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“B” represents Emotions. B has a love of nature and life. It shows Amicable, Homeliness, and Over-Sensitive (when short of self-confidence). It is not a particularly strong letter on the physical plane and can be influenced easily by others.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 527 American Baby Girl Names Starting With B. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 527 American Baby Girl Names Starting With B.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With B

Babies are a precious commodity, and parents everywhere are looking for unique and everlasting names for their little ones. With over two thousand choices to choose from, narrowing it down to just 100 or so can be daunting. Thankfully, we’ve compiled a list of American baby girl names that start with the letter B. Enjoy!


Most American Baby Girl Names starting with B are Biblical and have historical significance. There are many beautiful options to choose from if you’re looking for a name that will reflect your child’s strong faith.

Below are some of the most popular American Baby Girl Names starting with B, along with their biblical meaning and some additional information that may interest you.

Babette: The biblical name Babette means “beekeeper.” It is a great option if you are looking for a traditional biblical name that reflects your child’s heritage.

Bethlehem: Bethlehem is the town where Jesus was born, and it is also the location of the Christmas story. This biblical name has great significance for parents who want to celebrate Christmastide in style!

Agnieszka: Agnieszka translates to “pure.” This Polish name is perfect if you want to find a delicate and saintly option for your baby girl. Agnieszka is also one of Poland’s most popular names.


Adeline is a beautiful and unique name that has a lot of potential. It’s perfect for a girl who is confident and determined. Adeline is also very stylish and modern, making her perfect for a contemporary family.


Adelaide is a name that comes from the city of Adelaide in Australia. It means “from Adelaide.” It is pronounced ah-DEL-see.

Some other names that start with B include Bailey, Barrister, and Bishop.


Ainsley is a beautiful baby girl name that is perfect for a confident and outgoing baby. This name is derived from the Scottish Gaelic name Aine, meaning “brightness”. Ainsley has been popular in the US since 2007 and is currently rising in popularity.


Alana is a popular American baby girl name that comes from the Greek word alanthus, meaning “wayfarer.” Alana is also the name of a character in the novel “The Lord of the Rings.” Alana is ranked #2 on the list of most popular American baby girl names. In 2016, Alana was the most popular name for girls born in New York.


When it comes to American baby girl names starting with B, there are some truly unique options to choose from. From Bailee to Baylee, these names will have your little one standing out from the crowd.
Bailee is a sweet and bubbly name that is perfect for a girl who loves to have fun. It has both Irish and Scottish origins and means “beautiful Villa”.

Baylee is another great choice for a girl who loves adventure. This name is derived from the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia and means “the place near the bay”.

If you are looking for a traditional option, consider naming your daughter Belle. This name has origins in France and means “beautiful” or “fortunate”.

Babette Promise of God, God is an Oath
Baby Infant
Bahni TBD
Baiba TBD
Bailee Law Enforcer, Bailiff
Bailee Law enforcer or bailiff
Baileigh Berry Wood, Bailiff
Bailey Law Enforcer, Bailiff
Bailey Law enforcer or bailiff
Baillie Berry Wood, Bailiff
Bambi Female baby
Bambi Little, Female Baby, Child
Bandy Joind, Tied, Captured, Prisoner
Baner A Decorative Symbol
Banks TBD
Barb Foreign, Form of Barbara, Strange
Barbara Foreign or stranger
Barbara Foreigner, The Stranger
Barbarella Foreign Woman
Barbi Traveler from a foreign land
Barbi Traveller from a Foreign Land
Barbie Stranger, Foreigner, Princess
Barbie Traveler from a foreign land
Barbra Stranger, Foreigner
Barbra Foreign or stranger
Barin Supreme, Eminent, Noble Fighter
Bayla Berry Clearing, Bailiff
Baylea bailiff
Baylee Law Enforcer, Bailiff
Baylee Law enforcer or bailiff
Bayley Law Enforcer, Bailiff
Bayley Law enforcer or bailiff
Bayli Bailiff, Steward
Baylie Law Enforcer, Bailiff
Baylie Law enforcer or bailiff
Bea Form of Beatrice, Bringer of Joy
Beach Sandy Shore
Beanie Catlike, Sabine Woman
Beatriz Voyager, Blessed, Brings Joy
Bebe Lady of the House, Lady
Bebel TBD
Beca To Tie / Forecast, Predict
Becca Bound
Becca Bound, Tied, Joined, To Tie
Beck To Tie, Cattle Stall
Becki Bound, Captivating
Becki Bound
Beckie Captivating, Bound
Becky One who Ties / Joins
Becky Bound
Bee blessed
Bee Bringer of Joy, Traveller
Beesha Beautiful
Begona Lady of Begona
Begonia TBD
Bekah Half a Shekel
Beki Captivating, Bound
Belen Bethlehem, An Arrow
Belia God’s Promise; White; Pledged to …
Belinda Pretty or very beautiful
Belinda Pretty, Very Beautiful
Belisa Slender One
Belita Beautiful, Pledged to God
Belkys Princess / Queen
Bella Promise of God, Beautiful
Bella Beautiful
Bellamy TBD
Belle Beautiful, Pretty
Belona War
Belva Lovely / Beautiful View
Belynda Beautiful Snake, Beautiful
Bena Wise, Pheasant
Benah Pheasant
Bency Right Hand of Jesus Christ
Benea Pheasant
Benita Blessed, Good Person
Bennca TBD
Bennie Blessed
Beppie TBD
Berenice Victory Bearer
Bergen Lives on the Hill
Berglind TBD
Beri Exalted One, To Help, Bearer
Berkeley Birch Tree Clearing
Bernadette As Strong / Bold as a Bear
Bernadine Strong, Brave as a Bear
Bernardine As Strong as a Bear, Bear-hard
Bernedette Brave as a Bear
Berneice She who Brings Victory
Bernice Victory Bearer, Bringer of Victory
Berniece Victorious, One who Brings Victory
Bernita Strong as a Bear, Victory Bringer
Berta Famous, Noble, Splendid
Bertha Brilliant, Intelligent, Famous
Bertie Wise, Graceful, Shining Pledge
Bertila She who Fights
Bertilda Shining Battle-maid
Bertilda Shining battlemaid
Bertilde Shining Battle-maid
Bertilde Shining battlemaid
Bertrade Bright Counsellor
Bertrade Bright counselor
Beryl Gemstone, A Jewel, Precious Jewel
Beryl Sea green
Bess God is my oath
Bessie God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Bessie God is my oath
Bessy God is My Oath
Beth God is my oath
Beth God is My Oath, House of God
Bethani Daughter of Yahweh, House of Figs
Bethanie Daughter of Yahweh, House of Figs
Bethann God’s Promise; A Village Near …
Bethany House of figs
Bethe God is Perfection, God is My Oath
Bethel House of God; God’s Home
Betheny House of Figs, Daughter of Yahweh
Bethy God is Perfection, God is My Oath
Betsee God is My Oath, God is Perfection
Betsey God is My Oath
Betsi God is My Oath, God is Perfection
Betsy God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Betsy God is my oath
Betta Pledged to God; God’s Promise; God …
Bette God is My Oath, Form of Elizabeth
Bettie Pledged to God, House
Bettina Promise of God
Betty Cheerful, Form of Elizabeth
Betty God is my oath
Bettye Form of Elizabeth, God is My Oath
Bety God is My Oath, God is Perfection
Beulah One who is Married, Bride
Bev Beaver-stream, Beaver Field
Beverlee From the Beaver Meadow
Beverley From the Beaver Meadow
Beverlianne TBD
Beverly Coming from the Stream of Beavers
Beverly From the beaver meadow
Beverlyann Beverly + Ann
Bevy TBD
Bex Amazing
Beyonca Pure, God is Perfection, White
Beyonce Beyond Others
Beyonce Unknown
Biana White, Fair Skinned
Bianca The White One
Bianca White
Biance TBD
Bibi Lady, Woman, Full of Life
Bijan TBD
Bijoux Jewel
Billie Resolute Protector, Determination
Billie Resolute protector
Billie-Jean Billy + Jean
Billy Resolute Protector, Beautiful
Billy Resolute protector
Billye Resolute Protector
Bindi Small Round to Wear on Forehead
Bini Architect
Binky TBD
Binnie Bearer of Victory, Blessed, Bearer
Birdena Little Bird
Birdi Little Bird
Birdie Little Bird, Unusual Nature
Birdie Little bird
Birdine Little bird
Birdy Birdlike, Bright
Birdy Birdlike
Birna TBD
Birungi Colourful, Something Nice, Pretty
Biset rock dove
Bissy God is My Oath
Bitsie TBD
Bitsy God is Perfection, God is My Oath
Bitty The Most Beautiful
Bitzi TBD
Blain Little Yellow One, One who Serves
Blaine Slender or thin
Blaine Slender, Thin, Yellow
Blair Dweller of the Plain, Field
Blaire Dweller on the plain
Blaize One who Stutters
Blake Pale-skinned, Dark, Black, Pale
Blanca Pale, Shining
Blanch Fair, White, Pale
Blanche The White One, Fair, Fair-haired
Blaque Dark
Blare Plain, Field, Battlefield
Blayze TBD
Blaze One who Stutters, A Flame
Bless Prayer
Blessing Consecrated
Blessing Consecration
Blessly One who is Blessed
Bleu Blue, Sad
Bling Diamond
Bliss Delight joy or happiness
Bliss Joy, Cheer
Blisse Delight joy or happiness
Blisse Delight, Joy, Intense Happiness
Blithe Cheerful
Blithe Cheerful, Form of Blythe, Joyous
Blonde Fair-haired
Blondell Fair haired or blonde
Blondell Blond, Fair-haired
Blondelle Fair haired or blonde
Blondelle Little Blond One, Fair-haired
Blondene Fair haired or blonde
Blondene Fair-haired
Blondey Fair-haired
Blondi Fair-haired
Blondia Fair-haired
Blondie Little Pale One, Fair Haired
Blossom Fresh
Blossom Fresh, Flower-like
Blu Sad, Blue
Blue The Colour
Bluebelle Flower
Bly Carefree, High, Happy
Blye Carefree
Blyss Delight joy or happiness
Blyss Delight, Joy, Intense Happiness
Blysse Delight, Joy, Happiness
Blythe Cheerful
Blythe Cheerful, Happy
Bo Attractive
Bobbi Bright fame
Bobbi TBD
Bobbi-Ann Bobbi + Ann
Bobbie Stranger, Foreigner
Bobbie-Ann TBD
Bobbie-Jo TBD
Bobbiejo TBD
Bobbijo TBD
Bobby Strange, Bright Famous One
Bobby-Ann TBD
Bobbye Bright Fame
Bobi Bright Fame
Bobijo TBD
Bobo TBD
Bojana A Battle, Bo Plus Jana
Bolivia TBD
Bolo TBD
Bon Sweet
Boni Pleasant, Charming
Bonie Pleasant
Bonie Pleasant, Good, Pretty
Bonita Pretty, Beautiful
Bonne Fair of Face
Bonnie Pretty
Bonnie Attractive, Fair, Lovely, Pretty
Bonnita Pretty
Bonny Pretty
Bonny Pretty, Good, Sweet, Strange
Boriana Strong, Noble
Boti TBD
Bozana Gift of God, Divine Gift
Braelon TBD
Braelyn A Combination of Braeden and Lynn
Braelynn TBD
Brailey TBD
Branda Blessing
Branda Distilled Wine
Brandace Brandy
Brandalyn Brandy
Brande Firebrand
Brande Firebrand, Name of a Liquor
Brandee Beverage brandy
Brandelyn Beverage Brandy
Brandelynn Brandy
Brandey Brandy
Brandi Beverage brandy
Brandice Combination of Brandi and Candice
Brandice Beverage brandy
Brandie Beverage brandy
Brandie Beverage Brandy, Sweet Nectar
Brandilyn Beverage Brandy
Brandin Brandy
Brandis Brandy, E
Brandise Brandy
Brandon Broom Hill, Gorse Hill
Brandy Beverage brandy
Brandy Distilled Wine, Beverage Brandy
Brandyce Beverage Brandy
Brandyn Beverage brandy
Brantley Brandy
Brasen Woman Filled with Self-assurance
Braxley Golden Star, Keeper of Light
Braylee TBD
Brayley TBD
Braylin TBD
Braylon TBD
Brazen Woman Filled with Self-assurance
Brea Beauty Beyond Sight, Hill
Breana Strong, Hill, Variant of Brian
Breann Noble, Strong, High Hill, Force
Breanna Virtuous
Breanna Virtuous, Noble, Strong
Breanne Strong, Hill, High, Noble
Brec Freckled
Bree Form of Brie
Breea virtuous, honorable
Breea Strong, Virtuous
Breelyn TBD
Breeze Light Wind, Carefree, Delightful
Breezy Delightful, Light Wind
Breiana TBD
Breight Force, Strength, Power
Brenda Little raven
Brenda Little Raven, Fiery Hill, Burning
Brenda-Lee Brenda + Lee
Brendalee TBD
Brendalys TBD
Brendy Sword
Brenlee TBD
Brenley TBD
Brenna Little raven
Brenna Little Raven, Sword, Raven Maid
Breonia Virtuous, Honourable
Breonna Just Pretty
Bret From Britain
Bret From Britain, Brit
Breta Breton
Brett Brit, A Native of England
Brett From Britain
Bretta From Britain
Brettany From Britain, Brit
Brettany From Britain
Brette From Britain
Brey Force, Power, Strength
Breyana TBD
Breyanna Hill, High, Noble
Bria Noble, Strong, Hill
Briah Power, Strength, Force
Briahna Force, Strength, Power
Brian Little Rose
Briana Strong
Briana Noble, Virtuous
Brianda TBD
Briane Force, Power, Strength
Briann Strong
Briann Strong, She Ascends
Brianna Strong
Brianna The Noble One, Strong, Hill
Briannah Strong, She Ascends
Briannah Strong
Brianne Strong
Brianne High, Noble, Form of Brian
Briannon Strong, Noble, She Ascends
Briannon Strong
Briauna Power, Strength
Brice Swift, Noble, Alert, Ambitious
Brice Swift
Bricia Exalted One, Strong
Bridey Power, Strength, Little Bird
Bridger Bridge Worker, Exalted One
Bridget Strength
Bridget Strength, Power, Strong Willed
Bridgett Exalted One, Strength
Bridgetta Exalted One
Bridgette Power, Strength
Bridgid Strong Hope, Love
Brieann Force, Mother of a Multitude
Brieanna Strong, Hill
Briell Strength, Force, Power
Brielle Strong Woman of God, Hill
Brienna Strong
Brienna Strong, She Ascends
Brienne Strong
Brienne Strong, She Ascends
Brigetta Exalted One
Brigette Strength, Power, To Help
Briggitte Exalted One
Bright Exalted One
Brigid Power and Virtue, Exalted One
Brigitte Exalted One, Form of Bridget
Briley Noble, Strong Meadow
Brilliant A Dazzling and Sparkling Woman
Brinda Kind of Princess, The Basil Plant
Brinley Burnt Meadow, Tawny
Brione A flowering vine
Brioni A flowering vine
Brionna A flowering vine
Brionne A flowering vine
Briony A flowering vine
Briony A Flowering Vine, Climbing Plant
Brisa Beloved, Unclear
Brisa Beloved
Brise TBD
Brissa TBD
Bristol from Bristol, England
Bristol Bridge Place, Site of the Bridge
Britainy From Great Britain
Britani From Britain
Britani From Britain, From England
Britanny From Little Britain
Britany Form of Britannia
Briteny From Little Britain
Britnee From Little Britain
Britney From Britain
Britney From England
Britni From England
Britnie From Britain
Britt Powerful, Strong, Strength, Power
Britta Exalted One, Strength, To Help
Brittainy From Little Britain
Brittana From Little Britain
Brittane From Little Britain
Brittaney From Britain, From England
Brittaney From Britain
Brittani From Britain, From England
Brittani From Britain
Brittanie From Britain, From England
Brittanie From Britain
Brittannie From Little Britain
Brittany Beautiful, Kind-hearted
Brittany From Britain
Britteney From Little Britain
Brittini From Little Britain
Brittiny From Little Britain
Brittnay TBD
Brittnee TBD
Brittney From Brittany, Britain
Brittney Ancient duchy of Bretagne in France
Brittni From Brittany, Great Britain
Brittni Ancient duchy of Bretagne in France
Brittnie From Britain
Brittny From Brittany, Great Britain
Brittoni From Little Britain
Britty From Little Britain
Briyana TBD
Briyanna The Noble One
Brodi Ditch
Brody Ditch
Bronia Fair Bosomed, Protector of Glory
Bronica Bearer of Victory, True Image
Bronika Brave, Honest
Brook A Small Fresh Water Stream, Water
Brook A small stream
Brooke A Small Fresh Water Stream
Brooke A small stream
Brookelynn Broken Land
Brooklin Brook Plus Lynn
Brooklyn A Fresh Water Small Stream
Brooklyn Stream by the lake
Brooklynn Stream by the Lake
Brooklynne Stream by the Lake, Water
Brooklynne Stream by the lake
Bruni Brown
Brya Power, Briar, Strength, Force
Bryana Strong, High, Noble, She Ascends
Bryana Strong
Bryani Strong
Bryann Strong, High, Noble, Exalted
Bryann Strong
Bryanna Strong, High, Noble, She Ascends
Bryanna Strong
Bryanne High, Noble, Form of Brian
Bryanne Strong
Bryar Briar
Brylee TBD
Bryley Briar Wood
Bryn Hill
Bryn Strong, Vigilant, Honoured, Hill
Bryna Defender, Strong
Brynlee Hill, Burnt Meadow
Brynn From a Hilly Land, Hill, Mount
Bryony Flowering / Climbing Plant
Bryony Strong
Brytni From Little Britain
Bubbles TBD
Buffie TBD
Buffy God’s Promise; Beaver-stream; Form …
Bulah Married
Bunita Pretty
Bunney Pretty, Bearer of Victory
Bunny Good, Fair of Face, Charming
Burgandi Burgundy
Burnice Bringer of Victory
Butch Manly
Butterfly Name of an Insect
Byhalia Standing White Oaks
Byrdene Little Bird