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“T” represents Growth. The T shows Authority, Responsibility, Creativity, Action, Emotion, and Restlessness. It has determination and is a builder.

Here on this page, we have compiled 618 American Baby Girl Names Starting With T. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 618 American Baby Girl Names Starting With T.

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Looking for baby girl names that start with T? You’re not alone! The name T is one of the most popular choices for baby girls in the United States, and for good reason – it’s both unique and versatile. Read on to learn about some of the best American baby girl names that start with T.

Top 20 Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Titles starting with T are definitely becoming more popular in the United States. They are perfect for American Baby Girls, and they have a lot of unique and interesting meanings.

Here are 20 baby girl names that start with T:

  1. Tatiana
  2. Taylor
  3. Taesha
  4. Trinity
  5. Tayla
  6. Tajae
  7. Tania
  8. Tamra
  9. Tallulah
  10. Tara
  11. Teagan
  12. Temari
  13. Teressa
  14. Terrae
  15. Texas
  16. Thea
  17. Tiffany
  18. Trinityy
  19. Tila
  20. Tollie

What are the top baby names in America starting with T?

There are many popular baby names starting with T in America. Some of the most popular names include Trinity, Tyler, and Tajiri. These names are sure to be popular for years to come.

Top 5 Baby Names That Start With T

If you’re looking for a baby name that starts with the letter T, you’re in luck! Here are five of the best American baby girl names that start with the letter T.

1. Taliyah

This name is Arabic and means “gift from God.” It’s perfect for a Muslim baby or someone who wants a traditional Muslim name.

2. Taylar

This unique name is inspired by the Celtic goddess Taylrider. It’s perfect for a girl who wants a unique and unconventional baby name.

3. Taeyah

This African-American name means “luminous.” It would be great for a baby born during the New Year or someone who wants to symbolize new beginnings.

4. Tahaniyah

This beautiful Arabic name means “treasure.” It would be perfect for a baby who is born during Ramadan or someone who wants a traditional Muslim name.

What does the future hold for baby girls names that start with T?

The trend of baby girl names that start with the letter T is on the rise, and there are a lot of reasons why. Many parents are drawn to names that start with this vowel sound because they feel like they’re making a strong statement about their daughter. Additionally, T-names are very versatile and can be used for any gender, which is why they’re becoming increasingly popular. Here are some of the most popular T-names of 2017:

  1. Tory
  2. Tessa
  3. Tayla
  4. Tyler
  5. Talia



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With T

Taanya Fairy Princess, Worthy of Praise
Tabatha Gazelle
Tabetha Small Deer, Gazelle, Doe
Tabi Gazelle, Roe, Doe
Tabitha Like a Gazelle, Roe, Beauty
Tabitha Gazelle
Tablita Tiara
Tabra Gazelle
Tacie Silent, Quiet, Mute
Tacincala Deer
Tacy Silence
Tadewi Wind
Tadita One who Runs, The Running One
Taffy Beloved, Loved One
Tahana TBD
Tahnda Team
Tai Talent, Big, Great, Extreme
Taia Gift of God
Taija Crown
Taimia Crash of Thunder
Taina Fairy Princess, Father, Blessed
Taira Hill
Taireia Earth, Power
Taisa Full of Aliveness
Taisha Full of Aliveness, Full of Life
Tait Pleasant and Bright, Brings Joy
Tait Pleasant and bright
Taja Crown, To Mention
Takala Corn Tassel
Takayo Pretty Princess
Takchawee Doe
Takeisha TBD
Takhi Cold
Takira prefix Ta + Kira
Takisha Healthy, Alive, Well
Tala Bottom, Gold, Stalking Wolf
Talasi Corn-tassel Flower, Cornflower
Talaya Dew from Heaven
Taleah Dew from Heaven
Talesha Talia Plus Aisha
Talia Dew from Heaven, Blooming
Talia Lamb
Talina Of a Noble Kind, Noble, Honourable
Talisa My God is a Vow
Talisha Fortunate Woman
Taliyah Dew of God, Female Lamb, Blooming
Talla Wolf
Talulah Leaping Water (Choctaw)
Talya Reach Bearer, Dew of Heaven
Talyn Noble, Claw, Talon
Tama Palm Tree, Thunder, Night, Whole
Tamaira Palm Tree
Tamala Date Palm
Tamara Spice, Date Tree, Palm Tree
Tamara Palm tree
Tamasha Joyous Occasion, Happy Occasion
Tamatha Dear One
Tamber Music Pitch
Tamee date palm, a palm tree
Tamee Date Palm Tree
Tameeka People
Tameika People, Sweet, Palm Tree, Spice
Tameka Sweet, People, Friendly
Tamela A Combination of Tammy and Pamela
Tamera Palm Tree, Spice, Date Palm
Tamesha Tammy Plus Aisha
Tami Palm Tree, Twin, Spice
Tami Twin
Tamia Palm Tree, Date Palm, Spice
Tamica Sweet
Tamie Palm Tree, Date Palm, Spice
Tamiecka Sweet
Tamieka People
Tamika People, Sweet, Palm Tree, Spice
Tamike People
Tamiko People, Child of Tami
Tamiqua People
Tamira A Spice or Palm Tree, Date Palm
Tamisha God, A Form of Tamesha
Tamisha Tammy + Aisha
Tamlyn Palm Tree, Date Palm
Tammi Date Palm, Palm Tree, Twin
Tammie Palm Tree, Twin
Tammie Twin
Tammy Twin, Palm Tree
Tammy Twin
Tamra Copper, Palm Tree
Tamrin Palm Tree, Date Palm
Tamsen Twin
Tamsin Twin
Tamsyn Twin
Tamya Palm Tree, Date Palm
Tamyra Combination of Tamar and Myra
Tana Body
Tanak Dweller
Tanasha TBD
Tanay Daughter
Tanaya Daughter
Tanayah From the House of Tatius, Daughter
Tandice Team
Tane Seed
Taneesha Tanya + Aisha
Taneesha Ambition, Fairy Queen
Taneisha Mondays Child
Tanesha Born on Monday / Friday
Tanessa Most Beautiful, Ambition
Taneya Fairy Queen
Tangela Caring One, Messenger of God
Tangerina Small Orange Fruit, From Tangiers
Tangerina Reddish orange
Tangerine Reddish Orange
Tangia The Angel
Tangie Prefix Ta Plus Angela
Tania Fairy Princess / Queen
Tania Fairy princess
Taniel Female Version of Daniel
Taniesha Born on Monday
Tanika Rope
Tanisa Night, Ambition, Born on Monday
Tanisha Ambition, Desire, Fairy Queen
Tanisia Ambition, Night, Most Beautiful
Tanith Goddess of Love, An Estate
Taniya Giant, Fairy Queen
Taniyah A Fairy Queen, Beautiful, Joyful
Tanj TBD
Tanja Fairy Queen
Tanji TBD
Tannia From the House of Tatius
Tanny Sky Goddess, Born on Monday
Tans The Tansy Flower
Tansy Everlasting Life
Tanya Fairy princess
Tanzi The Tansy Flower
Tanzy The Tansy Flower
Tapatha Gazelle
Taquanna prefix Ta + Quan
Tara Hill
Tara Star, Hill, Tower, Crag
Tarah Elevated Place, Hill, A Hair
Taraji Be Confident, Hope, Faith, From
Taralynn Hill
Taralynn Hill, Variant of Irish
Taran Earth, Melody, Rocky Hill
Taregan Crane
Taren Innocent, Star, Destiny
Tari Hill, Fresh, Ripe
Tariana Holy Hillside
Tarin High hill
Tarin Of the Earth
Tarinne Maiden
Tarisa Hill
Tarna Young
Taron Pure
Tarra Hill, A Creek, Rocky Hill
Tarrah Hill
Tarrah Hill, Variant of Irish
Tarsha Created, Holy Place
Taryn Combination of Tara and Erin
Tarynn High hill
Tarynn High Hill, Blend of Tara and Erin
Tash Happiness, Joy
Tasha Born on Christmas Day, Young Girl
Tashara TBD
Tasheena Prefix Ta Plus Sheena
Tashia Born at Christmas
Tashiana Prefix Ta Plus Shana
Tashima TBD
Tashina Born on Christmas
Tasia Resurrection, Born on Christmas
Tasmine Twin
Tassa Born at Christmas
Tasuka To Help
Tate Light Hearted, Cheerful
Tate Light hearted
Tatia Fairy Queen
Tatiana Fairy princess
Tatiana Fairy Princess, Fairy Queen
Tatianna A Saint’s Name; Fairy Queen; …
Tatiyana From the House of Tatius
Tatjana From the House of Tatius
Tatom Tate’s Homestead
Tatsiana Auspicious
Tatum Light hearted
Tatum Light Hearted, Bringer of Joy
Tatyana A Saint’s Name; Fairy Queen; …
Tatyanna Fairy Queen
Taunya From the House of Tatius
Taura Bull
Taura Bull, An Astrological Name
Taurina Bull
Taurina Bull, An Astrological Name
Tausha TBD
Tavish Heaven, Ocean, Gold
Tawana prefix Ta + Wanda
Tawana The Prefix Ta Plus Wana
Tawanda Wandering, Slender, Young Tree
Tawna Princess
Tawnia Green Field
Tawny Tan
Tawny Tanned Hide, Yellowish-brown
Tawnya TBD
Tay Form of Tea, Tailor
Taya Form of Tea, Taylor, Valley Field
Tayah Tailor
Tayesha Happiness, Joy
Tayla Tailor, To Cut
Taylah High of Rank and Status, Great
Tayler Occupational Name, Tailor
Taylor To cut
Taylor To Cut, Tailor, Cutter of Cloth
Taylore A Form of Taylor, Tailor
Taymah Crash of Thunder
Tayna Tailor, Seamstress
Taynie Born During the Returning Moon
Tayny Born During the Returning Moon
Taysha Goddess Laxmi
Tayte Light hearted
Tayte Light Hearted, Cheerful
Tazana Born into Royalty, A Princess
Tazlyn TBD
Tea Gift of God, Goddess
Teagan Beautiful
Teagan Poetry Writer, Beautiful, Pretty
Teah Goddess, Godly, Goddess of Light
Teaira A Form of Crown
Teaka Golden Brown Wood
Teal Blue green
Teale A Small Freshwater Duck
Teanna Free Spirit, Beautiful Mind
Teara Headdress
Teddi Gift of God
Tedi TBD
Tee Happiness, Poet, Joy, Ninth-born
Teegan White, Fair, Pretty
Teela Blue green
Teela Blue Green Colour, Strong Willed
Teele A Small Freshwater Duck
Teena Clay, Anointed
Teeni The Small One
Teeny The Small One
Tegan Attractive
Tegan Good-looking, Beautiful, Fair
Tehya Precious
Teige Attractive
Tejah A Crown
Tela TBD
Telisha Talia Plus Aisha
Telma Volition, Thelma, Helmet
Temara Palm Tree, Date Palm
Temi Mine
Temima Whole, Honest, Without Flaw
Tempest Turbulent or stormy
Tempest A Volatile Storm, Turbulent
Temple Medieval priories and settlements
Temple TBD
Tena Follower of Christ, Anointed
Tenaya To Dream, Great Leader
Teneil Champion, Passionate
Tenesha Prefix Te Plus Nisha
Tenia Fairy Princess, Beautiful
Tenielle TBD
Tenille Powerful – Strong Minded
Tenisha Born on Monday
Tenna From the House of Tatius
Tennille Powerful and Strong Minded
Tequela One of Mexico’s National Liquors
Tequila A Kind of Liquor
Tera Crag, Hill, Star
Terah To Breathe, Scent, Blow, Earth
Terena Smooth, Polished
Teresa Harvester, Late Summer
Terese Summer Harvest, Reaper
Teresha Woman, Guardian, Harvest, Hunter
Teressa Harvester, Late Summer
Teri Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Teri Harvester
Teriana Harvester
Teriana Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Teriann Harvester
Teriann Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Terika Teri + Erica
Terika Harvester
Terika TBD
Terilynn Harvester
Terilynn Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Terin Pure, Of the Earth
Terisa Guardian, Hunter, Woman, Harvest
Terra From the earth
Terra From the Earth, Earth, Soil
Terre Harvest
Terri Harvester
Terri Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Terriana Innocent, Teri Plus Anna
Terrie Harvester
Terrie Harvester, Ruler of the People
Terrill Harvest, Guardian, Hunter, Woman
Terrilyn Beautiful Harvest
Terrin Harvester
Terrin Harvester, Earth-man
Terrina TBD
Terry Harvester
Terry Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Terryn Harvester
Terryn Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Terumi Beautiful Shine
Tery Hunter, Guardian, Woman, Harvest
Teryn Harvester
Teryn Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Tesha Survivor
Teshi Cheerful, Full of Laughter
Tess Harvester, Guardian
Tess Harvester
Tessa Harvester
Tessa Summer Harvest, Harvester
Tessia Harvester
Tessia Harvester, Abbreviation of Teresa
Tessica Wealthy Harvester
Tessie Harvester
Tessie Harvester, Guardian
Tessora Reaper
Tetiana Fairy Queen / Princess
Tevin Son of Kevin
Texas TBD
Teya Tailor
Teyana TBD
Thais The Bond, Beloved, Bandage
Thalia To Blossom, Flourishing, Blooming
Thandi Beloved, N
Thania Divine Fame
Thanna Praise
Thao Grass, Kind, Sweet, Nice
Thaya TBD
Thays Headband
Thea Courageous, Gift of God
Theda Gift of God, Supreme Gift
Thelma Will, Wish, Volition, Nursing
Themis Righteousness, Divine Law, Custom
Thena Gift of God, Goddess of Wisdom
Theola God’s Friend; Divine; Loved by …
Theoni Name of God
Theresa Summer Harvest, One who Reaps
Therese Summer, To Harvest
Theressa Hunter, Guardian, Harvest
Thesa TBD
Thessa TBD
Thoma Twin
Thomas Name of a Saint
Thomasina Twin, Little Twin
Thomasyn Twin
Thora Thunder; Thor’s Fight; Thor’s …
Thresa Guardian, Woman, Harvest, Hunter
Thressia TBD
Tia Happiness
Tia Happiness, Princess, Bird, Crown
Tiaa A Bird, Beautiful
Tiahna Fairy princess
Tiana Princess, Star of Family
Tiane Fairy princess
Tianna Fairy princess
Tianna Princess
Tianyu TBD
Tiara Crown, Queen, Royalty Jewels, Life
Tiare Royalty Jewels, Queen, Crown
Tiarra An Ornamental Crown
Tiauna Fairy princess
Tiba TBD
Tichina valiant defender
Tiera Earth
Tierra Earth, Land, Soil
Tiesha Joy
Tiesha Joy, Happiness
Tifanie Appearance of God
Tiff Love an Power
Tiffan Manifestation of God
Tiffanee Manifestation of God
Tiffani God’s Appearance; Manifestation of …
Tiffanie Epiphany
Tiffanie One who has an Epiphany
Tiffany Epiphany
Tiffany Seeing God, Epiphany
Tiffiney Manifestation of God, Appearance
Tiffini Manifestation of God
Tiffney Epiphany
Tifni Manifestation of God
Tiger Powerful
Tigerlilly An Orange Flower with Black Spots
Tigerlily Beautiful Flower
Tigist TBD
Tiiu TBD
Tijuana Peace
Tikia Worshipper
Tikki TBD
Tila Mighty in Battle
Tilda powerful battler
Tillie Mighty in Battle
Timeeka People
Timi Ocean, Whale, Honouring God
Timmi Honouring God, Honoured by God
Timmy One who Honours God
Timna TBD
Timothy TBD
Tina Little One, River, Clay, Holy
Tina A follower of Christ
Tinah God is Perfection, Christian Woman
Tinashe One who is with God / Lord
Tinker TBD
Tionna Fairy princess
Tionne Divine
Tiphany Manifestation of God
Tiponi Child of Importance
Tippany Trinity
Tippi Yellow Horse, Yellow, Golden, Fair
Tippy Golden, Yellow, Fair
Tisha Aristocrat
Tisha Thirst, Frighten, Be Nervous
Tishanna Blessing, Brave and Beautiful
Tishara Joy
Titika TBD
Tiva Dance
Tiya A Bird, Parrot, Beautiful
Tizaviya Beautiful, Strong
Tjasa From the House of Tatius
Tobi The Lord is Good
Toby Lord is Good, Goodness of the Lord
Toccara Touch
Tomara Your Own
Tomasa Twin
Tomasina Twin
Tomeka Twin
Tomika People
Tomina Twin
Tommie Twin
Tomo Intelligent
Toneisha prefix To + Niesha
Toni Invaluable, Twin, Priceless
Toni Invaluable
Tonia Flourishing
Toniann TBD
Tonica People
Tonie Beyond Price, Invaluable
Tonique People
Tonisha Flourishing
Tonita TBD
Tonja Priceless, Inestimable
Tony Flourishing
Tonya Praiseworthy
Tootsie TBD
Topaz Brownish yellow
Topaz Gemstone
Topi Where the Mountain, Ideal Place
Torah Tiger
Toree Conqueror, Victor
Tori Triumphant, Winner, Conqueror
Tori Triumphant
Toria Conqueror, Victory, Princess
Toriana Triumphant
Toriana Triumphant, Derived from Victoria
Torie Victorious, Conqueror
Torill Thunder God, Thunder, Battle
Tornia Tower
Torrey Triumphant, Conqueror, Victory
Torrey Triumphant
Torrie Triumphant, Derived from Victoria
Torrie Triumphant
Tory Victorious, Victory
Tory Victory
Tosh TBD
Tosha Born at Christmas
Tosha Contentment, Satisfaction
Toshia TBD
Totsi Moccasins
Tova The Lord is Good, Good, Pleasing
Towanda Vandals, Wends
Toya Water, Toy, Woman of Victory
Toyin TBD
Tracee Warrior
Tracee Warrior, Place of Thracius
Tracey Place of Thracius, Theresa
Traci Warrior
Traci Warrior, Summer, Harvest
Tracia Warrior, Brave, Courageous
Tracie Place of Thracius, Theresa
Tracy Warrior
Tracy Warrior, Summer, Warlike, Fighter
Trea Third in Order, A Form of Trey
Treah Earth
Treasure Collection, Treasure
Trecia Noble Woman
Tree Trading Place
Treena Pure
Trena Piercing
Tresa Reaper, Theresa, Harvester
Tressa Summer, Third, Harvester
Tressie One who Reaps, Reaper, Late Summer
Treva Prudent, From a Large Hamlet
Trice Harvest, Woman, Hunter, Guardian
Tricia noble, aristocrat
Tricia An aristocrat
Tricia An Aristocrat, Noble Woman
Trieste Trading Place
Trin Trinity, Wave
Trina Pure, Short Form of Katrina
Trini Wave, Triad, Trinity
Triniti Trinity, The Holy Three
Trinity Triad, The Holy Three, Three Fold
Trinity Triad
Trinka As in the Holy Trinity
Tris Bringer of Joy, Pilgrim, Traveller
Trisa Noble, Abbreviation of Patricia
Trisa Noble
Trish From Patricia, Noble, Noble Woman
Trish Noble
Trisha Noble
Trisha Noble Woman, Power of Three Sea
Trissa Noble, Patrician
Trista Bold
Trista Bold, Feminine of Tristan Noisy
Tristan Nobleman, Dedicated to Mars
Tristen Bold, Riot, Din, Tumult, Sad
Tristen Bold
Tristin Bold, Riot, Outcry
Tristina Bold
Tristine TBD
Trivya Of the Three Ways
Trixie Brings joy
Trixie Bringer of Gladness, Brings Joy
Troi TBD
Troy Place Name
Tru Truly
Trudi Strong Spear, Universal Strength
Trudie Universal Strength
Trudy Beloved, Diminutive of Gertrude
TRUE Truly
Truett TBD
Trula TRUE
Tsering Long Life
Tudi Satisfying
Tuesday Born on Tuesday
Tuesday Third day of the month
Tula Balance, A Zodiac Sign
Tunisia A North African Country
Tuwa Earth
Twana The Tribe of the Vandals
Twiggy TBD
Twila Dusk, Twilight, Form of Twyla
Twilla Woven with a Double Thread
Twyla Woven, Twilight, Thread
Twyla Woven
Tyana Light, Deity
Tyanna Deity, Light
Tyara Tiara
Tycy enticing, attractive
Tyeisha Prefix Ty Plus Aisha
Tyesha Bright, Duplicitous
Tyfany Manifestation of God
Tyffani Manifestation of God
Tyisha One who Lives, Alive
Tyla Good
Tyler Tile Layer, Princess
Tyler Tile maker
Tymmeeka People
Tymmiecka People
Tyna River, Anointed, An Instrument
Tyna River
Tyne A River in England, River
Tyne A river in England
Tynisha Born on Monday
Tyonna Princess
Tyra Thor Flight, Untamed
Tyrah Thor’s Battle; Land
Tyrell Thunder Ruler
Tyrianne Land of Prayer
Tyronica Goddess of Battle
Tysha Happiness, Joy
Tyshawn TBD
Tyshia Happiness, Joy
Tzeni TBD
Tzortzina TBD