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“J” represents Aspiration. The J shows Clever, Truthful, Creative, and Helpful. J is warm-hearted, well-meaning, and reliable. Americans have been naming their babies for centuries, with some of the most popular names coming from England. But what about baby names that start with J? Recently, these names have become more popular in the U.S., and there are several reasons why. First, J names are classic and timeless. They can be used by both boys and girls, and they’re perfect for babies who will likely grow up to be strong, independent women. Second, there are lots of cool J names out there, like Jayden, Josie, and JACK. Third, parents are looking for unique baby names these days, and starting with J is a way to stand out from the crowd. So if you’re thinking of naming your baby after a famous or stylish person (or maybe even a fictional character), give one of these J-named babies a try!



Here on this page, we have compiled 730 American Baby Girl Names Starting With J. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 730 American Baby Girl Names Starting With J.


Jaxen is a popular baby girl name that is growing in popularity each year. Jaxen is derived from the Latin word “jacere”, meaning “to throw.” Jaxen is a gentle, sweet and unique name for your little one. Jaxen may be perfect for a girl who loves the outdoors and wants her name to reflect that.

Some other notable baby girl names starting with J are Jacelyn, Jacklyn, Jaylynn, and Jaden. If you’re looking for something unique and special for your little one, consider giving her the name Jaxen.


Jayden is a beautiful name that starts with the letter J. Jayden is a bright and happy name that can be used for either boys or girls. Jayden is perfect for a child who wants to be unique and stand out from the rest. Jayden also has some cool meanings such as heaven, judge and defender.


Jada is a beautiful name that has origins in African-American culture. It means “powerful woman” or “destiny.” Jada is also the nickname of basketball player Jamila Woods. Baby Jadas will love the sound of this name and may choose to be called Jada from birth.


Jordyn is a popular name for American baby girls. It’s ranked #263 on the 2018 US popularity chart and #14,036 on the baby name popularity charts. This name is pronounced yor-dyn.

The origins of Jordyn are unknown, but it may be derived from the French word jor dein (yor-dyn), meaning “joy of the oak.” Alternatively, it could be a variant of Jorie (juh-ruh), which is also very popular for American girls.

Some other similar names include Aaliyah, Amara, Cara, Jaden, Jaylin, Kayleigh, Kendall, Leia, Lilli, Maliyah, Marley and Monroe.


Jordynn is a beautiful name that has a modern feel to it. It’s perfect for a child who wants something unique and special. The spelling is also very versatile, so you can choose whatever style you prefer.

Some of the other names that start with Jordynn are Jordyn, Jorden, Jordynnnie, Jordynne and Jourdan.


Jade is a delicate, feminine name with a sweet sound. It has a traditional feel, but can also be modernized. Some recommended variants of Jade include Jasmine, Jadelyn, and Jaylah.


Jasmine is a sweet and feminine name that is well-suited for both girls and boys. There are many different variations of this name, including Jasmine, Jazmine, Jaycee, and Jazzmine. This name is popular among African-Americans and Hispanics, but it can be found in many different parts of the world. Some well-known people named Jasmine include Jasmine Harris, Jasmine Guy, and Jasmin Ali.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With J

Jaanika Victorious
Jabbie Loving, Happiness, Hoping, Kind
Jabrea Prefix Ja Plus Brea
Jabri TBD
Jabria TBD
Jacalyn He who Supplants, Supplanter
Jacci Holder of the Heel, Supplanter
Jace Moon, Variant of Jacey
Jacee Initials J and C Combined
Jacelyn Initials J and C Combined
Jacey Attractive
Jaci Based on the Initials J C
Jacie Name of Flower, Variant of Jace
Jacinta Hyacinth Flower
Jackalyn Supplanter
Jackeline Yahweh May Protect
Jacki Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jackie God is Gracious, Supplanter
Jackilyn Supplanter
Jackleen Supplanter
Jacklyn Supplanter, She who Supplants
Jacklynn Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jaclyn Supplanter, To Protect
Jaclynn Holder of the Heel, Supplanter
Jacqi Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jacqlyn Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jacque Supplanter
Jacquelin Supplanter, To Protect
Jacqueline Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jacquelyn Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jacquelynn Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
Jacqui Supplanter, Form of Jacqueline
Jacquie Supplanter, Yahweh May Protect
Jacqulin Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jacquline Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jacqulyn Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jacy Hyacinth Flower, Healer
Jada Precious Green Stone, Goodness
Jadah Jade
Jadeen TBD
Jaden Thankful, Jade, God has Heard
Jadene Jade
Jadey TBD
Jadienne TBD
Jadin TBD
Jadira Side Stone, The Gemstone Jade
Jady Stone of the Side
Jadyn The Gemstone Jade, Green in Colour
Jae Bird Name, A Blue Songbird
Jaeda Stone of the Side, Goodness
Jaeden TBD
Jaedene Special Glitter, A Unicorn
Jaeleah A Blue, Crested Bird, Jay Bird
Jaelin Holder of Heel, Jay Bird
Jaelyn Bird of Light
Jaelynn Jay Bird, Supplanter
Jaena Supplanter, Jay Bird
Jaenette Supplanter
Jahnaui first month of year
Jahnel TBD
Jahnique Caring, Joyful
Jahvanna TBD
Jaicee Based on the Initials J C
Jaid Jade
Jaida Stone of the Colic
Jaiden Variant of Jayden, God has Heard
Jaidyn Variant of Jayden, God has Heard
Jailene Jae Plus Lynn
Jailyn Holder of Heel, Yahweh May Protect
Jaime The Sun, She who Supplants
Jaimee Love, Supplanter
Jaimi TBD
Jaimie Supplanter
Jaina The Lord is Gracious
Jainy Gift from God
Jaisha Gourmet (Nafasat Pasand)
Jaiya One who Always Wins
Jakayla Created Name, Chaste, Pure
Jake Held by the Heel, Supplanter
Jaki TBD
Jakia Beautiful, Pure
Jakiya Very Beautiful
Jakkie Supplanter, God is Gracious
Jaklyn Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jalan TBD
Jalea Jae Plus Leah
Jaleah TBD
JaLee Prefix Ja + Lee
Jaleen TBD
Jaleesa Promise of God, Noble, Kind
Jalen Bird of Light
Jalena Light
Jalene From James – Lenore
Jalesa Jae + Lisa
Jalessa TBD
Jalia To Grant, Empowering, Noble
Jalicia Jae Plus Lisa
Jalinda Prefix Ja Plus Linda
Jalisa Combination Name
Jalisha Protected by God
Jalissa Noble One, Combination Name
Jaliyah Created Name, A Gift from God
Jaliyiah Sweet and Loving
Jalon TBD
Jalyn Combination Name Jae Plus Lynn
Jalynn The Letter, Variant of Jaylyn
Jalynne Combination Name
Jam One who is Sweet
Jamae Prefix Ja Plus Mae
Jamaine From Germany
Jamara TBD
Jamea From Jamaica, Yahweh May Protect
Jameelah Beautiful, Graceful, Lovely
Jamela Beautiful Woman
Jamelle Beautiful
James Sup Planter
Jameshia Supplanter
Jamey Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jameya TBD
Jami Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jamiah TBD
Jamie Supplanter, Feminine of James
Jamie-Lynn Jamie + Lynn
Jamiesha TBD
Jamika Yahweh May Protect
Jamila Gorgeous Woman, Beautiful
Jamira Beautiful One
Jamisha Supplanter
Jamiya Supplanter
Jammie Supplanter, Holder of the Heel
Jamoni TBD
Jamy Peace
Jamya Supplanter, Substitute
Jamye Substitute, Supplanter
Jan God has been Gracious
Janae God has Answered, Form of Janet
Janai God has Answered, God is Gracious
Janais God has Answered
Janalee Jana + Lee
Janalynn Variant of John
Janay Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Janaya God has Answered
Janaye God has Answered
Jane Jehovah has been Gracious
Janea Lovely
Janean The Lord is Gracious
Janeane Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Janee God is Gracious
Janeen The Lord is Gracious
Janeeva Juniper Berry
Janel Female Version of John
Janell God is Gracious
Janella God is Gracious
Janelle God is Merciful
Janene The Lord is Gracious
Janesha Yahweh is Gracious – Merciful
Janessa letter J + Vanessa
Janessa God is Gracious / Merciful
Janet God’s Gracious Gift; Female …
Janette God has been Gracious
Janey Jehovah has been Gracious
Janice God’s Gracious Gift; Form of Jane; …
Janicia God is Gracious, Gift from God
Janie Jehovah has been Gracious
Janiece God is Gracious, Variant of Jane
Janiel God is Gracious
Janifer White, Smooth, Soft
Janin Noble; God’s Gracious Gift
Janina God’s Gracious Gift; Well-born; …
Janine Gift from God, Merciful
Janique The Lord is Gracious
Janira TBD
Janis God has been Gracious
Janiya God is Gracious
Janiyah God is Gracious, A Form of Jania
Jann God is Gracious
Janna Paradise, Heaven, Flourishing
Jannae God is Gracious, Has Answered
Jannell Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jannett Famous Bearer, God is Gracious
Jannette God’s Grace
Janni Yahweh / God is Gracious
Jannie God is Gracious, Merciful
Jannina Variant of Jeannine
Jannis God is Gracious, Variant of Jane
Jannisha God is Merciful / Gracious
Janny The Lord is Gracious
January First Month of the Year
Janyah God is Gracious
Janyce God is Gracious
Jaqua TBD
Jaquelin Supplanter, God May Protect
Jaqui Form of Jacqueline, Supplanter
Jaquilin Supplanter, God May Protect
Jaquiline God May Protect, Supplanter
Jariah Tributary Lord or Lady
Jarian TBD
Jarma TBD
Jasika Warrior; Rich; God’s Grace; …
Jaslene Combination of Jasmine and Lene
Jaslina Beautiful
Jaslyn Flower of Jasmine
Jaslynn Fragrant Flower
Jasmin A Flower Name; God’s Gift; A …
Jasmine Fragrant Flower
Jasminka Jasmine
Jasmyn Fragrant Flower, Jasmine
Jasmyne Jasmine Flower
Jasse TBD
Jassica Foresight, God Beholds
Jassmin Jasmine
Jatara Jane Plus Tara
Jaunee A Brave – Courteous Woman
Jauni A Brave and Courteous Woman
Jaunita God’s Grace
Jauny A Brave – Courteous Woman
Javina Swift One
Javon From Java
Javonna TBD
Jaxine the greatest
Jaxon Child of Jack
Jay Victory, Blue Crested Bird
Jayanna TBD
Jayce TBD
Jaycee Attractive
Jayci TBD
Jaycie Initials J and C Combined
Jayda Jade, Precious Stone
Jayde Stone of the Side, Jade
Jaydee Jade
Jaydi TBD
Jaydon TBD
Jaydy TBD
Jaye Jay Bird
Jayla Jay Bird, Victory, Charity
Jaylah Jay Bird
Jaylee Modern Invented Name, Victory
Jayleen An Invented Name
Jaylen An Invented Name, Bird of Light
Jaylene Jay Bird, Happy
Jaylin Jaye Plus Lynn
Jayline TBD
Jaylyn Invented Name, A Bird of Light
Jaylyne TBD
Jaylynn Created Name, Bird of Light
Jayma TBD
Jayme Supplanter, May God Protect
Jaymi A Form of Jami
Jaymika Happiness
Jayne The Lord is Gracious
Jayni God is Gracious
Jaynie God is Gracious
Jaysea Beautiful
Jaysha Women of Victory
Jazlyn Music, Beautiful Jasmine
Jazlynn From Jasmine and Lynn
Jazmaine Fragrant Flower
Jazmin Jasmine Flower
Jazmina Fragrant Flower
Jazmine Jasmine Flower
Jazmyn Jasmine Flower
Jazmyne Jasmine Flower
Jazz Style of Music
Jazzalyn Fragrant Flower
Jazzie TBD
Jazzlyn Fragrant Flower
Jazzmin Jasmine
Jazzy Fragrant Flower
Jeana Queen, Garden, God is Gracious
Jeanae God is Gracious
Jeanay God is Gracious
Jeane The Lord is Gracious
Jeanell Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jeanelle Jehovah has been Gracious
Jeanetta Little Jean
Jeanette The Lord is Gracious, Little Jean
Jeani Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jeanice The Lord is Gracious
Jeanie Merciful, Female Version of John
Jeanine The Lord is Gracious
Jeanmarie Combination of Jean and Marie
Jeann Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jeanna God has been Gracious
Jeanne Variant of Jane
Jeannell God is Gracious
Jeannet Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jeannette God is Merciful, Gift from God
Jeannie Merciful, Similar to Jane
Jeannine The Lord is Gracious
Jeany God’s Grace
Jecinta Beautiful
Jeclynn TBD
Jeena Life, God is Gracious
Jeffrey God’s Peace
Jei Jasmine, Victorious
Jelisa Protected by God
Jella Jelly
Jelly TBD
Jemma Little Dove, Gem, Precious Stone
Jen White Wave, Fair Phantom, Fair
Jena White Wave, Little Bird, Paradise
Jenae God has Answered
Jenah Lady of the People, Patience
Jenai God has Answered
Jenalee White Wave, Lord is Gracious
Jenalyn White Wave, Lord is Gracious
Jenalynn White Wave, Lord is Gracious
Jenavieve Juniper
Jenay God is Gracious, God has Answered
Jenaya Trendy and Hip
Jencia God is gracious
Jency Wave, Smart, Lovable Person
Jene God is Gracious
Jenean God is Gracious
Jenee God is Gracious
Jeneel A Champion
Jeneen White Wave, Lord is Gracious
Jeneesa God is Gracious
Jeneile A Champion
Jenel Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jenelie Tribal Woman, Lady of the People
Jenell Virgin, God is Gracious
Jenella Diminutive Form of Jeanne
Jenelle Diminutive Form of Jeanne
Jenelyn Blessed, White, Holy, Smooth, Fair
Jenene God is Gracious, White
Jeneta TBD
Jenetta God is Gracious
Jeneva White Wave
Jenevieve Juniper Berry
Jeni White Wave, Fair, Smooth
Jenia A Beautiful Flower
Jenica White, Female Version of John
Jenice White Wave, God has been Gracious
Jeniece White Wave
Jenifer White Wave / Phantom, Fair One
Jeniffer White Wave, White Phantom, Fair
Jenil Peaceful Sky
Jenilee Combination of Jenny and Lee
Jenilyn White Wave, God is Gracious
Jenilynn White Wave, God is Gracious
Jenique TBD
Jenise White Wave, God is Gracious
Jenissa Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jenita White Wave, God is Gracious
Jenn White and Smooth, Soft, White
Jenna Paradise, Little Bird, Heaven
Jennabel White Wave
Jennae God is Gracious
Jennafer Fair One, White Wave
Jennah White Wave, God is Gracious
Jennalee White Waves
Jennalyn White Wave
Jennarae White Wave
Jennasee White Wave
Jennavieve Juniper Tree
Jennay God is Gracious
Jenne Fair, Holy, Smooth, White, Blessed
Jennefer Blessed, Holy, White, Fair, Smooth
Jenneh TBD
Jennel Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jennell Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jennelle God is Gracious
Jennessa TBD
Jennette The Lord is Gracious
Jenneva Juniper
Jenni The Lord is Gracious, White Wave
Jennica White and Smooth, Soft
Jennie White Wave, Race of Women
Jennifar TBD
Jennifer White Wave, Fair One
Jenniffer White Wave, White Phantom
Jennika White Wave
Jennilee White Wave
Jennilyn White Wave
Jennipher White Phantom, White Wave
Jennis White Wave
Jenny White Wave
Jenny-Lee Jenny Plus Lee
Jennyann White Wave
Jensen God is Merciful
Jenson Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful, In
Jeorjia Farmer
Jeovana God is Gracious
Jeovanna God is Gracious
Jerah The Harvest
Jeraldine Mighty with a Spear
Jeralyn Modern Blend of Jerry and Marilyn
Jeramie TBD
Jerelyn Modern Blend of Jerry and Marilyn
Jeri Spear Ruler, Ruler with a Spear
Jerica Strong, A Gifted Ruler
Jerika TBD
Jerilyn Ruler with Spear
Jerilynn Modern Blend of Jerry and Marilyn
Jerra Year
Jerri Mighty Spear-man, Spear Ruler
Jerrica TBD
Jerricka TBD
Jerrie Mighty Spear-man, Spear Ruler
Jerrilyn Modern Blend of Jerry and Marilyn
Jerry Spear Ruler, The Lord is Exalted
Jerzi From One of the Channel Islands
Jesa TBD
Jesalyn Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jesca God Beholds, Foresight
Jeselle TBD
Jesenia Like a Flower, Palm Tree
Jesica He Sees, The Lord Beholds
Jesie Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jesika Warrior, He Beholds, Rich
Jeslyn Blessed with Wealth and Beauty
Jessa God Sees, God Beholds
Jessavel TBD
Jesse God Sees
Jessee Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jessel Pledge
Jesselyn Jasmine
Jessenia Flower, Wealthy
Jessi Beauty, Gods Gift, Courageous
Jessica Warrior; Rich; God’s Grace; God …
Jessica wealthy
Jessie Fair and Yielding, Jasmine Flower
Jessika God’s Grace; Foresighted; Rich; …
Jessilyn God is Merciful / Gracious
Jesslyn God Sees, One who can Foresee
Jessyca Foresight, God Beholds
Jessye Jasmine
Jessyka Foresighted; God’s Grace
Jesy Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jete Surrounded, Encircled
Jetsy TBD
Jett Surrounded, Encircled
Jevette Jean + Yvette
Jewell Precious Stone, A Gem, Plaything
Jewels Youthful
Jeze TBD
Jezelle Pledge
Jezyka Foresight, God Beholds
Jezz TBD
Jhai TBD
Jhean TBD
Jhing TBD
Jhoanna TBD
Jia Sweet Heart, Heartbeat, Lively
Jiera Beautiful One, Life
Jiji Heap of Love
Jiles Resembling a Young Goat
Jilian Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jill Youthful, Girl
Jillanne Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillayne Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillene Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillesa Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillian Youthful, Girl, Child of the Gods
Jilliane Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jilliann Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillianna Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillianne Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jillisa TBD
Jilsa Wonderful
Jimena God has Heard, One who has Heard
Jimisha Jimi Plus Aisha
Jimmie One who Supplants
Jimmy Holder of Heels
Jimsy TBD
Jina Name; One’s Self; The Victorious; …
Jinelle Tribal Woman, Lady of the People
Jinger Ginger
Jinia Name of a Flower, Maiden, Virgin
Jinni White Wave
Jinny White Wave
Jisel Pledge
Jiselle Pledge
Jisselle Pledge, Hostage
Jiya Sweet Heart, Life, Lucky
Jizelle Hostage, Pledge
Jo God is Gracious, He will Enlarge
Jo-Ann Gift of God
Joan Merciful; God’s Gracious Gift
Joana Merciful; God’s Gift; Female …
Joane God is Gracious
Joanelle Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Joani Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Joanie God is Gracious
Joann God is Gracious, Gift from God
Joanna God is Gracious / Merciful
Joannah Gift of the Lord
Joanne God is Gracious, Gift from God
Jocelina Joyous
Joceline Joyous
Jocelyn Joyce, Happy, Joyful
Jocelyne Playful
Jocelynn Joyous
Joda Praised
Jode TBD
Jodee A Combination of Jo and Dee
Jodeen God will Increase
Jodene Praise
Jodi Praised, God will Increase
Jodie Praised
Jodine Praised
Jody God will Increase
Joe Light, God will Increase
Joeanna God is Gracious, Variant of Joan
Joeanne God is Gracious, Variant of Joan
Joeleen Pretty, Yahweh is Gracious
Joelene God will Add
Joeline Yahweh is Gracious, Pretty
Joell God will be Willing
Joella Lord is Willing
Joelle French, Yahweh is God
Joellen TBD
Joetta God is Gracious / Merciful
Joette God is Gracious, God will
Joey Jehovah Increases
Johana God’s Gracious Gift
Johanah TBD
Johann Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Johanna God is Grace
John God is Merciful, Gift of God
Johna God is Merciful / Gracious
Johnel Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Johnelle Gift of God
Johnetta dove
Johnetta Gift of God, God is Gracious
Johnette Gift of God
Johnie Gracious Gift of God
Johnika TBD
Johnitha Little Dove, White Wave
Johnna God is Gracious / Merciful
Johnnie God is Gracious
Joi Rejoicing, Happiness
Joia Rejoicing, Joy, Great Pleasure
Jolayne Yahweh is Gracious, Pretty
Jolean Yahweh is Gracious, Pretty
Jolee Pretty, Cheerful
Joleigh Pretty, Cheerful, Merry
Jolena God will Add
Jolene God is Merciful, God will Add
Joli Pretty, Cheerful, Country
Jolie Lovely, Pretty, Cheerful
Jolina God will Add
Joline God will Add, He will Increase
Jolita Youthful
Jolleen God will Add
Jollene God will Add
Jolli Delightful Pretty, Cheerful
Jolyn Pretty, Yahweh is Gracious
Jolynda Yahweh is Gracious, Pretty
Jolynn Pretty, Yahweh / God is Gracious
Jonae God is Gracious
Jonalyn God is Gracious
Jonalynn God is Gracious
Jonay TBD
Jonee Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jonell TBD
Jonella Yahweh is Gracious / Merciful
Jonetta TBD
Jonette TBD
Joni TBD
Jonica God is Gracious
Jonida TBD
Joniece Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Jonika God is Gracious
Jonisha Gift of God / Yahweh
Jonita Dove
Jonna God is Gracious
Jonnah TBD
Jonnelle God is Gracious
Jonni God is Gracious
Jonnie God is Gracious
Jontel God is gracious
Jorcina Farmer, Variant of Georgina
Jordan To Flow Down, Descend
Jordana To Flow Down, Descend, To Choose
Jordann Flowing Down
Jordanna To Flow Down, Descender
Jordanne To Flow Down, Watering-place
Jordee Flowing Down
Jordie Descending
Jordin Descend, Flowing Down
Jordyn Descend, Flow Down
Jordyne Flowing Down
Joreen TBD
Jorgelina Farmer, Variant of Georgina
Jori Variant of the Hebrew Jordan
Jorien TBD
Jorja Farmer
Jory Descending
Josalind TBD
Josalyn Joyous
Josalynn Joyous
Josceline Joyous, Playful
Joscelyn Joyous
Jose Yahweh will Add ( Another Son )
Josee God will, Feminine of Joseph
Josefa God Raises
Josefina God Shall Add, The Liberator
Joselin Joyful
Joseline Joyous, Merry, Goths, Cheerful
Joselyn Joyous, Cheerful
Joseph God will Increase
Josephine God will Increase
Josette Feminine of Joseph
Joshann Joshlyn Plus Ann
Josiann Variant of Josie Plus Ann
Josie God Raises, Feminine of Joseph
Josilyn Joyous
Josina Diminutive Form of Josephine
Joslin Joyous
Joslyn TBD
Joslynn Josie Plus Lynn
Jossie God Raises
Journi Journey
Jovani TBD
Jovanna Derived from Jove
Jovilyn TBD
Jovita Joy, Happy, God is Salvation
Joy Rejoicing, Jubilation, Jewel
Joya Rejoicing, Joy, Cute, Happiness
Joyana Great Pleasure, Rejoicing
Joyann Rejoicing, Joy
Joyanna Rejoicing, Delight
Joyanne Rejoicing, Jubilation, Happiness
Joyce Rejoicing, Cheerful, Merry
Joyceanne Cheerful, Joyful, Merry
Joycee Lord
Joycelyn Cheerful, Merry, Joyous
Joycelynn Cheerful, Merry
Joycena Joyous
Joycie Youthful, Joyous, Cheerful
Joydene TBD
Joyelle Rejoicing, Delight
Joyia Joy
Joylyn Joyful One
Joyous Lord, Joy
Jozette God will Add, She will Increase
Jozlyn Joyous
Juana Gift from God, A Flower
Juani Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Juanita God is Gracious
Judah Woman from Judea
Jude Generosity, Good Manners
Judi TBD
Judianna TBD
Judie Praised, Woman from Judea
Judine A Women from Judea
Judith Praised, Jewish, Judea Woman
Juditta Woman from Judea
Judy Praise, Jewish Woman
Judyann Judy Plus Ann
Juel Rich
Julain God is Gracious, Pretty
Julea Jupiter’s Child; Downy
Juleah youthful
Julene Youth, Young, Down-bearded Youth
Jules Soft-bearded, Youthful
Juli Youthful; Jove’s Child; Youth; …
Julia youthful
Julia Youthful, Soft Haired
Juliana Downy Bearded, Youthful
Juliann Youthful; Jove’s Child
Julianna Youthful, Downy Bearded
Julianne From the Name Julia and Anne
Julie Youthful, Downy-bearded
Julieanna Young; Jove’s Child; Female …
Juliene TBD
Julienne Youthful; Jove’s Child; Female …
Juliet Youthful, Downy-bearded
Julieth Downy-bearded, Youthful
Juliette Downy-bearded, Youthful
Julin TBD
Julis TBD
Julisa Jove’s Child; Youthful; …
Julissa Youthful
Julita Youthful; Jove’s Child; Female …
Juliya Downy; Jupiter’s Child
July Downy-haired, Youthful
June Sixth Month of the Year, June
Junelle Combination of June and Ellen
Juney June
Juntai Beautiful
Juny TBD
Jurnee Journey
Justeene Just, Upright
Justene Just, Upright, Fair, Righteous
Justice Righteous, Fair, Fairness
Justin Singer
Justina Just, Female Version of Justin
Justis Fair Minded, Just, Righteous
Juveria Young Girl
Juvi TBD
Juwan Perfume
Jyl Youthful; Jove’s Child
Jyles Resembling a Young Goat
Jyll Youthful; Jove’s Child
Jyllina Youthful; Jove’s Child; Variant of …
Jyn Gold, Ferry, Bright – Beautiful