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“A” represents the Head. If your name starts with “A,” then it is considered that you show a strong interest in life in general and possess an independent nature. It shows Determination, Enterprise, and Courage. Three or more A’s appear in the name and can tip the scales toward selfishness.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 829 American Baby Girl Names Starting With A. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 829 American Baby Girl Names Starting With A.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With A

Finding the perfect American baby girl name can be tough, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some pretty American ones that you might be interested in for your next newborn. From Alexandra to Aaliyah, these names are sure to bring the sweetest sounds into your little one’s life.

Aadyn TBD
Aaisya TBD
Aalayah TBD
Aalayna Princess, Beautiful
Aalicia Truthful, Graceful, Nobel
Aaliyah To Ascend, High, Lofty, Sublime
Aaliyyah High, To Ascend, Highly Exalted
Aalyrah TBD
Aama To Effect, Accomplish
Aamara One who is Beautiful Forever
Aanysa Maiden, Young Lady
Aaralyn Created Name with Song
Aariaani Pure, Holy One, Gift from God
Aariana Pure, The Holiest One
Aarica TBD
Aariela TBD
Aarielle TBD
Aariyani Pure, Holy One, Variant of Arianna
Aarlin Oath, Pledge
Aaron Exalted
Aaronisha Queen of Sea
Aaryanna Queen, Utterly Pure, Noble
Aaryn Noble, Spiritual, God of Air
Aashlina TBD
Aaya TBD
Aayisha TBD
Aayla Top of the Mountain
Abagail Father Rejoices
Abagayle TBD
Abagelle TBD
Abbe My Father is Joyful
Abbey My Father Rejoices, High-born
Abbi My Father is Joyful
Abbie My Father is Joy
Abbiegayle Joy of My Father
Abbigail Father in Rejoicing
Abby Father in Rejoicing
Abbye My Father is Joyful
Abelina My Father Rejoices, Tender, Light
Abigail father’s joy
Abigail Delight / Joy to the Father
Abigaile Joy of My Father
Abigal My Father is Joyful
Abigale My Fahter is Joyful
Abigayle Father Rejoices
Abike Born to be Treasured
Abilene A Plain, Grassy Meadow
Abria Mother of Multitude
Abrianna Female Version of Abraham
Abriel Open, French, Protected, Secure
Abrielle secure, protected
Adabel Lovely, Happy
Adaja TBD
Adalyn Noble, Of the Nobility
Adalynn TBD
Adamaris Graceful, Noble
Adara Beauty, Fire, Noble, Virgin
Addie Noble Kind, Kind Spirit
Addyson Awesome
Adeena Goddess, Good Luck, Pious
Adela Nobility, Noble Kind, Softer
Adelaide Graceful, Noble
Adelaine Honourable, Of a Noble Kind, Noble
Adele Graceful, Nobility, Noble Kind
Adelie Noble Meadow
Adelina Graceful, Noble Kind, Adornment
Adeline Noble, Nobility, Kind, Brightness
Adeliza Noble, Honourable, Of a Noble Kind
Adell Noble, Kind
Adella Noble, Nobility
Adelle Noble, Form of Adelaide
Adelyn Exalted Nature, Noble
Adelyne Noble, Honourable, Of a Noble Kind
Adelynn Noble, Variant of Adela
Adenrele Crown has Returned to Its Home
Aderet A Cape, An Outer Garment
Adiana TBD
Adin Brightness, Delicate, Slender
Adina Decoration, Friday, Beautiful
Adine Noble, Tender, Delicate
Adison Child of Adam
Adlene Kind
Adonica Mankind Adviser
Adonna A Lady
Adra Virgin, Beauty, Veda, Untainted
Adria Dark, The Adriatic Sea Region
Adrian Dark, From Hadria, Place Name
Adriana Dark and Rich, Woman from Hadria
Adriane From Hadria, Dark, Rich
Adrianna Dark, Woman from Hadria, Dark One
Adrianne Woman from Adria, Dark, Rich
Adrien Dark One, Woman from Hadria
Adriene From Hadria, Dark
Adrienne Dark One
Adrine Woman from Hadria
Adsila Blossom
Aelma Pretty and Brave
Aeni Original, Pure, True
Aerial TBD
Aeryn Full of Grace
Afeni Health
Afia Born on Friday, From Ewe
Afrah Happiness, Cheerfulness, Teaching
Afric Agreeable, From Africa, Pleasant
Africa Cave, Agreeable, Pleasant
Afrodita Risen from Foam
Afroditi TBD
Afton From the River, Name of the River
Agar One who Fled, A Stranger
Agatha Good-hearted, Good
Aggeliki TBD
Aggie Good, Pure, Virginal, Sacred
Aglaia Splendour, Beautiful
Agnes Pure, Chaste, Holy
Agnesa Pure, Chaste, Flame of Fire
Agusta Holy, Dignified, August
Ahnna Grace
Ahuva Loved One, Dearly Loved
Aiama Honest, Shy
Aida Visiting, Noble, Nobility, Reward
Aide Helpful, Noble, Of a Noble Kind
Aigerim TBD
Aigner TBD
Aileen Light from Sun, Torch of Light
Ailish God’s Oath; Noble; Kind; Of the …
Ailsa Fairy Rock, Lively
Aily Hazelnut, Bird, The Juniper Tree
Ailyn Beauty and Shine of Moon
Aime Much Loved
Aimee Dearly Loved, Beloved, Amazing
Aimilia Amiable, Industrious
Aimy Beloved, Variant of Amy
Ainsley Place Name, His Very Own Meadow
Aira Beloved Jasmine, Of the Wind
Airianna holy
Aishling Vision, Dream
Aisley Dwells at the Ash Tree Meadow
Aiva Variant of the Feminine Name Ava
Aiyana Eternal Blossom, Endless Beauty
Aiyanna Eternal Blossom, Innocent
Ajai TBD
Ajanae Gracious, Merciful
Ajena TBD
Ajuma Priceless
Akeelah Eagle
Akemi Bright – Beautiful, Beauty of Dawn
Akia Sister, First Born
Akiba Replaces
Akielah Intelligent, Logical, Wise
Akira Gentle Flower, A Natural
Akiya First Born
Aklia Complete, Universe
Alaina Valuable, Precious, Dear Child
Alameda Grove of Cottonwood, Promenade
Alandra Defender of Mankind
Alani Continues Flow, Highest
Alanis Valuable, Precious, Little Rock
Alanna Fair, Beautiful, Dear Child
Alannah Valuable, Precious, Dear Child
Alasha God Gifted, Nobility
Alaska The Great Land
Alaura Wild, Magical, Strong
Alaya Lofty, Sublime
Alayah TBD
Alayna Beautiful, Princess
Alaysha Noble, Kind, Truthful
Alaysia Of a Noble Kind, Honourable, Noble
Alayziah Product of an Undying Love
Alba White, Blond, Fair Complexion
Alberta Wise, Graceful, Noble, Bright
Alberteen Noble
Albertha Noble, Bright
Albertina TBD
Albertine Noble
Albertyna Noble
Albertyne Noble, Bright, Intelligent
Albina White, Bright, Famous One
Alby Fair One, White, Blond
Alda Old but Graceful, Rich, Old, Wise
Aldercy A Chief, From Aldersey Island
Aldis From the Old House
Aldora Noble, Of Noble Rank, Winged Gift
Aldys From the Old House
Aleah High, Sublime
Alean Shining, Bright One, Bird
Alecia Graceful, Noble Kind, Nobility
Aleea Ornament, Ascent, Noble
Aleena Soft, Silk of Heaven, Beautiful
Aleera TBD
Aleha Exalted, Ascender
Aleia Flower, Exalted
Alejandra TBD
Aleks Defender of Men
Alema TBD
Alena Torch of Light, Dear Child, Torch
Alene Fair, Good Looking, Rock / Comely
Alesandra Defender of Men
Alesha Of a Noble Kind, Of the Noble Sort
Aleshanee One who Plays All the Time
Alesia Of a Noble Kind, Help, Aid
Alessandra Protector of Humanity
Alet Noble, Honourable, Of a Noble Kind
Aleta Truthful One, Caring, Winged
Aletha Truthful
Alethea Truthful, Truth
Alex Defender of Mankind, Noble
Alexa Helper / Defender of Mankind
Alexander TBD
Alexandera Defender of Men
Alexandr Protector of Mankind
Alexandra TBD
Alexandrea Defender of Mankind
Alexandrina Form of Alexander
Alexaria Princess of the Forest
Alexendria Form of Alexander
Alexes Defender of Men
Alexi Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alexia Helper; Man’s Defender; Helper of …
Alexina Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alexine Defender of Mankind, Helper
Alexis Helper, Defender of Mankind
Alexsandra Protector / Defender of Mankind
Alexus Protector of Mankind
Alexx Defender of Mankind
Alexxa Helper, Defender of Mankind
Alexys Defender of Men, Defender
Alexzandra Protector of Mankind
Aley Of a Noble, High, Sublime
Aleyna Bright, Shining, Rock or Comely
Alfreda Counsel of Elves / Elf
Alfrida Wise Counsellor, Elf
Aliana Noble and Gracious
Aliannah Precious, Bright, Shining
Alice Noble, Graceful, Nobility
Alicia Graceful, Truthful, Nobel
Alicyn Son of the High Born
Alifya One in Millions
Alina Fair, Noble, Light, Beautiful
Aline Noble, Nobility, Light, Lovely
Alinn Variant of Linn
Alisa Kind Type, God is Salvation, Sun
Alisaa Of the Nobility, God is Salvation
Alisabeth Consecrated to God
Alisanne Truthful, Variation of Alice
Alisea Protected, Of a Noble Kind, Joy
Alisha A Star, God Gifted
Alisi Of a Noble Kind, Honourable, Noble
Aliska Of a Noble Kind, Protected by God
Alison Graceful, Alice, Truthful
Alissa Noble Kind, Nobility, Rational
Alissia Truthful
Alisson Truthful, Graceful
Alista Feminine of Alexander
Alisyn TBD
Alivia Olive Branch, Symbol of Peace
Aliviyah Symbol of Peace, Intelligent
Aliya Highness, Exalted, Sublime
Aliyah Rising, Ascending, High-born
Aliysa Noble, Honourable, Ornament, Joy
Aliza Joyous, Happiness, Faithful
Alizay Beauty of Light
Alize Trade Wind, Joyful
Alja Entire
Alla An Angel, Name of Truth, Defender
Allana Dear Child, Little Rock, Beautiful
Allanah Beautiful, Dear Child, Little Rock
Allar Noble Hardy, Alder Tree
Allaryce Rules All
Allayna Light
Allee Lofty, Nobly Famous, Sublime, High
Allene Little Rock, Bright, Shining
Allesandra Defender of Mankind
Allie Little Rock, Noble and Shining
Allira Daughter
Allisha Protected by God, Honourable
Allison Exalted Nature, Son of Alice
Alliya TBD
Alliyah Noble, High-born, Ascending
Allura Divine Counsellor
Ally Noble, Graceful, Shining
Allyn Noble, Of the Nobility, Bright
Allyse Truthful, Variant of Alice
Allysha Defender of Mankind, Nobility
Allyson Noble Kind, Form of Alice
Allyssa Noble, Kind
Alma Caring, Fostering, Soul
Almeda Achieving, Fields of Cottonwood
Almie Soul, Nourishing
Almira Woman of Nobility, Princess
Almond TBD
Alodie rich
Aloma Dove, Abbreviation of Paloma
Alona Light, Dear Child, Oak Tree
Alonda Defender of Men
Alondra Defender of Mankind
Alonna Dear Child
Alpha Most Important, Excellent
Alsana Princess
Alta Abbreviation of Altagracia
Altha Healer, With Healing Power
Althea One who Heals, Sincere, Healing
Altheda Healer, Like a Blossom
Althia Healer, With Healing Power
Altsoba All War
Alura Divine Counsellor
Alurea Divine Counsellor
Alva Female Elf, Brightness, Height
Alvena Noble / Elf Friend
Alvina Noble and Wise Friend
Aly Of a Noble, Sublime, High, Lofty
Alya From Heaven, Sky, Loftiness
Alyce Noble, Kind, Of the Nobility
Alycia Nobility, Similar to Alice
Alyia TBD
Alyma Sea, Skilled in Music – Dancing
Alyn Pretty
Alynna Brightness, Ornament, Beautiful
Alysa Rational, Princess
Alyse Truthful, Noble Sort
Alysha Nobility, Similar to Alice
Alysia Entrancing, Possesive, Captivating
Alyson Truthful, Noble, Nobility, Honest
Alyssa Noble, Graceful, Sweet Angel
Alysse Truthful, Variant of Alice
Alyssia Truthful, Noble Sort
Alyvia Symbol of Peace
Alyx Protector of Humanity
Amalia Industrious, Work, Striving
Amanda Lovable, Much Loved
Amanee Belief, Aspirations, Faith, Wishes
Amani Road, One who Shows the Path
Amara Elegance, Grass, Immortal One
Amari A Miracle from God, Special Gift
Amarika Freedom
Amarilis Sparkling Eyes
Amaris God has Promised
Amaya Goddess of Nature; Night’s Rain
Amber Gemstone, Sky, From the Stone
Amberia Amber
Amberlee A Precious Jewel
Amberli Amber
Amberly Smart, Playful, Nice, Strong
Amberlyn A Jewel, Amber and Lynn
Amberlynn A Jewel
Ambrea Amber
Ambria amber
Ambrose Immortal, Divine
Ameara Ruler, Commander, Emir, Prince
Amee Sweetness, Beloved
Amel Aspiration, Hope
Amelda Strong, Eagle, Emerald-like
Amelia Hard-working, Courage
Amelie Hard Working, Industrious
America Land of the Prince
Amerika TBD
Amethyst A Precious Stone
Ametta Power of an Eagle
Amette Power of an Eagle
Amey Beloved
Ami My People, Dearly Loved, Beauty
Amia Beloved
Amiah Beloved
Amidala Beautiful Flower
Amie Beloved
Amiee Nectar
Amily Variant of Emily
Amilya Powerful
Amina Trustful, Honest, Trustworthy
Amira Princess, High-born, Speech
Amirah Princess, Wealthy, Ruler
Amirykal A True Blessing
Amisha Most Beautiful, Sunshine, Brave
Amitola Like a Rainbow
Amity Fellowship, Friendship, Friend
Amiya Nectar, Delightful
Amiyah Delight
Ammie Beloved, Entire
Amna Peace, Soft, Desire, Safety
Amor Little Love
Amorica Ancient Name for Britain
Amory Loved One
Amour Love
Amparo Protection
Amrie TBD
Amy Beloved, Dearly Loved
Amy-Jo TBD
Amya High Place
AmyBeth TBD
Amye Beloved, Form of Amy
Amyia TBD
Ana Form of Anna, Gracious
Ana-Maria TBD
Anabel Combination of Anna and Belle
Anabella Lovable, Grace, Easy to Love
Anabelle Graceful, Beautiful, Easy to Love
Anahi Beautiful, Answer, Immaculate
Anaiah Gift of God, God Listens to Prayer
Anais Grace, Favour, Pure
Analia Merciful
Analicia Graced with God’s Bounty
Analy Wonderfully Made
Anam Blessing, Noble Man with Power
Anama One who Returns Salutations
Anamaria A Combination of Ana and Maria
Ananda Happy, Joyful, Bliss, Full of Joy
Ananya Infinity, Inalienability
Anastasia Resurrection
Anastasiia One who Shall Rise Again
Anavia Trust
Anaya Blessing of God, Origin
Anda Defender of Mankind, Bliss, Joy
Ande Virility, Manly, Defender, Brave
Andee Manly, Adventurous, Daring
Andena Courageous
Ander TBD
Andi Form of Andrea; A Man’s Woman; …
Andie Courageous, Brave
Andra Manly; A Man’s Woman; Strong and …
Andre Virility, Brave, Manly, Defender
Andrea Manly; A Man’s Woman; Beautiful …
Andreana Womanly, Warrior
Andrei TBD
Andressa Courageous, Strong
Andreza TBD
Andria Strong; A Man’s Woman; Warrior; …
Andromeda Rescued, To be Aware of Man
Anea Friendly, God was Gracious
Aneata Without Guile, Grace, Favour
Aneesa Friendly, Of Good Company
Aneesha Victory, Uninterrupted
Aneika Several, Plenty of, Many
Aneisha Pure, Variant of Anne or Agnes
Anel Angel, Messenger of God
Anelia Merciful, Pure
Aneliza Grace, Favour
Anelle Messenger of God, Angel
Anesha Pure, Chaste, Kind and Caring
Anessa Pure, Variant of Anne or Agnes
Aneta Gracious, Merciful, Grace, Favour
Anetra God has Shown, God was Gracious
Angala Beautiful Goddess
Angel Fairy
Angeles Messengers
Angelia Angelic, Divine Messenger
Angelic Like an Angel, Befitting in Angle
Angelica God’s Messenger; Daughter of a …
Angelie Messenger of God, Divine Messenger
Angelina Guiding Spirit, Angelic
Angeline Angel, Messenger from God
Angelique Like an Angel, Messenger from God
Angelita Messenger from God, Angel
Angella Angel, Heavenly Messenger
Angelyna Messenger of God, Angel
Angelynn Messenger, Beautiful Angel
Angie God’s Messenger; Present; Angel; …
Angila Messenger of God, Angel
Angwusnasomtaqa Crow Mother Spirit
Ani Ornament, Beautiful
Anicia Pure, Of a Noble Kind
Anika Grace, Favour, God is Gracious
Anil Cloud, Immaculate Being
Anisa Joy and Pleasure, Friendly
Anisha Pure, Grace, Continuous, Day
Anissa pure
Anissa Gracious, Merciful, Pure
Anita Gracious, Merciful, Grace, Leader
Anitra Gracious, Grace
Aniya Searching, Creative, Gracious
Aniyah Caring, Affectionate
Anjaleena TBD
Anjali Proposing, Join Hands
Anjalina Angel
Anjalisa Beautiful Diamond
Anjane Illusion
Anjanette Gracious, Merciful
Anjelica Like an Angel, Messenger from God
Anjelina Messenger of God, Guiding Spirit
Anjelinne Messenger of God
Anjelyn TBD
Anjeza TBD
Anjie God’s Messenger; Blessings
Ankara TBD
Ankti Repeat Dance
Ann Gracious, Form of Anna
Ann-Margret TBD
Ann-Marie TBD
Anna Present, Graceful
Annaba One who Returns from War
Annabel Adorable, From Anna and Bella
Annabell Beautiful, Easy to Love
Annabella Beautiful Grace
Annabelle A Combination of Anna and Belle
Annabeth God is Gracious
Annah Gracious
Annalee Gracious, Variant of Anne
Annalise Graced with God’s Bounty; God is …
Annalyn From the Graceful Lake
Annamae Anna and Mae
Annamarie Combination of Anna and Marie
Anne Grace, Favour, God is Gracious
Annella God was Gracious, God has Shown
Annemarie Gracious, Rebellious Woman
Anneri Unique, Extraordinary
Annet God is Gracious
Annetta Favoured Grace, God is Gracious
Annette Favour, Grace
Anney Favour, Grace
Anni God is Gracious
Annice Pure, Form of Agnes, Chaste
Annicka God is Gracious
Annie Gracious, Merciful, Grace
Annika Giving Food
Annique TBD
Annis Pure, Chaste, Sacred, Grace
Annisa Friendly
Annmaria Ann and Maria
Annmarie A Combination of Ann and Marie
Anora Light, Honour, Grace
Anpaytoo Radiant
Ansleigh TBD
Ansley From the Field of Hermits, Angel
Ant Ending
Antanecia TBD
Anthi Daughter of Athena
Anthony Praiseworthy
Anthoula Blossom, Flowery
Antionette Beyond Price, Form of Antonia
Antoinette Invaluable
Antoneta Inestimable, Priceless
Antonette Praiseworthy
Antonia Priceless, Beyond Price
Antonita TBD
Antonya Praiseworthy
Antu Goddess who Created Humans
Antzela TBD
Anu Atom, Silence, Favour, Grace
Any Variant of Anny
Anya Inexhaustible, Gracious, Graceful
Aphrodite Goddess of Love
April Second, To Open Up
Aprill April
Aprille Second, The Month April
Apryl Second, The Month April
Aqueela TBD
Aquene Peace
Ara Ornament, Brings Rain
Arabella TBD
Araceli Altar in the Sky, Gate of Heaven
Aracely Altar of the Sky
Araya Princess, Goddess Parvati
Arayna Vivacious
Arbadella Star
Arcadia Adventurous
Arcelia Treasure, Altar of Heaven
Ardeen Warm, Great Forest
Ardel Eager Industrious, Eager
Ardella Blooming Field, Warm
Ardelle Warm, Industrious, Eager
Arden Lofty, Eager, Valley of the Eagle
Ardena Lofty, Eager
Ardene Lofty, Eager
Ardine Warm, Burning with Enthusiasm
Ardis Noble, Courageous, Eager
Ardith Combination of Ara and Judith
Ardyce Flowering Field
Ardyne Warm
Areil the Lord is my light
Areli Heroic
Arella Angel, Golden-haired, Messenger
Arely The Lord is My Light, Brave
Aretha Woman of Virtue, Morality, Best
Areya Of Purity
Argelia Full of Treasures
Ari Brings Rain, Exalted, On High
Aria Gentle Music, Brings Rain, Pledge
Arial Strength, Courage, Sprite
Ariana The Holiest One, Pledge
Ariane Holy One, Like Silver
Ariani Pure, Holy One, Variant of Arianna
Arianna Holy One, Pure
Ariannah Pure, Holy One
Arianne The Holy One, Black Beauty
Arias TBD
Arie Nobel
Ariel Queen of the Ocean, Lion of God
Ariell Lion of God
Ariella Angel, Messenger of God
Arielle Lion of God, Angel
Arienne Very Holy Woman
Aris Harvest
Arita Lightness
Ariyana Silver
Ariyani Holy One, Pure, Variant of Arianna
Arizona Little Spring, Territory
Arla Pledge
Arleana Pledge
Arlee Hare Clearing / Meadow
Arleen Oath, A Pledge, Promise, Covenant
Arleena Pledge
Arleene Pledge
Arleigh Meadow of the Hare
Arlen TBD
Arlena Pledge
Arlene Pledge, Oath
Arlenna Pledge
Arleth Pledge
Arletta Pledge, A Mediaeval Given Name
Arlie Pretty, Oath
Arlin Promise, Variant of Arlen, Pledge
Arlina Pledge, Oath, Man
Arlinda Modern Blend of Arlene and Linda
Arline Pledge, Oath, Man, Rocky Meadow
Arly Pledge
Arlyn Pledge, Oath
Armani Derivative of Imani, Faith
Armenia Faith, Derivative of Imani
Armida Little Armed One
Arna Ornaments, Mountain of Strength
Arnell Eagle
Arnella Eagle Ruler
Arnelle eagle
Arnelle Eagle Ruler
Arnette Eagle Ruler
Arnita Eagle Ruler
Arri TBD
Arriana Silver, Variant of Ariadne
Arriane Holy One
Arrianna Pure, Holy One
Arthur Noble Strength, Eagle of Thor
Artie God Worship, Prayer Ceremony
Artis Bear, Noble
Arvilla Eagle Ruler
Arya Goddess Parvati
Aryanna Holy One
Aryn TBD
Asa Healer, Like, Similar to, Doctor
Asela The Slim Ash Tree
Asena Beautiful
Ash Form of Ashley, Ash Tree Meadow
Asha Hope, Aspiration, Wish, Desire
Ashanti Strong Qr4idqn Woman, Aggressive
Ashely Ash-tree Meadow
Asher Happy, Ash Wood, Blessed
Ashika One without Sorrow, Mercury
Ashina She Wolf, Successful
Ashla Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlea Ash Tree Clearing
Ashleah Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlee Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashleen Symbol of Fire
Ashleena Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlei Ash Wood
Ashlen Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashley Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashli From the Ash Tree, Ash-tree Meadow
Ashlie Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlin Meadow of Ash Trees, Dream, Petal
Ashlinn Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashly Ash, Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashlye Pretty
Ashlyn Meadow of Ash Trees, Goddess
Ashlynn Ash Tree Lake / Pool
Ashlynne Ash Tree Pool, Meadow of Ash Trees
Ashria Happy
Ashten Ash Tree Settlement
Ashton Ash Tree Settlement
Ashtyn Ash Tree Enclosure
Asia East, Woman, Resurrection
Asimina TBD
Asja Eastern Sunrise
Asley East Meadow
Aslihan TBD
Aspen A Tree Name
Assata TBD
Astara Star
Astrid Divine Beauty / Strength
Asun Asuncion
Ateed TBD
Atheena God’s Friend
Athena Goddess of Wisdom, Goddess, Skill
Athenea TBD
Athilda At the Elder Tree
Athina Atina Greek Goddess
Atilda From the Elder Tree Grove
Atiya Gift from Allah, Present, Gift
Atotoztli Unclear
Atreyee Name of a River
Atta Father
Aubree Blond Ruler, Rules with Elf-wisdom
Aubrey Ruler of Elves, Blond Ruler
Aubriana Blond Ruler
Aubrie Blond Ruler, Rules with Elf-wisdom
Aubry Blond Ruler, Rules with Elf-wisdom
Auburn reddish brown
Auden Bold One, Daring
Audene Nobility and Strength, Nobility
Audie Noble Strength
Audra Noble Strength, Form of Audrey
Audre Noble Strength
Audrea Noble Strength, Nobility, Storm
Audreana Noble Strength
Audreanna Noble Strength
Audrey Noble Strength
Audri Noble Strength, Nobility
Audria Noble Strength, Nobility
Audriana Strong, Rich, Nobility
Audrianna Noble Strength, Nobility
Audrie Noble Strength, Nobility
Audrielle Noble Strength, Nobility
Audrina Of Noble Strength, Nobility
Audry Noble Strength, Noble
Augusta Exalted, Great
Augustine Venerable, Worthy of Respect
Aura Air, Cloud, Rain, Wind
Aurelia Golden, Wind, Dawn, Breeze
Auriana Aura
Aurora Sunrise, Light, Dawn
Aury Golden-haired
Auryon Hunter
Austen Venerable, Majestic
Austin Dignified, Holy, August
Austina Majestic, Variant of Augustine
Austine Majestic, Variant of Augustine
Autumn Season Name, The Fall Season
Ava A Fulfilling Sound / Voice
Avah Like a Bird
Avalee Hazelnut
Avalynn TBD
Avary Old Peace, Inspired Advice
Aveline Hazelnut
Avelyn Gift of God, Hazelnut
Averi Elf Counsel, Inspired, Old Peace
Averie Elf-counsel
Averil TBD
Averill Born in April, Opening Up
Avery Ruler of Elves, Happiness
Averyl Month Name
Avi God, Sun, Bird, Strength, Desired
Avia God is My Father
Aviaja TBD
Aviana Child of God, Bearer of Good News
Aviance Bearer of Good News
Avianna Modern Blend of Ava and Ana
Avie Living, Alive, Life
Avionce TBD
Avis Bird
Aviv Young, Spring
Avlynn Hazelnut
Avri Soil of Earth
Avriel To Open, Opening Buds of Spring
Avril To Open, April Month
Avrill To Open, April Month
Avryl To Open, Born in April
Avy Blessed, Beginning
Avyana Strong, Powerful
Avyanna Strong, Powerful, Beautiful
Awanata Turtle
Awele Gentle Breeze
Awendela Morning
Awenita Fawn
Awentia Fawn
Awinita Polish (Cherokee), Little Fawn
Ayalisse Divine, Unique, Beautiful
Ayana Goddess Saraswati, Ethiopian
Ayanna Innocent, Beautiful Flower, Royal
Ayasha Little One
Ayashe Little One ( Chippewa )
Ayesha Woman, Life, Small One, Simple
Ayessha Small One, Successes, Woman, Life
Ayiana Eternal Blossom
Ayiesha Alive, Woman, Beautiful
Ayita First to Dance (cherokee), Beloved
Ayla Oak Tree
Ayleen Hazelnut Bird, Messenger of God
Aylen Joy
Aylia Angel on Paradise
Aylin Moon Halo
Aymara Grass, Elegance
Aymee TBD
Ayn Source of the Spring
Aysan Moon Light
Aysia One who Lives, Alive
Azalea A Flower, Dry, Withered Flower
Azalee Eternal, Everlasting, A Singer
Azaria Helper of Almighty
Azia The Rising Sun
Azizi Precious One
Azul Colour Blue
Azumi Safe Residence
Azur Sky Blue
Azura Clear Blue Sky, Sky Blue
Azure Sky-blue, Blue Semiprecious Stone
Azurine Sky-blue
Azzie TBD
Azzure TBD