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“V” represents Constructions. The V shows Honesty, Truthful, Reliable, and Loyal. The V is gregarious, practical, industrious sensitive.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 154 American Baby Girl Names Starting With V. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 154 American Baby Girl Names Starting With V.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With V

Vada Wiseness, Pleasing Sound
Valarie To be Strong, To be Healthy
Valen Strong, Healthy
Valencia Strength, Healthy, Strong, Power
Valentina Sound, Strong and Healthy, Brave
Valeri Strong
Valeria To be strong
Valerie To be strong
Valerie Powerful, To be Strong, Valiant
Valerine Strong, Healthy
Valery Healthy, Strong, Brave
Valetta Healthy, Strong
Valia TBD
Valorie To be Strong, Form of Valerie
Valyn Strong, Healthy
Vanesa Butterflies, Similar to Vanessa
Vanesha Queen of the Universe
Vanessa Butterfly
Vanessa Genus of Butterfly, Star
Vaneza Butterfly
Vania Butterfly
Vanie Voice, Speech, God was Gracious
Vanina TBD
Vanisa Queen of the Universe
Vanita Woman, Graceful Lady
Vanity vain
Vanity That which is Vain
Vanna Butterfly, Diminutive of Vanessa
Vantrice Prefix Van Plus Trice
Vassiliki TBD
Vasso TBD
Veanna Prefix Ve Plus Anna
Veda Understanding
Vedah Sacred Understanding
Veena A Musical Instrument
Veerle TBD
Veerta Bravery
Velantina Lovable
Velda Famous Ruler, Power, Rule
Velena Love, Beauty, Truth
Velia Concealed
Velina Great Fame
Velinda Prefix Ve Plus Linda
Vella Soft Fabric
Velma Resolute Protector, Will, Desire
Velma Resolute protector
Velouette Soft
Velva Shaggy
Velvet Velvet-like, Soft-napped Fabric
Velvet Soft to the touch
Venesa Named for Venus, Butterfly
Venesha TBD
Venessa Butterfly, Named for Venus
Veneta Desire, Well-behaved, Butterfly
Venetia Woman of Venice
Venicia Desire, Love, Happiness
Venise Love, Follower of Dionysus
Venita Goddess of Love and Beauty, Desire
Venna Lovable, Beloved
Venus Desire, Goddess of Love / Beauty
Venus Goddess of love and beauty
Veola The Violet Flower
Vera Faith or truth
Vera Truth, Victory
Veralie Truly
Verda Faith, Truth, Spring
Verdell Faith
Verily truly
Verla Truth, Faith
Verlee Beaver-stream
Verleen Bearer of Victory
Verlene Faith
Verlie Meadow, Beaver-stream
Verna Truth, Born in Spring
Vernessa Brings Victory
Vernetta Spring Green
Vernice True Image, Victory Bringer
Vernie Spring Green
Vero True Image, Bearer of Victory
Verona Bearer of Victory, True Image
Veronica One who brings victory or true image
Veronica One who Brings Victory
Vesta Born Near a Fireplace
Vianca Fair Skinned, White
Vianey Prefix VI + Anna
Vianna A City in Austria
Vici TBD
Vicke Conqueror, Victor
Vickey Victory
Vicki Victorious, Conqueror
Vickie Victorious
Vicky Woman of Victory, Winner
Victoire Conqueror, Victor
Victoria Victory
Victoria Woman of Victory, Victorious
Victorya Woman of Victory
Vida Life, Knowledge, Found, Evident
Vien Accomplishment, Completion
Viette Prefix VI Plus Etta
Viki Victory
Vikki Victorious, Conqueror
Viktoria Victorious, Conqueror
Vilma Will-helmet, Will
Vina Musical Instrument, Lovable
Vincenza The One who Conquered, To Conquer
Vincey TBD
Vincy Victory, Winner
Vinette Conquering, Vineyard
Vinita Trained, Dare, Polite, Sweet
Vinnette TBD
Viny Beautiful
Violet Bluish Purple, Violet Flower
Violet Bluish purple
Violeta Violet Flower
Viona Fair Woman, Sky, Vine, Flower
Virgena Pure, Chaste, Virginal, Maid
Virgena Pure
Virgie Virgin
Virginia Pure
Virginia Pure, Maiden, Virgin
Viridiana Green
Vironica True Image, Bearer of Victory
Vita Life, Wish, Filled with Life
Viva Long-live, Springlike, Fresh
Viveca Full of Life, Alive, Life
Viveca Full of life
Vivian Vibrant, Life, Alive
Vivian Full of life, lively or alive
Viviana Alive, Vibrant, Full of Life
Viviana Full of life, lively or alive
Vivianna Full of Life, Variant of Vivien
Vivianne Full of life, lively or alive
Vivianne Full of Life, Alive, Lively
Vivien Alive, Lively, Animated
Vivienne Alive, Lively, Full of Life
Vixen A Flirtatious Woman
Vlatka Queen
Vlora Bravery
Vonda True Image, Loving Woman
Vonetta Yew
Vonnie True Image, Womanly, Brave
Vyona Sky, Graceful, Fair Woman
Vyvian Lively, Alive