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“I” represents Law. The I shows Genteel, impulsive, Elegant, and has the warmth of Heart. It is an inspirational letter. I show interest in the arts, science, and drama. There are so many choices when it comes to American baby girl names starting with the letter ‘I’! Here are five of our favorites: Imani, India, Iris, Isabelle, and Imogen.

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Here on this page, we have compiled 158 American Baby Girl Names Starting With I. Choose the best name for your newborn from the following list of the most popular 158 American Baby Girl Names Starting With I.

Names Starting With I

If you’re looking for names that start with the letter I, check out our list of American baby girl names that start with I! Some of our top picks include India, Ireland, and Ivy. Whether you’re naming your little girl after a country, an element, or a favorite celebrity, these names are sure to inspire.



Pretty American Baby Girl Names Starting With I

Iana God is Gracious
Ianna God is Gracious
Iantha Violet Coloured Flower
Ice Independent
Ida Prosperous, Happy, Work, Labour
Ida Hardworking
Idalia Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idana From Ida and Anna
Idell Prosperous, Happy, Hardworking
Idella Prosperous, Happy, Hard-working
Ieasha Woman, Life, Alive
Ieisha Alive, She who Lives
Iesha Alive, She who Lives, Life, Living
Ieshia Alive and Well, Alive
Ieva Life
Ifigeneia TBD
Ifigenia Of Royal Birth, Born to Strength
Ija Kind-hearted, Kind, Mother, Brave
Ika Gentle, Feminine of Ike
Ila Woman from Earth, Light, Earth
Ilena Light, Bringer of Light
Ilena Light
Ilene Light, Variant of Eileen
Ilene Light
Iliana Bright / Shine / Shining, Trojan
Ilima A Flower, Flower of Oahu Island
Illana Sun, Light
Ilona Light and Beautiful, Shining One
Ilsa Pledged to God; God’s Promise; God …
Ilse My God is Abundance
Ilse God is my oath
Ilva TBD
Ilya Noble, High Class
Ilyana Sun Ray, Softness, Leniency
Ima Love, Charity, Whole, Universal
Imala Disciplinarian, Disciplines
Iman Faith, Belief, Faithful
Imana Believer, Supreme God
Imani Faithful Person, Trustworthy
Imari TBD
Imelda Universal Battle
Imogene Maiden, Image, Likeness, Innocent
Ina Strong, Illuminate, Light Up
Ina Pure
Inana Supreme Goddess
Inara Ray of Light, Shining, Light
Inda The Country India
Inda The country of India
Indee The Country India
Indee The country of India
India River, Name of a Country
India River
Indiana The Country India
Indianna Land of Indians
Indica TBD
Indra God of the Sky, Rain, Thunder
Indy Indigo
Ineesha A Sparkling Woman
Ines Sacred, Chaste, Partner, Virgin
Ineysha Continuous, The Sparkling Lady
Inez Pure, Chaste, Gentle, Virginal
Infinity Eternal, Endless, Forever
Inger Guarded by Ing, Ing is Beautiful
Ingrid Fair, Meadow, Ing is Beautiful
Ingrid Beautiful or fair
Insa Chaste
Integrity Of Good Character
Iola Violet-coloured Dawn
Ioli TBD
Iona Born on an Island, Violet, Island
Iona Violet
Ione Purple / Violet Flower, Amethyst
Iowa Of the Tribe, From the State
Ira Earth, Goddess Saraswati
Ireland Unknown
Irene Peaceful, Palm Tree, A Piece
Irene Peace
Iret One who is Serene
Iris Colours of Rainbow, Flower
Iris Rainbow
Irish From Ireland
Irisha Peaceful
Irma Universal, Constant Movement
Isa Promise of God; God’s Promise; …
Isabel Consecrated to God
Isabela Consecrated to God
Isabell God is Perfection; God’s Promise; …
Isabella Consecrated to God
Isabelle consecrated to God
Isamar Palm Island
Isavella TBD
Isela Devoted to God, River in Scotland
Isha One who Protects
Isi Deer (choctaw), Deer-like
Isidra Gift of Isis
Isis Supreme Goddess
Isis Goddess of the underworld
Isla Island
Isley TBD
Isolina TBD
Istas Snow
Itsel Moon Goddess
Ituha The Strong, Sturdy Oak
Itza Moon Goddess
Itzayana A Moon Goddess, Protected
Itzel Rainbow Lady, Moon Goddess
Itzie Moon Goddess
Iuan Blowing Backward as the Wind Blows
Iuana Blowing Backward as the Wind Blows
Iuann Blowing Backward as the Wind Blows
Iva God is gracious
Ivalyn God is gracious
Ivanna Female Version of John
Ivanny Peaceful, God is Merciful
Ivelina Desire, Life Giver, Hazelnut
Ivelisse Ivy
Ivette Yew, Yew Wood, Young Archer
Ivey Climber
Ivie Ivy Plant, Climber
Ivie Climber
Ivise A Graceful Woman
Iviss A Graceful Woman
Ivonne Archer, Yew, Yew Wood
Ivory Creamy white
Ivory Pure, Creamy-white Colour
Ivy Climber
Ivy Climber, Ivy Plant
Ivyanne Climber
Ivyanne Climber, Climbing Vine
Ivyss A Graceful Woman
Iwila She Shall Rise
Iwyla She Shall Rise
Iyana God is Gracious, Mirror, Princess
Iyane TBD
Iyanna God is Gracious, Life, Woman
Iyansha Grace of God; God’s Gift; …
Iyesha life, woman
Iyesha Form of Iesha
Iysha Living, Prosperous, Lively, Woman
Izabella God is My Oath
Izabelle God is My Oath; God’s Promise; …
Izela A Princess, A Devoted Woman
Izellah A Devoted Woman, A Princess
Izusa White Stone
Izuza White Stone
Izzie Pledged to God, God is My Oath