
Damanea Of a Bright Tomorrow
Damaneah Of a Bright Tomorrow
Damanee Of a Bright Tomorrow
Damaney Of a Bright Tomorrow
Damanie Of a Bright Tomorrow
Damany Of a Bright Tomorrow
Damaris Heifer, Gentle, Calf
Dameka Friendly, One who is like God
Damia Untamed
Damie Friendly
Damonica TBD
Damonica prefix Da + Monica
Dana God is My Judge, A Dane, Judge
Dana From Denmark
Danae Parched
Danah Graceful, Intelligent
Danah From Denmark
Danai Thirsty
Danasia TBD
Dandie God is My Judge
Dandrea TBD
Dandy God is My Judge
Daneen Princess
Daneesha Liberal, Wealthy, Ambition
Daneille TBD
Daneisha Danielle Plus Vanessa
Daneka TBD
Danell God is my judge
Danella God is Mu Judge
Danelle God is my judge
Danesa Full of Mercy
Danesha Full of Wealth / Mercy
Danessa Danielle Plus Vanessa
Danessia Danielle + Vanessa
Danette God is my judge
Daney From Denmark
Dani Merciful, Kindness
Dania Judgement Day, God is My Judge
Dania God is my judge
Danica Star of the Day, Morning Star
Danice God is my judge
Danice TBD
Daniela God is My Judge
Daniele God is My Judge
Daniell God is My Judge, God has Judged
Daniella God is My Judge
Danielle God is My Judge
Daniesa TBD
Danika Morning Star, God is My Judge
Danille God is My Judge, God has Judged
Danilyjah God Child
Danise God is my judge
Danita God is my judge
Danita From Denmark, God is My Judge
Danity TBD
Danitza God is my judge
Danna God is My Judge, Form of Dana
Danna God is my judge
Dannah God is my judge
Dannah God is My Judge, Judging
Dannalee God is My Judge
Dannee God is my judge
Dannell God is my judge
Dannelle God is My Judge
Dannette God is My Judge
Danni God is My Judge
Dannia God is my judge
Dannie God is My Judge
Dannielle God is My Judge
Dannon God is my judge
Danny God is My Judge, God has Judged
Danrelle Hidden
Danrelle God is my judge
Dantina God is my judge
Danusia Glow, Gift
Dany God is My Judge
Danya God is my judge
Danyel My Judge is God
Danyell God is my judge
Danyelle God is My Judge
Danyka Morning Star
Danylynn Dearly Loved
Danylynn God is my judge
Daphane Laurel, Laurel Tree
Daphine Laurel Tree, Laurel
Daphne Laurel
Daphne A Type of Flower, Laurel Tree
Daphnie Laurel Tree, Laurel
Dara Mercy, Halo of the Moon, Wisdom
Daralyn From Airelle
Darby Park with Deer, Farm Deer
Darci Dark, From Arcy
Darcie From Arcy, Dark, Fortress
Darcy Dark One, From Arcy Dark
Dareece Queenly
Dareen Wise
Darelle Darling, Tenderly Loved, Beloved
Daren Gift
Darena Famous and Loved
Daria Owner of Goodness, Wealthy, Rich
Darian Upholder of the Good, Wealthy
Dariana Supporter, Lord
Darianne Protector, Little Great One
Darieen Darling
Dariel From Airelle
Darilynn Daryl Plus Lynn
Darin Little Great One, Gift
Darine Little Great One
Daring A Bold Woman, One who Takes Risks
Darissa Wealthy, Protector
Dariyne Darling
Darla Darling, Dear, Loved One
Darla Darling
Darleane Darling, From the Old English
Darleen Darling, From the Old English
Darleen Darling
Darleena Darling, From the Old English
Darleena Darling
Darlen Darling
Darlena Darling, From the Old English
Darlena Darling
Darlene Dear, Little Darling, Beloved
Darlene Darling
Darley TBD
Darlina Darling, From the Old English
Darlina Darling
Darline Darling, Tenderly Loved
Darline Darling
Darling Dearly Beloved
Darlonna Darla Plus Donna
Darly Darling
Darlyn Darling
Darlyne Darling
Darnell Hidden Nook, Secret
Darnell Great
DarNella Grass
Darnetta Great, Hidden
Darnetta Great
Darnisha Great, Hidden
Darnisha Great
Darolyn Darling, Dearly Loved
Darolyn Darling
Daronica Little Great One, Gifts, Great
Darrelle Darling, Female Version of Darius
Darrellyn Darling, Dearly Loved
Darrellyn Darling
Darriel Beloved
Darrien Little Great One, Protector
Darrill Darling, Dearly Loved
Darrill Darling
Darrilyn Darling
Darrin Gift
Darryleen Darling
Darrylene Darling
Darryline Darling
Darryll Darling, Dearly Loved
Darryll Darling
Darya Sea, River, Possesses a Lot
Daryan Gift
Daryl Darling, Tenderly Loved
Daryl Darling
Daryle From Airelle
Darylene Darling, Dearly Loved
Darylene Darling
Daryll Darling
Daryll Darling, Dearly Loved
Darylyn Darling, Dearly Loved
Darylyn Darling
Daryng A Bold Woman, One who Takes Risks
Dashawn Prefix Da + Shawn
Dashawna TBD
Dashell TBD
Dashonda TBD
Dasia Daisy Flower, Gift from God
Dasie Incandescent, A Southerner, Daisy
Datika Adopted, Given by God
Davalinda TBD
Davalynda TBD
Daveda Beloved, Favourite, Friend
Davee Darling, Friend, Favourite
Daveen Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Daveen Beloved
Daveigh Beloved
Davena Beloved, Favourite, Friend
Davene Darling, Friend, Beloved
Davetta Favourite, Darling, Beloved
Davette Beloved, Darling, Friend
Davey Beloved, Favourite, Darling
Davi Cherished, Angel
Davia Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davia Beloved
Davianna Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davianna Beloved
Davida Beloved
Davida Adored, Beloved
Davie Favourite, Beloved, Darling
Davina Beloved
Davina Adored, Beloved
Davine Beloved, The Loved, Form of David
Davine Beloved
Davinia Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davinia Beloved
Davita Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davita Beloved
Davonna Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davonna Beloved
Davonne Darling, Friend, Favourite
Davy Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Davy Beloved
Davynn Beloved, Feminine Form of David
Dawn Sunrise, Daybreak, Awakening
Dawn Daybreak or sunrise
Dawna sunrise, dawn
Dawna Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawna Daybreak or sunrise
Dawne Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawne Daybreak or sunrise
Dawnelle Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawnelle Daybreak or sunrise
Dawnetta Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawnetta Daybreak or sunrise
Dawnette Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawnette Daybreak or sunrise
Dawnielle Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawnielle Daybreak or sunrise
Dawnika Daybreak, Sunrise
Dawnika Daybreak or sunrise
Dawnn Dawn
Daya Sympathy, Kindness, Mercy, Pity
Dayanara Light and Hope
Dayci Pure, Incandescent, A Southerner
Dayena Valley, Church Leader
Dayl Valley, Dale
Dayle Hollow, Lives in the Valley
Dayle Hollow or valley
Dayme A Female Knight
Dayna From Denmark, Similar to Daniel
Dayna From Denmark
Dayne From Denmark, Similar to Daniel
Dayne From Denmark
Daysean TBD
Dayseana TBD
Dayseanah TBD
Daysha Gift from God
Dayshaughna TBD
Dayshaughnah TBD
Dayshaun TBD
Dayshauna TBD
Dayshawn TBD
Dayshawna TBD
Daysi Eye of the day
Daysi Eye of the Day; Day’s Eye; A …
Deadra Raging, Broken-hearted
Dean Valley, Church Official
Deana Hollow or valley
Deana Hollow, Valley, Variant of Diana
Deanda Strong and Womanly
Deandra Strong and womanly
Deandra Dee + Andrea
Deandra TBD
Deandre TBD
Deandrea Strong and womanly
Deandria Strong and womanly
Deane Divine
Deangela TBD
Deanie TBD
Deann Divine
Deann Divine, Variant of Diana
Deanna Divine, Variant of Diana
Deanna Divine
Deanne Divine, Valley, Variant of Diana
Deanne Divine
Deb Honey Bee, Diminutive of Deborah
Debara Bumble Bee
Debbe Bee
Debbee A Bee, Form / Variant of Deborah
Debbi A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debbie Doughnuts, Form of Deborah
Debborah Bee
Debbra A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debbrah Bee
Debby A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debbye A Bee
Debee A Bee, Form of Deborah, A Goddess
Debera A Bee, Form of Deborah
Debi Goddess
Debie Form of Deborah
Debora A Bee
Deborah Bee
Deborah From a Bee Swarm, Bee
Deborrah Bee
Debra From a Bee Swarm, Form of Deborah
Debrah Bee
Debranda Brandy
Debree Dee Plus Sabrina
Debroah A Bee
December The Last Month of the Year
Dedra Sorrowful, Broken Hearted, Fear
Dedriana TBD
Dee Black or dark
Dee Mother of Perseus by Zeus, Fear
Deeana Divine, Valley, Variant of Diana
Deeana Divine
Deeandra Strong and Womanly
Deeann Divine
Deeann Blending of the Names Dee and Ann
Deeanna Divine
Deeanna Divine, Variant of Diana
DeeAnne Deity, Light
Deedee Raging Woman, Delight, Divine
Deena Divine
Deena Divine, God Like
Deenie TBD
Deepa Lamp, Dedication, A Pledge
Defena From Devonshire
Deidra Sorrow, Grief, Raging, Fear
Deidre Sorrow, Grief
Deina Religious Holiday
Deiondra From the Lush Valley
Deiondre Valley
Deiondrea From the Lush Valley
Deiondriya From the Lush Valley
Deirdre Beautiful, Woman, Ancient
Deisha Directions
Deja Before, Already
Deja Before
Dejah Already, Before
DeJanee Already
Delacey Prefix De + Lacey
Delacy TBD
Delana Noble Woman / Protector
Delandara Caring
Delanee From the Alder Grove, Of a Noble
Delaney Son of the challenger
Delaney From the Black River
Delany Of a Noble, From the Alder Grove
Delayna From the Alder Grove, Of a Noble
DeLayne From the Alder Grove, Of a Noble
Delcee TBD
Delcy Flower, Sweetness
Delena TBD
Delfin Dolphin, From Delphi
Delfina Dolphin
Delia Woman from Delos, Visible, Heart
Delice Charming, Delightful
Delice Charming or delightful
Delight Pleasure
Delight Joy, Pleasure, Gives Pleasure
Delilah Delicate
Delilah Joyous, Happy, Peaceful
Delinda TBD
Delisa Gives Pleasure, Variant of Delicia
Delisa Gives pleasure
Delisha Gives pleasure
Delisha Gives Pleasure, Delight
Delishaa The One who Gives Pleasure
Delisia Delightful
Delissa Gives pleasure
Delissa Gives Pleasure, Variant of Delicia
Deliza Gives pleasure
Dell Bright, Noble, Small Valley
Dell Bright
Della Bright
Della Graceful, Noble, Of Nobility
Delle Counsellor to the Elves
Delma Beautiful Daughter
Delois Superior, Desirable
Delora From the Seashore, Of Sorrow
Delora Sorrows
Deloras Pain, From the Seashore
Delores Sorrows
Delores Aches, Form of Dolores
Delorious Sorrows
Deloris Sorrows
Deloris Sorrows, Variant of Dolores
Delpha Dolphin
Delphi From Dolphin
Delphia Dolphin
Delphine A Thirteenth-century French Saint
Delsey Noble
Delsy Noble
Delta Triangular River Mouth
Delvene From Delphi, Dolphin
Delyla Delight, To Tease / Flirt, Poor
DeLynn prefix De + Lynn
Delyssa Gives pleasure
Delyssa Gives Pleasure, Variant of Delicia
Demara Wife, Gentleness, Calf
Demelza Fortified
Demetra Goddess of Fertility, Of Demeter
Demetria Of Demeter
Demetrius Follower of Demeter
Demi Mother of Land, Half, Earth Lover
Demi Half
Demika Cover of the Earth
Demita Follower of Demeter
Demmy Half
Dena Valley, Dean, Vindicated
Dena Avenged or vindicated
Dena a dean, judge
Denali Great / High One
Denam Made of a Strong Cloth
Dene Combination of Deana and Dina
Dene Avenged or vindicated
Denea Vindicated, Valley, Delicate
Denece Follower of Dionysus
Denee Thirsty
Deneen Avenged, Vindicated
Deneen Avenged or vindicated
Deneice Follower of Dionysus
Deneisha Of the God of Wine
Denelle God is My Judge
Denem Made of a Strong Cloth
Denese Mountain of Zeus
Denesha God of the Day, The Sun
Denia Avenged or vindicated
Denica Avenged, Vindicated
Denica Avenged or vindicated
Denice Mountain of Zeus, God of Wine
Denielle TBD
Deniese Follower of Dionysus
Denim Made of a Strong Cloth
Denine TBD
Denise Dedicated to God, God of Wine
Denise God of wine
Denisha God of Wine
Denisse God of Wine
Denita God is My Judge
Denitsa TBD
Deniz From the Sea, Sea
Denni God of wine
Dennis Strong, Love
Denver Green Valley
Denyce God of Wine, Feminine of Dennis
Deon Divine Queen, Valley
Deona Divine
Deondra Divine
Deondra Divine, Variant of Diana
Deonna Divine, Variant of Diana
Deonna Divine
Deonne Divine, Follower of Dionysius
Deonne Divine
Deora From a Small Town in Colorado
Derek TBD
Dereka Gifted Ruler, Ruler of the People
Dereka Ruler of the people
Derica Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derica Ruler of the people
Dericea An Athletic and Active Woman
Dericeah An Athletic and Active Woman
Dericia Athletic
Dericiah An Athletic and Active Woman
Dericiyah An Athletic – Active Woman
Dericka Ruler of the people
Dericka Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derie Redhead
Dering One who Takes Risks, A Bold Woman
Derisea An Athletic and Active Woman
Derisia An Athletic and Active Woman
Derri Redhead
Derrica Ruler of the people
Derrica Ruler of the People, Gifted Ruler
Derricka The People’s Ruler
Derring One who Takes Risks, A Bold Woman
Derycia An Athletic and Active Woman
Deryng A Bold Woman, One who Takes Risks
Derysia An Athletic and Active Woman
Desanka TBD
Deserae Desire, Longing, Desired, Loved
Deseree Desired, Longing
Desha Golden Girl
Deshanda TBD
Deshawn TBD
DeShawna TBD
Deshawnda TBD
Deshay TBD
Desira Longing, Desired
Desirae Desired, Similar to Desiree
Desire Desired, Longed for
Desire Desired or longed for
Desiree Desired or longed for
Desiree Longed for, Desired, Longing
Desirey Desired, Desire, Longing
Desree Longing, Desired
Dess Flat or Inexpressive
Dessie Full of Wrath
Destanee Fate, Certain Fortune
Destanee Fate
Destanie Destiny
Destany Fate
Destenee Destiny
Destine Fate
Destine Fate, Certain Fortune
Destinee Fate, Destiny, Certain Fortune
Destinee Fate
Destiney Destiny, Fate
Destini Fate
Destini Fate, Destiny, Certain Fortune
Destinie Fate, Destiny, Certain Fortune
Destinie Fate
Destiny Fate
Destiny Fate, Destiny, Certain Fortune
Destyne Destiny
Desyre Desired, Longed for
Desyre Desired or longed for
Detra TBD
Deva Deity, God, Celestial Spirit
Devan Poet
Devan Poet, Divine, Like a God
Devana From Devonshire, Divine
Devanna From Devonshire, Divine
Devanna From Devonshire
Devi Goddess, Kindness, Bright
Devin Of a Little Deer, Poet, Divine
Devin Poet
Devina Resembling a Goddess
Devine A God, Very Pleasing, Delightful
Devinn Fawn, Poet, Little Dark One
Devlin Fawn, Little Dark One, Poet
Devlyn Little Dark One, Poet, Fawn
Devon Poet, Defender
Devon Poet
Devona Protector, Divine
Devona From Devonshire
Devondra From Devonshire, Divine
Devondra From Devonshire
Devonna From Devonshire, Divine
Devonna From Devonshire
Devonne From Devonshire, Divine
Devri A Bee, Goddess
Devyn From Devonshire, Divine, Poet
Devyn Poet
Devyna From Devonshire
Devyne Poet, Fawn, Little Dark One
Devynn Poet, Divine
Devynn Poet
Deyanira Forceful Killer, Daughter of Ones
Deysi Eye of the Day; Day’s Eye
Deysi Eye of the day
Dezba Going to War
Dezi Desired, Longing
Dezy Eye of the Day, Flower
Diamanda Of High Value, Diamond
Diamanda Of high value
Diamante Of High Value, Brilliant
Diamante Of high value
Diamond Bright guardian
Diamonique Of High Value, Brilliant
Diamonique Of high value
Diamontina Of High Value, Invincible
Diamontina Of high value
Dian Candle, Brightener
Diana Divine, Window of Florence
Diana Divine
Dianah Deity, Light
Dianda Blend of Deanne and Sandra
Diandra Diamond, Rare, Divine Flower
Diandra Manly
Diandre Divine Protector
Diandre Manly
Diane Divine, Heavenly
Diann Divine, Heavenly
Dianna Divine
Dianne Divine
Diantha Divine Flower
Diantha Blend of Diana and Anthea
Diany A Deer
Dibe Sheep
Dicey Strong / Hardy Power
Diedra Sorrowful, Melancholy, Wanderer
Diella God, Worships God
Dieu Variant of Dia / Diyu / Diya
Dika Sweet Pet Name, Light
Dikla Date Tree, A Palm Tree
Dilia Flower Name, A Branch
Dilini TBD
Dillian Combination of Dillon and Gillian
Dillon Sea
Dilma resolute guardian
Dilna Heart, Good Heart
Dilyana Flower
Dilyn Sea
Dimple A Small
Dina Love, God has Judged, Dinah
Dina Avenged or vindicated
Diona Divine, From the Sacred Spring
Diona Divine
Diondra Divine, From the Sacred Spring
Diondra Divine
Dione Divine, Female Version of Dion
Dione Divine
Dionette Of the God of Wine
Dioni Follower of Dionysus
Dionisia Follower of Dionysus
Dionna Divine Lady
Dionna Divine
Dionne Divine Queen
Dionne Divine
Diora Golden
Diosa TBD
Disa Direction, Active Spirit, Goddess
Diva Divine One, Light, Candle
Dive Beauty
Divette Divine
Dixie Tenth
Diya Lamp, Light, Dazzling Personality
Djuana TBD
Djuna Invented Name
Doan Low
Doana Low
Doanna TBD
Dodo Lovable
Dolce Flower
Doli Beautiful Like a Doll
Dollee Gift of God, Gift of, Pain
Dolley A Gift of God, Cute Child
Dolli A Gift of God, Pet Form of Dorothy
Dollie Gift of God, Sorrows
Dollie Gift of God
Dolly Cute Baby
Dolly Gift of God
Dolora Pain
Dolores Full of Sorrows
Domenika Of the Lord, Belonging to God
Dominga Lord’s Child; Of the Lord; Lord; …
Domini Belonging to God / Lord
Dominik Of the Lord, Belonging to God
Dominique Lord’s Child; Belonging to God; …
Dominique Belonging to the lord
Dominque Belonging to the Lord
Domna TBD
Domonique Belonging to the Lord
Don Lady, Goddess of the Heavens, Air
Dona Lady, World Mighty, Form of Donna
Dondi Lady
Dondra Lady
Doneisha Danielle + Vanessa
Donesha The Sun
Doneshia TBD
Donette Given, Lady, Given by God
Donielle Lady
Donita World Mighty, Gift, Little Lady
Donna Lady
Donne Lady, To Give
Donnella Lady
Donnelle Lady of the House, Lady
Donnetta Lady
Donnie Ruler of the World, Form of Donna
Donoma Sight of the Sun, Seeing the Sun
Donte Given by God, Given
Dora Kind, A Gift, Gift of God, Honesty
Doran Gift
Dorann Gift
Dorcas Gazelle, Small Deer
Dorcey Dark, Variant of Darcy
Dorcey Dark
Doree Gift, Variant of Doris
Doreen God’s Gift; Gift; Gilded; …
Doreen Gift
Doreene TBD
Dorelle Gift, Dora Plus Elle
Doren TBD
Dorene Gift, Blonde, Brooding
Doretha Gift of God
Doretta Gift from God
Dori Adored, Gift from God, Generation
Doria from Doris, Greece
Doria Gift, From Doris, Gift from God
Dorianne Of the Sea, Gift from God
Dorie Generous Gift, Adored, The Sea
Dorina Brooding, Gift from God
Dorinda TBD
Dorine Blonde, Brooding
Doris From Doris, Dorian Woman
Dorit Gift of God, Gift
Dorit Gift of God
Doro Gift of God
Dorotha Gift of God
Dorothea Gift of God, Form of Dorothy, Gift
Dorothee Gift of God
Dorothi Gift of God
Dorothy Gift of God, Gift
Dorothy Gift of God
Dorris Gift, From Doris
Dorsey Dark, Form of Dorset, A Tribe
Dorsey Dark
Dortha Gift of God
Dorthy Gift of God, Gift
Dot Gift of God, Form of Dorothy
Dotti Gift of God
Dottie Gift of God, Form of Dorothy
Dottie Gift of God
Dottsy Gift of God
Dotty Gift of God, Form of Dorothy
Dov The Grey or White Songbird
Dovie The Grey or White Song Bird
Drake TBD
Dreama Like a Dream
Drema Reverie
Drena Brave, Defender, Virility
Drew Man’s Child; Manly; Brave; …
Drew Manly
Drica TBD
Drina Woman from Adria
Drina Defender of mankind
Dru Manly, Courageous
Drucie Fruitful, Dewy-eyed
Drucilla Dewey Eyes, Strong, Mighty
Drusila Dewy-eyed, Fruitful
Duane Descendant of the Little Dark One
Duchess Tough, Royal, Titles
Dulaney From the Alder Grove, Of a Noble
Dulce Sweet, Form of Dulcie, Candy
Dulce Sweet
Dune TBD
Dureen Enduring
Dustee Valiant Fighter, Brave Warrior
Dusti Valiant fighter
Dusti Valiant Fighter, Brave Warrior
Dusty Valiant fighter
Dusty Tough Like a Stone of Thor
Dustyn Dusty
Dutchess Woman of High Rank
Dvora TBD
Dvorah A Bee
Dwan The First Appearance of Light
Dwayla dark-skinned
Dyan Divine, Form of Diana, Heavenly
Dyandra TBD
Dyaneah A Deer
Dyanee A Deer
Dyaney A Deer
Dyanie A Deer
Dyany A Deer
Dyanye A Deer
Dylan Born from the Ocean, Flood
Dylann Sea
Dylis Genuine, Sincere, Steadfast, True
Dynasty Powerful Ruler, Fair
Dynell TBD