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“Y” represents Freedom. The Y shows Aesthetic, independence, and enterprising. Looking for baby girl names that start with Y? You’re in luck! In this article, we’ll be listing all the American baby girl names that start with Y. This list includes both traditional and modern names, so you can find the perfect fit for your little one.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 81 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of most popular 81 American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y.

Top Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Looking for a unique baby girl name that starts with the letter Y? Here are ten American baby girl names starting with the letter Y!

Baby Names that start with Y

There are so many great American baby girl names that start with the letter Y. Here are just a few:

  1. Yara
  2. Yasmin
  3. Yennifer
  4. Yanira
  5. Yesenia

Top Baby Names that Ends with Y

Looking for unique baby names that end with y? Check out these top picks!

Baby Names that Starts with the Letter Y

If you’re looking for a name that starts with the letter Y, here are some to consider.

Yara is an Arabic name meaning “brave”. It may be a good choice for a female baby who wants to show her courage and strength.

Yara could also be combined with other names to make unique combinations, such as Yasmine or Yarissa.

Zora is an African-American name meaning “a precious gem”, which may be perfect for a baby who is special and deserves to be called something special.

Zora could also be combined with other names to make unique combinations, such as Zoey or Zandile.

Baby Names that Ends with the Letter Y

When it comes to baby names, there’s something for everyone. Whether you’re looking for classic options like Emma or Isabella, or more modern choices like Ryan or Mia, there’s a name out there for you. But what about names that end in the letter Y?

There are definitely plenty of these to choose from, and they can be quite charming if done correctly. For example, consider names like Yesenia or Yara. They’re both unique and adaptable, and would be perfect choices for any baby girl.

But be careful not to over-do it. Names like Kaylee or Jordyn can start to seem kind of samey after a while, so it’s important to find something that will really stand out. And don’t forget about gender-neutral options like Emmalee or Aiden – they’re sure to be popular with parents of any gender!



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With Y

Yaani Scarlet, Ripe
Yadira Friend, Worthy, Suitable
Yadyra Friend
Yahaira Form of the Yajaira, Precious
Yaitza TBD
Yajaira Form of Yahaira
Yakira Precious, Beloved, Dear One
Yaletha nimble
Yamelia Hard Working
Yamil TBD
Yamilet Beautiful
Yamilex Beautiful
Yamit To Restrain
Yamka Blossom, Budding Flower
Yamma Restrainer
Yanci Created, A Yankee, A Sassy Woman
Yancy Created Name
Yanet God is Gracious
Yangzom TBD
Yanira Gift from God
Yanisha One with High Hopes
Yara Little Butterfly
Yarden To Descend
Yareli The Lord is My Light
Yaritza Fashionable and Stylish Woman
Yasemin Jasmine Flower
Yasha Fame
Yasheera Wealthy
Yasmeen Queen, Jasmine Flower
Yasmin Sweet smelling
Yasmin Sweet Smelling, Jasmine Flower
Yasmine Jasmine, Fragrant Flower, Shine
Yaya TBD
Yazaid Joy of Blissful, Peace of Love
Yazhi Little One
Yazmeen Jasmine
Yazmin Jasmine Flower
Yedda Beautiful voice
Yenny Peace
Yepa Snow Woman, Snow, Winter Princess
Yesenia Like a Flower
Yessenia Flower, God Sees
Yetta Ruler of the household
Yetta Short Form of Henrietta, Generous
Yetty Ruler of the Household
Yezelyn Freedom
Yodi An Old-fashioned Woman
Yoki Rain (Hopi), Bluebird
Yoko Positive Child or Female
Yolanda Violet
Yolanda Violet Flower
Yolando Violet Flower
Yole Violet Flower
Yoli Violet Flower
Yolie Violet Flower
Yolonda Violet Flower
Yoloxochitl Flower of the Heart
Yonette The Grace, Mercy of Our Lord
Yoni Dove
Yorie Trust
Yoselin Happy, Joyful, She will Enlarge
Yoshi Fortunate and Righteous, Good
Youlanda Violet Flower
Youna God’s Gift
Youri TBD
Yuet A Capable Woman
Yufei TBD
Yula Jupiter’s Child; Sea Jewel
Yuliana Soft-haired, Youthful
Yulissa Truth, Noble
Yuridia Invented Name
Yushan Mountain
Yvette Yew
Yvette Archer, Yew Wood
Yvettia Beautiful
Yvonne Archer