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“Z” represents Hope. The Z shows Trust, Compassion for other people. It is practical and down-to-earth, combined with common sense and diplomacy. If you’re considering naming your baby girl after an American state, there are some great options to choose from! Here are ten American Baby Girl Names starting with Z.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 90 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Z. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 90 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Z.

Top 10 Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

Looking for baby girl names that start with the letter Z? Here are our top 10 picks!

  1. Zoey
  2. Zoe
  3. Zoey Zane
  4. Zoie
  5. Zoie Jade
  6. Zoie Bella
  7. Zoey James
  8. Zoey Lynn
  9. Zoey Quinn
  10. Zoey Brooke

American Baby Names That Start With Z

There are plenty of American baby girl names that start with the letter Z. Here are five of our favorites:

  1. Zoey
  2. Zuri
  3. Zoeyvee
  4. Zoelyn
  5. Zendaya


Looking for American baby girl names that start with Z? You’re in luck! Here are 10 of the most popular choices, all of which have beautiful meanings and traditional associations. If you can’t find the name you’re looking for on this list, consult our comprehensive database of baby names to get started.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With Z

Zabrina A princess
Zabrina Fruitful Desert Flower
Zachary TBD
Zaidee Lady, Princess
Zain Grace, Beauty, Good
Zaina Lovely, Pretty, Strong, Cheerful
Zainab Decorated or Ornamented Tree
Zaira Guest, Visitor, Rose Flower
Zalla From the River
Zamah TBD
Zana Flow of Water
Zanah Merry, Name, Quick, Alert
Zandra Protector of Humanity
Zandra Defender of mankind
Zandrea TBD
Zandy Shining Upon Man, Defender of Men
Zanika One who is Healthy
Zann Favour, Praise
Zara Princess, Lady, Shining, Light
Zarha TBD
Zaria Blossom
Zariah Princess, Shining, Radiance
Zavrina A Princess, Sabrina
Zavrina A princess
Zaya Hope – Faith
Zaylee Bailiff, Berry Wood, Hay Clearing
Zayna Beauty, Grace
Zazie TBD
Zeal Waterfall, With Passion
Zeisha Beloved
Zelda Fighting in Darkness
Zella Young Warrior, Rendered to Mars
Zelma peace
Zelma Comely, Helmet of God
Zelma Comely
Zelphia Wise
Zena Moon, Fame, News, Ethiopian
Zenaib Flower
Zendaya TBD
Zerena Love
Zeyna Beautiful, Ornament
Zhana Defender of Mankind
Zhane Phonetic Variant of Jenae
Zhanna God is Gracious
Zhenya Noble
Zia Light, Enlightened, To Tremble
Ziggy TBD
Zihna Spins, Spins Tops
Zina Name, A Beauty, Welcoming
Zina Welcoming
Zion Fortification, A Sign
Zita Theresa, Harvest, Seeker, Virgin
Zitkalasa Red Bird
Ziva Life, Radiant, Aglow, Splendour
Zivia Radiant
Zivile TBD
Ziya Source of Light, Radiance
Zlhna Spinning
Zoe Life
Zoelle Alive
Zoey Life, Responsible, Honest, Happy
Zoie Life
Zoii Life
Zola Productive, Quietness, Earth
Zollie Life
Zona Girdle, Belt, A Girth, From a Zone
Zonia Belt, A Dragon, Gridle
Zonya TBD
Zooey Honest, Responsible, Happy
Zoomie An Energetic Woman
Zora Daybreak, Sunrise, Dawn
Zorianna Dawn
Zoya Fragrance of Heaven, Shining
Zoyenka Life
Zozo TBD
Zshakira Thankful
Zuille The Original Power of the World
Zula Brilliant, Ahead, The Heavens
Zully Vigorous, Youthful
Zulma Healthy, Vigorous, Peace
Zunee One who is Creative
Zuni One who is Creative
Zuri Beautiful, White, Light
Zyanya Eternally
Zyra Eastern Brightness, Dawn