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“K” represents Aspiration. The K shows Sensitive, Vigorous, and Creative. K sees itself as an authority figure.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 889 American Baby Girl Names Starting With K. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 889 American Baby Girl Names Starting With K. Looking for baby girl names that start with the letter ‘K’? Here are 20 different options to choose from!


1. Kaitlin
2. Katelyn
3. Kaityn
4. Kagney
5. Keagan
6. Kelsi
7. Kendall
8. Kaylee
9. Keira
10. Kelsey


Kiara is a popular baby girl name that starts with the letter “K.” This name is perfect for girls who are energetic and spirited. It has Arabic, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh origins. Some famous Kiara’s include actress Kiara Southerland and singer Kiari Kendrell Cephus.


There are many American baby girl names that start with the letter “K”. Some of the most popular ones include Kira, Kendall, Kaitlyn, and Kahny.


Kaylee is a name that originates from the USA. It means “water lily” in Old English, and is often given to girls who are delicate and graceful. It’s also a popular name for babies born in the springtime.

Some other similar American baby girl names starting with K include Kiera, Kaitlyn, and Kailee.


Looking for a name that starts with the letter K? Check out our list of American baby girl names starting with K! Some great options include Kodie, Kaitlin, and Kiera.


Kaitlyn is a English name that means “gleaming one”. It’s a pretty traditional name and has been around for centuries. Kaitlyn is also one of the most popular baby girl names in the U.S.

There are plenty of great options when it comes to baby names that start with the letter ‘K’, but we think Kaitlyn is especially sweet and stylish. Some other popular options for girls named Kaitlyn include Katelyn, Keira, Kate, and Kiara.


There are so many fantastic Kendall names to choose from! Here are just a few: Kaitlyn, Kylie, Kaylee, Kennedy, Kaley, and Knox.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With K

Kaanisha One with Beautiful Eyes
Kaaren Pure
Kaarina Blessed, Chaste, Pure, Holy
Kaat TBD
Kabecka Twin
Kacee Brave
Kacee Brave, Alert
Kacela Elaborated Form of Kacey, Hunter
Kacey Brave
Kacey Alert, Vigorous, Watchful
Kachi Sacred Dancer
Kachina Sacred Dancer, Spirit (hopi)
Kaci Brave
Kaci Brave, Alert
Kacia Brave
Kacia Brave, Alert
Kacie Brave
Kacie Brave, Alert, Vigorous, Vigilant
Kacy Brave
Kacy Alert, Vigorous, Watchful
Kadah Resembling a Small Dragon
Kadalynn TBD
Kadedra TBD
Kadee Pure
Kadee Variation on Kadijah
Kadeidra TBD
Kadeisha TBD
Kadence With Rhythm, Rhythmic
Kadesha Beautiful – Pure
Kadi Pure
Kadi Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kadia Pure
Kadia Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kadian Pure
Kadian Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kadie Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kadie Pure
Kadienne Pure
Kadienne Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kadisha Trustworthy, Holy
Kadriye Valuable
Kady Pure
Kady Pure, Rhythmic Flow of Sounds
Kadyn Fighter
Kaedee Pure
Kaedee Pure, Rhyming Variant of Katy
Kaela Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kaelah Sweetheart
Kaelah Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kaelee Sweetheart
Kaelee Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Slender
Kaeleigh Sweetheart
Kaeleigh Combination of Kay with Lee
Kaelene Sweetheart
Kaelene Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaeley Sweetheart
Kaeley Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaeli Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaelie Sweetheart
Kaelie Sweetheart, Laurel Crown
Kaelin Sweetheart
Kaelin Sweetheart, Keeper of the Keys
Kaelinn One who is like God, Pure
Kaelyn Sweetheart
Kaelyn Combination of Kae and Lynn
Kaelynn Sweetheart
Kaelynn Sweetheart, Pure
Kaesha Alert or vigorous
Kaesha Watchful, Vigilant
Kahla Slim and Fair
Kahli Most Beautiful
Kahlia Most Beautiful
Kahsha Fur-robe Dress
Kaia Chaste, Stability, Ocean or Sea
Kaiah Little but Wise, Pure
Kaiesha Vigorous, Alert, Watchful
Kaiko Blessed Child, Forgiveness Child
Kail Mighty One
Kaila Laurel, Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kaila Laurel
Kailan Laurel
Kailan Laurel Tree, Keeper of the Keys
Kailani Sea and Sky
Kaile Laurel, Crown
Kailee Laurel
Kailee Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Slender
Kaileen Torture, Pure
Kailen Pure
Kailene Laurel
Kailene Laurel, Keeper of the Keys
Kailey Laurel
Kailey Laurel, Crown, Beloved
Kailin Laurel
Kailin Laurel, Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kailyn Laurel
Kailyn Laurel, Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kailynne Laurel
Kailynne Laurel, Keeper of the Keys
Kaira Sweet, Peaceful, Pure, Unique
Kaire TBD
Kaisha Dream
Kaite Pure
Kaitlin Pure, Yeats
Kaitlyn Pure, Yeats, Modest
Kaitlynn Pure
Kaity Pure, Variant / Form of Catherine
Kaja Born in Water, Aquatic, Lotus
Kakawangwa Bitter
Kaki Child
Kakia Thorny Shrub, The Guileless One
Kala The Fine Arts, Art, Miracle
Kalah Slim and Fair, Beloved, Sweetheart
Kalan Stream, Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kalan Stream
Kalee Laurel
Kaleena A Flower Name and Place Name
Kaleigh Laurel
Kaleigh Laurel Tree, Keeper of the Keys
Kalen Stream, Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kalen Stream
Kalene A Flower Name, Place Name, Pure
Kaley Chaste, Pure, Laurel
Kaley Laurel
Kali Graceful, Beautiful, Artistic
Kalia Beauty
Kalie Laurel, Beloved
Kalie Laurel
Kalin Combination of Caleb and Colin
Kalin Stream
Kalisha Fortunate Woman
Kaliyah TBD
Kallen Powerful, Great
Kalli Most Beautiful, Lark
Kallie Most beautiful
Kalliopi TBD
Kallista Most Beautiful
Kallita Most beautiful
Kally Most Beautiful, Fortress
Kally Most beautiful
Kalya Praise
Kalyn Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kalyn Laurel
Kalynn Laurel
Kalynn Combination of Kay and Lynn
Kalyssa TBD
Kam Sweetness, Like an Orange
Kaman A Joyful Child
Kamari The Enemy of Desire, Love, Beloved
Kambria From Wales
Kamela Perfection
Kamelia Unblemished
Kamelia Flower Name
Kameron Crooked nose
Kameron Crooked Nose, Bent Nose, Clan
Kameryn crooked nose
Kami Young Attendant
Kamila TBD
Kamilah Perfect, Complete, Flawless
Kamilee Combination of Kami and Lee
Kamillah Perfection
Kamille Young attendant
Kamille Young Attendant, Perfection
Kamira Surrounded by Light
Kamlyn Unblemished
Kamlyn Lord
Kammi Young Attendant
Kammie Young Attendant
Kammy Lord
Kamren Crooked nose
Kamri TBD
Kamrin Crooked nose
Kamron Crooked nose
Kamryn Crooked nose
Kamryn Auspicious
Kamy Lord
Kamya Lucky, Beautiful
Kanani Beautiful
Kandace Glowing
Kandace Glittering White, Pure
Kandee Glowing
Kandi Glowing
Kandice Glowing
Kandice White Fire, Glowing White, Pure
Kandie Incandescent, Queen Mother, Pure
Kandis Glowing
Kandiss Glowing
Kandiss Modern Variant of Candace
Kandra High Summit, Greatest Champion
Kandy Glowing
Kandyce Glowing
Kanga A Raven
Kanina Youthful, The Little Finger
Kanisha One with Beautiful Eyes, Diamond
Kanita Iris of the Eye
Kaniya Young Girl, Virgin
Kansas Of the South Wind People
Kanti Lustre, Light, Glory, Brightness
Kapri Fanciful
Kaprice Fanciful
Kaprice Fanciful, Form of Caprice
Kapricia Fanciful
Kapricia Fanciful, Form of Caprice
Kaprisha Fanciful
Kaprisha Fanciful, Form of Caprice
Kara Legend Graceful, Beautiful, Pure
Kara Graceful or beautiful
Karah Pure, Beloved, Precious One
Karalynn Pure
Karan Pure, Sweet Melody, Life
Karan Pure
Karas Beautiful, Graceful
Karasel Musical
Karbi An Energetic Woman
Kareen Pure
Karel Free Woman, A Free Person
Karely Farmer, Song of Joy
Karena Dear Little One, Pure One
Karena Pure
Karene Pure, Maiden
Karenna Pure
Karesa Grace, Dear, Beloved, Kindness
Karey From Carew Castle, From the Hill
Kari Chaste, Pure, Joyful Song
Kariane Kari + Ann
Karie Pure, Beloved
Karilyn Freeholder
Karilynn Freeholder
Karin Chaste, Pure One
Karina Beloved, Flower, Chaste, Pure
Karina Beloved
Karinda Untouched, Virginal
Karinna Pure, Abbreviation of Katherine
Karis Graceful, Charm
Karishma Miracle
Karisma Favor or gift
Karissa Grace
Karissa Grace, Kindness, Very Dear
Karla Peasant, Farmer, Strong, Little
Karla Farmer
Karlee A Form of Karley
Karleigh Womanly, Strength
Karlene Little and Womanly, Free Woman
Karley Womanly Strong
Karli Free Woman, Little and Womanly
Karlie Little and Womanly, Womanly
Karlin Womanly, Strength
Karlotte Little, Womanly
Karly Womanly, Strength
Karlynn Variant of Karl Plus Lynn
Karm TBD
Karma A Star, Action, Fate, Destiny
Karmin Fruitful Orchard
Karmina Song
Karmina Song, Fruitful Orchard
Karol Strong and Manly
Karol Ann Karol + Ann
Karolyn Little and Womanly, Maiden
Karon Pure
Karren Pure, Abbreviation of Katherine
Karren Pure
Karri Pure, Form of Catherine
Karrie Beloved, Friend, Dear, Darling
Karrin Pure
Karrolyn Strong as Man, Free Woman
Karron Pure
Karsen A Child of Kar, Created Name
Karson Child of Kar
Karsyn Marsh or mossy place
Karter Cart Driver
Karyl Free Woman, Song of Joy
Karyn Pure
Karyna Maiden, Chaste, Beloved, Pure
Karynda Untouched, Virgin
Karyne TBD
Kasa Dressed in Furs, Deer, Robe of Fur
Kasey Alert, Watchful, Vigorous
Kasey Brave
Kashan TBD
Kashina TBD
Kasia Chaste, Pure, Alert, Vigorous
Kasia Pure
Kasie Full of Energy
Kasinda Born After Twins
Kassandra Shining on Mankind, Protrude
Kassi Unheeded Prophetess
Kassi Clever
Kassia It is a Baby Name, Pure
Kassia Pure
Kassidi Variant of Cassidy
Kassidy Clever, One with Curly Hair
Kassie Clever, Unheeded Prophetess
Kassie Clever
Kassie helper of mankind
Kassy Prophetess, From Cassandra
Kat Pure, Form of Catherine, Cat
Kat Pure
Katana TBD
Katara TBD
Katarina Pure
Katarina Pure, Virginal, Torture
Kataya Holy, Pure
Kate Chaste, Pure, Beauty
Kate Pure
Katelee Kate + Lee
Katelin Pure
Katelin Pure, Torture
Kateline Pure
Katelinn Pure
Katelyn Pure
Katelyn Chaste, Pure
Katelyne Torture, Pure
Katelynn Pure
Katelynn TBD
Katelynne Pure
Katerina Chaste, Pure, Torture
Kathaleen Pure
Katharine Pure, Torture, Form of Katherine
Katherin Pure
Katherina Pure, Torture, Form of Catherine
Katherina Pure
Katherine Chaste, Pure, Tortured, Virginal
Katherine Pure
Kathern Pure
Katheryn Pure
Katheryn Pure, Torture, Form of Catherine
Kathey Pure
Kathie Pure, Torture, Clean, Virginal
Kathleen Pure
Kathleen Chaste, Pure, Clear
Kathlene Pure, Derived from Katherine
Kathlyn Pure
Kathreen Pure
Kathren TBD
Kathrine Pure
Kathryn Pure
Kathryn Pure, Form of Catherine, Virginal
Kathryne Pure, Unsullied
Kathrynn Pure
Kathy Chaste, Pure, Virginal, Clear
Kathy Pure
Kathyrn Pure
Kati Chaste, Pure, Form of Catherine
Katia Pure
Katie Pure
Katija TBD
Katilyn Pure
Katima A Daughter with Power
Katina Pure, Unsullied
Katlin Pure
Katlyn Pure, Torture
Katlyn Pure
Katlynn Pure
Katlynne Pure
Katreea Pure
Katreena Pure
Katrina Pure
Katrina Chaste, Pure, Holy, Torture
Katriona Pure, Holy, Form of Catherine
Katt Holy, Pure
Kattie Pure, Holy
Kattrina Pure, Holy
Katy Pure, Form of Katherine, Virginal
Katya Pure, Holy, Chaste
Kavita Poetic, Poem
Kay Rejoiced
Kaya Body Structure, Nature Goddess
Kayah Pure, Little but Wise
Kayana Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kayana Pure
Kayanna Pure
Kayanna Keeper of the Keys, Pure
Kayce A Combination of Initials K and C
Kayce Alert or vigorous
Kaycee A Combination of Initials K and C
Kaycee Alert or vigorous
Kayci A Combination of Initials K and C
Kayci Alert or vigorous
Kaycie Alert or vigorous
Kayda Rule, Preserved
Kaydance Joyful Rhythm
Kayden Companion, Gentle
Kaydence Musical, Rhythm
Kaydi First
Kaydia TBD
Kaye Rejoiced, Keeper of the Keys
Kaye Rejoiced
Kayla Chaste, Pure, Variation of Kay
Kayla Pure
Kaylah Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Beloved
Kaylah Pure
Kaylan Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Beloved
Kaylan Pure
Kaylani Sea and the Sky
Kayle Laurel, Crowned
Kaylea Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaylea Pure
Kaylee Pure
Kayleen Beloved
Kayleen Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaylei Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaylei Pure
Kayleigh Pure
Kayleigh Combination of Kay and Leigh
Kaylen Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Beloved
Kaylen Beloved
Kaylene Beloved
Kaylene Pure Meadow, Keeper of the Keys
Kayley Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kayley Slender
Kayli Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kayli Pure
Kaylie Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Slender
Kaylie Pure
Kayliegh Church, Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kaylin Pure, Keeper of the Keys, Slender
Kaylyn Pure, Keeper of the Keys
Kaylyn Kay + Lynn
Kaylyn Pure
Kaylynn Pure
Kaylynn Combination of Kay and Lynn
Kayona TBD
Kayshi Pure, Princess
Kayt Torture, Pure
Kaytee TBD
Kazia Plant with Cinnamon-like Bark
Kaziah A Bark of Cinnamon
K’Sea letters K + C
Kea White
Keagan TBD
Keala Path, The Fragrance
Kealani Clear / White Heaven
Kealy The Path, Slender – Fair, Church
Keandra A Blend, Keen Power, Magical Power
Keanna Gracious, Merciful
Kecia Great joy
Kecia Alive and Well
Kedre Power
Kee Glory
Keegan Little, Fiery
Keeley Beautiful, Lively, Aggressive
Keeli Slender – Fair, The Path, Church
Keelie Slender and Fair, Monastery
Keely Lean Woman, Graceful, Slender
Keena Brave, Judged
Keesha Life, Woman, Great Joy
Keesha Great joy
Keeva Pretty, Gentle, Beauty, Gentleness
Keha Majesty, Pride, Dignity
Kehly Church, Descendant of Caollaidhe
Kei Rapture, Reverence
Keia Versatile, Idealistic
Keila Pure, Lively
Keilani Glorious Chief
Keily Boomerang, Slender and Fair
Keira Little Dark, Charming
Keisha Cassia Tree, Her Life, Woman
Keisha Great joy
Keishia Favourite, Cinnamon, Cassia
Keity TBD
Kel Beautiful, Ship, Monastery, Church
Kelby farm by the spring
Kelcey Ship, Island, Brave, Victory Ship
Kelcey Ship island
Kelci Island of Ships, Victorious Ship
Kelcie Ship, Island, Victorious Ship
Kele Sparrow Hawk
Keleigh Monastery, Church
Keli Strife, War, Energy, Dark Goddess
Kelin Slender and Fair
Kelis Beautiful
Kelita Most Beautiful
Kelle Fair, Slender
Kelley Strife, Bright-headed
Kelli Bright Headed, Form of Kelly
Kellie Bright Headed, Form of Kelly
Kellsie Island of the Ships, Brave
Kellsie Ship island
Kelly Warrior
Kelly Brave Warrior
Kellyann TBD
Kellyn Powerful, Kelly and Lyn Combined
Kelsa Ship island
Kelsa Ship Island, Brave
Kelsea Island of the Ships; Cenel’s Land
Kelsey Fierce Island, Brave
Kelsey Ship island
Kelsi Island of Ships; Cenel’s Island; …
Kelsie Ship Island, Brave, Victory Ship
Kelsie Ship island
Kelsy Ship island
Kelsy Ship Island, Brave
Kely Church, Monastery
Kelysie Love
Kemel One who is Self-assured
Kemella One who is Self-assured
Kemina Strong
Ken Greatest Champion, Beautiful
Kenadia Chief
Kenan TBD
Kency TBD
Kendal Valley of the River Kent
Kendall Ruler of the Valley
Kendall Valley of the river Kent
Kendel Valley of the River Kent
Kendis The Loved One, Pure
Kendra Understanding, Knowledge
Kendra Knowing
Kendria Blend of Ken and Sandra or Andrea
Kendria Water baby
Kendyl Royal Valley
Keneisha Beautiful
Kenesha TBD
Keni High Summit, Greatest Champion
Kenia Name of a Country, Kenya
Kenisha A Person with Beautiful Life
Kenisha Kendra + Aisha
Kenisha Beautiful child
Kenleen TBD
Kenley King’s / Royal Meadow; A Place …
Kenna Handsome, Beautiful, Knowing
Kennedi Helmet Head, Helmeted Chief
Kennedy Protected with Helmet
Kennedy Ugly head
Kenneth Finely Made, Born of Fire
Kenni Beautiful
Kenny Armoured Head, Beautiful
Kentucky From the Meadow Lands
Kenzie The Fair One, Pretty
Keola Alive, The Life, The Health
Keona Deity, Light
Keondra Goddess
Keoni TBD
Kera Pure, Dusky, Dark, Black-haired
Kerby From the Church Village
Keri Ciar’s People; Fair; Blessed …
Kerli TBD
Kerri Ciar’s People; Dark-haired; Black; …
Kerriann TBD
Kerrie Dark Haired One, Ruler
Kerrie Dark haired one
Kerriel TBD
Kerris Anointed, Christ Bearer
Kerry Dark Haired One; Ciar’s People; …
Kerry Dark haired one
Kerryanne Descendants of Ciar
Kerryn Dusky and Pure
Kersey Dry Land in Marsh
Keryn Dusky and Pure
Kerys TBD
Kesha Hair, Stays Awake, Watches over Me
Keshia Favourite, Cassia Tree, Cinnamon
Kesia Favourite, Earth Bound, At Birth
Kessi Chubby One
Kessie Cassia Tree
Kessy Cinnamon, Cassia Tree
Ketherain Pure
Keti Abode, Mark, Sign, Intention, Wish
Ketrina Holy, Chaste, Pure
Ketty Ruler, Pure, Torture
Ketty Ruler
Keturah Woman with Incense, Sacrifice
Kety TBD
Keva Beautiful child
Kevia Beautiful child
Kevina Beautiful child
Kevina Feminine of Kevin, Beautiful
Keyana Deity, Light
Keyanna Light, Deity, Living with Grace
Keyara Beautiful River
Keyla Living with Grace
Keylee Boomerang, Female Version of Kyle
Keyona Deity, Light
Keyondra prefix Ki + Ana
Keyonia Deity, Light
Keyonna Deity, Light
Keysha Princess, Precious, Favourite
Kezia Superficies, The Angle, Cassia
Khadija Early Child, Born Prematurely
Khadijah Early Baby
Khae Unlike the Others, Unusual
Khai Unlike the Others, Unusual
Khaki Full of Personality
Khali Immortal, Eternal
Khalilah Bosom Friend, Honourable Comrade
Khandi Candy, Incandescent, Pure
Khanh Resembling a Precious Stone
Kharisma TBD
Khaye Unusual, Unlike the Others
Khloe Greenery, Blooming
Khloey Black Dude
Khristina Follower of Christ
Khristina Follower of Christ, Anointed
Khya Praise, To Make Well Known
Khyla Narrow, Slender
Kiana Favored grace
Kiana Soft, Silky, Divine
Kianaa Divine, Princess, Variant of Kian
Kianna Living with Grace, Divine
Kianne Light, Deity
Kiara Dark, Little Dark One, Clear
Kiarra Bright, Famous, Princess, Dark
Kiera Dark, Dusky
Kierra Dark
Kiersten Follower of Christ
Kiersten Followers of the Christ
Kierstin Follower of Christ
Kiira The Dawn
Kika Lord of the Manor, House Owner
Kiki Wolf, She-wolf, Favourite
Kila Good-looking, Beautiful, Light
Kilee Slender, Narrow
Kiley Beautiful
Kiley Pretty, Graceful, Attractive
Kim Fortress meadow
Kim From the Royal Fortress Meadow
Kimama Butterfly
Kiman Butterfly
Kimani Sweet and Beautiful
Kimber Royal Fortress, Ruler
Kimberely TBD
Kimberlea Cyneburga’s Land; Cyneburga’s Wood
Kimberlee TBD
Kimberley Cyneburg’s Field; Royal Fortress …
Kimberley Fortress meadow
Kimberli TBD
Kimberlie Diamonds
Kimberly Fortress meadow
Kimberly Cyborgs Field, Ruler
Kimberlynn TBD
Kimbery Cyneburga’s Land / Wood
Kimbra Fortress meadow
Kimbra From the Royal Fortress Meadow
Kimbra Kim + Debra
Kimbria Cyneburga’s Land / Wood
Kimbro Fortress meadow
Kimbrough Fortress Meadow
Kimee Righteous
Kimi Secret, Upright, Righteous
Kimimela Butterfly
Kimisha Winning Desire, Lord of Desire
Kimm Brave King, Kin Bold
Kimmi Brave, Confident
Kimmie chief, ruler
Kimmy From the Royal Fortress Meadow
Kimora Combination of Kim and Ora
Kimy Righteous; Cyneburg’s Wood
Kindra Water baby
Kindra Secret
Kineks Rosebud
Kinesha TBD
Kingsley One from the King’s Meadow
Kinky TBD
Kinley Son of the White Warrior
Kinsey Offspring, Royal Victory
Kinsley Dreamer
Kinta Beaver
Kinu Most Beautiful
Kinza Intelligent, Hidden Treasure
Kinzi TBD
Kiona Ancient
Kionna Variant of Kian, Ancient
Kira Lord or master
Kira Light, The Sun, Reflection, Ray
Kiran Beam of Light, Divine
Kirby Village with the Church
Kirsi Anointed, Follower of Christ
Kirsten Follower of Christ
Kirsten Follower of Christ, Stone Church
Kirstie Anointed, Christian Woman
Kirstin Christian, Anointed
Kirstina Christian Woman
Kirston Christian Woman
Kisha Kitten
Kisha Hbgg Favourite, Great Joy
Kishi Long – Happy Life, Night
Kissy Cinnamon, Cassia
Kitana TBD
Kitlyn Pure
Kitt TBD
Kitten Baby Cat
Kitty Pure
Kitty Cuie, Pure, Little Cat
Kiya The Cooing of a Bird, Jovial Lady
Kiyra Little Dark One, Princess
Kizzie Cassia Tree, Cinnamon
Kizzy Cinnamon Tree, Cassia, Spice Tree
Klea TBD
Klein TBD
Klelia TBD
Klen Adorable
Kloe Young Green, Blooming, Verdant
Kobi Woman from California
Koby Woman from California
Kodi Cushion
Koko Night, Black Foot
Kokoa Love of the Heart
Kokyangwuti Spider Woman at Middle Age
Kolbie Cola’s / Coal Town; Koli’s Town
Kolby Dark skinned
Kolby Coal Worker, Coal Village
Kolena Pure
Koral Pure, Small Stone / Pebble
Korey Maiden
Kori Hollow, Maiden, Ice
Korrina Virgin, Maiden
Kortney Courteous, Domain of Curtius
Kortni Domain of the Short One
Kory Hollow
Kota TBD
Koula TBD
Kourtney Domain of Curtis, Short Nose
Koya Smart
Kreni A Capable Woman
Kris Follower of Christ, Christ Bearer
Krishen A Talkative Woman
Krishta TBD
Krislyn TBD
Kriss TBD
Krissa TBD
Krissie Christian Woman
Krissy Follower of Christ
Krista Follower of Christ
Krista Follower of Christ, Anointed
Kristabelle Sparkling, Crystalline
Kristabelle Sparkling
Kristal Crystal, Ice, A Form of Crystal
Kristalena Sparkling
Kristalyn Sparkling
Kristan Christian
Kristeen Anointed
Kristeena Christian, Follower of the Christ
Kristeena Follower of Christ
Kristelle Follower of Christ
Kristen Follower of Christ
Kristen Follower of Christ, Anointed
Kristena Follower of Christ
Kristena Follower of Christ, Christian
Kristene Anointed, Christ-bearer
Kristi Christian, Anointed
Kristia Woman
Kristian Anointed, Christ Bearer
Kristiana Follower of Christ, Christian
Kristiana Follower of Christ
Kristiane Follower of Christ, Christian
Kristiane Follower of Christ
Kristianna Follower of Christ, Christian
Kristianna Follower of Christ
Kristianne Follower of Christ, Christian
Kristianne Follower of Christ
Kristin Anointed, Christian
Kristina Follower of Christ, Anointed
Kristina Follower of Christ
Kristine Follower of Christ, Christ-bearer
Kristine Follower of Christ
Kristy Mind, Anointed
Kristyl TBD
Kristyn Variant of Christine, Anointed
Kristyne Follower of Christ, Christian
Kristyne Follower of Christ
Krizelle TBD
Krizia TBD
Krys Anointed
Krysia Anointed, Follower of Christ
Krysta Christ-bearer, Anointed
Krystabelle Sparkling
Krystal Sparkling
Krystal Ice Looking, A Clear
Krystalyn Sparkling
Krystalynn A Combination of Krystal and Lynn
Krystalynn Sparkling
Krystel Ice Looking, Brilliant Glass
Krysten Follower of Christ
Krysti TBD
Krystiana Follower of Christ, Christian
Krystiana Follower of Christ
Krystianna Follower of Christ, Christian
Krystianna Follower of Christ
Krystin Follower of Christ
Krystina Christ Bearer, Follower of Christ
Krystine Christ-like, Follower of Christ
Krystine Follower of Christ
Krystle A Clear, Brilliant Glass
Kseniya Hospitality, Woman of Hospitality
Kuwanlelenta To Make Beautiful Surroundings
Kuwanyamtiwa TBD
Kuwanyauma Butterfly Showing Beautiful Wings
Kyah Pure, Little Wise, Torture
Kyana Extremes in Fortune
Kyara Famous, Little, Dark
Kye Sea, Pure, Boomerang
Kyla Lovely, Crowned, Narrow
Kylah Boomerang, Graceful, Lovely
Kylan TBD
Kyle Narrow Split of Land
Kylee Boomerang, Female Version of Kyle
Kyleigh Boomerang, Female Version of Kyle
Kylene Boomerang, Little Piece of Land
Kylie Beautiful
Kylie Living Near a Narrow Channel
Kyllie Boomerang
Kyly Boomerang
Kymberlee Cyneburga’s Land / Wood
Kymm TBD
Kymme Brave King, Kin Bold
Kyndall Royal valley
Kyoko Mirror
Kyra Lord
Kyra Little Dark, Princess
Kyrah Friendly, Loving, Beautiful
Kyriaki Of the Lord
Kyrie Lady, The Lord
Kyrsten Follower of Christ
Kyrstin Christian Woman