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“G” represents Mysticism and Religion. The G shows Purposeful, Orderly, inventive, and instinctive. There are so many beautiful baby names to choose from, and finding the perfect one for your little one can be a daunting task. However, if you’re looking for American baby girl names that start with the letter G, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we’ll take a look at some of our favorite choices and tell you why they’re popular.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 314 American Baby Girl Names Starting With G. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 314 American Baby Girl Names Starting With G.

The Top 5 Baby Girl Names Starting With G

There are so many amazing baby girl names starting with the letter G, it’s hard to choose just five! In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five baby girl names starting with the letter G.

  1. Genevieve
  2. Gabriella
  3. Georgina
  4. Giselle
  5. Gena


Looking for a newborn girl name that starts with the letter G? We’ve got you covered! In this article, we’ll be sharing our top 10 American baby girl names that start with G.



American Baby Girl Names Starting With G

One of the most popular baby girl names in the United States is Gwen. This name is pronounced like the word win and has a Celtic origin. Other popular American baby girl names that start with G include Gwendolyn, Gwennie, and Gweneth. Baby girls who are named after flowers or plants often receive this name as well.

A List of Names Starting with G

  1. Gabbie
  2. Gabriella
  3. Gabby
  4. Gaea
  5. Gaia
  6. Gabsie
  7. Gaby
  8. Gigi

Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With G

Gabi God is my strength
Gabi God’s Able-bodied One; Diminutive …
Gable TBD
Gabra Gift of Offering
Gabriel God is My Strength
Gabriela God’s Bravest Woman; God is My …
Gabriell God is my strength
Gabriell God’s Able-bodied One; God is My …
Gabriella God is my strength
Gabriella God Gives Strength
Gabrielle God is my strength
Gabrielle God’s Bravest Woman; The Heroine …
Gaby God is my strength
Gaea Mother of the Titans, The Earth
Gael My father rejoices
Gael Joyful, Abbreviation of Abigail
Gaelyn God is My Protector
Gaho Mother
Gaia From the Earth, Land, Earth
Gail Lively, My Father is Joy
Gaila My father rejoices
Gaila Joyful, My Father is Joyful
Gala Enjoyment
Gala Woman of Serenity, Enjoyment
Galadriel Lady of the Light
Galaxy The Universe
Gale My father rejoices
Gale My Father Rejoices, Pleasant
Galea Enjoyment
Galea Enjoyment, Festive Party
Galen Healer
Galen Healer, Festive Party, Calm
Galena Healer, Festive Party, Calm
Galena Healer
Galilea Wheel, Revolution, Born in Galilee
Galina Light, Shining, Calm
Galina Light
Galyn Calm
Gamelia Beautiful
Gardenia The flower
Gardenia Sweet Smelling Flower
Garland wreath of flowers
Garnet A Dark Red Semi-precious Gem Stone
Garnet Pomegranate seed
Garnett Red Gem Stone Like a Pomegranate
Gary Spear Carrier
Gavin TBD
Gay Light hearted
Gaye Glad, Lighthearted, Happy, Joyous
Gayla Lively
Gayla Lively, Festive Party, Joyous
Gayle Lively
Gayle Cheerful, Jovial, Joyful, Lively
Gaylen Lively
Gaylene Lively, Happy, Joyful
Gaylene Lively
Gaylynn Gay Plus Lynn
Geanina God is Gracious
Geena heavenly messenger
Geena Silvery, Farm Worker
Geeta The Holy Book of the Hinduism
Geia TBD
Geina Heavenly Messenger
Gela Place Name
Gemima Bright as Day, Twin, Dove
Gemma Jewel, Precious Stone, Gem
Gena Well Born, Noble, Race of Women
Genae Lady of the People, Tribal Woman
Genah Old, Lady of the People
Genai Lady of the People, Tribal Woman
Genamarie Combination of Gena and Marie
Genaya White Wave
Gene Well Born, The Lord is Gracious
Genecil TBD
Genelle The Lord is Gracious
Genesis The Beginning, Origin, Generation
Genesis Beginning
Genessa Creation, Birth
Geneva Tribe Woman, Of the Race of Women
Geneveve Lady of the People, Tribal Woman
Genevia The Juniper Tree, River Mouth
Genevieve White wave
Genevieve Leader of the Tribe, White Wave
Genevive White Wave, Leader of the Tribe
Genice God is Gracious
Genifer Holy, White, Fair, Blessed, Smooth
Genine The Lord is Gracious
Genita God is Gracious
Genn Saviour
Genna White wave
Genna White Wave, Fair Phantom
Genni Knowledge, Leadership
Gennifer White and Smooth, Soft
Genny White wave
Genny White Wave, Race of Women
Genoa TBD
Genya Virgin
Georgann Earthworker, Farmer
Georganne Farmer, Earthworker
George Farmer, Female Version of George
Georgeana Gracious Farmer
Georgeann A Combination of Georgia and Ann
Georgeanne Farmer
Georgeanne Farmer, Earth Worker
Georgene Farmer, Earth Worker
Georgetta Farmer, Beauty, Earth Worker
Georgette Farming Woman, Farmer
Georgi Earth-worker
Georgia Farmer, Earth Worker, Farm Worker
Georgia Farmer
Georgiana Farmer
Georgiann Farmer, Earth Worker
Georgianna Combination of Georgia and Anna
Georgie Farmer, Earth Worker
Georgine Farmer, Earth Worker
Georgy Farmer, Earthworker
Gerald Ruler with the Spear
Geraldina Mighty with a spear
Geraldine Mighty with a spear
Geraldine Mighty with a Spear, Spear Ruler
Geralyn Rules by the Spear, Spear Ruler
Geralyn Rules by the spear
Geralynn Rules by the Spear
Geri Mighty with a spear
Gerica Ruler with a Spear
Gericka Ruler with a Spear
Gerie Spear, Spear Rule
Gerika Ruler with a Spear
Germaine Brother, A Sprout, Armed
Gerri Mighty with a spear
Gerri Mighty with a Spear, Spear Ruler
Gerrie Spear Rule, Enclosure, Spear
Gerrilyn Mighty with a Spear
Gerry Spear Ruler
Gertie Spear of Strength
Gertrude Strength of a Spear, Spear Hunter
Geulah Beulah, Married
Ghea TBD
Gia God is gracious
Giada Jade, Precious Green Stone
Giana God is Gracious
Gianella Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Gianinna Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Gianna God, God is Gracious / Merciful
Gianna God is gracious
Gianni God is Gracious / Merciful
Giavanna God / Lord is Gracious / Merciful
Giavonna Yahweh is Merciful / Gracious
Gibby Gap-toothed
Gibi TBD
Gideon TBD
Gidget Small Girl
Gidget giddy
Gigi Brilliant, Trusted, Earth Worker
Gilda Gilded or golden
Gilda Woman of Sacrifice, Golden
Gildan Golden
Gildan Gilded or golden
Gilli TBD
Gillian Youthful, Child of the Gods
Gillian Youthful
Gilliane TBD
Gilliann TBD
Gimena Supplanter
Gina Well born
Gine TBD
Gines Engenders Life
Ginette Of the Race of Women, White Wave
Ginger Pure, Virgin
Ginger Pure
Gingy Ginger
Ginja Ginger
Ginna Pure
Ginna Pure, Abbreviation of Virginia
Ginnette Pure, Virgin
Ginnette Pure
Ginney Virgin
Ginnie Pure
Ginnifer White, Smooth, Soft
Ginny Pure
Ginny Pure, Virgin, Maiden
Gionna Resembling the Bird of Peace
Giota TBD
Giovanna Gracious Gift from God
Giovanna God is gracious
Gioya Joy
Gipsy Wanderer
Gipsy Wanderer, Egyptian
Giselda Hostage, Pledge
Gisele Pledge, Hostage, Oath
Giselle Oath, Hostage, A Pledge, A Promise
Giselle Pledge
Gisla TBD
Gissel TBD
Gisselle Pledge, Hostage
Gitane Gypsy
Githa Gift
Githa Gift, God Beautiful, War
Giuliana Youthful, Young, Downy-bearded
Gizelle Pledge, Free, Hostage
Gizza Hewn Stone
Glad Happy
Glad Happy, Lame, Variant of Claudia
Glady Princess, Country, Ruler, Happy
Gladys Lame, Disabled, Princess
Glea Joy
Glee Joy
Glena Happy, Calm, Healer
Glenda Holy, Divine Goodness, Pure
Glenna From the Glen, Valley, Glen
Glennis Pure, Holy
Glennys Fair One, Holy
Glinda Fair, Good
Glo Glory
Glora Form of Gloria, Glory
Gloria Glorious, Woman of Glory
Gloria Glory
Gloriana Glorious Grace, Glory
Gloriana Glorious grace
Gloriane Glorious Grace, Glory
Gloriane Glorious grace
Glorianna Gloria + Anna
Glorianna Glorious grace
Glynda Fair, Good
Glynis Small Valley, Pure, Holy, Valley
Godiva God’s Gift; Gift from God
Godwin God’s Friend
Gogi Shining Pledge, Brilliant
Golda Gold or gilded
Golda Made of Gold, The Precious Metal
Golde TBD
Golden Fair-haired, Golden-haired
Goldie Gold, Gilded, Golden-haired
Goldie Gold or gilded
Golds Gold or gilded
Golds Gold, Gilded
Goldy Gold or gilded
Goldy Gold, Gilded, Form of Golda
Gonda Fight, Noble, Honourable
Grace Beauty of form
Grace Mercy; God’s Favour; Grace; Grace …
Graci Charm, Grace
Gracia Beauty of Form, Charm
Gracia Beauty of form
Gracie Beauty of Form, Graceful
Gracie Beauty of form
Graciela Elegant / Graceful Woman
Graciella Grace, Charm
Gracu Beautiful
Gracy Happiness
Gray Gray-haired
Grayson Child of the Bailiff
Grazielle Grace
Grecia Graceful, Form of Grace
Gregoria Vigilant, Observant, Alert
Greta Pearl
Greta Form of Margaret, Child of Light
Gretchen Pearl, Little Pearl
Gretchen Pearl
Grey Gray-haired
Griffon TBD
Grisel Dark Battle, Stone
Griselda Dark Battle and Gravel, Stone
Guadalupe From Wolf’s River; Valley of the …
Guadalupe Valley of the wolf
Gudiava TBD
Guendolen White Wave, Wanderer, White Ring
Guendolen White wave
Gus Dignified, Holy
Gussie Venerable
Gustine Just, Fair
Gwen Blessed Bow, Fair, Blessed
Gwena Moon, White Circle
Gwenda White, Fair, Blessed and Good
Gwendolyn Blessed Bow, Fair Bow
Gwendolynn Moon, White Circle
Gwenna White Circle, Fair, Moon, Blessed
Gwineth Luck, Happiness
Gwyda One who Acts as a Guide
Gwyn White, Pure, Sacred Holy
Gwyneth Happiness, Blessed, Fortunate
Gylda Gilded
Gyldan Gilded
Gyllianna TBD
Gyongyver TBD
Gypsi A Gypsy, A Wanderer
Gypsy Wanderer, A Bohemian Traveller
Gypsy Wanderer
Gytha Gift, Warring, Warlike
Gytha Gift