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“P” represents Power. The P shows Thoughtful, Talented, Shrewd, Expressive, and influential. American parents have long been drawn to names that start with “P.” Given the popularity of this name combo in the United States, it’s no surprise that P-name babies are on the rise. So what are some of the best P-names for boys and girls? Read on for a comprehensive list of all the American Baby Girl Names starting with P!

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Here on this page, we have compiled 183 American Baby Girl Names Starting With P. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 183 American Baby Girl Names Starting With P.

Top 5 American Baby Girl Names According to Pregnancy Name Database

When it comes to choosing a baby girl name, there is no one definitive answer. That’s why we’ve gathered data from the most popular pregnancy name database to come up with our top 5 American baby girl names starting with P.

  1. Payton
  2. Piper
  3. Phoebe
  4. Quinn
  5. Paige

American Baby Girl Names Starting with P

There are plenty of American baby girl names that start with the letter “p.” Here are a few to get you started: Patsy, Piper, Porsche, Pilar, Pompilius, Posie



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With P

Pace A Charismatic Young Woman
Paddy Of Noble Birth, Patrician
Pahana A Lost White-skinned Sibling
Paige Attendant
Paige Sweet, Page, Young Child
Paisley From a Glade, Soft
Pakwa Frog
Palla Wisdom, Water
Pallavi New Leaf, Soft
Palma Palm Tree, Palm Bearing Pilgrim
Palmina City of Palms, Little Palm Tree
Paloma Beautiful / White Dove
Paloma Dove
Pam All Sweetness, Form of Pamela
Pamala All-honey, All Sweetness
Pamela Honeyed Sweetness, New Leaves
Pamela Sweet
Pamelia All Sweetness, Covered with Honey
Pamelja Honey
Pamella Made of Honey, Honey
Pamla All Sweetness, All Black
Pamuya Water Moon
Panagiota Holy
Pandora All-gifted, Highly Gifted
Pansy Violet Flower, Flower Name
Paola Tiny, Petite, Small, Petal
Papina Vine Growing Around an Oak Tree
Paradise Perfection, Heaven
Parana Father of Water, The Best
Paraskevi Preparation
Pareise Princess, Independent, Amazing
Paris Lover
Paris Crafty, A Previous Stone, Lover
Parisa Angelic, Like a Fairy
Park Keeper, Cypress Tree
Parker Park Keeper, Keeper of the Forest
Parthena Virginal
Pary Face of an Angel, Fairy
Passion Strong Desire
Patamon Raging
Pati Lord, Ruler, Break by Twisting
Patience To endure
Patrica Noble
Patrice A Nobleman, Patrician
Patricia Aristocrat, Noble Patrician
Patricia Noble
Patricie Noblewoman
Patsi Sweetness
Patsy Lady of the House, Noble
Patti Noble Woman
Patty Lady, Noblewoman
Paul Small
Paula Tiny, Petite, Small, Humble
Paula Small
Pauletta Tiny, Petite, Small, Little
Paulette Small, Little, Humble
Paulette Small
Paulina Tiny, Petite, Small, Little
Pauline Tiny, Petite, Small, Humble
Pauly Little, Small
Pavati Clear Water
Pax Peaceful
Payten Noble Woman
Payton Noble Woman, Settlement of Poega
Payton Noble woman
Peace Tranquillity, Peaceful
Peace Peaceful
Peach Peach-colored Complexion
Pearl The Precious Stone
Pearl Pearl
Pearlene The Gem
Pearlie Pearl, Diminutive of Pearl
Pearlina Precious
Pearline Pearl, Precious, A Gem of the Sea
Pearlyn Pearl
Pebbles A Stone, Small Rocks
Peggy Pearl, Child of Light
Pegi TBD
Pem Headland
Penelope A Penelope, Wife of Odysseys
Penelope Weaver
Penna Voice, Thread, Web
Penni Weaver, Duck
Pennie Thread, Web, Voice, Eye, Face
Penny Bobbin worker
Penny Bobbin Worker, Web, Thread, Eye
Peny TBD
Pepper From the Pepper Plant, Hot Spice
Percy Princess
Perivincle Flower
Periwinkle Flower
Perla Pearl
Perla Gemstone, Pearl, A Little Sphere
Perri Wanderer, Female Version of Perry
Perry small rock
Perry Beautiful and Charming, Kindness
Persa From the Water
Peter TBD
Petra Rock, Stone, Small Rock, Strong
Petunia Flower Name
Pexie Goddess of Love
Peyton Village of the Warrior
Phe Bright
Pheba Pure, Bright
Phebe Pure, Brilliant, Shining One
Phil Happiness, Good Fortune
Philberta Brilliant
Philberta Brilliant, Bright
Phillis Foliage, Green Branch, Leaf
Philomena Strongly Beloved
Phoebe Bright one
Phoebe Bright One, Radiance, Pure
Phoenix Dark Red, Phoenix, Deep Red
Phumzile TBD
Phylicia Happy, Fortunate
Phyliss Foliage, Green Branch
Phyllis Green Leaves, Leafy Foliage
Pia Lover, Beloved, Pious
Pier A Landing Stage for Boats
Pierre Goodness
Pilette Small
Pink Colour, Light Red Colour, Healthy
Pinkie Pink Coloured, Most Beautiful
Pipaluk The Little One
Piper Piper
Piper Playing the Pipe, Flute Player
Pipere Piper
Pipere Piper, Pipe Player
Pitsa TBD
Pixi Fairy
Pixie Mischievous Fairy
Piya TBD
Platinum As Precious as the Metal
Pocahontas The Frisky One, Brave, Playful
Polikwaptiwa Butterfly Sitting on a Flower
Polly Bitterness, Rebelliousness
Pompee TBD
Ponti TBD
Pooja Prayer, Worship, Devoted to God
Poppi Poppy
Poppy Flower
Poppy Poppy, Flower Name
Porsche Offering, Pig
Porsha Offering, Pig, Roman Clan Name
Porshia Hog
Portia Hog, Pig, A Gift, Offering
Posh A Fancy Young Woman
Poupee TBD
Powaqa Witch
Powdy A Lighthearted Woman
Prairie TBD
Precious Highly valued
Precious Loved, Of Great Value
Presilah Ancient
Presley Priest’s Land; Field of a Priest
Preta Beloved, Dear One, Most Loving One
Price One who is Very Dear
Prida TBD
Prin TBD
Princella Ancient
Princess Daughter of royalty
Princess Daughter of King
Priscella Ancient, Old
Priscila Ancient, Primitive, Venerable
Priscilla Ancient, old or primitive
Priscilla Old-time, Ancient, Primitive
Prise One who is Very Dear
Prisma One who is Cherished
Priva Earth, Piece of Heart
Priya Kind, Beloved One, Loved One
Providence The Direction of God
Pru cautious, discreet
Puma Resembling the Mountain Lion
Pummy Innocent, Beautiful, Intelligent